The Curiosity- Chapter 21

Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. I’ve been really busy. Keep commenting please! I appreciate everything. I actually maybe plan on going back and splitting the story into smaller episodes of like 5 chapters a piece, because like someone else suggested, it doesn’t have a real plot just many little plots. There will only be one more chapter of the trip after this, I know it’s sort of dragging out, but then we’ll get into some deeper stuff.

The Curiosity- Chapter 21

Courtney woke up early that Sunday morning, and immediately noticed that her diaper was wet. She thought that was strange because she didn’t remember ever wetting it, but figured she must have woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t remember it. Feeling she had to do something else, she squeezed out a mess into her diaper, and picked up the pacifier that had fallen out of her mouth, and put it back in. She then laid back in bed, and fell back asleep.

Mrs. Larson waited until 8:00 to come in to the girls room and wake them up. She marveled at how cute her 10 year old daughter looked sleeping in a diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth, especially knowing that Courtney was genuinely happy. Once all of the girls had woken up, it was discovered that Coryn and Alyssa had both wet their diapers overnight, while Courtney and Monica were both wet and messy. Mrs. Larson changed all four of them, the younger girls back into panties, while the older girls got a fresh Pampers Cruisers size 7. They both knew that this was going to be another crazy day, as it was the first day in which their other friends, Emily and Colette, knew that they were wearing diapers.

Brittany had felt like the loner the last few days, and this weekend wasn’t going as planned for her. She had warmed up to her friends wearing diapers, but it seemed to her like she was isolated from them because she was the only one not in diapers. She couldn’t wait to get home, away from all the madness, and to have her best friend back to being a 10-year old rather than a 3 year old.

The girls got dressed, and headed downstairs to eat breakfast in the lobby. Collette and Emily were already there, and had just started eating, and Courtney and Monica knew it was time to get the akwardness out of the way. They both grabbed a plate of food and sat down at their table.

“So, um, good morning guys.” Collette started the conversation reluctantly. The three girls who had just joined her at the table acknowledged her welcome and started eating. After about a minute of silence at the table, Collette spoke up again.

“So, my mommy told me about what you two are wearing. Are you guys really wearing diapers?”

Courtney responded, “Yeah, I know you’ll think we’re weird but we like them and well, we’re both wearing them. So if you don’t like us anyomre it’s okay, but this is who we are.”

“No, no. I’ll always love you guys, are you kidding? I think it’s pretty neat that your mom let’s you wear those. I know you’re small but you really fit in baby diapers? Can I see?” Collette didn’t seemed phased by the situation at all. Emily on the other hand hadn’t talked since the girls sat down, and seemed to be a little pale.

In response to Collette’s request, Courtney, who was sitting next to Collette, lifted up the elastic waistband to her soccer shorts, revealing the top of her Pampers diaper. Collette seemed marveled by it.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure you guys knew I’m fine with it, and I don’t think anyone else will care. Everybody loves you two. You don’t care, right Em?”

Emily shook her head, without talking, and Courtney, Collette and Brittany began talking about other things. Emily and Monica both remained quiet throughout breakfast.

The girls all took the elevator up to their floor, and decided to hang out for a couple of hours before their noon time game. On their way to Collette’s room, Collette did a fine job of pantsing Courtney openly revealing her baby diaper to everyone, and while Courtney was somewhat embarrassed, she laughed it off and quickly pulled her pants back up. They all ended up in the Cooke’s room, and went to Collette and Emily’s room in the suite to watch TV.

A few minutes after getting to the room, Emily finally spoke up,
“Um, I kind of have something I want to tell all you guys, since you all seem so open about everything.”

She then reached into her suitcase and pulled out a boys pull-up,
“I’ve been wearing these the last couple of nights, cuz I sometimes wet the bed. I haven’t even told my mommy yet, but for the trip I took a couple of my little brother’s pull-ups just in case I wet the bed her. I only do it like once or twice a week, but I wet one last night and it leaked a little bit onto the bed.” Emily started sobbing quietly, “I’m such a baby.”

“Oh, Em, do you really think any of us are gonna care,” Courtney replied, revealing her now wet diaper. “Monica wets the bed most nights to, and so does Coryn, just don’t tell her I told you. I even think I’m wetting the bed now cuz my diaper was wet when I woke up.”

“You sure,” Emily seemed to be feeling better.

“Yeah Em, we’re you’re friends, what do you think we’re going to do?” Collette responded before Courtney chipped in again.

“Hey Em, I tell you what, I think Monica’s got a few girls pullups left over that you can borrow for tonight and when you get home, unless you want some diapers.”

“Oh, no not diapers,” Emily quicky responded, “but I’ll take some pullups Mon.”

“That’s fine with me, I’m prolly never gonna use those things anyway,” Monica answered, and after a few more minutes of talking, Courtney and Monica figured they should head back to their room to get changed out of their wet diapers and start getting ready for their game.

When they arrived at their room they weren’t suprised to see both their soccer uniformslayed out on their beds, but were somewhat suprised when they saw the pink pull-ups that were there as well. Courtney immediately questioned her mother,

“Mommy, why are those there?” she asked.

“Well honey, since Monica had an accident yesterday during the game, I figured it would be safer if you guys wore these to the game today, they’re thinner than diapers and won’t slow you down too much.”

Monica blushed, and Courtney continued complaining to her mother. Once her mother convinced her that nobody would see the pull-ups and even if they did, they wouldn’t care, both girls agreed to lay down and get changed. Mrs. Larson changed each girl out of their wet Pampers, and they both slid up the pull-up before getting the rest of their soccer gear on. The pull-ups did not seem very noticeable under their baggy uniforms, but Courtney still wasn’t completely convinced. She decided to let it go, and they loaded up the minivan and headed back to the field.

The girls only had one game today, which was good for the girls because it gave them less time to have to be around their teammates in their pull-ups, but it was also a very important game. If they won they would get to stay another night and would be in the championship, but if they lost they were packing up and going home. They girls were so pumped that they almost completely forgot about their pull-ups.

It was now the second half, in a tie score, with about two minutes left. Emily dribbled down the sideline, and passed to Monica who was playing on the wing. Monica then delivered a perfect cross to Courtney who took one dribble and hit the left corner of the goal with a perfect shot! The sidelines started going nuts as a win had become imminent, and in the celebration a bunch of Courtney’s teammates ran around her and started giving her high fives or slapping her on the butt, and Courtney was so caught up in the rush that she didn’t realize that her teammates may be noticing what she was wearing.She finally remembered what she was wearing, and managed to escape from the pile of her teammates and ran back to her center forward. It didn’t seem like anyone had reacted funny, but the incident sure got Courtney nervous.

The girls’ team was able to hold on for the victory, meaning they would have to stay over another night to play the Championship the next day. There was a large mall in the area and Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Cooke were planning on taking all of the girls to go shopping with them. Both Courtney and Monica had not wet there pull-ups during the game, and they were both still dry when they reached the hotel. The girls took showers, and once they were done they got changed into fresh Pampers. Right as Mrs. Larson finished taping up the second tab on Monica’s new diaper, the younger girls both walked into the room after finishing getting dressed.

“Mommy,” Alyssa said, in a nervous questioning voice.

“Yes, honey. Do you want something?” Mrs. Larson responded as she pulled Monica’s pants back up.

“Um, yeah, um, well I kinda wanted to know if I could wear…,” Alyssa asked nervously as Mrs. Larson cut her off.

“You want to wear diapers to the mall like the big girls.” Mrs. Larson asked as Alyssa nodded, “well it’s fine with me if you are really sure you want to.” Alyssa nodded again.

“Okay honey lay down on the bed and I’ll put one on.” her mother replied softly. Alyssa laid down on the bed and Mrs. Larson pulled off her 7-year-old’s shorts and underwear, and grabbed a diaper from the bag. She then proceeded to perfectly diaper her daughter, which if anything was slightly big for the petite girl, and slide her pants back up. Mrs. Larson packed about 6 diapers in her large purse and the crew was ready to head for the mall with 3 out of the 5 girls wearing baby diapers.

Courtney, Monica, and Brittany again went in the Cooke’s minivan, while the younger girls went with Mrs. Larson. On the way over, Collette, who was sitting next to Courtney in the back seat, started up what Courtney thought would have been an awkward conversation, but with Collette no conversation was really awkward because she was so carefree.

“So, Court, did you pee yet?”

Courtney had just went while they were in the car so she nodded her head.

“Oh, cool. So can I see your diaper again? What do they feel like? How does it feel like now since it’s wet? Is it gross? I cant believe the actually fit you. I really wonder what it’s like to wear one.” Collette pelletted her friend with questions.

Mrs. Cooke, hearing the whole conversation, reponded to her daughter’s question. “Well Collette, I’m sure Mrs. Larson has some extra diapers if you really want to know how they feel.” She said, half-jokingly.

“Ya Collette,” Courtney said as she pulled down the front of her sweats to reveal the front of her now wet diaper, “You should try to wear one. Me, Mon, and Lyss are all wearing them to the mall.”

“I don’t know, Court, what if someone sees me, I’m kind of wearing tighter jeans.”

“Oh yeah, sorry. Well, if you really want to know how they feel, you can come to our room tonight and I’m sure my mommy will let you wear one.”

“Maybe,” Collette responded as they pulled into the mall parkinglot. They all got out of the car and met Mrs. Larson with the younger girls at the entrance. Mrs. Larson asked all three diapered girls if they needed a change and Courtney and Monica both responded that they did. She took them into the family bathroom with the changing table and changed both girls out of their wet diapers. It was kind of strange for them because there was a mother with a daughter who was about 3-4 waiting to get changed after them and during the whole time she just looked at Mrs. Larson funny.

They proceeded to exit the restroom and started shopping. The mall was huge and all the girls and both mothers were able to get a good share of shopping done. After about an hour of shopping, they decided it would be a good time to eat, but first Mrs. Larson had to take her younger daughter to the bathroom to get her diaper changed. It was the first time Mrs. Larson had changed Alyssa’s diaper in public so it was kind of wierd, but Alyssa’s diaper was soaked and in need for a change so she proceeded with it. They ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday in the mall, and then continued to shop for about an hour. Once Mrs. Larson smelt the smell of a messy diaper coming from one of the girls she figured it was about time to leave, after a few diaper changes of course. Courtney was wet, but not wet enough for another changing, and Alyssa was completely dry, so Monica was the only one who needed to be changed, as she was both pretty wet and very messy. It took a little while, but eventually the 9-year old was cleaned up, and both minivans began heading back to the hotel.

It was about 8:00 when they got back to the hotel, so the girls had about 2 hours before they were to go to bed. They all decided on hanging out at Mrs. Larson’s room, and all 7 girls began watching a movie together. Courtney, Monica and Alyssa all made themselves comfortable by taking off their pants and just wearing their diapers, as they were beginning to get very used to wearing diapers around their friends. About 30 minutes into the movie Courtney offered Collette a diaper, based on the conversation they had had in the car, but Collette was still hesitant. Courtney didn’t push it anymore, and they continued watching the movie. At about 9:30 a couple of the girls began dozing off, including Emily, whose sleeping caught Courtney’s eye.

“Hey, Em, you’re falling asleep!” Courtney told her friend.

“Yeah, I know, I can’t stay awake,” Emily responded.

“Well, do you want me to give you a pull-up for the night now, just in case?”

Emily hesitated, but figured it would be a good idea and Courtney went into Monica’s bag and tossed one to her, and Emily proceeded to the bathroom. At the same time, Mrs. Larson came in to check on the girls and saw Coryn dozing off so she changed her into a diaper as well. Emily came out of the bathroom with a fairly obvious bulge, which Mrs. Larson noticed but didn’t comment on, and then got comfortable again on the same spot of the bed. In about 30 minuted after that, the movie ended and a diapered Emily walked back to their room with Collette.

The 5 girls left got settled in the beds of what was going to be their last night in a terrific weekend. Alyssa and Courtney both got their wet diapers changed by their mothers, and this time Mrs. Larson gave Alyssa and Monica pacifiers, while Courtney got a sippy cup of water. Relaxed an peaceful, all of the girls drifted into a nice, deep sleep.

The Curiosity- Chapter 21

I saw you mentioned the issue, but you do still require more of Brittany I think.

Also, we need a little explanation of Alyssa’s reasoning.

Hopefully the next part will be out sooner.

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The Curiosity- Chapter 21

Where is the start of this story? I remember it from the xsorbit days, I think under a different name, but not sure. Is the start on this site anywhere or should I go back to the xsorbit site and find it? I’m pleasantly surprised it is still being written. I always liked it, but thought it was discontinued.

The Curiosity- Chapter 21

It was originally called Courtney and Brittany if you want to search it on XSorbit. Be aware that it splits into two at one point, though, when a seperate author intended to continue the story in Soxfan’s absence.

The Curiosity- Chapter 21

Soxfan, I have not seen a new chapter lately. May I ask, are you done writting the story? This story is awsome so I hope not.

The Curiosity- Chapter 21

No, I’m not done with it. I’ve just been really busy lately so I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. Hopefully you’ll see more soon! I’ve got some good stuff planned

The Curiosity- Chapter 21

so i hope there coming soon cause it’s been forever! sry but i can’t wait!