The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

While I was writing this it seemed like a good spot to kind of split up the story into parts. So don’t be scared by the end of part 1 part at the end, I’ll be starting part II very soon, this just seemed like a good point for some wrapup.

The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

Brittany O’Brien began to open her eyes in the hotel room at about 5:30 AM. She had had a hard time sleeping all weekend not only because she was on a very unconfortable air mattress on the floor, but also because she had a lot on her mind all weekend. She thought this weekend was supposed to be about soccer, and instead it had turned into all about diapers. It was so awkward for her to see all her friends hanging out in just a t-shirt and the same Pamper that her little 2-year old brother could have been wearing. Although she had began to accept it, she had been feeling sort of left out all weekend especially when she found out Emily had a wetting problem as well, and that Collette didn’t seem to care at all. She felt like she was the only one that actually thought it was strange that her preteen friends were all wearing diapers.

Meanwhile, three doors down the hall, young Emily Grant woke up at the same time. She immediately remembered that she was actually wearing a girl pull-up instead of one of her brother’s, and checked to see if she was wet. While she was fairly disappointed that she was pretty soaked (for the second night in a row) she was relieved that it was a pull-up that was wet instead of the sheets, especially since this time it was a somewhat cute pull-up with princesses on the front. She still didn’t get why her friends wanted to wet their pants all the time, but she was beginning to accept the fact that she was a bedwetter. Now if only her parents knew….

Deciding not to wake anyone up to go change, she just layed in bed for another half-an-hour until Collette began opening her eyes in the bed next to her. After taking a second to realize where she was, she remembered her friend’s situation, and asked her a question.

“So, Em, are you… you know, um, well…, wet?”

Emily, embarrassed to answer responded, “well, um maybe, i guess i did. You won’t tell anyone, right.”

“Of course I won’t Em, that’s what friends are for, right. I just sort of wanted to know, how does it feel? You know, to be in a wet diaper?”

“Hey, it’s not a diaper. And I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t feel to bad, it’s kind of warm and squishy and I feel like really safe for some reason. I don’t know, though, why Court and Monica and all them are wearing em all the time. Why do you want to know?”

“I dunno, just wondering,” Collete responded, and the girls began talking about other things for about 15 minutes before deciding to get up. Emily went into the bathroom, took off her wet pull-up and put it in a ziploc bag she’d brought and took a quick shower. Collete did the same thing, and the girls, with Mrs. Cooke who hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, headed downstairs to eat.

Mrs. Larson had already taken her crew down, and they had already began eating their breakfast buffet. Obviously Courtney and Monica were wearing now fresh diapers, but Mrs. Larson decided to change her younger daughter into another diaper as well. She was actually suprised to her find her diaper supply getting fairly thin, but since they were going to take off right after their 1:00 championship game she figured the 10-12 diapers she had left were going to do. Even though 4 of the girls were going to be wearing on the way home, worst case scenario she could buy another pack on the way home. Plus, deep down she didn’t really think this was the last time she would be needing diapers for her girls.

After breakfast, the girls all got changed into their soccer uniforms, Mrs. Larson deciding not to make Monica or Courtney wear a diaper or pull-up during the all important championship. She stripped both of them down to their diapers, both being still dry and had them both actually use the bathroom for the first time in 2 days. She wanted to make sure both girls knew how after this exciting weekend in diapers. She didn’t know exactly what she was going to do about the situation when she got home, but she knew she wasn’t going to make (or let) her girls wear diapers 24/7, well at least right away. After changing the two older girls, Mrs. Larson began to smell what had became a fairly familiar scent, in the room. Knowing both of the older diaper girls were not in diapers at the moment, she knew exactly who it was coming from.

“Alyssa, honey, do you need a diaper change before we go?” she asked her younger daughter.

“Um, maybe.” was Alyssa’s response.

“Well, it sure smells like you made a big poopy honey, let’s get you all changed so you can go to the game.” Alyssa pulled her shorts to her ankles, revealing her wet and very soiled Pamper and layed down on the towel spread across the bed. Mrs. Larson proceeded in taking the diaper off, and thoroughly wiping and powdering her daughter, and although they hadn’t even talked about wearing a diaper to the soccer game, she pulled out another one and proceeded to diaper her daughter without any complaint.

“Thanks, mommy,” Alysaa reponded perkily, as she pulled her shorts back up and grabbed her suitcase that she had to carry downstairs. All of the girls made sure to bring all their luggage down to the minivan, and headed to the field for the soccer game. Right before the game, one of the girls on the team, named Ruby, came up and told Courtney, very politely that she thought she had been wearing a pull-up at the game yesterday, because when she scored the goal, her shirt had come up a little bit and she thought she saw one. Courtney said that she must have been seeing things and quicky lifted up the elastic waist band of her shorts to show that she had panties on. Ruby, seeming embarrassed, immediately dropped the subject, and the game began.

It seemed like the pool that the girl’s team was coming from must have been much more competitive than the other pool that generated their opponent, as the handled them easily 4-1. Courtney scored 2 goals, and Collette added 1 goal and 1 assist to the championship effort. The tournament weekend had been a major success, as the girls walked out to the car champions. Courtney and Monica knew they had had such an incredible weekend with their team and friends, but were still slightly worried about what would happen when they got back to school, with three more girls now knowing they were wearing diapers all weekend. It had been a load of fun, but they weren’t really sure it was worth it.

After the team championship picture was taken, Courtney, Monica and Brittany said a goodbye to all their teammates, especially Collette and Emily, whom they had spent a lot of time with all weekend. Courtney and Monica made sure they had supplied Emily with enough pull-ups, and told her that she could talk to them anytime about her issue. While the Courtney, Monica and Brittany had been pretty good friends with Collette and Emily before the trip, their friendship had grown incredibly over the weekend, and they planned on probably spending more time together. Actually, while they were there, Courtney and Brittany were able to talk Collette, who had only played basketball at the recreational level, into attending travel tryouts that were to be held the next week. Collette was so athletic that even with no experience, they knew she would have a good shot at making the team.

Mrs. Larson made sure Alyssa was still dry, which she was before piling the other girls into the minivan. She figured it wouldn’t be fair for the other three to change them into diapers right then, so she figured they’d stop for lunch right away, change in the bathroom and then eat. They pulled over at a TGI Friday’s right in the town of the tournament, and again unloaded from the car. Mrs. Larson brought Courtney and Monica into the bathroom one by one and immediately had them strip down and put them back into a diaper. She then brought Coryn in, let her use the bathroom first, and decided to offer her one of her pull-ups, or a diaper. To her suprise, probably because she would’ve felt left out, Coryn chose the diaper and Mrs. Larson changed her into it and pulled her pants back up. They, then all went back to their table, where their food was waiting for them where Alyssa and Brittany were still sitting. They all ate up pretty quicky, but still by the end of their luches, Monica and Alyssa had both already wet their diapers, while Courtney was not only wet, but messy as well. After paying for their meal, Mrs. Larson dealt with all three girls, changing them into fresh diapers, but seeing that she only had seven diapers left, she figured it would be a good idea to buy more for the long ride home, just in case. Not wanting to embarrass the girls, she let them wait in the car, while she went into the supermarket that was in the same plaza, and she went to the diaper aisle. She saw that the jumbo pack of luvs were on sale, and picked up one of the jumbo packs that had like 58 diapers. When the girls saw how large the pack was, they wondered why Mrs. Larson had bought such a big pack, when they knew that once they got home their diapers would probably be gone.

“Mommy, why’d you have to buy so many diapers. We only need 'em for the ride home and I don’t think we’re going to need all of those for just the ride home.” Courtney questioned.

“Well, I guess you could give 'em all to me,” Monica replied out loud, trying to solve the apparent dilemma, “I mean I use them for bedwetting, and my mom lets me wear them around the house sometimes.”

“Well, I definately would give them to you, honey, but who said that we wouldn’t be needing any of these once the trip was over.” Mrs. Larson smiled as she saw the faces of both her daughters immediately perk up. Both didn’t exactly understand what that meant, but they were both excited for what was to come.

The minivan pulled out of the parking lot, and evenutally made it’s way back to the highway for the trip home. The girls talked a little bit, listened to their iPods and even slept a little before smelling the mess Monica made in her diaper about an hour and a half into the drive, which was about halfway. Monica was the first to be changed into a fresh Pamper, while Coryn and Alyssa needed to be changed as well. To her mother’s suprise Courtney did not need a change and they continued on there way.

About an hour later, Courtney had thoroughly soaker her diaper, as did Monica. Coryn had also wet a little bit, but was also beginning to feel the urge to poop. Unfortunately for her, there was a bit of traffic and the next rest stop wasn’t for another 10 miles. Embarrassed, she figured she’d ask Mrs. Larson what to do with her dilemma.

“Um, Mrs. Larson,” she asked, “I kind of need to go, you know…”

“Oh honey,” Mrs. Larson responded sympathetically, “well, it looks like we won’t see the next rest stop for about another half-hour, so you can either try to hold it in, or you can use your diaper. I don’t care.”

Coryn, at first tried to hold it in, but after about 15 minutes she figured it would be more comfortable to have poop in her diaper than have to keep holding it in and reluctantly let go. Immediately, her best friend, who was sitting next to her started chuckling.

“Ew, your a stinky little girl,” Alyssa teased, as Coryn didn’t find it quite as funny as her friend.

“Alyssa Rose Larson, I don’t want any of that young lady,” her mother scolded, “you do a pretty good job messing your diapers as well.”

Alyssa apologized and, ironically soon had to mess as well. Luckily for the rest of the car, the rest stop came in about five minutes, and Mrs. Larson took all four diapered girls into the bathroom and changed Monica, Courtney and Alyssa into a fresh diaper, while she let Coryn put her panties back on so there would be no confusion when she got home. They arrived in their hometown about 20 minutes after that, and they first dropped Coryn off at her house. Mrs. Larson talked to Coryn’s mother for a little while, not bringing up the diapers, and headed back to the car. The next stop was Monica’s house, who was still wearing a Pampersdiaper. Mrs. Schick immediately noticed her daughter was in a diaper, and obviously didn’t care, and Mrs. Larson went into much more detail about their weekend with Monica’s mother. The two mothers had become much closer friends due two their daughters’ strange similarities. Finally Mrs. Larson dropped Brittany off at her house down the street. Brittany was so relieved to be back in her normal bed with out the room smelling absolutely horrid, and wasn’t exactly sure what to think of the weekend. Mrs. Larson talked to Brittany’s mother for a while about the tournament, and about their upcoming basketball tryouts. Obviously she didn’t bring up the diapers, and eventually she got back in the car and drove home, her two diapered daughters in the back seat, looking so calm and happy.

When they got home, Courtney and Alyssa figured their mom was going to tell them to change out of their diapers. When she didn’t say anything, they just went with the flow and both went downstairs to watch tv. While they were down there, both sistersdecided it would be more comfortable to take off their pants. While they were down there they both wet their diapers, and then fell asleep at about 9:00 watching a movie. Mrs. Larson came down to check on them just a few minutes later, and was amazed at how cute her daughters looked cuddled up in just their t-shirt and a diaper. Gently, she woke them up and brought them each to their respective rooms right next to eachother, and they got into their bed. She first went into Courtney’s drawer, and pulled out one of the luvs she had bought at the store and changed her. Courtney was asleep in just a diaper and shirt in minutes. She then did the same to Alyssa and both girls were immediately asleep.

Meanwhile across town, a young nine year old brunette had just been changed out of her wet diaper and into a fresh one, before being tucked into bed as well.

A few blocks away, a fairly outgoing seven-year old blond was being put into a pull-up by her mother, a change from the diapers she had been wearing over the weekend.

Lastly, on the other side of town, another spunky ten-year old blonde, was putting her own pull-up, hoping that she wouldn’t wake up with it being wet in the morning, but knowing it would be a pretty strong possibility.

It had been a fun weekend for all the girls, but they still hadn’t found out exactly what this new trend could bring in the future.


The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

Nice Chapter, cant wait for part 2 :slight_smile:

The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

i love this stoy hope it’s not to long until part2 comes out. keep up the good work.

The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

I look forward to part two.

Little things:

When you say they talked about other topics for about 15 minutes it’s a little awkward.

Also, when you say the box had ‘like’ 50 diapers in it I think it’s too colloquial.

The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

I’ve been away for so long, I have no idea what’s going on anymore! XD

reads past chapters

I’ll get back to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22

When is the 2nd part coming? I can’t wait!!!

The Curiosity of Girls- Chapter 22


Holy CRAP. I have been so busy, I completely did not notice you were making more chapters of this story. The one thing about this new forum that I HATE is the “new posts since last visit” feature is never accurate. It often does not show a lot of stuff that is indeed new since my last visit, so I miss out.

Your story is getting big and I would love the catch up. I think the last chapter I read was 12 or something. You need a web site. I have some web space that I could offer to you, free of charge. PM me here or e-mail me (kevg0416 AT if you are interested. This story is cool and it needs an easy accessible archive. I tried searching on here for all the old parts and was not able to find much.