The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 2

This is an absolutely terrible chapter, it really is pure repetition and leads nowhere. I had an awful case of writers block over the past few months. I have some better things in store for the future though, so try to enjoy this one.

Chapter 2

Brittany’s father picked Courtney up for the game a few minutes earlier than he had warned them, but the Courtney and her mother had expected that with Mr. O’Brien, especially since he was anxious for their first game of the season. Therefore, by the time Mr. Larson arrived at approximately 11:15 PM Courtney had already been changed out of her diaper, and into her basketball uniform, and was shooting hoops in their front driveway, much to her head coach’s delight. Her little sister, on the other hand, was still in a diaper, and when Courtney ran inside to quickly grab her bag and say goodbye, she saw Alyssa sitting in front of the television in just a t-shirt and a diaper. Usually, she would have wished that it was her in the diaper, but she was so excited for her hoop game, that she didn’t think much of it and grabbed her bag and water jug and headed towards the O’Brien’s SUV.

Courtney and Brittany tried to talk about “girl stuff” in the backseat, as their coach attempted to explain to them his strategy for today’s game. Neither girl was really paying attention to Mr. O’ Brien, but both responded with a mere “yes” everytime he told them something. Mr. O’ Brien knew they really weren’t paying attention, but it helped take away the stress that was building up before the first game of the season. Brittany knew that Courtney had a strange attraction to diapers, having spent a whole weekend with her in New York, in which Courtney wore diapers non stop, but Brittany didn’t know how much Courtney had been wearing them since. Both girls still hung out a lot, and whenever Brittany came over, Courtney would hide her diapers and just pretend that nothing was different. Even when Brittany slept over, Courtney didn’t wear a diaper to bed, she just didn’t want her best friend to feel uncomfortable.

About 15 minutes after Courtney got into the SUV, it pulled into the parking lot of the town’s 6-8 middle school that the basketball team played most of their home games. It was the school that Courtney and Brittany would both be attending next year, and were somewhat intimidated by it every time they saw it. The thought of going to school with eighth graders was scary, especially for Courtney. They got out of the car and headed towards the gym, where the 4th graders game was just getting underway. The girls gave Monica, who was on the floor playing, a quick wave, and made their way over to the bleachers, sitting down next to Hannah and Monica’s mother, as Mr. O’Brien checked around to make sure everything was going okay. At this point, Brittany was beginning to get really into the game that was to come, but Courtney, who would usually be even more intense than her friend, was intrigued by the conversation she had been having with Hannah.

“Wait, so you’re saying that since you’re moving, Monnie’s gonna throw a diaper party for her birthday and cuz you can’t wear diapers anymore. That’s awesome, me and Liss will definately come. Who else are you guys gonna invite?” Courtney new that Hannah shared diaper interests with her and Monica, not just becuase Monica talked about her all the time, but also because Hannah had been over Monica’s house once when Courtney had slept over. When Hannah told her that they were going to have a diaper party for Monica’s birthday, she became extremely excited.
“Well, we dunno exactly. The only other people that we know wear diapers like us are you two. Monica’s mom wants her to invite some of our other friends from school, like Julia Stapleton, see right there with the green headband, number 14.” Courtney nodded. “but she doesn’t know anything about the diapers, and we don’t know how other girls will handle it.”
“I don’t know. I kinda know Julia, she seems really nice. If Monica’s been friends with her since kindergarden, then she should be okay with it. And also, if you want more people you can always invite Emily Grant, or Collette Cooke. They know Monnie well and know about are diaper wearing and are really really nice about it. Emily’s even a bedwetter, and in New York Colette seemed like she wanted to try a diaper but never did. You can also ask Lissa’s friend Coryn, she’ll have fun.” Courtney responded.
“What about her?” Hannah asked, as she pointed to Brittany, who was focusing hard on the game, with her earbuds in her ears.
“Oh, Britt. Don’t invite her, she’s no fun with stuff like that.” Courtney responded as the halftime buzzer went off, and with that Brittany, tapped Courtney on the shoulder and told her that her dad wanted them to meet in the locker room. Courtney headed there with Brittany, still focused, not on the game, but on her friend’s party.

Mrs. Larson arrived at the game about ten minutes before the game was to start, and not seeing Mrs. O’Brien at the game yet, she decided to sit down next to Monica’s mother who was still watching the younger kids game. Alyssa followed right behind her and sat down next to her mother, who had begun talking to Monica’s mother. The two mother’s had become much closer friends, like their daughters, over the past couple of weeks mainly because both their daughter’s had an interest that many girls their age probably didn’t have. Therefore that topic came up in their conversation pretty quicky.

“So, Rebecca, are you still letting your girls wear diapers around the house? Cause I’m starting to worry with Monica, I thought it was just a phase,” Mrs. Schick asked.
“Yeah I am, and it seems like they’re wanting to wear them more and more now, I even let Alyssa wear one right now.” Mrs. Larson responded. Mrs. Schick was fairly suprised that the seven year old was wearing a diaper in public, but continued with the conversation.
“Oh, good. At least I’m not the only one doing it. I feel guilty sometimes but she seems so happy when she’s in diapers. It’s so strange.”
“Yeah, I know what you’re saying, I mean after their dad went away, the girls really haven’t seemed truly happy until this past couple weeks in diapers. And in a way, I kind of like treating them like they’re little. Brings back happier times, you know.”

“Yeah, I guess I kinda like diapering Monica too. She’s my youngest and I guess I want to kind of keep it that way.” Monica’s mother then proceeded to explain to Mrs. Larson about the party she was planning on having for Monica and Hannah in a few weeks. Mrs. Larson thought it would be a great idea, and told her that she was sure Alyssa and Courtney would be thrilled. They were going to talk over a date in the next couple weeks, and the party was going to be official.

The 4th grader’s game ended shortly thereafter and Mrs. Larson congratulated Monica on her first win, also telling her that Courtney and Alyssa were going to to extremely excited when they heard about her party. Alyssa got up and started talking with Monica, and after a few minutes of talking, right about when the tip-off of Courtney and Brittany’s game was about to occur, Alyssa asked if Monica and Hannah could stay and come over after the game. Hannah said that she couldn’t because she had to go home and pack, but Monica could and Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Schick both agreed it would be okay if they did that. In a few minutes Monica’s mother and Hannah were out the door, Mrs. Larson took a seat in the bleachers next to Brittany’s mom, and Monica and Alyssa isolated themselves on the top row.

Immediately once they sat down, Alyssa had something to tell her friend.

“Guess what?” Alyssa asked excitedly, “Look!”. Before Monica could even respond, Alyssa lifted up the front of her t-shirt, and quickly pulled up the elastic waistband from her pants revealing her baby diaper beneath her sweats.
“Wow! You’re really wearing one right now. I thought you’re mommy only let you wear them at home.”
“Yeah, but when she was changing me this morning I talked her into letting me wear another one to the game. It was actually easier than I thought, she said yes right away and now I’m in another diaper.”
“Wait, so aren’t you worry someone’s gonna see you wearing it.”
“No, not really, you couldn’t tell I’m wearing one right, and you’re the only person that knows I ever wear them.”
“No I really couldn’t tell. Maybe I should start wearing them out of the house more often. So, are you wet yet?”
“No, I’m still dry. But I think I’m gonna need to go soon, I just don’t wanna wet too much cuz I can’t leak, and I also don’t wanna get changed here.”
“Oh, I can’t wait till I go to your house and we all get to wear them together. That reminds me…” and Monica began going into the party that they were planning to have.
“Cool, I’m sure 'Rinnie will wanna come too cuz she wears pull-ups at night and sometimes diapers now when she comes over.”

The girls continued to talk about the party for the rest of the game, until the final buzzer went off, and within 15 minutes Courtney, Monica, and Alyssa (who’s Pampers diaper was now pretty wet) loaded up in the Larson’s minivan and headed back towards their house, three girls ready to get changed into dry diapers when they got there.

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 2

Still, you’ve finally set up the plot for Brittany to feel excluded, so some progress made.

The Curiosity of Girls- Winter 2007- Chapter 2

Having now read this chapter there’s a bit of discontinutity between this and the other 2 since the other 2 say the girls wouldn’t wear daipers to the game and in this one they were at the game and wearing daipers.
But still it’s a good chapter.

I can’t believe I didn’t find it at first without any help, lol.