The Club Chapter 4

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Jessica was exhausted from fighting and kicking, and her voice was becoming horse. Her mom had long finished her dinner and was sitting quietly in the kitchen chair facing her. Her bladder was beyond pain she was gritting her teeth, and she was feeling her bowels begin to quiver. “Mommy if I pee in my diaper can I sit on the toilet for the other?”, she asked trying to bargain on the verge of tears, her mom looked at with a little sympathy then shook her head no. “Sorry sweetie you are way to little for the potty now” Jessica was most weirded out by her mom when she, did that, talk to her like a baby but in a way they both understood she knew.
The truth of the matter was that Samantha was a little weirded out by it to, but she did feel like it was making progress. She felt that it had somehow led to the time they spent on the couch together today just hanging out as mom and daughter. Also she had not changed a poopy diaper in a long time, she was defiantly not looking forward to it, but she knew it was going to be necessary for the next four to six years. Trisha had told her that the huge milestone and the true beginning of the babyhood was when Jessica stopped even knowing she had or was having a bowel movement. Trisha also told her that each girl was different but that this practical period could take awhile, where some big girl talk was just necessary until Jessica became more and more dependent on her.
Jessica had reached her tipping point she began to cry she knew she had to give in to her mom, wiping away her tears she looked to her mom. “If I do it can I still have some thing to eat?”, she was famished having had her tantrum. Her mom had long since put away her baby food and she didn’t know if it was going to be it for the night, when she had been younger her daddy had sent her to bed with no food if she was bad. She didn’t know if her mother was continuing the discipline or not. “How about another bottle would that be ok?” Asked her mom. Jessica though of the sweet creamy drink and how filling it was. But it would be the fourth time today, was that ok? She felt like she was getting away with something, like she was having more soda than she should, it felt like it was a day off and it was her birthday where she was splurging. “Would you be ok with that? Its like four desserts in one day mom.” her daddy had always been strict about sweet things. But her mom was suddenly ok with it? And it meant sucking on a bottle again!
Samantha sort of giggled with a secret joy at the idea of her milk being a treat to Jessica. “Oh, honey you are allowed that from now on, not things like ice cream or what ever right now but in awhile you can have big girl treats for doing big girl things,” she said as she stood and pulled a bag from the fridge and held it up for a yes or no. Jessica shook her head in the affirmative. Her mom turned on a burner on the stove to low and put a pot of warm water on to gently heat the milk to 98.6 F degrees. All of this was lost on Jessica but Samantha liked her little secret for now. As Jessica depended more and more on the milk one day there would be a terrible accident and all the bottles would get lost. Then her favorite meal would have to come from the source, and Samantha could begin to feel that special moment again.
But while that was warming the next big step was here and Samantha looked to her daughter. “Well now I think it is some little girls time to use her diaper, don’t you?” she asked crossing her arms and waiting. Jessica gave her a look of defiance but then closed her eyes and tried to imagine se was on the toilet. This was so gross; an accident was one thing but this was a conscious choice. First Jessica released her bladder, it was easier and she was in the most pain from her bladder. Samantha recognized the relief on her daughters face as she let loose her urine. Jessica felt warmth and moisture envelop her groin as she felt the diaper expand. The combination of relief and pleasant sensation worried her she might like that part a little too much and make her escape from babyhood harder.
As her mom made herself busy around the kitchen, she knew giving her just the most subliminal privacy she finally was able to pretend she was on a toilet and relax her bowels. The almost all liquid diet for the past 24 hour reared its head. It was soft and warm and with the exception of the smell that soon emerged she was glad. She was shocked to look up and see her mom looking at her. "Was that so bad that we had to go through all that drama?’ she asked as Jessica felt herself turning crimson in the face. Jessica’s mom walked up to her and stroked her hair with a reassuring smile. She unlocked the tray and lifted Jessica onto her hip. Jessica was caught up in the moment of sensitivity from her mommy, she was surprised with herself when she rested her head on her moms shoulder as walked back to the nursery.
Jessica reflected on this as her mom laid her down on the changing table, “Mom how come you are doing this, how come I have to be a baby all of a sudden?” Samantha was a little stunned and a little choked up as she tried to formulate an answer. She rested her hand warmly on Jessica’s tummy and placed a strand of hair back behind her ear and looked at Jessica. “Well, first off it isn’t exactly all of a sudden sweetie, auntie Trisha and I have been planning this for months” she said with a smile and a gentle pat as she began to unsnap the crotch of the onesi. Samantha pulled up the onesi and pulled it over Jessica’s bare chest and off. Jessica instinctively covered her breasts, Samantha just smiled and gently moved her daughters hands off of her chest. The look she gave Jessica said a lot, Jessica knew it was silly her breasts were nonexistent and her mom had already washed her that day. “Second” she said getting back to the task at hand, and undoing the tapes of the disposable Pamper. “You know that, we were not having success with you as a big girls before, were we?” she said looking her in the eye. Jessica had begun to tear up a little; she took a breath and rolled her eyes a little hurt but knowing her mother was right. “Well then how come all of this why not just more shrinks, and the loony bin I am sure we could have afforded a nice one” she said crossing her arms holding herself and beginning to cry. Samantha found herself once more moved as she opened the diaper and used the clean top part of the waist to wipe down and roll up the stinky diaper. Holding up Jessica by her ankles she set the dirty diaper aside and pulled out some wet wipes. Samantha thought about truly opening up to her daughter and how she felt like her problems were all her fault and not Jessica’s dad dying. But she just said, “Well that is a discussion for when we make it back to calling me Mommy all of the time and forgetting about ‘MOM!’” she said impersonating her daughter and giggling ever so slightly as she wiped away the feces and urine from her daughters labia and anus.
Setting a fresh Pamper under her daughters rear she set her down, she placed her hand on her babies tummy to hold her in place as she shoved the dirty diaper into the diaper genie and reached for the tube of diaper cream. Placing a dollop on her finger she rubbed it around Jessica’s cheeks and butt hole. Jessica having ceased her crying and sucking her thumb again was suddenly cognizant of something, as intimate as this was, she was only now a little embarrassed. As her mother finally rubbed in baby powder into the folds of her privates Jessica realized how quick this had passed and how much better it made her feel to be dry and that she had been lost in the attention and care from her mother rather than being embarrassed by the taboo of her mom touching her there.
The next thing she knew her mom was putting a little pink nightgown over her head, and carrying her over to a oversized cozy chair. She knew that it was not the normal time she went t sleep but her mom was once more putting her to sleep like a baby. She looked at her mom and she knew that her mom knew she was tired, there was little left in her after today to not sleep. Her mom set the bottle on the little table by the chair and moved her into her lap like she had with the other bottles today. Suckling on the bottle Jessica quickly fell asleep tired from the multiple tantrums and fights she had with her mom. But as she closed her eyes she realized that somehow these fights were different. Normally back in New York she would storm off hating her mother and some times fall asleep about now anyway hiding from her in her room. Now as angry as she was at her mom for doing this to her, her mom was holding her close and was happy.
Laying Jessica down in her crib Samantha turned the baby monitor on, and the lights off. She felt like she was going to pass out with exhaustion herself. But she made it a point to clean up, and unpack the play pen before showering and passing out in her lonely but comfy bed. Samantha woke up to a noise rattling down the hallway. She grabbed a bat quickly, and her flashlight, opened her bedroom door and shown the light toward the noise. Jessica was trying to force her way out the front door, and to think she had though about calling Trisha to say how good things were going.
Jessica had woken up with a wet diaper. But this time she was not scared and knew she was in a crib and her sadness turned into anger. So quietly as she could she climbed out, standing there in her wet diaper made her angrier and angrier. She wanted to call her friends and talk , finding the phone she called her friends in New York but had little luck. Finally getting a hold of a friend she asked her to come get her but she had no idea where she was, and the girl said no anyway, some friends! She never told her what her mom had done to her it was just to embarrassing. So she hung up and just tried to think, waddling from the phone in the kitchen to the living room the first thing she realized was, that she had to get the wet diaper off. Lifting up her night gown and peeling the tape off from each side she lowered the diaper off and threw it away. She began to think about everything that had happened, and about how her mom thought she was helping her or something. She just decided to make a run for it, but the door was locked from the inside just like the bathroom! She just began to vent her anger on the door and the next thing she knew she was looking at her very angry mother.
Samantha turned off the flash light as she turned on the kitchen light, next she moved to put her hands under Jessica’s arm pits to lift her. Jessica smacked them away, “Get the Fuck AWAY FROM ME!” She screamed running away this time slightly swifter minus the diaper. With her mother in pursuit Jessica looped around back to the phone, “Ha! 911 Bitch!” she yelled holding up the phone. “Hello, Hi, Um… Yeah this is Jessica Richardson, my, my mom has gone crazy she brought me to this stupid fucking town god know where and she made me wear a diaper!” she almost yelled frantically into the phone at the 911 operator. “OK, sweetie, OK, it will be alright is your mommy there?, can you put her on the phone?” the sweet and calm lady with 911 asked. Jessica wasn’t sure that was a good idea “Look lady I am not going any where near her, OK!”
Samantha was scared, and embarrassed, and angry all wrapped up in one package she just held out her had for Jessica to hand her the phone. “Well how about speaker, can you put her on the speaker so we all can talk?” the 911 dispatcher asked. Jessica looked at the phone and as was her typical response she said “Fine!” and pushed the button. “Hello, Hello Samantha, are you there?” Wait a second, the woman know her moms name! Samantha was a little confused to, “Yes, I am here having a WONDERFUL morning” she said frustrated. “Hi, Samantha this is Tammy from the ladies club, at the cafe yesterday afternoon, sounds like that new baby is giving you some trouble” Samantha breathed a little sigh of relief. “Oh!, Tammy, yes a cranky little girl got out of her crib and is scaring her mommy! You didn’t tell me you had a job also!” said Samantha with a gossipy glee in her voice, just glad to be talking to another mom. “Well not really, my husband is the Constable and since we are such a small town any 911 calls are routed here, we got a loud alarm that wakes us up” Samantha realizing the time of the morning apologized profusely. “Tammy, I am so sorry she is pulling me to my wits end!” she said. “Oh, honey you are not even the first, you are the first outsiders we have brought in, in awhile but just let me tell you about Sandy’s girl last year turning her into a baby was insane! So don’t you feel bad honey and you just call me anytime you need some help, we can even do a play date with Kaley, OK I’ll let you go sweetie, try to get some sleep after you get that newborn down” Samantha replied with a “Thanks Tammy” and the line went dead as Tammy hung up.
Jessica was dumbstruck she couldn’t believe that just happened, everyone was in on it! Still in shock she didn’t see her very angry mother now towering over her, with her hands on her hips and looking down at her, as she still held the phone.

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I really like this story!!! Hope to see another chapter soon!!

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Same here!, i’m very much enjoying this and hope to see more.
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But its o.k. i just hope Samantha explains things to her soon.

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I literally got an account so I could reply to this story. I love it!! I wish my parents would do this to me in the worst way!!