The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

The Curiosity- Chapter 5

Courtney and Alyssa were fairly suprised at how easy it was to convince all the non diaper wearers to wear one for the party, but by the time Monica and her mother got down the stairs all the girls agreed to wear one. Courtney promised that if after they wet the diaper once and didn’t like it Monica’s mommy would take it off for the rest of the night. The curiosity of all the girls got to them and peer pressure somewhat set in and eventually Courtney was able to get all of them to wear one. Monica would be in for a suprise when she got down.

“Courtney, Alyssa, Hannah, I’m going to change Monica now if any of you three need a change.” Monica’s mother offered as she took Monica over to the corner of the room to get changed.

“I need one, Mrs. Schick,” Courtney replied, “and well, I think everyone else here wants to try to wear a diaper if that’s okay with you.”

“Are you girls sure,” Mrs. Schick replied, “because the rule in this house is to not waste diapers, so I won’t let you take off your diaper unless it’s used, you girls understand.” Most of the other girls thought about it for a second, and didn’t say anything, until Collette, one of the loudmouths of the group spoke up.

“That’s okay Mrs. Schick, it’s Monnie’s party and we’re all willing to go along with it.” The other girls began to reluctantly nod their heads, and they headed over to the changing station in the corner of the room to watch. Monica’s mother then proceeded to take a handful of the Pampers out of the bag, and change her daughter into a fresh one. After she was changed Monica decided not to put her shorts back up over her diaper, and headed back to the couches to watch tv. Courtney got changed, next, followed by Hannah, who both also stayed without pants. Mrs. Schick asked Alyssa if she needed a change, in which she said no, and then, to the persuasion of her sister and friends stripped down into just her visibly dry diaper and t-shirt. The rest of the girls stood their in awe, some excited, some not as much, as they saw their friends getting their diapers changed like little babys.

“Okay, who wants to go first? I have pull-ups here too, if any of you want one of those, instead.” said Mrs. Schick.

Collette volunteered to go first and decided to get changed into a diaper. Then Emily went next and got changed into a diaper too, figuring that she was going to wet the bed and didn’t want to take a risk with the at times leaky pull-ups. Julia went next, and decided to wear a diaper too, right as Mrs. Schick was beginning to close the tabs on Julia’s diaper, she heard the obnoxious little girls in the other side of the room.

“Aww, gross Alyssa. Eww are you really doing that?” she heard Collette shreik, as Courtney and Monica were cracking up.

“MOMMY!!! Alyssa pooped!” shouted Monica, while laughing, and holding her nose.

Mrs. Schick was a little annoyed with her daughter’s immaturity, “Honey, be nice, you do it all the time too!” All of the girls started to chuckle as Monica slightly blushed, “Come here Alyssa, I’ll change you when I’m done with Julia.”

Mrs. Schick finished diapering Julia, and let her go with the other diapered girls, and Alyssa got to cut in front of Nicole and Coryn in line because she was in much more need of a change. It took about 5 minutes to completely clean up Alyssa, who was very messy, but eventually she was all cleaned up and changed into a fresh diaper. Then Mrs. Schick motioned to the other two girls, who seemed to be the most tentative to lie down to get changed. When neither did, she spoke up.

“You guys don’t need to wear one if you don’t want to. But I don’t think anyone will be teasing you, so you don’t need to worry about that.” They both remained silent, until they heard Monica scream out, “What’s takin’ you guys so long!!!” Nicole remained tentative, but eventually stepped up, “okay, I’ll try to wear one.” She layed down reluctantly as Mrs. Schick proceeded to put a Pamper on her. Nicole felt very uncomfortable being naked infront of so many other people, but went through with it and after a few seconds was diapered. She was somewhat suprised at the comfort and security the diaper gave her but still was uncomfortable and wanted to pull her shorts back over it. But, realizing that she would be the only one not just in a diaper, she decided to stay the was she was and walked over to her friends. Finally, Coryn, realizing that eventually she was going to need protection, and it didn’t really make much difference whether it was the goodnite in her backpack, or the Pamper that Mrs. Schick had in her hand, let her friend’s mother diaper her. After a stressful 20 minutes for Monica’s mother, all the girls at the party were wearing just a t-shirt and a diaper, many of them for the first time.

After that, the girls decided to go outside in the backyard and play some pickup soccer. The girls all put their pants back on over their diapers, and most threw a sweatshirt on and they headed outside. The girls split up teams fairly, and played soccer for about a half an hour, before making their way to the driveway to shoot some hoops for another half-an-hour. It was about 5 o’clock by the time the girls decided to come back inside and start getting ready for dinner. Following Courtney and Monica’s lead, the girls headed back downstairs and stripped back down to just a t-shirts, and diapers. Somewhat to Courtney’s disappointment, she noticed that the only other girl who had seemed to wet her diaper was her own sister, who was pretty soaked. She figured that’s what Alyssa must have been doing when she asked for a break during the basketball game. Monica interrupted Courtney’s thought.

“Sooooooo, let’s see who’s wet???” She asked curiously, almost assuming someone had wet their diaper, “Ooo, Alyssa definately is, but what about everyone else.” Alyssa blushed a little, while nodding her head, as everyone else remained silent, until Collette spoke up.

“I kinda gotta go,” she said, and within a few minutes Monica and Courtney could see her diaper swelling up. Julia had also decided to wet her diaper for the first time, and Courtney still managed to steal the show by squatting down, and giving her diaper a full load. Immediately, the basement began to stink up, and the girls unanimously agreed that some changes were in need. Courtney volunteered to go get Mrs. Schick, upstairs, and with a huge load in her seat headed up the stairs to find someone to change her.

“Okay, guys, how does it feel to be wet?” Monica asked?

Collette kind of jumped up and back down on the couch she was sitting on and felt a hand to the front of her diaper before responding, “It’s pretty nice, and I really don’t like having to get up to go to the bathroom! I love how squishy it is.”

Julia agreed, and by the the time Courtney came back down with Mrs. Schick, Emily had wet her diaper as well, the first time she had wet her diaper during the day. Mrs. Schick changed Courtney first, which took a little longer, and then began with Alyssa. While she was changing Colette into a new diaper, they could hear the doorbell from upstairs, which was the pizza delivery guy.

“Monica, do you mind paying the pizza guy, my wallet is on the kitchen table.” Mrs. Schick asked her daughter. Without any complaint, Monica and Courtney bolted up the stairs, not even bothering to put pants on, and answered the pizza man at the door. The delivery man, an italian guy who looked to be about 40, seemed kind of confused and uncomfortable seeing the two 10 year old girls in diapers answer the door, but didn’t say anything about it when the girls gave her the money. They brought the pizzas downstairs right as Mrs. Schick was finishing taping the last tab onto Emily’s fresh diaper.

The girls ate their pizza, and eventually cake, before deciding to play Monica’s wii (her birthday present) for a couple of hours. By 11 o’clock, all nine girls had voluntarily wet their diaper at least once, with Monica, Hannah, and Emily all pooping their diaper once. Every girl except for Nicole, one of Monica’s friends from school, said they liked the diapers, and wanted to be changed into a fresh one for bed. Nicole had wet her diaper a little bit, and seemed really uncomfortable about it, so Mrs. Schick offered her panties back while she was changing her. After the change Nicole didn’t seem to mind her friends wearing diapers, she just didn’t want to wear one herself. By midnight the girls were all in their sleeping spots, and after a long day, they were all asleep by 1 o’clock.

The alarm that the girls had set went off at 8 o’clock the next morning, at which point all of the girls that weren’t already laying awake, woke up. Coryn and Emily woke up to soggy diapers, as usual, but Monica woke up dry. That didn’t last long though, as withing a few minutes of her waking up her diaper became soaked. Alyssa, on the other hand, was suprised to find that her diaper was already wet when she woke up. The front of her diaper fet kind of clammy, but she hadn’t remembered being wet before she went to sleep. Figuring that she conciously did wet it in the middle of the night, she let the subject go, and proceeded to fill the diaper to it’s capacity with the urine in her bladder. By the time Mrs. Schick came down to check on the girls at 10 o’clock, all 8 girls in diapers were very wet, and for the first time the last eight years Collette pooped in her pants. Both Larson sister’s had pooped as well, so Mrs. Schick had a big task ahead of her changing eight diapers, including three poopy ones, and getting six girls ready for their noon time basketball game, before having to leave at 11. It only happened to be that the girls she was changing diapers of were also the ones going to the basketball game. Obviously she dealt with Collette, Courtney and Alyssa first, in which she changed the two older girls back into panties for their game, and Alyssa into a fresh diaper as she requested. She then changed Emily, Julia, and Monica, all of whom were wet and needed to get ready for their basketball game. All of the diapered girls thanked her for changing them the whole night, and Mrs. Schick said it was no problem and told them that she would do it anytime they came over. Finally she changed Coryn out of her wet diaper into panties, and Hannah, who to her suprise, wanted another diaper even though she was going to be going home in only a couple of minutes.

“It’s my last chance, Mrs. Schick,” Hannah told her friend’s mother, “I’m going to tell my mother.”
“Good for you honey, I’m sure she’ll understand, she’s a good lady.” Mrs. Schick responded.
“I doubt it, you know I was potty trained at 20 months. Don’t worry I won’t say it was your fault, it was all my idea.”
“Thanks, honey, good luck!”

By 11, which was her goal, Mrs. Schick had piled six of the girls into her minivan, as Julia’s mom, who had volunteered to drive the rest, took Nicole, Julia, and Monica. The first stop in Mrs. Schick’s route was right around the corner at Hannah’s house. Nervously Hannah once again thanked her friend’s mother, who she was only going to see about 1-2 more times, and walked up to the front porch of her house. She opened the door, and saw her mother there to greet her, who then waved at her friend Mrs. Schick, as her minivan drove off.

“Mommy, I have to tell, and show you something, can we do it in private…” Hannah asked.
“Sure honey, what it it?” her mother responded as they walked to Hannah’s room.

Without any thought, Hannah pulled her shorts down revealing her Pampers diaper. She knew she had a lot of explaining to do.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

nice chappy my good man. its good to see this back, i know how hard it is to keep going. looking forward to the next chapter. although i think there were a few minor mistakes. i think you refered to mrs schick as mrs larson at one time in the chapter

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

um…… did this die?

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Looks like it.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

:’( soxfan08 please continue it. What happened? This is a great story.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

I’ve been really, really busy this fall! I’ll try to continue it ASAP but no promises.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Take your time and don’t rush, that will only kill off your ideals of the story and it wont read as well. I really enjoy your stories that you have written and I cant wait to read more.


The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

this is great i not sure why any one wouldnt like so many of them in diapers i mean we all like diapers if we all had asleep over we would be weting and messing all night in an internet full of storys of people who dont enjoy their diapering im glad this story can shine as one were ab/dl people can stand and say hey i love wearing diapers and useing them

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

I think it’s because some people like things to be couched in the… real world.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

well whats the point of that

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Alternately, because reading line after line of “she wet her diaper, then she wet her diaper, then her diaper was wet, then she soaked her diaper, then her diaper was soaked, then she wet her diaper, and later she peed in her diaper, after which her diaper was wet, and later she wet her diaper, and then…” gets boring after, oh, say, the second paragraph.

Also, I read every instance of “Mrs. Schick” as “Mrs. Schlick”. I think there’s something deeply wrong with me.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5


I like.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

I wonder if the story will take a turn of the mom giving the diapers a try?

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

well you dont have to write she wet for 2 paragraphs you can wright how she is amazed about how much she acttualy liked them geting to know other people that do geting them past their parents or my personal fav with TB storys the romance between her and the one who introduced her to diapers and/or her caretaker and thats just for DL there is tons more things you can do with AB im just saying i like this one cause ive searched high and low to find storys were the diapered person/people actually end up loving diapers and this one is a rare gem you dont know (or maybe you do) how hard storys like that are to find

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Hi all. I just wanted to give you all an update on what I’ve been up to. One of the reasons that I haven’t written for this story for a while is because I haven’t really had any time. Between school and work and other activities I’m rarely home and when I am I usually would rather be doing something else. But I think the main reason I haven’t been rlwriting is that I have started to realize how dumb this story really is and I’ve lost passion in it. I know a lot of other writers in this genre have gone through the same thing with their first story. I feel that this story has no plot or point and is just a generic object of my fantasies. Therefore this story will officially be discontinued at least for the time being. I have some other ideas in my head for a new story that will be more realistic an feature characters with real life personalities and issues. I’m very excited for this but it may be a while before anything comes up because I want to actually have a plan coming in unlike I did with this one. I feel that this forum except for babybitts stories has been lacking of late and want to help change that. Any questions feel free to pm me. Thanks

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Good plan.

Hope it works out.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

The story was getting incredibly boring and monotonous anyway.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

I feel it may have had some good points, but the plot progessed slowly, and what was delaying it was descriptive, repetitive events(peeing, pooping), as opposed to something interesting, like detail or a sideplot.

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Many stories wrap up the younger years and then do a “time jump” and pick up into the adulthood of the character. Sound like an idea?

The Curiosity of Girls Part II: Chapter 5

Or maybe it could jump forward, say, five years…