The Community

One of my favorite stories I’ve ever made :slight_smile: Hope you guys like it!

“Charlotte, I’m really not sure about this. You know what everyone says about this place.” Alice said to her friend from the front seat of the car. Charlotte rolled her green eyes and looked slightly annoyed.

“Come on, Alice. You know this is gonna be a fun time! We won’t stay for long and become addicted to it like everyone says happens. I just wanna pop in and pop out.” She said back with a tone of excitement. The official name of their destination was “Community of Fetish Exploration.” Or if you were anyone that had some idea of pop-culture references, “Kink Land” was what you called it.

It popped up seemingly out of nowhere in the year 2020. In the middle of the mid-west, far from any kind of civilization, a community of a few hundred kinks lived in their own houses. Everything and anything you could imagine was there. Foot fetishes, people wanting to fuck balloons, every kind of furry, and even those that would walk around completely wrapped in tight black latex.

The weirdest part about it wasn’t always the fetishes, but rather how people would almost never leave. They weren’t trapped, they just simply didn’t want to leave the curious community. “Fetish Fever” they’d call it for those who did get out. “The second you get a taste of what it’s like there, it’s even hard to THINK about wanting to leave.” One women said on a 60 minutes interview about the place once. Never-the-less, it only drew more curiosity from around the world. People were practically flocking to the sex-filled city.

Alice and Charlotte had never really been on the kinky side, but they only lived 20 minutes from the community. It was memorial day weekend, and they had a few days to kill before heading back to work. The two had been best friends since elementary school. Practically anything they did, it always had to be done together. Naturally, with practically a global land-mark not too far away, they thought ‘what the hell’ and decided to finally check it out.

Alice felt some more nervous bubble up inside of her once they saw the sign for parking. A man in only blue overalls directed them down a dirt path, which eventually lead to a large dirt lot. Hundreds of cars were lined up, with streams of people walking toward the community.

“I’m really hoping we don’t go crazy or anything.” Alice said with a meek smile, adjusting her tank top. Her plump breasts were sweating in the heat. Charlotte let out a short snort of a laugh.

“Yeah, okay! Come on, are you really going to believe people on the internet? As long as we stick together, and don’t take any drugs, we’ll be totally fine. Like I said, I just want us to check it out, then we’re home by like 7.” She said, trying her best to calm her friend’s nerves. Alice wasn’t really convinced though. As someone who had just graduated college with a degree in phycology, she knew that this place had something strange going on in the background. She’d done her research well before heading here. The best advice she seemed to get was the same thing her friend had just told her. Don’t take ANYTHING anyone had to offer you, and you should be okay.

The whole thing had some what of a ‘county fair’ feel to it. There were plenty of flashing lights and buildings that the two could see in the distance as they parked. There were even some rides that whirled and twirled “Kinkers” around. Almost exclusively carnival-fetish people went on those though. Next to all the fun looking buildings, lines of houses on a hill overlooked everything.

“That’s where all the different fetish people live.” Charlotte said, pointing at the hill as they got out of the car. “That big house in the middle is where they all coagulate and have their meetings I guess. I’m not sure, I think I read that somewhere.” Charlotte said to a clearly still nervous Alice. Her friend just shook her head in response.

“Yeah, I read that too.” She said, trying to think of any reason to head back home. The two didn’t speak much while they walked up to the front entrance. “ENTER HERE” A large neon sign said with an arrow pointing to an entrance kiosk. They were about 30 feet from there when Alice tugged on her friend’s short skirt.

“Charlotte, come on. This is a bad idea. What if we get messed up or something while we’re in there?” She said quietly. She didn’t want the man wearing a spikey full head mask and black banana hammock hearing her as he walked by. Charlotte just sighed.

“Listen, Alice. We’re going to be completely fine. Here, how about this. If at any point you or me feels even SLIGHTLY weird. We’re out of here, okay?” Charlotte said, grabbing her friend’s hand to comfort her. It always worked. Alice let out a slow exhale, then nodded her head.

“You promise?” she said with big eyes. Charlotte nodded back.

“I promise. Now come on, let’s check this place out!” She said, tugging on her friend’s arm. The deal they just made calmed Alice’s nerves for the most part. She liked how she could call this off at any point.

“Come on, Alice. You got this.” She thought to herself as they walked up to the man behind the ticket booth.

The man had a bald head, and rough looking face. He was completely naked in the rather hot looking booth. He did his best to give the two ladies a smile.

“Well, hello. Welcome to Kink Land! We just here for the day?” He said with a smoker voice.

“Yes! Just two please.” Charlotte said to the man. He rummaged around in a desk for a few second before pulling out two blue tickets. ‘DAY PASS’ read in gold print.

“Here you are, that’ll be $100 for both.” He said, sliding the tickets across the counter. Charlotte fished a bill out of her purse, and handed it to the man. The two grabbed the tickets, their legs started moving them toward the gate before the man spoke up. “Oh! If this is your first time, might wanna go check out the Big House over there first! It’ll make your experience a lot more fun…” He said, pointing toward the large house on the hill. Charlotte looked at Alice.

“Wanna check it out?” She said curiously. Alice shrugged in response.

“Yeah sure. Guess we could do that first.” She said plainly. They entered through the turnstile. The two started making their way over to the hill.

The first impression they got off the bat was that this place was really all about one thing. Sex. They passed tons of carnival games, strange tents with sweet smelling smoke coming out of it, and a plethora of people just doing whatever the hell they wanted to each other, practically anywhere. Some people were decked out in full costumes, while other’s were naked with weird markings on their bodies. Anything and everything seemed fair game.

“Wow this is crazy.” Alice said to Charlotte when they passed a man in a detailed lizard costume. He had a tray of white pills that he was handing out to other around him.

“Fuck yes, Drivers!” One girl yelled, popping it instantly in her mouth. An audible “MMmmm!” left her mouth the moment the pill hit her tongue. Overdrive pills (Or ‘Drivers’ as they were known by most) kicked your fetish into overdrive. It essentially overtook everything in your mind. All reasoning was out the window when you were high on the pills. Each one pushed you to go even farther with your fetish. Some spent their days just taking pill after pill in the community. Essentially, they were throwing their old life away, and replacing it with a constant kinky sex filled fantasy. Alice had read briefly about them before. She knew full well to steer clear of them.

The two increased their pace to the large house in the center of the hill. The craziness seemed to die down once they got closer to the houses. There were still people around, but it was less of a free-for-all. The click clack of their shoes were obvious due to the hot pavement underneath them. They wasted no time getting to the front entrance of the house.

“After you…” Charlotte said to her friend, grabbing the metal bar handle, and pulling the heavy door open. Alice almost wasn’t ready for what greeted her eyes.

Dozens of groups were scattered around the edges of this great hall. Some had their own table, bean bag chairs, or simply a rug for them to sit on. “Welcome!” was painted in red paint on a white canvas hanging above them. To the right of them another sign read, “Welcome to the Big House! Make yourself at home. You are encouraged to explore the fetish houses here. Be safe, and as always, have all the fun in the world!”

“Jesus, how many fetishes are there in this world?” Alice said to Charlotte, but she was already walking away from her toward the groups. “Uh- Hey! Where are you going!” Alice yelled out, Charlotte spun around.

“Uh, to explore? Like the sign said!” Charlotte said with a little giggle at the end. Alice just shook her head at how gung-ho her friend was suddenly. “Loosen up a little, Al. You might have some fun!” She said, turning around to walk toward a group of people dangling pocket watches in front of one another. Alice let out what seemed like the millionth sigh of the day.

“I’m way in over my head…” She thought, taking in a deep breath. The air was rather sweet. It seemed almost to… relax her in a way. She took in another breath, feeling another small piece of her anxiety fall away. She made note of that, and started scanning the room. “Okay that’s bondage…. Probably hypnosis over there…. Some kind of chains and whips thing…. Spitting fetish is a thing?.. oh… are those…. Diapers?” She stared at the group of people laying or crawling over a green rug. One women had her legs spread wide open, and her right thumb planted right in her mouth. “Jesus… they really do have everything here…” She reasoned, as she started randomly walking toward some groups…

Chapter 2

The entire room felt strange to say the least. People were just openly displaying their fetishes to anyone who walked by in the grand hall. People smearing food on other’s chests, choking other’s out until they passed out, and even those who were into straight up into poop. Everything you could really image was there. The ceilings were rather large, picture a beautiful wood pitch ceiling 30 feet into the air. Each group had more or less some kind of sheet underneath them, while a few people played out that individual fetish.

Alice walked around the hall. Charlotte had been lost in the crowd almost instantly. She didn’t have her support system anymore, which she wished worried her more. The sweet-smelling air seemed to subdue some of those fears though. In the back of her mind she knew that was really strange. Most people would walk away the moment they saw a person smearing a big mac all over someone’s chest. At the moment though, it seemed almost… well normal.

“Hi there!” A random guy sitting on a white sheet said to Alice. This group was obviously some kind of hypnosis fetish. People were starting at ticking clocks, or a swinging a pocket watch in front of them. Some were even laying completely flat, while another whispered into their ear. Alice was no where near into that kind of kink. The man seemed nice enough though, he was the most “normal” looking in the bunch.

“Uh… Hi…” Alice said weakly back. She could feel her anxiety roaring back. The man seemed to notice this by her pale face.

“Hello, have you ever been to kink land before?” The slick black hair man said. Alice shook her head.

“No, I’ve never been here before. This is all so new and…. And…”

“… And what?” The man said, raising an eyebrow.

“…And…well… She said, throwing her arms up. “Strange!” Alice finally spit out. The man shot back a sly smile.

“I think we can help make this place seem a little… LESS strange…” He said, getting up from the floor. He put his hand out in front of Alice’s face. Alice shot a very strange look.

“What are you doing?” She said, slightly caught off-guard. The man said nothing, instead he started moving his hand slowly side to side.

“Oh, nothing really. Just going to make you a little more accustomed to this place…” He said in a sweet slow tone. Alice had no clue what he was talking about at first. This guy was just randomly waving his hand slowly back and forth in front of her. She shot him a very weird look.

“Are you trying to like, hypnotize me or something?” She said, noticing the details on his hands were actually kind of attractive. Her eyes seemed to follow along a bit easier.

“Do you want the honest answer?” He said. Alice didn’t seem to nice that he slipped a neckless out from his sleeves. It unfolded into a long thing gold chain, with a red stone at the end. He instantly started swinging it in the same rhythmic pattern he had with his hand.

Alice’s eyes focused even harder on the stone. The world around her seemed to quiet down. She could tell that her eyes were starting to grow dull, and her mouth was open a bit. She didn’t really care though. All that mattered, standing there in this crazy fetish house, was watching this man’s red stone.

“Can you hear me, Alice?” The man said. Alice just shook her head.

“Yes. I can hear you.” She said monotone.

“Perfect…” He said, leading Alice down onto the floor….


Alice’s eyes suddenly flew open. Her eyes were looking up toward the ceiling. The white light from the surrounding windows caused her to squint instantly. “Ugh, what the fuck?” She said, placing her hand to her head. The man was sitting crisscross next to her.

“You feeling okay, Alice?” The man said plainly.

“Yes, master. Jesus what just happened to me?” She said, not noticing at all that she had just called this man master. And even if she did, why would that be weird? He had told her it was his name multiple times…

“I put you under for a bit. I made you much more… well… why don’t you just go on and find out?” He said, helping Alice up to her feet. She had no clue what master had just done to her brain, but she was really hoping it wasn’t bad.

The Alice from what felt like 5 minutes ago (It was really 45 minutes ago) would have been freaking the fuck out over the fact someone had just done something like this to her. She was obviously just changed somehow, but strange enough, she wasn’t really worrying. Things were okay, she was going to be okay, especially because master had told her everything was okay here.

“Go on, off you pop!” He said, slapping her hard in the ass. Instead of slapping him back, she bowed to him.

“Thank you for touching me master.” She said back robotically. She shook her head, knowing that wasn’t the right response to something like that. She was already walking away though before she could say something back.

She didn’t have any set fetish she wanted to visit next. She tried racking her mind to try and pin-point what had just happened to her while she browsed. She had read so many stories of people getting addicted to this place. Was that the first step? Was her mind starting to become more relaxed here? She already didn’t think the people shoving banana’s up their vagina’s was weird as she walked past them. Normally she’d think that’s the craziest thing she’d ever seen.

Even stranger, she’d feel so much fear over these thoughts. But as she walked past another group of people with food fetishes, she just simply didn’t have any kind of worry. It was like there was something in the back of her mind cooling any fears the moment they tried to arise. “They’re just fetishes…” She reasoned in her mind, “Not like I can’t explore them or anything…” she thought. Alice stayed up in head for a few more minutes, before a sudden voiced knocked her back to reality.

“Excuse me young lady!” A women said next to her. The women was wearing a pink tank top and jean short shorts. Her arms were crossed, with an aggravated look to match. Alice recoiled from the sudden response.

“Uh… yes?” Alice said, turning toward the group of older looking women. They looked like they were all in about their mid 30’s. A strange sight caught her eyes as she looked past the women. A few people were over the women’s laps, getting their asses spanked hard. She could tell they were being yelled at, but she couldn’t make out what.

“Are you potty trained? You have that, ‘I only know how to go potty in my pants’ kind of look.” The women said sternly. She walked up to Alice so she was inches away from her, she practically towered over the retreating girl. Alice was so caught off guard from the question.

“I- uh… What?” Alice said, not really sure how to respond. Of course she was potty trained, why was this lady suddenly question her? The lady scoffed at Alice’s remark and shook her head.

“You don’t know? Do you? Sigh you must not be.” She said, grabbing ahold of Alice’s pant loop. She pulled her pants to the side.

“HEY!” Alice yelled back, but the lady didn’t care. She shook her head even harder and started pulling Alice’s pants down.

“I can’t believe this. Who let you run around without at least PULL-UP!?” The lady said, pulling Alice’s panties as well. Alice wanted to fight her, but she couldn’t really move. Her body fought every command to rebel against this women. It dawned on her who this women was the second she felt a cool breeze on her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck. Mommy Dom fetish.” She thought, letting the women push herself over a knee. The women lifted her right arm, and instantly started going to town on her butt.

“YOU SMACK WILL SMACK LISTEN SMACK BETTER SMACK” The lady yelled, each blow sent waves of pain (and the slightest bit of pleasure) through Alice’s body. An audible “OWW!” Echoed from her with each smack.

The command seemed to etch itself into her brain. Maybe it was the sweet smell in the air, or the hypnosis, whatever it was. The phrase “You will listen better” became like law in her mind.

“Yes! Yes I will!” She yelled back, with her legs flailing about over the mommy’s leg.

“Yes I will who?! SMACK” The mommy yelled at Alice.

“YES I WILL MOMMY!!” Alice screamed out to the world. She whole-heartedly believed that this women was her mother now. Yes, she had a birth mother, but this was her mother too. She had to be, who else would teach her to be a better listener? She felt so strange and weird thinking that, but it just seemed to make sense.

“Good. One more then, and I think you’re good SMACK” The women said, Alice let out an “Eeep!” as the last spank hit her butt. The women helped her up. “I’m sorry I had to do that to you, but if a little girl like you is running around without her pull-ups, then it’s obvious that she isn’t a good listener.” The women said, helping Alice get her leg through a pant hole. Alice just nodded in response.

“Yeah, you are right, Mommy.” She said plainly. She had a point honestly. Who would trust someone like that? Certainty not Alice.

“But wait, I’m potty trained… I don’t need diapers or anything like that.” She thought. That also made sense, her mind was rather confused over this.

“No I… I’m pretty sure I’m potty trained.” Alice said to Mommy. The women nodded.

“If I see a single wet stain on those panties, I’m going to spank you so hard, you’ll be crying in pampers for weeks. You hear me?!” The women said. Alice just shook her head ’yes’ vehemently.

“Alight, I’m going to let you play for a little bit I don’t want you getting into any trouble or anything while you’re gone, okay?” She said, buttoning Alice’s pants.

“Okay, Mommy.” She said, giving the women a big hug. Her friend’s voice from behind made her snap out of the embrace.

“Alice?” Charlotte said, Alice immediately spun around.

“Oh! Charlotte! Hey!” Alice said, instantly throwing her arms around Charlotte. She was drinking some strange liquid out of a clear cup, so Charlotte had to do her best to adjust and not spill her drink.

“Off- yeah…. I love you too there buddy.” Charlotte said, patting her friend on the back. “You hanging out with the Mommy dom people over here?” She said, moving out of the hug and taking a sip from her straw.

“Mhm! Mommy here taught me some good lessons, honestly.” Alice said matter-of-factly. Her friend thought that was kinda strange, but also didn’t seem to matter that much. Her drink was just tasting SO good to care about little details like that.

“Oh! That’s cool. I might actually check that out!” Charlotte said, turning to the women who had just spanked Alice silly. “Hi, I’m Charlotte! What’s your name there?” she said, shaking the women’s hand.

“You can call me your mommy.” She said, shaking her hand back. Charlotte thought that was kind of strange to introduce herself as that, but quickly didn’t mind. The women turned to Alice. “Go ahead and run along, baby. I’m gonna talk with your friend for a bit here.” The women said, Alice just nodded in response.

“Okay.” She said back and spun around. She started off yet again browsing around the other fetishes. She started thinking up in her head again while she walked around.

“Something isn’t right here, Alice. Why were you so nice and receptive to that women?” She thought, passing by some people fucking inflatable dolls. Normally getting spanked in public like that would have been an incredibly traumatic experience. It just simply wasn’t to Alice though. “Well, it’s my mommy…” She lazily thought in response. She shook her head at that. “NO. That’s not true. Getting spanked like that isn’t right. And you ARE potty trained, why would you be questioning it so much like that? Sure, you have to listen better, that’s a given. But potty training isn’t an issue.” She reasoned to herself. She kept fighting in her mind when she came across a related group to Mommy dom…

“Hi there!” A girl said, popping up from the floor. Her large tits flopped from the sudden jolt of standing up. While it was obvious that this girl was at least 20 years old, she was wearing nothing accept a thick adult diaper around her waist.

“Oh, uh… hello there.” Alice said, feeling just a little shy.

“Do you want to be my friend?” The girl said, popping the pacifier in her mouth that was clipped to her shirt. Alice nodded her head.

“Yeah, sure, I can be your friend.” Alice said, lightening up a bit to this group. They seemed actually kind of nice. She hadn’t been invited this kindly before. She got a good look at the group of guys and girls playing around in various color diapers. “Adult babies…” Alice reasoned in her mind.

“Yayy!!! Wanna collwer wiff me den?” She said around her pacifier. Alice was a little shocked at the girl’s sudden invitation.

Her immediate thought was no. While Alice wasn’t against coloring, it just didn’t really seem to interest her right now. She’d actually heard a lot about this fetish before. One of her friend’s boyfriend was really into this. She’d talk to Alice from time to time about how weird it was. She thought she’d be really weirded about it if she ever saw it in person. But as she stared at the slightly discolored bulge around the girl’s waist, it didn’t seem that strange.

“I think I’m good actually. It was really nice meeting you though!” Alice said, taking a step away from the girl.

“Wha! Oh come on! Its sooo funs!” The girl said, bending down to pick up some paper and crayons next to her. When she lifted herself up, she shoved the items into Alice’s chest.

“Oof!” Alice said from the sudden kick to her stomach. Again, her immediate thought was no, but a strong idea suddenly boomed through her mind. ‘you need to listen better’

“Well, if this girl is telling me it’s really fun… then it probably is…” Alice thought, slowly griping the paper and crayons. The girl in the diaper gasped in joy.

“Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!” The girl said, plopping her diaper butt right onto the carpet she was standing on. Without hesitation, she started drawing random lines and crude circles on the paper. Alice smiled at the girl. She slowly sat herself down onto the shaggy carpet.

The girl was humming to herself while she colored. Alice watched her draw non-sense. Literally none of it made any sense, it was just random scribbles. Alice shrugged, and started putting a lot of effort into drawing a horse.

Alice was about a quarter into the way of drawing a rather detailed horse, before the girl noticed what she was doing. “Oh! Its sooo mush mo’ funner when yous donts thinksh abouts dwaing. I jus dwaw tings!” She yelled, drawing a few random marks on Alice’s paper to show her.

Alice opened her mouth to tell the girl to stop, but she lost the words in her throat. The words from mommy echoed in her head again.

She stared at her horse for a little while. The head of it looked pretty great, it was obvious that she had some skill drawing, even if it was with a crayon. She mulled over the girl’s words, before switching her gaze back to her new friend’s drawing. It was an even bigger mess of scribbles and colors.

Alice looked back to her paper. Again, she stared at it for about 20 seconds. Her crayon started moving back toward the paper. She placed the tip on the middle of the paper, held it there for a few seconds, then drew a random red line.

Instantly excitement and joy bubbled up inside of her. A smile quickly formed on her face from her new found emotions. She drew another line. Then another. Then a random circle. Some giggles started escaping her mouth.

“Der you go! Jus wike dat!” Her friend said. Alice just nodded her head, and started drawing randomly like her friend. Random scribbles started littering across Alice’s paper. It was as if a little kid suddenly got hold of a college student’s drawing. Alice couldn’t stop herself from giggling and laughing the entire time.

“She’s right, this is sooo much more fun when you don’t think about it!” She thought. The two of the giggled and drew with one another for a while after that. They talked about everything, but mostly babyish related things. Alice just listened and absorbed everything this girl had to say. She found out the the girl’s name was Maddy. She didn’t say much, until the topic of diapers came up.

“Yeah and wike, I jus WOVE diapies.” Maddy said, drawing on her 20th piece of paper. Alice was not that far behind on her 12th piece of scribble filled paper. Her hand flew across the page in random directions. Each stroke gave another wave of giggly happiness.

“Yeah! What are those like? I knew someone who wore them. I’ve never do that though.” Alice said to the droopy diaper girl. Maddy’s face just lit up.

“You’ve never tired DIAPERS?!?” Maddy yelled in shock. Alice recoiled from the sudden sharp response.

“Yeah I… I mean… I was potty trained when I was little so I-“ Alice tried to finish her sentence, but she was cut off.

“O-M-G! You wike, gotta twy one! Day wike, da bestest ever. Even more fun den colowering!” Maddy said convincingly.

“This is a lot of fun…” Alice said to Maddy, she seemed hesitant though. “I don’t know, I’m a big kind. I’m not supposed to wear diapers.” She said, that sentence seemed a little strange to say out loud. Maddy shook her head.

“You couwd wike, twy puww-ups if you want! Day super duper funnn.” Maddy said, crawling over to a pile of pull-ups that seemed to just be left out for anyone to take. She snatched one up, and crawled back over to Alice. “Hewe! Twy it! I’m tewwin’ you, yous wiwl wove it!” She said, pushing the pull-up into Alice’s face. The sweet smell of the padding flew into her nose. It reminded her of all the times she had to babysit.

“I don’t…. I…” Alice said, trailing off at the decision. Her initial hesitation waning, and a new strange emotion bubbled inside of her…

Chapter 3

Alice stared at the pull-up from Maddy’s extended hand. Her eyes were wide, it was as if she was almost petrified. So many thoughts and emotions were flying through her. Her rational brain was telling her that she should just run away. That this would likely cause her to go down a path that she wasn’t sure if she really wanted. Hell, she was already not that good at coloring anymore. What else would degrade if she took this pull-up?

Her mind knew fully well that something was happening to her, and that she should just walk away from all of this. All the rumors about this place seemed to be coming true. The more time you spend here, the more it seems you change.

“I just need… I just need to get out of here. No this, this isn’t okay. Jesus, LOOK AT YOU ALICE. You’re about to take a pull-up from some grown women in a full diaper?!” She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She expected her mind to clear, that this moment of clarity would allow her to walk away.

…but that’s not exactly what happened. Instead, that moment of calm allowed a growing part of her to take over a little more of her mind. The scales in her mind started to tip. Within seconds, the idea of just not caring….seemed just sooo much more fun.

“I don’t… I mean… It’s just a pull-up? What’s the harm…what if it’s really warm…?” Alice thought to herself, shaking her head as these strange thoughts started creeping in. Maddy could tell her new friend was conflicted.

“I’m tewwin’ you, it feews soooo goody! You’s wove dem so so mush!” Maddy squealed,

Something inside of her just wanted to trust everything Maddy had to say to her. It was as if that what she was saying was law in Alice’s mind. If she told her to go jump off a bridge, she’d likely do it without much of a second thought.

“It’s so, so fuwn! You gets to weawr dem, and make dem all wet all da’ times! ” Maddy said, jumping a little bit up and down when she did so. For some reason, Alice noticed her jiggling boobs the most while she jumped in place.

“I….” Alice trailed off, closing her eyes for a moment. Maddy’s words flooded her mind. All she wanted to do was put that pull-up on.

“……I…Yes.” Alice said, snatching the pull-up from Maddy a little faster than normal. Her hands felt electric around the pull-up. The feeling of the soft, crinkly padding was feeding the flames of these new excited emotions inside her. She wasn’t nearly as afraid of them as she was a few minutes ago. Instead of fighting them, she almost wanted to embraced them. Maddy did, so why shouldn’t she?

“Yayayayay! We’s gonna be diapie fwends!” Maddy yelled, clapping her hands. Alice shot a little smile at that, as her cheeks blushed red.

“So do you guys have like, a changing room or something like that?” Alice said, she meant to stay bathroom, but the phrase ‘changing room’ just seemed to make more sense for some reason. Her head swiveled around until her gaze caught a ‘Restrooms this way’ sign in loopy letters. Her face lit up a bit before saying, “Oh there it is!” She said, taking a step toward the room. A split second later, a hand from Maddy stopped her.

“Oh, we’s donts do dats.” Maddy said matter-of-factly. Alice shot a confused look.

“Wait… wha? You don’t… change in a changing room?” Alice said, genuinely confused.

“Wewl, normawy babies can jush gewt changies anywea’. So wes jus’ put on our diapies on out herews.” Maddy said, pointing toward the carpet beneath them. Alice’s head felt a little strange for a second, then quickly felt a little clearer. It was as if something in the back of her mind had just stopped talking. She pondered for a moment her friend’s words, and only found really one thing wrong with them.

“Just so you know.” Alice said, beginning to unzip her pants, “These aren’t diapies. These are pull-ups.” She said, a little triumphantly. She wanted to make sure that Maddy knew who was really more grown up. She felt a little embarrassed as she placed her thumbs around her waistband. Literally anyone of the hundreds of people in the room could watch her expose herself, just so she could put on these childish training panties.

Quickly though, Maddy’s words reverberated through her skull. “babies can just get changed anywhere.” Any kind of worry or anxiety was gone in a flash. It was suddenly as normal as if she was putting on her ‘regular underwear’ in the comfort of her own bedroom. Her pants fell to the ground quickly, and her panties followed soon after. There Alice stood, completely naked from the waist down, in front of hundreds of people, and was moments away from stepping into a pull-up. Yet, no part of her thought this was strange anymore. How else was she supposed to change her underwear?

“It’s not like anyone is going to care, I’m just changing into a new pull-up.” Alice thought, as she hunched down to step into it. She wondered how it was going to feel once she pulled it up between her legs. She hadn’t been in anything padded since she graduated from potty training.

Her second foot slipped into the hole. Her hands were shaking for some reason when she finally started pulling the garment up toward her waist. She could tell almost instantly that this was going to be an immaculate feeling. With each slight brush of the soft padding on her legs, she’d feel bolts of lighting from there. Raising the pull-up closer to her hips was like raising the amount of excitement exploding in her chest. Her arms pulled faster and faster, before in a split second, the pull-up was snapped firmly into place. Her eyes got a little droopy, as her face seemed to melt into pure joy.

“Ecstasy…” was all she could think. Her legs got a little weak from how perfect the padding felt around her hips. Nothing had ever felt as good around her body, as these pull-ups did right now.

“You… you’re… you’re so right Maddy, these are heavenly. I’m… I never wanna taking these off.” She said, trying to contain the sheer amount of love she had for these pull-ups. Her mind was like fireworks. “Totally getting rid of everything else in my closet…” She thought.

“Hehe! Dey SO mush fun!!! Yous dons haves to wea’ anyting ewlse eva!” She said, patting Alice’s butt in the back. Alice shot a little confused smile at her friend.

“Well I need to wear pants don’t I?” She said with a little laugh. It wasn’t like she was going to run around in her new permanent underwear without anything covering it. That’d just be embarrassing.

“PShhh! You tink I weawr tings ova my diapie?” Maddy said, which honestly made a lot of sense in Alice’s brain.

“Yeah, you don’t.” Alice said, but her mouth just kept going. “How else was some going to check on us if we’re wet?” She said, recoiling at her response. “Erm, I mean-“ Alice tired saying but was cut off.

“SEE! Dat, and it’s jus soooo mush funner if you’s wea’ dem fo’ evewyone to sees.” Maddy said, plopping back down on her squishy butt. Alice opened her mouth to protest for a second, before forgetting instantly what she was going to argue about. She put her finger to her lip, before shrugging it off. Her butt plopped down on the carpet, but unlike last time, with a muffled thud.

The two girls colored again for a little bit, before transitioning into playing with some dolls. Alice found herself much more engrossed in the childish activities then when she first tried them out. The more and more they played, Alice increasingly realized how cool Maddy really was. With every passing sentence, she found herself just latching onto everything this girl had to say. She just wanted to do everything she could to impress her new friend. Sure a few hours ago she might have thought she was a little weird for wearing diapers, but now? It was as if you told her hair was blonde. Who didn’t wear diapers or pull-ups?

The girls talked a lot about their world views, and hot button issues. For example, Maddy brought up how hard it is to tie your shoes, to which Alice immediately perked up and told her that Velcro shoes were so much easier to put on. Maddy agreed entirely, which made Alice feel so much better about herself. A moment after, she looked down at her own shoes, and had literally no idea how she tied them herself early that day. “Charlotte must have done them for me…” She reasoned.

They even talked about how hard school was, and how difficult math was. Alice used to pride herself on how easily she could derive equations, or churn through complex problems. It was actually one of her strong suits. That was, until Maddy told her how hard it was to even count up to “Numba Swix.” To which Alice agreed. She tried herself and could only get as high as five. Which kind of scared her at first, before Maddy congratulated her for even getting that high. It made her feel much better, and even made her laugh a bit for thinking she could be smarter than Maddy.

It was a really fun time, until Alice seemed to notice something a little off about where Maddy was sitting. It seemed that the carpet around her was way darker around her crotch. It was almost as if she had…

“Leaked. I think you leaked Maddy.” Alice said, a little concerned. It was then she noticed how thoroughly soaked her friend’s diaper really was. It literally looked like it was about to burst. She furrowed her brow, “How could you not tell that you had gone that much in your diapie?” Alice said. Maddy looked up, and gave a drooly giggle.

“Ahaha, yous stiwl know whens you haves to goes potty? Heheh” Maddy said, trying to conceal her giggles with her free hand, before just popping in a thumb in her mouth. Alice frowned and looked away with embarrassment.

“Well, I… I mean I know MOST of the time…” She said, trying to play it off. That was of course a lie, she was completely potty trained, and knew every single time when she had to go. But, that wasn’t as cool as Maddy, who just went potty without it even registering in her mind.

“Oh, wewl I guewss das nowt so bawd.” Maddy said, noticing that Alice seemed a little upset. “Was wong Awice?” She said, crawling up to her friend.

For some reason, this was hitting Alice a lot harder than she thought it would. She was practically fighting back tears over the fact she was potty trained. How could she look so stupid in front Maddy?

“Of all people?! Maddy?! She knows that I’m potty trained?!! God this is just so embarrassing!” She thought, trying not to look her friend in the eye. Maddy grabbed Alice’s shoulder for reassurance.

“Hey down’t worwy. Hewre, its weawwy eawsy. Jush do dis.” Maddy said, before closing her eyes. She didn’t really know exactly how to pee anymore on command, but she just tried pushing, hoping anything would come out.

And out came hot pee into her completely full diaper. Alice gave a meek smile at the streams of pee that ran down Maddy’s legs, as she leaked even more. She felt her stroke her shoulder. Alice looked back into her friend’s eyes.

“You really think I can just let go like that into my pull-up? Without knowing or anything like that?” Alice said, genuinely wondering if she could get rid of her potty training. If you had told her that she would say that to someone today before heading into Kink land, she would have thought you were crazy. But here she was, truly asking an Adult Baby if she could show her how to become un-potty trained.

“I weawwy tink so. Yous jus godda wet it go, Awice.” Maddy said, with a wide smile. Alice felt instantly better about the entire situation.

“O-okay Maddy, I’ll give it a try…” She said, shooting a smile back. Alice got on her knees, looking a little nervous while she did so. No part of her wanted to mess this up in front of Maddy. She closed her eyes though, and took a deep breath.

“Just let go. You’re wearing a pull-up, no one is expecting you to make it to the potty anyways…” Alice thought to herself, over and over again. It might have been a little weird for most people to think, but to her, it made perfect sense.

It started out slow. She could feel her pee moving from her bladder, and just inches away from leaking out of her. Decades of potty training though were screaming back at her though, urging instead to go find a changing room. She kept pushing though, wanting more than anything to feel the warmth of wet pee bleed through her pull-up. She wanted it to discolor, and start sagging in front of the coolest person she’d ever met. The pure warmth of wetting a pull-up, the beautiful wetness gushing out of you, with no clue what-so-ever that it’s even happening. Every part of her wanted the unmistakable hissing sound to fill the entire room. She wanted everyone to know that she was having an accident her pants. She wanted a wet pull-up, and not just any wet pull-up, HER wet pull-up.

“Yous awre so goowd at dis!” Maddy squealed, causing Alice’s eyes to fly open.

“Wha? But I haven’t even-“ Alice was cut off again by Maddy. This time though from how quickly she pointed at her crotch.

“Yous went pee pee in youwr puww-up!” She yelled, causing anyone in a 50 feet radius to hear her. Alice didn’t care though, the biggest smile in her life had sprung across her face

“I… Did?!?” Alice said, as her hands shot toward her crotch. Her fingers pressed into a warm, mushy pull-up. One that literally seemed like one more drop of pee would have caused it to burst at the seems. Alice let out a loud gasp of pure joy. “I DID IT, MADDY! I WET MY PULL-UP!” She screamed, forcing almost the entire hall to hear her exclaim how proud she was of wetting her pants. “I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!” She yelled, flinging her arms around Maddy.

“See! Yous no’ good at potty twain’ too!” Maddy said, Alice just shook her head vigorously back. This was the happiest moment of her entire life.

“I can’t believe it! I just thought about how fun it was to just like, you know, not know you had to potty! And then I just did! Oh my goodness Maddy, I’m just like you!” She exclaimed, this was the happiest she’d ever felt in life. It wasn’t because of someone proposing to her, or even having her first child, it was because she completely soaked her pull-up without the slightest clue, and in front of her best friend.

“Wes yous are! And do yous wans to knows hows ta’ makes its feew even betta’?!” Maddy said with a sly smile. Alice cocked her head to the side.

“What? You can make it feel better?” Alice said, a little confused, but still smiling. Maddy just raised seductively looking eyebrows, and maintained her sly smile…

Chapter 4

“Oh yeahw, going potty in yous pants is wike da coowest ting eva, and itz soooo funs, but wat ifs you didz itz aww da time?” Maddy said to Alice. Her face maintained a devilish look, it was as if she was inviting Alice into something.

That idea seemed so much more enticing to Alice then it should for a grown women. Out of all the ways this trip could have gone; not in her wildest dreams did she think she’d end up craving to get rid of her already dwindling potty training. That’s not even taking into account the fact she was standing half naked in an absolutely soaked pull-up. A pull-up that she’d just wet without any warning from her bladder. She’d had a genuine accident in public, in front of someone in a full diaper, who immediately praised her for it. And honestly, she couldn’t have been happier right now. She was sinking down into something, and a growing part of her wanted to take it to the extreme for no real reason, it just seemed so much fun.

“How… How would I… Do that?” Alice said, in complete shock that someone as big time as Maddy was about to share this knowledge with her. She was hanging onto this girls every word.

“Come wiff me…” Maddy said, taking the willing Alice by the hand. Her pull-up squelched with each step toward one of the great hall’s exits.

“So like, it’s really really fun to use diapers?” Alice said, looking down at her lame pull-up. Maddy was telling her all about how much fun it was to use diapers 24/7. Maddy went on to tell Alice how didn’t really know how or when it started, in fact, Maddy couldn’t really think back to a time when she wasn’t just letting loose into a diaper.

The two of them chatted exclusively about diapers their entire way down the hall. Alice tried remembering their steps so she could get back to her mommy once she was done having a playdate with Maddy. The directions started getting hazy though once Maddy brought up the different kinds of patterns you can have on your diaper. The conversation was just far too interesting for her to pay attention to their footsteps.

“You’re telling me… I can wear as MANY diapers as I want in here?!?” Alice said, pointing up toward the sign above the door. ‘Adult Baby Nursery’ was written in crude red marker on a white sign. The door was a baby blue color, with tons of crayon scribbles. It looked like a little kid had gotten ahold of a Crayola box and gone to town on it.

“MHM! Andz we’s gots supa speciaw diapies fo’ new babies!!” Maddy squealed, gripping the nursery door, and flinging it open. The sight of a gigantic, mindboggling big adult sized nursery quickly filled Alice’s view. It made her gasp from the sheer size. There was everything you could imagine in this huge nursery, and then some.

The room was the same baby blue pastel as the door. This time though there were dozens of cute babyish decals professional painted on the walls. The floor was a soft shaggy white carpet. Hundreds of toys were strewn across the floor. It was as if someone had released a dump truck of baby toys onto the floor. Almost none of them were repeats remarkably.

A practical mountain range of different diapers piled in different corner of the room. Almost every wall had some kind of cabinet insert that had an additional row of diapers. Quite literally, another thick pair was always within reach. There seemed to be about 50-60 adult babies just crawling around and having what appeared to be an amazing time. Some of them were playing with others, crawling around on their own, or completely zoned out on the floor (Clearly high on something…).

“Wet Diap-o!” A curly haired girl squealed right beneath Alice. The girl was pointing directly at Alice’s pull-up, which strangely had a couple of pee streaks now running down Alice’s legs. The small wetting accident didn’t phase Alice much at all, but for some reason, she felt the need to seem superior to this random girl.

“Yeah well, at least I didn’t poo-poo in my diaper like YOU did.” Alice said, pointing toward the girl’s very full diaper. She folded her arms feeling much bigger than this dumb kid in front of her. The girl looked to the back of her butt for a moment, the back up to Alice. The two stared at each other for a few moments before an audible ‘hissss’ could be heard from the girl’s diaper. A silly grin appeared on the girls face.

“Braba!” She babbled, then started crawling away into baby land. Alice had a sly look on her face.

“Totally showed her… heh.” She thought, watching the girl’s butt sway while she crawled. Alice tried looking away after about a second, but her eyes wouldn’t let her. “Oh fuck that ass is perfect in a diaper…” She whispered. Her mind completely focused on how hot that girl’s thick diapered bum was while it swayed left and right. Alice’s jaw started to slowly widen from the pure awe. Her free hand found it’s way toward her crotch. Within moments she was very lightly rubbing the bottom of her drenched pull-up. She stayed in the state of hot horny bliss for this diaper girl for a few more minutes. The only thing the was going to pull her out of this random masturbation session in the doorway was the re-appearance of Maddy.

“Someones wikes deir diapie!” Maddy said, waddling back up with a folded disposable diaper in her hands. The diaper was entirely white, except for a medium sized smiley face in the front.

“What! Oh- uh… No I was just um. I had an ich…” Alice said meekly, obviously lying. Maddy just rolled her eyes.

“Yeah yeah, me gots yous a extrwa speciaw diapie!!” Maddy said, extending the diaper out toward Alice.

Alice cocked her head to the side, “What makes these ones so special, Maddy?” Alice said, taking a step out of the nursery. Her friend let out a small giggle.

“Oh its gowts weawyyy fun tings in it!” She said, slowly unfolding the diaper. Alice shot a strange look at the diaper.

“One kind of… things… Maddy?” She said, taking another slow step back. Alice had a strange feeling about this. Things in Kink land weren’t always as they appeared, and taking a diaper with “Fun things in it” could be dangerous.

“Dwi…Dwas…Dwawas?” Maddy said, trying to remember how to say the word. Alice stopped moving backwards and looked puzzled at Maddy.

“Dwawas? What are you talking about?” She said.

“Dwa…Dwiwas!” Maddy said, doing a little jump in place. Alice looked totally confused for another moment. Before, right then and there, it hit her.

GASP DRIVERS?!?” Alice said, feeling complete shock run cold through her veins. Drivers were THE drug she was told to stay away from. It made your brain practically re-wire itself to whatever kink you were into. The high was unlike anything you’d ever feel. And it always made the user craving another hit the second it started to fade. Unlike other drugs though, the next hit is even better than the last.

“MADDY NO I-“ Alice tried to yell before running, but it just happened so fast. With a ‘puff’ Maddy quickly shoved the unfolded diaper into Alice’s face.

The sweet, delicious smell quickly filled Alice’s nose. There was nothing she could do. Her brain instantly felt like every single firework in the world had just erupted in her mind. Her body felt fantastically euphoric. With each pop of another firework, her mind locked into one thing. Diapers.

Her hands grabbed the diaper and shoved it even harder into her face. “MMMMMMmmmm DIAPIES!!!” Alice squealed, jumping up and down like a two year old at Christmas. Her mind felt like it was being ripped apart, and then taped back together into a thick soft diaper. Every thought she’d ever had. Every memory she’d made in her life. It all seemed to quickly morph into the pure need to want diapers. All she could have ever thought in life was to strap herself into some thick padding, then wet and mess herself until the tapes burst.

She kept inhaling. Each breath seemed to bring her mind into higher and higher heights. But the 4th inhale, her eyes started to glaze, and she was muttering to herself. “Diapers,diapies,diapies,diiaappeessss” She repeated over and over again. Until she finally moved the diaper away from her face.

The nursey seemed so much more colorful. Everyone just seemed so much happier looking too! Sure the world was a little blury now, but babies eye sights were terrible anyways weren’t they? Maddy looked like the most beautiful women she had ever laid her hazy eyes onto. She just said the first thing that came to her mind.

“Maddies, me need di-di! Pweaazzzeeeeee!” She yelled, waddling right back into the nursery. Maddy giggled then shut the door behind her.

“Oh we’s abouts to haves awots of fun!” Maddy said, as she watched Alice plop onto the floor, eagerly throwing her legs up for her first diaper change. The drugs still seeping into her mind.

Chapter 5

“Diapers…… Diapers…. Diapers…. Diapies… Diapies…” Alice kept muttering to herself as Maddy began changing her new diaper high friend. The drivers had started to seriously take hold of Alice’s mind now. They not only flooded her brain with an intense high, they secretly were re-working the very core to make her absolutely obsessed with diapers, and babyish behaviors.

“Woahh….” Alice said, as Maddy popped a pacifier in her mouth. Every suck felt better than the next, she was instantly hooked. Her mind literally couldn’t comprehend ever letting this thing out of her mouth. If anyone even tried to take it out, oh boy would there be some tears and screams.

The nursery suddenly felt like the only place that Alice should ever be. The happy little animals on the walls were all nodding and telling her that this was her home. It had always been her home in fact. She wasn’t really sure if she was hallucinating anything, or if all the stuffed animals around her really did normally walk around and talk. She couldn’t for the life of her remember either way, until she honestly didn’t care anymore. Alice truly couldn’t think that hard anyways now. Her mind was starting to slow down, and the euphoria of the drivers wouldn’t stop increasing. She felt almost like she was floating on this immaculate baby high. The biggest, dumb drooly smile was across her face.

“Done! Have fuwn you siwwy widdwle baby!” Maddy said, picking up Alice, and guiding her to the soft cushy floor. Alice felt like she was on a cloud. She never ever wanted this to end. All her mind was focused on right now as getting more baby high, and staying this way forever. She wanted to communicate that to Maddy. She wanted to show her that she was just a baby now, and really everyone should just treat her like that from now on.

“Me dabba raaa maaa!” Alice practically yelled, she wasn’t sure if she was just pretending to act more like a baby on her own free will, or if the drugs were making her say that. It really didn’t matter to be honest. With virtually no effort, the muscles around Alice’s crotch started to relax. A split second later, a decision that would totally change Alice’s life forever happened right before Maddy’s eyes.

“Wetting her diaper already? Jeez, I need to get to her level!” Maddy thought, before grabbing a small pill bottle next to the changing table. She kept her eyes locked on her new baby sister’s diaper the entire time. Alice’s diaper slowly turned from tight pristine white, to obviously saggy dull yellow. Maddy smiled, popped the pill bottle open, then shoved a couple drivers into her mouth.

“Heheh, here I come sista….” Maddy giggled, as her pupils dilated. It hit her like a bat to the brain. Instantly she popped down onto the floor with a squish. Her diaper was already soaked before, but now it was leaking on the sides as a torrent of pee gushed out of her. She didn’t care though, some really big kid might have to take care of that for her. She looked up at her sister. “Awice, you otay?” She said, trying to be somewhat coherent before the drugs really started taking full affect.

Alice didn’t even respond. Her mouth was still wide open, and her face was in a dreamy shock. Her brain literally couldn’t comprehend what was going on in her diaper. Not just how it was happening, but mostly how incredible it made her feel. The only sensation that Alice could really feel right now, was the warm wet padding around her crotch expanding. All of her senses were just focused on that. Somewhere, entire worlds away in her mind, tucked in very deep, any career aspirations she had before had suddenly dissolved permanently. And in it’s new place, was an obsession to soak as many diapers as she could in her one lifetime.

She wanted it tattooed across her forehead that she was just some dumb girl who was on a mission to soak through as many diapers as possible in life. Being a doctor? Psh, come on. Some kind of secretary? Wayyy too far above her mental capacity. Working at some McDonalds? Like she’d even had the chance. It didn’t matter anymore. The drivers were slowly tinkering away in the back of her mind, implanting new features and desires. They affect everyone in their own unique way. Even if Alice had the willpower to get sober off of the drugs, she’d still have only one real aspiration in life. And that was filling up every diaper possible while she was still on this earth.

“Youws wike, weawwy wike usin’ your diapie huh?” Maddie said with a huge smile across her face. She was rocking onto her back, then returning to her diapered butt. Her thumb was planted firmly into her mouth. Her intense slurping was causing drool to spill out the sides, and drip all over her bare naked chest.

“I woooooove diapies, Madda. Me pee pee in dem!” Alice managed to say back with the maximum amount of focus her mind was capable of. Her mind continued to wander around the play room. That was when she caught a glimpse of something rather shiny in the corner of the room.

“Madda, was dat in da corn… cowrn….cowrnra…. ova dare?” Alice said, pointing with a few fingers toward the television. Alice was sure she’s seen that kind of electronic device before, but really, any knowledge past around a year old was really hard for her to grasp. Words were nearly impossible, she was frankly impressed with herself she was even able to get some off.

“Oh das!.. uh…” Maddy said, trying her best to remember as her own drivers started to seep into her brain. The world was starting to dance and hum around her. Any train of though was almost instantly derailed. If she didn’t try really hard to focus on a sentence, it was pretty much gone.

“….Wha you say…?” Maddy said, Alice just looked at her with a giggly smile, she shrugged and threw her hands up a little bit.

“Idon waawy nunnss” Alice said, letting out a fit of laughter after that. Her speech was severely limited at this point, it would only be a matter of minutes before she’d be reduced to coos and gurgles. The two girls lost all social communication skills, as they simply started to stare off into babyish space. They each had wide smiles, and complete glazed over eyes. It was like the most intense heaven they’d ever experience in their life.

Whether it was a minute or an hour later, Alice honestly didn’t know. She just enjoyed the feeling of floating around the nursery. Sometimes her diaper would get warm in the front, and even the back sometimes. She didn’t know why that happened, but still loved how nice it felt for her diaper to surprise her with that. At some point though, that flashy shinning thing in the corner caught her eye again.

There was no decision making in her mind. Her body just suddenly found itself crawling over toward it. The average person would have gotten over there in maybe a few seconds, but it took Alice a solid 20 minutes to crawl the 30 feet over to the TV. She didn’t care though, and she especially didn’t mind that her diaper was creating a leaky trail on the floor. She was simply adding to the already stale piss smell of the nursery.

The TV had a wonderful program on. It was focused on teaching the babies of the room all about how much fun it is to rub their diaper until they felt “Really really good.” Three adult toddlers were mindlessly humping away on top of some teady bears scattered in front of the display. Alice, not knowing that the hypnotic TV was guiding her, found herself on top of one herself.

Her head mindlessly nodded along to the suggests of the swirling TV. It taught her such fun things like always cuming in diapers from now on, never thinking about anything that wasn’t diaper or baby related, and even teaching her that acting like a complete baby in public was the most natural thing in the world! She learned so much from the TV, especially once it started to tell her to grind even faster.

The waves of pleasure that echoed from her pussy were unlike anything she’d felt up until that moment. They sent shock waves through her brain that broke it even more than it already was. That was one of the most dangerous parts about drivers. They made you a horned up, kinky, and mindless of course. But if you happened to cum while on them, they altered your brain even further. Sending you deeper into your kinky spiral.

Alice knew she was close, the sexual power emitting from her crotch was stronger than every galaxy in the universe. Her mind felt like it was overloading, and you could see it on her face too. Completely cross eyed, tongue hanging out of her mouth, and babyish garble emitting from her mouth. It took only a few more seconds after that.

It was like every firework in the world exploding in her mind at once. “UUUHHH---- AAAAAHHH!!!” She yelled as she came harder than her body was physically able to. Her mind seemed to pop instantly after that, the world went dark, as she rode wave after wave of euphoric nirvana. Each crash taking another couple IQ points permanently off her brain…

Chapter 6 (Final)

It was the most infinite dreams you could think of. Scenes of herself rolling onto her back and sucking mindlessly on her feet. The drool spilling down her chin like a waterfall. Her gaze, fixed onto the spinning mobile above her. Other times she would be on one of the play mats, staring quizzically at the number line in front of her. It all looked so foreign to her now. The faintest part of her knew that she should know what those numbers meant, but she just couldn’t for the life of her. Her attention span was shit now though, and if it wasn’t colorful and whirling, her brain had about 3-4 seconds before it moved onto something else. This time, it was the warm sensation growing around her crotch. It always made her giggle when her diapers would suddenly get all mushy and warm. She never knew why, but she loved it. Some big and strong person would change her diapers at some point. Usually she just found herself sobbing in between rattle shakes so someone would finally notice her bursting diaper.

The dreams went on for what felt like weeks. At first, she was positive that this was all in her head. The dreams were just so outlandish, that she knew deep down that this probably wasn’t her reality…. Probably. The longer the dreams went on though, the less she was sure. Every now and then she’d be lucid enough to question whether she was dreaming or not, only to be pulled right back in by a colorful TV screen or the burst of fresh drivers from the diaper she was getting taped into.

The world moved in a blur for Alice. As time went on, she just kind of accepted it. It was so easy to not care about anything anymore, so why would this be any different? It was only her life. It seemed pretty obvious she was just a dumb drooly baby anyways. What was supposed to change?

“Owiee…” Alice muttered, lifting her hand toward her head. She had the worst headache she’d ever had in her entire life. Her vision was blurry at first as she blinked. A few seconds later though, and it was starting to come back into vision. “Wha-… Whewre am me?..” She mumbled, looking around the nursey. Her brain was working as hard as it could to understand what the hell was going on. She looked to her left and saw Maddy lying there on the floor next to her. She looked completely zoned out. A vacant look in her eyes accompanied the dull smile she had.

“Maddy… wake ups… whewre awre we?” Alice said with a heavy childish lisp. It didn’t bother her in the slightest though. It seemed completely normal to her to talk like a 3-year old. Maddy didn’t respond, she just giggled and squirmed as more pee lazily leaked into her diaper. Alice noticed and giggled at how silly that was. “Siwwy Maddy, yous neva gonna makes it to da potty!” She said, giggling again then looking down at her own diapered state. She shrugged and said, “Eh, me too’s.” Still though, none of this seemed that weird. She looked around the room and saw plenty of adults taped into disposable diapers and rolling around on the floor like regressed toddlers. It felt almost natural to her.

Her brain was slowly waking up, but there was a ton of it missing now though. Her head just felt so light. There wasn’t any background thought, no conversations with herself. It was just whatever caught her attention at that moment. Her cognitive thinking and understanding had diminished to that of someone who wore diapers 24/7. Her fine and gross motor skills took a severe hit too. The thought of even walking up to someone seemed very foreign to her now. She still had a few memories from before all of this, but none of them made any sense to her. Why on earth would she not wear a diaper? Or talk to someone like a grown up? It just seemed so strange now. There was a whisper of her former self up there. But when it came down to it, she barely had the brain of someone in pre-school now. Permanently.

“Come on, Alice. We’re leaving.” A voice suddenly said above her. It brought her out of the drooly vacant stare she had from trying to think so hard.

“Huh?” She said, before she felt someone’s hand grasping her own. With a tug they suddenly brought her to her feet. Alice hadn’t stood up on her own two feet for what felt like ages now. She wobbly tried to keep her balance, relying heavily on the person who had just yanked her from the babyish stupor she was in. “Mama?” She said, slowly shifting her head to the right to get a look at the person who had control of her.

“Yes it is little girl, where on earth have you been? Toddling around without mommy’s permission? You are going to get such a spanking when we get back to the house. You are-… ugh” Charlotte said, trailing off at the end. She closed her eyes hard. She brought her free hand to her forehead to try and center herself. “God this shit runs so deep, I’m so sorry Alice. We never should have come here. They fucked me up really good.” She said, looking back up toward her friend. Alice just cocked her head.

“Was you talkin’ bout’ mama?” Alice said, still clinging to Charlotte for balance. Charlotte winced at that last part. She took a few deep breaths, then started talking again.

“Everything, Ally-ALICE. Your name is Alice, and you are a very smart, promising, respectable student. You try really hard, especially when it comes to making it to the potty on time. Sometimes I have to spank you, and that’s okay because that’s what a mommy is for. I really- UGH GOD!” Charlotte said, smacking herself in the face. “THAT ALICE! THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” Charlotte yelled, pointing toward herself, then back toward Alice. “They fucked us up good with all this hypnosis and drugs. I’m practically slipping back into it every couple seconds!” She said, looking at Alice.

Alice was in practical shock from all the yelling. The surprise was so great, that her bladder responded appropriately. Her already thick diaper ballooned out even further from the heavy wetting accident she was having. Charlotte noticed and just shook her head.

“Yepp, they got you pretty damn good Ally. Fuck those god damn AB/DL people. They suck everyone in that they can and throw them into this baby land. It’s super cute, and I just want to eat you all up-… but fuck we need to get out of here. Now.” Charlotte said sternly, her arm yanking Alice toward the door. Alice groaned in response.

“Me don’ wanna weave mama! Fwends hewre!” Alice said, pointing toward the giggling, drooly Maddy on the floor. Charlotte look down at her heavily regressed friend. Her eyes became sympathetic.

“Aw, aren’t you two just simply adorable? When was the last time someone changed your diapers, hm? You two are practically leaking at this point! You two can say goodbye to any chance of potty training for quite some years huh?” Charlotte said. Alice giggled and nodded her head in response. “Now, where is a changing table for you- Daahh! COME ON!” Charlotte said, yanking her friend for the second time. The two hurried out of the nursery.

The light was harsher on Alice than she ever would have expected. It had been quite some time since she’d been outside of the house. The dust from the free for all outside hung high into the air. Hundreds of tents were still scattered across the dusty field. All different kinds of smoke, of various colors wafted upward and scattered to the wind. The commotion was constant. Thousands of people going in and out of tents, chatting with others, fucking right out in the open, tying others to a chain link fence, it was the exact same free for all.

“Stay close to me, Alice. I don’t want you wandering off.” Charlotte said, giving Alice a stern look in response. Alice just nodded. Never in a million years would she have thought she’d be walking out of Kink Land, strapped into a thick bursting diaper, and only a pink pastel shirt that said “Baby” on it. But the fact that she didn’t want to leave? She’d never thought that’d be a possibility.

She whimpered and cowered behind Charlotte as they walked through the crowd. It was a lot for someone who had been so used to the bright colors and playful lullabies of the nursery. She found her mind drifting back there. A vacant stare came across her face again, as she zoned out to her baby land. Her feet slowed down in response.

“Come on, Alice. We need to leave now. I don’t want either of us getting more fucked up.” Charlotte said, but Alice had come to a complete stop. She spun around and looked at the girl. “What are you-“ She said, before stopping almost immediately. She saw instantly what Alice was looking at.

Right next to Alice, stood a man holding a silver plate. The plate wasn’t what caught Alice’s attention, but rather, what was on it. “Drivers, $5 a bump” said a little paper sign on the plate, next to a practical 3 foot mountain of powdered drivers. Alice’s face was like a Christmas tree staring at it.

“ALICE. NO!” Charlotte said, staring at the drivers herself. Her mouth instinctively salivated. She’d taken plenty of them herself, she found herself slipping back into her role from just the thought of them. “Mommy told you no, now lets go, or I will not hesitate to spank you in front of EVERYONE HERE!” Charlotte said, pointing a general finger toward the crowd. Alice just smiled back in response.

In the end, I don’t think anyone knows why she did it. You could say it was her heavily regressed brain, you could say it was the heat of the moment, but maybe, way way deep down, in a quiet dark corner of Alice’s mind, she wanted this. Perhaps, and most likely, it was a mixture of all of it. With one last devilish grin to the world, she did it.

With her free hand, she nocked the silver plate over, sending an avalanche of drivers to the ground. Alice immediately fell to the ground with it. A huge pack of powder fell squarely on her face. She took the biggest breath in that she could. It felt like pure ecstasy running through her nose and mouth. By the end of the inhale, it was like sucking warm milk from a baby bottle. The sweet liquid dripping continuously down her throat.

“FUCK!” Charlotte screamed, falling to the ground to push all the powder off of the now squealing and giggling Alice. As she did that though, a waft of drivers hit her own face. The sexual high hit her instantly like a ton of bricks.

“Aww, did someone fall down and go boom boom? Did someone make themselves into a stupid little baby? Hmm? Is this what you want you dumb little rug rat? To be a leaky baby who can’t take care of themselves?” Mommy Charlotte said, picking up a pile of drives that had fallen on the ground with a free hand. “Well if this is what you fucking want.” She said, throwing the powder into Alice’s face. Another round of babyish fireworks exploded in Alice’s brain. The world started to melt into a pretty swirl of soft pastels. She couldn’t understand a word that Mommy was saying to her. All she could do was giggle and clap along to the wonderful feeling Mommy was giving her.

“I’ll be your Mommy.” She said, grabbing her own pile and throwing it into her face. The fetish inside of her ramped up to a million. “You’re going to be my dumb little baby forever, aren’t you now?! Say bye-bye to your adult life!” Mommy said, grabbing pile after pile of drivers and throwing them into Alice’s face, and her own. She didn’t even notice herself suddenly humping the top of Alice’s diaper.

With each handful of powder into Alice’s face, things changed permanently for her. Thinking started to drift away from her. She simply had no capacity anymore. Every part of her brain unplugged itself, leaving a babbling, completely mentally regressed Alice to permanently wander baby land. She just let every experience wash over her as her diaper suddenly felt warm and tingly down there. A few humps later, and she was squealing as she came hard in her diaper. All the thoughts she could ever had permanently drained out of head. She was completely empty up there. It’s what she wanted.

“Jeez, some people just can’t handle this place.” A man said to a friend watching this whole event transpire.

“You’re telling me!” the other said, as he watch Charlotte whisk Alice up from the floor, and back toward the nursery.


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