The Cracked Take on ABDL is a place full of the off-the-wall and ridiculous, but also very humorous takes on real world situations and topics, as well as interviews with people who’ve had very interesting experiences. They’ve (finally?) gotten around to writing up an article on diaper fetishes and little space.


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Their typical sardonic humor aside, the article isn’t bad. And the responses in the comments section are mostly pretty benign.

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They have made off-hand jabs at ABDL before: once (this was very early in the site’s lifetime) randomly showing a picture of a fat man in a diaper then asking the reader if they still thought their diaper fetish is “normal” (no I don’t think this made sense in context, I’m pretty sure it was a reader submitted article that never made the front page, I only found it through their search engine) and more recently in response to the UK’s porn bans by saying something along the lines that no one should be turned on by an adult in a diaper while pretending to be a kid.

Then there was their vintage ad article that made fun of the odd trend of showing women in cribs as the new sexy; I think they put in a screenshot/promo of an ABDL video (I don’t think the author realized what it was since ABDL wasn’t mentioned by name, missed opportunity there) before mentioning that bringing poop into the equation ruins the “sexy” mood. We also got a mention in their photoplasty contest on odd groups on the internet.

Their treatment of the fetish has varied widely from writer to writer. This has been the most positive portrayal they’ve done yet as far as I’ve seen. My only issue with it is that it’s not as in depth as I expected from them, but that could be because I wasn’t learning anything new (don’t know why I would expect that from an introductory article for a vanilla audience; it works very well as that).

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Saw this in the abdl sub on reddit. One of the posters there is the one who e-mailed them originally with the idea for the article.

This portrayal is more positive than the others they have done because it is in the ‘personal experiences’ section, which I guess is better than the rest of

I have never spent much time on cracked, so I don’t know much about the site in general.

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Recent interview with a dominatrix also covers us:

#5 is mostly about AB/DL, the rest is unrelated and pretty hardcore (too much so for me).

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Yep, that’s the one…

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Did you get to the part about sounds? Need the brain beach. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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I don’t recall that, I stopped “reading” at #3 and just skimmed through the rest. I don’t recall anything that I would find objectionable; just too hardcore for me.

EDIT: I finished the original article, #1 wasn’t bad. I saw the part about sounds (middle of #2), while I still think #3 was the worst, I have to agree that does not sound fun.

I’ve also found this gem at the end of the first page of their ASMR article:

Because there’s this nurturing aspect to ASMR, I’ve gotten emails from guys who say, ‘I want you to pretend to be my mommy, and I want to suck on your breasts and be your little baby,’ and I thought, ‘No, I don’t feel comfortable with that’."

There’s no further mention in this article beyond that line.

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Got another mention at #3, with hypnotism this time. The headline is offensive but the body of the entry is more balanced. I’ve long suspected that their headlines are written by the editors rather than the writers.