The Curse of Burnt Cove

Legal Stuff: This story, subjects and locations are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, names, and locations are coincidental. The characters in this story are all adults (minus the kitten) and any actions between them sexual and non-sexual are consensual. This story features infantilism, adult baby behavior and strong occult images and story line. If you object to the story’s theme and contents don’t read it. If you read this story and object to the content get over it. Efilnekufesin

The Curse of Burnt Cove
By. Jay Schoenhaar Esq.

It was an early Friday morning, on a crisp autumn day in New England when the Hendersons arrived in Burnt Cove. Commander, William Patrick Henderson, USCG, was to take over the command of the local light house and rescue station. He arrived with his 18-year-old daughter Victoria. Vicki, as she preferred to be called, was 18 years old and had been the lady of the house since the death of her mother. Unfortunately in the same accident that took her mother, it took her bowel and bladder control, leaving her in diapers since then. Vicki had one other problem; she was sick of moving and very vocal about it.
“Another move, another new house” Victoria said as got out of the truck with her father. “Why do we have to keep moving around the country?”
“Vicki I work for the government and they move me where I’m needed,” her father remarked as he slammed the door of the Land Rover.
They both looked around before entering the only restaurant for 20 miles, Dave’s Diner. As they entered and immediately drew stares for the normal clientele. Sitting in a booth, they picked up the menu and began looking to see what looked good.
A middle aged red head approached in a light blue uniform. “Now who do we have visiting our town?”
“I’m William Henderson, the new commander for the Coast Guard Watch Station.” He offered his hand. Shaking hands with the waitress he introduced his daughter, “This is my daughter Victoria.” Victoria was a petite sized teen at 18, long brown hair, and green eyes.
“Welcome to Burnt Cove Maine.” “I’m Edna, my husband Dave and I own this establishment.” “It’s a small town but we’re friendly folk.” “How old is your daughter?”
“She’s 18.”
“What luck so is mine.”
“Cynthia,” she called and out from the back a petite blonde strode.
“Cynthia, meet Victoria,” the two nervously shook hands.
“So what do around here,” asked Vicki.
Cindy answered, “Not much I have lived here all of my life.”
“I’ve been moved around most of my life,” Vicki explained. “The moves happened more often when I reached twelve.” “That’s when the government started sending my dad to some of the more out of the way places. I’ve moved about 7 time in the last 3 years.”
“So where are you going to live?” Cindy asked.
“My dad brought the old island manor,” Vicki said.
“You’re kidding, aren’t you,” Cindy said suddenly serious?
“No he did, Why?”
“That house on Witch Island, it’s haunted. Legend has it that a witch used to make the winds drive boats to the rocks where they sank. She would capture the youngest survivors and use them as slaves. And when they were older sell them to Satan.”
“Cute story but witches don’t exist, neither do ghosts.”
“Vicki,” her dad brought her back to reality, “I need to get to the watch station, if you want you can stay here with your new friend. Here’s some money, just in case. You can meet back here then we can go to our new home.”
Cindy called back to her mom; “Can Vicki and I go?”
Her mom said “Yes but be back before dark.”
The two girls left the restaurant, and looked around town. There wasn’t much to see. The entire town consisted of a general store, a hardware/sporting good store, two churches, three bars and a small antique mall. Cindy said, “Let’s stop in there,” pointing at the antique mall, “it’s my grandma’s store.”
The two girls entered a small shop filled with countless nick knack’s, and an elderly woman, polishing some of the silver from a display case. She smiled and said “Hi, Cindy, who’s your friend.”
“I’m Vicki, I just moved here.”
“Oh so you’re the one moving to Witch Island,” she said with a smile. “Don’t worry if you’re pure at heart nothing can happen to you but take this.” She pressed into her hand a silver rosary. “Don’t let the ghosts keep you up at night.”
“I was borne in that house, 90 years ago. It was on a Friday the 13th and a very stormy night. The house belonged to my father, and had been passed down for 10 generation, but the up keep was too much.” “It also was so far from the town, so we moved. No one has lived there in 70 years.” “If you want to see your house from the shore you can go to the bluff.”
“That’s where we were heading grandma,” Cindy said as she came out of the back room, kissed her grandma on the cheek and they left.
They walked down the main street past Lou’s Tavern of Ill Repute, to where the road turned sharply. Walking down a gravel road to a high bluff Cindy pointed to the right. “You see it, with its steel bridge connecting it to the main land. That was my Great grandpa’s doing, he was an engineer.”
The house looked like something from a badly made horror film, creepy but better than some Government issued housing.
Vicki turned to Cindy and asked, “if you know so much about the house would like to stay the night, I’d sure feel better.” “My father spends a lot of time with the rescue stations and watching the coast from the light houses.”
“I’ll ask my mom, but I don’t know.”
“Let’s go explore some more,” Cindy then said. The two were off.
It was about 5 PM by the time they made it back to the restaurant.
Vicki’s father was waiting, so was Cindy’s Mom. “So what did you two do today.”
“Well I got to see the town, I met Cindy’s Grandmother, and I got to see the house.”
“That’s good honey, I have some bad news, I won’t be able to stay at home tonight. The station is a disaster, and it’s going to need a lot of work. Will you be able to manage?”
“I think so, can Cindy stay over?”
Cindy’s Mom over heard this and immediately answered for her daughter. “Cindy can stay over just let me pack her a few items.” Cindy looked at her mother, almost as if she was ready to cry.
After they ate supper Cindy’s mother gave her a duffel bag with her essentials, as she called it. Vicki’s father drove them home, “Vicki your nighttime things are in the big box next to the stairs, don’t make too much of a mess.”
Vicki and Cindy entered the house and turned the dial on the old light switch. They were standing next to a large spiral staircase and in what appeared to be a ballroom. While looking around at the ballroom Cindy accidentally knocked over one of Vicki’s boxes.
The box fell with a loud thud, scaring both the girls. They screamed. The two girls then realized it was only a box hitting the floor. As Cindy lifted the box its contents spilled out. The box was filled with disposable diapers, clothe diapers, plastic pants, and diaper pins. Vicki felt so embarrassed she wished she could vanish like a ghost. Cindy bent over and felt the diapers. “Are theses yours?”
“Yes,” she whimpered tears welling up her eyes.
Cindy looked relieved, “Want to see mine?”
“You wear diapers too? Why?”
“Let’s just say if I didn’t the results would be disastrous,” Cindy said with a smile. “And to be honest, I soaked myself when the box fell and I need a change.”
“So you wear them all the time?” Vicki questioned her new friend in disbelief.
“Yes, I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship?”
“No, I wear them too, but I use disposable diapers during the day. I usually carry a change or two in my purse. That what I did when I went into the bathroom today.”
“That why I stopped at my grandmothers. My mom and dad are always to busy to change me, and don’t like me changing in the restaurant.”
“Want to change each other,” Vicki offered?
“I never changed any one my own age, but I’m willing to try.” With that Cindy grabbed some of the diapers and some nursery print plastic pants and went to work.
Cindy changed Vicki, and told her she felt jealous that she had plastic pants with nursery prints. “My mom used to by them for me, but quit when I turned 16. The only way I can get them now is if I buy them myself, from my own allowance.”
Vicki said, “If you want you can use some of my baby pants, I even have some rumba panties.” Vicki changed Cindy and they both got into their nightclothes. The two girls dressed in diapers, over sized T-shirts and fuzzy slippers.
They started to explore the strange old house, each with their own flashlight. They started their search on the first floor. From the ball room the walked over to the study. On the wall above the fireplace was a painting of an old man in ancient naval dress. Bellow on the mantel was a sword from the Civil war.
“Were these left by your family,” Vicki asked?
“The picture, the sword I don’t know?” “I’ve never explored this house so I don’t know much about what’s in it,” Cindy replied.
“I thought it was in your family for ten generations” Vicki questioned?
“It was. Just after my great uncle died here at the age of two years-old they slowly started to move into town.” “He died under strange circumstance, so after that my family never came back, I guess it was too painful.”
“Did your family build this house?” Vicki questioned her friend as she started a fire in the fireplace.
“The foundation was laid before the revolutionary war, the main house, consisting of the kitchen, basement and pantry are all original the rest was added on by my family.”
“My family acquired it after the trial and execution of a woman named Anise McDermott. She was prosecuted and tried by my ancestor the Squire Matthew MacBeth. It was a witch hunt, she was tried and hanged from the big tree overlooking the bluff where I showed you the house.”
“Where was she buried?”
“That’s not known,” Cindy said adding wood to the now growing fire. “Let’s look around some more.” With that the two set off to explore the rest of the first floor.
First they entered the study from the right of the ballroom. The second door from the study led to the dining room. The room contained a lavish oak table and several chairs, covered in dust. The two started drawing faces and words in the dust as they passed through. Entering the kitchen it was quite apparent that this was part of the original house. The walls were constructed of fieldstones. There was huge fireplace and wood stove; they sat in stark contrast to the modern, gas stove, refrigerator, and the kitchen table. There was running water, but it was cold not hot. Upon flipping the light switch nothing happened. “Fuse must be out,” replied Vicki. “I wonder where the fuse box is?”
Cindy pointed to the door behind her, “Maybe in there, or maybe the basement?”
“Well there’s only one way to know,” she pushed open the door this led to a small hallway leading to a set of stairs. The first door of the hallway led to the laundry room and a small half bathroom. In the middle of the hallway was a door, marked pantry.
Pushing open the pantry door they two girls found the fuse box, after replacing several fuses. The rest of the lights came on in the house. Next they went to investigate the stairs.
Peering down they saw a large expanse of boxes and cobwebs. “This place looks gross,” Vicki remarked.
“Do you really want to go down there, I mean the place is a mess,” Cindy replied.
“We might as well, it is part of my house. What do we really have to be afraid of, unless you believe in ghosts?”
“No,” Cindy shot back.
“Then let’s be on our way.”
Slowly they descended pushing aside gossamer sheet of old dusty cobwebs, until they found a light switch. A bare bulb lit in the middle of the room. All around them were old boxes, and the remnants of what could have been a massive garage sale.
They walked around the room together trying to guess what was in the boxes.
Suddenly from across the room they heard a crash, and a horrific yowl. The two girls screamed and jumped up grasping each other.
“Who’s there?” Vicki stammered, shining her flashlight in the direction of the yowl.
“He…llo,” Cindy stuttered.
They were both shining their flashlights in all directions.
The next yowls; was followed by a mew.
Looking on the floor near a fallen coat rack was a small gray kitten.
“It’s a kitty? I filled my pants because of a kitty.” Vicki said walking over to the frightened kitten and lifting it in her arms.
“Your not the only one who filled their pants,” Cindy said.
“What are you doing in the basement, kitty,” Cindy said petting the very dusty kitten?
“It looks like he got in through that broken window,” Vicki said pointing to some broken glass. “Let’s get him something to eat.”
With that they both left the basement.
They stopped in at the utility room, just off the kitchen, to check if the movers had set up the washer and dryer. They were there so they went and looked in the fridge for something to give their new friend.
“Well my father bough milk, you find a bowl and I’ll open the milk,” said Vicki.
Cindy found a bowl in one of the cupboards. “So do you think your dad will let you keep him?”
“Probably, he’s let me have pets in the past,” Vicki added.
“Now what he needs is a name,” Cindy said as the dusty kitten lapped milk from the bowl.
“I know,” said Vicki, “Dust Bunny.”
“It sounds strange but fitting.” Cindy said.
Both girls then sat down, only to remember that they were still wearing messy diapers. They just looked at each other and giggled.
“I guess we need to change, but before we do that we re going to need a few things.”
Vicki and Cindy went back to the boxes stacked in the ballroom. Opening a Box marked Vicki’s room, she removed a pink diaper pail with bunny pictures on. Reaching inside Vicki pulled out a pink changing pad and a box of baby wipes.
“Now where do you want to change? Here or the bathroom just off the laundry room.”
Cindy looked at her, “The bathroom would be more convenient, I guess both us having messy pants and all.”
As the wondered through the kitchen with their changing supplies, Dust Bunny followed them.
As each got down of the pad to be changed the talked about why they were in diapers.
Cindy spoke first, “When I was born I had a hole in my spinal column, spina-bifida, the hole was repaired, I was very much a normal child until my mother tried to toilet train me.” After a couple month of trying she took me back to the neurologist. He told her to stop trying; it would only frustrate her. My condition was not repairable and I would need to be in diapers for the rest of my life. I accepted it my mom accepted it but once I started school, I was teased often and this gave me many emotional problems. I was always afraid and avoided everything. “That when my mother decide to home school me.”
Vicki finished pinning Cindy into her diaper and pulled up a new pair of nursery print plastic pants. She commented on the fact that Cindy had no pubic hair. I use a depilatory cream once a month.
“Doesn’t that hurt,” asked Vicki?
“Not really, sure makes clean up easier.”
Vicki smiled when it was her turn. “I found an easier and more permanent way.”
“When I was about 9 my mother and I were in a car accident. Some drunk crossed over the mid-line and struck our car head on. When I came to after two weeks in a coma, I was in diapers, and I was told I would need them for the rest of my life. It was then that I learned that my mother had been killed.”
“My mother as a beautician, so when my father and myself went through her item I found my mom’s electrolysis machine. It’s great you don’t feel it, maybe a little zap and the hair is gone forever.”
Cindy finished diapering her friend with a pair of light-blue satin rumba panties. “You know we still haven’t found a place to sleep, wanna go look up stairs,” Cindy said?“First let’s rinse out these messy thing then we’ll go up stairs.”
“Okay, but I’ll race you.”
A short while later the two girls were slowly walking up the grand staircase. A long satin carpeted spiral, leading up stair into the darkness. Holding their stuffed animals in one hand a flashlight in the other the two girls slowly made the climb, Dust Bunny slowly following in tow.
If one had seen the two of them they would not believe that these were two 18 years old girls, but rather a couple of preschoolers.
At the top of the stairs was a small table that over looked the ballroom. Looking over the edge, both girls were awed at the ballroom, all lit up as if some party was soon to arrive. Turning around the shined their flashlight down the long dark hallway. Each one taking a side the felt along the wall for a light switch. Vicki felt something and turned it. Soon the lights were lighting the hallway from the sconces they were set in. They could now see the stairs leading to the third floor at the end of the hall and four closed doors leading into the bedrooms.
“Well, what do we do,” asked Cindy? “Each take a side or stay together.”
“Lets stay together, okay, this place is giving me the creeps,” Vicki commented.
“You too.” Cindy silently nodded.
Standing aside the door jam they slowly pushed open the door and shined their flashlights in. They found themselves being blinded by the flashlight reflecting off a full-length mirror. Reaching around the corner Cindy pushed the button and the lights went on. What they saw was marvelous a Large red satin covered canopy bed stood in the middle of the room a near it a full length mirror, and a closet. To the left of this was a folded changing screen. Two large dressers stood covered in dust. The two entered the room and felt the soft, down filled mattress. They wandered over to the dressers. Opening them they found a large ring of keys both girls looked at them and tried to guess what they were for. Then opening the top drawer of the second dresser they found a large strong box. After a bit of trying they figured out the right key and opened the box. Inside they found little of values some old letter, written in a language neither one of them could decipher, and many pieces of faux costume jewelry. “Do you believe people actually wore things this gaudy,” Cindy commented?
“I know makes you wonder who they were trying to impress,” Vicki agreed.
Upon opening the second drawer they were met with a surprise, a large ivory tube, with a dagger tied to the side. While unwrapping the dagger, the tube opened and out popped a map. Looking at the map they both agreed if this is a map of the house they had a lot of places to explore, and most of them were concealed. But how they wondered. Picking up the dagger and map tube they left the first room.
“Come on kitty,” Vicki picked up the kitten so as not to loose him.
The second room was decorated in a more feminine style; the colors were either patterns or pastels. Again they found another set of key, but these were different from the first. “I wonder what these were for,” Cindy said holding them up?
“They’re nothing like the first set,” Vicki answered.
In the closet they found many beautiful turn-of-the-century gowns and several cossets. Both the girls agreed that these must be torture devices, because no one is built like that.
While searching the one dresser in the ladies room they found an another strong box and after a bit of fiddling with it the lock broke off. Cindy jumped back and said, “It’s not my fault.” Inside they found two lockets each with the picture of a small child. Cindy look at the picture closer, “She looks familiar, but I m not sure where I’ve seen it.”
The next room was very stark compared to the other two. A plain canopy bed, and pitcher, basin, and a small chest of drawers, and a closet were the only object occupying the room. The looked through this room rather quickly, Vicki made an awesome discovery when she found a gun belt, with an empty holster. She put it on and was acting like a cowgirl. She used the holster to carry the map tuber and dagger.
Walking across the hall they opened the final door that was closed. This lead into a nursery, complete with two cribs, a changing table, and a rocking chair. “Wow!” Vicki said, “I always want to have my own nursery.” “Cindy, let’s stay here tonight.”
“Yeah we could act just like two babies like were dressed like.” Both girls giggled.
“But first,” Vicki said “let’s continue with the expedition, to discover what lurks in this creepy old house, of mine.”
The two girls exited the nursery walking past a full bath at the end of the hall.
“Hey Cindy, look at this. I’ve got a bathtub that would fit both the babies.”
“Vicki if you don’t have any bubble bath I packed some in my duffel bag.”
“Great,” Vicki replied.
With that they let the room and headed up the next flight of stairs.
Looking down the hall they saw another room door, a bathroom door and a set of double doors at the far end of the hallway. But what they saw on the left-hand side of the hall made them interested. Moonlight was filtering in through skylights in what appeared to be a drawing room. They also noted a closet just as they entered the hall.
“Where do we go now,” Vicki asked feeling more conformable in the empty house. Dust Bunny made the choice for them, quickly from behind the girls he ran into the drawing room. The girls followed and found him swatting at a moth that had come in through a broken pane of glass in one of the windows in the drawing room. Cindy picked up the kitten so as not to lose him while they explored. The room was round and contained at its center a sundial, several chairs around the outside edge, and easel, a tea service on a teacart, and a pile of canvases in the rolled up and stuffed into a corner of the room.
The two girls’ firsts looked at the badly tarnished tea set. “Let’s not have tea,” Vicki said making a snooty English accent, “For I fear spider webs do not go well with crumpets.” Again both girls giggled. As the headed toward the canvases Cindy noticed a small trickle of pee run down Vicki leg.
“You’re leaking,” Cindy shouted, “you naught baby.”
Vicki turned around and made a pouty face. “I know I just couldn’t help it.”
“Well we should get you changed,” Cindy said.
Vicki walked up to Cindy and looked down the back of her diaper. “PU, who needs to changed,” she said? She then pushed her hand on the mess in her friend’s diaper.
“Okay so we both do,” Cindy said.
Giving one final look around and picking up the kitten they both headed back down to the laundry room where they had left their changing supplies. Instead of changing they picked up the changing supplies and moved them to the nursery. Each taking turns on the changing table they were again ready to explore.
Returning back up the stairs to the third floor they headed straight to the drawing room. Picking up the canvases and unrolling one, they screamed in alarm. Every one was painted with hideous images of torture and mutilation. So graphic they made both girls want to throw up. “Well, who ever did them was one sick puppy,” Cindy said.
“What do we do with them now,” Vicki asked Cindy?
“I don’t know, let’s ask your father when he comes home.”
“Yeah in his job he’s probably seen worse,” Vicki commented.
With that they left the drawing room. Walking past what they thought to be the servant’s room and the bathroom, they headed to for the double doors. Each grabbing a handle the flung them open, dust puffed up from the furnishing with the whoosh of air. The two girls saw before them an elegant master bedroom. A large brass bed, was in the center three large sets of drawers stood to one side, a huge walk-in closet was on the other. The floor was covered with a soft seal skin rug. A balcony door stood closed and large fireplace stood beside it. “Would you look at this place,” Vicki said in astonishment.
“Unreal, you could live in here alone and never have to leave for anything,” Cindy said. Quickly both the girls started looking through the drawers and closet. Surprisingly they found very little in the way of clothes that were there.
“You’d a thought that with all the other rooms we’d find something interesting in this room,” Cindy commented.
“I did,” cried Vicki. Vicki stood with an old steamer trunk she pulled out of the closet. She looked through the two key rings to find the key to open it. After trying three or four, she hit the jackpot. She opened the chest to find a black satin cloth covering the contents. Ripping it a side they found bones, all human, an entire human skeleton. “Holy Shit!” Vicki exclaimed. Slowly she lifted up the skull and found a box underneath it.
She handed the skull to Cindy, who looked into it dried sockets as if it would tell her a clue to it s identity. “I hope you re not one of my ancestors,” Cindy said as she reverently set the skull on the floor.
Vicki by this time had removed the box and had opened it to find a very old revolver, possibly from the civil war. She closed the box, looking at Cindy. “We’ve gotta call the cops, or my dad, or some one.” She was becoming more frantic by the minute. “What do we do, what do we do,” she said over and over.
Cindy remembered, “Don’t you have your fathers cell phone?”
“It’s downstairs, lets go.”
They grabbed Dust Bunny and ran down the stair to Vicki’s backpack. Flipping it open she quickly dialed 911.
“New London County Sheriff department, what is the nature of your emergency,” the voice said.
“We’ve found bodies in my house.”
“Bodies, what type of bodies?”
“Well not really, just a trunk full of human bones.”
“Where are you calling from?”
“My house, my house on Witch Island, Please you gotta believe me.”
“I’m sending a officer out to you now, Please tell me your name?”
“Victoria Henderson.”
“Your Date of birth?”
“You don’t understand we are alone, my father is the new Commander for the Coast Guard watch station, and we need help now.”
“Miss Henderson, an officer will be there in about 5 minutes, please stay calm and stay on the line with me.”
Time seemed to last forever, before they heard the sirens. Outside two sheriffs’ cars pulled up followed by an USCG, rescue vehicle.
They entered the house, Vicki s father first.
Vicki grabbed him by the hand Cindy grabbed the other and led him up stairs. “Look at the bones, they both said.” Only now the chest was gone save the skull that had been placed on the floor.
Her father picked it up, and examined it. “You got that hysterical over finding a skull, in steamer trunk?” “I’m terribly sorry if she has caused you any problems.” Her Father apologized to the Sheriff officers, “it her first night alone in a new house and you know how teenagers minds get.”
“Yes we do sir, but we will need the skull as evidence, so we can file a report and turn it over to forensic, for testing,” the lead deputy replied.
They place the skull in a bag and examined the room, finding nothing more they left.
“Victoria Elizabeth Henderson, what’s wrong with you tonight,” her father asked, “I know you re in a strange home but to concoct stories and call the sheriff.”
“But Dad there really were bones and a chest, we only put the skull on the floor.”
Cindy said, “She’s right Mr. Henderson I saw them and I put the skull on the floor.”
“So where did the other bones go?” And…. hello, his voice trailed off as he felt something against his leg. Picking up the kitten, has asked “what your name little fella?”
“It’s Dust Bunny, we found him hiding in the basement, can I keep him?”
“Yes you can keep the cat but call me first before you go off and call the police.”
“I’ve programmed the number into the cell phone, and children go change your diapers because you both really stink.”
“Can we show you our nursery, Dad,” Vicki asked?
“Your what?”
“Come on we’ll show you.” Vicki and Cindy lead him to the nursery they had set up.
“Fine if you want to sleep here go ahead but cover the mattresses with a plastic sheet first.”
“Let’s go change.”
Before he left, her father told her. “I put a pizza in the freezer if you would like to make it, and the satellite guy is coming in the morning so you you’ll have TV tomorrow evening.”
Her father kissed her on the forehead and said good bye. Heading back to the watch station.
“Did we just imagine the other bones,” Cindy asked Vicki?
“They were there, we saw them, I touched them, they were there. Come on lets go back up there and see what happened to them.” Looking a the cat sleeping in Vicki’s crib, “I guess Dust Bunny has decided that he’s had enough excitement for the evening.”
Cindy asked, “Shouldn’t we change like your did suggested.”
“Why do you need one?”
“Not really, do you?”
“No I just want to get going and finding out what is going on here.”
Walking back to the bedroom they noticed that the door to the maid’s quarters was open. “I think the police forgot to close it, but since it’s open let’s give it a look.”
Entering the room they found it quite cramped a simple bed, dresser, and a small mirror on the wall and an average sized closet. “Well this is really no frills living,” Cindy said.
“Yea, Vicki agreed, but what’s, this?” She had opened a drawer on the nightstand by the bed. Within it she found a pendant, “looks like one of those crystals you buy in the mall,” she said.
Cindy looked at it, “But black glass? I’ve never seen anything like this.”
When she handed it back to Vicki the top opened up, and a small slip of parchment came out. It contained a single name, Meltoroth. The name was written among many symbols and in the center of a Star of David. “I wander what it means,” Cindy asked Vicki.
“I guess were going to the library tomorrow I’m going to see what all of this means.” Vicki concluded.
“Lets go look back in the master bedroom. That trunk full of bones couldn’t have gone far.” Shoving the paper back in to the compartment a taking the crystal the two girls left.
They slowly opened the door to the master bedroom, and looked inside suspiciously; “Looks clear,” Vicki, said to Cindy.
“So far Cindy agreed.”
“This is strange,” Vicki said walking over to the bed picking up the box with the revolver still in it. “I wonder why the sheriff deputies didn’t take this?”
“May be they thought it was your fathers,” Cindy commented.
“Well let’s give this place a better search before we go to sleep.” The two girls searched the room from stem to stern, finding nothing but old dust balls. “Now this is really bizarre, no secret doors and the window has not been opened, it still locked and I don’t know if we have the key.”
“We don’t I tried all of them while you were searching the closet,” Cindy commented.
“What’s left to search,” Vicki asked?
“Only the closed closest by the stairs.”
“Well do you wanna search there before bed or are you to tired to go on?”
“Lets get some sleep,” Cindy yawned, “we can continue the search in the morning, then we’ll have my mother drive up to the library in Ashwipon.”
“Well then lets go.”
Both girls made their way down the stairs. Vicki asked, “Which sheets do you want, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Care Bears, or My Little Pony?”
Cindy choose Beauty and the Beast, Vicki took the Little Mermaid. Good Night they said to each other.
Vicki settled down to sleep, as she slept dark images filled her dreams.
She saw grizzled old hag, with wispy gray hair, a long gnarled hand, sunken eyes, carrying a knife. Slowly the walked up a small flight of stair, to a cauldron containing the bones she held earlier. The skull is gone, she hissed. Those terrible children, they will be my next meal. The hag then turned towards her, raising the dagger over her head, aiming for Vicki’s chest.
Simultaneously Vicki and Cindy jerked awake. Looking around Vicki said, “Shit!” “I’ve leaked and my bed is soaked, how about you Cindy?” Cindy only stared off into space. “Cindy!” Vicki yelled.
Cindy snapped out of her trance. Looking down and feeling around she said, “I’ve leaked more than wetness. How high is it on my back” she asked her friend?
Vicki was looking down the front of her own messy pants. The front hem of Vicki s nightly was a messy brown. “About half way” she said.
“I had the strangest dream last night.” Vicki commented.
“Was it about some hag making a soup out of the bones we had found.” Cindy commented.
“Yea, how did you know.”
“I had the same dream, and I think it really scared the shit out of us,” Cindy laughed.
Both girls looked at each other and again had a good laugh. Vicki commented “Let’s take a bath we both seem to really need one.”
The two got up and got out clean diapers, plastic pants, clothes, and bedding and went in to the bathtub first just to rinse off. After that they added bubble bath and enjoyed a bubble bath for two. Both girls helped the other clean and enjoyed tickling each other and blowing bubbles in the others face.
They got changed, and headed to the diner where they were meeting their parents.
“Hi Mom, Hi Dad,” Cindy said as she entered the restaurant, taking a seat besides Vicki in a booth.
Shortly Vicki father walked in sat across from them. “Hi Dad,” Vicki said, avoiding direct eye contact with her father. Soon both parents came over. “Vicki, and Cindy,” Vicki s father spoke, “you scared all of us.” Cindy’s parents nodded in agreement, “but since you were alone in a strange place,” Cindy’s Mom broke in, “we are all willing to let it go.” “Now what do you kid want for breakfast?”
“Blue berry pancakes,” Vicki and Cindy both said in unison.
“Then blue berry pancakes it is,” Cindy’s father commented and walked back into the kitchen.
“Did you find anything new after everyone left?” Vicki s father asked.
“No, nothing,” Vicki said, sipping some hot chocolate, her father had ordered for the two girls.
“Did you take care of the kitten?”
“Yes he was fed, by me,” Cindy said.
“And I started the wash,” Vicki commented.
“So what do you two have planned for today?”
“Well we thought we would like to go to the library, to do a little research on the house. It s really a strange place and we both would like to know some of the background behind it,” Vicki finished.
Cindy then spoke up; “We would also like to verify the map we found”
“Yea dad it’s really weird,” Vicki pulled the case out of her jacket. Opening it up on the table, Edna came over to look at it.
Edna said, “I don t know where it came form, but I’ve never seen the floor plan look like that.”
Cindy dad was bringing out the girls’ pancakes, when he saw the map. “Is that a map of the house?” Looking closer, “looks more like a map of just the basement, but I I’ve never seen those other areas.”
“Cindy,” he mother said, “why don’t you take it over to Grandma’s antique shop maybe she can help.”
“Is it okay if I take your daughter to the library,” Bill asked Dave?
“Go for it I’ll have Edna pick them up at lunch time.”
At the library the two girls walked over to the section marked local history. Slowly they were looking through the books, when the head a voice from behind. They turned around suddenly to see an elderly woman. “I see you girls are looking of something, do you girls need any help?”
Cindy spoke, “We’re looking for information on the house out on Witch Island.”
“Yea,” Vicki said nervously, “you see my father just bought it and we’re wondering about its history.”
“Those records are on Micro-film, I’ll help you.”
“If its not too much trouble,” Vicki commented.
“It’s no trouble at all, as you can see the library is not that busy, during the day.” “I am Mrs. Andrews, the head librarian.” “All the microfilms you need are in this bottom drawer.” “If you need my I’ll be at the desk.”
The two girls started looking, the recent records were strange. They found a newspaper column that spoke of a suicide that occurred the month before Cindy’s grandmother moved out of the house. “Daniel Angus MacBeth, must have been an uncle,” Cindy said, “but I wonder why no one in the family ever mentioned him?”
“I may have found a reason,” Vicki said, “in this newspaper it talks about the ‘Mad MacBeth,’ used to stalked the night and digging up graves, it gives no mention to what he did with the bodies.”
“And look another paper mentioned, Commodore MacBeth’s second son committed, to Portland asylum. It says that after the family forced him out of the house, the police found him stalking through the woods asking for the Avatar. If they did not give answer they say he killed and ate them.”
“Next mention of the him is here in 1938 ‘Mad MacBeth’ found hanged.”
“Now it makes sense,” Cindy said, “that’s why my family left, they couldn’t stand to be around a house marked with such tragedies.”
The girls continued looking; the only other record they could find was about a fire in 1887, destroyed much of the house and about Robert Stewart MacBeth rebuilding it.
“Look, Cindy said, court records about the witch hunt.” Anise McDermott execution order for being found guilty of witchcraft and bewitching the daughters of Squire Andrew MacBeth, and Pastor Julian Kennedy.
“Girls,” Cindy s mother called, shocking the girls’ back to reality.
“Are you ready to go?” They looked down at the copies that they had made gathered them up, “I think so,” said Cindy.
“Are you ready Vicki, Vicki?”
“What, oh I was just thinking, Yea I’m ready.”
As the two walked past Cindy’s mom said, “hold it. We re not going home until I change you too. So young ladies to the girls bathroom now!”
With a great deal of speed that comes from years of changing diapers, Edna had changed them both and they were again ready to go. “Now Vicki go wipe up the wet spots you left on the bench.” With that they pilled into the car.
“So how was your morning, find anything out about you map?”
“Yes we did,” Vicki said, “did you know that most of the house was burned down after the civil war. We think that this map may predate the fire.”
“Well it good to see you put your morning to good use but, it’s a nice day you shouldn’t waste it indoors.” “Why don’t you to go do something fun after lunch, and we’ll se you at supper time.”
“Well we still have the other room in the house to explore, and looks like the sun’s coming out so it won’t be as creepy.”
“So you’re going to Vicki’s,” Cindy replied.
“Okay, but before you call the police please call us.”
They walked across the metal bridge that led to the island home. “Let’s walk around the house, I’m just curious,” said Vicki.
“Sure,” Cindy agreed.
Around the entire house there was about a 50 to 100 feet of land to walk on, making it a sizable island. They noticed the remains of a staircase that might have gone down into a dock. Now the stairs were washed out. From the back of the house they could see the lighthouse and the watch station.
They went inside and were greeted by Dust Bunny pouncing on their feet. “I got you,” Vicki said picking up the playful kitten. He rubbed his head on her and started to purr. Setting him down they made their way up to the third floor. As they got off the stairs they made the first turn and were now confronted by a large oak door. In the middle of the door there was a very tarnished nameplate. Both girls could not decipher the writing because of the tarnish. Vicki said, “Wait here I we’ll be right back.” As Cindy waited she tried various keys, until she found what she believed was the right one. Vicki returned not a minute later with a can of Brasso and a polishing rag. With in moments it was clean. The letters read DAM. “Daniel Angus MacBeth,” they said in unison. Cindy, looked at Vicki both were trembling, “I think I’ve found the key.” Before she could put the key in Vicki stopped her.
“I want to get something first.” The two girls descended the stair to the Nursery, where they had slept the night before. Vicki put on the gun belt she had found yesterday. Now lets go to the master bedroom. They now walked up the stairs, and down the hall. Vicki took the dagger out and removing the pistol from the box she placed it in the holster. Next she handed the dagger to Cindy.
“Vicki, why are you wearing the gun?” “We don’t even know if it’s loaded. And if it is loaded it probably won’t fire.” Cindy reminded her friend.
“Well do you want to go up without some kind of defense?” Cindy didn’t answer.
“See,” Vicki said and they left.
Slowly Cindy inserted the key and turned it. With a soft click it opened. Slowly pushing the door open Vicki drew the pistol. Cindy stayed behind her clutching her right arm. Cautiously they advance up the stairs, until they reaching the landing. Nothing yet, Vicki said.
She felt Cindy feel her rear, “Oh yea?”
“And you’re clean and dry,” Vicki teased.
“Okay I get your point.”
On the landing there was a heavily barred door, with a small window. Vicki put the gun away. “Cindy, help me get a look through the window.”
Cindy bent down to offers her a foot up. Cindy helped Vicki to the window. Vicki grabbed a hold of the bars, and took a look inside, all she saw were some chains embedded in the wall, a cot and a desk.
Cindy could no longer support Vicki, and Vicki lost her grip on the bars. The two fell into a pile, the pistol being knock loose striking the floor and firing. The bullet traveled through the wall across the door, blasting a hole through. Before striking a pane of glass. The two girls were now quite shaken, “We could have been killed!” Cindy said.
“I know,” Vicki responded, “let’s put that thing away.” She picked up the pistol with two fingers. The two girls walked down the stair to the master bedroom. There they returned the pistol to it box.
“I think next time I want to take a weapon with adventuring, I’ll take one of the swords from on the wall in the den.” Vicki said as they walked back to the stairs.
“Well you know one thing now,” said Cindy, “the gun is loaded and it does work.”
“Oh well thank you very much smart ass,” Vicki said.
They walked over to the door, after playing with the keys the found a way to remove the massive lock from the door. Cindy drew the dagger and handed it to Vicki. They threw the door open, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.
They saw before them just what Vicki had seen a low cot, a set of manacles embedded in the wall, and a desk. Looking through the desk turned up several books, Clavicule de Salomon, Le Dragon Rouge, and the Necronomicon, several documents mentioning the name Meltoroth. “I wander what this really means.” Cindy asked Vicki.
“I have no idea. I can’t read the languages that many of these books are written, I think it’s French or Latin,” Vicki commented confused.
Cindy studied the room before she said, “What’s this, pulling a book out from under the cot’s mattress.” Looks like a diary, “I wonder if the keys would open it?”
“Try them,” Vicki said tossing her the two sets of keys.
Opening the book displayed a very detailed family tree of Cindy s ancestors, after that very little made sense, though there were several references to the Avatar.
“I wonder what this all means?” asked Cindy.
“I have no idea,” commented Vicki, “we could ask your Grandmother?”
“True I don’t think she would know, she was far to young to remember that troubled time, with my great uncle.” Cindy continued."
“I suppose your right, but it never hurts to ask,” Vicki concluded
As the two walked out of the tower, they noticed light streaming through the hole that had been shot through the wall. Cindy bent down and took a look, “Hey there’s another room there.” “These board aren’t that strong, let’s try to break through.”
“I have a better idea,” Vicki returned to the main floor and grabbed her fathers bowling ball. Carrying it up the stair, she turned around and flung it at the hole in the wall. The wall went crash as the bowling ball pierced it taking with it any other objects that boarded up this door.
“I hope your dad doesn’t get made at what you did with his bowling ball,” Cindy commented.
“I don’t think he would he hasn’t bowled in over 4 years.”
It took no time to remove the rest of the wood from the door. They soon found themselves inside a room containing all sorts of junk. In one corner was a cranked record player, another steamer trunk, several weapons, including one .38 caliber Double Action Army pistol, and three short swords. Vicki picked up the gun and placed it into the holster. “A perfect fit, the strap closes and everything, but no ammo.”
Cindy picked one of the swords; “I’m Xena, Barbarian Princess.” She took one sword and Vicki took one as well.
“I wonder what’s in the trunk,” Cindy asked? They slowly opened the trunk. With in it were a large assortment of antique medical devices and several tin prints of various family members. Cindy looked though the trunk. Vicki looked out the window with now one pain of glass now shattered; “Will you look at that?” She pointed down at the water. “It look like the remains of a boat.”
“We could go check it out tomorrow, if it’s okay with my dad,” Vicki commented.
“Why don’t we ask,” replied Cindy.
“Where do you want to look now, I don’t think we can go any higher,” Commented Vicki. “We could put the rest of my stuff into the nursery then we can look down below again.”
In about twenty minutes they were able to hall the last three boxes containing Vicki’s items. The boxes contained her stereo, posters, jewelry box, clothes, stuffed animals, and assorted items, valuable only to a teenager.
“Now what are we going to do,” Cindy asked?
“There are still all those boxes in the basement. Why don’t we bring a few of them up to the ballroom where we could see them,” Cindy said?
“That sound good, but let’s change and eat first,” Vicki said.
After going to the nursery and taking turn on the changing table, the two made their way to the basement. Before they could leave the ballroom there was knock at the door. A man cautiously made his way to the door; “I’m here to connect the satellite TV. I came earlier and someone shot at me.”
“Sorry but I dropped a gun upstairs. If I had known that someone was outside, I would not have messed with it.” Vicki blushed.
“Okay, if you don’t mind I will install this. You girls can go play. And later you can watch some TV.”
Cindy was just going to say something about his comments, when Vicki grabbed her arm leading her away. “He’s no loss, probably married,” she said to Vicki as the two headed down to the basement.
Walking through the dinning room past the kitchen they headed to the basement. Each picking a box the carried them upstairs to the ball room. Sitting down close to the fireplace they started to unpack them.
Vicki, first used a towel to remove some of the dust from her box, while Cindy just threw hers open. As the dust settled, they got their first chance to look into a box that hadn’t been open in over 70 years. What they found was unidentifiable to them. They reached in and took it out. Whatever they were looking at had degraded greatly in age. “I’m open for questions,” said Cindy?
“It looks like some strange Halloween mask,” commented Vicki.
“Open yours,” Cindy said to Vicki.
Vicki opened the box she had selected. What they beheld was beautiful. Inside were three hats decorated with the most brilliant bird feathers, “Now these are pretty,” said Vicki.
Cindy said, “Why is it you get the pretty stuff while I get the weird.”
“I don’t know, just lucky I guess.”
“Hey look what else I’ve found,” cried Cindy. “It looks like climbing tackle. I know the belts are badly decayed, but I m sure Buzz at the hardware store could replace them.”
“Yea if we get some ropes we could scale down to the old boat landing,” Vicki agreed.
“I’ll set them aside for future use,” Cindy said.
“Let’s go get another box,” Vicki said, “but bigger.”
“There are several trunks I know it would take the two of us to hall up stairs, let’s get one them.”
Slowly, arduously the hauled a trunk up the stairs. By the time they got it up the satellite guy met them. “Okay ladies you’re hooked up, enjoy.” With that he left.
The two girls dragged the trunk into the ballroom. After fidgeting with the lock it opened and fell to the ground. Slowly they opened the top, and were assaulted by the stench of mothballs. Lifting off what looked like a blanket, turned out to be a wool cloak, they continued to explore the contents. This trunk was obviously that of a wealth man, they found wool coats, silk shirts, a mohair smoking jacket, along with several naval uniforms inscribed with the rank commodore, and finally a picture. Cindy looked at it and said, “I know who that is, follow me.”
She ran to the den, and pointed to the picture above the mantle, “That’s my Great Great Grand Father, Charles William Stewart MacBeth.” “He was a commodore in the Spanish American war, and later in W.W.I.”
“The picture shows him with a sword, where is that” Vicki asked?
“Buried with him, or so I’ve been told,” said Cindy.
“Cindy are you hungry?” asked Vicki her tummy rumbling.
“Yea, why?”
“Let’s order Pizza and continue with this adventure, after we eat.”
“Well then let’s do it,” Cindy handed her the phone.
The two young ladies ordered pizza; Cindy’s father delivered it.
“Well how are you girls doing with your unpacking,” he asked.
Vicki replied, “my room and things are already set up. My father will unpack his things when he’s back. We did set up the kitchen, so we can at least have something to eat.”
Looking over the mess on the floor of the ballroom, Cindy s father asked, “Where did all this stuff come form.”
“The basement,” the two replied.
“Well as long as you two stay out of trouble and don t call the police in hysteria, you can stay here. Cindy I bought some more of you stuff for you to stay the night.”
“Thanks Dad,” she replied.
Vicki paid for the pizza out of the money her dad left her, and Cindy’s father went back to his restaurant.
As the girls continued to look through boxes Dust Bunny joined them. The kitten was having loads of fun pouncing on the items from the boxes and jumping in the boxes themselves.
As the night continues, the girls decided to change. Then they though they would go through only one more box as they were both rather sleepy from the night before.
The two went down stair and grabbed a box marked nursery.
After the two got it up stair and cleaned some of the dust off they opened it. With in the box they found; diapers, crib sheets, baby clothe some that would ever fit them, glass nursing bottles, and many dry rotted pairs of rubber pants.
Vicki said, “Well looks like we have more for our nursery.”
“Yea,” Cindy agreed.
The two girls then started choosing what items they wanted. Each chose a frilly baby dress; a couple of wrap around T-shirts, with the old fashioned ties, a few silk diaper covers, without rubber pants built in, a bonnet, and bib.
“Once these things are washed, we’ll really be set.”
“Let’s look some more,” Cindy urged.
The two girls removed a cardboard divider, what they saw confused them.
All the clothes and baby items under the divider, we coated with a rust colored substance. Under them there was a baby album covered with the same substance. Examining the items more closely, Vicki said, “It looks like some-kind-of paint was splashed on it.”
Cindy commented, “Or poop,” she said pointing at Vicki s legs.
“I suppose you’re trying to tell me something?”
“Vicki you’re leaking out of your plastic pants.”
Vicki looked down and noticed that she had filled her diapers with a huge load of diarrhea.
“Did I get it anywhere,” she asked Cindy?
“No just the little bit at the leg elastic, and inside the pants.”
“Well let’s go change and get to bed, we can put the items we want in the laundry room overnight.”
With that the two girls went to the nursery.
It took both Cindy and Vicki to get Vicki cleaned up.
Cindy was messy, but no where near as bad as Vicki.
Each crawled into their cribs. Dust Bunny, curled up with Vicki.
They said their goodnights.
Dream came but not pleasant ones.
Cindy saw herself chained to a wall along with Vicki. They watched the Hag from the night before, mixing things before them.
Soon they heard a door open; a man with wild unkempt hair had entered carrying a small child in his arms. He walked over to the hag, and whispered something to her neither of the girls could understand. She placed the crying infant on a chopping block, picked up a cleaver. Before the cleaver stuck both girls were awake, and screaming. Cindy jumped over to Vicki crib, and they huddled together in fear. They spent the rest of the night holding each other, crying themselves back to sleep.
Commander Henderson entered his new home, after two days of reorganizing the USCG Watch Station. He expected to find his daughter and her friend awake and exploring, but now he heard nothing. “Vicki?” he cried out. “Cindy, where are you two?”
He looked in the den; the TV was off, but setup. Next he looked in the kitchen, and found no one. He left there and climbed the stairs to the second floor. As he neared the nursery, the smell of heavily laden diapers struck him. “What were they eating,” he said to himself.
Pushing the door open he found the two girls huddled together a sleep. Both they needed a bath, badly. The bed, the bedding, the girls’ nighties, diapers and anything else was covered in their mess. He put his hand on Vicki she awoke with a scream, awakening her bed companion Cindy.
“It’s okay it’s just me.”
Vicki looked at her dad as if he was a stranger. “Vicki are you okay?”
“No, Yes, I don’t know?”
“Well could you pick one,” her dad responded. “You two go and take a bath, I’ll put the sheets in the laundry. See you at breakfast.”
With that he left the two girls got out of bed, Vicki’s father took the sheet and headed down stairs.
Vicki and Cindy looked at each other.
“Maybe a bubble bath will make up feel better,” Cindy suggested?
“It will take more than that to clean us up,” Vicki replied. They were soiled from their stomachs to their knees, the two messes mixed together to make it look worse.
The two girls slowly walked into the bathroom each taking turn stood in the tub and removed their messy clothes and then diapers. After a final rinse, the poured a nice hot bath for themselves. Vicki was adding a generous portion of Mister Bubble. As they spent time in the bath the two of them discussed what they had dreamed.
“One more experience like that and I’m leaving this place,” Vicki commented.
“I know, but what’s causing these nightmares,” Cindy questioned?
“What ever it is it’s sure scaring the shit out for us, in a literal sense.” The two girls laughed. Joking made them feel a little better, but they had no idea what might lay in store for them tonight.
Cindy asked, “Do you think your father would allow you to stay at my place?”
“We won’t know unless we ask,” Vicki said.
The girls were soon climbing down the stair where they picked up Dust Bunny.
“You have been two very messy girls these last two night, do you have the flu or something like that?”
“No we’ve just been having strange nightmares, and I think it’s giving me the runs,” Vicki said.
“Dad, Vicki asked if I could stay at Cindy’s to night?”
“If it’s okay with her parents you can, I am again working night watch and I’ll pick you up on my way home.”
“Thanks Dad, we’ll ask this morning and call you,” Vicki said.
“Okay, I’ll be putting the rest of the house together, but I we’ll keep the cordless phone near by.” “Oh, before you young ladies do anything this morning, sort out that junk in the main hall into what you want to keep, and toss, or I’ll do it for you.”
The two wanted and kept the nursery box, the steamer chest, and climbing tackle, the rest they left for Vicki’s dad to look at.
They then made their way to the Hardware store.
“Uncle Buzz,” Cindy cried over the warning bell when they entered.
“Well if it isn’t Cindy, and a friend. What can I do for you two ladies today.”
Placing the tack on the counter Cindy asked, “Can you fix these so we can use them to explore around Witch Island.”
“I suppose so, but what area are you exploring?”
“Down by the old boat landing.”
“Well Cindy does your friend know how to repel?”
Vicki broke i

Curse of burnt Cove part 2

Commander Henderson entered his new home, after two days of reorganizing the USCG Watch Station. He expected to find his daughter and her friend awake and exploring, but now he heard nothing. “Vicki?” he cried out. “Cindy, where are you two?”
He looked in the den; the TV was off, but setup. Next he looked in the kitchen, and found no one. He left there and climbed the stairs to the second floor. As he neared the nursery, the smell of heavily laden diapers struck him. “What were they eating,” he said to himself.
Pushing the door open he found the two girls huddled together a sleep. Both they needed a bath, badly. The bed, the bedding, the girls’ nighties, diapers and anything else was covered in their mess. He put his hand on Vicki she awoke with a scream, awakening her bed companion Cindy.
“It’s okay it’s just me.”
Vicki looked at her dad as if he was a stranger. “Vicki are you okay?”
“No, Yes, I don’t know?”
“Well could you pick one,” her dad responded. “You two go and take a bath, I’ll put the sheets in the laundry. See you at breakfast.”
With that he left the two girls got out of bed, Vicki’s father took the sheet and headed down stairs.
Vicki and Cindy looked at each other.
“Maybe a bubble bath will make up feel better,” Cindy suggested?
“It will take more than that to clean us up,” Vicki replied. They were soiled from their stomachs to their knees, the two messes mixed together to make it look worse.
The two girls slowly walked into the bathroom each taking turn stood in the tub and removed their messy clothes and then diapers. After a final rinse, the poured a nice hot bath for themselves. Vicki was adding a generous portion of Mister Bubble. As they spent time in the bath the two of them discussed what they had dreamed.
“One more experience like that and I’m leaving this place,” Vicki commented.
“I know, but what’s causing these nightmares,” Cindy questioned?
“What ever it is it’s sure scaring the shit out for us, in a literal sense.” The two girls laughed. Joking made them feel a little better, but they had no idea what might lay in store for them tonight.
Cindy asked, “Do you think your father would allow you to stay at my place?”
“We won’t know unless we ask,” Vicki said.
The girls were soon climbing down the stair where they picked up Dust Bunny.
“You have been two very messy girls these last two night, do you have the flu or something like that?”
“No we’ve just been having strange nightmares, and I think it’s giving me the runs,” Vicki said.
“Dad, Vicki asked if I could stay at Cindy’s to night?”
“If it’s okay with her parents you can, I am again working night watch and I’ll pick you up on my way home.”
“Thanks Dad, we’ll ask this morning and call you,” Vicki said.
“Okay, I’ll be putting the rest of the house together, but I we’ll keep the cordless phone near by.” “Oh, before you young ladies do anything this morning, sort out that junk in the main hall into what you want to keep, and toss, or I’ll do it for you.”
The two wanted and kept the nursery box, the steamer chest, and climbing tackle, the rest they left for Vicki’s dad to look at.
They then made their way to the Hardware store.
“Uncle Buzz,” Cindy cried over the warning bell when they entered.
“Well if it isn’t Cindy, and a friend. What can I do for you two ladies today.”
Placing the tack on the counter Cindy asked, “Can you fix these so we can use them to explore around Witch Island.”
“I suppose so, but what area are you exploring?”
“Down by the old boat landing.”
“Well Cindy does your friend know how to repel?”
Vicki broke in, “Since I was 12.”
“Okay,” Buzz responded, “I’ll have them ready by noon, along with some rope.”
“Thanks Buzz,” Cindy told her uncle.
“Buzz is you uncle,” Vicki asked?
“Yea, he’s my mother brother,” Cindy replied.
“So where do we go now?”
“Well let’s talk to my dad,” Cindy replied.
Entering the dinner Cindy’s mom said, “Well howdy strangers, where have you two been?”
“Just talking to Uncle Buzz,” Cindy replied.
“Mom can Vicki stay the night with us tonight?”
“I don’t see why not, but let me ask your father.” “Dave!” her mom shouted.
Her husband appeared from the kitchen, “What? You don’t have to shout.”
“Can Vicki stay over tonight?”
“Yea sure, whatever.”
“Excellent,” said Cindy, “thanks mom, dad.”
Heading back out Cindy got a sliver in her hand by running it along the wood railing. Cindy’s pulled her hand back and muttered, “Ouch!”
“Let me see it,” said Vicki.
Cindy showed Vicki the sliver; “Oh I can get that out.” With that Vicki pulled out a tweezers and pulled out the sliver.
They had walked along for about five minutes until Cindy thought she felt something wet on her hand. “I’m bleeding!” Cindy said.
“I have a Band-Aid,” responded Vicki.
Cindy the said, “Nurse Vicki to the rescue.”
Looking at the wound and looking at how the blood was smeared on Cindy’s jeans, Vicki had a revelation.
“It’s blood!” Vicki said and started walking faster.
“What’s blood?” Cindy inquired.
“On the baby things at the bottom of the box.”
“Are you sure?”
Vicki said, “As sure as we had found a skeleton in the first trunk.”
Quickly, the two girls ran back to Vicki’s house. They plowed through the door almost knocking over Vicki Dad.
“Why the hurry,” her dad asked?
Dumping the box, Vicki found the items.
“Dad, how can we tell if this is blood?” Vicki shouted in excitement.
“I don’t know, let me make a call to the sheriff and I’ll find out.” Picking up the phone he dialed then spoke “Sheriff Davis Please,” “This is Commander Henderson, USCG.”
“Chuck, its Will, If some one found marks on old material that they believed to be blood what would be and easy test.” “Okay, thanks Chuck.”
Vicki’s father turned to the girls. “Bleach.”
“Common house hold bleach, should turn it red, for a quick field test.” Vicki dad told her.
Vicki picked up the soiled clothes and album, and ran to the laundry room, Cindy and her dad followed.
Vicki laid the garments down, sticking a corner of a diaper in the bleach; she applied a drop to the garment. It turned red.
“It’s blood,” she wiped further, “it’s all blood.” “That wasn’t dream it was a vision of what happened over seventy years ago.” Cindy’s face went white as she listened to her friend’s conclusion.
“Okay girls it’s time to tell me what going on.”
“The last two night after exploring the house the two of us have had the same dream.”
Cindy broke in; “They were not dreams they were nightmares.”
Vicki continued, “each one has been more disturbing that the first. And in each when we compare dreams in they morning they have the same disturbing images.”
“The common points are a grizzled old hag, a disheveled many with wispy gray hair, a pot in which they are preparing a cannibalistic feast.”
“Okay girls I understand that these dreams seem real but they’re not. It looks to me that two little girls have spent far too much time wandering around a creepy old house. Now go explore someplace else, while I put the rest of the house hold things away.”
“That didn’t go well,” Cindy said.
“It could have been worse, do you think your parent would believe us,” Vicki asked?
“Probably not, they only take my brother seriously, and that’s only when he’s on leave,” Cindy stated.
“Your didn’t tell me you had a brother?”
“I’m sorry. He’s never around much,” Cindy replied. “Cory joined the Navy at the age of 18 he then went to submariners school and is at sea. It will be another year before he we’ll return.”
“That’s gotta suck, I don’t have any other family,” Vicki added.
“It’s about noon you wanna go see if your uncle Buzz has finished with the climbing gear,” Vicki asked?
“Why not,” said Cindy. With that the both walked back into town and headed for the hardware store. “Hi Buzz the two girls said.”
“Oh children I’m glad your here, I just finished with them and I was going to call to find out where you two had wandered off to.”
“Here you go, no charge, to my favorite niece.”
“Buzz, I’m you only niece,” Cindy replied.
“That’s why you’re my favorite.”
The two girls headed back to the island house, and walked over the where the stairs used to be. Setting down their equipment Vicki asked, “do you want anything before we do this? A change perhaps, some adventuring tools, and a backpack of supplies just in case?”
“Okay, I am more than a little squishy.”
With that the two girls headed back to the nursery. Cindy got on the table first.
Vicki stood over her friend; “A disposable diaper would be the preferred for this trip.” Vicki quickly changed her friend’s diapers, then Cindy, did hers.
Taking Vicki’s back pack the filled it with diapers, the gun belt, map, dagger and each took their short swords they had found the day before.
Vicki cried out before they left, “Bye Dad, were going out to explore.”
The heard a muffled, “Okay” from the den.
Vicki found two large iron fitting driven into the ground near the shattered stairs.
Vicki tied the main decent rope to the fittings. Cindy lowered the assent rope and tied into the decent rope. “The old climbing tackle is quite well designed, but I took the liberty of grabbing a pair of ascenders for each of use from home. Don’t worry my dad won’t miss them.”
Slowly and tediously the made their way down the slope. Stopping to avoid other iron fitting and remains of the stairs. About a half-hour later the reached the boat landing. The landing itself was nothing more than a large concrete slab, one side of it attached to the island the other to the sea. As they looked it over Vicki discovered a small hole in the cliff side with a metal piece in the center.
“Is that a keyhole,” she asked Cindy?
Cindy shined her flashlight into the hole and said, “Sure as shit it is.”
Vicki pulled open the back of Cindy’s pants looked down saying, “Yea their shitty, for sure.”
Vicki removed her climbing equipment and took out the two key rings. There was only one key that could fit. The key slid into the hole, but it took both of them to turn it. Soon they heard a low rumbling and the sound of a pulley lowering a weight. The rock wall right in front of them soon slid open. The two stared at it in amazement. Pensively they shined their flashlight through the doorway. Before them stood a dark damp corridor, reeking with the stench of mold and mildew. They stepped through the doorway and advanced. A curving passageway confronted them. Then it suddenly came to a wall. The two girls fumbled in the darkness groping along the wall. When it suddenly moved dumping both them into a dark dusty room. Many tracks littered the floor telling them that they were not the first to find this place.
“Who the hell are you?” They heard a voice from a dark side passage. An unkempt old hermit stalked forward, with an ax in one hand. “Tell me damn it!”
Vicki reached into the holster and drew the pistol on the advancing man. He stopped. “Put down the ax and your hands on . . . your head or… I’ll… Fire.”
The man quickly complied. Feeling not as threatened, she asked “Who are you and what are you doing under my house?”
“I’m Lazarus Cudahy and I was here first,” the old hermit said.
“How did you find this place,” she asked?
“Well I lived in the main house for a spell, but people kept coming by, one day I was searching by the kitchen fire place and I dropped into this room.”
Cindy looked around the room, Vicki, the trunk. Over in the corner they saw the trunk that they had found their first night.
“How did you get that?”
“I took it from the main bedroom, the bones are that of my brother, Richard. He was buried on William’s bluff and I removed them before the bluff and cemetery fell into the sea.”
“How did you retrieve them?”
“There a ladder that travels along the back of the master bedrooms fire place.”
“That also how I had been leaving to fish and gather food, but now you’re probably gonna have the police arrest me.”
“Lazarus come with me and well see if my dad will let you stay.”
Cindy went up the fire place first, followed Lazarus and then Vicki. When all three of them climbed out the fireplace it was a bit of a start for Vicki father.
“Dad we found this man living under the house!” Vicki exclaimed. “He’s the one who took the trunk of bones.”
“Who is this man? Why does he live under our house? And what chest of bones?”
He picked up the phone and called the Sheriff, “Chuck you will not believe this, but the girls have found a vagrant living under our house. Yea we’ll talk then.”
“The Sheriff, is coming out hopefully he can help settle this mess. Until then every one have a seat.”
“Victoria Elizabeth Henderson, where did you get that gun?”
“I found it dad!” Vicki exclaimed.
“Well give it to me now.” Vicki handed her father the 38 she had found.
About 5 minutes later a black Crown Victoria rolled into the driveway. Out came a stocky build gentlemen. He walked in through the kitchen door, and said, “Okay Bill what’s going on?”
“The girls found this man living under the house,” Vicki’s father told the Sheriff
“Yea in the secret passages,” Cindy added.
The Sheriff turned to the man. “Do you have any identification?”
The scruffy man reached into his pocket and gave the sheriff a beaten and battered USN (retired) ID card. Lazarus Cudahy, rank CPO 6th class.
“Okay Chief,” the Sheriff said, “let’s run the card and see what comes up.” A few minutes later he said, “No warrants, no arrests, he was reported missing about five years ago, when he trying to save the graves at William s Bay cemetery.”
“Okay, I’ll take care of this.” Vicki’s father stood up and turned to the Lazarus.
“Lazarus, what as your MOS.,” Commander Henderson asked.
“I was a cook.”
“How you’d like to be a cook again, for the watch station. I’d make sure you had a place to stay, and arrange civilian pay. Were a small group of just 24, does this sound good.”
“Best offer I’ve ever heard,” Lazarus smiled.
“Oh by the way when was the last time you were repaid your pension?”
“Almost six years now.”
“Well Lazarus, the government owes you a shit load of back pay,” Vicki’s father concluded. “If you would like you could stay here in the house tonight, or at the Coast Guard station?”
Lazarus thought for a second. “Take me to the station, my new home.”
“Oh let’s get rid of the bones, or at least take them to a place where nothing will damage them.”
“Good idea sir,” Lazarus remarked.
“Thanks again for coming out Chuck,” Vicki’s Dad said to the sheriff. “Now can I leave you two here without any further problems,” he looked back at the two girls?
“Yes Dad.” Was their response?
After her dad left and when he left she again found the old army 38 she had found in the up stairs. Opening it up she spun the cylinder, “Emptiest gun in the west.” The two girls laughed. Vicki replaced it in the holster. She next grabbed several candles and a few books for matches. Together they went down the passage that led to the secret basement. When they got there they lit a few of the candles. Then they noticed that there were more passages and doors in and out of this place. Walking over to one of the doors, they could tell hadn’t been used in years they examined it. Clearing away spider webs and assorted dirt they found a badly corroded lock. Vicki removed the two key rings and started trying keys. While she was try to open the lock Cindy tapped her on the shoulder.
“Vicki,” she said.
Vicki kept working.
“Vicki,” she said louder.
With that Vicki turned taking the door’s locking mechanism out of the rotted wood. Cindy smiled, “I was trying to tell you that.”
“Don’t I feel like an idiot,” Vicki said.
When the two girls pushed on the door they fell through the rotted wood.
Taking their flashlight out they surveyed the room. It was roughly circular, with a domed ceiling. In the middle of the room sat a rusted caldron, upon the ashes of some ancient long dead fire. The two peer around in fear and disbelief. They saw the chopping block, the manacles, and a table of dried herds, now molded and rotting. Slowly they approached the caldron, looking inside they saw tiny bones, all appeared human. This was the baby that was killed. They quickly backpedaled, both tripping over their feet on the uneven floor. Struggling to get up, they saw two skeleton locked into manacles upon the wall. “We found the spot,” Vicki hissed. “The vision…”
“Let’s go,” Cindy said.
“I already did,” Vicki replied, “and it’s running down my legs.”
Cindy got up and ran Vicki was close behind her.
Quickly the climbed the stairs through the kitchen’s fire place.
They didn’t stop until the made it to the ballroom. Vicki’s father was returning home as he found the two running terrified.
“What wrong? Whoa, I can see and smell what’s wrong.”
“No dad we found more bodies, the caldron, and the witches lab.”
“Come, we’ll show you.” Taking her fathers hand, they lead him to the room they had just seen.
“Well ladies if you wouldn’t have showed me I probable wouldn’t believe you.” Using his cell phone, he again called the sheriff. The sheriff arrived with two deputies, the corner, and a hearse. People started gathering around as the body parts were carried out under sheets.
The corner and a psychologist came and talked to the girls.
The corner spoke, “We are both sorry you had to see this, but these people died most likely over 70 years ago.”
“You had nothing to do with it. If you need to talk here is my number. I am Debbie,” said the psychologist.
“I think right now you should change. We can talk later,” said Vicki’s father.
The two girls went upstairs to the nursery, like two zombies. Changing was a relief but only a short one. Cindy helped Vicki get her things ready for sleeping at her house. Vicki packed with in her stuff two baby bottles for the both of them. “I hope your parents don’t mind, I find that having a bottle after a long day is very relaxing.” She said to Cindy.
“I don’t know what they we’ll say, but I like to try one too,” Cindy remarked.
Vicki’s father drove Vicki and Cindy to Cindy’s parents.
Vicki and Cindy took out their backpacks, headed up the walkway to Cindy’s house a two-story colonial. Opening the door Cindy announced, “We’re home.” No answer, Cindy with Vicki walked into the kitchen. On the table was a note, food is in the refrigerator, your videotapes are where you left them in the family room. The diner has been really busy we we’ll be back by midnight. Cindy looked at the microwave, 7:30. “Well we have about five hours to do whatever we want, but first I we’ll show you my room.”
The two girls hurried up the back stairway. The hallway leading to Cindy’s room was painted light blue with white clouds. In her room there was no crib but she did have Whinny the Pooh and friend on the wall. She had a queen size bed, a changing area, consisting of a mat on the floor covered with a flannelized plastic sheet of white material with little pink bunnies, a diaper pail, wipes and desitin. “I’m not used to having people over the sleep with me but I see no harm in the two of us sharing a bed, do you?”
Vicki smiled and jumped on the bed and said, “No.”
Cindy joined her and the two were soon involved in a pillow fight. After about thirty minutes they heard a cry from the first floor. “Cindy, Vicki, where are you too,” her mother asked?
“Upstairs in my room,” Cindy replied.
“Have you two eaten,” she asked?
“No mom,” Cindy shouted.
“Well change your diapers and come down and eat.”
“How did she guess we need changing?” Cindy giggled.
Vicki was changed first, next came Cindy. The two girls then decided to put on an over sized T-shirt, instead of normal clothes. Shortly they came wandering down the stairs. “I brought spaghetti from the restaurant, I hope you like it Vicki, it’s one of Cindy’s favorites. Parmesan cheese is in the door of the fridge.”
Vicki and Cindy sat down and start to eat the food was excellent. “So what do my girls have in mind for this evening,” Cindy s mom asked?
“I don’t know, we’ve made no plans so far. Maybe just watch a couple of videos,” Cindy commented.
“Well don’t stay up too late, or make too much noise, as your father and I need to get up early for the breakfast crowd”
“Okay Mom,” Cindy said.
After they finished, the two girls adjured to the family room. “So what are you in the mood to watch? I have a big selection, from dramas, comedy, action, even some cartoons.” Looking over the collection the two decided on Conspiracy Theory. About half way through Cindy leaned over saying, “After my parents go to sleep my dad has a large selection of adult movies I’m not supposed to know about.”
During the chase scene on the Brooklyn Bridge they paused the tape, and wandered into the kitchen to get something to drink. Before they went back to the video, Vicki said, “Wait here.”
Running up the stairs she soon returned back down carrying two baby bottles with toddler sized nuk nipples. The bottles were decorated with Loony Toons Luvables. Vicki took Sylvester; Cindy took Bugs, Bunny. Filling them with chocolate milk from the fridge the returned to watching their movie.
Cindy’s father came home right before the movie ended. Peeking into the room he saw his daughter, and her friend lounging on the couch, drinking out of baby bottles. This made him take a double take. He walked into the Living room where his wife was figuring the books for the day. Going to the closet he grabbed his camera. Suspicious, of what her husband was doing she followed him back to the family room.
The camera’s flash made the two looks up; neither dropped their bottles. “Dear why don’t you just leave the girls alone.”
“I’m sorry they looked so cute just sitting there drinking their bottles like babies, the rumba panties peeking out from under their shirt I had to take a picture. I hope you girls don’t mind?” “If you do I we’ll get remove the picture, this is a digital camera you know.”
“No Dad, I don’t mind,” replied Cindy, “How about you?” she asked Vicki.
“No I don’t mind, can I get a copy?”
“Sure you can Vicki, sure.”
The two then started debating what they wanted to see next. “Since we’re both dressed like babies, Cindy said, how about something Disney?”
“That sound good, do you have Beauty and the Beast,” Vicki inquired?
“Sure, but first I need a refill,” Cindy said pointing to her empty bottle.
“I need a refill as well but I also need a diaper change,” Vicki concluded.
The two girls headed up stair as they did they heard Cindy s father shout, “Good night girls, we’ll see you in the morning.”
“Good night Mom and Dad,” Cindy shouted back.
After a quick change they headed back to the family room to continue watching movie and acting like preschoolers. The watched Beauty and The Beast, then out of curiosity the watched one of Cindy’s father’s adult movies. They weren’t too excited about it. Vicki asked Cindy if she had ever had a boyfriend.
“No,” was Cindy’s reply. “Once they smell my dirty diapers most boys want nothing to do with me.”
“I’ve never had one either and I wander if I’ll ever find someone,” Vicki replied?
Feeling tired, they headed up to Cindy’s room to go to bed. After a final change the climbed into bed. Cindy fell asleep first, that when Vicki noticed that she had something in her mouth. She looked closer and realized that Cindy was sucking on a pacifier. Vicki put her thumb in her mouth where it’s been pretty much most of her life. With that they went to sleep, but what followed them to this house was what drove them out of the other.
Vicki saw a man dressed in motley rages, walking thought the local cemetery, with a bag over his shoulder. He stopped at a Mausoleum, and pushed it open, and closed it behind him. There he started dismembering the corpse placing the heart and head back into the sack. He then opened up a small hole and out poured a horde of rats, which devoured the corpse leaving only the larger bones.
The man left the mausoleum clutching the bag to his chest, as if it were his life’s savings. He walked farther back into the woods that surrounded this quite town of Burnt Cove. He came to a dense grove of trees, he pushed his way through the thorns and vines tore the rages he wore even more. There stood a dark figure, dressed in a 17th century garb torn to shreds, its head covered by a cowl. The figure motion to the mad man to place the body parts on a low stone alter. The figure threw back the cowl to reveille the face of the hag form the earlier dream. The two embraced and from the two embraced figures sprang a hideous beast. It s face was covered in matted black hair, it looked like that of a dog but with longer fangs and horn projecting from it s head. It slashed the couple with razor like claws from its twisted deformed hands. It drank the vile ichor that oozed from the wounds. Satisfied it jumped upon the altar and swallowed the head and heart. The embraced couple then let go and the beast burned upon their foreheads its mark. It reminded Vicki of the Crystal they had found. “Now destroy the young, before the Avatar arrives.”
The two startled awake. Vickie and Cindy clung to each other in terror. Cindy’s Mom was about to leave for the morning at the restaurant, where she heard the screams. She raced up the stair to see what was wrong.
“Okay girls it all right,” she hugged the girls. “Just relax and tell Mom what’s wrong.”
“They… she… it…. Are coming to destroy us,” the two stammered.
“What is coming to destroy you?”
“The witch, Great Great Uncle Daniel, and the demon,” Cindy quickly stated.
“No they’re not dear, it was just a dream, you’re safe.” “None of them are even alive, and they haven’t been for ages.”
“But they are Mrs. MacBeth, they are trying to and will kill us in our dreams, unless we find the Avatar.”
“You to are both talking nonsense, how can Cologne help you?”
“Now you two get up, clean up, change the bed you soaked and we can talk about this at the restaurant later. Okay?”
“Okay,” the two said.
The got up and dressed and while they were changing the bed Vicki commented to Cindy, “I didn’t know you used a pacifier. If I did I would have told you to bring it to my house as well.”
“Well I don’t use it all the time just when I can’t sleep,” Cindy replied.
With that the two walked down to the Dinner.
Cindy’s mom met them at the door, “Vicki’s your father is waiting for you at a table. Well I must say you two look better than I left you. Are you two okay?”
“Mom we’re okay, we’ve just been having bad dreams,” Cindy remarked.
Vicki added, “Yea real bad.”
“Hi girls,” Vicki’s Dad motioned for them to sit, “did you have a good time last night?”
“Great until we went to sleep,” Vicki said.
“Now what does that mean,” Her father asked?
Edna came over to the table and said that the girls had some kind of nightmare last night. “The two woke up screaming, then babbled about some one being after them, and they need to find some Avatar.”
Cindy’s dad walked out when he heard about the Avatar being mentioned.
“Who told you too out about the Avatar?” Cindy’s father asked the two girls.
“Did Grandma tell you two that old story?”
“No Dad, we heard the name in out dreams, and read it when we were looking for information at the library,” Cindy told him.
“I haven’t anything about that for years, since I was about five,” he sat down at the table.
“When I was small my Mother and her sister your Great Aunt Rebecca used to visit a farm that belonged to the MacLeod’s. On that farm was a rock, with in this rock was said to live the spirit of a Hag named Black Anise. If the rock was given offering of milk and whiskey, prosperity reigned. When the MacLeod’s and MacBeth allied the practice was forgotten and she was said to have struck both sides with madness. No one is really sure where the legend began, but I digress. The rock was stolen by the McDermott’s and taken to the New World. By chance the MacBeth chose to settle in around the same place, that when the old witch showed herself again. She possessed Anise McDermott and she again started afflicting the family with the madness as before.”
“Well our ancestor,” her father continued, “Squire Matthew MacBeth was the governor and he convened the trial and convicted her of witchcraft. She was hanged and they say her body was left for the crows. Her soul it was believed was imprisoned in the rock.”
“About 100 years later, your great, great uncle Daniel Angus MacBeth, was a sailor with a merchant steam liner, he had a lust for power and had learned of the black art in his travels. He came back form France, Germany, and the Far East with three book of magic. He used them and call some form of demon, to help him bind the soul of the old witch of the stone.”
“He went mad, killed one of his siblings then went on a spree of death, killing several other in his search for the Avatar.”
“But who is this Avatar,” Cindy asked?
“The Avatar it was said to be a man of good borne upon darkness. He would be the one with the power and wisdom far beyond his age. He with two maids fair would vanquish the evil.”
“But that still tells us nothing,” Cindy cried.
“But it does,” spoke Vicki, “we’ll see you later.”
The two had finished their breakfast during the story, go up and headed out the door. Vicki led, with Cindy, trying to keep up with her. “Slow down Vicki, I can’t walk that fast, not after eating,” Cindy chided.
Vicki stopped, “I’ll wait for you.”
“Where are we headed,” Cindy asked catching up to her friend.
“To the house and the books, the crystal, and the lockets. I remember where I saw the picture before. Once in your Grandma’s store, and once again at your house. Don’t you see? The girls in the pictures are your Great Aunt and Grandmother, maybe they can tell us something.”
“You want to take them and show them to my Grandma,” Cindy asked?
“Yes,” Vicki began walking again.
The two entered the house and were met by Dust Bunny who was very happy to see them. “I’ll get the books,” Vicki said, “you get the lockets. We we’ll meet back here.”
They went up the stairs, one to the attic one to the ladies bedroom, and then the maid’s room. They met on the landing. “Well,” Cindy said, “let’s do it.”
Walking back into town the quickly walked into Cindy s Grandmother s shop. “Grandma, we need your help with a problem,” Cindy asked.
“What’s the problem little ones?”
“The demon is back and we need to find the Avatar,” Vicki said.
“I feared this might happen some day.” She closed up the shop, “Come with me children.” She led them back into her home to a room in the basement. The room was full of boxed and assorted antiques, and memories. She picked up a box, in it was a painting, framed in gold. The painting showed two 2 older boys, two younger girls and an infant being held by the two young ladies. Under, and above the portrait was the names of the children, Duncan, Daniel, Susan, Rebecca, and Andrew. Vicki and Cindy opened the lockets, the pictures were exact, and the initials in the bottom were CWSM.
“My grand father painted this,” Cindy’s grandmother said. “I was only five, Rebecca was four, Andrew was 10 months,” she said with a tear. “Grandfather tough only one of the boys to paint and that was Daniel. His works were all in poor taste and should have hinted us to his unsound mind. Then there was the night he killed poor Andrew. Father pleaded with the state to commit him so they did.”
“After they thought he was stable the let him out, that’s when the madness returned. He started using those damn books and casting spells to find the Avatar and kill so his lover, Anise McDermott would return in the flesh. They locked him in the tower. One night he escaped and was found hanged the next morning. What the kept out of the news was the fact that he was disemboweled, by some unimaginable beast.”
Vicki quietly whispered “Meltoroth.”
“Yes, that was the Demons name,” Grandma confirmed.
“I later I was engaged to a Steven Wallace, but he died before our first child, your father,” she said looking at Cindy, “was born. I know for the time I was looked on with distaste, but I never would have given up my first borne. I gave him my last name, because I did not want to be reminded of my lover. I thought Steven was to be the Avatar, the one who would break the curse, but I was wrong. Your great aunt Rebecca was married to a Collin MacLeod, but he never proved to be the one either.”
“I never thought that the house would ever be used again, with the legend of the curse and all. You know the demons name so you are the chosen ones to find the Avatar. Look to the north of town beyond the cemetery you will find in a tangles brambles.”
“The stone,” Cindy interrupted.
“Yes,” Grand mother confirmed.
“Place the crystal on the stone, it shall point the direction. Follow it, the Avatar will not be far. Remember he is the good walking in darkness, and will not know he is what he is meant to be.”
The two girls ran up the stairs, Cindy asked her to call her Mom and tell them know that they are adventuring in the woods.
Grandma smiled and said, “Go children, and may God keep you safe.”
They went to Vicki’s house and gathered their supplies, backpacks, diapers, plastic pants, wipes, the pistol, holster, and the short swords. From there the set out to find the cemetery. Cindy then remembered that there are two cemeteries, one by each church. “Which church tried Anise, Vicki asked?”
“The old Anglican Church,” Cindy replied.
“Then that’s the place we should head from,” Vicki said.
They walked for most of the day until the came to the grove and the stone. Pushing and hacking their way through the underbrush, they entered the grove. There it stood before them the stone.
“Who want’s to do it,” Vicki asked?
Cindy looked at Vicki, “You can.”
Carefully Vicki approached the stone and set the crystals in the center of the stone. The crystals suddenly sprung to life and began to turn, until it pointed N by NW.
Following the lead they walked until they came to a weather beaten and battered house surrounded by a collapsing wood and fieldstone fence. “Is this it,” asked Cindy, “is this where the Avatar is to be found?”
“There s only one way to be sure,” Vicki said opening the gate.
She slowly walked up to the door, and knocked. They heard nothing.
Vicki tried to peer in through one of the muddied glass windows. She saw nothing. Suddenly she heard Cindy scream behind her.
There stood a man armed with a shotgun, dressed in black. His face was young but his hair was already going gray. “Why have you come here,” he demanded.
“We, we…are looking for someone,” Cindy stammered.
Vicki reached down for the pistol he shouted, “don t try it child!”
Vicki stopped, and then she noticed a smile cross his face and realized he was looking between her legs. Now Vicki felt the stream of wetness traveling down her leg.
He lowered his gun. “Okay Little girls open the door and inside.”
The three entered. Inside they saw a couch a table with a television, three modest chairs, and a small kitchen area. Once they were all inside he turned on the lights. On the table sat two of the same books that were now carried in Vicki’s backpack.
“What do you want a beer, wine, soda pop, juice, or what,” he asked the girls?
The two had no idea what to say to this man. He wore black riding boots, pants, and a black middle age’s poets-style blouse. On the wall were assortments of weapons, behind a claymore, and basket hilt broadsword was a targa with a crest on tartan that Cindy recognized.
“You’re a MacLeod,” Cindy asked?
“Yes I am, Zachary Aaron Michael MacLeod, of clan MacLeod, at your service ladies.” “First let me apologize for scaring you two, but I never know who comes around anymore. The world is such a terrible place. May I ask who I serve?”
“I am Victoria Elizabeth Henderson,” Said Vicki with a curtsey that only intensified her wet state.
“Victoria, you should be wearing diapers if you re going to wet like that,” he commented.
“And who are you?”
“I am Cynthia Marie MacBeth.”
He looked at her and cocked his head a bit. “Are you related to Susan MacBeth, by any chance?”
“Yes I am,” she shot back.
“Then were kin, Rebecca was my Grandmother,” he said giving her a big bear hug. “Woo, you need a change too.”
“Why have you come to me? I am a relative to you Cindy, but I do not know of any reason for you to seek me out?”
“What do you do here,” Vicki asked?
“I am a Historian, I focus on the darker areas or history. I try to bring them out not as legend carries them but I look for the facts. What really happened, you could say. I have a two degrees one in Anthropology and the other in Parapsychology, I spend much of my time researching.”
“Before we go any further, it seem to me that you both need to change,” he picked up Vicki’s backpack, out fell several disposable diapers, wipes, and powder. “Well I see you have things to change, but do either one of you have any clean, dry jeans?”
Both girls shook their heads no.
Zachary looked at them, “Okay, you two go change your diapers, I’ll make us some refreshment, and we can talk. If you would like to call your parents and let them know you’re alright the phone is next to the computer.”
Cindy picked up the phone as Vicki went to change. She removed her diapers and pants; she was going to put them in the wash when she noticed something she didn’t expect. Hanging in the laundry room was a wash line full of diapers and plastic pants.
“Yes they’re mine,” she heard and jumped with a start. “I need diapers too but only at night. You look kind of cold in just your shirt and diapers, wait here.”
He walked back to his room and gave her one of his shirt, to wear as a cover-up.
Cindy walked down the hall and he met her and gave her as shirt as well. “Would you care for some tea,” he asked? The two agreed and joined him.
He went to the kitchen and made them three of them tea, and shortbread cookies, he met them in the living room.
So do you feel better now that you’re clean and dry? “Yes I do,” said Vicki.
Cindy agreed with a nod. She then told Vicki that she called her dad and they know where they were and that it was okay with them.
“I didn’t think it be a problem,” Zachary said, “even though I am referred to a the backward cousin.”
“Why is that,” asked Vicki?
“Well look at my house, it’s small hand crafted, wood heated, it only has electricity in the main rooms. I do not own a car; I travel every where on horseback. I have two through-breads, Apocalypse, and Nightmare. The only time the family sees me is births, weddings and funerals.”
“Enough about me why have you come here, of all places.”
“Are you the Avatar,” Cindy blurted out?
Vicki looked at her friend in shocked that she would be so blatant.
“Am I the Avatar?”
“I don’t know. But I see you re heard the legend.”
“Many have tried to find the Avatar, Steven Wallace,” he said looking at Cindy “he tried, the copy of the Necronomicon and Clavicule de Salomon, were his.” “My Grandmother your great Aunt found his mangled body. If he had not been tattooed none would have recognized him.”
“What do you need to try,” Cindy asked. “This beast has been haunting both our families for over 500 years. And recently its been haunting our dreams. The demon Meltoroth, is already seeking to destroy us before we reach the Avatar.”
Vicki reached into the separated section of her backpack. “Is this what you need?” She handed him the three books that had been locked in the attic. He picked up one of the books almost in disbelief. He looked it over and then opened it “Le Dragon Rouge” he said. “I have it!” “Follow me ladies.”
He took his two books and the new one given him by Vicki. They followed him trough the kitchen. He opened a broom closet, and removed a black cloak, concealed with in it was a staff, with silver writing embedded to the wood. Putting on the cloak, and carrying the staff he walked out to the patio. Built into the patio was a ring of stones, forming a pentacle; in the center was an altar. Placing the staff by the altar it stood with no support. He then reached under the altar and with drew an arthame, and embedded in into the stone. Within the circle symbols that once stood black now glowed. From under the cloak he grabbed a sword and drove it into the ground. The two girls stood behind him with in the circle. His lips moved in a silent incantation, for the book before him.
A bright flash appeared before the three and quickly formed into and entity, a woman dressed in white. She kissed Zachary on the forehead, and touched the two girls and they blacked out.
Vicki awoke in a king-sized bed with Cindy sleeping besides her. Slowly she got up as not to awaken her friend. In doing so her shirt rode up and she noticed that she was not in the disposable diaper she was in before, but now she was in a cloth diaper with blue plastic pants. She walked out into the living room.
There she saw Zachary sitting on the couch reading Le Dragon Rouge, beside him was a large black cat. “You didn’t have to wake up the bad dreams won’t disturb you here.” She moved closer and the cat stretched out on its side to be caressed.
“The cat is Agamemnon. I’m sorry I couldn’t introduce you sooner, but he has free run of my land, and comes and goes as he pleases.”
“Hi Agamemnon,” she said as she stroked him.
“What happened out there,” Vicki asked? “Who was that women?”
“The women was Mary MacLeod, she was killed by Black Anise in the 1600 before the witches stone came to the New World. I first met her spirit, about 18 years ago. When I spoke of her no one in my family believed me, except for Grandma Rebecca.”
“So why did she kiss you and touch us, Vicki asked?”
“I’m not sure,” he commented.
“I know why,” the two turned to see Cindy standing by the end of the doorway. “We are the chosen ones.”
“Well my cousin, you have guessed the journey’s end, but what you have yet to see is the dangers, we must pass.”
“What dangers?” Vicki asked.
“Meltoroth,” Cindy answered.
“You are very smart my cousin, but stopping him may leave us all dead, if we succeed or fail. Death is a very real possibility. To die at the hands or Meltoroth, may God have mercy on your soul.” “But if you wish to continue this fight you have the map, and I have the needed equipment. We will ride at first light.”

Curse of burnt Cove part 3

That night the girls had the first good night’s sleep since this whole thing started. They showered and got cleaned up. When the entered the kitchen they found breakfast already for them on the table. Zachary was nowhere to be found, until they heard a loud thumping as he ran up the old wood steps from the basement. “I’ve already saddled the horses, so all you need to do is enjoy the ride.” “I’ll ride lead on Apocalypse with Agamemnon, you will follow on Nightmare. When you have finished breakfast, I’ll meet you at the barn.” As they finished eating they saw Zachary dressed in his normal black and white, this time with a black broad brimmed hat. He led a black horse out of the barn. Vicki went outside, the two said there good mornings, Vicki came near and he handed her the reigns and told her, “Hold Apocalypse, I’ll be back with Nightmare.” Vicki held the reigns of a large black through-bread stallion. Zachary emerged from the barn with a medium gray mare, her mane and tail was braided white.
The two girls stood there admiring the two animals before them. “Has either one of you ever rode,” He asked?
Vicki said, “I used to. When I was fourteen I took a years worth of riding lessons.”
“Good” he said trading reigns, “you get the front.” He then helped the two young ladies on to their horse. Next he mounted Apocalypse, no sooner was he up, and Agamemnon joined him, riding on the back of his saddle. Attached to his saddle were his sword, staff from night before, and a set of saddlebags. They set off for Burnt Cove, “It’s only a 10 minute ride for me, but I’ll take it easy on you.” They rode at a moderate canter, until they rode into town. Cindy’s father outside the dinner met them. “How was the ride,” he shouted.
“Fine for me but you’ll have to ask the girls.” He said turning his head back to them. The two caught up a moment later.
“Hi Dad,” Cindy shouted.
As she did “Vicki’s Father came out of the dinner.”
“So did you to have a good night,” he asked the girls.
“They had a goodnight,” Zachary said sliding off the saddle. Agamemnon gently dropped to the ground, and headed into the dinner.
“Zach, don’t worry about him, Edna probably has something out for him.”
“True he only has two drives eat and sleep.” Zachary concluded.
Dave grabbed his cousin by the arm and introduced him to Vicki’s father.
“Will, this is Zachary, the closest thing in New England to a ghost buster.” Zachary and Will shook hands.
“My actual title is Dr. Zachary Xavier Michael MacLeod, Ph.D. I hold a doctorate in anthropology and parapsychology, but ghost buster is a good description.”
“So Vicki has told you about the old house,” Will ask.
“Actually I’ve know about it all my life, the legend, and the murders. I know everything there is to know about the place but I’ve never been in it.”
“You’ve never been in the place you’ve researched your whole life,” he questioned, “Why not?”
“Because I never have felt prepared for what might await me with in,” Zachary told Vicki’s father. “Many things have happened in the past week, that have forced me to return to the seen of a grievous crime against my Clan, allies and now your daughter. Have you ever spent the night with in its wall?”
“No,” he replied, “I am usually on night watch at the station, Vicki, Cindy, and their cat Dust Bunny are the only ones who have tried to sleep there.”
“Well then even you don’t know the horrors with in,” Zachary concluded and walked inside the dinner. Edna smiled at him, “I knew you were in town when Agamemnon came in looking for the can of tuna I had just opened.”
“He does that to every can I open at home, if he doesn’t eat it he at least wants to check it out.” “Agamemnon, get down, You know the rules no eating on the counter.” The cat knocked the can to the floor. It landed open side up just as it was sitting on the counter. The cat soon followed. “I’m sorry Edna sometimes I think he thinks he’s a human.” Agamemnon finished his meal and began to purr and rub on Eden’s leg. Looking down at the cat, “Edna I think you have a friend for life.”
Zachary removed from his pocked watch, and noted the time. Then walking over to the two girls he said, “Ladies eat, rest, change, and whatever else you need to do. Meet me back here in about and hour and together we will go to the house.”
Zachary watched as the two girls walked back to Cindy’s house. Dave then asked, “Do you really think that this will work?”
“I sure hope so, if not…”
“If not another family member will be dead at the clawed hand of Meltoroth.” Dave concluded.
“If you need me,” Zachary said to his cousin Dave, “I’m getting my gauss meters back from Buzz, any little advantage will help.”
“Buy some ammo, you may well need your shotgun,” Dave shouted at his cousin as he headed down to the hardware/sporting good store.
He got his gauss meters, but he passed on the ammo. He handed his sword over for quick run on the laser sharpener. Placing it back in the scabbard, he wandered back to the dinner. As he was coming he saw the two girls walking to meet him.
“Are we going to leave the horses here,” Vicki asked.
“I’d like to think so, I don’t think they will fit in the house. I have the things we will need, do you have the map?”
Cindy replied, “Of course we do. We haven’t let it out of our sight since we found it four days ago.” With that they left.
It took about fifteen minutes to reach the house; the three stood on the metal bridge that connected it to the mainland. It was about three in the afternoon when they arrived, and thunderheads were gathering in the distance. Zachary looked around and said, “Well ladies, Creepy weather to accent a creepy house.”
“We have candles, and a lantern inside if we need them,” Vicki commented.
“There are two flashlights in the kitchen,” Cindy said, “I believe that’s where we put them.”
The trio walked up and opened the door; waiting for them was Dust Bunny. “We should get the kitten out of harms way,” Zachary spoke.
“How,” Cindy replied?
“Have your father or mother come and get him, we can wait while you call.” Five minutes later Dust Bunny was in the company of Agamemnon at Cindy’s house. “Don’t worry Vicki he should be fine there.”
The three laid out the map near the fireplace in the ballroom. Zachary and Vicki compared it with his notes on the construction and additions he knew of. Cindy gathered up the flashlight, candles and lanterns, as the storm grew. Cindy had just returned to the ballroom, when a loud Crash of thunder split the air. The lights flickered and died. Cindy said, “It’s a good thing I brought these.” “Vicki could you take these matches from me and light one of the candles.” “Zach, I also have something for you,” She said handing him the box the black power revolver is in. “It’s loaded but one shot has been fired.”
The Ladies lit one candle and the two lanterns. All carried flashlight, but the lanterns and the fireplace were now the main light sources. Zachary stood up with the map in hand. “This makes no sense,” he said to the two ladies and they took a look at the map. “According to this map there should be another door leading out of the ballroom.” “It’s even mentioned in some of the eyewitness account from those who had seen Daniel, or Anise.”
Cindy got up and stared at the wall. “Notice how the edges on that one piece of paneling doesn’t look right, It’s like it could be pulled off to revile a door.”
Cindy moved to the edge of the panel, and shoved her short sword into that edge. The blade slid in easily. With a little pressure the panel came off with a snap. Behind the panel was a doorway that had been bricked shut? Zachary and Vicki now approached as Cindy continued to remove the paneling.
Zachary felt the poor quality of the brickwork. “This was hastily done, so I should be able to break it in.” He brought his foot back and with several kicks the bricks moved and then collapsed. “Well I certainly fixed that, but not for the better.”
“How’s your foot,” Vicki asked?
“Fine,” he replied.
As the dust settled the three peered into the darkness of the room. Very little was identifiable, as every thing was covered with piles of dust and sheets of spider web. Everything was eerily quiet, until there was a sudden even louder crack of thunder. Vicki and Cindy both jumped, as Zachary ducked down for cover. Getting up he looked at the two girls, “Okay who needs to be changed,” he asked them.
This served to remind the two girls as to the state they were in, warm and overly squishy. Vicki put her hand up in a babyish voice said, “Me.” Cindy not to be out done did the same.
“Well this will slow the adventure but up stairs babies so Uncle Zach can change your didees.”
They headed up stairs, before doing so Zachary set up the gauss meter just in case anything non-corporal emerged from the hole.
Up stair he had each baby take turns on the changing table, as the other watched. Vicki looked at Cindy, “See she has hair, so she’s not the biggest baby.” Then she lay down, and when her diaper was removed and after she was clean, she said, “See I’m baby smooth.”
Cindy told her friend, “You haven’t let me use your machine so I too can be baby smooth,” She then stuck her tongue out at Vicki.
He had just finished up helping the two get dressed, when the gauss meter went off. The three of them raced down the stairs to the hole in the wall. The gauss meter was on its side and still giving off its alarm.
Zachary picked it up and started scanning; “All readings were normal.” “Something set it off, but what?” The three looked at each other; not one of them had a clue. Shining a mag-lite into the room, he saw no disturbance in the dust pattern on the floor or furniture. “I’ll reset this gauss meter, and we’ll used the smaller from my pack.” He drawing his sword saying, “The chase is on.” He stepped through the hole in the bricks. Vicki held on to the Zachary’s shirttails, Cindy held Vicki’s hand in the other was one of the lanterns.
Shining the flashlight into where the lantern did not reach, he noted the size and shape of the room. The room was roughly a trapezoidal shaped, the bricked up door being on the small end. The large end held some sort of bar and a large double door in the back. The entire room seemed to be listing toward the back. Behind the bar very few object could be discerned, due to the high volume of dust. Zachary slowly led them towards the bar. As he approached he noticed a pulley and windlass mechanism. Turning the windless lowered the chandelier, held with in was the remains of several wax candles. Vicki started lighting the candles, with the help of Cindy and they soon had the room a glow. Zachary walked around the perimeter, taking readings with the gauss meter. The two girls started looking around as well. There were four tables with chairs, a compass, sextant, and a painting of a ship adorned the room. Reaching behind the bar the girls were disappointed, most of the bottle were tipped over and empty. The only two up right bottles had no labels and contained a substance that did not look drinkable.
As Zachary walked the perimeter he felt something strike his boot. Looking down was a large brass key, attached to the key ring, as was a boatswain’s-men’s whistle. He picked it up. “Girls have you found any keys in this place?”
“Yea,” Vicki replied, “two sets.”
“Well we can add another one,” he showed it to the girls.
“What do you suppose it’s for,” Cindy asked?
“Well lets keep going and we might find out.”
They walked back to the double doors, to find them locked. Trying several keys, they opened up one lock. It took them several tries to open the second lock, but soon it was open.
Each moved to the side of the door, with swords drawn. As the doors open the moved around the corner in unison. They were met by the staring eyes of a skull placed upon a staff in the middle of the hallway. A fixed to it was a sign announcing that this was for the servant of Meltoroth. Zachary walked past the macabre signpost and straight back to the sheet of spider web that covered a pane of glass.
Slowly advancing to the glass he walked sword drawn. Using the point he cut down several of the thicker portion of the webs. “It look s like a door way,” remarked Cindy.
“But for what, and to where,” Vicki replied.
“Only one way to find out,” Zachary said putting on a pair of black leather gloves. He continued to remove the web until he found a handle. It turned easily but the door did not move. “Shine one of those lights over here for a moment.” Seeing the lock and handle in the light he realized that the mechanism was broken and could only be opened from the inside. “Stand back,” he ordered. He took the handle of his sword and turning it a small blade popped out of the pommel. He smashed one of the panes of glass with the blade. Next he reached in with his gloved hand, and opened the door.
“I’d say ladies first but in this situation, you’d understand.”
They walked into a small glass room, as they cleared away spider webs and dust, Vicki said “It’s an elevator.”
“I think you’re right,” said Zachary, “but how does it work, and where does it go?”
Cindy spoke up, “According to the map it goes down to the catacomb and MacBeth crypts.”
“But how does it work,” Vicki repeated?
“I think I’ve found out how,” Zachary said turning a wheel in the corner of the elevator. Slowly they descended, turn by turn. The two girls watched, as the walls of the shaft passed by the still open door.
“Here’s the end,” Zachary announced, “the wheel goes no further.” They walked from the elevator and with Zachary taking point slowly walked into this new area.
“Zach,” Cindy whispered.
“What,” he replied?
“I think I figured out the map. Instead of being a single map for each level, the artist drew them overlapping. We right now are under the dinning room.”
“Great now if we knew the depth were at, the map would make even more sense.” Zachary remarked to the girls as he hacked his way through the spider webs and dust. Suddenly Zachary stopped the party, “Did you hear that,” he hissed?
“Hear what whispered,” Vicki?
“It sounds like a tree swaying in the breeze,” Zachary responded.
They stood silent for a few moments, “Now I hear it,” Vicki said.
“I hear it too,” Cindy commented, “but there are no trees on the map.”
The more they walked into the catacombs the louder the sound grew. Soon a large tree root, penetrating the rock blocking their passage. Zachary examined it, amid the creaking of the branch moving in the wind and the water seeping in around it.
“We should be able to crawl under or over it.”
The three decided to crawl over the massive structure. Moving a few feet down the corridor they encountered a large Iron Gate. Upon the wall and covering the gate were carved many Christian symbols. There was an empty dish under a crucifix hung on the wall that once contained holy water. The three searched, for a way to open the gate. There was no lock, no hinges and no evidence that the gate could move at all.
“It looks like a crypt,” Vicki commented, “but how did they get into it to inter the bodies?”
“Maybe the came in from the other side of the crypt,” Cindy commented?
“Not very likely going by the map Cindy holds,” Zachary commented. He continued to examine the wall. Built into the holy water dish was a small metal disk. “I wonder?” “Vicki could you give me my pack?”
Vicki handed him his pack, out it he pulled a small silver bottle. Opening it he dumped it into the dish. Nothing happened. He reached his hand into the dish touching the disk. Soon the gate violently shook, and sunk into the floor. “Now that’s what I call an entrance,” remarked Zachary.
“It scared the crap out of me,” replied Vicki.
“Everything scares the crap out of you,” Cindy commented.
“Yea, but look who talking,” Vicki taunted.
“Enough you two,” scolded Zachary, “or do two young ladies need a spanking.”
Both pouted and shook their heads. “Good, now lets look around.”
When Zachary entered the crypt he noticed where the heavy brass key went. There was a large keyhole and fitting on the other side of the entrance. “Who would build a tomb that no one could get out of without a key?”
“Unless…” his voice trailed off.
Vicki asked, “Maybe that were trying to keep something in?”
“Like what,” said Cindy?
“What indeed,” Zachary mused, “Let’s check out some of these crypts. Do we want to stay together or separate.”
“Together,” the two girls said in unison.
“Okay, right or left?”
“Right,” said the girls. They walked over to the first vault on the right. The lid was carved stone, in very 19th century style has adorned with an angel the name was carved in Duncan Charles MacBeth 1908 - 1955. The rank of Captain USN inlaid into the lid a W.W.II Seabee’s plaque under it was a Korean War Veterans placard. Slowly Zachary pushed the open the sarcophagus open, as he did the gate closed. Cindy ran to the gate, “We’re trapped in a tomb with a hole bunch of bodies, we’re doomed.”
“I have the key,” remarked Zachary.
“You do?”
“Yes, I do. If I thought we’d never get out I would not have entered.”
He pushed the tomb closed, and they all walked over to the next, and then the next. Five generations were buried in the crypt. After much searching they finally the came across the grave of Daniel Angus MacBeth 1910 - 1938. “Well this is the last,” Zachary said, “the Mad MacBeth.” Before they opened the crypt Zachary noticed a something carved into the stone itself. Using his hand he cleared away the dust enough to read, some of what was carved into the crypt. Instead of having an angel carved into the cover there was a circle surrounding a Star of David, many symbols were carved into the circle. ‘Est namanus Meltoroth, Santos deamonus Astharoth,’ was surrounding it all. “In the name of Meltoroth son of the demon Astharoth, the arch duke of hell,” Zachary translated.
“Step back girls, I fear we may need some protection at this juncture.” Zachary and the ladies stepped a few feet from the tomb, when he drew a small bag from a pouch in his belt. From a scabbard in his boot he removed the arthame they had seen the night before. In the ground and stone he carved a circle and Star of David, as he did this his lips moved as he mummer and incantation. Next he emptied the pouch into the groves he had just carved. The two girls watched as the groves filled with silver metallic dust.
Having completing the ring he set a candle upon the points of the star, and lit them. “Stay with in the circle, no matter what happens with in you’re safe,” he warned them. The circle glowed under the enchantment forming a barrier of light.
Slowly he pushed the tomb open with the end of his sword, making sure that he himself did not leave the circle. From the crypt arose a horrid stench and a fowl green smoke grew, until it lit into a fierce, unworldly creature. The beast was familiar to the girls, having seen it two days before. Zachary stood before it defiant, his sword in one hand the arthame in the other.
“Your are the Avatar,” the beast voice echoing through the chamber? “Run now foolish mage lest I take your life now.”
“Meltoroth, scourge of Astharoth loins, you have no power over me and you know that. If you wish to take my life here I stand before you, take me.” The beast reared back, but stopped. “The powers of good are in motion, against your evil. Soon it will end. For once and for all we will prevail. The house of MacLeod and MacBeth against McDermott.”
The beast stood upon the tomb and changed into the hag. “Really,” the hag now spoke, "I am Anise the Black, your bones will be my meal, but until then…"The hag trailed off.
“Anise you and your legions have forgotten the dawn approaches, so bask in its light!” Zachary threw his arthame into the rock above the tomb. The knife glared into a blinding white light, causing the rock itself to open, and the first light of the sun broke into the tomb. Anise was struck, and in moments burst into flames. The blade fell back into the ground with in the circle besides it Zachary drove his sword, forming a cross. “Est Nominae Deus, I cast you out Anise the Black.” Zachary aimed his hand at the burning hag. A bolt of light flew from his hand she exploded into dust. Zachary fell forward, landing next to his weapons.
The demon fled. “Some other time mage, it laughed as it vanished with the dawn.”
Vicki and Cindy helped him to his feet. “Zachary, can you hear me,” Cindy asked?
Vicki kissed him saying, “It will be okay baby, the creature is gone.”
Zachary stirred. “For now,” he whispered. Struggling to get to his feet. “He won’t be this easy to find,” He stood and pronounced the final words. The rings protective glow died. Zachary staggered to the tomb and collected some of the dust that was the hag. “With this we will find him.” The trio slowly made their way back to the house. Vicki commented after helping Zachary to stagger down the corridor, “oh oh, Zachary’s wet too, I guess we all need changing.”
It took the trio almost until 7 AM to climb out of the crypt, through the passage, up the elevator, and back to the ballroom. The expedition to the tomb had taken all afternoon and night. When they entered the bar Zachary said, “Will you listen to that thing.”
Everyone recognized the loud chirping of the gauss meter and notice that the laser tripwire had also been tripped. The one question remained, by who or what?
Slowly they made their way to the nursery, Zachary changed first the two girls, and then the two girls took great joy in diapering him as well. Zachary tucked the two into their cribs, and set off down the hall for the lord’s room at then beginning of the hall. After diapering himself, he collapsed into a heap upon the large feather mattress. Over and over in his mind the events of the evening replayed, the summoning the fight and the casting out. Each time the events never changed upon awakening he decided he had done the right thing. What he noticed first that night is what he noticed every time he’d woken up his whole life, he was soaked. The next thing he noticed met him with a more ominous feeling. The whole place seemed to be enveloped by a chilling cold breeze. Fearing the worst and knowing instinctively that it came from the girls’ room he grabbed one of the cloaks from the closet and his sword. He charged into the nursery, awakening the girls. “Behind you!” Vicki screamed.
The beast struck first, and in the heat of the battle the monster struck him across the back, arm, leg and side. Zachary whirled around throwing the cape out as a shield, and bringing the sword around severing the right arm of the beast, before he slumped to the floor. The monster let out a deafening horrifying scream, and then leapt out the leaden glass window of the nursery.
A shaken, soiled Victoria ran to Zachary’s side. She placed several of the clean cloth diapers over the wound. Cindy quickly ran down the stair grabbing the phone. She first called her mother then she called 911.
“My cousin’s been hurt and is bleeding real bad, send an ambulance to the old MacBeth manor, fast.”
“Who has been hurt,” the operator asked the frantic Cynthia.
“My cousin Zachary MacLeod, damn it send and ambulance, please he’s bleeding real bad.”
“Miss an ambulance is on its way, how was he injured.”
Cynthia thought for a moment, would they believe the truth?
“Some wild animal attacked him,” was the story she went with.
Just as she finished saying those words the ambulance arrived.
Cindy dropped the phone and ran to open the door. She hurriedly led the EMT’s up the stairs to the nursery where Vicki and the wounded Zachary were. The EMT’s were suddenly aghast not by the injuries they saw on Zachary but by the severed arm that lay on the floor next to where the Zachary’s bloody sword fell.
They quickly broke out the universal dressings and tried to cover the wounds, next they started a large bore IV and called for a Coast Guard Helicopter for transport to Portland. Cindy and Vicki watched as Zachary was lifted on to a litter and taken to the awaiting helicopter. Vicki’s father then took the girls back to Cindy’s.
When they arrived at Cindy’s they were met by Sheriff Davis and Debbie Hunter, the psychologist. “Will, Miss Debbie would like to speak to the girls for a moment.”
The girls were lead into the den where they were questioned at to what took place the night before and what happened tonight. Each time neither girl would give a full account of the event.
“Ladies why won’t you tell me about what happened? I am here to help you.”
“If we did tell you I know you wouldn’t believe me or Cindy,” Vicki interjected.
“Okay,” Cindy spoke, “first we entered the crypts, there we met and dispelled the Hag from our dreams, then Meltoroth, came and attack us but Zachary saved us, and was injured in the process. There! Now you’re heard it so just leave us alone.” Cindy cuddled up to her friend as a scared child would to her mother.
The psychologist didn’t know what to say, she only told them to wait there.
In the other room the parents were waiting. “Something has severely traumatized these girls. Their hallucinations are very elaborate, making me unsure of whom they are trying to defend, themselves or Zachary. What I would like to do is place them in the hospital for a couple days to sort these things out. Maybe then they’ll tell the truth.”
“Listen Women,” William spoke, “I have seen many things in my life and I cannot explain what happened in my house tonight. I also have never known my daughter to lie, about anything, besides whether she’s changed her diapers of not. So I don’t buy your story. Did you see the room where this took place? Did you see the severed limb that the police have taken into evidence? I may not know what’s going on here but I know that will not be explainable by the likes of you.”
“That’s right,” David said in support of his friend. “There are more thing in heaven and earth than the likes of mortal men may dream.”
“Well then be that way,” She shouted and left the house.
“Now to find out what really happened,” Edna said to her husband.
The two went to the girls’ room only to find them sleeping cuddled up in each other’s arms. Edna walked out, her husband and friend we standing in the hallway, “It’s best to let them sleep.”
As the three were walking back down the stair they heard the phone ring. “MacBeth residence,” Edna said.
“They’re only minor wounds, save one.”
“You’ll be back tomorrow after the given you some more fluids.”
“Well that great I tell them.”
“No okay, we’ll keep the surprise.”
“Zachary will be back tomorrow morning, after they’ve treated him for shock and other things.”

curs of burnt cover part 4

The two girls awaken after having the first night since they slept at Zachary’s without nightmares. Getting up changing they ran down stair. Edna asked, “why are you too in such a hurry?”
“Well we thought that maybe you could take us to see Zachary in the hospital,” Cindy asked?
“I won’t be able to take you until the afternoon, it’s Saturday remember. The colors are turning and the tourist are coming in droves. Today’s the day when the dinner does the most business.” Edna told them. “Until then go outside, the horses need looking after and the cats are already wanting to go out.”
The two girls walked out to the yard and fed and watered the horses. As they did Dust Bunny and Agamemnon kept in close pursuit of the girls. After the chores were done the girls and the cats sat on the pouch waiting.
Suddenly Agamemnon took off running at a figure that was getting closer. It was a man, his left arm was in a sling and his left leg appeared quite stiff. The cat ran to him and jumped on to his shoulder. “Zachary!” Vicki yelled, and ran to him. Cindy followed.
“We thought you were almost dead,” Vicki scolded.
“Me? No bastard demon is killing this Avatar.”
“You really are the Avatar,” Vicki said wide-eyed?
“I must be considering the attack I survived, now let’s go someplace and sit.”
“The diner,” Cindy said.
The trio entered the diner, and sat down in the first booth. As they did Vicki noticed something sticking out the back of Zachary’s pants. Is that a bandage? She wondered.
“Zach, you’re back,” Edna said bringing him a cup of tea. “How do you feel?”
“Sore, but in one piece,” he commented.
“Would you like some breakfast, I’ll make you what every you want”
“Bacon and Eggs would be nice, if you don’t mind.”
“Not at all,” Edna left.
Vicki leaned over and felt his backside. She whispered to him, “Are you wearing a diaper?”
He whispered back, “Yes.”
“What are you too talking about?” Cindy asked.
“The sacral nerve arch damage I received in the fight,” Zachary stated.
“You mean like I was borne with?”
“Yes, like you were borne with. I am normal in every way except for bowel and bladder control.”
“So we’re all diaper babies,” Vicki shouted!
Cindy and Zachary quickly shushed her, thankfully the restaurant was empty save them and Cindy’s parents.
“Has any one been back to the house since the event,” Zachary asked the two ladies?
“The corner, the sheriff, and the state crime lab. Other than law enforcement, no one has been back to the house. My father has stayed at the Watch Station since.” Vicki explained.
“I don’t blame them for that,” Zachary said, “I lost over two pints of blood that night, and it would have been more if it was not the help of two messy baby girls.”
Zachary hugged the two ladies. After he was done eating they left, for Cindy’s Grandma’s shop.
“Hi, Aunt Susan,” Zachary said over the ringing of the door chimes.
“Well Zachary, you’re back so soon?” She watched as her bandaged and diapered great nephew entered. “You must be the chosen one, for I hear you did damage to the beast. Your cousin Dave dropped this off for safe keeping so I will return it to you.” She handed Zachary’s sword back to him.
“Cynthia, close up the shop and follow me to the back.”
Cindy turned over the closed sign and locked the door. The three then followed Cindy’s grandmother to her apartment in the back. “This you will need,” she handed Zachary a small package. “What’s in it?” He asked.
“Open it child.”
Within the package was a finger that had been severed off the beast during the attack. “It was adhering to the sword, then I placed some of the dust from the hag on and it fell off.”
Zachary smiled, “Where did you place the rest of my items, Aunt Susan.”
“They are in the box where I placed Steven’s, item upon his demise, the iron box marked with crosses and bathed in holly water.” Steven severed a finger from the hag before he was killed. Two nights ago it fell into dust. I knew then that you and you alone are the Avatar. Take these as well. She handed him two loaded chambers for the black power revolver. The bullet are silver and core filled with chrism, no evil beast would be able to make any major attack once injured with these."
She reached out and hugged the three, “Go with God children, and end this surge.
Now go!”
They left the house and headed to the manor. Zachary climbed the stairs, and gathered what of his magic items he had left behind. As he bent down to gather his things, he noticed Vicki, and Cindy checking their diapers. The two ladies stepped forward and checked his as well. “Before we do anything, all three of us messy babies should be changed,” Cindy announced. They walked down the hall to the nursery, there were still tape marks on the floor but most of the blood was now gone. “Zachary you go first.”
Zachary removed his pants and lay down on the changing table. The two removed his diaper and both started to clean him. “Well Cindy,” Vicki said, “do you think our new baby needs lotion, so he doesn’t get diaper rash.”
“Oh yes, I think that too.”
The two young girls lotion Zachary’s loins covering every spot paying close attention to his penis, until he came. “See it still works,” Vicki said while wiping him with a baby wipe.
Cindy said, “I’m next.” Cindy was a total mess but once she was clean Zachary placed a diaper under her. The she guided Zachary to fingering her to orgasm," Next he went down on Vicki.
Bathed in after glow diapered and satisfied, they finished gathering there, weapons, spell components pouches, knapsacks and a well stocked diaper bag they were gone. As they wandered back into town, the gauss meter that Zachary was carrying went off. Zachary drew his sword moved the gauss meter to determine, what was causing the problem. Behind him shining flashlights into the shadowing woods the two girls scanned for anything. Suddenly Zachary and Cindy saw what looked like a man with one arm, run towards the hanging tree. “Holly shit!” “The meter is going nuts,” Zachary yelled. The three followed the apparition but soon he was gone. “The meter’s dead, but we had one hell of a reading. 24 microgause, is a major event, considering that there are no power lines in this woods.”
Upon returning to town, they grabbed the horse Apocalypse, and Nightmare, who were quite happy to be getting, exercise, after being confined to the yard for two days. They took off heading for the hanging tree. It took them almost two hours to walk what it took only 15 minutes to ride, the horses handling the muddy gravel road much faster than their walking. They made it to the hanging tree around six that night, they horse tied out of the way for their safety, then set up camp.
Zachary removed his arthame drew a circle upon the ground filled it’s ridges with the metallic dust. On a stone he placed some of the dust form the hag and the beasts finger. He removed from his belt a small vile he placed the vile upon the stone and what looked like a rusty tar residue became liquid blood. He continued the incantation, the area around the ring began to glow and soon before them stood the injured mad man.
“Return to me my finger, so that I may plant it to become an arm.” The man before them howled in an eerie painful moan. “Please return it to me.”
“Who is thy master,” Zachary commanded?
“Meltoroth,” the zombie moaned.
“Why is he thy master, by what means?”
“I failed him in life so now I must serve him in death,” the creature approached the ring stopping short.
“Where does thy master stay?”
“I do not know,” he painfully groaned.
“LIAR!” Zachary picked up the finger and placed it over the fire. “Tell me where he lies or go forever without an arm.” Zachary now moved the finger close to the flame.
“In the cave in the hill, where the Sabbaths were held. They were to be kept secret, I can tell you no more, I fear my master wrath already upon me.” The creature began to cower in fear.
Zachary removed another vile, with in it was a clear liquid. He dipped the finger in it as began to smoke. “Est Nominae Padre, Santos, Spritus Sanctus.” Throwing the rest of the vile back to the zombie, there was a flash of white light and a moan of relief.
Before them now stood the spectral image of man. The specter spoke, “I thank you for my freedom mage.”
“Go with God,” Zachary said.
With that he vanished.
Cindy and Vicki saw Zachary slide to his knee and lay himself down. They rushed to his side.
Now sleep my children, it is time to rest. In the morning light we will talk of this.
The next morning Zachary was the first up, he had rekindled the fire and had tea waiting for the girls. Cindy awoke next, “Zachary do you want your cousin to change you or your girlfriend?”
“Well she is a girl and she is a friend, so I guess she is my girl friend, but I’m already changed and so are you.” Cindy felt her diaper and noticed that she was wearing a clean dry diaper.
“You’re no fun,” she said, “I wanted to do the diaper changes like we did yesterday. I know you enjoyed it and so did Vicki. How do your wounds feel?”
“Sore, but I think they are getting better.”
Vicki awoke last, as she did Cindy said “He’s being no fun, he changed us all while we slept.”
“Well there will be other changes,” Vicki said.
With that they all enjoyed a quick breakfast of tea and short bread scones. They all enjoyed the bluff side view over looking the house and the sea.
After a rest the remounted the horses and rode back into town. As they entered town they were flagged down by a state police officer. “Are you Zachary MacLeod?”
“Yes I am, Why?”
“We have a state forensic expert who would like to talk to you, the officer motioned for him to dismount.”
Before he dismounted Cindy and Vicki had ridden up side his horse. He handed them the reigns and told Vicki takes the horses back to Cindy’s, “I’ll meet up with you later.” Zachary dismounted grabbing his staff for support he followed the officer.
They went into the sheriff’s office. Zachary was asked to leave his staff at the door then frisked, and extremely painful procedure considering his many wounds on his arm, back, leg and left side. The officer that frisked him announced, “He’s Clean,” he was lead to the back room of the sheriff office. There a familiar face, Dr. James Jerden, a forensic anthropology colleague from the university, met him.
“Jim,” he asked, “What the hell is going on?”
“Well we just finished the preliminary analysis of the arm you severed, and quite frankly I am amazed.”
“Why? What so amazing about an arm?”
“It’s age and how well it preserved.” Dr. Jerden opened the freezer case and showed him the arm. It was complete save the one finger. “We had skin and tissue samples analyzed, and tested for age and make up. The thing is over two hundred fifty years old. Preliminary test shows that it was preserved in a peat bog. There has never been a find like this in New England or in Canada. The closest peat bog is in Pennsylvania? Now how did this arm get here? We also found tissue fragments from under the nails that are traceable to the skin and tissue cut out of your back, arm, leg and side. I can’t explain it. How was a mummified arm able to be used to attack someone causing the extensive injuries you suffered?”
“Houston, we have a problem,” Zachary said, His college smiled. “Did you get tissue samples from the leaden glass door frame?”
“Yes we did” said the corner, “they match perfectly with the arm but more than likely they came from other parts of the corpse.”
Sheriff Davis asked, “Zach, can you explain any of this?”
“Not without it sounding like something from the X-Files.”
“I understand,” the Sheriff said, “then I am afraid that I and the state police are going to make this incident top secret. It is not to be discussed with anyone who is not directly involved. All in favor?”
“Sure, let’s not make more trouble than this is worth,” Zachary commented as he leaned against the door jam for support.
“I agree as well,” said Jim and the corner almost at the same time.
“Then we will say nothing of this to anyone who is not directly involved. Zachary, I expect you’ll to tell the ladies and their parents to stay quiet as well.” Sheriff Davis looked directly at Zachary.
“That will not be a problem,” he whispered.
“Well then you’re free to go,” the Sheriff said having another officer help him out.
He took his staff and hobbled behind the restaurant where Cindy’s parent’s home was. The two ladies were waiting for him on the front porch; he horses tried to the hitching post.
“Ladies we need to talk,” Zachary started with, “so let’s go inside.” He walked past them and they followed him up the stair and opened the door for him. Gathering in the den Zachary then spoke.
“The Sheriff and the State Police have decide to make all these last days events Top Secret. That is they do not under any circumstances want us to discuss these last days events with anyone who is not directly involved. I have agreed to this and I hope you will too, because quite frankly if we did talk no one would believe us, or they would think we’re nuts anyway.”
There was a pause of silence the Vicki spoke, “we are to speak of this to no one? What about our families?”
“Cindy broke in, We can talk them. They are directly involved, right Zachary?”
“Yes you can talk to them.”
“So what’s next, Vicki asked? Where do we go from here?”
“To the caves of the Sabbaths, that’s if we can find it.”
“What’s a Sabbath,” asked Cindy?
“A Sabbath was a meeting of witches called by the devil himself. The most commonly believed time for witches’ Sabbath was on Halloween. But that’s just old folklore, I’m not to sure what that has to do with the caves.”
“What caves,” asked Cindy? “I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen any caves.”
“The caves have existed since prehistoric times the reason that you haven’t heard of them is not because their location has been kept secret. The main entrance was blasted shut, in the 17th century. That is when witches and savages used them, or they were believed to. The town’s people packed the front with gun powder and collapsed them.”
“So how are we going to get to them if the entrance has been closed for so long?”
“Well there is a way to get into them, but it’s not an easy task. It takes the right time of year and the right angle of the sun. On the autumnal equinox the is the only time the rear entrance comes into view.”
“Right now its September 19th in two days we will be able to enter the caves and hopefully destroy the demon. Until then there are a few things we will need. We’ll need some items from town, some from my place and some for the manor. Well start with town.”
The three made their way down to the hardware/sporting goods store; Buzz greeted them as they arrived.
“Buzz,” Zachary asked, “have you any new iron filings?”
“Sorry, Zach, unless you would like to make them,” Buzz commented.
“Well, then I’ll take these three files,” he placed three metal files on the counter.
“Will that be all Buzz asked?”
“Yes I think that will be all.”
“Then the cost is 22.45$.” He rang up the total and Zachary paid him.
“Zach if I may ask, why the iron filings anyway? What do you use them for?”
“I’d like to tell you but, it been declared a secret. Buzz, even if I did tell you, you wouldn’t understand.”
With that they left. “The next stop is the Church,” Zachary said.
“What are we going to get from the Church,” Cindy asked?
“A last confession,” Vicki said?
“I’m not to that point,” Zachary said to Vicki, “holy water is what we’re after. The priest knows me and he should be expecting us.”
The were met at the church door by Father Andrew, “Well Zachary you’re still alive. So the demon has not won.”
“Far from it,” Zachary said as they entered the old Anglican Church, “Father Andrew meet Cindy and Vicki, my two maiden fair.”
“So the prophecy is true,” the priest asked?
“We won’t know that it is true until after it done,” Zachary commented.
“What we need right now is to refill the supply of holy water.”
“The Cistern has not moved, please take as much as you need,” the priest said, “I will see you before you go.”
They filled twelve vials with holy water, as they prepared to leave; the priest handed Zachary an item wrapped with in a dark purple shroud. “If the prophecy is true, this should help you end it forever. Practice well mage, you three are the only hope.”
“Thank you father,” and Good bye.
The three left the church and headed back to the diner.
“What did the priest give you,” Cindy asked?
“I’ll show you at my place tonight, not until then.”
“Will we need it to succeed, is it some holy relic,” Vicki asked?
“Yes, it a holy relic, but success is possible with out it.”
The three returned to the diner around six that evening. Their parents met the two girls.
“How was you day,” Vicki’s father asked?
“Fine, why?”
“I was just wondering. You look a lot better today than you have over the past few days. Even you Zachary seem to be getting better.”
“Thank you,” Zachary said and continued eating.
“Okay kids what gives,” Edna said, “you’ve been going around town like you’re on some strange scavenger hunt. So tell me what’s going on?”
“The final show down between good and evil,” Cindy said.
“Okay and you three represent the good?”
“Yup,” Cindy said.
“Zachary, what have you been telling these impressionable little girls? So what strange thoughts have you been filling their heads with?”
“None more stranger than explaining the cause of what’s been happening to them over this last week. The Autumnal Equinox is coming, that marks the time of the battle. If things go the way they are prophesied the curse upon this town and our Clans will be gone forever. So please don’t implore us to explain any further, for it may sew the seeds of doubts, that could be fatal.”
With that they finished eating, afterward Zachary sent the girls out to ready the horses. Zachary sat down with the parents.
“I know not much of this makes sense, to any of you save David, but the final count down has begun and we cannot pull out. Legends often start with a grain of truth, and the grains of this legend have given fruit. I now know that I am the Avatar, your daughters are the maiden’s fairs. Their virginity intact only because of there diapered bottoms. We should all survive, but know that this is not a sure thing, one or all of use may not return, but we won’t know until the paths is walked and the game is over.”
“So with love in our heart I wish you adieu. I will try everything in my power to keep your daughters safe. Now we must go.”
Zachary walked out of the diner to the waiting horse. Taking both sets of reigns, he told the girls to say their good bye. A short time later they emerged, with teary eyes and they left.
At Zachary’s house they met in the kitchen, Zachary gave each of them a bar of iron and told them to make as many filings as they could. “That is what the magic circle is made of. I will mix it with the silver filings I already have made.” They worked long into the night all three shaving the iron bars down to scraps. Zachary changed them and then changed himself; finally he walked to the couch and fell asleep.

Curse of Burnt Cove Part 5

As two girls trying to remove his diapers they awakened Zachary. “Ladies, let us not play now we have one last day to prepare.” He got up and realized that he should have let the girls change him, as he was quite a mess. Laying back down he relented. The two ladies changed him, but did not bring him off. Getting up now in clean dry diapers he said, “come.”
He walked into the kitchen and had each grab a bag of the iron/silver filings. He led them out to the patio where they had seen the first summoning. He entered the ring and next on one side to the alter. He had the two ladies knee on the other side. He took out the dark purple shroud given him by the priest. He slowly unveil it, the object looked to them like a microphone, with spikes on the outside.
“This is a holy water sprinkler, it is said to have been used to dispel demons in it country of origin, in the hand of St. Michael, so it is said. It will now again be used but by the three of us. At dawn tomorrow the battle begins. He set the item on the stone, and began his chant; soon the glow had encased them. Finally he took each girl by the hand, from three we are to be one in battle, our strength will increase and I give you my powers as well.”
“Then you will each control a circle,” he set his arthame on the alter it glowed then grew into three separate blades. He gave a blade to each lady; “recite the inscription on the side to draw the ring, but remember you cannot leave the ring if you do death would be the best thing for you. If you are lucky.”
“Well now my maiden’s fair,” the glow faded, “we ride.” Gathering up their packs, diapers, swords, clean clothes, food and other needed items, the mounted the horses. “He-ya!” He cried.
They traveled about a mile further into the hill surrounding Zachary’s house. “I own all this, so don’t worry, we’re not trespassing.” They soon came to a large pile of rocks. “Whoa,” he shouted, pulling back hard on the reigns. “This was the entrance, destroyed by fools. We’ll leave the horses here, he dismounted and took up his pack.” He took the reigns of Nightmare, and let the two ladies dismount. “The sun is fading but we should have time to reach the back.” The three hiked into the woods, for what seemed like miles upon miles of uphill rocks and crevasses.
Just before dusk had completely over taken the sky they came to a large flat area of stones. “One of these is the entrance, the dawn’s light will reveal which one.” The three set up camp.
“Okay, Zachary how will we use the power we now share in battle,” Vicki asked?
“How will we able to subdue a creature not of this world, we’re just normal girls, right,” Cindy inquired?
“You are far from normal, you’re both virgins for one. Cindy you are of the blood of my kin. Vicki you represent the outside help, you have the most power over this beast, because you are not involved in the blood feud.”
“Your powers will flow naturally like your life’s breath, it will be instinctual. I will cast Cindy you will intensity, Victoria you will be the mediator. Together if we are strong of heart and conviction we will win.” Zachary lay down, “we’re changed and I know I am tired, so sleep, dawn comes early.”
Zachary awaken before the dawn, changed and rekindled the fire. He opened his pack and unrolled the robes he’d been holding for years. Placing them over his head, he wrapped the belt around, so it held without being tied. He draped the component pouches, and went to awaken the girls. Vicki awoke first; she had to admit she did not expect to see Zachary over her in black and silver robes, his head hidden in the depths of the cowl. “I’m sorry if I frightened you, it’s a cool fall morning, with a vile wind coming in, we may not see the sun, then all will be left in limbo until the spring.” Cindy awoke next.
“What an ominous looking sky she commented looking to the west. Do you think we will see the sun so we can find the entrance?”
“I’ll summon the wind,” Zachary said as he spread his arms and began a silent chant. He drew with right arm from the east and pointed it west, as he did a breeze started to build up around the trio. Soon the breeze had built in to a gale force howling. The clouds split and a shaft of sunlight struck and warmed the ground. The two girls watched as the area grew and they recognized a natural hinge in the rock. “There’s the door way,” Zachary spoke ladies push the stone. The two ladies pushed on one side of the stone and soon a passage opened. Zachary followed the two girls down, through the narrow dark stone passage.
The passage widened as the walked deeper and deeper in to the rocks. Soon they found themselves in a large vaulted chamber. The ceiling must have been at least twenty feet high; the rest of the chamber was round and over 70 feet in diameter. Zachary walked into the center. He picked up a stick from the dirt in the floor. The two girls got closer and noticed that this was not a stick but an ivory wand with silver caps over each end. “It’s probably left from some old Sabbath, it was used to draw the circle where the demon would arise. Judging by where it was found its user crossed the line of his own circle, and became demon bait.”
“Well ladies, let’s mark where the three rings will stand to the battle can begin at dusk.” Zachary walked out from what he believed was the original containment circle for the demon. From there he paced from the 12 o’clock, 8 o’clock, and 4 o’clock positioning. “Cindy you will take the eight o’clock, Vicki you get the 4 o’clock. The casting will be done counter clockwise.”
They spent most of the day preparing, and fasting, as Zachary said to purify the body and the soul. This actually help avoid messy diaper changes, but it was what specified in the three spell books and the mage’s own Gilmore. As the finished the preparation Zachary asked the ladies to come to him. “Ladies, now is the time for the calling, get undressed and put these on.” He handed each lady a white and gold robe. The robes like his had not seams, they were soft and seemed to be made of silk. He taught them how to tie the waist and where the items they would need would be hidden.
As the three finished, Zachary noticed a small stream of light signaling that setting sun. “To the circles children, the battle will soon begin.” Zachary took out his own wand and drew the containment rings and the junctures to the other rings.
Then each walked to their circle, “What ever you see of you do not leave the circle, with in it you are protected. Demons have the power to temp, but if you disbelieve them the illusion fades. Steel yourselves, for if we fail, there will be hell to face. In the literal sense.”
Zachary stood and spoke the first words, “ADAM, TE, DAGERAM, AMRTET, ALGAR, ALGASTNA.” He then drew his arthame and drew his ring the two ladies followed. Soon the three were encased in rings of magic, as they spread the metal filings the glow intensified.
“ASTE MENETOR AKALGI NETOR TENET, Est naminus et Deus, I summon thee, Meltoroth, bastard of Ashtaroth. SANGLI, TOBAR, VIRETORUM, TENAR BALTAZAR SUM.”
Soon flames shot forth from the earth, filling the central containment ring. Flames filled the juncture line then approached their circles but stopped short. A great stench began to pervade with in the chamber and soon with a sudden flash of eerier green light there stood the beast. It looked at the girls and then turned its attention to Zachary.
“So Mage,” the beast mocked him, “You dare to summon me?” “Does the fool so avidly seek death?” “I see you’ve trained the children, they will be of little help.” “Flee now and wait 'til our legions enter your world.”
“If you are that confident, that you will win, please try. Exit the ring of flames and enter mine or the maidens’ fair rings.”
Meltoroth stood upon its hind legs and began to laugh. The cavern reverberated with his voice, as he grew to reach the ceiling. “You cannot stop me!” The beast pointed a clawed hand toward Victoria, soon the vision of her mother appeared.
“NO!” She shouted, “you can’t be here you’re dead.” She closed her eyes and concentrated, soon the vision faded.
“So you were saying fool-roth, the children will be of little help? One has defeated your illusions. What’s next slight of hand?” Zachary mocked the demon, looking over at Vicki he smiled.
Next the breast turned his attention to Cynthia. A beam of eerie flame emanated from its other clawed hand and headed towards her, she began to say in a silent chant. The flames stopped short and circled around the chamber until the struck the ceiling dropping a stalagmite upon the beast.
All went silent, then in rage and anger the beast flung the stone at Zachary, he fell flat to the floor and the stone struck the wall behind him. This caused several stones to fall and strike Vicki. “NO,” Zachary shouted!
He leapt to his feet and began to say a long whispery chant the glow around his ring grew. Suddenly he loosed a wild blast energy that stuck the beast in the chest. The creature screamed in agony. Cindy joined in the fray, using the power Zachary had given her to strike. Out of the blue Vicki fired a shot from the black powder pistol. The anointed silver bullet struck the beast in the back.
It screamed in rage and agony. From it’s arm jetted a set of claws that struck both the girls pinning them to the floor. Next the Beast turned its attention on Zachary. “Now bastard you will die in a most unpleasant way.” Zachary reached around to his belt and grabbed the holy water sprinkler. Pushing a button in the handle four vials of holy water sprung out striking the beast. Zachary then shouted, “Est Nominae Deus, I cast you our in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!” He flung the now glowing Holy Water Sprinkler at the beast striking it in the forehead.
The beast roared as a pure white glow began to envelop it. Suddenly a shaft of blinding white split it in half as the beast exploded into a reeking pile of fetid flesh. Zachary fell to the floor exhausted.
The two girl watched from their magic circles as they suddenly felt the floor beneath them begin to shake. The quaking earth unpinned them from the ground. Soon the rumbling built and the floor beneath the beasts remains split and the earth itself swallowed them up. When all was silent, Zachary staggered to his feet, all three of them were soaked, messy and a bit battered and bloody, but none though they worse for wear considering their ordeal.
“Hello? Victoria, Cynthia, Zachary, is anyone down there?” A voice called. “Down here cried Vicki.”
Soon Commander Henderson, and the search and rescue group from the Coast Guard station, and the sheriff department, entered from the opposite passage. “We felt the earthquake and got concerned when the horses returned to town rider less,” William said.
Zachary walked over to where the demon had been and picked up the holy water sprinkler. “Well we were down here the whole time. May I ask how you go in through that entrance?”
“The earth quake opened it back up,” the commander added.
“Zachary, saved us all,” Vicki added, “the demon is banished forever. Right Zachary?”
“You’re right, now let us leave this moldy stinking cavern,” Zachary commented.
They followed the rescuers out of the cavern, where they were met by a large contingent of town’s people, who had come out to see the rescue. Zachary boarded the rescue vehicle with Vicki cuddling to his side, Cindy on the other. They were driven back to town. Susan MacBeth, Cindy’s grandmother, next met them. “The curse is over,” Zachary spoke, as he hugged his great aunt.
“Finally,” she whispered back.
The entire group headed to Cindy’s parent’s home. As Zachary tried to enter he suddenly collapsed, Vicki quickly ran to his aid. “Zachary,” she cradled him in her arms, “what’s wrong.”
Zachary reached over and raised his arm slightly. The side of his robe appeared darker and was covered with a warm sticky substance. “He’s bleeding” she shouted, “He’s bleeding,” as her white robe was being covered by the blood oozing for the torn stitches in his side.
“Medics, on the double,” Vicki’s father shouted. As two of his air-evac medics charged to his aid. Vicki rocked him; “you can’t leave me, not after this.” Her tears coursed down her cheeks. Cindy pulled her friend away and hugged her as Zachary was taken to an awaiting chopper. “It will be okay the curse is over,” Cindy told her.
Vicki’s father walk over to his daughter and her friend, the three stood and watched as the dolphin lifted off heading to Portland. After it had gone, her father spoke, “If you two girl get changed we can meet him in Portland.”
The two girls looked at him as if he spoke a different language. “Come on let’s get you two out those the robes, dirty diapers and into some normal clothes and we can be off.” The two wandered like zombie into Cindy’s bedroom and changed each other. Cindy let Vicki barrow some of her clothes; they were almost the same size, with Cindy being a bit smaller on top. After they changed, Cindy spoke. “He’s going to be all right? He’s the hero, and heroes are supposed to vanquished the evil and live happily ever after?”
“This isn’t a fairy tale Cindy, but I don’t think he’s gonna die either,” Vicki trailed off. “I just have a feeling.”
“Come on you two,” Vicki’s father shouted from down stairs.
“Hurry up ladies, we’ll be leaving in a minute,” Edna said, “so let’s go.”
The girls hurried down the stair and climbed into the back of Vicki’s father’s Land Rover, and they headed for Portland. It was an unusual trip, at least by the parent’s standards, the girls said very little, and spent most of their time looking out the windows.
Finally after an hours drive they were in Portland and headed to the University Hospital. There the two girls ran up to the information desk and asked what room Zachary MacLeod was in.
The women asked, “do you know when he was admitted?” She looked on the computer screen, “Wait, he was released about a week ago.”
“We know that but her was brought in again today,” Cindy said
“He should have just been brought in by a Coast Guard Chopper,” Vicki added
“Oh the earthquake victim, he’s in surgery. Are you family?”
Vicki said, “yes, he’s my fiancée.” He father gave her a questioning look.
Cindy smiled and said he’s “my cousin.”
“The Family waiting is on the third floor, room 325,” the clerk added. “Take that elevator to the third floor and follow the signs.”
When they entered the family waiting area Vicki asked the clerk about Zachary. “How long has he been in surgery?”
“Why are you family?”
“Not yet we’re only engaged,” Vicki answered.
“He’s been in surgery for about 20 minutes so far they need to close up several bleeders that were tore open. After that he is going to need several units of blood and plasma to make up for what he’s lost.”
“When will we be able to see him?”
“In about 2 hours, if you want you can wait in the waiting are or visit the cafeteria or gift shop to help the time pass.”
Vicki turned to Cindy “should we wait or go get something to eat?”
“Cindy smiled let’s check out the gift shop.”
“Dad is it all right for us to go find the gift shop,” Vicki asked?
“Sure, we’ll wait here for you,” Vicki’s father said.
“Thanks dad.”
The two headed off down the corridor to the elevator.
The two exited the elevator and set off down the hall for the gift ship. “Now let’s see what we can get our baby,” Vicki said? They wondered around the gift shop looking at the items. They choose rug rats get well balloon, and a stuffed teddy bear.
Next they went to the cafeteria and got some ice cream. They took their time in eating, but spoke very little, both being anxious enough with not knowing Zachary’s fate. The two wandered around for about and hour before they returned to the waiting area.
Upon seeing the girls return, Vicki’s father said. “Zachary is being moved to a room on the fourth floor, we can meet him up there.” Taking the elevator they found Zachary’s room with ease. Lying in the bed his eye closed, his diapers visible, and an IV started in each arm. The two approached with caution. Zachary eye’s opened and he said in a whispery voice. “Hello ladies.”
The two went to him, “How’s my baby” Vicki said?
“We got you some presents,” Cindy said showing him the balloon and giving him the teddy.
“So Zach when do they plan to release you,” Vicki’s dad asked?
“I don’t know, the doctor is still pretty mad that I completely undid her handy work in only one weeks time. Right now she has me on bed rest, so until her order’s change.”
“You’re stuck here,” Edna commented.
“Exactly,” Zachary said.
Vicki’s father then asked Zachary, “So when did you and Vicki become engaged?”
“I don’t know but I’m sure Vicki will explain later.”
“Hey,” Vicki’s said, “I have and idea. Do you think your doctor would release you into our care?”
“I would if you’d really feel you can handle him,” said an older woman who entered the room. She was wearing surgical scrubs and introduced herself “I’m Doctor Kelly Vasquez, if you feel that you can handle him with out him getting further injury I will release him to you in two days.”
Two days after being admitted he shakily walked out of the hospital into the caring hands of Vicki and Cindy. “Zachary, I’ll be seeing you in about 8 days, then I’ll reexamine your wounds and decide if it’s safe to take out you sutures.” The doctor turned to the girls and smiled saying; “Good luck.”
They brought Zachary home to Vicki’s place where they had expanded the lord’s bedroom into a nursery just for him. Vicki and Cindy had added bars to the side of the canopy bed making it a giant crib. The girls wasted no time in laying him down and dressing him in baby clothes they had worked to make for him. Zachary was far to exhaust to resist and quietly went along with the girls.
The first nights out of the hospital Zachary slept clean trough. That morning he was awoke by Vicki, removing his diapers. First she stated to clean him up once that was done she undid her own diapers and mounted him. The two continued having sex for almost half an hour until they were both spent. Cindy watched from the door as the two played. She entered just after Vicki replaced her diaper. Cindy re-cleaned and diapered him.
“So Zachary, how was your first night out of the hospital?”
“It sure was nice to sleep with out having someone poke or prod me ever couple hours.” Zachary commented to Cindy and Vicki as she re-entered the room.
The two now helped him into the kitchen so he could have breakfast. They fed him toddler style, allowing him to use a spoon and they made him wear a baby bib.
“This feels silly,” Zachary complained.
Vicki said, “We told the doctor that we would be taking total care of you for the next eight days.” “Then she will take the stitches out. She’s making a house call just for you.” “Since it looks like you’re done take this,” she gave him a pill for pain.
“Now if you would like you can join the rest of us babies in the den. There you can watch the TV and have your bottle.” Vicki helped him to his feet and removed the bib. Next she helped him to the den to join, Cindy and Vicki. The three sat on the fur rug near the fireplace drinking their bottle as they watched the morning cartoons.
As they watched TV Agamemnon and Dust Bunny spent their time in chasing each other around the den. “Zachary,” Vicki asked?
“What,” he replied?
“Last night while I slept, I had a strange dream.” “It was like I was looking at the world through Dust Bunny’s eyes.”
“Really,” Zachary sat up more on the couch and took the bottle out of his mouth.
“Yes, I could see the house as what Dust Bunny saw as he explored the house at night.”
“Maybe Dust Bunny is more than just a pet. He could be a familiar,” Zachary replied.
“What’s a familiar,” asked Cindy?
“A familiar is an animal, that is drawn to a witch, sorcerer, or mage. There is a psychic bond between them. As one sees and feels the animal and the person can see and feel.”
“So how can we tell if Dust Bunny is my familiar,” Vicki asked.
“Tomorrow night when the cats explore relax and let the images flow.” “In the morning you should have a better understanding of what and where the cats explore.” “We can look there to see if they were there the night before.”
“That sounds simple enough, but how will we know for sure,” Vicki pressed.
“We won’t, only you will know, right Zach,” Cindy asked?
“That’s right,” Zachary confirmed.
“Now babies our bottles are gone, my pants are squishy, I don’t know about you two. What are we going to do today,” Zachary asked the two girls?
“Well we could bring up some more of the boxes from down stair.” “They all need to be gone through, since we have not real idea what is in them.” Vicki then got up and said, “All in favor say eye.”
Zachary said, “Ear.”
Cindy said, “Nose.”
Vicki smiled and said, “Close enough.”
The two girls set off down the stair allowing Zachary and the cat to sit in the ball room and go through the boxed the brought up. The first two boxes were, quite battered, the card board water stained in several places. Slowly they opened the box fearing that it might fall into dust. Inside they found several old books, on anatomy, physiology, and medicine from the 1800. Each one has the same name inside Robert Stewart MacBeth, Major, Surgeon, and 5th Army of Maine. As they removed more and more books they came to a wooden box. The wood on the outside was badly damaged by water and age. On the front was a small lock, Vicki quickly opened it with one of the keys from the ring? Inside the box was a complete set of surgical instruments from the Civil War. All were remarkably very well preserved. In the bottom of the box was a piece of glass wrapped in a moth eaten wool cloak, inside smaller box. Cindy picked up the glass, “Why would some one go through all the trouble to save a piece of dirty glass?”
“Let me take a look at that glass,” Vicki said. She held the glass up to the light and looked at if carefully. As she did she began to see images in the glass itself.
“Zachary,” Vicki asked, “Your a historian, what am I looking at?”
Zachary carefully took the pane of glass from Vicki. “This is a photographic negative from the Civil War.” “Possible shot by Brady himself, in his travels.” Re-wrapping it he gently placed it aside.
As Vicki bent over to check that everything was out the box, Zachary felt her diapered bottom. “Oh, Oh, looks like baby still has the runs.” Vicki turned slapping his hand.
“Naughty Baby,” she said.
“Why am I naughty, you’re the one who should be changed.” “Unless you like having diaper rash,” Zachary teased.
Cindy walked over to Vicki instead of look down the back like she always did, she pulled open her diaper at the inside of the leg. Vicki’s mess began to ooze out of the diaper into the plastic pants. Cindy said in a very stern maternal fashion, “Vicki, you will march right into the laundry room and I will change you there.” Turning to Zachary, she felt the crotch of his diapers. “Your not any cleaner,” she scolded, “so off with you two.”
As the two girls headed toward the laundry room to the makeshift changing station, Zachary followed behind. When they stopped to enter, Zachary squashed the back of Cindy’s diapers causing her diaper to leak and her mess to go up her back and soil her T-shirt.
“My,” he said, “this mommy should be changed too.”
“I should spanking the both of you for not changing after breakfast,” Zachary scolded.
“Good,” Vicki said, “then we get to spank you too, for not telling us your messy as well.”
“You’ll go first,” Zachary said.
Each girl lay on the changing pad, and Zachary with the help of the other cleaned up and re-diapered the other. Next the ladies did Zachary. Before he could get up the two quickly had him turned over and began to spank him. It wasn’t hard, but more in play. Each gave him ten swats a piece on his diapered bottom.
Once they were done, each girl lay over his lap and he gave each girl twenty swats as well. The three giggled so much that by the time they left the room they were soaked again, and Vicki was heavily soiled from her diarrhea.
“Let’s go change again up stairs,” Vicki suggested with a mischievous grin. The two ladies helped Zachary up the stair to the crib. Vicki was the first changed, once she was cleaned up Cindy held her down as Zachary teased her breast and clit to orgasm. As she orgasm she pee and pooped all over the changing pad she was on. As she lay there exhausted she was cleaned and diapered. Cindy was the next to enjoy this new game, loving it as much as Vicki does. Since she hadn’t made a mess yet, the two laid Zachary down and began to play with him. As Vicki played with his penis, Zachary played with Cindy bring her to another orgasm. Afterwards Vicki cleaned Zachary with the baby wipes and put a clean diaper on him, and Cindy. Felling tired from their playtime they all took an afternoon nap in the big crib.
Vicki awoke first from their nap. She quickly awoke Zachary and Cindy; “We gotta go down stair.”
“Why,” said Cindy yawning? “What’s down there?”
“You’ll see in a minute.” “Zachary get up, you’ll wanna see this too.”
“Let’s change first, I do not think it’s a good idea to have diapers leaking all over the house.” Zachary got to his knees, “Okay, who’s first?”
Cindy lay down and said, “Me.”
Zachary quickly changed Cindy; it took a while longer to change Vicki with the way her stomach was acting. Both the girls changed Zachary last. That being done they quickly walked down the stair to the ballroom.
Vicki, then asked, “Cindy I want you to help me bring up a trunk, it’s not that big?”
Cindy agreed and soon the two found themselves in the basement carrying up a suitcase-sized chest. They set it down in the ballroom. Vicki directed everyone to look in the hole in the side. “So,” Cindy said, “it’s a hole.”
“The chest contains money, Dust Bunny showed me that, while he explored.”
“There’s only one way to settle this,” Zachary spoke, “open the damn chest.”
Using a key from one of the key chains Vicki quickly opened the chest. She pushed back the lid, and indeed there was money. The currency ranged from coins to bill some from the US, but most of it from foreign lands, all of it very old. “It must have taken who ever collected this years to a mass this pile of assorted wealth,” Zachary said.
“But who would go through all the trouble,” Cindy said.
“Possible a mad man who thought that he might be on the run?”
“Daniel?” Cindy questioned. “It almost makes sense in a bazaar sort of way.”
The rest of the day was uneventful they spent most of the day looking at the money and trying to determine from where it had come. Vicki again awoke everyone. “Zachary, wake up.”
“What?” he sleepily said.
“I’ve had another vision from Dust Bunny.”
“So go back to sleep we’ll check it out tomorrow.” Zachary turned over and again tried to sleep.

curse of burnt cove finally

Vicki awoke Cindy next, “Cindy, I gotta show you something.”
“What is it,” Cindy asked.
“I think the cats have found another room in the basement.”
“Another room,” Cindy replied now awake, “Let’s go.”
The two descended the stairs and soon crossed the basement. Moving aside several large boxed and other junk the soon found the outline of a door. Using a pry bar the two were able to quickly clear the debris away from the door. After that they tried every key on the key rings but to no avail.
“Let’s get Zachary, I’ll bet he can open it,” Vicki urged.
The two returned to the room and awoke Zachary. They guided the sleepy mage down the stairs to the newly discovered door.
“It’s locked,” Zachary said trying the door.
“We know that,” Cindy said, "can you open it?
“Yea, sure.”
From nowhere Zachary produced a thin metal strip. Quickly he maneuvered the strip into the lock and in no time it was opened. The three opened a door that led to a corridor. Using a flashlight the traveled to another door. Opening that one the now stood before a rather extensive wine cellar.
As they headed upstairs Vicki asked Zachary “If I became your apprentice would you teach me to do that?”
“Teach you what,” Zachary questioned?
“To pick locks and do the slight of hand tricks that you do,” Vicki stated?
“Those skill were never taught to me, by my master or anyone else,” he added, “I picked them up as I traveled.”
Zachary quickly ended that part of the conversation and headed back up the stairs. Vicki followed, “Zachary, will you teach me to be a mage like you?”
Zachary kept walking.
“Zachary, please, pretty please,” Vicki followed.
Finally Zachary turned around, “Why would you want to? You only know what you’ve seen, you have no idea how much danger there would before you, if you were to follow me.”
“You said I may have the gift for it, why will you not teach me,” Vicki continued to plead?
Zachary staggered past, Cindy and lay down on the bed Vicki followed him. Cindy looked at the two, “I know why,” she said frankly. Vicki sat up and looked at her, “Because he loves you.”
Zachary lay still on the bed. Vicki looked at him, then to Cindy. “I know he loves me but not in the same way he does you.” “I noticed it in the cave when we fought Meltoroth.” “The look in his eye was different when you fell than I.”
Cindy sat down between them. She placed her hands in Zachary’s, “Zachary I know you love me.” “As a brother would a sister, but not in the same way you care for Vicki.” Zachary sat up, “I know you haven’t said anything to Vicki because you fear you would hurt me.” “It’s okay I want to see you two together, it would hurt me more if you never told your feelings to each other.”
Cindy turned to Vicki, “Talk you too love birds, I’ll meet you downstairs.” “Besides, I just wouldn’t feel right me being with my cousin!” Cindy got up and left the two of them alone on the bed.
“Zachary is that true,” Vicki asked, “Do you really love me?”
“Yes I do, and I could not stand to loose you as an apprentice, friend, or lover.” “It would not be fair to you or your father. So please do not ask me for me to teach you until I feel you are ready.” “I don’t want to loose you.” Zachary moved forward and gently kissed Vicki. Vicki responded and pulled him closer to her as they quickly moved in to a more heated embrace.
Cindy grabbed the cats and headed down the stair as the two continued their romp in the sheets. “Dust Bunny, Agamemnon, when will I find somebody?” “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life.” “Then when I find someone they turn out to be my cousin.” “Well fuzz balls what should I do?” She set the cat’s down in the den. Dust Bunny began to clean himself. Agamemnon turned and looked at Cindy and started to walk in to the kitchen his tail held high and pointed as if he wanted her to follow him.
Cindy got up and followed the cat. Once in the kitchen he jumped up on the table where they had set up Zachary’s computer, and modem. He stood on one side and meowed, while pawing at the keyboard. “You want me to use the computer to find someone for me?” “Wait,” Cindy, said, “Why the hell am I standing in the kitchen not only talking to a cat, but ready to take his advice?” After this remark Agamemnon looked away as if she had hurt his feelings.
“I might as well give it a try,” she said as she turned the machine on. “Where do I look,” she asked the cat? Agamemnon jumped off the table and landed on her lap. Once there he pawed at her diapers. “I’m going to find some one in my diapers,” she quizzed the cat? Cindy clicked on Netscape, and entered the password, and the Yahoo home page came up. Moving the cursor to the search area she entered the words ‘ADULT & DIAPERS,’ next she clicked return. She stared at the screen as the search began. Of the first twenty addresses that came up on the screen most were for companies selling baby or adult diapers, paging down she found one organization that caught her fancy: the ‘Diaper Pail Friends.’
Clicking on this she was transported to the DPF home page, after reading the legal formality she entered the site. She smiled with happiness as she found the roster, and its massive listing of singles, which were into diapers or would not mind having a girl friend that had to be in diapers. She was so lost in though, that she did not hear Zachary and Vicki enter the room. She almost jumped through the roof when Vicki touched her shoulder.
“Are you okay,” Vicki asked her surprised friend.
“Sure I’m fine, you should see this organization I’ve just found.” “It’s full of single, and couples who are in diaper, or enjoy baby play,” Cindy enthusiastic continued.
“I know,” Zachary said, “I have it book marked, and I’m also a member.”
“Well why didn’t you tell me about this place,” Cindy admonished him.
“With all that’s happened here in the last week or so, I haven’t had time to even look at my computer,” Cindy interrupted before he could finish.
“That’s no excuse, you naughty baby,” she slapped his diapered rear.
“So have you found anybody,” Vicki asked?
“Not yet but I’m not sure screening them,” Cindy replied. “I don’t want to be stalked by some lunatic.”
“That a good idea,” Vicki commented. “What type of man are you looking for?”
Cindy looked at the screen as the answers to her search parameters came up, “I’m not sure if I want a daddy or just an another baby to play with.”
“Well what ever you choose,” Vicki said, “I just hope your happy as we are.”
“I hope so, but I don’t think that there’s anyone else in the world like my cousin,” Cindy commented. She printed a list of the 10 she was most interested in. Look at he friends she asked, “Do either one of you have a highlighter?”
“Sure,” Vicki said digging through the kitchen junk drawer. “Here it is,” she said handing it to her friend.
Cindy highlighted three of the people on the list. “They say they’re babies, and I’d like another baby to share with.”
She chose one, guy named Aeon, who live in Portland. “Well I can write to him or I can call him, what do you think,” she asked her friends.
“Write him,” her two friends agreed. “First get to know him on paper then you can arrange a meeting.”
“It’s sound like a good ideas, but what about Emailing him,” Cindy asked?
“I’d learn more about him on paper before I emailed him,” Zachary advised. “Get to know each other first before you make some big mistake.”

This morning started like every other morning, diaper changes, baths and breakfast. Zachary was stilling being cared for by the inseparable team of Victoria and Cynthia. Zachary and the girl were almost finished cleaning out the basement and were reading item for a rummage/antique sale starting on Friday. After lunch and the normal diaper chances the three go to talking. Cynthia was spending more time on line talking to a DPF member she had met out in California. “His name is Doug and he’s an architect.” She told her friends. “He lives in the Bay area, but unlike me he just wears diapers for fun mainly he’s a daddy.”
“So,” Vicki asked, “do you plan to meet him.”
Cindy looked at her friends; “Well actually we will all get to meet him this week end. You see he’s fly out from the coast this weekend.”
“Wow,” Vicki said, “Have told your parents?”
“No, but I guess I should.”
“And soon,” Zachary added.
“Well ladies let’s get a nap before the doctor comes,” Zachary headed off to bed. The two girls continued to play on the computer, until the doctor came. They led her upstairs to the sleeping Zachary.
“Zachary,” Vicki called. “Time to see the doctor.”
Zachary awoke, “Hi, doc.”
“Hi Zach, it’s time to remove you stitches.” Dr. Vasquez had him turn on to his left side and removed the remaining sutures. After a through examination she decided that he was healing well and could start to resume some of his normal actives as tolerated. She also stress that he was still healing and to take it easy until he was at 100%.

In the continuing week Zachary, Cynthia and Vickie spent more and more time together becoming best of friend and constant companions. This arrangement didn’t change until Cynthia left to college in Portland. Vickie opted to become Zachary’s personal assistant and studied history with a more hands on approached tutored by Zachary. But for all involved their paths would again cross and there would always be more mystery beyond the Curse of Burnt Cove.

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i loved the story. is there gonna be a continuation?

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The story is in the “completed story” section, so it’s a safe assumption there won’t be.

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well darn i wish ther would be