The Club Chapter 6

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Jessica slept better than she had in years, without a doubt it was the best night of sleep she had since her dad had died. She missed him a lot but it seemed that now her mom was in over drive to make up lost time. Was that what this was really all about? She didn’t know, all she knew was that she had completely lost any hope of staying dry through the night. She looked at the crotch of her onesi and knew it was tighter from her pee filling the diaper. All she knew was that she was hungry! She didn’t like the feeling of the diaper when she sat so that it squished, it was cold and wet. She once more reflected on the previous day and realized that the best part of yesterday was when her mom came and got her. A close second was going to bed, just thinking about that made her tummy rumble her simultaneously blush. Jessica didn’t even remember her mom feeding her just the sensation of milk and sucking. She blushed because she knew sucking on her mothers nipple wasn’t normal. But she hated sitting in the high chair and liked the taste of the milk. Jessica felt butterflies in her stomach, she knew she had to call her mother. It would result in her mom inserting a finger in her diaper, then seeing her naked as she changed her diaper, then getting breastfed, all embarrassing but somehow at this point all wanted. Jessica took in a deep breath trying not to blush, “Mommy!, Mommy!” She was surprised but she was getting worried and a little scared “Mommy! Mom!” she yelled crying a little with tears starting to well. It was then that her mom appear at the door . Her mom smiled and came in to pick her up. “Hi, angle, was mamma’s baby scared?” she said as she rubbed Jessica’s back and kissed away her tears. Jessica was not sure about how to feel now, she hated not having her independence and being a baby, but being a baby felt so good also in a lot of ways.

"I think someone needs her dipey changed and some food in her tummy!’ Samantha said with baby talk and a happy smile trying to tickle Jessica a little. Samantha was happy in spite of a lack of response on Jessica’s part. Samantha grabbed a new disposable pamper and placing Jessica on the changing table she decided that indeed she needed to get out of the house! Samantha loved this bonding time with Jessica and decided that it had to be a quick foray this afternoon. She didn’t want anything to snap Jessica out of the little bit of progress made. But she needed to get a feel for the town and where everything was. Plus she always had been the type to go stir crazy if left inside to long. Once she had changed Jessica’s diaper, she picked her up and carried her towards the kitchen for breakfast. She had cut up some fruit and scrambled some eggs that she tore into little pieces. Jessica rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and began to well tears as she set her in the high chair. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” she asked knowing full well that Jessica hated the highchair. “Mom…er Mommy I hate this, I am not a baby, can you please just talk to me like a 12 year old girl for a little bit?” Jessica complained looking up at her wiping away a tear.

Jessica’s mom looked at her a little puzzled and a little hurt, but Jessica could tell that she had gotten through. Her mom’s body language changed to the way it had the few times recently that she talked to her like a big girl. Her mom pulled the chair up, sat down and took a breath, “Ok, what do you want for breakfast today?”. Jessica looked at her mom across the tray of the high chair, “Mom, I hate the stupid chair it makes me feel like a baby, and I like the taste of the…. other but its embarrassing” she said trying to not blush. "Honey, what life was like in New York was going to result in you dying! " she said near tears herself. “So we are going to be a family again by scratch. I need you to depend on me like a baby and when you finally do I will start to let you grow up again. But for now I promise you that there is a way for you to be a woman in the future. It means you trusting me and knowing I will go slow but it WILL happen.” she said with pleading eyes and resolve in her voice. “So expect conversations like this to be few and far between, OK? And as for today, how about if you are a good girl and sit here for me and eat a big breakfast, none of it mashed or puréed, followed by the…other at least two or three times today, we can have one of them be a bottle….OK?” said her mom offering to feed her some of the breakfast from the baby spoon. Jessica didn’t know that it felt like any kind of compromise, but the straight talk from her mom helped. “Fine, ok” she said just before her mom put some shredded scrambled eggs in her mouth.

Samantha hadn’t had any weird feelings about breastfeeding Jessica but just now she felt a small twinge. She only had ever seen her as a baby or at lest in a tantrum and associated it with her breast, but talking in a mature tone with her about it had made it a little more uncomfortable. She realized that she needed a baby name for it just like Kendra and Jenny had called it ‘milkies’ she needed something other than the ‘Other’. When she finally placed the spoon in the empty dish she somehow began to feel some butterflies and when she looked at Jessica she saw that it was not just her. To distract herself she wiped down the dishes and put on a smile. Samantha didn’t figure out the cause of the tension between them until she had sat down on the couch with Jessica on her knee. The previous two times had been in a heightened state of drama and Jessica had been sucking her thumb. Now this time it was because it was some part of the new routine, not done in a state of exhaustion or semi-sleep.

Jessica felt a little odd when her mom took her over to the couch, this was the first time she wanted this. She had eaten a lot at breakfast but it just wasn’t the same, she didn’t know if she would enjoy the flavor like she had before. She saw that her mom felt nervous too, her mom looked at her nervously but then smiled.

Samantha looked at her baby girl with her hair in pigtails and her onesi, and the tension began to melt. She knew she needed to address it, “Well we needs a baby names for this! don’t we sweetie, I think we should call it tickles!” she said baby like and with that she launched into a serious tickle attack. Jessica had been resistant to her tickles when she did them just like the babysitters had done changing diapers. This however was a sneak attack, and Jessica was helpless to resist. She began giggling and laughing like she had not done in a long time. Samantha was a little hurt when she realized the last time she had done something like this with Jessica was when she was two years old! It strengthened her resolve and made her want more with Jessica. She picked her up and set her back on her lap, surprised by Jessica’s response. Jessica smiled and was a little young again and said happy “Yes, they need a name!” Samantha looked at her and said “well I have been doing most of the baby talk, and you said this was better than the baby food so I say we call them ‘nummies’ does that sound good?” Samantha’s heart skipped a beat with a little joy when Jessica shook her head yes and said a simple “sure” and a small blush.

Jessica’s mom looked at her with a smile again and came in close with a snuggling nose to nose rub and asked “Well young lady would you like some ‘nummies’ ?” Jessica just smiled and shyly shook her head again in the affirmative. “Ok” said her mother with another small happy smile and she lifted up her shirt over her left breast and unhooked the front of her white and silky nursing bra over her breast and peeled it down exposing the now moist nursing pad. Pulling off the pad Jessica saw her mother’s large red nipple and large red areola and the veins that supplied them. Jessica was hugely surprised by two things, one that she was acting all ok with this, and two that now just seeing and smelling her mom’s boob was making her hungry. Next she felt her the warmth of her mom’s hand gently support the back of her head and lift her head and mouth to the waiting nipple. It rubbed against her lips and filled her mouth to the top of her tongue and she began to suck it like her thumb. But a reward different from her thumb soon came after a few good pulls as sweet warm milk rolled over her tongue and into her throat.

Samantha sat back and got adjusted as her milk flowed and the endorphin began to kick in. Nothing made her happier than this, and nursing Jessica now was not even far behind the big moments in her life. She missed her husband a lot; Jessica loved him too, but he was gone and her biggest fear was losing Jessica . This gave her both the intimate emotional feeling of love and stopped her daughter from running off and dying in some cold alley somewhere. Samantha gently patted her daughters diapered behind and sang her a nursery rhyme.

Having just woken up in the morning Jessica didn’t feel sleepy as she sucked at the nipple. Finally she stopped feeling milk on her tongue and stopped sucking. She looked up at her mom and raised her eyebrows “out” she said with a nervous smile. Her mom sat her up and moved her to face the other way looked at her and asked “want more?” sincerely and in an adult tone. Jessica wasn’t sure, she new that she wanted it but felt a little full. “I don’t know, I could but will you have more later?” Her mom laughed a little “you know I do make more, but if not now then the next time is going to have to be outside. I am going crazy in this house” Outside! Like in public! She had forgotten her mom said that she was going to be full time like this! Jessica simply began to cry tears of embarrassment, and she was still inside! She put her thumb in her mouth and leaned into her mothers chest for comfort.

As Jessica began to cry against her chest Samantha was overwhelmed by Jessica’s tenderness toward her. Rather than trying to flee as before she just snuggled her! Samantha patted her back and brought her up over her shoulder again. Jessica was of course not a new born but Samantha realized she only needed the feel, emotion, and sensation of Jessica being a baby. Jessica was small enough for all of that, and her large tall size helped create enough disparity to do the job. As she rocked and patted the crying girl, she stood up and carried her bouncing and rubbing her back like a newborn. Unfortunately the crying jag mixed with her recent meal created another all to real aspect to this. Jessica threw up, not a lot but a small mouth full of breast milk and scrambled eggs ran down Samantha’s back. At first it was a huge shock, but Samantha composed herself before scaring Jessica any more. Quickly she grabbed a spit up rag and sat Jessica down and wiped her mouth. “Oh, sweetie are you alright?” she said lightly, knowing it was really only a belch. Thumb in her mouth Jessica’s tears finally began to subside and she pulled the thumb from her mouth. “Mom…Mommy I am going to be so F…. embarrassed!” she said half crying and trying not to swear.

Jessica loved and hated her mom all at once, and she was trying to do things like not cussing, but this was a lot. Jessica’s mom looked at her and brushed Jessica’s hair over her ear with the tips of her fingers. Her mom took a small breath and spoke, “Jessica baby, I don’t know how to explain it to you, any other way than to show you. This town has a whole bunch of baby girls just like you, girls your age being babies again, no one is going to laugh at you.” Somehow this hit Jessica harder, it created a sense of length to her situation she didn’t like. Jessica thought a beat this time before speaking, “Mommy, you Don’t! know! These girls were mean to me before, they made me pass out!’ Her mom for whatever reason then chose to drop a bombshell. " Oh, Sweetie, those girls weren’t being mean on purpose, mostly you just thought they were, they did push you around a little though, they said. They thought you were a baby, and were supposed to get you ready, after some medicine we gave you worked” Her mom said in a tone childish yet not quite baby talk. “It was just part of the plan, and when you meet them again I promise they will say they are sorry. Remember this town is really good at the whole baby thing, OK” she said in a more frank and mature tone as she rubbed Jessica’s back.

Samantha knew that this was a big hit but all of this craziness had to end, as Jessica began to cry anew. The girl scrunched up and tried to get away and succeeded waddling into the kitchen yelling and swearing the whole way. Samantha was tired of all this drama, she needed to get away and lay down the law somehow! She peeled off her wet shirt and ran to the near by laundry basket and grabbed a fresh shirt and bra. Next she grabbed her purse and put it over her shoulder while shoving fresh nursing pads in her bra. Ran back into the kitchen and found Jessica trying to push a chair over to the cabinet where she kept her keys. She ripped the girl off of the chair and threw her onto her hip as she screamed and flailed about. She undid the cabinet baffle opened it and took her keys. Next she unlocked the door, and walked outside for the first time in days. The sun was brighter than she had hoped and she almost felt dizzy from the fresh air, she tried to not walk in to a bush as she made her way to the driveway carrying her screaming 12 year old baby. Jessica began to fight even harder when she saw the minivan. “NO! NO! PLEASE! PLEASE! NO!” was screamed into Samantha’s ear as the door automatically slid open. Samantha was in fight mode as much as Jessica now and forcing her into the pink bunny car seat was not even remembered as she finally slid into the divers seat. As Samantha locked in her own seat belt she looked in the rear-view mirror at her still crying daughter. Jessica’s face was red and wet from tears but the special buckle was unable to be opened from whoever was behind it. It was locked and that was all that Samantha cared about at this point.

When her mom pulled out of the driveway, Jessica thought she was going to have a heart attack. Her mom rolled down the windows! How in the world did she deserve this! Finally her throat was so sore she just stopped, it didn’t matter her mom was not paying attention to her anyway. She finally found her thumb, it was a total instinct now. She knew that it made her more baby looking, but some how she didn’t think about it and just did it. All she knew was that it made her feel better and made her throat felt better. Then it happened….someone saw them! Jessica and her mom were stopped at a stop sign and man standing on the corner waiting to cross looked right at her, and then her mom! What chilled Jessica to the core was the fact that he acted like nothing was wrong! He just waved a friendly wave as her mom let him cross the street. Jessica blushed instinctively but was confused, her mom had said that they expected it here but that was just too much to believe. Sucking on her thumb had calmed her down enough now that she felt the need to apologize to her mother. Nothing deep or profound; just for her most recent spat of drama, it had been so intense that she felt guilty. “Mom” she said and with just that word her mom pulled over and stared at her, “Mommy” she corrected herself, “I am sorry, I am still mad about the mean girls and making me pass out, but I….was…was” she paused not knowing what to say other than ‘a bitch’ but wanting to be nice for her mom. “Naughty” her mom said nicely but still a little upset. “You were a naughty girl, you have got to realize that you are not going to get laughed at or hurt. Now should I spank you when we get home?” She asked. Jessica’s lower lip began to quiver, but her mom continued. "Or how about we call it even, if you tell me that you are sorry for being a naughty ‘BABY.’ " she added with emphasis on the baby part.

Samantha hadn’t moved the minivan from the side of the road, when a car pulled up. A lady got out and walked up, it was Trisha. “Hi, stranger I thought that was your van so I pulled over to see if you needed help.” Samantha was so glad to see Trisha was back from New York, “Sorry I didn’t call, it’s just been so hard” she said trying not to cry. Trisha looked at her with sweet concern and patted her shoulder. “We are just getting out of the house and seeing the town Auntie Trisha!” Samantha said getting back into baby chatter.

Trisha smiled a waved at Jessica, “Hi, sweeeetieee” said Trisha to Jessica. What scared the confined angry girl, was that it was beginning to work. She hated the lack of freedom, but the reason she was finding herself angry with herself was that she realized she like the attention. Jessica’s ‘auntie’ went around to the other side of the minivan and opened the door. “Are, you giving your mommy twubals, silly girl” Trisha said baby talking and kissing Jessica’s forehead. “Auntie! Baby Jessica wanted to tell me something, we are working on our baby talk and not talking so much like a icky big girl” Jessica’s mom was putting her on the spot! Jessica blushed and looked at Trisha and her mom, and remembered the spanking from Trisha before, “Mommy, Baby sorry I so naughty” said Jessica bursting into sobs. Both of the women seemed to say “Ahhhh” at the same time truly finding it cute. ‘Auntie’ Trisha leaned in an wiped away Jessica’s tears and gave her another kiss this time on the cheek. Jessica’s mom looked at her in the rear-view mirror, “Sweetie, that was sooo nice, Mommy loves you so much!” her mom said holding back her emotions and wiping away a tear. “Are you hungy sweetie, has this been too much adventure for mommas baby today?” Jessica just nodded her head as she began sucking her thumb in embarrassment hoping that meant they were heading home. Jessica’s mom called back to Auntie Trisha, “Hey Trish, did you get something to eat on your drive up?” Jessica swore she saw her mom wink. “Oh, no there is a nice diner in town if you would like to get some lunch.” Jessica felt her stomach flip when her mom said she thought it was a great idea. As the minivan pulled off the shoulder and headed toward the center of town Jessica was afraid she was going to throw up again.

Samantha was almost as nervous as Jessica she couldn’t believe she said what she said to Trisha! This was going to be the first real true test of her resolve in public, and while she had met the ladies of ‘The Club’ this was different some how this was out in the world more. It made Samantha feel amazing and terrified all at once. All because she didn’t know just how excepting everybody really was. Thank goodness Trisha was hungry! She didn’t know what her excuse was going to be, there was enough food and diapers to stay in the house for weeks but she just couldn’t go that long. Plus, if they were going to be here for years they couldn’t be shut-ins. Trisha had told her that everything as far as Jessica needed would be provided here, Samantha just needed to put that to the test for herself. The diner was quaint but not run down, like some small town diners. As she walked in holding Jessica, who had now buried her red blushing face into her hair she was met by the owner. She was a short plump lady that was cheery and a little older than Trisha with hair moving from gray to silver. Samantha’s heart was going a mile a minute there were more people eating lunch than she had hoped for. “Samantha this is my good friend Judy Hershbender, she and her husband own the diner and a few other things around town.” Judy smiled and seeing Jessica she rubbed her back and patted it. “The poor girl is new huh, I was the same way when I was her age, scared of the world. Don’t worry sweetheart it gets better” she said rubbing and patting Jessica on the back once more as she showed them to their table. “You were a teen baby?” asked Samantha, “Oh sure, and here’s something I don’t know if Trisha told you most of the girls that are rebabied end up giving birth to babysitters! All three of my girls were or almost six feet tall” Samantha was struck and found it interesting. “Have you guys had a scientist look into this?” Both of the older women gave her a look and Samantha blushed of course the town hadn’t. Samantha guessed living the taboo for the last four days had made her forget that this was crazy, and it was just the isolation and organization from the club that sustained it. “Let me get you a highchair” said Judy as she went to let them look at the menus. Dropping off the highchair then some water Judy took their orders and Samantha sat Jessica into the wooden chair minus a tray and pulled up to the table.

Jessica looked around once she had left her mothers arms, her level of embarrassment was still high but she supposed she was able to focus on the food her mom planned to cut up for her. Looking around she spied another highchair two tables down but in it was a real baby. She was wanting to see another girl like her for some reason, her mom said that they were here but she had yet to see proof. She was sure she was never going to say anything while in public even if she were somehow allowed to by her mom. But now she was running head to head with a weird coincidence, she didn’t want to talk, and her mom didn’t want her to tell her about having to use her diaper. But she did not want to sit there and do it in public, she decided to try to hold it hoping it might pass and that lunch would be short. But as the drinks finally arrived, she was feeling the pressure pretty bad. Why not? She had done it before but it was only the third time she had done it on purpose, but this was in front of a lot of people! Finally she just relaxed and let her pee come out, she could feel the diaper expand and take the liquid. Each time she moved she could feel it squish. She was amazed that she could feel how dry she felt on her privates. In spite of releasing her full bladder into her diaper, it was all taken up.

When the food arrived, Samantha was famished; she ate her food and chatted with Trisha but she finally realized that Jessica must feel neglected. Trisha said for her not to worry and put some small pieces of French fry in front of her. She knew Jessica was not saying anything, not going to give either one of them the satisfaction of baby talk asking for food. She had planned to give her some, but cold greasy bits of French fry had never been Jessica’s idea of decent food. Jessica just looked at the fries crossed her arms and pouted. Samantha knew she was not going to like it but she had not brought a bottle for her and knew she hated diner food. Jessica’s pout rolled into a crying jag, Trisha looked at her “didn’t you bring her a bottle?” It hit Samantha at that moment that she had told Jessica she would have to nurse out of the house. Samantha smiled “well that has been the good part of the recent drama Auntie Trisha, some one has found the breast!” she said not to loud. Trisha hi fived her , “Congratulations, for some new moms that is the hardest part!” Samantha smiled as she patted and tried to calm Jessica down. Finally Samantha finished her food, Trisha looked to her once more and pulled the table in the booth a little closer to make room , “Here ya go”. Samantha was puzzled “for what”, Trisha rolled her eyes “So you can feed her silly”. Samantha was surprised “don’t I need to go to the restroom or something for that?” Trisha smiled and pointed over to the booth with the young baby. Samantha looked to see the other mom nursing with no drama or fear, “Sweetie this town is all about it , you don’t have to be afraid here nor should you really anywhere” Samantha didn’t know what to say she hadn’t really thought about this before.

Jessica had been distracted from the conversation by new customers entering the diner. Entering was a tall man with glasses and a full head of brown hair going grey, and he was carrying a diaper bag. Following next was his wife with a big baby like her on her hip! She was blond with pigtails and sucking on a pacifier with a pink leash clipped to her pink and white striped baby doll dress. Holding her on her hip the girl came almost level with her moms head! This told Jessica the girl was bigger than her! She couldn’t imagine years of this! But it was becoming obvious that it may be this way for a long time and this renewed her sobs. Jessica next felt the hands of her mom slid under her arm pits and lift her up and out of the high chair as the other girls mom sat her down. It wasn’t until Jessica was clear of the chair when she felt the sag of her diaper. It was then she remembered she had wet in her diaper. Sobbing Jessica found herself in her mothers lap and being held once more. Jessica sobbed against her mothers shirt, “What’s the matter baby?” her mom asked softly close to her. Jessica was just mad at everything now and told her mother, “All of it, that other girl is older than me and I am going to have to be a baby that long?” she said and asked all at once. “That is not for momma’s baby girl to wonder, momma take care of you” her mom said still rubbing her back and comforting her. All of this was comforting to Jessica but she still felt more like a teenager even if she was being made to act like a baby. She liked that her mom was acting like a mom, she liked that she didn’t have to worry about wetting the bed, and while she desperately wanted a cheeseburger she like the taste of her moms milk. But she still wanted her freedom, and to sit on a toilet, and to talk to her friends. Jessica was really torn by all of this, and really was thinking about it when her stomach rumbled. Her mom smiled a sweet smile and gently touched the tip of her nose with her finger, “I think someone needs her nummies, doesn’t she?” she said still happy. It was the first time Jessica saw how genuinely happy it made her mom, and Jessica realized that she was the reason for it. Jessica’s mom sat up a little from the snuggle, and Jessica followed her mothers finger tips with her eyes as she slid them down to the bottom of her shirt and scrunched it up and over the top of her bra covered breast. This bra was different from the last, it was a silky brown with lace just around the hook that held it closed. Jessica was a little shocked with herself she was paying attention to details and enjoying the experience. Her mom fiddled with the latch above her breast and undid it then removed the nursing pad, Jessica felt butterflies as she noticed her mouth was watering looking at her mothers nipple. As her mom tugged at the red nipple and areola she aimed a spray of milk into Jessica’s waiting mouth. When Jessica finally latched onto her mothers nipple she was starving and wanted all of the milk!

Samantha was blushing a little as Jessica latched onto her. “Don’t worry trust me, soon you will be more worried about what’s on TV” said Trisha seeing the red in her friends cheeks and pointing at the TV hanging over the counter of the diner. Samantha couldn’t explain the mixture of joy and love she felt when she looked down at her daughter. Samantha felt the gentle constant rhythmic tug from Jessica’s mouth on her nipple and areola. She loved the feel of the girl’s weight in her arms. She even loved the onesi pulled tight over the diaper, how it bulged, and padded her while she gently patted her rear. Samantha began to calm a little and finished her water and talked with Trisha. Finally she felt Jessica’s lips stop moving on her teat. Samantha set Jessica up into her lap and stowed away her breast as Jessica leaned into her opposite arm for more! Samantha’s nipple was sore in her bra as she undid her opposite breast, she needed to ask for some tips reducing that! She looked one more time as Jessica settled down in front of her breast and she gave her; her nipple, but then she looked over and saw the mom of the young baby heading for the restroom with the diaper bag on her shoulder. Samantha remembered then to check Jessica’s diaper. She knew that having what was boiled down to a newborn again would scatter her brain a little and make her forget things. She slid her finger into the crotch of Jessica’s diaper and found it wet. She wondered just how conscious Jessica was being with wetting. She had encouraged her not to tell her, and then with the tantrum, and the girls embarrassment over going out, she wasn’t surprised Jessica hadn’t. She had thought she would slip and try to tell her she was wet; but she had not said anything. Samantha hoped that this was a good sign in moving of Jessica toward babyhood. Samantha decided that once Jessica was finished with her first nursing out of the house she would have her first diaper change to.

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