The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

Chapter One:

Courtney Larson began to open her eyes on the first Saturday morning in November, and immediately looked at her clock that read 8:00. She reached her hand under the sheets, to feel that her Pampers diaper was pretty soaked, and remembered wetting it conciously in the middle of the night, so she didn’t find that a suprise. For the past few weeks, since a vacation during Columbus Day weekend revealed her desire to wear diapers, Courtney and her sister Alyssa had both been allowed, and even encouraged by their mother to wear diapers around the house and every night. Neither girl usually had real accidents during the night, and for the most part didn’t need their diapers, but both girls for some reason felt more comfortable wearing them and were happy with their mother being so accepting.

Alyssa wasn’t the only friend Courtney had in their affluent Massachusetts suburb that she knew had experience wearing diapers. One of Courtney’s best friends from her soccer team, Monica Schick wore diapers at night for bedwetting, and like Courtney, enjoyed wearing them and her mother let her wear them around the house. Courtney and Monica had been having a diaper sleepover at eachother’s house about once a weekend since they came back from their Columbus Day soccer tournament.

Alyssa’s best friend, Coryn, was a bedwetter as well and wore pull-ups for her night wetting. Coryn had worn diapers while she was with them on the trip, but hadn’t worn one since, except for her night pull-ups, and her mother didn’t even know about what went on in New York. She still spent a lot of her time at the Larson household, even when both Larson girls would be diapered.

Another of Courtney’s friends, Emily Grant, was also a bedwetter, while her parents didn’t even know. But since two of her good friends from the soccer team had such caring mothers who had found out about Emily’s problem, they were able to supply her with some of their daughter’s nighttime pull-ups and diapers for the problem, under the condition that Emily would eventually tell her mother if the problem continued. Her bedwetting hadn’t stopped and she was beginning to ponder telling her mother about the subject.

Courtney’s best friend, though, was Brittany O’Brien, who lived right down the street in their upscale neighborhood. Brittany had only thought about trying diapers a couple times, when she saw how happy they made her friends, but really didn’t seem into the whole thing. Out of courtesy, usually Courtney went without a diaper when Brittany came over, because she knew that it really wasn’t her thing. Another of Courtney’s friends, Collette Cooke, knew about Courtney and Monica’s diaper wearing from their trip, but had never worn a diaper herself. She did seem curious about the issue, and Courtney and Monica wanted to take advantage of that.

Courtney spent a few minutes laying in bed, thinking about what she was going to do this weekend, a weekend that was her first without a soccer game, but also her first weekend of basketball. It was going to be different for Courtney, changing sports, because not only would she have a somewhat different set of teammates, she was worried about how much she would be able to hang out with her new best friend Monica. Since, Monica was in 4th grade, while Courtney was in 5th, she was playing on a different basketball team than Courtney this winter, and while most of Monica’s games were right before Courtney’s, it was going to be different not being on the same team anymore.

Eventually, she knew it was time to get up, and without even bothering to put any pants on to cover her diaper, she headed downstairs to find her sister also in only a long pajama t-shirt and her apparantly wet diaper, at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. Mrs. Larson was right there as well to greet her older daughter, who tended to sleep a bit later than her youngest. She smiled at her daughter when she saw the diaper, and Courtney proceeded to make herself a bowl of Cheerios. While she was eating, her mother took her younger sister into the family room and changed her into a fresh diaper, and Alyssa went upstairs to get dressed. Right after she was done eating, Courtney put a load into her pamper, figuring she was going to need to get changed anyways.

“When’s my game today, mommy?” Courtney asked while her mother was wiping her down, very excited.

“Well, you’re game doesn’t start until 1:30, but the 4th graders play right before you guys at the middle school at 12:00, and since it’s their first game Mr. O’Brien kinda wants to check them out, so he’s picking you up at like 11:30.”

“Oh, okay. Well, then can I wear another diaper when I get done with my shower?” Courtney asked innocently.

“Sure honey, but you may only be in it for about 2 hours. Call me up when you’re done and I change you into one,” Mrs. Larson responded.

“Thanks so much, mommy,” Courtney said happily as she headed towards the shower. Mrs. Larson really hadn’t seen her daughter this genuinely happy since her separation from their father 5 years ago. She had always felt a sense of guilt, from breaking up with her abusive ex-husband, not only for her daughters who now didn’t really have a true father figure in the house, but also for her ex-husband, whose life seemed to basically fall apart after the separation. After the divorce, Mr. Larson barely came to visit his daughters anymore, even though he did have visiting rights, and it seemed he had turned to alcohol and drugs to curb his problem. While Mr. Larson wasn’t the greatest husband in the world, he definately wasn’t as bad as the jerk he had turned into, and Mrs. Larson felt guilty about contributing to his downfall. She wasn’t sure if she really should be letting her wear diapers at all, for no specific reason, but letting them wear them sure brought her back to a time when they were younger and everyone was happier.

Meanwhile, a couple of neighborhoods away, nine year old Monica Schick was just beginning to wake up from the pull-out couch in her basement, when the loudness of her blonde friend made sure she was up.

“Wake up, you crazy tinkler, you.” nine year old Hannah Shaffer shouted as she pulled the covers off of her brunette friend, “You’re soaked, girl, looks like you need a change,” Hannah said, laughing.

“Hey, it’s not like you’re dry either,” Monica responded, pointing at her friend’s wet Luvs diaper.

“I never said I wasn’t Mon, you know I love being soaked! So, you think we should call your mom down just yet? What time’s your game?”

“It’s at 12:00, but just at the middle school, so it’s close. We probably have to leave at like 11:15ish, depends, do you want a change.”

“Of course not! I wanna stay wet for now, your mom will be down soon anyways to check on us, and our diapees. So you want to put a show on or something,” Hannah asked.

Monica took the clicker and flipped to nickelodeon, where the Rugrats were on. Both girls agreed that while it may be a little childish, they both loved that show, and they figured since they were wearing diapers, no show was really too childish for them. The girls relaxed and watched the show for a little while, talking about life and their fun night before, when the topic that both girls had been avoiding finally came up.

“Oh my god, I know. That one was so messy last night, I felt bad for your mom, that she had to change me, but I guess she’s used to it having to change your stinkers all the time,” both girls laughed and Hannah continued, “Ohh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I move next month. I’m going to have no access to diapers, I won’t even be able to swipe my cousin’s anymore.”

Hannah was moving after thanksgiving weekend, to Southern Connecticut, since her dad’s job had been relocated. This was the main reason Monica had been so relieved to find that Courtney and Alyssa enjoyed wearing diapers as well, but was still upset her friend was moving. Hannah, on the other hand, was devastated. She was not only leaving all of her friends behind, she was leaving another thing that had been a major part of her life before, diapers. She didn’t know what she was going to do without access to them.

“Well, if you really want to wear them still, just tell your mom. I’m sure she’ll understand.” Monica suggested.

“I dunno, what she’ll think, Mon. I know she’s really nice and everything, but know she’ll think it’s kind of wierd. She might get mad at your mommy for letting me wear them at your house, and then we’ll never get to see eachother. I dunno, Mon, I think I just may give it up when I get down there. At least, I’ll probably get to come up and see you every once in a while, I’m not that far.” Hannah responded.

“Well, if you’re going to stop wearing them when you move, you’re gonna have to make the most of you’re rest of you’re time here. Hey, I tell you what. Y’know how my birthday’s the weekend before you move, when I turn 10. How bout I talk my mom into letting me have an all night slumber party. I can invite Courtney and Alyssa, and maybe some other people. We’ll wear diapers all night and have an absolute blast.” Monica suggested, she knew her mother would be fine with the idea as she had already thrown around the idea for a slumber party.

“Oh my God, are you serious! That would be awesome for my last weekend here,” Hannah exclaimed as she hugged her friend, “You sure you’re mom would be okay with it.”

“I think so,” Monica replied, and both girls began planning for the best party of their young lives. After talking about their future party for about 15 minutes, Monica’s mother finally came downstairs to check on the girls, and their diapers. After noticing both of them were very wet, she layed both girls, starting with Monica, down and changed them both into one of the fresh size 6 pampers baby dry that she had brought down. While she was getting changed, Monica brought up the party that the girls had been talking about to her mother.

“Well, honey, I guess that would be a good thing for Hannah. But, what will your other friends think when they’re not invited to your party for the first time ever? I really think you should invite Julia and Nicole, you’ve been good friends with them forever.” Mrs. Schick responded to the proposition.

Monica hadn’t even thought of that. Hannah wasn’t her only close friend in the 4th grade. She had plenty others, including a few that she had been best friends with forever.
They just didn’t know about her diapers. “Well, I really want to wear diapers the whole night, for Hannah.” Monica responded.

“Well, we’ll talk about it. I’m sure your other friends won’t mind if you guys are in diapers. You’ll just have to tell them beforehand.”

“Okay, mommy, but we can have the party, right!”

“Sure, honey.”

Monica and Hannah’s faces both beamed with joy. They were sure this was going to be the best night of their young lives, as long as Monica’s other friends were okay with it.

Mrs. Schick finished changing Hannah into a fresh diaper, and the girls began talking about their party for about another hour and a half, before Monica had to start getting ready for basketball. Hannah wasn’t on the basketball team, due to the fact that she was moving in less than a month. Mrs. Schick came down at about 11:00, and checked both girls, seeing that they were both messy and slightly damp. She first changed her own daughter, making sure to thoroughly wipe her down before giving Monica her basketball uniform to change into. Knowing Hannah was only going to be in the stands for the game, Mrs. Schick offered her another diaper, to which Hannah reluctantly declined. Not fighting her over it, Mrs. Schick promptly changed her diaper, and gave her a pair of panties and fresh clothes to change into. Within a half an hour, Monica’s mom’s SUV was filled with two 9 year olds, and headed off to the town’s middle school for the basketball game.

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The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

A new (or side) story from one of my fav authors on the site!
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The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

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The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

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The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

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The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

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The Curiosity of Girls: Winter 2007- Chapter 1

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