The Curse

Hello everyone,
I’m new here. I have submitted stories in the past on the old Wet Set forums back when they were good and active.

So, what does this story contain?
Well, it fantasy story of Anthony and is quite long.
It is told from his perspective. Some of the story is based on truth, a lot of it isn’t… you’ll see.
This story contains, pants wetting, pants messing and nappy wetting and messing. Both male and female.

Please note:
As I am English I use a very English vernacular. I know that might bug some but it’s my story I would ask the American audience to grin and bear it.
Or you can put it into Word and find/replace for key words.

The grammar isn’t perfect, but I think it can be read/followed without a huge amount of difficulty.
I would like to hear feedback, though if negativity could be conveyed as constructive critisism I’d appreciate it.

I hope you all enjoy.

Hello. Boy do I have a tale to tell you!
My name is Anthony and I’d like to tell you a story…

To the past we go!:
It all started when I was about 9, I grew up in a fairly nice quiet rural-ish area in the north west of England.
It was a small town, but not so small that everybody knew everybodies business. And we all like it that way.
Don’t get me wrong though, everyone was friendly to each other but there weren’t any ‘nosey parkers’

I was playing at a park a few houses down with my friend Sylvia, who wouldn’t you know it who was the girl next door and same age as me, and we’d known each other since we could toddle and had been best friends ever since.
As such we were very comfortable around each other with a great many things. Burping, farting and so on. We were just very good friends.
I don’t remember her having many, if any, accidents but one incident stands out. We were playing in the park one day, we must have been out for about 3 hours and it was getting close to us having to go in for the night.
She said she needed to go to the toilet quite badly but if she went in now that would be it for the night and we still had about 45 minutes of solid playing time left.

She was doing her best to hold it but I could see she was struggling but at the same time I didn’t mind because I was winning :D.
About 15 minutes later she squatted down facing me which actually lead to the first time I saw her knickers as when she squatted I could see up her dress.
I remember her face changed from a pained one to one of almost bliss. I heard a noise and looked down and saw a stream of wee flowing through her knickers on to the waiting pavement.
It was then I realised that boys and girls don’t wee the same. I was also then I heard a fart and then her knickers tented out underneath her.

My best friend just pooed herself in front of me, I don’t think either of us expected anything more to come of it.
once she was finished she stood up, looking a little sheepish, and asked me not to tell anyone. I said “sure, are you okay to keep playing?”
She nodded but then said, “give me a second”. With that she went behind some bushes and evidently emptied her knickers.
I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to either of us that she could have gone behind the bush the whole time. I suppose it was because she was determined to hold it and just couldn’t anymore. She has always been quite headstrong.

I do remember watching her as she went to the bushes that because of the dress you couldn’t tell by sight that she had just filled her knickers though if you were up close you could smell it.
That was something that stuck with me, how much could be hidden under a skirt. That would be something I would come to enjoy properly a few years down the line.

A few years later and we’re both 13. In a wooded area not far from out park there was an old abandoned house, local big kids had made up stories of witches and other nasty things living in it.
Sylvia and I believed it for years but something was different. We were teenagers now, we were above such childish nonesense, we knew it was all nonesense, we knew it was just an abandoned house.
We deicided once and for all to see for ourselves and, as we could stay out until it was getting dark now we waited until the kids of the park had all gone home (we didn’t want to ruin it for them, it would be like telling them Father Christmas wasn’t real)
We ventured into the house and saw what we expected, an empty house that was run down and some very old and decayed furniture.

“Let’s go upstairs”, said Sylvia
“lead the way” I said
She did just that, but carefully. The stairs were not in the best shape but could support us.
Whilst I didn’t really think of her as a potential girlfriend, but I was growing and learning to admire the female form I couldn’t help but admire at her bottom in her jeans.
We get upstairs and start investigating the rooms and there was nothing of note, once again just an empty run down house.
The last room was the bedroom, we entered and Sylvia walked into the middle of the room turned around sharply, looking worried and said “Did you hear that?”
Not hearing anything I said “No”.
“Listen” she said.
And then she stood with her legs apart and strained and let out a mighty fart, at which point we both started laughing.
I joked that she should check her knickers after that, she reached around and patted her bum and said “nope, all good”

“You should be ashamed young lady!”
Genuinely startled now, we both turn around and see an old lady in the corner on an old mattress.
“Witch! it’s the witch!”, Sylvia cried out and started to run out of the door. I was just about to follow.
“Don’t be so stupid child! how dare you call me a witch!?”
Sylvia stopped and came back into the room to basically apologise to the woman, she might be in an abandoned house but she’s still a person and manners apply to all.

“I’m sorry”, she said "there’s an urban legend that a witch lives in this house and we came up because we wanted to prove that it was all poppycock.
“I can assure you I am no witch, and I’m very hurt that you called me one”
Sylvia hung her head.
“I am a gypsy though. And I place a curse upon the both of you”
“A curse?!” uttered Sylvia, “Why? you can’t do that! And I apologised”
“I can, and you should learn to keep a cooler head young lady”
“what is the curse? and why am I cursed? I didn’t do anything” I asked.
“Inaction, failure to stop your friend from acting like a child and hurting my feelings”, said the gypsy woman. “As for the curse…” she just started laughing maniacally.

It was at this point we decided to just leave, rather quickly. We made it to the safety of the park and caught our breath.
“Do you think we’re actually cursed?” I asked.
“Don’t be silly, there’s no such thing as curses. Just like there’s no such things as witches!”
“You seemed pretty convinced about 5 minutes ago”, I started chuckling.
“Oh shut up!” she gave me a dig in the arm.
“Ow!”, I continued laughing.
“Let’s get heading home, we can tell the rest of the class it’s just a crazy old homeless lady living there and be done with this”

At school the next day we told the tale of the house, Sylvia decided to leave the bit about the fart out and also the running out of the room when the old lady spoke up.
The other kids were impressed and a few others in the class said that they would venture there to see for themselves.

A few days later the “search party” who went to see for themselves approached Sylvia and I in the playground and said we were lying and that there was no old lady.
“She must have moved to a new abandoned house then”, theorised Sylvia. “She probably expected more of us to show.”
“But there was no sign anyone had been in there except for the foot prints you guys left in all the dust” said one, "There was no mattress or anything in that room other than the floorboards.
“Yeah yeah” Sylvia said, “And Father Christmas is real”, she said sarcastically… A passing child started crying.

That was basically the end of the abandonded house.

I should mention that in the dwell between then and Sylvia’s accident. I’d developped something of a fetish.
A few weeks after her accident I decided I had to know what it felt like. One quiet afternoon I went to the bathroom and decided I was going to poo in my undies.
But it would have been difficult to hide what I had done when the time for them to be washed came. So I came up with a cunning plan.
I unrolled some toilet paper and put it in my undies to act as a makeshift nappy, I made sure to wee in the toilet and then stood in the middle of the bathroom I started.
I squatted ever so slightly and started pushing, I was soon rewarded with a poo leaving my bum and I could feel it through the resistance of the elastic of my underwear and the gentle pushback that I was really pooing myself.
I continued to push and the amazing feel of my poo building up behind me with nowhere to go but in the seat of my pants was wonderful. I was hooked.

Curiosity won me over further and I took the towel I brought in with me for my shower and wrapped it around my waist in an effort to make a makeshift skirt.
I was looking at myself in the mirror and loving it. You couldn’t tell I had just pooed my pants looking at my bottom.
My willy was hard but I had no idea what to do with it, I knew I was going to be doing this again.

I kept this a secret from Sylvia for a while, until about 14 or so, though I didn’t mention anything of me pooing myself on purpose.
Considering we were of a similar size and build and I had no way to get my hands on any actual female clothing I had to take a chance.
We had been friends for so long that there shouldn’t be any issues or so I prayed.

I was as nervous as all hell when I first asked if I could borrow one of her dresses.
“Why do you want one of my dresses?” she said giggling a little, but it wasn’t mocking. She just wasn’t expecting the question.
“Because, I have this urge to wear one. I can’t explain it. I want to feel cute and it’s naughty… I don’t think I’m explaining this well”, my head sank.
“It’s okay, I think I understand. I’ve heard of stuff like this before. Some of the girls at school talk about it”
Relived I wasn’t the only one I managed to squak a “Thank you” and looked up with a little smile.

I got the dress home un noticed and I went upstairs to begin preparing for my shower. This was going to be perfect.
I had an old pair of undies that my mum thought had been thrown away and I also had an actual dress. A nice pink dungaree/pinafore one kind of dress.
I put it on and it fit very well, I also noticed that because of my, obviously, naturally flat chest I looked like I was a little girl… albeit one with short hair (this was when I decided to grow my hair)
I stood in the shower and decided to re enact what first got me into this.
I squatted down and started weeing through my underpants (the first time I had ever done so, it was also going to be the first time without the toilet paper) and it was bliss.
It felt just how I had hoped. Naughty, cute, sexy, innocent yet incredibly rude.
And by now I knew just what to do with my willy. I wanked myself off in next to no time and it was unbelieveable, wonderful and meant when I finally grew up and moved out I was going to enjoy this a lot more.

Meanwhile, next door with Sylvia:
Sylvia felt the need to go to the toilet come on, what seemed like out of nowhere.
She headed up to the bathroom and proceeded to pee. She felt like she needed a poo but when she was pushing nothing was coming out.
“I hope I’m not constipated”, Sylvia sighed to herself.
She started wiping and herself and felt a shudder, it was like a mini orgasm. “Stange she thought”, she grabbed some more paper and went to wipe again.
“Nothing… must have just been a really good wee?” she pondered to herself.

Back to the protaganist:
I gave the dress back to Sylvia the day after. She didn’t ask any questions.
“Thank you”, I said to her.
“No problem”, she said smiling.

Time moves on as it does and we’re 22. I have moved out of my parents house and have a nice enough flat in town.
Sylvia lives a few streets away and we still enjoy each others company, quite often going to the pub or jut hanging out at each others flats.
Every now and then when leaving the pub, I do enjoy when the streets are quiet and on the walk home I will just step into a side street and just let it flow and wet my pants.
If the need arises, I’ll poo myself as well and casually walk back like nothing has happened.

There’s usually a bit of a thrill when I make my way back to my flat as you never know who will be heading in or out of thiers. But 99.9% of the time it’s empty.
I was once seen recently by a woman who lives a few doors down when I was wet and my pants were full.

“Had a little too much to drink huh?” she said with a smirk on her face.
“The toilets at the pub were full and I thought I could make it back in time”, I slurred my words slightly to appear more drunk than I was.
“Maybe you should get some nappies” she said smirking again.
I laughed, “You never know, I might”

She must have smelled I’d pooed, but she was pleasant enough about the whole thing.

“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Seen it, done it. Nothing to worry about. Just make sure you have a shower before bed!”
There must have been a draft because I got a big smell of me, or what I thought was me. It didn’t quite match my ‘brand’ but I put it down to the beer.

That was pretty much the conversation, I wished her a good night and she went off to where she was going.
I watched as she walked away, her skirt swishing from side to side and I couldn’t help but imagine that she was wearing a nappy like she’d suggested to me.
There was something about that interaction that pushed unknown buttons… humiliation. I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy being humiliated like that.
Playful, not a barrage of abuse. That was fun, it would certainly come into play when I had the wank I was craving.

I also pondered if she was single, she looked a similar age to me.
I don’t think me and Sylvia would have ever managed to be a proper couple, we were very much just good friends. It does exist.
Plus she came out last year so there is no chance that would ever take off. Not the end of the world, as long as she’s happy.

I was also imagining that my neighbour had filled it while talking to me and that’s what the smell was but for now I had three tasks at hand.

  1. Wank at the thought of her filling her nappy whilst talking to me in wet and dirty pants.
  2. Shower
  3. Look into buying some nappies.

Point 3 was an interesting one, it hadn’t occured to me that they make nappies for adults.
I went on the internet and found many, many different kinds.
I bought several baby print ones and looked forward to them arriving. I couldn’t wait to wear them under my girl clothes!

When they did arrive I quickly put them to good use and enjoyed just being able to wet and mess with none of the mess to clean up… well, on the floors at least.

A week or two later Haloween was approaching and I was round at Sylvia’s place. We were having a bit of a drink and trying to come up for ideas for costumes. There was going to be a fancy dress party at the pub.
We weren’t drunk but we were certainly tipsy, that’s usually where I try to stay when I’m drinking. More fun and no hangovers.
Superheroes, TV characters and so on but we weren’t really sold on any of them.
All of a sudden Sylvia starts giggling.
“What’s so funny?”, I asked.
“Do you remember when we were about 14 and you asked if you could borrow a dress of mine?”
Of course I remembered, but I downplayed it a little. “I do, yes”
“Do you still like to dress up at all?”

Well. What to do? I could have tried to lie or pretend it was a one time thing. But if anyone was going to accept me for me it would be Sylvia.
“I do, yes.” I replied a little sheepish.
“Oh wow, you’ll have to show me your wardrobe sometime. I could give you tips”, more giggles and another sip of wine.
“Why do you ask?”
“Because I have an idea”, she said with her face lighting up. “And I think you’re going to enjoy it”
“Go on…” I took a deep breath.
“I think we should dress up as each other!”

I stopped to think about it, whilst I was thinking about how we were both still a similar size, though I was a bit taller than her now. She then chirped up.
“Oh come on it’s perfect, everyone knows us and how close we’ve been for years. It’ll be fun, we could try acting like each other for the night too”
I must, and did, admit. It sounded like fun. Innocent enough for only Sylvia and I to know it would be more fun for me than just a laugh on haloween.

Sylvia stood up and gestured for me to follow.
“Come along you, we need to get you sorted.”

I got up and we went to her bedroom and she picked out several of her outfits for me to try on.
“You’re going to have to shave your legs you know”
I hadn’t considered it, but it made sense and she advised me about hair removal cream. I made a mental note to go and pick some up.

We finally had an outfit sorted. A nice denim skirt, a cute top and a nice little jacket.
“You know…” I started a little nervously.
“what’s up? it’s not like you to be shy around me”
“I know, but I was just thinking…”, she looked at me waiting for me to carry on.
“If I’m going to dress as you. I should really be wearing a pair of your knickers as well.”

Sylvia pondered for a moment looking into the air whilst thinking, "you know what you’re right, I can give you an old silk pair and I’ll fish out the matching bra.
“Cool”, I said content. “though we’ll have to find some way to give me boobs”
“You don’t already have something?”, she seemed quite shocked.
“Not really, I only dress up around the house. I’ve never really bothered to give myself boobs”, managing to mask the fact I tend to be little when I dress.
“Fair enough, I’m sure we can figure something out”, her mind wandered again. “Oh, you’ll need to buy yourself some shoes. If you don’t already have some”.
“Once again, it’s just me arond the house so I don’t”, I said with a chuckle.

It was getting late so she put everything into a bag and we said our goodbyes and I headed back home.
Even though it was a short walk I’d held off going to the toilet at Sylvia’s as I thought I might enjoy an “accident” on the way home.
But it was a little cold so I decided against it. And a good thing too, the neighbour was walking heading out again.

“Hello”, she started with a smile.
“Good evenin’, how’s it going?”
“I’m not too bad thanks, just off to work”
“Oh right, Where do you work to be heading out at this hour?”
“I’ve work at the 24/7 petrol station, it’s not perfect but it pays the bills. Hopefully I’ll be getting a new job soon. I had an interview the other day.”
“Nice one”, I said. “What was the interview for?”
“Oh, just a job in an office doing data entry. But the hours are better and so is the pay”.
“That’s good, well I wish you the best of luck…”, I trailed off indicating I didn’t know her name but would like to.
“Sarah”, she said holding out her hand.
“Anthony”, I replied offering mine.

We shook hands and smiled. Then she glanced down at my jeans.
“I notice you’re nice and dry tonight”
I blushed and nodded.
“And that funny smell has gone”, she said smirking.
I blushed a little harder.
“Well, I have to get going. Nice to meet you properly Anthony”
“And you Sarah”, I replied.

She started walking away and I started to put my key in the door. I heard footsteps coming back and felt my bum being patted.
I turned and looked at her somewhat shocked, “Just checking”, Sarah said with a grin and headed of to work for real this time.
Once again as she walked off I paid attention to her bum, once again imagining she was wearing a big baby print adult nappy.

Now my mind was racing. Did she know I have nappies now? Does she wear them? Is she single?
Based on all of the evidence I was in, and if anything her feeling my bum to check for nappies could have just been an excuse to feel my bum.
I didn’t mind, it was quite nice to get the attention. I’m actually quite shy so meeting women has always been tricky for me.

I walked in and put the bag down next to my bed. I went to my wardrobe and took out a nappy. I made a mental note that I’d have to hide them before Syliva came round for some of my clothes.
I did chuckle to myself that when the time came to give her a pair of my underwear I’d hand her a nappy instead. But I thought that probably wouldn’t be for the best.

I tapped myself in and went to give my haloween outfit a road test, I know I’d already done so. But it had to be done with a nappy instead of knickers.
Once dressed I admired myself in the mirror. Then I let go.
My nappy was soon filling with wee and with a slight push I felt my poo start to enter the nappy. I turned around so I had a good view of my bum whilst I was pooing my nappy.
“You wouldn’t be able to tell a thing” I thought to myself quite happily. Then pulled the skirt off and had a nice wank with my nappy on.

Back at Sylvia’s:
Sylvia was getting into bed when she had a very sudden need to go to the toilet. Which was odd as she had been only 10 minutes before getting into bed.
She got up and sat on the toilet, but nothing happened. The need went away almost instantly.
She found it more than a little strange but thought maybe it was the wine. She got back in bed, pulled the covers over herself, waited a few minutes, no further toilet needs but she felt something strage.
Almost like an orgasm but not quite, she couldn’t put her finger on it. She waited a minute or two more in case she had to dash back to the toilet. But everything was now calm.
She didn’t remember that something very similar happened the last time she left a dress in Anthony’s possession.
With that Sylvia started to relax and started to fall asleep.

Back to our hero:
“Well… I’d better grab a shower!” I thought to myself though I did make sure the clothes that Sylvia had given me were put on a hanger and in the wardrobe.
The Knickers went in my male underwear draw so I didn’t confuse them with any of mine. Though in all honesty I didn’t have anything like them.
“Now it’s time for the ‘fun’ part”, I said to myself further. The clean up.

A week passes and it has arrived. It was Haloween night.
Sylvia was coming round shortly and I was in the shower with the hair removal cream. I had considered using it on my private parts but some of the Amazon reviews, whilst absolutely hilarous, suggested that would be a bad idea.

Most of my body is now silky smooth and I had dried myself off and was wrapped in a dressing gown and I’d wrapped my hair up with a towel.
I looked around the room to make sure all my nappies and stuff were not visible.
They shouldn’t have been because they were in a cupboard in a box, in another box and in a bin bag.

Ding dong I make my way to the door to greet Sylvia.
“Hello!”, Sylvia was a little tipsy and quite excited.
“Hello” I said smiling and hugged her.
“You do look the part don’t you” she said walking in as I shut the door behind her. “That how I look after a shower when I’m getting ready for a night out.”

I offered her a drink and we sat down and chatted on the couch for a bit. I didn’t mention Sarah just yet. I was going to wait and see if there was anything more to that yet.
“Right you”, she said standing up. “We need to get you looking sexy and fabulous”
“But I’m dressing like you”, I retored with a laugh only to be greeted with a dig in the arm… I deserved it. We were both chuckling as we walked into my bedroom.
“So here’s what we need to do. We’ll get your hair done, then your outfit and then your make up”.
I just smiled and nodded and let her go to work.

In about 20 minutes she’d got my hair looking how she would have it on a night out and then left whilst I got dressed.
I let her know she could come back in and she looked me up and down.
“Not bad”, she sounded quite content. “But you still need boobs”
“Of course, how could I forget”, I made my way over to a draw to retrieve some fake ones that were the same size as Sylvia.
Panic set in, I kept an emergency nappy in the drawer in case I ran out and I’d forgotten about it, fortunately I was blocking the view of it. But I couldn’t help thinking to myself how lucky it was I didn’t ask her to get them from the drawer.
“Here they are”, I said trying to be as composed and normal as possible.
“Okay then, let’s get them on you”, she said as she started opening the package.

So. Hair done, outfit on, Boobs in and my make up was just being finished. I was finally done and looking the part. Once I’d put on the shoes I’d ordered online on that is.
I looked about as close as you could get as a man to look like Sylvia.
“Very sexy”, said Sylvia. “Almost like looking in a mirror”.
I took that for the compliment it most certainly was.

When it came to dressing like me, Sylvia only applied a little make up to herself though really it was only foundation.
She picked out an ensemble of jeans, a shirt and a hoodie. She picked up a pair of briefs from the drawer too.
I panicked a little when I noticed they were the ones I had filled when I first met Sarah. Though unless you really knew what to look for you wouldn’t find a stain.
I also noticed that they were the same jeans too, I smiled to myself.

We headed to the pub and as we were walking out I could see Sarah in the distance. I played it cool and just carried on walking with Sylvia.
She looked like she was just getting back from work, she had a new outfit on so it looked like she’d started her new job. Possibly working a little later to make a good impression.

We got to the pub and the it was busy, everyone looked like they were having a good time both laughing at and admiring each others costumes.
Mine went down quite well with many people commenting on how I looked better than Sylvia, then winking at Sylvia. We both took it for the good natured joking it was though it would appear the compliments to me looking good were sincere.
I got talking with a few friends as did Sylvia.

At one point I heard Sylvia laugh loudly and then felt the crotch of my knickers get a little damp. “What the hell? I’ve not had that much!” I thought to myself as I made my way to the toilet.
I bumped into Sylvia on her way to the toilet.
“How’s your night going?” I asked smiling
“Great, but I’ll catch up with you in a minute. I’m litterally about to wet my pants… your pants” she laughed a little more and I felt the wet spot on my knickers get warm.
I was about to walk into the gents when Sylvia chirped up “No you don’t, you’re a woman tonight. You’re coming in here with me”
Once again my dick twinged, the thought of going into the ladies was something I never thought of but clearly excited me. Though if that was the case I wasn’t sure why she didn’t go to the gents. I suppose the had heard the horror stories and decided to use the ladies.

“Ladies! We have an honourary lady coming in. Does anybody mind?”
There were a few women at the mirror in there and all of the stalls were in use. There was a loud fart followed by a “Not at all sweetheart” and approvals from the rest of the ladies.
“Oh you do look good don’t you”, one woman started. “Some men are just made to be women, I’m almost jealous”.
There were a few nods and one of the older ladies pinched my bottom on her way out.
A toilet flushed, once again the wet spot on my knickers warmed up and there was a little trickle from under my skirt. I was getting more confused about that, it wasn’t at my command.
“Oh dear love, you better get in there before you wet your knickers”, said one of the ladies who noticed.

Sylvia looked round a little confused. In the back of her mind she was starting to piece together that I was dribbling when she was.
Sylvia then made her way in, I heard her pull her jeans down and start weeing like a racehorse. My need to go intensified.
I thought I wasn’t going to make it and that I was about to wet myself in the ladies toilet with quite a few ladies around.
I must admit the thought excited me, humiliation instincts were kicking in.

Sanity took back over when I heard another toilet flush and the door open. I made my way in, skirt up, knickers down and peed for England.
Now both refreshed I walked out to be greeted by Sylvia. “Just let me touch your up your make up”, Sylvia said reaching into her bag I had as part of the outfit.
Whilst she was doing something around my eyes she smiled and said “Are you having fun?”
“Very much so” I said staring into the distance with a very straight face for fear of my eye being impaled.
“Good” she said moving her hands away from my face and putting items back in my bag.

She held out her hand, “Shall we?”
“We shall”, I said offering mine.

We went back out and the night continued in a happy fashion. I was making the most of my free pass to dress up and just enjoyed a carefree night.
It was getting late could feel that I was going to be needing a poo soon, I found most of my friends, said my goodbyes and made my way back home.
Sylvia decided she was going to head back too. The pub was somewhere in between where we lived so at the entrance with a few people nearby I gave Sylvia a big hug and said, “Thank you for everything tonight”
“Oh it was my pleasure! I’ve been wanting to doll you up since you first asked me for a dress.”
“Really?”, I laughed a little
“Yep, I already had a good idea that I didn’t like boys at that point. Though if you were a girl maybe we could have had something special”, she said running her hand down my cheek.
I smiled, “I can’t pretend I never thought about it, but at the same time you were too close a friend for me to consider it long term. If you get what I mean?”
“I do, that makes perfect sense”
“Thank you for always being there, and accepting me for me without question”, I said very genuinely.
“Oh don’t be silly, I should thank you. You were the first person I came out to because I knew you would not judge or alienate me. And that helped me so much, to know I had someone always there”, she started welling up a little.
“if ever…”, she continued “you ever want to talk about wearing dresses, or anything else you might be in to. I always have your back. I’m there for you”, she hugged me and sniffed down my ear.
“Thank you, the same applies to you”, I said pondering if I should tell her about my nappies and pooing myself and so on.
I decided against it, this was not the moment to bring anything like that up. Instead I let the hug reach its natural conclusion and then we were just about to make our separate ways home.
“Do you want these knickers back? they might be a little streched”, I said to lighted the mood.
“It’s okay”, she laughed, “You can keep them, the bra too”
“Thank you”

We both started walking home, and a few minutes later I was suddenly reminded of my need to poo with a nudge from my stomach.
A plan had formed in my mind. Sarah had started working a day job, if anyone was likely to be walking about from the flats at this hour it would be her.
I have a golden opportunity to wet and poo my knickers dressed like a woman whilst out in public.

I needed no further motivation, I looked around and the street was deserted. I didn’t even bother ducking down a side street. I just squatted and started weeing through my knickers.
It was bliss to feel it pool ever so slightly in the seat of my knickers and hear the pitter patter of it landing on the pavement.
I had another look around and gave a push. There was no gas, just one big semi solid poo just started to tent my knickers out and then the elastic of the knickers reached it’s limit.
The poo was pushed back against my bottom and it was spreading over my cheeks. “mmm” I thought to myself, “Perfect”.

At the same time with Sylvia:
“Oh god I’m bursting for a wee! I hope I make it”, she giggled as she turned the key in the door and rushed in.
She had just opened the toilet door and was stood in front of the toilet and about to pull the jeans down when…
Her crotch felt very warm all of a sudden, she didn’t remember giving her body the command to relax. “Must be because I’ve had a drink, I’ll wash them, he’ll never know”, she sighed.
She felt her the legs jeans begin to get very wet and her bum was nice and warm too.
“It might be the drink… but this doesn’t feel too bad”, she thought to herself as she was about to unbutton the jeans and grab a quick shower.
Then. Something quite unexpected.
Even though she didn’t recall needing a poo, as she went for one before heading to Anthony’s, fear took over as she felt her arsehole dialate and something was coming out.
She stood in shock as a poo slowly entered the underwear she was wearing. A big poo was inching out of her bum and filling the briefs.
“I’m pooing my pants!”, she said out loud. “How on earth am I pooing my pants”
Whilst it wasn’t the most unpleasant feeling in the world, she was more in shock than anything. She didn’t know what to do. Tears welling up in her eyes.
Was something medically wrong with her? what had she just pooed her pants out of nowhere?
She reached into her pocked and picked up her phone.

Back on the street:
I stood up and straightened myself off and started walking home.
Then I heard a phone ringing. It was my phone. Where was my phone? I reached around all my pockets and remembered the handbag.
It was Sylvia.
“Anthony”, I heard her sobbing. “I’ve had an accident”
“Oh my god”, I said in a panic. “Where are you? Are you alright? What happened?!”
“I’m not hurt. I mean I’ve had an accident in my pants!”
“What a coincidence!” I thought to myself, but knowing she was alright I calmed down and tried to lighten the mood.
I began walking back to my flat.
“Lots of people wet their pants when they’ve had a drink. It happened to me last week”, I said trying to comfort her.
“Really?” came the surprised answer, “No. I mean… I mean… I’ve pooed my pants.” She uttered.
My dick stiffend at the thought of it, plus at hearing someone say they words. You seldom hear that from another adult.
“Well…” she carried on. “I’ve pooed in your pants”. I heard her sniff.
“Don’t worry, it’s probably just because you’ve had a drink and you had to go more than you thought you did”. I was toying with bringing up her history of this and what got me started down my fetish road and bringing up the time she pooed her knickers when we were playing. Once again I decided against it.

“You don’t understand!”, frustration in her voice. “I went for a poo before I left to go to yours. There was nothing in the tank!”
“That’s odd”, was all I could manage.
“Yes! yes it is! I’m worried somehting might be wrong with me”, she sounded more frustrated than upset now.
“Look, don’t worry about it.”, I said in my best reassuring voice. “There’s nothing you can do now but have a shower and go to bed”
“What if it happens when I’m in bed? I’m going to have to wear nappies or something aren’t I?!”
“You’re over reacting, just have a shower, calm down and I’ll come and see you tomorrow.”
“You’re right”, she started to calm down. “Though you might not want these undies back”, she managed a slight chuckle.
Sylvia had now turned around and was looking at her bum in the mirror.
“I’m nearly at my flat now, let me know when you’re ready for company tomorrow and I’ll swing round”.
“Okay, thank you for helping me calm down. I’m still worried but there’s not much I can do. I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Night night”
“Night night Sylvia, sleep well”

With that the conversation is over and the phone goes back in my hand bag.
I stop and look around. The streets are still clear. I bring my hand to my bum and feel the load through my skirt. It’s still warm.
I start heading up to my flat smiling like a cheshire cat.
I’m just about to enter my flat when Sarah’s door opens up. She has a pink onesie on and has a bin bag with her.

“Oh, hello”, Sarah said in a somewhat confused tone. “Are you Anthony’s girlfriend?”
I start to chuckle, “Nope, but I do pleasure him every night. I’ve been at a fancy dress party”
Sarah eyes me up and down. “Wow, don’t you look sexy”

I blushed.

Sarah sniffs the air. She put the bag on the floor.
She keeps eye contact with me whilst she walks up to me, then to the side.
She lifts my skirt. She has seen that, once again, I have pooed myself. She lets the skirt drop. She starts smiling.
“You know”, she started. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say at the very least…” She took a little dramatic pause while she made her way back to being stood facing me.
“…that you like to poo in your pants”, she looked at me with a very smug though playful grin.
My dick stiffens and it’s noticeable through the skirt.
I find a new shade of red previously unknown to man I’m blushing so hard.
“Perhaps”, she started once again “You need one of these?..”

She reaches toward the zip at the top of her onesie, before stopping before pulling the zip down and moving her hands down to her crotch and starts to undo the poppers at the top of her legs and crotch.
She lifts the front of the onesie up to reveal a big pink nappy (one of the same ones I had bought online) and it was clearly wet.
My eyes just about bulge out of their sockets and my dick had never been firmer.
She nudges my door open, picks up her bin bag and gently grabs my dick and leads me into my flat.

Back with Sylvia:

“I can’t believe I pooed myself. I haven’t done that since I was 9!”
Once again she’s just about to unbutton her jeans when an overwhelming feeling of horniness comes over her.
“What the fuck?”, she thought to herself out loud. She couldn’t deny what she’s feeling.
“Is this turning me on?!”.
She was a little worried now, she had always been open to trying things sexually. But she had never once thought that this would be one of them. Or that this could turn somebody on.
Unable to help herself she unbuttons the jeans and starts to play with herself.

Back to Anthony:
Sarah closes the door and drops the bin bag by it.
Once again she grabs my cock and leads me towards the bedroom (all of the flats had the same layout) and begins to remove her onesie.
Revealing herself to me, naked as the day she was born. All except the wet nappy she was wearing.
She puts her onesie on the bed and gestures at me to lie down. I lie on the bed with my skirt and onesie acting as a barrier between my bedsheets and my dirty knickers.

“Mmm, I’ve got an idea”, as a wicked thought popped into her head.
She stands on the bed, she then stands over me her gaze facing away from my face, looking down at my penis.
She squats down so her bum is right above my face. she then kneels down. I can’t move, I don’t want to anyway.
She takes my cock from my knickers and starts to suck. Gently, delicately.
She removes my dick from her mouth but slowly carries on wanking.

“I don’t want you to pop, just yet.”, she says seductively. “The show is just about to start”
She goes back to sucking me off, I feel her tense up.
I hear a small fart. “She’s going to poo her nappy right over my face!”, I figured out.
My dick twinged and she pull it out of her mouth again.
“Figured it out have you?”, and giggled before going back to work on me.

I heard it. She had started. Slowly, in front of my eyes, I could see, hear and smell as she began filling her nappy.
I heard when it met the first resistance of the plastic backed nappy. I watched in awe as the bulge grew and her smell filled my nostrils.
I heard the sound of her weeing a little more as she pushed her poo out.
All of my senses were going wild. Her nappy tented so far it touched my nose for a second before her poo began colapsing in on itself.
She signed and then relaxed, in doing so rested her full nappy on my face.
That was it, I was done.
I came harder than I ever had in my entire life. And boy did Sarah know about it. She took it like a champ too.
“Feel better little girl?”, she asked.
I managed to make a noise to certainly imply that I was okay but words were off the table at this moment in time.

Back to Sylvia:
Still in her full jeans and playing with herself she reaches orgasm, an orgasm unlike any she’d had before. It was intense.
She fell to her knees, almost in tears whilst she caught her breath.
She was still trying to process what was going on. She got her breath back and managed to finally get the sodden, messy jeans of and turn the shower on.
She sat in the shower for a few minutes before cleaning up, thinking, reflecting.
Not yet realising that the curse had struck for the first time.

Re: The Curse

At first glance, your grammar looks OK to me. But your sentences tend to run on. Fewer and-s and more full stops or commas might be helpful. Also, a bit more room when you switch speakers in your dialogue might make it a little easier to keep track of who is speaking, thus removing the need to say who says what. (Although this might just be personal preference.)

Re: The Curse

Well, you’ve got a good grasp on spelling. And you used punctuation. :slight_smile:

A few typos are understandable; it happens to all writers regardless of skill level. If there were just a few run-on sentences, I wouldn’t mention them. But this is a minefield of run-on sentences.

There are also some huge breaks in logic. When Anthony and Sylvia are playing at the park, Sylvia purposefully wets and messes herself because she doesn’t want to go in for the night and use the toilet. That is very irrational, abnormal behavior for a typical nine year old. We are given no clues or indications she is not a typical nine year old, aside from her deciding wet and mess herself.

As for the part with the witch/ gypsy, her reactions are out of proportion to the offense caused by the kids. It’s almost deus ex machina.