The Club Chapter 5

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Samantha didn’t even remember picking her up or carrying her down the hallway, or putting her over her knee. But she did recall that her hand hurt from smacking little girl booty, and that getting her in a diaper and into her crib had gone smoothly after that. But as the sun filtered through the blinds of her new bed room Samantha felt regret. She slowly snuck over to the nursery and peered in at the crib. Jessica was fast asleep with her thumb in her mouth. Her nightgown was scrunched up above her diaper and she looked so sweet, and all of her second thoughts about getting her baby back left her mind.
As Samantha sat on the couch with the breast pump pumping her milk for the day she tried to put the nights drama out of her mind and began making herself breakfast and tried to recall all that happened after all the drama. A little later as she sat drinking water to replenish herself, she heard Jessica calling for her through the baby monitor.
“Mom! Mom! Mommy!” Jessica called as her mom soon walked into the nursery. The extra petite 12 year old girl stood holding onto the railing of the crib. She had been awake a short time debating how to handle getting out of her crib and her wet diaper without rehashing last night. She debated more defiance but her butt was still sore, even after having fallen asleep. Soon her mom walked in to the room with a smile, which shocked her after last night. Jessica looked at her mom, she didn’t know what to say so she just lifted her arms, as to be picked up. Her mom looked at her and Jessica saw her wipe away a tear from her face before indeed picking her up. “Mom, why are you crying?” asked Jessica in an attempt to comfort her mother as her mom placed her on her hip.
“Mommy is just so happy sweetie, you needing me as a baby is so important to me” said Samantha as she carried her down the hall to the living room. Sitting down on the couch she held onto Jessica and snuggled her close. “Mom, I peed in my sleep, am I allowed to change my own diaper at least?” Samantha held her head close to her chest and looked Jessica in the eye. “Jessica, you are a baby again mommy changes the diapers” it was then that Samantha decided to go into more detail and explain some things to her. “Sweetie do you remember how I said that Auntie Trisha and I have been planning this awhile, well that’s because this town is special. Here girls that have problems with their height and fitting in like you did are all brought back to being babies and given a chance to start over.” Jessica just gave her a confused look and put her thumb in her mouth.
Jessica was struck by something she had only been involved with all of this just a day. As she became more and more convinced that this was not some short term thing, she realized that she had never even contemplated her mom taking her into public like this! She began to try and get away from her mom to stand up and yell at her, “MOM! MOM! Let me GO!, there is no freaking way you are parading me around like a BABY!” But her mom only held her closer as she devolved into tears. Jessica final found her thumb and began sucking in earnest as tears rolled down her face.
Samantha simply started rocking her back and forth. She did something she had not done in a long, long time, even when Jessica was a baby, she began to sing. Finally Jessica calmed down and just relaxed sucking her thumb and closed her eyes. Samantha felt her milk let down and wet the front of her shirt just then, she hadn’t put on her nursing bra and pads yet. Samantha felt her heart skip a beat.
Jessica felt something warm and wet on her cheek through her moms shirt, “Mom did you spill something?” Jessica said rising and catching her mom off guard before she could grab her again. Jessica stood up looking over at her mom sitting on the couch. It took a second but Jessica really wasn’t a little baby and she knew what it was that was leaking from her moms breasts. “MOM! Is that milk?”
Samantha tried not to cry she looked away, she had been caught there was no denying it.
“THAT STUFF I WAS DRINKING WAS THAT WASN’T IT!” screamed Jessica angry and grossed out .
Jessica was expecting to have her mom to try and hold her and snuggle again or spank her, instead she began crying. Her mom just shook her head in defeat and curled up on the couch and cried facing away from her. Jessica had won, she was in control! But she didn’t feel in control, not really. She was standing in the middle of the living room in a wet diaper. She was wearing a baby pink nightgown, and all of the doors were locked. She walked around the house trying to get out of the situation she was in but it was pointless. Jessica went into the nursery and took off the wet diaper, rolled it up and put it in the diaper genie. She looked for her old clothes put came up for not. Next she tried to figure out just what wasn’t too babyish that was in with the clothes that were there, nothing. “Uh!” she was on the verge of tears again and sucked her thumb to calm down. Plus she was really, really hungry she also was starting to worry about her bladder. She found some pink toddler style pants with the elastic waist, and a pink striped bunny shirt with soft ruffles at the bottom. She had put them on commando style when she decided to go raid the fridge, but as she was leaving the nursery her bladder had other ideas. Her bladder had gotten weaker in the last month, and who knew how long she had until she could find away out or her mom decided to stop crying and try again. She decided not to risk it and pulled down her pants and grabbed a diaper. She had never put on a diaper before, She guessed that the pink bunny and bear went in the front but she just couldn’t quite tape the tapes right. Finally she just pulled up her pants and hoped that she wouldn’t need it.
Samantha didn’t know what to do now the plan for a gradual transition onto the breast had failed and her daughter rightly felt tricked. But her hormones and the pain of her daughters rejection were just too much right now, she wondered if it was even possible to get her back.
Waddling down the hallway and going into the kitchen Jessica found every cabinet and drawer locked. The one thing unlocked was the fridge, she knew that her mom had some food in there or at least she thought she did. Upon opening door all she saw were bags containing what she guessed was her moms milk.
Samantha eventually reached catharsis from her tears. She sat up on the couch and thought about how to handle her daughter now. She had seen her break down and she was still weeping slow tears now deciding what to do.
“Mom, I need you to get me some food and some clothes” said Jessica as she walked back up to her mother.
Then a revelation hit Samantha, she wiped away a tear still sad and sniffed a sniffle back. “You need to know that this is important to me, and that you not accepting this hurts me really bad” she said trying not to cry anymore wiping away another tear. “So, I have made a decision” Samantha said as she grabbed her water bottle and a spit up rag. “I am going to just sit here and wait’ she said with sadness and a huge amount of determination in her voice.
Jessica recognized the determination in her mothers tone. Her mom and her had never really bonded like she had with her dad, but they had been close enough for her to see her mom put her foot down before. Jessica didn’t know what to think as her mom coolly folded the spit up rag, placed it on her lap, and lifted up her shirt exposing her swollen teat. Jessica was surprised as the large nipple and areola stood out over the rag. Jessica saw the milk start to form on her mothers nipple and drip onto the soft white rag. Jessica was surprised that it made her think about the milk and the taste of it, and how good it tasted. Jessica looked at her mom stomped her foot and stormed off looking for a way out. With her small size and height she always had problems reaching and turning door handles. Plus her mom and auntie Trisha put slipping baffles on many of them, so even the ones that didn’t lock were very hard or impossible without an adults help to get a grip on the baffle and turn the knob.
Samantha was not surprised when Jessica stormed off, or diaper waddled off really. She was set and bound to wait for her daughters hunger and thirst to win out. Soon Jessica resorted to breaking things and making a mess, hoping to get a reaction and movement from her mother. Finally Jessica stopped and sat watching cartoons with the volume way up, and the music on the radio cranked up really loud. Samantha was about to yell but just stopped herself and continued to calmly sit and wait sipping her water. Finally Jessica was starting to get mad, and turned off the music of her own accord.
Jessica next began to pickup anything she could throw and hurl it at her mother, she was small and the baby proofing had limited what she could throw so Samantha calmly brushed it aside .
Once the afternoon was starting Jessica could hold it no more and standing in the middle of the room peed. It had barley been conscious on her part and her self applied diaper failed! Jessica felt her urine running down her leg and watched as her pink pants began to soak through. A small puddle formed on the carpet around her sock covered foot. She looked at her mom and was going to ask for help, Jessica just stuck her thumb in her mouth and walked down the hallway back for another diaper and new pants. Just two big problems! The first was that there was nothing else other than onesis’, second there were no more diapers on the low shelf of the changing table they were a foot higher than she expected! Just out of her reach! She didn’t concern herself she just climbed on up, that was until the changing table began to wobble, and fell over on her! Jessica tried to jump free of it but the corner of it scraped her back on the way down. It hurt so bad right on her spine! Jessica screamed in fear and pain and then began crying. Jessica ran into the hallway crying “Mom! MOM!” And finally “MOMMY!”
Samantha had got to her feet in terror at the crash and scream, and was about to enter the hallway when Jessica came running down the hallway naked from the waist down. Standing at her feet Jessica pawed at her to be held. Samantha decided that the injury warranted a short break in her stand off with the 12 year old baby girl, if only to check her injury. Picking her up she brought her over to the couch and stood her in front of her hugging her and patting her shoulder gently. “Here baby, let mama look, let mama look” she said kissing her cheek. Samantha lifted off the pink and soft ruffled shirt and looked at her back. As Jessica stood naked in front of her she saw a deep bruise running down her back and no blood. Samantha felt along her spine looking for any pain to indicate if anything was broken, all while Jessica cried and sucked her thumb.
The changing table had hurt so bad! But her mommy was there and that was what mattered. Finally slowing her sobs Jessica looked at her mom and said “Mommy it hurts” her mommy looked at her kissing her cheek again and said “Oh sweetie that must have been scary! Momma kiss it” her mom leaned over and gently kissed her bruise. “Mommy thinks you’ll be ok, honey, but that was a scary ouchie, huh” Jessica was glad that her mom was done with her ultimatum.
Samantha picked up Jessica’s shirt and had just placed back over her head when it occurred to her that this changed nothing. " Oh, sorry you need to do that yourself , you don’t need me I’ll just be here waiting” she said as she took off her now soaked shirt and refolded the rag so that it sat under each of her breasts. Samantha took a drink of her water bottle and sat back as she had been before any of the recent drama, and admired the look of shock on Jessica’s face.
Jessica felt cold and sad she wanted the warmth she had just had from her mom but now she was back to the same way, being a baby or nothing! Jessica looked at her mom, rolled her eyes and went back to the destroyed nursery looking for a diaper and clothes to cover her. When she got to the nursery the diapers and other night gowns were under the changing table! Walking back in the living room she crossed her arms and stared at her mom " Mom, that thing you change my diapers on is covering everything, I cant get to anything!" She said, as her mom just sat there with no shirt on like it was the most natural thing in the word for her to do.
While her mom sat there essentially ignoring her Jessica was feeling even weirder about all of this now. She realized that she was wanting her mom to get her a diaper! Also as she stood there more milk dripped onto the white rag, and it was making her hungry! She tried not to think of the taste of the warm sweet milk, and of the slight pressure she was starting to feel in her bladder.
Samantha sat and watched her daughter get madder and madder, and finally melt into an all out tantrum. Jessica threw herself onto the floor screaming about how unfair her life was and kicking and flailing about. Samantha was letting a lot ride on this strategy. She came to realize that she had to wait for Jessica to want and need her attention enough. Finally hours and hours of not drinking or eating anything and not wanting to be messy any more Jessica stood up on the floor . She looked over at Samantha and put her thumb in her mouth. Samantha knew that this was something, that something was changing . Jessica walked over to her thumb in mouth and sat next to her on the couch. Samantha was feeling her heart beat pick up, was this it? Jessica scooted close and rested her head on her moms shoulder, looking up at Samantha with the puppy dog eyes she had been hoping for. Her daughter had never even pretended to be sweet with her, so even if this was some kind of ruse on her daughters part it was still progress.
Jessica didn’t know why she was doing what she was doing but she knew that in the end it would result in a clean house, clean diaper and a full stomach. She felt her mom brush away her hair with her finger tips and look down with a sweet hesitant smile. Her mom turned and lifted her up across her lap, and she looked up at her mom with hesitation not really knowing how to start. Her mom’s right breast hung in her face and still slowly dripped. Her mom took the spit up rag covered her nipple with it and tugged slightly then set the rag aside. “Close you eyes and just suck your thumb sweetie” her mom said with the most tenderness she had ever heard from her before. Jessica did as she was asked now all resistance gone, held tightly and yet very gently in her mothers arms.
Samantha watched Jessica close her eyes as she sucked her thumb contentedly, this is most of what she wanted. She rubbed Jessica’s arm with her hand and slowly pulled her thumb out of her mouth with the other. Samantha leaned in a little to place her nipple and areola in Jessica’s mouth, the girl took all of it and began sucking with abandon. Samantha adjusted Jessica and got comfortable all while bawling with joy. She had to wipe away her tears as Jessica finally pulled milk from her swollen full breast for the first time in days. Things had defiantly not gone to plan and she about died from a heart attack when Jessica got hurt earlier. It was almost three in the afternoon by the time the drama had stopped and it had started in the morning. Samantha looked around at the practically destroyed house and did not care. Jessica was pulling a lot of milk from her she could feel her breast getting lighter.
Jessica was shocked this is what had happened in her dream! Her mom must have fed her like this when she had passed out before waking up in the new house for the first time. She had been wanting this same sensation and feeling for so long, but it was in conflict with not wanting this whole baby treatment. Her mom’s nipple was as good or better than her thumb! She was getting food for the first time today and in her small body the large amount of milk her mom was producing was enough to tide her over. She was so content she was sucking even when the milk had run out. Finally she stopped and let the red swollen wet nipple slide from her mouth. Jessica looked up at her mom and her mom asked stroking her hair “Are you full sweetie or do you want more?” Jessica thought about how everything had come to the this, and how she would feel asking to suck on the other breast. But Jessica needed to pee but didn’t have on a diaper . “Mo…” she didn’t finish saying mom before her mother placed a finger on her lips to stop her, “Mommy” she said gently “I want to hear mommy from now on , ok?” Jessica shook her head, “Mommy, I gotta pee”. Her mom got a confused look about her , and finally saw that Jessica was looking at her nude lower half. “Oh, ok yes sweetie lets get that taken care of first”
Samantha set Jessica to the side stood up and picked her up off the couch and carried her towards the nursery. “Mommy you gotta take me to the toilet, I gotta pee now!” Samantha stopped and thought about it for a second, then pressed forward to the nursery. “Baby Momma wants you getting use to being a baby, so as strange as this sounds Mommy needs you to stop telling me when you need to go potty , OK” she said as she lifted up the changing table with one arm while placing Jessica on it with the other. As she slid a fresh diaper under Jessica she said. “Even like right now, when or where ever you have to go you go” as she held the top of the diaper over Jessica vulva while still holding her legs up.
Jessica was a little confused, but she understood that her mom just wanted her to be more baby like. “You want me to pee like this with you holding the diaper?” Her mom looked at her “Yes, MOMMY needs you to go pee pee sweetie” said her mom gently reminding her to say mommy with the inflection. Jessica thought about it, did it really matter whether or not the diaper was on, or was it just more embarrassing baby stuff. It really didn’t matter because she had to go! Jessica tried to relax and let the pee come regardless of whether is splashed on her mom or not. Her urine shot out and up with her mom catching most of it in the diaper with only the first of it splashing onto her moms bare chest. Jessica’s mom giggled a little and wiped it off with a baby wipe.
Samantha wiped up Jessica and put her in a fresh diaper and onesi, then brought her into her room so she could throw on a nursing bra and pads, along with a blouse. Entering the living room she set Jessica down with some baby toys in the play pen and started cleaning up the mess. Samantha started to get some drama from Jessica but when she started to imitate her and gave her a stern look the crying stopped. Samantha used the time to set the baby monitors back up so she could keep an eye and an ear on Jessica in the playpen while she picked up the nursery some more.
She also started herself some dinner and got some of the baby food out for Jessica, she had been worried that the breast and baby food would not be enough for a girl Jessica size. Trisha had introduced her to the towns pediatrician ahead a time, Dr. Owen he was an old fellow in his late sixties with hair white as snow. Samantha was a little worried about a male doctor for this situation. But Trisha explained that he had been born in town and that this was nothing new to him, and that his sister had even been a teen baby. He had explained that with the naturally small amounts of food girls like Jessica ate to begin with breast milk and real baby food were even an improvement sometimes. He said that just guessing by Samantha’s explanation of Jessica and the way she ate she might even gain weight with one or two extra feedings a day, and Samantha’s body would adapt as if she were feeding twins and produce more milk.
Jessica was pretty mad at her mom for stuffing her in this freaking cage! Ok it wasn’t really a cage but it felt like it! She could reach over the top to her elbows but had zero upper body strength to pull herself up and over. Plus the toys that her mom had put in there with her were for babies! Finally after an hour consisting of a small nap and trying to occupy herself she looked at the toys. There was a shape sorter, and a ring stacker, and a row of Disney jack in the boxes. Her mom also put in a pink soft stuffed bunny, she debated throwing the plastic toys out of the play pen but decided that would ensure her mother’s wrath. The bunny how ever was to much! It was like the one she had been seeing around from time to time, she threw it and she just missed the edge and it hit the lip of the play pen. The fuzzy pink bunny bounced off and fell right in her lap, she didn’t know why but she loved the feel of its fur. Jessica gave the bunny a hug and it felt like something awesome she hadn’t felt in a long time.
By the time Samantha had finished picking up much of Jessica’s mess it was dinner time. She felt exhausted but needed to eat. So she turned on the TV for Jessica making sure to only turn on infantile shows. As she looked in the play pen she saw a very tired little girl sucking her thumb holding her pink bunny and trying to not fall asleep. Samantha quickly ate her dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, she knew that girls Jessica’s age began sleeping longer and longer as they entered their teens. That was a bit of bonus timing with making them babies again. She curled up with Jessica and unbuttoned her blouse, undoing her nursing bra she stretched out her nipple and got her milk flowing. Samantha gently took the thumb from her sleepy preteen daughters mouth. “Mommy I not sleepy” Jessica said in a stupor, Samantha was so happy it sounded like baby talk! Samantha knew it wasn’t a conscious choice but it made her heart sing and as her daughter began to suckle and pull milk it was even better. She decided that if tomorrow morning went well that she needed to make a trip to the store.

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I’m so glad you keep updating! It seems all the stories I love end up coming to a hault, I’m glad yours hasn’t! I love it!! Please, PLEASE don’t stop writing

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This story is amazing and I can’t wait to read more!!!

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;DThanks guys! Chapter 5 is on the way! Thanks for the comments!

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Quite enjoying this story keep up the good work.

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I noticed a lot of posts appreciating your story without any real critical feedback. I’m always happy to see people writing and I noticed some things you could work on. Largely formatting, but there are some style issues too.

Paragraphs should be separated by an empty line, it looks nicer on the forum, although that isn’t really a writing issue.

A note on hyphens: When you have a noun modified by multiple words, you need a hyphen between the words instead of a space if the words make up a single concept.

So, for instance “little girl booty” means there is a girl booty which is small. A “little-girl booty” means a booty belonging to a little girl. I assume you meant the latter.

Examples : little-girl booty, short-term thing

Some of your paragraphs are a bit long as well. They should only be long enough to cover a single topic. When a single paragraph covers five or six discreet actions it gets hard to follow.

I have some obvious issues with suspending disbelief on this story, however, a lot of people seem into it so you should probably ignore my opinion on that. The characters just seem a bit flat - the story seems very much driven by the scenes you want to lay out and not by the psychology of your characters. Reactions feel unnatural and unrealistic.

Lastly, I find it preferable to post all chapters in a single thread. It makes earlier chapters easier to find and everyone can see the whole story whether they’re checking the site for the first time or specifically looking for your update. Also, it seems to be the standard on this board. The first story I posted, years ago, I also did chapter per thread. I now consider it a mistake.

Keep up the writing!

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:DThanks for the feedback guys! There is another chapter coming soon! I think that I am going to try seperating the paragraphs. But the size of the paragraphs in this particular story alternate, between Samantha and Jessicas 's different experiences with the crazy life change going on. And YES please suspend reality my favorite stories are the ones on the edge of reality with just enough of a lack of reality to keep it going. ;D

Thanks and keep reading!

PS. When the story wraps up I will post it in the whole

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The problem with chapter-at-a-time posting for me is that I tend to forget a story, and being able to quickly review previous chapters helps me get back into the flow. I literally gave up on this story as far as feedback is concerned because I can’t just immerse myself in one chapter without having the background of the rest to work with, and having to scour the forum to put the pieces together is more effort than I want to expend. Call me lazy, but… ;D