The Curiosity- Chapter 19

The Curiousity- Chapter 19

Courtney woke up to the sound of her mother’s voice, commanding her and the rest of her friends to start getting up.

“Let’s go girls, you guy’s have a 10:00 game, and it’s already 7:15 and we need breakfast. Do you guys want to get changed now or should I wait 5 minutes.”

Courtney felt that her diaper was still dry from the night and figured it would be better to soak it up before getting changed and spoke up for the rest of her friends.

“Five minutes would be good mommy,” she replied to the nodding of the rest of her friends. Mrs. Larson exited their room and Courtney spoke up again, “So, let’s see everyone’s diapers? I’m not even wet yet, but I need to go right now.”

Coryn and Monica pulled the covers off to unsuprisingly reveal very wet diapers, Monica looked to even be leaking a slight bit. Alyssa stayed under the covers for a while, before she fessed up to having wet as well, as she didn’t want to get out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

In about five minutes, all four girls were in great need of a changing as all four were very wet. Mrs. Larson changed Monica and Courtney into fresh diapers for breakfast, while she decided to not torture the younger girls, and let them both back into panties.

“But, you guys, it looks like it’ll be a good idea for you guys to wear diapers at night, and for the ride back, is that okay?”

“But mommy, I swear I can hold it, I just needed to go in the middle night and figured since I was wearing it…” Alyssa pleaded, while Coryn seemed to be okay with the whole thing.

“Girls, it’s not like you’re going to be the only one’s,” Mrs. Larson said looking at Courtney and Monica putting their soccer shorts over their fresh diapers, “and for you guys, you can’t wear those during your game because they may slow you down, but I’ll change you right before we leave.”

“Sounds good Mom, but there’s no way, if their gonna wear them at night too, that we have enough diapers for the week-end.” Courtney stated.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna see if Mrs. Cooke will watch your sister and Coryn while I run to a store to stock up before the game today. We’ll be in good shape.”

After Alyssa finally accepted the diapers, and all five girls were dressed and ready to go eat, they headed down to the lobby for a buffet breakfast.

Most of the other girls that were there from the team had already eaten, so the five girls in the Larson clan sat down at a table and started to eat. Brittany had started to warm up to her friends diaper wearing, and was starting to talk to Courtney again, telling her about what she did last night with Emily and Colette.

“So after we checked out the pool for a little bit, and then looked at some of the pamphlets they have out front, C.C. said she had to go back to their room and get something, so we all headed up, and I was helping Colette look for her stupid new iPod nano that she wanted to show us and I could of sworn I saw a pull-up diaper in one of the bags I was looking through. It looked blue though, so does that means it’s for boys?”

“Yeah I think so, that’s wierd. Emily’s little brother isn’t here is he?” asked Courtney, intrigued.

“I don’t think so, it was just Emily, CC and CC’s mom.”

Courtney still thinking about what Brittany told her, and if it really was the truth, finished her breakfast, and once everyone was done they all headed upstairs.

Once they reached the room, Courtney and Monica knew it was going to be there last chance to use their diapers until after their games, and they both, although not really needing to go, pushed as much out as they could. By the time they needed to get ready to leave, they were both messy and a little damp. Mrs. Larson got them both cleaned up, and after they both took a quick shower and changed back into their uniforms, they began head downstairs and out of the hotel.

The fields were about a half-an-hour away from the hotel, and they arrived about :45 minutes before the game was about to start. They were scheduled to play two games back-to-back on Saturday, and another game at 3:00 on Sunday. If they won all three games they would play on Monday as well. Mrs. Larson dropped the older kids off with their team, and after asking Mrs. Cooke to keep an eye on Alyssa and Coryn, she headed off to the Walmart they had passed on there way there to run some errands.

Once she got to the store, she headed straight to the baby aisle in the back. She saw many different brands of diapers, but was intrigued by the small packs of size 7 Pampers Cruisers they had and picked up two packs. She also grabbed a pack of large Lil’ Swimmers, and decided to grab a few pacifiers and sippy cups as well, along with the wipes and baby powder she picked up as well. After picking up a few more items she needed, she headed towards the check-out line with a cart full of baby items. This was why she didn’t want to take Coryn and Alyssa with her, as they would probably be embarrassed, but since Mrs. Larson was still young, her buying all of these things was nowhere near out of the ordinary. The cashier didn’t say anything, and Mrs. Larson headed back to the field.

By the time she got back, the first game had already started. The girls had to play two hard games back to back, which would be a very hard thing to do. After they won the first game on a Monica assisted goal with about 5 minutes left, Mrs. Larson greeted the girls, giving them some snacks she had bought at the Walmart and two Propels each. They headed back to the field and continued to warm up.

The second game seemed to be going better for the girls, as they got up to a quick 2-0 lead, Courtney scoring one of the goals. The game though, still called for the girls to do a lot of running, and they were very tired. By halftime all three girls had already chugged both of their waters, and were still panting for more. They opened up with a quick goal in the 2nd half, and Monica and Courtney got to relax on the bench, due to the big lead.

While on the bench, Monica started to fell her bladder needing to be released. Not wanting to leave the bench to go, she decided to stay ask Courtney what to do.

“Court, I really gotta go,” Monica asked, “what should I do?”

Before Courtney could say anything, their coach called over,
“Schick, get in the game for Emily.” Courtney just shrugged at Monica as she proceeded into the game. Monica was fine for a while, but she knew that with all the diaper wearing she had been doing lately her bladder would not be able to hold it for very long. All of a sudden, while Monica was chasing after a loose ball, she felt herself letting go, unintentionally, and was thankful for her black shorts.

In about ten minutes, the final whistle blew, the team winning again, 3-1. Monica wasn’t too worried about her wet pants, although they were soaked, because it was hard to see, but became more worried when Courtney pointed it out after the game.

“You couldn’t hold it, Mon” she asked

“Wait, you can see the wet spot. Oh no, do you think anyone else could tell?” Monica asked anxiously.

“I could only see because I was looking for it. I figured you were going to go. Anyways, anyone else who saw it probably thought it was a wet spot.”

They walked over to Mrs. Larson on the sideline, who didn’t notice the problem at first, until Courtney pointed it out, and Brittany rolled her eyes.

“Ohh, honey. No one can tell. I promise you,” she whispered, “Now why don’t we stop at McDonald’s on the way home and we’ll get you changed.”

The girls all piled into the minivan, Monica sitting on a towel, and headed to the Mcdonald’s right around the corner. They all went in and right after she got everyone else she took Monica and Courtney into the bathroom. She first changed Monica into a fresh diaper, and then into a clean pair of jeans she had brought. The diaper she was wearing wasn’t obvious, but if someone was looking they could have seen it.

“These aren’t too big for you are they. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a size 7 diaper, back when these guys were in diapers, the new thing was the size 6.”

“Oh no, they’re fine. My mommy had thought about buying these, but decided to keep with the size 6. I’ll tell her to buy these next time, the other ones are a little tight.”

After Mrs. Larson changed Courtney into a diaper as well, they headed back to the table and began eating. Midway through lunch, Courtney almost soaked through her dry diaper with a huge wetting. After they were finished eating, Courtney whispered to her mom that she needed a change, and Mrs. Larson took her back into the bathroom and changed her again. Both Courtney and Monica headed back to the hotel in dry diapers.

The Curiosity- Chapter 19

I suppose the only thing to warn about is trying to see how many girls you can diaper at once.

Also, at the beginning -

Courtney felt that her diaper was still dry from the night and figured it would be better to soak it up before getting changed and spoke up for the rest of her friends.
is kinda the inverse of the relationship we’re looking for, surely?

Otherwise another solid chapter of a readable saga.

The Curiosity- Chapter 19

Where are all the comments? I should have 20 out by the weekend.

Re: The Curiosity- Chapter 19

You need neither hyphens nor a colon in that sentence; I also noticed a few plural/possessive apostrophe errors throughout the posting.

As Nemo hinted at, I’m still having a little trouble with how many people are diapered, mostly willingly, in this story. I’ll accept it for your story since at least you made some effort to show why everyone ends up wearing, accepting, or liking diapers, but just be careful.

In the back of my mind, I’m also somewhat wondering where this story is going. I’m sure you have a plan, but (at least to me) it’s not coming across in your writing, and because of that it seems like the story is meandering without a real direction.

Still, good work so far. It’s obvious you put a bit of effort into this story.

The Curiosity- Chapter 19

Thanks for the comment Calliope. You did make me realize that I don’t really have a good plan for the story. So, last night i thought about it alot in the shower and thought of some good twists and turns I could have later on that I’m very excited about. Trust me, this story is going to go from cute, happy diaper story, to a drama pretty soon.

The Curiosity- Chapter 19

That chapter 20…

You missed the deadline =p

The Curiosity- Chapter 19

i would’nt change it at all, it’s perfect the way it is, don’t let them dictate what to do with YOUR story soxfan.

The Curiosity- Chapter 19

Sorry, I only have a few more paragraphs but I couldn’t get around to finish them. Should be up soon.