The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

Here it is finally. This is probably one of the last “light” chapters you guys will see in a while. I’m beginning to think of some more darker plots with the girls instead of just this everyone’s happy in their diapees type story. To make it realistic there has to be downsides to wearing diapers as a 10 year old girl. But for now, this will work.

The Curiosity of Girls- Part 2: Chapter 4

Monica woke up on the Saturday morning before Thanksgiving, wearing only a t-shirt and the now wet Pampers diaper she had worn to bed. Usually about 2-3 times a week Monica actually does wet the bed, like she had done the past night, but her mother thinks she still wets the bed every night, because whenever Monica wakes up dry, she promptly wets her diaper anyways. On this morning, though, Monica had actually wet the bed, and her diaper was starting to get cold and clammy. Knowing only her mother was home this weekend, she didn’t even bother putting anything over her diaper as she made her way downstairs. She looked around quickly for her mother, who was not in the kitchen reading the paper, or in the living room watching TV. Monica, then ran back upstairs, assuming her mother was still in bed, but she saw no one in bed and the covers undone. Confused, but not yet panicked, she checked the place where her mother rarely goes, their finished basement, to find that she was busy putting up decorations for the birthday party Monica was throwing there.

“Mommy, it’s my party, you really don’t need to help with the decorating!” Monica exclaimed, feeling bad that her mother was doing her work.
“Are you kidding, I don’t mind honey, it’s kind of fun! Wanna help?”
“Well, I would, but…” Monica said looking down at her diaper. Her mother’s motherly instincts immediately kicked in.
“Oh, well let’s get you changed and I’ll make breakfast and we can come down and decorate later.”

Monica and her mother headed upstairs to Monica’s room, where Monica layed down on the towel her mom had layed out for her to get changed on. Mrs. Schick headed to Monica’s top drawer, where she saw that there were only 2 Pampers Baby Dry size 6’s left in the package. She knew it didn’t matter though, because having no clue how many diapers would be needed for the party she had bought two jumbo packs of Pampers Cruisers size 7 from Sam’s Club, and also a package of huggies pull-ups for girls. Since 9 girls were coming to the house this afternoon for a sleepover, and she knew at least 4 of them were going to be in diapers the whole time, possibly more, she knew she had to stock up just in case. She would’ve needed to buy more for Monica anyways, so it really didn’t matter to her.

Mrs. Schick proceeded to take a diaper out of the bag and walk over to her daughter, who was on the floor in just a t-shirt and wet diaper. She untaped the diaper, wiped and powdered her daughter and taped the new diaper in place. Even though the diaper was slightly small, it still fit Monica well enough and with the size 7’s coming out Monica was confident that there would be baby diapers that would fit her for a while. Monica decided to put a pair of shorts on over her diaper, although they were pretty tight so you could definately tell what she was wearing, and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

It seemed like forever to Monica, but eventually it was 1:45, and after a few hours of setting up and decorating after breakfast, and a diaper change thrown in there, Monica knew her guests would be beginning to arrive for the 2:30 party, especially the ones she had told to come early. The doorbell first rang at about 1:50, and it was Hannah, who was standing there with a present for her friends and a bag of chips. Monica waved to Hannah’s mother in their minivan in her driveway, and brought her friend into the house.

“Oh, my mom wanted me to bring these.” Hannah said as she handed Monica the chips and her present.
“Cool, you can never have too much snack food!” Monica responded as she headed downstairs with the present and placed it on the table. Mrs. Schick who was down there still setting up noticed Hannah.
“Hi honey, how you doing?” she asked.
“I’m alright, Mrs. Schick, how about you?” Hannah was very mature for her age. (well atleast in one way)
“I’m fine honey, thanks for asking. Thanks for bringing the chips.” responded Monica’s mother as Monica handed her the bag. “So I can change you into a diaper now if you want, before everyone else gets here.”

Hannah excitedely agreed, and Mrs. Schick pulled out a towel in which Hannah layed down on, and Mrs. Schick opened the first jumbo pack of Pampers she had bought, and proceeded to change her daughter’s friend into a size 7. The diaper fit Hannah perfectly as she slid her panties off and pulled her soccer shorts back up, headed over to talk to her friend. Mrs. Schick asked Monica the condition of her diaper, which Monica told her was still dry, as it was, before heading upstairs.

“So who ended up saying they could come to this, and who’s wearing diapees?” Hannah asked her friend.

Monica proceeded to answer Hannah’s question. Obviously Courtney and Alyssa were coming, diapered as they usually were on weekends. Alyssa’s best friend Coryn was coming, and was going to have to wear at least a pull-up for the sleepover, and Monica was going to try to talk her younger and more vulnerable friend into wearing a diaper. Emily Grant and Collette Cooke were both supposed to be coming as well. Emily had been wearing pull-ups and diapers at night that she was borrowing from Monica and Courtney, due to a bedwetting problem that was only getting worse. She was obviously going to wear some sort of protection at night, but Monica and Courtney wanted her to wear a diaper for more than just sleep. Collette had known about the girls’ diaper wearing due to the soccer trip they went on together and had seemed curious about wearing a diaper there. Monica and Courtney thought this could be the perfect time to get her to try to wear one. Lastly two of Monica’s school friends, and teammates on her basketball team, Nicole Rivera and Julia Stapleton, were coming. Both girls had just heard about Monica’s use of diapers, and Monica didn’t know exactly how they were going to react. They were her friends, and both sounded nice about it on the phone, but who knew what would happen once they actually got there.

One girl that was notably missing from the attendance list was Courtney’s best friend since forever, and Monica’s good friend from soccer, Brittany O’Brien. The girls decided not to tell her about the party because she seemed uncomfortable every time they brought up diapers around her. She knew about the whole situation, and seemed nice about it, but her friends’ just didn’t seem to think she’d have a good time at the sleepover.

As soon as Monica was done explaining all of this to Hannah, who had already had an idea of who was coming anyways, the girls heard the doorbell ring. As quick as they could the girls ran to the front door where Monica’s mother was already busy answering it. It was Courtney and Alyssa, and their bother began talking with Monica’s mom as all four girls headed downstairs.

“Well, here’s their diaper bags. I packed about 5 extra diapers for each girl just incase, plus a pacifier and sippy cup for each girl, since I wasn’t sure exactly how this party was gonna be run.” Mrs. Larson explained to Mrs. Schick.
“Rebecca, Rebecca, calm down. I’m plenty prepared I have more than enough diapers to change the girls, you don’t need to give me those.”
“You sure, cause their my girls, you shouldn’t have to pay for their stuff.”
“I’m sure, Rebecca. They’ll probably not be the only ones in diapers tonight, so it’d be easier just to use one diaper source anyways. I actually went to Sam’s Club, so i have more than enough. Plus, whenever Monica goes over your house I don’t give you diapers, I owe you.”
“Well, if it’s easier for you. I just changed Alyssa before she came so she should be dry for a while unless she well you know what, but Courtney was dry when I went to check her so she might be wet pretty soon, I haven’t changed her since after breakfast.”
“I’m used to it, 'Bec, I’m fine with it all trust me, I’ve been doing it longer than you.”
“Well thanks so much for doing this, the girls were SO excited to come, they couldn’t even sleep last night.”
“Oh, I’m sure they’ll have fun, see you tomorrow.” Mrs. Schick replied as Mrs. Larson headed back to the car with the two diaper bags.

Meanwhile Courtney and Alyssa headed downstairs with Monica and Hannah ready to start the party, all four in diapers. Monica turned the television on, and the girls began to watch a show for about 15 minutes before they heard the doorbell ring again. Monica ran upstairs to greet her friend, Collette, who was at the door. She told her mother to send everybody else who shows up to go downstairs. Monica led Collette downstairs, whose eyes immediately spotted the changing mat and pack of diapers in the corner of the room, knowing she was in store for an interesting party.

Within the next 15 minutes after Collette arrived all of the other girls began to trickle in. Unlike the first four guests, none of the girls were diapered, but it was Monica’s goal to get them all to atleast think about joining in on the fun. Coryn and Emily came with a pull-up packed in thier bag anyways, so she knew if worst came to worst, they would be diapered up by bed time. A few of the girls, like Collette, Coryn, and even Monica’s friend Nicole were interested in seeing her diaper, so she pulled down her pants for a second when they asked. No one at the party seemed to mind that she was wearing them. Once everyone arrived, Mrs. Schick came down to explain a few things.

Once she got them all settled down she spoke, “Okay, so as I think Monica already told all of you guys, she and a few others here are wearing diapers right now.
I know none of you will give them a hard time about it, because you’re their friends. If any of you want to wear a diaper tonight like the birthday girl, I don’t mind changing you into one, just ask me or Monica. Other than that, you guys all have fun, be safe, and just be girls! Now, for those of you in diapers, do any of you need a change now before I go up.”

Courtney and Monica were both slightly wet, but in no need for a change, while Alyssa was still dry, but Hannah had given her diaper a pretty good soaking. She probably needed a change, but when the other three diapered girls shook their heads she got to embarrassed to say she was the only one who needed one. She let Mrs. Schick go upstairs without giving her a change. All nine girls then decided to just sit on the couches of Monica’s basement and talk about stuff…while snacking on the snacks Monica had put out as well.

The conversation started with with boys and television and basketball, but eventually Courtney spoke out about something else.

“Hey Monnie, when’s you’re mom gonna come back down, I need a change.” Courtney said in front of everyone. Being the oldest one there and also someone who had never had popularity issues, Courtney wasn’t worried if all these younger girls knew about her secret, especially since Collette and Emily, who were in her grade, already knew.
“I’ll go get her, I need one two,” Monica responded as she ran upstairs. Her diaper was completely bulging underneath her pants and was very visible. A couple of the girls chuckled.

“So do you guys like wear those all the time now?” Collette asked Courtney.
“Well, me and 'Lissy here wear them a lot at home, and I think Monnie does too.” Courtney responded, Nicole and Julia began to look confused.
“So, what does it actually like feel like to wear one? Are they comfy?” Nicole asked curiously.
“Of course! They’re really, really comfy, even when they’re wet. You guys should all try wearing them, there’s no shame we all are!” Courtney exclaimed.
“I dunno,” Collette chirped back in, “I kinda wanna know how it feels.”
“So do I,” responded Julia nervously.
“If they are I guess I will too,” said Emily who hadn’t ever worn a diaper during the day.
“I bet Monica’s mommy will change you guys into one if you want when she comes down,” Courtney told them right as she heard Monica and her mother barreling down the steps, “so what’ya guys think?”

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

I’ll looking forward to your darker plots because the story is getting a little bland. Also you might wanna fix where you switch tenses in the beginning.

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

Nice chapter. I think its a great idea to bring in some darker plots to the story. Keep up the good work!

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

imo this piece is getting a little old, although i do like it i am going to reserve judgement till i see a few more chapters

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

please more! all the good stories are dying.

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

It’s coming…and I agree a lot of good stories have been dying.

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

ok u said more is coming. when?

Re: The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

Hope i don’t get in trouble for bumping this up…but i hoped i could reintroduce this story so people can get reacquainted with the characters.

Maybe they’ll make another appearance on this board in the new future, who knows???

Re: The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

I’m alive, and have been reading the forums and commenting sporatically.

A sequel to this with many of the same characters is in VERY preliminary stages. Hopefully I’ll be able to get motivated and be able to get something out.

As much as many people liked the original story, I had a hard time being proud of it myself as I was young when I started writing it, which is why I stopped writing it.

I tried starting a couple of new stories with new characters but I just couldn’t get into it as well. Hopefully starting over with these characters will allow me to get writing again.

Re: The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

His heart’s beating like a hammer. (

Re: The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

Apologies for the necropost, but are you still planning to write a sequel? I’d enjoy it, as I think the characters are fairly good.

Re: The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 4

Big maybe…I’ve written a chapter or two, haven’t had time to get motivated to write more.

I don’t want to post anything until I think it’s serious, at least five or so chapters in. Thanks for responding.