The Curiosity- Chapter 20

Here it is, finally. I know I’m dragging this vacation out pretty long, and to be honest with you I’m excited to finish with it because I have some real drama planned out for the chapters following it, but I just keep thinking of new events. Hope everyone likes it, i know it’s pretty long. Please comment.

By the time they had arrived back at the hotel, Monica had already wet her new diaper and was in need for a change. They headed back up to their room, with Mrs. Larson carrying a final suitcase that was holding all of the new diaper materials. Once they got to the room Mrs. Larson checked both girls diapers, and seeing that Monica needed changing, she told Monica to strip down, and changed her into one of the huggies that they still had left. Monica didn’t bother to put her pants back on, and Courtney, although she hadn’t wet her diaper yet, decided to take her pants off as well. The five girls went into their room and started watching TV.

After about 30 minutes of watching nickelodeon, Courtney had already wet and messed her pampers diaper. The smell had began to spread throughout the room, but none of the girls were bothered by it enough to go get Mrs. Larson to change her. They continued watching TV, even with there friend sitting there in a poopy diaper.

After about another half an hour of watching the show, the girls heard a knock on their door. Not knowing who it was Courtney and Monica panicked to get their pants back on, right as they finished zipping up their jeans, they heard Courtney’ mom greet their visitors.

“Hi girls, they’re right in the other room watching TV. What’s up?”

“Oh, hi, Mrs. Larson,” it was Collette, “Me and Emily were just wondering if anyone wanted to come down to the pool for a little while, my mom will watch us.”

“Oh I’m sure they would like to,” Mrs. Larson responded, “Why don’t you go ask them yourselves.”

Mrs. Larson lead Emily and Collette into the other room where all five girls were peacefully watching television. Courtney thought she noticed Emily and Collette kind of wrinkle their nose in discomfort, and could tell by her mom’s look that she knew what she had done. Panicked, she ran into the bathroom.

“Hey, guys, whats up?” Brittany asked.

“Oh, well we were just wondering if any of you guys wanted to come down swimming with us, we’re on our way down. Hey, what’s up with Courtney, is she okay?” Collete asked.

“Oh, she hasn’t been feeling that good, so I don’t know if she’ll want to go.” Monica responded

“That sucks, I hope she’ll be okay for tomorrow,” said Colette, “so how about you guys? Wanna come?”

Brittany spoke up right away, “Yeah, we’ll meet you guys down there in a few minutes, k?”

At the time Monica thought that would be a good idea, and so did the younger ones, so they all agreed, and Collette and Emily headed downstairs. Courtney, seeing the coast appeared to be clear, came back out of the bathroom.

Courtney said that she wanted to go swimming too, so Brittany, Coryn and Alyssa went to get changed into their bathing suits, while Courtney and Monica took their pants off, to reveal Courtney’s wet and messy diaper, and Monica’s that was suprisingly dry. They both figured they would be able to take them off to go swimming.

That assumption proved to be false, though, as they saw Mrs. Larson walk in with what looked like two pull-ups in her hand along with both of their bathing suits.

“Mommy, you’re not really going to make us wear those swimming. Everyone will see them under our bathing suits!” Courtney pleaded.

“Honey, these are swim diapers. All babies use them to go swimming just in case they have a little accident. Won’t it be even more embarrassing if you have an accident in the pool.”

“But, I can make it to the bathroom, Mommy! I’m only wearing these cuz I wanted to, remember.”

“Sorry, honey, why don’t you just see how these look under your bathing suit.”

“Okay, but if it can be seen, I’m not going swimming.”

Mrs. Larson proceeded to change Courtney out of her messy diaper, needed a lot of wipes, and helped her into her Little Swimmers diaper. She then went to do the same thing with Monica, who was still dry. Both girls got their biggest bathing suit on, and went and looked in the mirror to see how they looked.

“See honey, you can barely notice them.” Mrs. Larson said sweetly.

“But, mommy I can definately tell Monica is wearing one, see that piece of pink sticking out of her bathing suit. That’s definately her diaper.”

“You can only see it because you’re looking for it. Now let’s get your shorts and t-shirt on, they other girls are waiting.”

Courtney and Monica followed directions and they all headed down to the pool. Collette and Emily were already down there along with another one other friend, Gracie, who must have been staying at the hotel as well. Mrs. Cooke was relaxing on a lounge chair, reading People.

Mrs. Larson joined her on the chair next to her and started reading the book she brought. She didn’t even notice Courtney and Monica jump in without taking off there shorts. Once she saw they had done that she figured it was a pretty good idea, and that it wouldn’t be fair to put them through the embarrassment of having the chance of getting caught wearing a swim diaper.

Mrs. Larson started to talk to Mrs. Cooke about plenty of topics. Eventually, they made plans to go out for dinner that night, to have a fun night out with the girls. Mrs. Larson thought this would be a good idea to test her girls willingness to wear diapers in public.

When their friends asked them why they were wearing their shorts over their bathing suits, they just said they felt like it, and it seemed like their friends bought it. This was until, the goofy girls they all were, while they were out of the pool ready to jump back in, Collette ran by and “pantsed” Courtney. She was able to pull her pants back up, but she saw Emily looking right at her and started to turn red. Nobody said anything out of the ordinary, and Courtney proceeded to play in the pool with her friends.

After about an hour, they headed back upstairs to get changed and get ready for dinner. Mrs. Cooke was going to make reservations at a casual, but well-acclaimed, steakhouse down the street from the hotel, and they were going to be for 6:30, in approxmately 2 hours. Once they got back up to there rooms, Monica and Courtney took their shorts off and then their bathingsuits to reveal their pink Little Swimmers.

Mrs. Larson layed a towel out on the ground and first changed Courtney into a fresh Huggie. She then had Monica lay down on the towel, and when she ripped open the sides of the diaper, she found a small suprise. Monica blushed, and Mrs. Larson assured her it was okay, and that was what diapers were for, and went to go get the wipes. She got Monica cleaned up and into a fresh diaper, and all five girls got ready to go out to eat.

Courtney and Monica made sure to wear baggy pairs of jeans to hide their diapers, but other than that they were not worried at all about going out to eat with their friends. They were excited for a fun night out.

They got down to the lobby and saw that Collette and Emily were already waiting for them downstairs. They decided to let all 5 teammates go with Mrs. Cooke in her minivan, and Mrs. Larson just took the two younger girls.

They arrived at the restaurant at about 6:15, so they had about 15 minutes to wait before they were to get seated. Courtney needed to pee, so she let go in her diaper, filling it up pretty good. She hadn’t even realized that she would probably have to sit in that wet diaper the whole night, or risk being caught by going to get changed.

They got seated at their reserved table about 10 minutes after Courtney had initially wet her diaper. The five teammates got their own booth, while the younger girls sat with the mothers in another booth. The older girls ordered their drinks and a couple of appetizers, and began talking about everything, from their games today, to their schoolwork, to gossiping about their other teammates and friends.

The appitizers came, and with wings being part of the platter, the girls all ordered another water before ordering their meals. They finished off the appitzer platter, and all of their waters, before the waitress came back about 20 minutes later with the food. Right after they got their food, Mrs. Larson came over and checked up on the girls.

“How you guys doing? How’s the food so far. My salad was incredible.” The girls nodded their heads as they started with the food.

“Good! Hey, do any of you have to go to the bathroom?” Mrs. Larson asked, before giving a quick glance at both Courtney and Monica, who understood what exactly she meant. Courtney knew that she probably needed a change as her diaper was soaked and she knew she was in for another wetting soon, but decided not to speak up because it would be weird going to the bathroom with her mother. Monica, who was still dry also shook her head, while the other two shook their heads in confusion, thinking it was a wierd question to ask. Mrs. Larson went back to her table, and the girls continued eating.

The portions were big, and none of the girls actually finished their meals, but they still were able to eat plenty. They had all ordered some type of pasta to get energy for their game tomorrow. They only had one game the next day, and if they won they got to stay overnight, for the championship on Monday. They were planning on going to a local mall to shop after the game tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Courtney really needed to pee now. Monica had wet her diaper as well, but was confident she could make it back to the hotel comfortably without wetting again. Courtney, on the other hand really had to go. She had had one soda and two waters, and those fluids had worked to her bladder and it was ready to burst. Before she could even think about it, she let go and immediately knew that her diaper had filled up to more than it’s capacity. Knowing that it was going to be suggested that they went back in the Cooke’s car, and once she sat back down, her diaper was going to leak everywhere, Courtney knew she needed to do something with the situation right away.

She decided to go up to her mother, who was talking to Mrs. Cooke, and ask her to go to the bathroom. She didn’t quite get the response from her mother that she expected.

“Oh, excuse me Diane, I think Courtney needs a change, and I better check on Monica as well.” Mrs. Larson told Mrs. Cooke and turned to Courtney, who was trying to hide her aggravation with her mother, “Let’s go honey.”

Mrs. Cooke seemed unphased with the comment, and after she checked Monica, concluding that she wasn’t wet enough for a change Mrs. Larson took Courtney into the restaurant’s bathroom. Courtney was infuriated.

“Mommy! Why’d you tell C.C’s mom that I needed a change! She’s not supposed to know about, you know what! I’m so embarrassed.”

“Honey, relax, I told Collette’s mother about you and Monica. She wondered why you guys didn’t take your shorts off when you went swimming this afternoon, and I told her about the whole weekend. It’s okay, honey, she really doesn’t care, she actually thinks it’s sorta cute.” Mrs. Larson responded as she took Courtney’s pants off and started to untape her soaked diaper.

“But, mommy! WHY! She’s gonna tell C.C and Emily, and everyone in town’s gonna find out! They’re all going to think me and Monica are so wierd.”

“Because, honey, I know you’ll appreciate them knowing tomorrow. She’s gonna let her girls aware of it, but don’t worry they won’t tell anyone, or they’re in trouble. Won’t you guys feel more comfortable if you don’t have to hold in you secrets in front of everyone. Everyone likes you for who you are Court, and you can’t hide this forever. If they’re truly your friends the won’t mind this.” Mrs. Larson said sincerely as she finished taping up her daughter’s diaper.

Courtney didn’t repond, as she pulled her pants back on, and left the bathroom.

They decided to call it a night, and Courtney, Monica and Brittany went back to the hotel in the Larson minivan. They arrived at the hotel at about 9:00, and after a long day they were all ready for some sleep. Once they got to the room, they began to get ready for bed. Courtney and Monica slid their pants off, revealing that Monica was in need of a change before bed, but Courtney was still dry. Mrs. Larson got Monica into another fresh Huggie, and Monica and Courtney got into one of the beds together and started watching TV. Alyssa and Coryn knew that it was time for them to get changed into a diaper, and had both been secretly excited for it all day. Alyssa, though, didn’t want her mother to know that and still decided to try to turn away the diapers.

“Okay, you two,” Mrs. Larson said as she took out the last two Huggies from the pack, “Time to get you guys changed.”

Coryn, used to the process layed down and respectfully let Mrs. Larson tape the diaper onto her. She didn’t bother to put her pants back on and got into bed. Alyssa on the other hand, wasn’t as easy.

“Please, mommy, I’m not a baby, I don’t need diapers!” Alyssa pleaded, but after a while of complaining, Alyssa happily gave in, and Mrs. Larson put a diaper on her. With all five girls in bed, ready to get a good night’s sleep, Mrs. Larson went back into the other room, and took out 2 of the pacifiers she had bought at the store. She brought them into the room, and immediately saw both girl’s eyes grow with excitement. Without any argument, both girls plopped the pacifiers in their mouths and drifted off to sleep, ready to tackle the next day.

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The Curiosity- Chapter 20

Cool. Another chapter gone and I think it looks like it’s going to plan. My little criticism is that you oughtn’t say ‘wet her diaper pretty good’ because ‘pretty good’ isn’t really a particularly evocative phrase, is it? Also - Brittany is becoming something of a bit part: she needs to be more important to the story I think. I mean, she’s staying with them all, but when they were all getting diapered for bed it was as if she didn’t exist. I’d actually recommend editing it a little bit to include Brittany a bit more. Don’t forget the story’s original name!

The Curiosity- Chapter 20

Yes, and that plot twist will be coming very soon.

The Curiosity- Chapter 20

Ive been following this since you started it and i really like it. Its well written, it has a nice flow adnd you have some likeable characters. But i do have some problems. I think your forma is a bit off. You seem to be going for a ong story, but i think your story telling could have been more effective if it were a series of short stories. Ive had the feeling of a few beginings a few middles and a few ends in this already. Im not trying to tke from this great story but i think you could have made this a fantastic series.

Also how are things coming along with your parents. When i first got caught i found a websiet that helped me and my parents get though it and we came to accept it. check i out and think about talking to your parents about it.
thie site link is here

I hope you all the best, your in a sucky predicament