The Curiousity- Chapter 18

The Curiosity- Chapter 18
I hope everyone enjoys this chapter. It’s pretty long, so long that I though about splitting it up, and contains a lot of good action. I think it’s one of my better chapters, altough it could be too much. I hope whoever the other person that tried to continue this doesn’t mind that I took some of his ideas. Also, a couple of new characters are introduced here. Are there too many girls, or can you keep up with all of them, as they are all different?

The minivan pulled into the Best Western hotel at approximately 8:30 at night, with five very tired little girls waking up to the foul smell of Monica’s dirty diaper. Monica had woken up in the middle of her nap to do the deed, and barely even remembered doing it, so even to her it was somewhat of a suprise when she woke up.

“Ooh girls, we’re going to need an air freshener in here,” Mrs. Larson commented as she parked the car.

“Sorry, Mrs. Larson.” Monica replied.

“It’s okay, honey, what can i expect? We’ll get you all changed once we get upstairs. So Coryn, honey, how’d you do?”

“I think I’m still dry.”

“Yay! Well we’ll check to make sure when we get upstairs. Everybody grab your bag, and we’ll head in.” Mrs. Larson got out of the car and walked to the back and started to take the luggage out one by one, she stuffed the pack of diapers into the bag her daughters’ were sharing, and headed inside with the rest of the girls. Once they got inside, Mrs. Larson began the check-in process as the rest of the girls all headed over to the pool area to see what it was like. But there they saw inside two girls that looked familiar staring right back at them.

“Hey look guys,” Brittany said as she waved, “it’s C.C. and Emily, they must be staying here to.”

Collette Cooke and Emily Grant were both members of there soccer team, but although they were in the same grade as Brittany and Courtney, they did not attend the same school. Courtney, Brittany and Monica got along with both of them pretty well, though, and were among their favorite teammates.

Collete looked at Emily and pointed at the girls, and they both went outside the pool area to meet the others.

“Hey,” Colette exclaimed, “You guys are staying here too? Are you all together, cuz me and Em are in the same room.”

Collette, or C.C. as she was known as to her friends was a very outgoing girl, and enjoyed her feminine side more than the other three girls, although they got along very well. She was pretty tall, but very thin, with brown eyes and wavy brown hair. Emily, Collette’s best friend, was very short, shorter even than Courtney, with a feisty personality and very light blonde hair.

“Oh yeah,” Brittany responded, “My mom couldn’t come up for the ride because you heard what happened to my brother and he has one last appointment this weekend, so we’re all staying with Court’s mom.”

“Awesome,” Collette replied, “Court, you’re mom’s so nice! Em’s staying with us too. So maybe we should do something tonight, like hang out or something.”

Courtney thought that would be a fun idea, but soon remembered what she was wearing, and knew she would have to get out of it. The situation worsened when Emily spoke for the first time.

“Hey what’s that smell? Did someone fart or something, or is it this stinky hotel?” Emily’s father was very wealthy, and she was not too fond of staying in a cheap hotel like this.

Courtney knew Monica was too shy to speak up, so she defended her friend, who was the real source of the odor.

“Oh yeah, sorry. That dinner we had here is really getting to me. I’m not feeling too good right now so I don’t think we can hang out, but maybe tomorrow.”

“I’ll hang out with you guys,” responded Brittany, wanting to get away from her stinky friends.

By this time, Mrs. Larson had finished checking in, and came over to see the interaction going on between the girls. Brittany asked if she could stay with them, and Mrs. Larson said it would be fine if she was back by 10:00. Mrs. Larson squeezed into an elevator with all 7 girls, one that didn’t smell too good, and they headed up to the room. After Brittany dropped her stuff off in the room, she strolled away with the two others and Mrs. Larson was ready to continue her job.

Courtney and Monica slid off their pants to reveal diapers that were both in need of a change. Once the girls were changed into fresh diapers, they decided that it was pretty warm in the room, and just put a long t-shirt on, not completely covering their diapers. Once Alyssa had changed into her Pj’s, and Coryn had kept her dry pull-up on and changed into her PJ’s, the girls decided to go watch a movie they had brought in their room of the suite. Mrs. Larson was going to pull-out the couch and sleep on the sofa that was in one room in the suite, and all five girls were going to stay in the other room.

After watching about 30 minutes of the movie, Coryn started to get up and walk towards the door, saying that she had to use the bathroom. Before she could leave, Courtney spoke up.

“Come on 'Ryn. You’re wearing your bathroom. Just let it go into your pull-up, it’s better than missing the movie.”

“I dunno, Court, um I think I’ll just go to the bathroom.”

Monica, who had just finished wetting her diaper, spoke up, “Look at my diaper Coryn, I just went and I didn’t have too miss any of the movie, and it feels really good.”

Deep inside of Coryn’s mind, Coryn didn’t mind when she woke up with a wet pull-up, although she would rather not have to deal with the issue. The pressure she was getting from the older girls made her really tempted to just go, but she didn’t want Alyssa to think against it.

“Come on, 'Rynnie, just do it, none of us care, right Alyssa.” Courtney persuaded.

“Oh yeah right, go for it.” Alyssa said somewhat sarcastically, but moreso apathetically as she was really into the movie.

Coryn went back to sit on the bed, and about a minute after she got back she let go, just about overflowing her pull-up, with a small amount leaking onto the bed.

“Looks like you need real diapers!” Courtney said while chuckling, and rather than getting Mrs. Larson to change those who needed it, the girls continued to watch the movie.

In about another half-hour since Coryn wet her pull-up, Alyssa began to get up and use the bathroom. Courtney was on a mission to get her sister in a diaper, and wasn’t going to let her to the bathroom.

"Hey “Lis, where the heck are you goin’?”

“Um, to the bathroom. Where do you think?”

Courtney walked over to the drawer that the diapers were kept and pulled a fresh Huggie out. “No you’re not.” She then walked over to her sister and whispered something in her ear.

“Yeah, well I can tell all your friends that you’re wearing a diaper.” Alyssa responded angrily.

“If you want to take that risk…” Courtney responded.

“Okay, I’ll do it, but I need to do number two also, and I’m not doing that in a diaper, so you’re going to have to let me out of it.”

“Nope, you use the diaper to do both, sorry.” Courtney replied controllingly, as Alyssa reluctantly stripped down and lied down on the bed. Courtney proceeded to diaper her sister and once she was done, Alyssa began to pull her bottoms back up, when Courtney stopped her.

“Sorry sis, we need to see when you need a change.”

Alyssa sighed and took her pants back off. “I guess I sort of wanted to know what one of these felt like. It’s actually sort of comfy I guess.” Within 5 minutes Alyssa’s diaper contained was sagging with a yellow tint, and the stench of the other deed that was done began to spread throughout the room. Instead of Courtney changing her right away, they decided it would be better to wait a little while for their mother to come in.

Brittany arrived in the room about 15 minutes later, at approximately 10, when she was supposed to be back, and she saw Mrs. Larson on the pull out couch watching TV. She decided that it was probably time to go check on the others and get them ready for bed. Brittany followed her into the other room, and saw to both of their suprises all four preteen girls wearing protection. Upon further inspection it was seen that all four girls had also used their protection, and were in need of a pre bed time change.

“Oh, Coryn, it looks like you’re wet honey, and it leaked a little bit. Did you fall asleep during the movie.”

“No, Mrs. Larson,” Coryn replied, slightly embarrassed, “Um, I just didn’t want to miss any of the movie.”

“Okay, honey, do you mind wearing a diaper for bed just incase your pull-ups leak again. The hotel won’t like if you leave a wet stain in their sheets.”

Coryn nodded, and Mrs. Larson proceeded to talk to her younger daughter.

“And Alyssa, why are you wearing that? I thought you didn’t want to wear those at all?”

Courtney shot Alyssa a quick glare before she responded, “Um, I guess I wanted to know what it felt like cuz everyone else was wearing them, and I didn’t want to miss the movie.”

“Okay honey,” Mrs. Larson replied as she grabbed four more diapers from the pack.

“But mommy, I don’t need another one, I was just trying them out.” Alyssa insisted.

“Come on honey, look at you. You’re a mess. Anybody who is that messy does not get changed right back into panties, lay down.”

Mrs. Larson proceeded to change all four girls into diapers, as Brittany akwardly watched. After they were all changed, and all of the girls left their bottoms off, Mrs. Larson set up the air mattress Brittany was going to sleep on, and the four diapered girls split the two beds. Within a half-an-hour all five girls were sound asleep ready for another busy day tomorrow.

The Curiousity- Chapter 18

Very good chapter. I had to reread a couple of parts because it was a little hard to keep track of all the girls but I’ve got it all down now.

The Curiousity- Chapter 18

Okay, so, at the beginning, Mrs Larson would have been sitting in the smell for a little while: either she would have dealt with it or not, but would she make a surprised comment like that you have her make?

“So maybe we should do something tonight, like hang out or something.” I love this. It’s the kind of thing I still say, but it really doesn’t mean anything does it. Really it’s a tautology. lol.

“Look at my diaper Coryn, I just went and I didn’t have too miss any of the movie, and it feels really good.” - wrong ‘to/o’ you needed ‘to’

‘Deed that was done’ is a good phrase. I’m stealing it. And I want to know what Courtney whispered. I think you might have made that more of a struggle though, even just to the extent of ‘Alyssa’s eyes widened and her mouth began to open a little’ or something: heighten the drama: it’s a big decision being made.

“Come on honey, look at you. You’re a mess. Anybody who is that messy does not get changed right back into panties, lay down.” - is this action strictly in character?

It’s good how you’ve singled out Brittany as an outsider, but we’ll see where that goes. There’s the fairy tale diaper story option, or the reality, where the shit really hits the fan.

Also, towards the end, where you start to refer to diapers/pull-ups as ‘protection’ I feel the euphemism actually detracts a little from what you’re writing. You might even say ‘all dressed as toddlers’ or something.

It’s good to have you back though, carry on!

The Curiousity- Chapter 18

Love this story, is there anywhere where all the previous chapters are grouped nicely?

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I really like yor story

one question though, I noticed You posted a short chapter 18 on the old board an now a new chapter 18 here, is this new chapter to replace the old one?

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The Curiousity- Chapter 18

HE didn’t.

This part is by Soxfan, the original author. The other chapter 18 was by a guy who was continuing the story when he thought it was dead.

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Nemo, thanks for the info.