The Controller

Ok. For a long time I’ve been reading stories, but this is the first time I’ve posted anything. After reading so many stories, I began to form some idea of what I liked in a story and nothing can match what you’re looking for like something you make yourself and so this story came to be. It’s a work in progress and there are still some details that need working on. It’s sort of like a rough draft so I’m not as descriptive of certain things like scenery or people, but I don’t think that matters. What mattered to me was the story and getting out the ideas I had. I hope people will enjoy it and I’m open to critique.


Hello. My name is James and I am the Controller of planet Earth. “What is a Controller?” you ask. It means that I have been given the power to manipulate the world around me as I see fit. With that kind of power, many would become rich beyond their wildest dreams. Some would even taken over the world…but not me. Here is my story.

“Computer, Activate Story Reader. Story: Biography, Section: The Beginning.”

Chapter 1

James had never been a very interesting person. He had dirty blond hair and blue/green eyes. He was about six feet tall and fairly lean, lacking both muscle and fat. He lived with his father, mother, and younger sister. He had a few friends, got average grades, played no sports, and he’d never kissed a girl. That all changed one day when some bullies on the bus dragged him off a couple stops before his. He was walking through town when he tripped and almost fell flat on his face. He looked down and saw that his shoe was untied. He knelt down to tie his shoe and as he was finishing something blew across the ground in front of him he looked at it and saw that it was a fifty-dollar bill.

“Whoa,” he said. “I guess all clouds really do have a silver lining.”

He picked up the bill, put it in his pocket, and continued walking.

On his way home he was walking by an alleyway when he heard a moaning sound coming from the alley. He stopped to look in the alley and he saw an old man slumped against the wall. His wore a brown suit and hat that looked tattered and torn and he held a cane in his right hand. His grey hair was thin and messy. James hesitated for a moment thinking about how many reasons there were for him to just turn and continue on his way home. But despite those reasons, something was compelling him to go talk to the man. He proceeded into the alley and walked up to the old ma’s side.

“Excuse me sir,” he asked. “Are you ok?”

The man lifted his eyes to meet James’. James felt strange, like the man was staring strait into his sole. The man lowered his gaze, shook his head, and chuckled.

“Nothing that concerns you boy. I lost my job, my car, and my home. My wife took the kids and left me. I’ve got no cash and I have not eaten since lunch two days ago, but I can’t say I’ve ever done anything to deserve different.”

James couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This man had such horrible misfortune in his life and he believed that he deserved it. He turned to leave but then stopped. He turned back to the man, reached into is pocket, and pulled out the fifty he’d found.

“Excuse me sir. I think you need this more than I do,” he said and placed the bill in the man’s lap.

The man looked into his lap and smiled. As James began to walk away the old man began to chuckle and then he burst out laughing. James turned around, startled, and watched as the old man stood up and walked over to him. The man grabbed James’ arm and placed the fifty into his hand.

“You are the first person to do anything remotely kind for me,” the man explained. “I must have told that story to thirty or forty people and they all either laughed and told me I deserved it or just walked away… but not you. You gave away money that people with far more than yourself didn’t even consider. So now I am going to give you a gift for you to use as you see fit,” and with that, the man reach out a hand and placed it on the back of James’ neck.

James gasped as his vision burned white and he felt a searing pain in the back of his neck. He collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. After about a minute his vision slowly came back and he managed to catch his breath. He looked around but the old man was nowhere to be seen. James reached his hand back to feel his neck but he was not bleeding and could not feel any sort of injury. After resting another fifteen seconds or so he stood up, shook his head, dusted himself off, and began to head home.

When James got home he was still thinking about what the man might have done to him. He was so focused on his thoughts that he didn’t even notice his sister sitting on the couch holding his iPod, smiling smugly at him. He went strait to his room, threw his backpack on his bed, sat down at his computer, and opened up the project he’d been working on. One of James’ hobbies was writing programs, both simple and complicated. He’d written many simple programs with languages like Basic and was just beginning to learn the language C. He was working on a blackjack program. Working on his computer allowed him to focus on the things he wanted to and forget the problems he’d been having. However, not even this could get his mind off the old man.

What did he do to me? James thought to himself. For all I know, he could have infected me with some new, top secret, government bio-weapon or prototype mind control device! James eventually managed to clam down.

“I mean at least something positive came out of this,” he said as he pulled the fifty out of his pocket. “My friends are gonna be so jealous.” He decided to just forget about the old man and get to work on his homework.

Chapter 2

The rest of the week passed without anything particularly weird or eventful happening. James showed his friends the money he’d found and they were just as surprised and jealous as he’d expected them to be. They were making plans to meet up on the weekend and he told them he was definitely in. Other than that his week consisted of school, homework, and doing things on his computer. Friday night finally arrived and James was happy to have no homework for the weekend and he was looking forward to hanging with his friends. All through dinner he enjoyed the jealous look his sister had on her face, which he new was from when she found out about his lucky find. After dinner he cleared his plate and was heading back to his room when his mother ask him if he could take out the trash. James really just wanted to go in his room and relax but he reluctantly grabbed the trash and headed out front. His house had a large, steep driveway and he had to lug the trash all the way down. When he reached the bottom he chucked the trash bag into its can and wiped his hands on his on his pants. He turned around to go back to the house and almost felled over backwards in surprise upon seeing the old man standing right behind him.

“Oh my,” the man said, standing with both hands on his cane in front of him. “I apologize if I startled you. Have you enjoyed my gift?”

James noticed that he looked different than before. His suite looked almost brand new and his hat was tipped down, covering his eyes. The hair James could see was now neatly combed and there was no sign of the dirt or bruises that had adorned his face and hands during their previous encounter.

“You!” James shouted, heart beating heavily in his chest. “What are you doing hear? Wh-who are you? What did you DO to me?!”

“Oh,” the man sad with a frown on his face. “So you haven’t even figured it out yet? Hmmm…”

“Listen old man,” James yelled, fear turning into anger. “I’m sick of this! You’re going to tell me, RIGHT NOW, what the hell is going on.”

The man chuckled and, with a smile on his face, met James’ gaze. James instantly felt the same weird feeling as before, as if the man were looking strait through him to his soul.

“Ok James, I’ll explain everything to you so listen up.”

James was shocked. How did this man know his name?

“My name is not important,” The man said. “You probably couldn’t even pronounce it. I guess the most impotent bit of information for me to start things off with is this: I am not a human. I am one of the first sentient species ever to form in this universe.”

When James heard this he thought Oh great! He really is crazy. Better make sure I’ve got an escape path in case I have to run.

“Oh I assure you that that wont be necessary,” the man said.

James was stunned. He just stood there with his mouth agape. The man had read his mind. Either he was right earlier when he’d guessed about a mind control device or the man really was an alien.

“I think things will go much quicker if you choose the second option,” the man continued. “As I was saying, my species is so old the inhabitants of your planet might consider us gods…and in a sense, they would be correct.”

“Wait!” James said, his head spinning from everything he’d heard so far, still thinking in his usually logical but open-minded fashion. “First you say your and alien and now you’re telling me you’re a god?”

“No James. I am not a god, but this brings us to the next topic at hand: the gift you have received. You see, having the wisdom that comes from being around since the done of time, my species has chosen to wander the universe and monitor the progress of planets where life forms. But we are not omnipotent, omnipresent, nor are we omniscient. We cannot control the things that happen on every planet in the universe. This is why, rather than staying to play the role of God ourselves, we give the role to someone else, in this case, YOU.”

Chapter 3

“WHAT?!!!” James exclaimed as he struggled to comprehend what he’d just been told. “That’s ridiculous! You’re not an alien! I’m not God! Now remove whatever it is you used to read my mind from my head and get out of my life!”

And with that, James tossed the trashcan at the old man and made a break for it. He didn’t make it far. He slowed to a stop when he realized the loud crash that usually accompanied a flying trashcan had not sounded. He turned slowly and when he saw the reason his jaw dropped, he couldn’t move a muscle, and his mind screeched to a halt. Standing before him was the same old man, but now one hand was raised from his staff and held open in front of him. But what had blown James’ mind was the trashcan, floating in the air in front of the man’s hand. As James continued to stare, the old man twisted his wrist, turning the trashcan upright, and then lowered his arm, placing the trashcan back on the ground. After the trashcan had settled, the old man lowered his arm and began walking toward James with an face with an utter lack of emotion.

After everything James had seen that night, the floating trashcan was the straw that broke the back of the camel that was running on the hamster wheel that powered James’ brain. He stared as the old man walked toward him and could do nothing. I’m doomed. He thought to himself. He’s ticked off and now he’s gonna vaporize me. The man reached James and stopped about a foot in front of him. He stood there and stared for what seemed to James like an eternity before rolling his eyes, a huge grin spreading across his face, and saying,

“Will you please just calm down. Let’s talk somewhere a bit more comfortable.”

James’ vision white like one week earlier, but this time it only lasted for about five seconds. When he could see again, he realized that they were standing in a room, no wait, his room. When he realized this he collapsed on his bed, feeling exhausted from everything that had happened. Unfortunately, that’s when the old man spoke up and said,

“Sorry son, but we’re not finished yet.”

James would have jumped again but he was too tired. Instead he just rolled on his side so that he was facing the man, now seated in his desk chair, and said,

“Hit me…but just one question. If you wont tell me your name, what should I call you?”

That seemed to catch the old man off guard. He paused for a moment, brow wrinkled in thought, and then replied, “What was it you called me when we first met?”

James thought for a second and the said, “You mean Sir? That’s not a name it’s…”

“That will do fine,” the man, Sir, said. “Now, where was I? Oh, yes. You see son, you have been given a gift. It is a piece of technology that, translated into your language, is call a Remote and the beings that have a Remote are called Controllers. It allows our race to manipulate the fabric of the universe around us…to an certain extent. It is so advance that your race would probably go extinct a million times before a human were to discover it. However, though the technology is so advanced, it is actually not hard for any sentient race to use, that is, once they figure out how to turn it on.” And with that, Sir snapped his fingers and said, “Activate controller software in subject James of planet Earth.”

At first nothing happened. James looked at the man expectantly but he just sat there and smiled. James was about to say something when it happen, so suddenly in fact that he fell over backwards and hit his head on the wall behind him. He sat up rubbing his head and looked at what was in front of him. It was a floating, hologram keyboard and screen; similar to those he’d seen in the new Ironman movie. He reached his hand out to touch the screen and, to his surprise, it reacted. He moved his hand to the right and the screen followed. He lifted up above his head so that he could see Sir clearly and asked,

“Can you see this too?”

“Yes I can,” Sir replied, “but only because I too have a Remote, though, a much more advanced version. No one else will be able to see them.”

“So what does it do?”


“Well, how does it work?”

“That is the question. You see, this technology is controlled entirely by the mind. At 100% productivity, you can do anything just by thinking it. But whenever someone new gets a Remote, it starts out in a mode that will best suit the user. I understand you are a fan of computers. This must be why the Remote is displaying a screen for you.”

“Okay…” James said, still trying to understand. “So how do I use it?”

“I can get you started, but, for the most part, that is for you to figure out.”

Sir stood up and walked over to James. He placed his hand on James’ head and closed his eyes. He stood there for about a minute, then he opened his eyes and returned to his seat.

“Okay,” Sir said. "I have searched your mind and have found the best explanation. “The device currently works in two ways. The first is similar to the ‘programming’ that you are such a fan of. And the second is basically like a control panel. Depending on what you wish to do, buttons, switches, levers, and the sort will appear on the board for you to use. Now the last thing for me to do before I leave is have you test each of these modes.”

“How will I do that?” James asked while he moved the holo-screen around beside him.

Sir looked around the room and then spotted James’ sets of role-playing dice. He pointed to the 20-sided die and said, “with that.”

James walked over to his shelf and picked up the die.

“Ok. Now what?”

“You are going to role the die and chose its outcome.”


“Start by simply thinking about the task at hand. I think the control panel style will work best for this.”

James thought about what he wanted to do. He wanted to make the die land with the “20” facing up. As he thought about this, the keyboard, still floating in front of him, began to grow and transform into a circular control panel orbiting him. It spun for a bit and then stopped with a panel of twenty buttons in front of him. He looked it over and sure enough, the buttons were labeled 1-20. So he tossed the die on the desk and pushed the “20” button. The die rolled across the desk and then stopped with the twenty facing up. James couldn’t believe it. He picked the die up and rolled it again, this time pressing “17”. The die bounced, rolled, and stopped with seventeen facing up. James tried it three more times. He tried with a different die. Then he tried with a ten-sided die and the buttons for the numbers 11-20 sunk into the control panel and vanished.

After James had thoroughly tested that it was not just dumb luck, he put the dice back on the shelf, sat back down on his bed, and said, “Wow.”

Sir smiled and said, “The controls are very simple as you get used to them. The Remote is focused with your mind, so if three dice are thrown and you want one to land high and the other to land low you only need to focus on it. Also, the floating screens and boards are completely adaptable. If you want multiple screens, just think it. If you wanted just one button that you could press easily, the board could change into a small hand-held trigger or something. In short, feel free to try things. Now we should try to test the other mode.”

“You mean the programming mode?” James asked. “How am I supposed to write programs to do things as complicated as manipulating the universe with a language I don’t even know.”

As James finished his last sentence, the floating screen moved back in front of his face and began to rapidly flash images. James stared at the screen, losing track of everything else around him. After about a minute, the images stopped. James shook his head and, feeling a little dizzy, asked, “What just happened?”

“If I had to guess,” Sir said, “I’d say that you just got a short introduction into remote programming.”

“What are you talking about?” Will asked. “All it did was flash a bunch of images so quickly that I didn’t even have time to comprehend what I was seeing.”

“Oh really?” Sir said, lifting an eyebrow and smiling. “Then I guess you wouldn’t know the function to make a rolling wheel miss a pebble it’s rolling toward.”

“Of coarse I don’t know how to…” James said, trailing off as he realized he did know. “Wait! I do know. How do I know?”

“You either are not advanced enough or you simply have not had the Remote long enough for the Remote to share information with you directly. Instead, it uses information-imbedded images that your subconscious processes to download what you need into your head” (This info-image idea came from the television show Chuck, however, I can’t say I wouldn’t have come up with something a lot like it on my own. It just seemed appropriate here).

“Ok. So now that I know how it works, what am I supposed to do with it? Am I supposed to be God and solve all the Earth’s problems?” James asked, feeling a little worried.

“Oh no. For one thing, you’re a bit too young to understand what effects major alterations to the world would have. I doubt you could solve the world’s problems. For another thing, your Remote is still in a simplified mode. It’s like with your computers. Your just a user currently, not an administrator. The Remote will not be able to change things as large as those required to ‘fix the world.’ The only thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with the Remote. So, now that you understand, I must be going.” And with that, he stood up to leave.

“Wait!” James said. “I was wondering if you could teach me how to teleport, like how you got us here?”

“Though your Remote will allow it, it is a bit too complicated for you to comprehend yet. I’m not sure how I’d be able to teach you to do it.”

James thought about this for a moment and then said, “Well then don’t teach me. If this thing runs a system that uses programs, I only need you to give me one that will teleport me to the location I am focusing on and I can save it.”

“Hmmmm….That just might work,” Sir said with an intrigued look on his face. “Ok. Let’s see what I can do.” Sir closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment.

James waited for about ten seconds and then a small window popped up with the heading “Programs.” Displayed on the screen was a single file with the name “Personal Teleport.”

“If that will be all James,” Sir said once he had finished, “I must be one my way. If you ever need to reach me, I’m in your ‘Contacts.’” And with that, Sir tipped his hat and was gone.

James just sat motionless on his bed, trying to process everything that had happened to him. An alien had just given him the power to manipulate the world like some sort of God. For a short time, James did nothing but sit in silence. Then a huge smile spread across his face and he lay down on his bed and said, “Yeah! All RIGHT!”

Chapter 4

James awoke the next morning after having a slightly restless night. He got out of bed and dressed himself, thinking about hanging out with his friends. Then he remembered what had happened the night before. At first he thought it had been a dream, but when he tried to recall what the Remote had looked like, it blinked into view in front of him. Once James had realized that it had not been a dream and had indeed happened, he felt pretty excited. There was still a part of him that was suspicious of what was going on, but it was overcome by curiosity. James sat down on his bed and began to experiment with the device. He discovered that, not only could it do the amazing things that involved changing the universe, but it could also do everything a normal computer could do and more. If there was something he wanted to know, the screens could display it for him almost instantaneously. James found a file within the device that described some of its other features, which was when he stumbled upon a very interesting feature. The Remote was capable of monitoring the world. James decided to experiment with this, so he tried to think of a good test. When he’d thought of one, he typed it in while thinking about it. Almost before he’d finished entering the command, another window popped up and pushed the main one off to the side. James found himself looking at exactly what he’d told the Remote to show him: the front of his house. He found that, by using some of the buttons and trackpads that had appeared on the circular keyboard, he could alter the view to show him every little detail.

James then decided to check on his little sister. As he’d expected, she was in her room, looking at magazines. James thought of a great test for the devices programming abilities. He opened a window and began to write a new program using the strange code that he had learned the night before. It took him only about thirty seconds to finish the program and then, keeping an eye on the screen that was monitoring his sister, he hit “execute.” James watched as to his astonishment, the program began to take affect. A huge gust of wind blew in through the open window, tearing the magazine right out of his sister’s hands and depositing it in the fish tank on the other side of the room. James snickered, looking at the shocked expression on his sister’s face. She then stood up and fished the magazine out of the tank. She looked at the soaked pages and the exclaimed, “Aw Man!”

James continued to laugh for another minute before he closed the window of his sister. James then noticed that a small screen had popped up. It was the screen that showed the saved programs and a new folder had appeared labeled “Previously Used Programs.” James then made the Remote disappear and exited his room to go eat breakfast. He poured himself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat, his mind wandering once again to thoughts of what he and his friends might do that day. When he’d finished eating, put the bowl in the sink, and, after telling his mother that he was leaving, left to go meet his friends. As James was walking down his driveway, he remembered something else from the night before. Sir had given him a program that he could use to teleport. James quickly went back up to his house and then he went around back. After he’d made sure that no one was watching him. James opened a window that showed him a view of the area he was thinking of teleporting to. It was a secluded area in the park that was across from the mall that he had discovered it when he was younger. It was a little opening that was completely surrounded by bushes and to his delight no one was there. He closed the screen and brought up the “Personal Teleport” program. He hit “execute” the screen prompted him to input the location that he wished to travel to and to think about it as he hit “enter.” James typed it in and then, with his eyes closed, thought about the little hollow and pushed the button.

Nothing happened. Or at least, James didn’t think that anything had happened. But when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in fact inside the little thicket. After a few seconds of jumping around in excitement, James worked his way out of the bushes and walked over to the mall. He didn’t have to wait long before his friends showed up. James and his friends went inside and began to wander around, not sure where to go first. They eventually decided to check out the arcade. They stayed there for about an hour and a half before one of them suggested that they go get lunch. They left the arcade and headed over to the pizza parlor. They got there, ordered a giant cheese pizza and took it out to a table to eat it. As they were eating, James spotted Garret and Chuck coming toward their table. Garret and Chuck were two of the “popular jocks” that went to the same school as James. They thought that they were “all that” and that people like James and his friends were there just to worship and serve them. To make matters worse, Chuck had had it out for James ever since the first day of high school when James had managed to avoid being thrown in a dumpster, only to accidentally send Chuck flying into the dumpster in his place. Since then, Chuck took every chance he could to humiliate, pick on, and sometimes-even beat up James. Fortunately James was usually able to outsmart Chuck in some way and get away. Now Chuck and Garret walked up to James and his friends, acting like they were some kind of royalty.

“Hey Jaaaaames,” Chuck said snatching a piece of pizza from the center of the table. Garret stood behind Chuck, smiling like he was watching one of his favorite shows. James sat there and ignored Chuck, but his friends spoke up on his behalf.

“Buzz of you two!” One of them yelled.

“Yeah! Get your own pizza!” another one added.

“Oh yeah?” Chuck said. “Who’s gonna make us leave?”

“We will,” James’ friends said all standing up at the same time. Chuck and Garret may have been big sports players, but James’ friends outnumbered them.

“Fine, you’re all losers any way.” Chuck said acting like it was his idea to leave.

Now seeing Chuck always made James mad, but today he was particularly angry for some reason. He wanted to get Chuck back for all the horrible things he’d done to James. Then all of a sudden, the Remote appeared in front of James with the keyboard and a window for a new program. This caught James off guard but he managed to stay clam and not show that anything had happened. Then James realized that he could use the Remote to get back a Chuck, not to do anything harmful to him, but just to really embarrass him. When James ignored Chuck, it was not to give him the cold shoulder, but because he was rapidly typing out a program with his hands underneath the table. Fortunately his friends had stalled Chuck long enough for him to finish the program and reshape the keyboard into a trigger that he floated loosely in the palm of his hand. Then James stood up and said,

“Hey Chuck! You like the pizza?”

Chuck turned around, his eyes revealing his excitement at his chance to get to James. He walked back over, standing, just a bit taller than James, with his face right in James’ and said,

“Yeah. Why don’t you give me and Garret the rest?”

James smiled and said, “I’m glad you liked it. I don’t know about the rest…but have another piece!”

With that, will pushed the button in his palm, picked up a slice of pizza, and pushed it into Chuck’s face. Chuck was completely surprised and he stumbled backwards. James and his friends watched as, just as James was expecting, a skateboard came rolling down up behind Chuck. Chuck stepped on the skateboard and, just like something from a cartoon, it took him sailing down the walkway. He rolled all the way to the end and then went flying into an ice cream vendor’s cart. Garret, James, and all of his friends ran down the walkway to see how Chuck was. When they reached the cart, Garret ran over to Chuck and helped him out of the cart. Chuck was covered in ice cream from the waist up and he was shivering. He looked around the people staring at him and then his eyes rested on James, but to the surprise of James’ friends, he did not look mad; he just looked very startled. Apparently no one had ever stood up to him quite like that and he didn’t know how to respond. James saw this and took the chance that he may not get again for quite some time. He stepped up to Chuck and said with absolute confidence in his voice,

“Listen up Chuck. I’m tired of you harassing me. You need to realize that you’re not better than us or anyone else. Stop acting like such a jerk and stop picking on people!” James turned to walk away and then, glancing back, he added, “Stay cool Chuck.” Then James and his friends walked off, leaving Chuck standing there, dumbstruck.

Chapter 5

The weekend was over and James was back at school. He was in his English class, listening to the teacher go on and on about a book he’d already finished reading. James had discovered that he could get the remote to monitor what the teacher was saying and then if the teacher asked him a question, it would alert him and show him the answer. This allowed James to let his mind wander, or in this class, his eyes. You see, James was looking at the girl sitting next to him, Annie Heartwood. Annie was the girl that James was infatuated with. She had shiny dark-black hair that came down past her shoulders, her eyes were a beautiful emerald green, and her smile was flawless. James had been admiring Annie for years, but he never felt brave enough to approach her. At school, she was part of a more popular crowd than he was, but he was able to see her because had her in most of his classes.

James was shaken from his daydreaming by the sound of the bell. He packed up his stuff and left the classroom, watching Annie walk out of sight down the hallway and then heading outside to meet his friends for lunch. His friends were still talking about what had happened with Chuck over the weekend and congratulating James. He modestly shrugged off their comments, not really participating in their conversation and instead staring off and letting his mind wander. Then James saw something that shattered all of his thoughts and immediately snapped him back to reality. What he saw was Annie, but she was crying! James watched Annie run into the building and he saw one of her closest friends, Mary Beth, trying to catch up to her. James excused himself from his friends and ran over to the doorway that Annie had gone through. He reached it at the same time as Mary Beth.

“What happened?” James asked Mary Beth.

“Nothing,” Annie’s friend said, passing by James without even looking at him.

Well obviously something had happened and James was going to find out what. So he headed to the bathroom, went into a stall, locked it, sat down, and activated the Remote. James didn’t have that much time before lunch ended so he used a feature of the Remote that basically slowed time down. What it actually did was allow James to use it at the speed of thought, which simply made everything else seem slower in comparison. First James asked to see Annie and when the window popped up. What James saw was Annie sitting with Mary Beth in the girl’s restroom crying.

James had to know why Annie was so upset so he asked the Remote to show him what had happened. What James first saw was that Annie and Mary Beth were eating lunch together and talking Then Eve and her gang of friends came over to Annie’s table. Eve was one of the really popular girls in the school. She was that one girl that most boys would dump their girlfriends without a second thought to be with. She was like Chuck, in that she believed that she was better than other people for no real reason. As she walked over to Annie and Mary Beth, James could already tell that this was her fault. James watched as Eve and her posse sat down at the table across from Annie and Mary Beth.

“Hello Annie. How are things?” Eve said, not even acknowledging Mary Beth.

“Hi Eve,” Annie replied pleasantly, masking the fact that she didn’t want Eve there. “I’m fine. How are you?”

Eve smiled and said, “Oh I’m great. I went to this awesome party last night and we all had a blast.”

“Sounds like it was fun,” Annie said, refusing to let Eve’s obvious “my life’s so much better than yours” comments get to her.

“Oh, it was,” Eve said, completely oblivious to the sarcasm in Annie’s voice. “The thing is, I was so busy this weekend that I didn’t get a chance to finish that assignment that Mr. Darwin assigned us, so I thought I’d just ask you to lend me yours to help me finish mine.”

At this point, most people would just give Eve their homework. Those who didn’t want to would usually do it any way because they knew that Eve could make life at school very hard for them. Annie was clever though and she had a response almost immediately.

“I’m sorry Eve, but I left it in my locker,” Annie told Eve, a tiny smile visible to James.

Eve’s smile quickly changed into a frown as she said, “Oh…well I guess there’s no helping that.” Then Eve seemed to notice Mary Beth for the first time.

“Mary Beth,” Eve said cheerfully. “You have Mr. Darwin too don’t you? Could I borrow your homework?”

Mary Beth wasn’t as sure of herself when it came to Eve and she didn’t really know what to say, but Annie spoke up for her,

“Listen Eve,” Annie said aggressively. “You know as well as we do that you just want to copy our work. You also know that Mr. Darwin is the teacher in this school who checks for that kind of thing more than any other. We don’t want to get in trouble so we are not going to give you our work.”

Eve did not take this well. “How dare you say that after I come over here and ask you nicely for a little help. It’s not going to hurt anything if you just let me copy you one time.”

“Eve, it’s not just one time. You’re always asking people to copy their work and you’re just to stuck up to accept it when someone says no.”

“Stuck up? I’m not stuck up! You’re just a bitch whose father was too busy robbing stores to teach you how to be polite!”

That was it. When Eve said that, Annie stood up and ran out of the room. Mary Beth glared at Eve and her friends, who were all snickering, grabbed both her and Annie’s bags and then ran after her.

James sat there furious at Eve and her friends for upsetting Annie so badly. James remembered having heard that Annie’s father had been in jail since she was three years old. She had grown up without her father in her life, so Eve insulting her for that was a really low blow. Annie was the nicest person James knew and she didn’t deserve to be upset like that. So James made a decision. He’d get a little revenge against Eve. Let her be the one to be embarrassed or upset for a change.

James deactivated the Remote and checked his watch. There were still ten minutes left in the lunch period. He left the bathroom and began walking back down the hallway to go back to his friends, but he saw Annie and Mary Beth coming from the other end of the hall. Annie had stopped crying, but she still had tear marks n her face and was sniffling. James was about to turn and go the other way when Mary Beth spotted him coming toward them. James wasn’t sure what to do, but when he reached the girls he just asked sympathetically,

“Are you ok? Is anything wrong?”

“Just leave her alone,” Mary Beth said, acting a lot more protective and aggressive than she usually was.

“No Mary, it’s ok.” Annie said. She then turned to James and said, “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”

“No problem,” James said, incredibly glad that Annie had even reacted to him. “I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.”

“Well thanks, um… I’m sorry but I can’t remember your name.”

“Oh, well I’m James. We have a few classes together, like English.”

“Oh yes, thank you James.”

At that moment, the bell rang, cutting the first conversation James had ever had with the girl he liked short. Inside James was going NO NO NO NO NO! but on the outside he just looked around. People began to enter the hallways and Annie looked back at James and said, “Well James, thanks for caring. I’ll see you later.” Then she and Mary Beth walked off to class. James felt very excited. He’d finally spoken with Annie. Then he remembered the circumstances of that conversation. She’d been hurt…by Eve. Now, as he walked to class, the only thing James was thinking about was about how he would get revenge on Eve. By the end of the day, James had a plan and after using the Remote to check what Eve was doing after school that day, he was ready to go through with it.

Chapter 6

After school, James called home and told his mother that he was going to hang out with some friends after school. Then he got on the bus that Eve and her friends were taking and waited for it to depart. During the bus ride, James began to type out little programs that he might use for his plan. He wasn’t sure which ones he’d use, but he knew what he was going to do. He put them in a folder labeled “Embarrassing Eve” and then. When the bus finally reached the correct stop Eve and her friends got off and James did as well. He followed them subtly, which wasn’t hard because of their non-stop chatting. James followed the girls all the way to public library, a place where they often hung out after school. James wasn’t sure why they chose the library to hang out, but it was the perfect place for what he wanted to do.

Eve and her friends entered the library and went to the table in the back that they always sat at. Will followed them and sat alone at a table on the other side of a shelf of books. From here he opened up the full display on the remote control. He had access to a multitude of buttons, dials and meters on the control panel and a number of screens appeared in front of him. One showed him the table that Eve and her friends sat at. Another was focused specifically on Eve. The central window had the programs he’d prepared ready for him to use. Now James was ready. He waited a while for the girls to get settled, about ten minutes, and then began his plan. First James activated a few programs to alter the way Eve’s clothing would react. Then he started to work using the control panel. He watched the “Eve” screen carefully as he pushed the button that would start the show.

Note: There are points in the story where I will be switching perspective. Some passages will be written as if Eve, or later on other characters, were the main character. Some will be written like the rest of the story, with James as the main character. I will label each section starting with the character’s name in bold.

Eve: Eve sat with her friends, talking about what parties they could check out and which boys were he hottest. It was fairly superficial talk, but it was what Eve knew best. Eve was listening to her friends talk when she began to feel strange. Her stomach was cramping and she felt pressure on her abdomen. Then, as quickly as it had come, the feeling was gone and Eve’s eyes widened as he felt her bottom growing warm. She sat there as she silently and effortlessly filled her underwear with poop. It happened very quickly, taking less than five seconds, and then she was finished and sitting there in messy panties.

James: James smiled as he watched Eve’s reaction. He knew just what was going through her mind. He’d discovered tat the Remote could show him peoples thoughts in a way that looked a lot like posts Twitter or any online website like that. Eve was worried about her underwear holding the mess in, but James knew it would. Those were the alterations he’d made. Her panties could easily hold what she’d filled it with…and more and the stain would not go through them. James had also made sure that if Eve stood up, her panties would not droop below the line of her skirt. James had also programmed it so that Eve would not blush and would be better at masking her emotions, her poop would not smell to anyone other than her, and friends would be wrapped up in their conversation. James wanted Eve to feel embarrassed, but he did not want her friends to know what had happened, at least, not yet. James continued to watch and see what Eve would do next.

Eve: Eve couldn’t think strait. She couldn’t get over what she’d just done. She was sitting there in her own waste and her friends hadn’t even noticed. She squirmed a little, feeling the warm mess against her skin, which gave her goose bumps. She couldn’t stay there, but she was worried that she would expose the mess if she stood up. Realizing that she couldn’t stay where she was, she excused herself to go to the restroom. Then, grabbing her bag and holding it between herself and her friends, she stood up and carefully walked to the restroom, all the way worrying about her messy undergarments leaking. She reached the restroom, opened the door, quickly entered, and closed and locked the door behind her.

James: James watched Eve as she excused herself from her friends and carefully walked to the bathroom, trying to use her back to hide as much of her waist as possible. He smiled as she closed the bathroom door and locked it behind her. The thoughts racing through her mind were about cleaning the mess and going home, but James wasn’t done yet. As Eve put her bag on the ground and prepared to clean up, James reached for the control panel and began to do more.

Eve: Eve closed the bathroom door, locked it, and rested her back against the door. She was so scared of someone discovering what she’d just done. She needed to clean herself up and then get home so that she could dispose of all evidence of this horribly embarrassing event. She placed her bag on the ground and began to reach for her waistband to remove her messy underwear. That’s when she was hit with another wave of pressure, much stronger than before. It forced her to her knees and as it grew stronger Eve could only moan, “Nooooooo…” Then, just as before, the pressure left and Eve could feel herself filling her undergarments with even more of the warm, putrid mess. She continued to fill her underwear for ten seconds, non-stop, and when she was finally done her underwear was filled from front to back and around the sides. When Eve finished, her body relaxed and she fell back from her kneeling position right onto her bottom. Yet miraculously none of the mess spilled out, thanks to James. Eve sat on the floor, breathing heavily and feeling the sticky warmth of the disgusting mess in her panties. As she sat there, her mind blank except for complete surprise and shock, she felt another sensation, different from before, and then she began to wet herself. She just sat there, doing nothing as she continued to empty her bladder. When Eve finished wetting herself, she continued to sit on the floor, the only thought on her mind being that things were hopeless now. The pee would have easily seeped through her panties and made a huge mark on her skirt. After a few minutes, Eve finally stood up to examine her messy state and, to her utter surprise and delight, there was no sign of what she had just done on her skirt. This tiny bit of good news made her less depressed and she began to hurriedly clean herself and empty her underwear into the toilet.

James: James did not watch Eve as she cleaned herself up; he was not that kind of person, he put the window that was monitoring her behind him and told the computer to notify him when she was done. While Eve was cleaning herself up, James turned his attention to the screen that was monitoring her friends. Once Eve had left, the distractedness that James had programmed for them faded and they began to talk about the things that they normally would again. James listened in on their conversation, curious about what Eve’s friends were really like.

“I wonder where Eve went?” Penelope, or sometime called Penny or Pen, the brunette said.

“I think she said she was going home,” said Jenny the red head.

“No, no, she said she was going to a party, I think. Why didn’t she invite us?” Said May the blonde.

“I’m pretty sure she went home,” said Jenny.

“Well whatever,” said Penelope. Then she smiled and chuckled to herself.

“What is it?” asked Jenny.

“Remember earlier today, When Eve made that Annie girl cry? Man what a baby.”

“Yeah,” the other two girls said. Then all three of them began to giggle.

This infuriated James again. These girls were not as bad as Eve, but they had been around her for too long and had become bad like her. A baby? Annie is no baby! James thought. If those girls wanted to see a baby, James would give them what they wanted. Using the same masking programs that he had on Eve, James refocused the remote one the three girls and pressed a few buttons. Each girl slowly stopped laughing. They looked down, not noticing the other two, only focusing on the weird feeling that had just arisen in them. Jenny proceeded to empty her bowels, smearing her behind with warm, messy poop. May began helplessly wetting herself, her panties growing warm and wet but not leaking a drop. Penelope, the one who’d laughed first, got the best of both, wetting and then messing and then wetting again. None of the three had it anywhere as bad as Eve, but that didn’t mean they weren’t embarrassed. Each of the girls stood up and made an excuse that they needed to leave. None of them noticed the others, they just each left, oblivious to everyone but themselves. James smiled and thought there we go. Now we have three babies. James was then alerted by the Remote that Eve was done. James closed the screen that was monitoring the now empty table and brought Eve’s screen back into view.

Eve: Eve finished cleaning herself and her underwear, then with much reluctance and disgust, she put her panties back on as she was not about to leave without them on. She grabbed her bag and carefully unlocked and looked out the bathroom door. No one was around so she quietly closed the door and walked toward the exit. Glancing toward the table that she had left her friends at, Eve was surprised and somewhat relieved to see that her friends had already left. She looked around one more time, squirming slightly at the touch of her still damp underwear, and then she left the library. She hurried to catch the bus that had just arrived at the bus stop and got on it, wanting nothing more than to get home and change into some underwear that wasn’t filthy.

James: James was done at the library. Using the Remote, he slightly shortened the length of Eve’s trip home and then he was ready to leave. Using the Remote, he checked to see that no one could see him. Then he activated the teleport program and had it take him home. James went inside and went up to his room. It was late dinner was just about ready. James would normally eat dinner in his room while working on homework if it was this late and he had as much homework as he did. However, with the Remote, James could do all his work in minutes. He quickly finished up his work and went down for dinner. When the meal was over, James told his parents that he was tired and was going to finish his homework and go to bed. He cleared his plate and returned to his room. Then he opened the Remote to prepare for the night. First he set up a program that would alert him if anyone were going to look in his room. He made one that would make someone looking in his room see him either doing work or sleeping in bed. Then he activated his teleport program and left.

Chapter 7

James arrived at Eve’s home and then settled himself. He was on the roof where no one would see him. Eve’s home was fairly large, two stories, and very fancy. Her family was very well off which contributed largely to her attitude. However, Eve was an only child and her parents were often both not home. They were busy people and their jobs kept them that way. This was the case tonight and Eve was home alone. James activated the Remote and brought up the “Programs” screen again. First he used his new stealth program. It was fairly simple. Any who looked upon him would not see him. Any sound he made would go unheard. He would give of no scents and any who touched him would not notice him. If he touched someone intentionally, they would feel it as an invisible force and not a person. These things would also apply to anything that he was influencing. If he picked something up or snapped a twig, no one would notice. Once that program was at work, he made himself comfortable and bought up a screen for observing Eve. James had made it so that if he were to request to observe someone who was naked or indecently exposed without his knowledge of it, the Remote would tell him of the fact and ask if he still wished to. This was not the case with Eve, so the screen popped up right away. She was sitting inside her room, and, with obvious dislike of it, working on her homework. James didn’t want to have here asking people for homework again tomorrow so he used the Remote to help her along with it. Then, when she was finished, he was ready to start.

Eve: Eve sat at her desk, pleased with how quickly she’d managed to complete her work. She hated doing homework because it took away time that she could be using to enjoy herself. She pushed her work aside and left her room to go eat something. She had been hungry that night and this was her third snack since she’d had dinner. When she’d finished eating, she returned to her room. She was lying on her bed thinking about her horrible experience earlier that day. She had eventually gotten home and with no one home to question her she had quickly removed her clothes and taken a nice hot shower. When she had finished, she had still felt dirty, but she went to her room and changed into a whole new outfit. She was now wearing a different skirt, a blouse, and a very soft sweatshirt that she always loved to wear. It reminded her of the soft stuffed toys and warm footed sleepers that she’d loved as a child. She continued to daydream about her happy childhood when she began to feel a strange, yet familiar feeling. It wasn’t unpleasant like earlier today when she’d messed herself. It was soft and comforting, like her memories from long ago, and she continued to daydream, enjoying the strange feeling.

James: What Eve didn’t realize was that the strange feeling was something she had felt long ago. He watched as she lay on the bed and her underwear began to slowly change. First they changed from being plain white undergarments to pink panties more suitable for a young girl than a teenage one. Then pictures of cute little cartoon animals began to appear on them. This entire time, Eve’s panties were also becoming softer and softer. Now the pink panties with the little pictures began to grow. They became shiny and bulged out a little, pushing Eve’s legs slightly apart. Eve remained unaware of what was happening, still daydreaming with a content smile on her face. James smiled as the undergarments stopped growing and he was no looking at a very cute teen sized diaper and a girl who seemed to be enjoying wearing it.

Eve: As Eve lay on the bed she continued to feel the strange but comforting feeling. She could almost remember having felt it before. It made her feel safe and secure like when she’d been a little girl. She was trying so hard to remember the sensation, still lying down with her eyes closed. She could almost remember something and, as her legs began to spread, she remembered a specific memory from her past. As a little girl, just barely out of training pants, Eve had wet herself during a car ride home. It had made her sad, but her mother picked her up and carried her into the house. Her mother carried her to her room and laid her down on the bed. She removed the wet panties and wiped Eve clean. Then Eve remembered what the feeling reminded her of, as she watched her mother place her young self in a diaper. This confused Eve; why was she remembering being diapered and feeling safe? As she thought about this, she felt something a little more familiar. It was a pressure on her bladder that meant she needed to pee.

Eve shot up from her bed, now thinking only about earlier that day, and rushed to the restroom at the other end of the long hallway. Eve’s need to pee increased steadily with each step that brought her closer to the bathroom. When she finally reached the door, she yanked it open, ran in, and slammed it shut. She hurriedly pulled up her skirt and froze. Eve was very confused; she was staring at what looked like a pink diaper with little animals on it. Eve stood there for another second and then tried desperately to remove the mysterious diaper, but she could not. She struggle and pulled at the straps desperately, the pressure on her bladder still increasing. Then all at once it became too much and she felt herself let go. She watched with horror as the front of the diaper began to turn yellow and the cute animal pictures faded away. She continued to wet for a full minute, surprised that the diaper could hold that much. When she was finally finished, she slowly crumpled to her knees, tears in her eyes. She knelt there on the bathroom floor in a wet, warm diaper shaking her head and repeating,

“I am not a baby. I am not a baby. I am not a baby. I am…”

Eve and James: This was James’ cue to enter. He teleported into the bathroom with Eve and made his voice heard to her, but she would here it as a deep fatherly voice and not his own. The James spoke to Eve and said,

“If you are not a baby, why do you act like one? You think the world revolves around you as only an immature baby would.”

“But I’m not a baby,” Eve wined incredibly childishly. “I am a teenage girl.”

“Would a teenage girl be sitting in a diaper that they had just wet?” James asked. To this, Eve had nothing to say so James continued,

“You are a baby, but I will help you grow up. First you need to finish expelling the bad things from your body.”

“What do you mean…” Eve said, cut of by a strong wave of pressure, stronger than the second one she felt earlier that day.

“Let it all out,” James said soothingly.

Eve’s face filled with stress as she said,

“No. I-I can’t. I’m a big girl. Big girls don’t…. don’t…. ungh…” and that was it.

Eve bent over forward on her hands and knees as she felt herself let go. There was no effort in it. She felt her diaper began to slowly fill with a warm, smelly, squishy, mess. She continued to fill her diaper for longer than was conceivably possible. She watched herself in the mirror on the door as the diaper began to expand, first in the back. Then she felt the war mess start to move to the front as well and she could see it happen in the mirror. She watched as the diaper grew and expanded far past what any normal diaper would ever do. It was now as big as her head and she was still filling it. Sometime in the middle of this she began to wet herself as well. She watched as the growing diaper began to slow and then finally she stopped going. Gazing at herself in the mirror she saw that the diaper had been filled so much that the leg holes were now all the way down the top of her knee. She felt the disgusting mess touching her everywhere, all the way from her waist down to the leg holes. Yet somehow, nothing has spilled from the diaper; it was as if it were designed as a trap to keep her locked in with her mess.

James watched all of this with extreme satisfaction, knowing that by the end of the night Eve would be a very different person. When she finally finished messing herself, James waited a moment to let her take it all in. Then he walked over and gave her a push on her chest that sent her falling back on her bum.

Eve was still staring at herself when she felt an invisible force push her and she fell backwards. She landed on her behind, which pushed the warm squishy mess all around and up against her. Eve shivered, unable to move, just sitting and feeling her messy against her skin.

James pushed a button on the Remote that would make Eve weigh less than a feather to him, walked over to Eve, and slowly picked her up, one hand under her knees and the other behind her back. He slowly carried her down the hallway to her room, rocking her gently, rubbing her back, and pushing another button.

As Eve was lifted into the air by an invisible force, she remained still and just waited for what was to come. As she began to soar back to her room, she felt a comforting rub on her back and she began to wet and mess herself again. She did not stop until they reached her room and she was set, on her newly re-warmed behind, on the bed. She was then pushed onto her back. She felt a circular motion on her stomach as will rubbed her belly and she began to wet and mess for the third time. When the rubbing stopped, the force pushed her up and stood her in front of her mirror. She saw how even while standing the diaper was so full that it now drooped bellow her skirt, which came all the way down to her knees.

“Now this just won’t do,” James said, pressing more buttons on the remote.

Eve watched as the diaper vanished, taking its contents with it. Then she felt the gross feeling on her legs and private areas go away to be replaced by a powdery feeling. She felt a new diaper appear between her legs and felt fear, as she knew she would be messing it too. She thought she was done now but she realized her mistake quickly. She watched as her skirt began to shrink, the rim rising from her knees, It continued to rise till the rim stopped just bellow her new diaper. If she moved at all, the diaper would be exposed. The she watched the hair band she wore began to change into a little pink bow. Her sweatshirt became pink as well and a cute little cat’s face appeared on the front. Eve no longer saw herself standing in the mirror. She saw cute little girl wearing a diaper and sucking her thumb, which Eve had not even noticed herself start doing.

James lowered Even onto her diapered bottom and said,

“Now go to your bed.”

Eve didn’t think twice she began to crawl across the floor rather than stand up and walk. She crawled up on the bed and sat facing the mirror. She felt the force gently push her back again, and she lay back with her tummy exposed. She felt something touch exposed belly and then she felt her bladder began to fill. She felt the pressure in her bladder and then she felt a circular rubbing motion on her tummy. The rubbing made her relax and she let it herself go. Her exposed diaper turn yellow and the animals disappeared again. She felt the diaper warm all around her but was more focused on the slow, circular rubbing. When she finished wetting, the rubbing stopped and she felt herself lifted into the air as James draped her over his shoulder. Her began to lightly pat her behind and Eve felt her bowls began to fill again. James began to slowly rub her back in circles, starting from the top and going all the way down to her diapered behind. She was very drowsy and as the feeling got stronger she removed her thumb from her mouth and very quietly moaned, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo…” as her bowels released and he diaper began to expand again. James had his hand on her bottom when she began to mess herself and he left it there as the warm mess expanded the diaper and pushed his hand away. James gently pushed back a couple time, eliciting a slight reaction from the almost sleeping Eve. Eve watched too in the mirror, the diaper expanding as the last one had and this time it stopping half way to her knees. James patted her diapered rump and sat her on the bed, making her shiver, as the mess was pushed up against her and she began to go again. Going while sitting felt very different as Eve could feel the mess moving around against her. The diaper began to grow around her and it soon reached her knees. Every time Eve felt like she had finished she would feel a touch on her stomach and her bladder and bowels would fill again. Finally it stopped for the last time and she was stood up in front of the mirror again. There she saw the little girl with a diaper so full it could have outweighed her. She watched it slowly shrink back down, the stains disappearing and the cartoons returning. When she was back in a clean diaper with her bum all clean and powdered, she was guided back to her bed, laid down and tucked in. She put her thumb back in her mouth and that night Eve fell asleep sucking her thumb and wetting and messing herself.

The Controller

This looks to be an interesting story, if a little long,

Try not to make it too cliche as you have a fairly interesting premise

The Controller

this story is pretty good my only advice is to re read your work a couple of times there are a few speeling mistakes and your main character switches from will to james a few times throughout the story. but good work keep it up

The Controller

I like it. A few spelling errors, but who cares?

Re: The Controller

That’s typically the last thing one sees before getting kicked in the face. Perhaps you meant soul?

Original enough, I’ll give you that but in all honesty I couldn’t finish it. Got bored about half way through. It’s something we all struggle with, but it’s important to grab the reader from the onset.

Lots of spelling mistakes and a repetitive style. I suggest you read more professional works and practice practice practice! Not that I’m one to talk, but still…

Good luck from here on out.

The Controller

I guess I could post some criticism here :slight_smile: You’re story is quite original. My biggest issue about it is how it could turn out to be one major cliche (If you begin to turn it out like that of course!) So far, it’s pretty good and other than a couple of spelling mistakes and some small predictable moments, its definitely an interesting read. Continue writing and advancing in any way you think could contribute to your story’s success^^ Good Luck.