The Count of Serbia (Short story)

This is just a short story I ended up writing based around a picture I drew up recently. I don’t actually know much about Serbia, but it’s where I ended up going to for etymology on the term *“vampire”, picking up character names on the way, so I guess it takes place there.( Or Romania?)

*You see, I didn’t want to call this thing a “vampire”, because it’s not quite a vampire, so I was looking around for something from the same linguistic realm to use, but I digress.

The sun was just about to finish setting, making way for the cool summer night.
Despite the outer woods shading the road, there was a very gentle breeze, which was especially pleasant as it drafted slightly up her long skirt, caressing her smooth legs. Hers was a delicate frame possessed of long, light hair, also a delight in the evening breeze.

Her youthful face beamed with delight in the pleasant weather, carring her hard-picked basket of apples from the orchid down the way. Her home was only a couple of miles away, and her parents were sure to be pleased with her harvest.

Then a voice called to her, a young man’s voice.


She stopped and looked around curiously for the voice, seeing him step out from the trees. He was rather well dressed to be in the woods, appearing as perhaps one of the local earl’s heirs.

“Sorry to startle, lady. Name is Arseni. May I have such pretty lady’s name?”

She chuckled, almost turning rosy-cheeked at his awkward sincerity.

“My momma and pappa named me Adrijana.”

“Adrijana? Is pretty name! I like! Those apples for momma and pappa?”

“Yes, I picked them from the orchid down the way. You would be well in visiting, they’re such juicy ones!”

As the man approached, Adrijana could make out his features a little better. He was an incredibly handsome man, and not far from her age-She’d be slow to turn him down as a suitor. His skin, however, was rather anemic, and his hair had little color at all.

“Adrijana very dutiful girl. Faithful girl. Spare me some time?”

As his smiled widened, she could make out what appeared to be small fangs in his mouth. Her beaming smile faded into a look of fear. Her heartbeat quickened and she dropped her basket, too panicked to scream as she backed away. Clumsily she turned to flee, stumbling only to be caught by Arseni. He placed his arms around her, keeping her own arms pinned to her sides as he brought his teeth to bear ever so gentle on her tender neck, just barely penetrating her skin, careful not to cause further harm as she wriggled and struggled, until she realized something:

He wasn’t draining her life-sustaining blood. Rather she could feel something being injected, much like an adder encounter she had suffered a few summers past. As Arseni spurted venom into her with his fangs, one of his hands found its way down the small of her back and rested on her behind for a second, before he began rubbing up and down vigorously. In what was perhaps the most surreal element of her attack, her soft panties began thickening as he stroked her most inappropriately, whispering to her:

“Silly girl. Adrijana too cute for panties!”

At first it felt as though she were wearing two or three pairs of panties, and the layers between them seemed to fill rapidly with some sort of cotton-like material. Under his rubbing hand, Adrijana’s panties continued to thicken, and the tiny bow on their front dissolved as adhesive strips of material began forming along the front, as though they were holding it together. The soft material between her bottom and her skirt began crinkling noisily as she felt lacing line the leg holes.

Grinning adoringly, Arseni pulled away gently, as though they had just shared a passionate kiss. As her frantic heart pumping the poison through her system, Adrijana stared into his eyes, and her mind began clouding up. Her last fully coherent thoughts dwelt on the feelings swaddling her hips. The ludicrousness of the notion aside, did her panties… Just turn into a diaper?

Adrijana’s eyes lost focus, staring afar off as her pupils dilated. Her expression relaxed into a neutral frown, and her face went just a little pale. She moaned a little, like a child with a fever as her tummy gurgled quietly. She rocked a little from side to side, showing her loss of coordination and strength. Arseni, admiring his apparent handiwork, made use of her new-found suggestability.

“Adrijana pretty girl, cute girl, young girl. Cute girl like babe. Adrijana need diaper, Adrijana pee herself like babe! Lift dress, show Arseni!”

Adrijana was only barely concious of her surroundings. It was like a blury dream over which she had no control. Upon hearing his words, she began trickling urine, her unfocused, hypnotized look intact. She obediantly hoisted her dress up, revealing that she was now, in fact, wearing an adult-sized diaper, embroidered with a faded floral pattern, as though to fit an unspoiled flower such as herself.

Then, helpless to hold back, she began peeing in the diaper with full intent. She wasn’t sure if she had really needed to go so badly this whole time or if this were some trick, though she could hardly focus her thoughts clearly enough to think about it or really care; she just stood there, peeing in the diaper. Arseni watched intently, lightly prodding and squeezing the fabric as it thirstily drank her fluids, the warm and just-slightly-golden patch growing through the crotch and bottom of the garment.

The poor maiden, having surrendered her very maturity with such an act, let her skirt fall back into place and began shivering slightly, as though she were cold. Arseni took her and led her over to a log by the road, and sat her in his lap, combing her golden hair with his fingertips.

As they sat there together, Arseni pulled her dress back up and began very gently tugging and kneading the crotch to Adrijana’s diaper, spreading the wetness around and drawing her suppressed attention down there.

“You good girl! You wear diaper. You sweet girl! Adrijana meek, like child. Humble. Happy. You make man happy, man make you happy. You change children diaper, he change you. You cute girl!”

She slowly moved her hands to her diaper, resting them gently over her now-teased privates as he began massaging her stomach.

“See? Adrijana cute girl! Cute girl needs diaper. Cute girl likes diaper! Cute girl like babe!”

Arseni shifted their positioning, and Without any specific command, Adrijana couldn’t help farting a little as she steadily and rapidly filled the seat of her padded brief. She was a virgin and very much a stranger to any such “encounters”, but here she sat in her most stimulated moment to date, in a diaper, wetting and pooping herself. her inhibitions against promiscuity and holding her bodily wastes were both completely subdued by the bite.

This (somewhat) benign entity, however, would not appear to desire taking lewd advantage of this circumstance. He gently sat her on the log next to him, and stood up.

“Thank you, Adrijana. I love this, you are very fun girl. Very cute girl. Very good girl. You marry good man, make him happy. I make sure he make you happy!”

He then prodded her wet diaper a little more.

“You good girl. Good girl need diaper. Good girl like babe.”

Adrijana felt groggy, as though she were slowly waking up from a deep sleep. Night had clearly fallen by now, and the breeze had died down some. She tried to recall and make sense of what had transpired, but such attempts only brought a headache.

“Mmm… H-how long has it been?”

She found herself sitting on a log near the road. In her lap was a diaper, her hands placed gently on top of it.

“A… Diaper? Oh! That’s right!”

She placed the diaper in her basket, thankful that in all of that, that man at least had the decency to keep those from falling out into the dirt or something. She spent hours picking them! Making sure no one was around to watch, she hiked her skirt up and examined herself. She frowned, blushing a little, as she carefully examined her soiled undergarment, identical in design to the clean one she was left with.

She stood up, wobbling cautiously, still somewhat afflicted by the poison. She hid the clean diaper in the bottom of the basket, the creature’s words slowly coming back to her memory, and began walking home. Her steps brought some dribbling, causing her to stop in alarm as she began peeing herself again. She blushed and began whining a little, pressing her free hand into her dress as though to stop the flow, but it was futile. With a sigh, she simply resumed her return home.

“How am I going to explain this to momma and pappa? An oh! Little Milica! As much trouble as she has learning to use the pot, seeing her damsel sister in such a state will surely confuse her! Dear oh dear…”

As she neared her home, all she wanted was to get out of this wet, messy thing. All she could think about was getting the diaper off. With such a mess, it’d be nice if someone could help her with it. It would be awesome if Nebojsa, the virile young son of the tanner, could do it. She was always too shy to talk to him, but his smile melts glaciers. Yeah! It’d never happen, but it’d sure be great if he just happened to come over and do that! And in light of what’s just happened, maybe he should put her in this other diaper, just to be safe.

Adrijana then shook her head, embarrassed for thinking such silly thoughts. What was more embarrassing, however, was the smile that thinking them brought to her lips…