The Club part 3

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Getting into the kitchen area Jessica saw a highchair that was pink and had a bunny printed on the plastic. What was it with these dam bunnies? She was sure that she would soon come to hate them. She had never believed that she could be more embarrassed than having her diaper changed . But she had been able to separate herself from that and go somewhere else, as her mother changed her diaper. This was different though she was hungry and wanted to eat but not like this naked except for the diaper. Jessica was beginning to hope that this was just a phase for her mom, and wanted so bad to put up a fight but she didn’t want another spanking. “Mom I am not going to eat that!” Jessica said trying not to yell at her mom and looking at the baby food jars and sippy cup sitting on the table awaiting her.
As Samantha locked her daughter into the high chair she wondered if she should continue with the baby talk or if she slowed down a little it would make meal time easier. Trisha had said that this might be a little necessary, but that the baby talk had to be pretty constant. As she tied the bib on Jessica she leaned back and looked at her baby. Her heart still stopped looking at her, she was happier than she could be, Jessica was so cute. Jessica awoke her from her daze, “Mom, please tell me, when we are going to be done with this baby stuff?” Samantha tilted her head in sympathy for her daughter, “oh honey, not for a long time sweetie, your just a baby now and it will be a long time before you are a big girl again”. Samantha sat up with a smile and grabbed one of the baby food jars. “Buuuuut…” she said with glee “I promise we will start with foods you like and can handle, like applesauce with berries!” she said with glee holding up the jar of Gerber.
Jessica had, had enough of all of this but she was hungry and applesauce didn’t sound to bad, “Ok, but I get to feed myself like a big girl” she said giving in with a sigh and rolling of the eyes as she reached for the baby food and spoon her mother was holding. “Ah, Ah, Ah… No mommies feed babies but you can have your sippy cup by yourself” said her mom pulling the food away and placing the nonspillable two handled contraption on the tray in front of her. “NO!” Jessica said beginning another tantrum throwing the sippy cup on the floor. Jessica felt the highchair slide forward as her mother pulled her forward by her leg, her heart jumped into her throat as she readied herself for another smack on her legs. But she was surprised her mom just brought her nose right up to hers and began tickling her. She tried not to laugh but she had always been ticklish and her mom was being sweet to her not angry.
Jessica was still smiling when her mom stopped and asked her if she was hungry. As she shook her head yes she realized that her mom had been tickling her naked in a diaper in a highchair. Samantha smiled and stirred the applesauce with the rubberized baby spoon. Jessica sighed and rolled her eyes and said “fine whatever” as her mother put the spoon to her mouth. Soon her mother moved on to peaches and then came the final test strained peas! She started to fight at that but her mom convinced her to go ahead. Once the jars were empty, Samantha wiped Jessica’s mouth with a baby wash rag, and pulled her chair up with Jessica so she could look her in the eyes. “Now, honey we are going to do a bottle”, she said resting her hand on Jessica’s knee. “I am not talking baby talk now because this is serious and I don’t want you to fight me on it, so come on” she said removing the tray and shaking the bottle.
Samantha picked up the preteen girl and put her on her hip and carried her over to the couch. “Mom, if I just drink the bottle can I go watch TV?” Jessica asked tying to just get some alone time. "Sure honey but Mommy chooses the channel ok? Samantha said as the mother and daughter sat on the couch. Jessica replied with another “Fine” and roll of the eyes. Samantha moved Jessica into her lap and cradled her head with her arm. “Here, drink” she said placing the nipple at her daughters lips. Jessica looked at the bottle and saw that it was the kind with a bag inside holding the milk. The milk was also a little weird looking in the bag it wasn’t pure white like she was use to. She just began to suck the bottle and decided that she didn’t like it like her thumb but it would do. The flavor was so familiar and sweet it was almost like some one put sugar in the milk. “Mom, is this milk?” she asked stopping for a second. “Why, is something wrong?” asked Samantha hoping she hadn’t been found out with her plan. “Um, no it’ warm and sweet but way better than baby food so I am not complaining” Samantha caught her breath "Yes honey, it is milk just go ahead and finish. Samantha was surprised at how fast Jessica drank the bottle. Jessica sat up in her moms lap as Samantha put down the bottle, she let out a little burp. She smiled and let out a little giggle, Jessica was surprised as her mom picked her up held her close and supported her by her butt with her arm. Jessica’s mom began rubbing her back and patted her hard, she let out a belch.
Samantha hugged her daughter close and continued rubbing her back, “ooh. .that’s momma’s big girl.” She thought that burping Jessica that way would have elicited a negative response, but was surprised when Jessica asked “Mommy…er…a Mom can I have some more of that while we watch TV? , oh and something to wear?” Samantha smiled an unseen smile “Sure, baby, go sit on the other couch and I’ll be right back.” Jessica got down and waddled over to the couch in front of the TV. Samantha went back in the kitchen and pulled a bag of breast milk from the fridge. She and Trisha had agreed that it would be best if they started slow before going right to the breast. It was hard, she had to pump and desperately wanted the closeness she felt before. While the breast milk was warming up she went into the nursery and picked out a onesi and some booties. Entering the living room she picked up Jessica off the couch and lifted up her stood her in front of her and pulled the onesi on. Next she picked her up and laid her on her back snapping the onesi’s crotch together. Nest she placed the soft frilly socks on her daughters feet, thank goodness for TV she thought, even older girls like her could zone out and forget their drama for some cartoons
For most of the day and afternoon Samantha just let Jessica watch TV and draw some, going out at all would be later but for the first day couch potato was fine, but Samantha remembered, that Trisha had told her that a good reinforcement was to check her diaper. As Jessica laid on the couch watching cartoons Samantha just did it just like Tammy had. It caught Jessica off guard, her mother sticking her finger in the diaper leg. “just checking to make sure you are dry sweetie” as she sat down next to Jessica Samantha pulled her up so that she snuggled against her. Jessica sucked her thumb and thought about how much today had sucked and how she wished she could run away but she didn’t even know where she was. But this was so nice this is what she knew she had wanted for so, so long but it took her mom treating like a baby again to get it .
“Mom, can I have a snack before dinner?” Jessica said feeling her stomach grumbling “Sorry, sweets but you can have another bottle of milk” Jessica was a little torn she was really liking the milk her mom was giving her, but wanted to slow down on the baby stuff like the bottle at the same time. Finally her stomach won out, and shaking her head yes as she sucked her thumb seemed like something a baby would do but it was still comforting. Finally her mom went into the kitchen to cook dinner, which would indeed be something new. She was scared of what she would be facing, would it be more baby food? Her dad had been the cook when they even cooked dinner at home at all. She was strangely finding herself wanting baby food, rather than an attempt at cooking by her mother.
"OK, Jessica dinners ready!’ her mother sang walking up to the couch. Without a though Jessica stood and walked over to the bathroom. When she got to the door it was locked, “Uh… Mom I gotta go and I always go and wash up before dinner, why did you lock the door?” Her mom looked at Jessica with the same little look of concern and sorrow. “Oh, honey babies don’t use the bathroom they use their diapers and their mommies clean them up” Samantha said hoping that this wouldn’t result in a tantrum. Waddling as fast as she could with the diaper on into the kitchen. “MOM! This has gone far enough I have to GO! Let me in the bathroom!” Samantha looked at her daughter and took a breath counted to ten to herself picked up her daughter and sat her into her highchair. Fighting the mother and daughter wrestled until the tray was locked in trapping Jessica. She struggled and tried to find the latch on the tray but couldn’t reach under it. Jessica screamed and flailed fighting against the highchair.
Once Samantha had caught her breath she looked at her little angel turned devil, “well when you are ready for dinner let me know” she said calming herself once more, she got her own dinner ready and casually sat down to eat not looking at her daughter.

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Awww this story is sooo cute!, i wonder why Samantha hasn’t talked
to her baby and told her why their doing this?.
It might go smoother if she explains that she’s making up for the past.

I am loving this please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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;D Thanks, I just posted the next chapter! ;D