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Samantha Richards sat in her office looking out over the rows of cubicles. She had reached a pinnacle of sorts; she was a senior VP and at age thirty-eight had done it fairly quickly. But now she was terrified for her daughter the girl had no sooner turned twelve than she had started wearing all black and started asking for weird piercings in her nose lip etc…etc… . She had decided that she needed to focuses on Jessica and she realized that she had missed out and not been there for her in her climb up to the top. Jessica also was acting out because of her small size by sucking her thumb and had wet the bed last night. Her little girl was in a huge change in her life and she wished that there could just be a pause. She didn’t need the money, her late husband who had been more involved in Jessica’s life than her had been wealthy. Now work was a grind and she was just sad, she didn’t bother trying to date anymore. She didn’t consider herself a hot commodity, she had gained a pound here and there and was finding more and more gray hairs. She sat in her office and accepted that she needed a change in her life.

Later that afternoon she was looking for a bottle of water in the break room fridge when fate worked in her favor. As she turned to leave the heel of her shoe broke, and she needed to take off her shoes before returning to her office. As she did Kelsey her secretary Trish’s daughter came in to the break room to wait on her mother. She was 26 and just finishing at Harvard Law, and was if anyone an ideal that she wanted for Jessica to follow.

“Hey Kelsey, waiting on your mom?” she asked with a smile as she rubbed her sore feet. “Oh, ya today is my mom’s monthly mother daughter fun day, Rebecca and I are excited to spoil her.” She said including her equally successful older sister, the fulltime homemaker, best selling author and wife of the state Speaker of the House. “Well I may be your moms boss but she definably has me beat in the mom department I am so jealous of her and how you two dote on her” No sooner than she had fished speaking than the woman of the hour herself arrived in the break room. The elder woman entered and was as always carrying a positive air about her.

The three sat together and discussed parenting and home life, eventually Samantha could no longer take it and broke down into tears. She confessed her fears for Jessica and how the loss of her husband had made her realize the need to leave. “How, just how did you manage to make such wonderful daughters?” she asked her friend. “Well it wasn’t all peaches and cream you know with their anger over their small stature it was pretty hard at first, Rebecca was in a worse place than your Jessica is now though she doesn’t sound to far behind. After my success with her turnaround I didn’t even question and just did the same with Kelsey but we went through our little regression and it all worked out” she said patting her dear daughters hand. Samantha hadn’t really noticed until then that Kelsey and indeed her sister were half the height of their mother.

"Well just what was it that you did? How did you two bond so well?’ she asked looking at the duo for some insight and not understanding. The mother and daughter exchanged knowing glances, Trisha looked at Samantha and said “Lets just say, that “The Club” where we lived is very good at solving these problems” Samantha asked “The Club? Is that some kind of therapy group?” Trisha looked nervous and slightly blushed. “Well it is a pretty taboo methodology and are little town back home is pretty supportive so we prefer to keep it quite. You understand don’t you?” she said as she rose to leave and hoping her boss didn’t ask about it anymore.

Samantha noticed the need for privacy and let the issue go until a few weeks later she and Jessica reached the tipping point. Jessica had ran away with some older boys from school and been thankfully caught by the police before anything could happen they had made the mistake of trying to steal the getaway money.

Trisha sat with Samantha in her house holding her hand as she broke down “Please, Please Trish, I need to know how you did it, how did you turn your girls around?” The reassuring and motherly woman patted her cheek and looked her in the eye, “you are going to have to come to grips with the taboo of this and be in a place where you can give up and be at home most of the time for three or four years, can you do it?” Samantha looked back at her right in the eye " I am done with all of this" she said motioning to her corporate pantsuit. Her now ex-secretary looked at her once more “Ok” she exhaled “I am trusting you with a big secret and the fact of the matter is I am going to make some calls and I hope you don’t mind small town Vermont, next we are going to have to get you on the right supplements” she said as she opened a book.

Samantha was confused.

“We are lucky on two points Jessica is the size and right age for this and so are you, second you have someone like me to start you off this is something that takes warming into and is something usually past down mother to daughter” Trisha said as she wrote out a list of things from the book. “When was your last period?” She asked the now really curious and a little scared Samantha. “Um, ah last week I guess?” she said not seeing what this had to do with Jessica but she was desperate. “Ok, are you allergic to anything particular” she asked “um, no I don’t think so” Trisha looked at her one more time “Good , and how long did you nurse Jessica for when she was a baby?” Trisha asked going down her list. “Oh I didn’t I was working and weirded out by it so she was a formula baby and her father did all the feeding” Trisha just smiled and tried not to make her feel any worse.

“Ok, so this is how we are going to get you to Vermont, you are not going to tell Jessica about this at all the first part of this has to be traumatic to some small extent, so just treat this in the traditional manner for now, local therapy etc…” the older and wiser woman instructed shaking her hands in the air and leading her into a new life. Next you will begin taking the supplements on this list twice a day until you have the new house ready and are moved away from here, oh and you will need to start using this" The older woman said placing a automatic breast pump at the younger’s feet. “Uh…what is this?” Trisha sat down next to Samantha and gently took her hand. “Honey…I told you this would be taboo but, this is it, your baby has to be your baby again.” Samantha was shocked she felt butterflies in her stomach, “are telling me that you treated your daughters like babies and that’s what I am supposed to do with Jessica?” she asked still a little numb. Trisha looked at the flustered corporate forty something with gentle eyes. “Honey, its something you should have done the first time now you get a second chance.” Samantha was hurt down to her core "was I a bad mommy?’ she asked tearing up. “No, No, honey you did the best you could and now you get a second chance, look all of the conditions are right for this.” Trisha consoled. “This has to be one hundred percent, but I promise you she will come out better in the end. If everything goes right and the both of you agree she will potty train before seventeen and be ready for college by nineteen”

And, so it went she took the herbs and fish pills each morning and night she used the breast pump and soon her breasts were sore and swelling just like they had been when she was pregnant. She took her time to quite her job all while dealing with Jessica. Next she put up her big city apartment on the market and waited for Trisha to release the information as to the location of the town and where to move into. She was still in the dark about a lot of all this.

Finally a few months later she was pulling into a town not even found on the map and deep in the woods. She had lost the corporate suit and wore mom jeans, and still unknown to her daughter a nursing bra and pads. It was like a dream it was quaint and clean, not what she had feared. Jessica for her part was still pouty and angry at the world blasting noise from headphones. Samantha had never had any doubt that the traditional court appointed therapy would do nothing. Jessica had cussed her out once again that morning having wet the bed again. Upon leaving the big city she began initiating the first part of Trisha’s plan with Jessica, no potty breaks on the final leg.

Meeting her at the cafe and waving hello as agreed was Trisha. She and the other women there were what she assumed was “The Club”.

Jessica for her part was still mad at her mom she walked around outside the café where her mom had met her friends. She was never going to survive in this stupid town, her mom hadn’t even let her use the restroom on the way here from the last stop. She wanted to go in the café and take a leak but she didn’t want to deal with her mom so she held it. More importantly she was super tired and exhausted and wanted to suck her thumb, she knew her mom knew she had caught her in her sleep. But soon a group of high school kids appeared as she sat holding her bladder hoping she wouldn’t have to deal with her mom. She hated her mom for this, she was way cooler than them. They looked like total geeks and she didn’t understand why they were so mature. She was afraid that her mom was ruining her life.

In the café Samantha was gaining a quick understanding of how things went in the town. As she had entered a group of about ten women and three of their husbands were waiting for her. They greeted her warmly like any other group of women would as the husbands mingled in the back getting ready to leave.

Trisha was there and she introduced her to the other women most were her age, some were younger. None of this was unusual until Samantha was introduced to Tammy Jackson she had been in the back and the introductions had been quiet as she had been told there were babies in the back napping. Tammy however had a "baby’ on her hip. The girl was at least ten years old if not older and though small for her age she was definably not a infant. She was how ever wearing a diaper and a baby doll dress and sucking on a pacifier. As Tammy met her with the girl on her hip; the normal looking soccer mom smiled and pardoned her self “Sorry someone just woke up from their nap early” she said in exactly the same voice and tone one would use with a sweet new infant. The girl for her part was cranky and hid her head into her mothers hair.

Outside the older highschoolers gathered a round the new girl in town. The first girls holding on to her boyfriends arm looked at her and was instantly mean and condescending. “Aww… look you guys someone left their baby out on the street all alone” Stepping up and getting in Jessica’s face she continued “how come you don’t suck your thumb baby, huh?” Jessica was scared she had done nothing to provoke these kids, and they were already surrounding her picking on her. The sweet looking red headed girl in a pink skirt was the next to attack. "Yah why don’t you suck your thumb baby? She said rough as Jessica tried to pass. Both of the girls pushed her down to the ground. “Where do you think your going dummy, this little freak hasn’t even grown up yet and she just thinks she can blow us off” said the first girl. Jessica was holding back tears and her bladder. “Um, I am just trying to go to the café my mommy’s in there” she said holding her bladder as it ached. She again tried to pass but was pushed back down. Now she was passed holding back her tears. She could feel the warm sensation of both her tears and her urine flowing. She closed her eyes and sucked her thumb.

Inside as the ladies all sat down for some tea in a meeting circle like any woman’s book club might Samantha was amazed to watch as Tammy treated the now introduced Kaley like any baby that had woke early from a nap. Without shame or hesitation she reached down into the leg of her daughters diaper and finding it wet pulled out the changing pad from the diaper bag by her seat. She also grabbed a disposable diaper, powder, and wipes. Gently she laid her daughter on the mat opened the diaper and with one hand grabbed the girls ankles lifting her butt up off the diaper. She slid the new diaper under the girls suspended butt and then used a wet wipe on the girls labia and anus. She laid the girls butt back down powdered the girls crotch and fastened the new diaper. She lifted the girl onto her lap and snuggled her close rocking her slightly. The Kaley mumbled into her mothers ear as her small hand grabbed softly at her mothers blouse. Tammy with a look of love ran her fingers through her daughters hair and lifted her shirt. Tammy reached up and unhooked the front flap of her nursing bra. Samantha had tried to mentally prepare herself for the idea of this but seeing it brought it all together. As the girl latched onto her mothers, milk engorged nipple Tammy rocked her back to sleep. All of this happened with no one other than Samantha even blinking an eye.

Jessica had wet her panties during the day for the first time since she was a baby. She didn’t know what to do, she was terrified and running on instinct as the older kids crowded around her. Finally she simply passed out. Falling onto the side walk the older kids stopped, looked at each other and began patting one another on the back. Becky the oldest and biggest girl picked Jennifer up and carried her like a baby into the back of the café.

In the front Samantha and the ladies had finally gotten down to business about how to start . Becky walked in from the back and whispered into one of the women’s ears. Samantha noticed Jackie Smith stand up "Ok, ladies time for the Baby Shower to start! Samantha was shocked and excited, what she didn’t know was that it was for her. Once they turned there attention to her how ever she got goose bumps and butterflies in her stomach. She had never had a baby shower before she had just been to busy on her way to the top. But she quickly remembered Jessica she needed to know what she was up to so she quickly grabbed Trisha and asked after her. The matriarch of the group held up her hand and made an announcement, “the baby is asleep and ready for her mommy” she said with a smile and rubbing Samantha’s back with emotion.

“Here sit down, sit down” offered Trisha as she sat the mother of honor in the big comfy chair, than from the back emerged Becky cradling Jessica in her arms diapered and in a pink onesi. Becky looked a at Samantha as she handed her, her baby girl. “We didn’t have to stall or tease her much the plan worked like a charm mam she passed right out from the stuff you slipped in her drink” Samantha didn’t know what to say she choked up and tears welled from her eyes, “thank you so much girls just for this moment; Trisha has of course made the point that the hardest part will come when she wakes up angry” she said with a sniffling laugh as everyone chuckled knowing that Jessica was going to be one angry preteen when she woke up.

Becky had washed, waxed and diapered her ,changed her into her pink onesi and booties, put her hair into pigtails with pretty pink bows. Becky beamed with pride as her mother patted her on the shoulder , “once everything settles down and you need a break Becky and some of her friends can baby sit for you” said Jackie. Samantha was happier than perhaps even when Jessica was born, this was like her life had been saved. She just held he close as the baby shower started Jessica was the size of a small six or even five year old girl. The ladies explained that the process was limited to girls of small stature because it seemed to work the best that way, and that attempts with girls that were natural alphas and boys just had failed miserably in the past. So the “Club” had become small but important in the town.

Girls like Becky acted as big sisters and did the baby sitting. They had also discovered over the years that aside from the “toddler” stage towards the end of their time as babies the girls didn’t need education. A lot of what girls learn as far as academics are concerned during this stage is often discarded by the brain anyway. They found that for girls that needed the confidence and security of their mommies once they were secure in it, they excelled later.

As the games and cake progressed Samantha was able to finally to force herself to hand of Jessica to the other women. Finally Trisha held Jessica for the first time, it was Trisha that noticed the girl while still asleep was beginning to move around more. Trisha had taken on the role of “grandmother” for Samantha with all of this and so she had been paying attention to the new mother and preteen baby Jessica. Samantha was grimacing as she rubbed her breasts and soon her nursing pads had leaked through her blouse. Also baby Jessica’s drugs had worn off enough that she was sucking her thumb. When Trisha gently pulled the thumb from the girls mouth she continued to suck air as if she were hungry. This was the perfect opportunity.

“Ok, ladies” she said raising her hand to get everyone’s attention " I think its time for presents!" she said gently so as not to wake the girl. “Also MOMMY” she said smiling "looking at the both of you, I do believe someone is hungry, and in need of what you got!’ Trisha gently funned pointing to Samantha’s leaking breasts and offering her the comfy chair again. Samantha blushed and tried covering the milk stains on her breasts, “No, No, don’t you worry about it honey it is something we are all use to and you need to be to for some years to come” said Tammy reaching into her bag and handing Samantha two new nursing pads for her bra.

Samantha had been so distracted by the shower and moms and babysitters going in and out to check on the babies in the back that she was really hit with the butterflies. Sensing her nervousness and slight embarrassment, Trisha got on a knee beside her and placed her hand on her leg for support. Gently rubbing her back she looked at her, “now is the best chance, you can at least say she tried it when she wakes up” she said with a reassuring smile. Samantha looked down at her daughter although she was twelve, to her she was her baby, and for the first time in a long time Samantha see her daughters soft sweet features. The angry and depressed features were gone, at least for now. She nervously began to unbutton her blouse, and reveled her now tight white laced nursing bra. Samantha undid the latch at the top of the cup and folded down the front, she pulled the moist nursing pad from her bra and finally felt relief as her swollen breast fell out. Her areolas and nipples had darkened and milk dripped from her nipple at a steady rate. Trisha stopped her “honey take a second and stretch out your nipple, it will make a little mess but when they are sleeping it makes it easier to latch on.” she motherly instructed. Samantha gently reached across with her free hand and tugged at her nipple and areola. A large jet of milk spayed across Jessica’s onesi. Her heart burst with joy as she pulled Jessica’s thumb from her mouth and replaced it with her nipple. The twelve year old baby girl latched on but as she began to actually swallow liquid, she struggled a bit and opened her sleepy eyes a little. Samantha’s heart leapt into her chest fearing the moment over, but the drugs still held strong and the girl continued on drinking in her sleep from her mother’s breast.

Finally she relaxed as Jessica ate and the party continued, Tammy having handed off Kaley to Becky bought her two cases of Pampers. Becky’s mom Jackie Smith bought her some bottles for when others wanted or had to feed her and a diaper bag. Kristy Jackson another mom there bought her a large highchair that could accommodate the bigger babies they were dealing with. Kendra Hughes the oldest mother still with a baby in the club at 45 bought her extra onesis’ and little dresses and jumpers, plus pacifiers. Finally all of the ladies oooh and aaahed as Trisha brought in her gift, it was a large white lacy bassinet / crib that could line up with the bed for night time feedings. Trisha wasn’t finished she had one of the girls boyfriends bring in a box that contained a changing table. “finally we as a group got together and decided that lacking a husband, we would set up the nursery for you, or at least our husbands would” she said with a wink as the boyfriends and husbands came in and lifted all of the heavy stuff off for the nursery.

“Why, are you doing all of this for me Trish?” asked Samantha wiping away tears of joy. Trisha looked at her ex-boss and smiled well you gave me a job when I really needed it and not for the money but for a change in my life and I am returning the favor" explained the elder woman of the group.

Each of the women then took time to more thoroughly explain and talk about their baby girls. Kendra explained that Jenny her daughter just turned 17 and was potty training, and weaning from the breast. Kendra stood and walked into the back (which Samantha had learned was also the Club daycare) and led Jenny out by hand, the girl was small about half the height of her mother but to big to carry anymore. She had pretty long straight hair in a pony tail. Jenny also wore a peach teddy bear t-shirt and all she wore below that was some pink princess pull-ups, and socks. Kendra brought Jenny up the sitting Samantha and sleeping baby Jessica, “say hello sweetie” the girls mother gently prodded . Jenny smiled a mature smile and simply said “high”. Samantha having been instructed by Trisha that until complete even the “toddler” girls needed to be treated just like an equivalent toddler. As Jessica continued to nurse, though Samantha was sure her milk was drained from her boob, she engaged Jenny. “I hear that you are learning to use big girl panties, is that right Jenny?” she asked as Kendra sat pulling the girl onto her lap. Jenny responded with a smile and only surprising to Samantha semi-adult tone, “Ya and because I was dry for my nap I get milkies, right mom?” She asked almost no different than a normal girl her age asking for a soda or dessert.
Kendra rolled her eyes a little and sighed “yes, ok I am a little sore though so be gentle” and with that Jenny slid baby style across her mothers lap. What surprised Samantha was that Kendra did nothing but kept on talking to the other mothers as Jenny undid her blouse front moved it aside, unhooked the top of the nursing bra and pulled out her mothers plump yet aged and stretched breast. Once Jenny took Kendra’s long red nipple into her mouth, Samantha saw instinct come into play and the 42 year old took a gentle hold of her teenage daughters body and softly patted her pull-up as she cradled her.

It seemed that as the shower wrapped up each mother brought her girl from the back and began to nurse. Trisha noticed a little of Samantha’s confusion and explained that this was pretty much how all of the get-togethers’ ended. The last women left was a little mom of about 35 named Cindy who Samantha would have taken for a librarian or kindergarten teacher with her glasses and quite nature. Finally stood and asked for one of the bean bags in the corner, then asked if all of the men were gone. All of the women seemed to understand and answered in the affirmative. Cindy pulled up and off her shirt and the undid her bra, throwing it next to the bean bag she smiled and raised her hands with her fingers crossed “wish me luck” she said setting her diaper bag by the bean bag and disappearing into the daycare center wearing only her pants and shoes. Trisha leaned in and with a little hint of gossip in her voice simply said “new twin ten year olds, poor dear doesn’t even wear a nursing bra”

From the back Samantha heard giggles and yells, then crying and screams of “NOOOOooo!!!, PLEASE, PLEASE, Mommy!” coming from one of or the other girls. Cindy for her part came back into the café with one little curly haired brunette on each hip one wearing a striped onesi, and another a pink. “This is Laura and Lana, my little darlings” she phrased keeping her cool. The girls it seemed Trisha referred to as new in the sense that they had just started being babies again. Trisha leaned in to Samantha’s ear again, " This is a little preview of what you can expect, but she is suffering through it double, though they were born here and had to of expected this to some small degree" Cindy walked with the crying girls over to the bean bag , sat down and allowed each girl to stand while she got situated still holding them in place by an arm. “OK, What DID WE discuses?” Asked Cindy to the girls in a rhetorical voice that scared Samantha with its authority. "That you need to get use to having your diapers changed and nursing in front of people, you are babies now!!! Each of the girls stood there sucking her thumb and sobbing. Cassy, Becky’s friend another of the big girl babysitters came over to Cindy and the twins, “Cindy can I help?” Cindy relaxing a bit and taking a breath Cindy opened the diaper bag and got out a changing pad “yes thank you, this is the best chance for them to have someone else change them so they get use to it” and then the girls sobbed harder.

Samantha was amazed at how good Cassy was at handling little Laura in the striped baby onesi. The red headed teen in a ponytail and skirt picked her up as the crying girl fought, laid her on the pad, unsnapped the onesi’s crotch rolled it up unfastened the soaked Huggie, lifted the ten year old girls skinny little legs up and open wiped her down with wet wipe lifted her legs up by the ankles once more slid under the new diaper rubbed in some powder and had the onesi latched back up in a jiff. Samantha was impressed and realized that the Club members must use the skills of these girls frequently, she saw the stress fall away from Cindy.

Cindy for her part as Cassy changed Laura handed off Lana to a waiting Becky for a diaper change. While Laura had sobbed through her thumb Lana simply blushed and was resolved to the embarrassment of her diaper change at Becky’s hands. Becky even got in a little reinforcing baby tickle on Lana’s belly getting a small smile. As the two teens helped Cindy she took a soft cloth spit up rag and laying it in her lap Cindy wiped up the milk as her milk ducts had had let down and it was dripping from both of her huge breasts. As Cindy got ready the two teens tried to tickle and blow raspberries on the bellies of the twins. Both of the twin girls from Samantha’s perspective blushed at being treated like babies and tried not to giggle.

Samantha’s nipple was long sore from Jessica using it like a pacifier as she slept. Samantha had been scared to switch breasts for fear of waking her but now it was time as she watched Cassy hand Laura to a waiting Cindy. As Samantha broke her daughters seal and extracted her angry red nipple she fought through the pain and moved her preteen daughter over. As Cindy took Laura she didn’t force her right to her breast, she snuggled close and attempted to have her take it on her own. Samantha was keenly interested in this because Laura unlike Jessica wasn’t drugged and asleep. Samantha watched as the girl rolled her eyes looked back at her mom with puppy dog eyes and finally shook her head yes, and sweetly said “ok, mommy”. Lana was similar though only convinced watching her sister begin to suckle, she slid down crossing her sister and took her mothers nipple into her mouth.

Soon all of the babies were once again asleep. As the mothers left with their daughters they each passed by and congratulated Samantha holding their sleeping girls.

Jessica was so happy she was safe and snuggling she was sucking her thumb but it was sweet and warm and wet. It tasted so good she just swallowed the warm sweetness again and again. Finally she felt her self relax and warmth covered her groin. She knew her mommy was there and had kept her safe from those mean girls. Jessica saw and smelt her mommy lean in smile, and rub her nose with hers. It made her so happy. She was moving again, flying with out her feet touching the ground. Finally she felt herself come to rest on what felt like a firm mattress with soft music playing like a music box. Her head began to hurt and she felt weird between her legs, there was less movement. She wasn’t liking her dream now the music had stopped, she was sacred and a little cold compared to before. As she rubbed her eyes light began to emerge, making her head hurt more. She was crying, she sat up and felt the thing around her that had separated her legs felt heavy and soft. Waking up more she looked around and was in a strange room, behind some wooden slats. Now she screamed, “MOMMY!!!MOMMY!!!” it seemed like forever but it was only a few seconds before her mom came running in and up to the pinkish painted wood slats. Jessica grabbed onto one of the slats and pulled her self up standing on the mattress. “Oh Sweetie you are ok” she said as she lifted her up and over. Pulling her close to her, and settling Jessica on her hip Jessica hugged her mom so glad to see her, “you are going to be just alright” her mother continued. Carrying her around and out of the room and into a hallway Samantha said “its ok honey this is just our new home, and you were asleep”

All of this wasn’t adding up as Jessica began to come out of her fog, she was wearing pink! Also her mom was being nice to her and tender towards her, that was weird! Jessica pushed herself out of her mothers arms and forced herself down to the carpet. She backed away looking at her mom “Mom what is going on, and why am I wearing this!!”, Samantha looked at her with a mixture of anger and concern, “Sweetie, DO Not do that again you scared mommy!” Samantha reached down to pick her up but Jessica slapped away her hand turned and ran down the hallway. As she ran Jessica was slowed by the soggy weight between her legs, not that with her height problems she had ever been very fast compared to other girls. While she ran Samantha simply walked after her, she and Trisha had locked all of the doors and “auntie” Trisha was waiting for her in the next room.

Jessica was stopped dead in place from the stern looking Trisha with her hands on her hips waiting for her. “Jessica! Stop right there!” she said in a trained tone that put the fear of god in her. Jessica watched her mom casually walk back in and sit down. “Jessica, sweetie come here” her mom said still loving yet firmly. She had not experienced this from her mom it was like she was a whole other person, it was kind of how she had always hoped her mom would be and it scared her. Gently taking her by her arm she led Jessica over to her to stand in front of her, her mom looked at her hand, “Honey, you can suck your thumb if you want its alright now” Jessica hadn’t noticed that she had been making a fist and sticking her thumb out like to suck it unconsciously. She quickly shoved her thumb under her arm to hid it, her mother continued to look at her and said “Sweetie we moved here for you, so you can suck your thumb and wet yourself with out any problems” Samantha took a small breath looking to Trisha for support. Jessica looked at her mom and attempted to interrupt her “but I don’t…” Trisha cut her off strongly “Ah… Ah… young lady your mommy is talking” Samantha continued “there will be no more swearing, no more wetting the bed no more smoking or staying out late, because you are going to be my baby again no matter what, and at all costs we are going to start over and see how you do” Samantha said taking a breath.

Samantha was proud of herself she was ready to lay down the law “so now we ARE going to change you out of that wet diaper ,get you in the bath then YOU WILL be going into a fresh one after”. But her rebel had other ideas Jessica smacked her hard across the face, “FUCK YOU!” the girl screamed. Samantha was in shock and time seemed to slow down as Jessica began to turn and run away. But in an instant Jessica seemed to disappear as Trisha snatched her over her knee.

Jessica felt her hair fall to both sides of her face as she was laid over Trisha’s lap, in an instant she felt her thighs erupt in pain. She had known Trisha from her moms job and in the last month she had insisted on being called auntie, but Jessica had no idea that her mom would allow her to spank her! She didn’t want to cry but it hurt her and scared her . She began to fight back but it was pointless Trisha just grabbed her arm and put it behind her back, and then spanked her harder. Finally as her thighs were becoming a deep red she began to sob uncontrollably. Trisha stopped and Samantha knowing what to do as planned grabbed Jessica by the arm and stood her up in front of her as she sobbed. She gently guided Jessica’s arm up and by instinct Jessica put her thumb into her mouth, “That’s a good girl” she said comforting her and rubbing Jessica’s back “Now mommy and the other grown ups will spank you if you are a naughty baby…IS That understood” she said as the girl stood there sobbing through her thumb. Samantha hugged her close and after a while as she still sobbed she undid the crotch snaps on the pink onesi revealing her wet and soggy diaper.

Jessica was still sobbing a little when her mom pulled up the onesi off of her and she felt her stomach roll in embarrassment and her cheeks flush as she stood the in only her diaper and booties. As she covered her chest in embarrassment Jessica watched her mom reach down, lift up her legs one at a time and take off her booties. Then her mom stuck two fingers in the top of her diaper to pull her over a little closer and undid the tapes on the front of her diaper. Samantha let the heavy diaper fall into her hand and rolled it up then handed it to Trisha to dispose of. Jessica was surprised as she was picked up by her mom and once more found herself on her mothers hip this time naked.

“Mom what are you doing?!” she said finally plucking the thumb from her mouth. Samantha looked at her daughter still in pigtails and beginning to squirm. “What did I say we were going to do? We are going to give you a bath silly girl” she said with a smile and little tickle to the chin. Jessica looked at her mom “Mom I am NOT a baby, I don’t want you to give me a bath I can do it my self I am a big girl” Jessica said beginning to push off of her mom like she did before. But this time was different her mom was ready grabbing her arm and smacking her butt hard. “What did we just talk about Jessica, we are going all the way with this! So from now on I WILL carry you I WILL bathe you and I WILL feed you!” She said setting her by the tub.

Samantha ran some hot water to heat up the water she had already prepared. Once she had tested it and found it just warm she picked up Jessica and lowered her in to the water. Samantha set a goal for herself to only use baby talk as she washed Jessica to reinforce the baby. She held Jessica up by the back as she prepared a wet baby washcloth with baby soap.

Jessica was still angry and trying not to cry as her mom began to scrub her. But soon she was pushed back over the edge to tears again. She gave her baby bath toys and started talking baby talk to her as she washed her. Her mom moved on to the no tears baby shampoo and washed her hair. “Oh, how come baby doesn’t want her toys?” Her mom said lifting her to her feet in the tub, washing her private parts and butt crack. She was red with embarrassment as her mom picked her up and stood her in front of her as she sat on the closed toilet seat. Her mom pulled a pink bunny towel from the back of the toilet and dried her off.

“Ok” Samantha said taking a deep breath and smiling “We are going to your nursery now sweetness” she said wrapping her daughter in the bunny towel. She was loving this this was something so new and fun to her and in her heart she knew Jessica needed this but like Trisha had taught her the baby stuff was going to be a transition and some of it had to be worked into. She felt that the baby talk was a big help, Trisha had told her that just speaking it every time to the girl would put into her brain and eventually effect them into speaking it themselves. Samantha didn’t believe that Jessica would take that long but Trisha told her to be prepared just in case.

Carrying Jessica into her nursery she sat her down on her changing table. This was it the first time Samantha was going to do her diaper and the first time Jessica was going to be awake for it. Jessica looked down she didn’t normally jump from so high (well high for her anyway) but she was tempted. She begin to realize what was happening when her mom took away her towel and left her there naked. The vinyl mattress on the changing table was just enough to hold her whole length with her feet dangling over the edge as her mother laid her back. Jessica pleaded with her mom through tears, “MOM, MOM, MOMMY, Please, Please, I am a big girl I don’t need this!!!” but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

During all of this Trisha entered the nursery with a smile, “Oh hi sweetie how was your bath?”, not treating her as if she could even answer her mom replied. “Well bath time went better than mommy expected Auntie Trisha, but some one is being a fussy girl for her dipey, huh” Jessica’s mom said looking down at her and smiling a reassuring smile as she lifted up her legs by her ankles. At this Jessica for her own sanity just popped her thumb back in and looked at the mobile of pink teddy bears and bunnies that someone had hung from the ceiling.

Samantha was about to powder her when Trisha stopped her with some advice. “Make sure you push her knees a little higher and that will open up her crack there to make sure we powder her everywhere. You want be able to see her little anus so you know that it isn’t red and rashy or wet. It is going to be a little uncomfortable at first but you will get use to it mommy” said Auntie Trisha patting Samantha on the back as she finished taping up the new diaper. Samantha was a little red in the face it had been awhile since she had changed a diaper, and she had to remind herself that Jessica was a baby again.

Getting out a new clean onesi Samantha got ready to put it on to Jessica when Trisha stopped her again with some more motherly advice. Jessica having been sat up in the new diaper was surprised by the comfort she found in it despite her anger over her situation. Also she was hoping to avoid the embarrassment of wearing any more baby clothes like the onesi. But Trisha shot that down, “Sam, just leave her in the diaper I got her lunch ready and you don’t want to get that dirty yet” she said. “Oh, is her highchair ready?” She asked picking up Jessica and putting her on her hip. “Yes, oh and don’t forget her bib” she said casually as she left.

Getting into the kitchen area Jessica saw a highchair that was pink and had a bunny printed on the plastic. What was it with these bunnies? She was sure that she would soon come to hate them. She had never believed that she could be more embarrassed than having her diaper changed . But she had been able to separate herself from that and go somewhere else, as her mother changed her diaper. This was different though she was hungry and wanted to eat but not like this naked except for the diaper. Jessica was beginning to hope that this was just a phase for her mom, and wanted so bad to put up a fight but she didn’t want another spanking. “Mom I am not going to eat that!” Jessica said trying not to yell at her mom and looking at the baby food jars and sippy cup sitting on the table awaiting her.

As Samantha locked her daughter into the high chair she wondered if she should continue with the baby talk or if she slowed down a little it would make meal time easier. Trisha had said that this might be a little necessary, but that the baby talk had to be pretty constant. As she tied the bib on Jessica she leaned back and looked at her baby. Her heart still stopped looking at her, she was happier than she could be, Jessica was so cute. Jessica awoke her from her daze, “Mom, please tell me, when we are going to be done with this baby stuff?” Samantha tilted her head in sympathy for her daughter, “oh honey, not for a long time sweetie, your just a baby now and it will be a long time before you are a big girl again”. Samantha sat up with a smile and grabbed one of the baby food jars. “Buuuuut…” she said with glee “I promise we will start with foods you like and can handle, like applesauce with berries!” she said with glee holding up the jar of Gerber.

Jessica had, had enough of all of this but she was hungry and applesauce didn’t sound to bad, “Ok, but I get to feed myself like a big girl” she said giving in with a sigh and rolling of the eyes as she reached for the baby food and spoon her mother was holding. “Ah, Ah, Ah… No mommies feed babies but you can have your sippy cup by yourself” said her mom pulling the food away and placing the nonspillable two handled contraption on the tray in front of her. “NO!” Jessica said beginning another tantrum throwing the sippy cup on the floor. Jessica felt the highchair slide forward as her mother pulled her forward by her leg, her heart jumped into her throat as she readied herself for another smack on her legs. But she was surprised her mom just brought her nose right up to hers and began tickling her. She tried not to laugh but she had always been ticklish and her mom was being sweet to her not angry.

Jessica was still smiling when her mom stopped and asked her if she was hungry. As she shook her head yes she realized that her mom had been tickling her naked in a diaper in a highchair. Samantha smiled and stirred the applesauce with the rubberized baby spoon. Jessica sighed and rolled her eyes and said “fine whatever” as her mother put the spoon to her mouth. Soon her mother moved on to peaches and then came the final test strained peas! She started to fight at that but her mom convinced her to go ahead. Once the jars were empty, Samantha wiped Jessica’s mouth with a baby wash rag, and pulled her chair up with Jessica so she could look her in the eyes. “Now, honey we are going to do a bottle”, she said resting her hand on Jessica’s knee. “I am not talking baby talk now because this is serious and I don’t want you to fight me on it, so come on” she said removing the tray and shaking the bottle.

Samantha picked up the preteen girl and put her on her hip and carried her over to the couch. “Mom, if I just drink the bottle can I go watch TV?” Jessica asked tying to just get some alone time. "Sure honey but Mommy chooses the channel ok? Samantha said as the mother and daughter sat on the couch. Jessica replied with another “Fine” and roll of the eyes. Samantha moved Jessica into her lap and cradled her head with her arm. “Here, drink” she said placing the nipple at her daughters lips. Jessica looked at the bottle and saw that it was the kind with a bag inside holding the milk. The milk was also a little weird looking in the bag it wasn’t pure white like she was use to. She just began to suck the bottle and decided that she didn’t like the soft plastic nipple like her thumb but it would do. The flavor was so familiar and sweet it was almost like some one put sugar in the milk. “Mom, is this milk?” she asked stopping for a second. “Why, is something wrong?” asked Samantha hoping she hadn’t been found out with her plan. “Um, no it’ warm and sweet but way better than baby food so I aint complaining” Samantha caught her breath "Yes honey, it is milk just go ahead and finish. Samantha was surprised at how fast Jessica drank the bottle. Jessica sat up in her moms lap as Samantha put down the bottle, she let out a little burp. She smiled and let out a little giggle, Jessica was surprised as her mom picked her up held her close and supported her by her butt with her arm. Jessica’s mom began rubbing her back and patted her hard, she let out a belch.

Samantha hugged her daughter close and continued rubbing her back, “ooh. .that’s momma’s big girl.” She thought that burping Jessica that way would have elicited a negative response, but was surprised when Jessica asked “Mommy…er…a Mom can I have some more of that while we watch TV? , oh and something to wear?” Samantha smiled an unseen smile “Sure, baby, go sit on the other couch and I’ll be right back.” Jessica got down and waddled over to the couch in front of the TV. Samantha went back in the kitchen and pulled a bag of breast milk from the fridge. She and Trisha had agreed that it would be best if they started slow before going right to the breast. It was hard, she had to pump and desperately wanted the closeness she felt before. While the breast milk was warming up she went into the nursery and picked out a onesi and some booties. Entering the living room she picked up Jessica off the couch and lifted up stood her in front of her and pulled the onesi on. Next she picked her up and laid her on her back snapping the onesi’s crotch together. As she opened the socks Samantha made a point about being in a play pen. “I should have gotten out the play pen, but because we are going slow with some of this we will wait till tomorrow”. Next she placed the soft frilly socks on her daughters feet. But the thought of a play pen brought another argument and a little attitude from Jessica. Thank goodness for TV she thought, even older girls like her could zone out and forget their drama for some cartoons

For most of the day and afternoon Samantha just let Jessica watch TV and draw some minus the couple of small screaming matches about being treated the way she was. Going out at all would be later but for the first day couch potato was fine, but Samantha remembered, that Trisha had told her that a good reinforcement was to check her diaper. As Jessica laid on the couch watching cartoons Samantha just did it just like Tammy had. It caught Jessica off guard, her mother sticking her finger in the diaper leg. “just checking to make sure you are dry sweetie” as she sat down next to Jessica. The girl for her part gave another little bit of attitude with a sigh and roll of the eyes. Samantha pulled her up so that she snuggled against her. Jessica sucked her thumb and thought about how much today had sucked and how she wished she could run away but she didn’t even know where she was. But this was so nice this is what she knew she had wanted for so, so long, but it took her mom treating her like a baby again to get it .

“Mom, can I have a snack before dinner?” Jessica said feeling her stomach grumbling "Sorry, sweets but you can have another bottle of milk that’s it " Jessica was a little torn she was really liking the milk her mom was giving her, but wanted to slow down on the baby stuff like the bottle at the same time. Finally her stomach won out, and shaking her head yes as she sucked her thumb seemed like something a baby would do but it was still comforting. Finally her mom went into the kitchen to cook dinner, which would indeed be something new. She was scared of what she would be facing, would it be more baby food? Her dad had been the cook when they even cooked dinner at home at all. She was strangely finding herself wanting baby food, rather than an attempt at cooking by her mother.

"Ok, Jessica dinners ready!’ her mother sang walking up to the couch. Without a though Jessica stood and walked over to the bathroom. When she got to the door it was locked, “Uh… Mom I gotta go and I always go and wash up before dinner, why did you lock the door?” Her mom looked at Jessica with the same little look of concern and sorrow. “Oh, honey babies don’t use the bathroom they use their diapers and their mommies clean them up” Samantha said hoping that this wouldn’t result in a tantrum, wrong! Waddling as fast as she could with the diaper on into the kitchen. “MOM! This has gone far enough I have to GO! Let me in the bathroom!” Jessica screamed. She hadn’t thought that her mom wanted her to really use them and she didn’t have to go until now, gross!

Samantha looked at her daughter and took a breath counted to ten to herself picked up her daughter and sat her into her highchair. Fighting the mother and daughter wrestled until the tray was locked in trapping Jessica. She struggled and tried to find the latch on the tray but couldn’t reach under it. Jessica screamed and flailed fighting against the highchair.

Once Samantha had caught her breath she looked at her little angel turned devil, “well when you are ready for dinner let me know” she said calming herself once more, she got her own dinner ready and casually sat down to eat not looking at her daughter.

Jessica was exhausted from fighting and kicking, and her voice was becoming horse. Her mom had long finished her dinner and was sitting quietly in the kitchen chair facing her. Her bladder was beyond pain she was gritting her teeth, and she was feeling her bowels begin to quiver. “Mommy if I pee in my diaper can I sit on the toilet for the other?”, she asked trying to bargain on the verge of tears, her mom looked at with a little sympathy then shook her head no. “Sorry sweetie you are way to little for the potty now” Jessica was most weirded out by her mom when she, did that, talk to her like a baby but in a way they both understood she knew.

The truth of the matter was that Samantha was a little weirded out by it to, but she did feel like it was making progress. She felt that it had somehow led to the time they spent on the couch together today just hanging out as mom and daughter. Also she had not changed a poopy diaper in a long time, she was defiantly not looking forward to it, but she knew it was going to be necessary for the next four to six years. Trisha had told her that the huge milestone and the true beginning of the babyhood was when Jessica stopped even knowing she had or was having a bowel movement. Trisha also told her that each girl was different but that this practical period could take awhile, where some big girl talk was just necessary until Jessica became more and more dependent on her.

Jessica had reached her tipping point she began to cry she knew she had to give in to her mom, wiping away her tears she looked to her mom. “If I do it can I still have some thing to eat?”, she was famished having had her tantrum. Her mom had long since put away her baby food and she didn’t know if it was going to be it for the night, when she had been younger her daddy had sent her to bed with no food if she was bad. She didn’t know if her mother was continuing the discipline or not. “How about another bottle would that be ok?” Asked her mom. Jessica though of the sweet creamy drink and how filling it was. But it would be the fourth time today, was that ok? She felt like she was getting away with something, like she was having more soda than she should, it felt like it was a day off and it was her birthday where she was splurging. “Would you be ok with that? Its like four desserts in one day mom.” her daddy had always been strict about sweet things. But her mom was suddenly ok with it? And it meant sucking on a bottle again!

Samantha sort of giggled with a secret joy at the idea of her milk being a treat to Jessica. “Oh, honey you are allowed that from now on, not things like ice cream or what ever right now but in awhile you can have big girl treats for doing big girl things,” she said as she stood and pulled a bag from the fridge and held it up for a yes or no. Jessica shook her head in the affirmative. Her mom turned on a burner on the stove to low and put a pot of warm water on to gently heat the milk to 98.6 F degrees. All of this was lost on Jessica but Samantha liked her little secret for now. As Jessica depended more and more on the milk one day there would be a terrible accident and all the bottles would get lost. Then her favorite meal would have to come from the source, and Samantha could begin to feel that special moment again.

But while that was warming the next big step was here and Samantha looked to her daughter. “Well now I think it is some little girls time to use her diaper, don’t you?” she asked crossing her arms and waiting. Jessica gave her a look of defiance but then closed her eyes and tried to imagine se was on the toilet. This was so gross; an accident was one thing but this was a conscious choice. First Jessica released her bladder, it was easier and she was in the most pain from her bladder. Samantha recognized the relief on her daughters face as she let loose her urine. Jessica felt warmth and moisture envelop her groin as she felt the diaper expand. The combination of relief and pleasant sensation worried her she might like that part a little too much and make her escape from babyhood harder.

As her mom made herself busy around the kitchen, she knew giving her just the most subliminal privacy she finally was able to pretend she was on a toilet and relax her bowels. The almost all liquid diet for the past 24 hour reared its head. It was soft and warm and with the exception of the smell that soon emerged she was glad. She was shocked to look up and see her mom looking at her. "Was that so bad that we had to go through all that drama?’ she asked as Jessica felt herself turning crimson in the face. Jessica’s mom walked up to her and stroked her hair with a reassuring smile. She unlocked the tray and lifted Jessica onto her hip. Jessica was caught up in the moment of sensitivity from her mommy, she was surprised with herself when she rested her head on her moms shoulder as walked back to the nursery.

Jessica reflected on this as her mom laid her down on the changing table, “Mom how come you are doing this, how come I have to be a baby all of a sudden?” Samantha was a little stunned and a little choked up as she tried to formulate an answer. She rested her hand warmly on Jessica’s tummy and placed a strand of hair back behind her ear and looked at Jessica. “Well, first off it isn’t exactly all of a sudden sweetie, auntie Trisha and I have been planning this for months” she said with a smile and a gentle pat as she began to unsnap the crotch of the onesi. Samantha pulled up the onesi and pulled it over Jessica’s bare chest and off. Jessica instinctively covered her breasts, Samantha just smiled and gently moved her daughters hands off of her chest. The look she gave Jessica said a lot, Jessica knew it was silly her breasts were nonexistent and her mom had already washed her that day. “Second” she said getting back to the task at hand, and undoing the tapes of the disposable Pamper. “You know that, we were not having success with you as a big girls before, were we?” she said looking her in the eye. Jessica had begun to tear up a little; she took a breath and rolled her eyes a little hurt but knowing her mother was right. “Well then how come all of this why not just more shrinks, and the loony bin I am sure we could have afforded a nice one” she said crossing her arms holding herself and beginning to cry. Samantha found herself once more moved as she opened the diaper and used the clean top part of the waist to wipe down and roll up the stinky diaper. Holding up Jessica by her ankles she set the dirty diaper aside and pulled out some wet wipes. Samantha thought about truly opening up to her daughter and how she felt like her problems were all her fault and not Jessica’s dad dying. But she just said, “Well that is a discussion for when we make it back to calling me Mommy all of the time and forgetting about ‘MOM!’” she said impersonating her daughter and giggling ever so slightly as she wiped away the feces and urine from her daughters labia and anus.

Setting a fresh Pamper under her daughters rear she set her down, she placed her hand on her babies tummy to hold her in place as she shoved the dirty diaper into the diaper genie and reached for the tube of diaper cream. Placing a dollop on her finger she rubbed it around Jessica’s cheeks and butt hole. Jessica having ceased her crying and sucking her thumb again was suddenly cognizant of something, as intimate as this was, she was only now a little embarrassed. As her mother finally rubbed in baby powder into the folds of her privates Jessica realized how quick this had passed and how much better it made her feel to be dry and that she had been lost in the attention and care from her mother rather than being embarrassed by the taboo of her mom touching her there.

The next thing she knew her mom was putting a little pink nightgown over her head, and carrying her over to a oversized cozy chair. She knew that it was not the normal time she went t sleep but her mom was once more putting her to sleep like a baby. She looked at her mom and she knew that her mom knew she was tired, there was little left in her after today to not sleep. Her mom set the bottle on the little table by the chair and moved her into her lap like she had with the other bottles today. Suckling on the bottle Jessica quickly fell asleep tired from the multiple tantrums and fights she had with her mom. But as she closed her eyes she realized that somehow these fights were different. Normally back in New York she would storm off hating her mother and some times fall asleep about now anyway hiding from her in her room. Now as angry as she was at her mom for doing this to her, her mom was holding her close and was happy.

Laying Jessica down in her crib Samantha turned the baby monitor on, and the lights off. She felt like she was going to pass out with exhaustion herself. But she made it a point to clean up, and unpack the play pen before showering and passing out in her lonely but comfy bed. Samantha woke up to a noise rattling down the hallway. She grabbed a bat quickly, and her flashlight, opened her bedroom door and shown the light toward the noise. Jessica was trying to force her way out the front door, and to think she had though about calling Trisha to say how good things were going.

Jessica had woken up with a wet diaper. But this time she was not scared and knew she was in a crib and her sadness turned into anger. So quietly as she could she climbed out, standing there in her wet diaper made her angrier and angrier. She wanted to call her friends and talk , finding the phone she called her friends in New York but had little luck. Finally getting a hold of a friend she asked her to come get her but she had no idea where she was, and the girl said no anyway, some friends! She never told her what her mom had done to her it was just to embarrassing. So she hung up and just tried to think, waddling from the phone in the kitchen to the living room the first thing she realized was, that she had to get the wet diaper off. Lifting up her night gown and peeling the tape off from each side she lowered the diaper off and threw it away. She began to think about everything that had happened, and about how her mom thought she was helping her or something. She just decided to make a run for it, but the door was locked from the inside just like the bathroom! She just began to vent her anger on the door and the next thing she knew she was looking at her very angry mother.

Samantha turned off the flash light as she turned on the kitchen light, next she moved to put her hands under Jessica’s arm pits to lift her. Jessica smacked them away, “Get the Fuck AWAY FROM ME!” She screamed running away this time slightly swifter minus the diaper. With her mother in pursuit Jessica looped around back to the phone, “Ha! 911 Bitch!” she yelled holding up the phone. “Hello, Hi, Uhm… Yeah this is Jessica Richardson, my, my mom has gone crazy she brought me to this stupid fucking town god knows where and she made me wear a diaper!” she almost yelled frantically into the phone at the 911 operator. “Ok, sweetie, ok, it will be alright is your mommy there?, can you put her on the phone?” the sweet and calm lady with 911 asked. Jessica wasn’t sure that was a good idea “Look lady I am not going any where near her, ok!”

Samantha was scared, and embarrassed, and angry all wrapped up in one package she just held out her had for Jessica to hand her the phone. “Well how about speaker, can you put her on the speaker so we all can talk?” the 911 dispatcher asked. Jessica looked at the phone and as was her typical response she said “Fine!” and pushed the button. “Hello, Hello Samantha, are you there?” Wait a second, the woman know her moms name! Samantha was a little confused to, “Yes, I am here having a WONDERFULL morning” she said frustrated. “Hi, Samantha this is Tammy from the ladies club, at the café yesterday afternoon, sounds like that new baby is giving you some trouble” Samantha breathed a little sigh of relief. “Oh!, Tammy, yes a cranky little girl got out of her crib and is scaring her mommy! You didn’t tell me you had a job also!” said Samantha with a gossipy glee in her voice, just glad to be talking to another mom. “Well not really, my husband is the Constable and since we are such a small town any 911 calls are routed here, we got a loud alarm that wakes us up” Samantha realizing the time of the morning apologized profusely. “Tammy, I am so sorry she is pulling me to my wits end!” she said. “Oh, honey you are not even the first, you are the first outsiders we have brought in; in awhile, but just let me tell you about Sandy’s girl last year turning her into a baby was insane! So don’t you feel bad honey and you just call me anytime you need some help, we can even do a play date with Kaley, Ok I’ll let you go sweetie, try to get some sleep after you get that newborn down” Samantha replied with a “Thanks Tammy” and the line went dead as Tammy hung up.

Jessica was dumbstruck she couldn’t believe that just happened, everyone was in on it! Still in shock she didn’t see her very angry mother now towering over her, with her hands on her hips and looking down at her, as she still held the phone.

Samantha didn’t even remember picking her up or carrying her down the hallway, or putting her over her knee. But she did recall that her hand hurt from smacking little girl booty, and that getting her in a diaper and into her crib had gone smoothly after that. But as the sun filtered through the blinds of her new bed room Samantha felt regret. She slowly snuck over to the nursery and peered in at the crib.

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Her nightgown was scrunched up above her diaper and she looked so sweet, and all of her second thoughts about getting her baby back left her mind.

As Samantha sat on the couch with the breast pump pumping her milk for the day she tried to put the nights drama out of her mind and began making herself breakfast and tried to recall all that happened after all the drama. A little later as she sat drinking water to replenish herself, she heard Jessica calling for her through the baby monitor.

“Mom! Mom! Mommy!” Jessica called as her mom soon walked into the nursery. The extra petite 12 year old girl stood holding onto the railing of the crib. She had been awake a short time debating how to handle getting out of her crib and her wet diaper without rehashing last night. She debated more defiance but her butt was still sore, even after having fallen asleep. Soon her mom walked in to the room with a smile, which shocked her after last night. Jessica looked at her mom, she didn’t know what to say so she just lifted her arms, as to be picked up. Her mom looked at her and Jessica saw her wipe away a tear from her face before indeed picking her up. “Mom, why are you crying?” asked Jessica in an attempt to comfort her mother as her mom placed her on her hip.

“Mommy is just so happy sweetie, you needing me as a baby is so important to me” said Samantha as she carried her down the hall to the living room. Sitting down on the couch she held onto Jessica and snuggled her close. “Mom, I peed in my sleep, am I allowed to change my own diaper at least?” Samantha held her head close to her chest and looked Jessica in the eye. “Jessica, you are a baby again mommy changes the diapers” it was then that Samantha decided to go into more detail and explain some things to her. “Sweetie do you remember how I said that Auntie Trisha and I have been planning this awhile, well that’s because this town is special. Here girls that have problems with their height and fitting in like you did are all brought back to being babies and given a chance to start over.” Jessica just gave her a confused look and put her thumb in her mouth.

Jessica was struck by something she had only been involved with all of this just a day. As she became more and more convinced that this was not some short term thing, she realized that she had never even contemplated her mom taking her into public like this! She began to try and get away from her mom to stand up and yell at her, “MOM! MOM! Let me GO!, there is no freaking way you are parading me around like a BABY!” But her mom only held her closer as she devolved into tears. Jessica final found her thumb and began sucking in earnest as tears rolled down her face.

Samantha simply started rocking her back and forth. She did something she had not done in a long, long time, even when Jessica was a baby, she began to sing. Finally Jessica calmed down and just relaxed sucking her thumb and closed her eyes. Samantha felt her milk let down and wet the front of her shirt just then, she hadn’t put on her nursing bra and pads yet. Samantha felt her heart skip a beat.

Jessica felt something warm and wet on her cheek through her moms shirt, “Mom did you spill something?” Jessica said rising and catching her mom off guard before she could grab her again. Jessica stood up looking over at her mom sitting on the couch. It took a second but Jessica really wasn’t a little baby and she knew what it was that was leaking from her moms breasts.

“MOM! Is that milk?”

Samantha tried not to cry she looked away, she had been caught there was no denying it.

“THAT STUFF I WAS DRINKING WAS THAT WASN’T IT!” screamed Jessica angry and grossed out .

Jessica was expecting to have her mom to try and hold her and snuggle again or spank her, instead she began crying. Her mom just shook her head in defeat and curled up on the couch and cried facing away from her. Jessica had won, she was in control! But she didn’t feel in control, not really. She was standing in the middle of the living room in a wet diaper. She was wearing a baby pink nightgown, and all of the doors were locked. She walked around the house trying to get out of the situation she was in but it was pointless. Jessica went into the nursery and took off the wet diaper, rolled it up and put it in the diaper genie. She looked for her old clothes put came up for not. Next she tried to figure out just what wasn’t too babyish that was in with the clothes that were there, nothing. “Uh!” she was on the verge of tears again and sucked her thumb to calm down. Plus she was really, really hungry she also was starting to worry about her bladder. She found some pink toddler style pants with the elastic waist, and a pink striped bunny shirt with soft ruffles at the bottom. She had put them on commando style when she decided to go raid the fridge, but as she was leaving the nursery her bladder had other ideas. Her bladder had gotten weaker in the last month, and who knew how long she had until she could find away out or her mom decided to stop crying and try again. She decided not to risk it and pulled down her pants and grabbed a diaper. She had never put on a diaper before, She guessed that the pink bunny and bear went in the front but she just couldn’t quite tape the tapes right. Finally she just pulled up her pants and hoped that she wouldn’t need it.

Samantha didn’t know what to do now the plan for a gradual transition onto the breast had failed and her daughter rightly felt tricked. But her hormones and the pain of her daughters rejection were just too much right now, she wondered if it was even possible to get her back.

Waddling down the hallway and going into the kitchen Jessica found every cabinet and drawer locked. The one thing unlocked was the fridge, she knew that her mom had some food in there or at least she thought she did. Upon opening door all she saw were bags containing what she guessed was her moms milk.

Samantha eventually reached catharsis from her tears. She sat up on the couch and thought about how to handle her daughter now. She had seen her break down and she was still weeping slow tears now deciding what to do.

“Mom, I need you to get me some food and some clothes” said Jessica as she walked back up to her mother.
Then a revelation hit Samantha, she wiped away a tear still sad and sniffed a sniffle back. “You need to know that this is important to me, and that you not accepting this hurts me really bad” she said trying not to cry anymore wiping away another tear. “So, I have made a decision” Samantha said as she grabbed her water bottle and a spit up rag. "I am going to just sit here and wait’ she said with sadness and a huge amount of determination in her voice.

Jessica recognized the determination in her mothers tone. Her mom and her had never really bonded like she had with her dad, but they had been close enough for her to see her mom put her foot down before. Jessica didn’t know what to think as her mom coolly folded the spit up rag, placed it on her lap, and lifted up her shirt exposing her swollen teat. Jessica was surprised as the large nipple and areola stood out over the rag. Jessica saw the milk start to form on her mothers nipple and drip onto the soft white rag. Jessica was surprised that it made her think about the milk and the taste of it, and how good it tasted. Jessica looked at her mom stomped her foot and stormed off looking for a way out. With her small size and height she always had problems reaching and turning door handles. Plus her mom and auntie Trisha put slipping baffles on many of them, so even the ones that didn’t lock were very hard or impossible without an adults help to get a grip on the baffle and turn the knob.

Samantha was not surprised when Jessica stormed off, or diaper waddled off really. She was set and bound to wait for her daughters hunger and thirst to win out. Soon Jessica resorted to breaking things and making a mess, hoping to get a reaction and movement from her mother. Finally Jessica stopped and sat watching cartoons with the volume way up, and the music on the radio cranked up really loud. Samantha was about to yell but just stopped herself and continued to calmly sit and wait sipping her water. Finally Jessica was starting to get mad, and turned off the music of her own accord.

Jessica next began to pickup anything she could throw and hurl it at her mother, she was small and the baby proofing had limited what she could throw so Samantha calmly brushed it aside .

Once the afternoon was starting Jessica could hold it no more and standing in the middle of the room peed. It had barley been conscious on her part and her self applied diaper failed! Jessica felt her urine running down her leg and watched as her pink pants began to soak through. A small puddle formed on the carpet around her sock covered foot. She looked at her mom and was going to ask for help, Jessica just stuck her thumb in her mouth and walked down the hallway back for another diaper and new pants. Just two big problems! The first was that there was nothing else other than onesis’, second there were no more diapers on the low shelf of the changing table they were a foot higher than she expected! Just out of her reach! She didn’t concern herself she just climbed on up, that was until the changing table began to wobble, and fell over on her! Jessica tried to jump free of it but the corner of it scraped her back on the way down. It hurt so bad right on her spine! Jessica screamed in fear and pain and then began crying. Jessica ran into the hallway crying “Mom! MOM!” And finally “MOMMY!”

Samantha had got to her feet in terror at the crash and scream, and was about to enter the hallway when Jessica came running down the hallway naked from the waist down. Standing at her feet Jessica pawed at her to be held. Samantha decided that the injury warranted a short break in her stand off with the 12 year old baby girl, if only to check her injury. Picking her up she brought her over to the couch and stood her in front of her hugging her and patting her shoulder gently. “Here baby, let mama look, let mama look” she said kissing her cheek. Samantha lifted off the pink and soft ruffled shirt and looked at her back. As Jessica stood naked in front of her she saw a deep bruise running down her back and no blood. Samantha felt along her spine looking for any pain to indicate if anything was broken, all while Jessica cried and sucked her thumb.

The changing table had hurt so bad! But her mommy was there and that was what mattered. Finally slowing her sobs Jessica looked at her mom and said “Mommy it hurts” her mommy looked at her kissing her cheek again and said “Oh sweetie that must have been scary! Momma kiss it” her mom leaned over and gently kissed her bruise. “Mommy thinks you’ll be ok, honey, but that was a scary ouchie, huh” Jessica was glad that her mom was done with her ultimatum.

Samantha picked up Jessica’s shirt and had just placed back over her head when it occurred to her that this changed nothing. " Oh, sorry you need to do that yourself , you don’t need me I’ll just be here waiting" she said as she took off her now soaked shirt and refolded the rag so that it sat under each of her breasts. Samantha took a drink of her water bottle and sat back as she had been before any of the recent drama, and admired the look of shock on Jessica’s face.

Jessica felt cold and sad she wanted the warmth she had just had from her mom but now she was back to the same way, being a baby or nothing! Jessica looked at her mom, rolled her eyes and went back to the destroyed nursery looking for a diaper and clothes to cover her. When she got to the nursery the diapers and other night gowns were under the changing table! Walking back in the living room she crossed her arms and stared at her mom " Mom, that thing you change my diapers on is covering everything, I cant get to anything!" She said, as her mom just sat there with no shirt on like it was the most natural thing in the word for her to do.

While her mom sat there essentially ignoring her she was Jessica was feeling even weirder about all of this now. She realized that she was wanting her mom to get her a diaper! Also as she stood there more milk dripped onto the white rag, and it was making her hungry! She tried not to think of the taste of the warm sweet milk, and of the slight pressure she was starting to feel in her bladder.

Samantha sat and watched her daughter get madder and madder, and finally melt into an all out tantrum. Jessica threw herself onto the floor screaming about how unfair her life was and kicking and flailing about. Samantha was letting a lot ride on this strategy. She came to realize that she had to wait for Jessica to want and need her attention enough. Finally hours and hours of not drinking or eating anything and not wanting to be messy any more Jessica stood up on the floor . She looked over at Samantha and put her thumb in her mouth. Samantha knew that this was something, that something was changing . Jessica walked over to her thumb in mouth and sat next to her on the couch. Samantha was feeling her heart beat pick up, was this it? Jessica scooted close and rested her head on her moms shoulder, looking up at Samantha with the puppy dog eyes she had been hoping for. Her daughter had never even pretended to be sweet with her, so even if this was some kind of ruse on her daughters part it was still progress.

Jessica didn’t know why she was doing what she was doing but she knew that in the end it would result in a clean house, clean diaper and a full stomach. She felt her mom brush away her hair with her finger tips and look down with a sweet hesitant smile. Her mom turned and lifted her up across her lap, and she looked up at her mom with hesitation not really knowing how to start. Her mom’s right breast hung in her face and still slowly dripped. Her mom took the spit up rag covered her nipple with it and tugged slightly then set the rag aside. “Close you eyes and just suck your thumb sweetie” her mom said with the most tenderness she had ever heard from her before. Jessica did as she was asked now all resistance gone, held tightly and yet very gently in her mothers arms.

Samantha watched Jessica close her eyes as she sucked her thumb contentedly, this is most of what she wanted. She rubbed Jessica’s arm with her hand and slowly pulled her thumb out of her mouth with the other. Samantha leaned in a little to place her nipple and areola in Jessica’s mouth, the girl took all of it and began sucking with abandon. Samantha adjusted Jessica and got comfortable all while bawling with joy. She had to wipe away her tears as Jessica finally pulled milk from her swollen full breast for the first time in days. Things had defiantly not gone to plan and she about died from a heart attack when Jessica got hurt earlier. It was almost three in the afternoon by the time the drama had stopped and it had started in the morning. Samantha looked around at the practically destroyed house and did not care. Jessica was pulling a lot of milk from her she could feel her breast getting lighter.

Jessica was shocked this is what had happened in her dream! Her mom must have fed her like this when she had passed out before waking up in the new house for the first time. She had been wanting this same sensation and feeling for so long, but it was in conflict with not wanting this whole baby treatment. Her mom’s nipple was as good or better than her thumb! She was getting food for the first time today and in her small body the large amount of milk her mom was producing was enough to tide her over. She was so content she was sucking even when the milk had run out. Finally she stopped and let the red swollen wet nipple slide from her mouth. Jessica looked up at her mom and her mom asked stroking her hair “Are you full sweetie or do you want more?” Jessica thought about how everything had come to the this, and how she would feel asking to suck on the other breast. But Jessica needed to pee but didn’t have on a diaper . “Mo…” she didn’t finish saying mom before her mother placed a finger on her lips to stop her, “Mommy” she said gently “I want to hear mommy from now on , ok?” Jessica shook her head, “Mommy, I gotta pee”. Her mom got a confused look about her , and finally saw that Jessica was looking at her nude lower half. “Oh, ok yes sweetie lets get that taken care of first”

Samantha set Jessica to the side stood up and picked her up off the couch and carried her towards the nursery. “Mommy you gotta take me to the toilet, I gotta pee now!” Samantha stopped and thought about it for a second, then pressed forward to the nursery. “Baby Momma wants you getting use to being a baby, so as strange as this sounds Mommy needs you to stop telling me when you need to got potty , OK” she said as she lifted up the changing table with one arm while placing Jessica on it with the other. As she slide a fresh diaper under Jessica she said. “Even like right now, when or where ever you have to go you go” as she held the top of the diaper over Jessica vulva while still holding her legs up.

Jessica was a little confused, but she understood that her mom just wanted her to be more baby like. “You want me to pee like this with you holding the diaper?” Her mom looked at her “Yes, MOMMY needs you to go pee pee sweetie” said her mom gently reminding her to say mommy with the inflection. Jessica thought about it, did it really matter whether or not the diaper was on, or was it just more embarrassing baby stuff. It really didn’t matter because she had to go! Jessica tried to relax and let the pee come regardless of whether is splashed on her mom or not. Her urine shot out and up with her mom catching most of it in the diaper with only the first of it splashing onto her moms bare chest. Jessica’s mom giggled a little and wiped it off with a baby wipe.

Samantha wiped up Jessica and put her in a fresh diaper and onesi, then brought her into her room so she could throw on a nursing bra and pads, along with a blouse. Entering the living room she set Jessica down with some baby toys in the play pen and started cleaning up the mess. Samantha started to get some drama from Jessica but when she started to imitated her and gave her a stern look the crying stopped. Samantha used the time to set the baby monitors back up so she could keep an eye and an ear on Jessica in the playpen while she picked up the nursery some more.

She also started herself some dinner and got some of the baby food out for Jessica, she had been worried that the breast and baby food would not be enough for a girl Jessica size. Trisha had introduced her to the towns pediatrician ahead a time, Dr. Owen he was an old fellow in his late sixties with hair white as snow. Samantha was a little worried about a male doctor for this situation. But Trisha explained that he had been born in town and that this was nothing new to him, and that his sister had even been a teen baby. He had explained that with the naturally small amounts of food girls like Jessica ate to begin with breast milk and real baby food were even an improvement sometimes. He said that just guessing by Samantha’s explanation of Jessica and the way she ate she might even gain weight with one or two extra feedings a day, and Samantha’s body would adapt as if she were feeding twins and produce more milk.

Jessica was pretty mad at her mom for stuffing her in this freaking cage! Ok it wasn’t really a cage but it felt like it! She could reach over the top to her elbows but had zero upper body strength to pull herself up and over. Plus the toys that her mom had put in there with her were for babies! Finally after an hour consisting of a small nap and trying to occupy herself she looked at the toys. There was a shape sorter, and a ring stacker, and a row of Disney jack in the boxes. Her mom also put in a pink soft stuffed bunny, she debated throwing the plastic toys out of the play pen but decided that would ensure her mother’s wrath. The bunny how ever was to much! It was like the one she had been seeing around from time to time, she threw it and she just missed the edge and it hit the lip of the play pen. The fuzzy pink bunny bounced off and fell right in her lap, she didn’t know why but she loved the feel of its fur. Jessica gave the bunny a hug and it felt like something awesome she hadn’t felt in a long time.

By the time Samantha had finished picking up much of Jessica’s mess it was dinner time. She felt exhausted but needed to eat. So she turned on the TV for Jessica making sure to only turn on infantile shows. As she looked in the play pen she saw a very tired little girl sucking her thumb holding her pink bunny and trying to not fall asleep. Samantha quickly ate her dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, she knew that girls Jessica’s age began sleeping longer and longer as they entered their teens. That was a bit of bonus timing with making them babies again. She curled up with Jessica and unbuttoned her blouse, undoing her nursing bra she stretched out her nipple and got her milk flowing. Samantha gently took the thumb from her sleepy preteen daughters mouth. “Mommy I not sleepy” Jessica said in a stupor, Samantha was so happy it sounded like baby talk! Samantha knew it wasn’t a conscious choice but it made her heart sing and as her daughter began to suckle and pull milk it was even better. She decided that if tomorrow morning went well that she needed to make a trip to the store.

Jessica slept better than she had in years, without a doubt it was the best night of sleep she had since her dad had died. She missed him a lot but it seemed that now her mom was in over drive to make up lost time. Was that what this was really all about? She didn’t know, all she knew was that she had completely lost any hope of staying dry through the night. She looked at the crotch of her onesi and knew it was tighter from her pee filling the diaper. All she knew was that she was hungry! She didn’t like the feeling of the diaper when she sat so that is squished, it was cold and wet. She once more reflected on the previous day and realized that the best part of yesterday was when her mom came and got her. A close second was going to bed, just thinking about that made her tummy rumble her simultaneously blush. Jessica didn’t even remember her mom feeding her just the sensation of milk and sucking. She blushed because she knew sucking on her mothers nipple wasn’t normal. But she hated sitting in the high chair and liked the taste of the milk. Jessica felt butterflies in her stomach, she knew she had to call her mother. It would result in her mom inserting a finger in her diaper, then seeing her naked as she changed her diaper, then getting breastfed, all embarrassing but somehow at this point all wanted. Jessica took in a deep breath trying not to blush, “Mommy!, Mommy!” She was surprised but she was getting worried and a little scared “Mommy! Mom!” she yelled crying a little with tears starting to well. It was then that her mom appear at the door . Her mom smiled and came in to pick her up. “Hi, angle, was mommas baby scared?” she said as she rubbed Jessica’s back and kissed away her tears. Jessica was not sure about how to feel now, she hated not having her independence and being a baby, but being a baby felt so good also in a lot of ways.

"I think someone needs her dipey changed and some food in her tummy!’ Samantha said with baby talk and a happy smile trying to tickle Jessica a little. Samantha was happy in spite of a lack of response on Jessica’s part. Samantha grabbed a new disposable pamper and placing Jessica on the changing table she decided that indeed she needed to get out of the house! Samantha loved this bonding time with Jessica and decided that it had to be a quick foray this afternoon. She didn’t want anything to snap Jessica out of the little bit of progress made. But she needed to get a feel for the town and where everything was. Plus she always had been the type to go stir crazy if left inside to long. Once she had changed Jessica’s diaper, she picked her up and carried her towards the kitchen for breakfast. She had cut up some fruit and scrambled some eggs that she tore into little pieces. Jessica rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and began to well tears as she set her in the high chair. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” she asked knowing full well that Jessica hated the highchair. “Mom…er Mommy I hate this, I am not a baby, can you please just talk to me like a 12 year old girl for a little bit?” Jessica complained looking up at her wiping away a tear.

Jessica’s mom looked at her a little puzzled and a little hurt, but Jessica could tell that she had gotten through. Her mom’s body language changed to the way it had the few times recently that she talked to her like a big girl. Her mom pulled the chair up, sat down and took a breath, “Ok, what do you want for breakfast today?”. Jessica looked at her mom across the tray of the high chair, “Mom, I hate the stupid chair it makes me feel like a baby, and I like the taste of the…. other but its embarrassing” she said trying to not blush. "Honey, what life was like in New York was going to result in you dying! " she said near tears herself. “So we are going to be a family again by scratch. I need you to depend on me like a baby and when you finally do I will start to let you grow up again. But for now I promise you that there is a way for you to be a woman in the future. It means you trusting me and knowing I will go slow but it WILL happen.” she said with pleading eyes and resolve in her voice. “So expect conversations like this to be few and far between, OK? And as for today, how about if you are a good girl and sit here for me and eat a big breakfast, none of it mashed or puréed, followed by the…other at least two or three times today, we can have one of them be a bottle….OK?” said her mom offering to feed her some of the breakfast from the baby spoon. Jessica didn’t know that it felt like any kind of compromise, but the straight talk from her mom helped. “Fine, ok” she said just before her mom put some shredded scrambled eggs in her mouth.

Samantha hadn’t had any weird feelings about breastfeeding Jessica but just now she felt a small twinge. She only had ever seen her as a baby or at lest tantrum and associated it with her breast, but talking in a mature tone with her about it had made it a little more uncomfortable. She realized that she needed a baby name for it just like Kendra and Jenny had called it ‘milkies’ she needed something other than the ‘Other’. When she finally placed the spoon in the empty dish she somehow began to feel some butterflies and when she looked at Jessica she saw that it was not just her. To distract herself she wiped down the dishes and put on a smile. Samantha didn’t figure out the cause of the tension between them until she had sat down on the couch with Jessica on her knee. The previous two times had been in a heightened state of drama and Jessica had been sucking her thumb. Now this time it was because it was some part of the new routine, not done in a state of exhaustion or semi-sleep.

Jessica felt a little odd when her mom took her over to the couch, this was the first time she wanted this. She had eaten a lot at breakfast but it just wasn’t the same, she didn’t know if she would enjoy the flavor like she had before. She saw that her mom felt nervous too, her mom looked at her nervously but then smiled.

Samantha looked at her baby girl with her hair in pigtails and her onesi, and the tension began to melt. She knew she needed to address it, “Well we needs a baby names for this! don’t we sweetie, I think we should call it tickles!” she said baby like and with that she launched into a serious tickle attack. Jessica had been resistant to her tickles when she did them just like the babysitters had done changing diapers. This however was a sneak attack, and Jessica was helpless to resist. She began giggling and laughing like she had not done in a long time. Samantha was a little hurt when she realized the last time she had done something like this with Jessica was when she was two years old! It strengthened her resolve and made her want more with Jessica. She picked her up and set her back on her lap, surprised by Jessica’s response. Jessica smiled and was a little young again and said happy “Yes, they need a name!” Samantha looked at her and said “well I have been doing most of the baby talk, and you said this was better than the baby food so I say we call them ‘nummies’ does that sound good?” Samantha’s heart skipped a beat with a little joy when Jessica shook her head yes and said a simple “sure” and a small blush.

Jessica’s mom looked at her with a smile again and came in close with a snuggling nose to nose rub and asked “Well young lady would you like some ‘nummies’ ?” Jessica just smiled and shyly shook her head again in the affirmative. “Ok” said her mother with another small happy smile and she lifted up her shirt over her left breast and unhooked the front of her white and silky nursing bra over her breast and peeled it down exposing the now moist nursing pad. Pulling off the pad Jessica saw her mother’s large red nipple and large red areola and the veins that supplied them. Jessica was hugely surprised by two things, one that she was acting all ok with this, and two that now just seeing and smelling her mom’s boob was making her hungry. Next she felt her the warmth of her mom’s hand gently support the back of her head and lift her head and mouth to the waiting nipple. It rubbed against her lips and filled her mouth to the top of her tongue and she began to suck it like her thumb. But a reward different from her thumb soon came after a few good pulls as sweet warm milk rolled over her tongue and into her throat.

Samantha sat back and got adjusted as her milk flowed and the endorphins began to kick in. Nothing made her happier than this, and nursing Jessica now was not even far behind the big moments in her life. She missed her husband a lot Jessica loved him too, but he was gone and her biggest fear was losing Jessica . This gave her both the intimate emotional feeling of love and stopped her daughter from running off and dying in some cold alley somewhere. Samantha gently patted her daughters diapers behind and sang her a nursery rhyme.

Having just woken up in the morning Jessica didn’t feel sleepy as she sucked at the nipple. Finally she stopped feeling milk on her tongue and stopped sucking. She looked up at her mom and raised her eyebrows “out” she said with a nervous smile. Her mom sat her up and moved her to face the other way looked at her and asked “want more?” sincerely and in an adult tone. Jessica wasn’t sure, she new that she wanted it but felt a little full. “I don’t know, I could but will you have more later?” Her mom laughed a little “you know I do make more, but if not now then the next time is going to have to be outside. I am going crazy in this house” Outside! Like in public! She had forgotten her mom said that she was going to be full time like this! Jessica simply began to cry tears of embarrassment, and she was still inside! She put her thumb in her mouth and leaned into her mothers chest for comfort.

As Jessica began to cry against her chest Samantha was overwhelmed by Jessica’s tenderness toward her. Rather than trying to flee as before she just snuggled her! Samantha patted her back and brought her up over her shoulder again. Jessica was of course not a new born but Samantha realized she only needed the feel, emotion, and sensation of Jessica being a baby. Jessica was small enough for all of that, and her large tall size helped create enough disparity to do the job. As she rocked and patted the crying girl, she stood up and carried her bouncing and rubbing her back like a newborn. Unfortunately the crying jag mixed with her recent meal created another all to real aspect to this. Jessica threw up, not a lot but a small mouth full of breast milk and scrambled eggs ran down Samantha’s back. At first it was a huge shock, but Samantha composed herself before scaring Jessica any more. Quickly she grabbed a spit up rag and sat Jessica down and wiped her mouth. “Oh, sweetie are you alright?” she said lightly, knowing it was really only a belch. Thumb in her mouth Jessica’s tears finally began to subside and she pulled the thumb from her mouth. Mom…Mommy I am going to be so F…. embarrassed!" she said half crying and trying not to swear.

Jessica loved and hated her mom all at once, and she was trying to do things like not cussing, but this was a lot. Jessica’s mom looked at her and brushed Jessica’s hair over her ear with the tips of her fingers. Her mom took a small breath and spoke, “Jessica baby, I don’t know how to explain it to you, any other way than to show you. This town has a whole bunch of baby girls just like you, girls your age being babies again, no one is going to laugh at you.” Somehow this hit Jessica harder, it created a sense of length to her situation she didn’t like. Jessica thought a beat this time before speaking, “Mommy, you Don’t! know! These girls were mean to me before, they made me pass out!’ Her mom for whatever reason then chose to drop a bombshell. " Oh, Sweetie, those girls weren’t being mean on purpose, mostly you just thought they were, they did push you around a little though, they said. They thought you were a baby, and were supposed to get you ready, after some medicine we gave you worked” Her mom said in a tone childish yet not quite baby talk. “It was just part of the plan, and when you meet them again I promise they will say they are sorry. Remember this town is really good at the whole baby thing, OK” she said in a more frank and mature tone as she rubbed Jessica’s back.

Samantha knew that this was a big hit and that all of this craziness had to end, as Jessica began to cry anew. The girl scrunched up and tried to get away and succeeded waddling into the kitchen yelling and swearing the whole way. Samantha was tired of all this drama, she needed to get away and lay down the law somehow! She peeled off her wet shirt and ran to the near by laundry basket and grabbed a fresh shirt. Next she grabbed her purse and put it over her shoulder. Ran back into the kitchen and found Jessica trying to push a chair over to the cabinet where she kept her keys. She ripped the girl off of the chair and threw her onto her hip as she screamed and flailed about. She undid the cabinet baffle opened it and took her keys. Next she unlocked the door, and walked outside for the first time in days. The sun was brighter than she had hoped and she almost felt dizzy from the fresh air, she tried to not walk in to a bush as she made her way to the driveway carrying her screaming 12 year old baby. Jessica began to fight even harder when she saw the minivan. “NO! NO! PLEASE! PLEASE! NO!” was screamed into Samantha’s ear as the door automatically slid open. Samantha was in fight mode as much as Jessica now and forcing her into the pink bunny car seat was not even remembered as she finally slid into the divers seat. As Samantha locked in her own seat belt she looked in the rearview mirror at her still crying daughter. Jessica’s face was red and wet from tears but the special buckle was unable to be opened from whoever was behind it. It was locked and that was all that Samantha cared about at this point.

When her mom pulled out of the driveway, Jessica thought she was going to have a heart attack. She rolled down the windows! How in the world did she deserve this! Finally her throat was so sore she just stopped, it didn’t matter her mom was not paying attention to her anyway. She finally found her thumb, it was a total instinct now. She knew that it made her more baby looking, but some how she didn’t think about it and just did it. All she knew was that it made her feel better and made her throat felt better. Then it happened….someone saw them! Jessica and her mom were stopped at a stop sign and man standing on the corner waiting to cross looked right at her, and then her mom! What chilled Jessica to the core was the fact that he acted like nothing was wrong! He just waved a friendly wave as her mom let him cross the street. Jessica blushed instinctively but was confused, her mom had said that they expected it here but that was just to much to believe. Sucking on her thumb had calmed her down enough now that she felt the need to apologize to her mother. Nothing deep or profound just for her most recent spat of drama, it had been so intense that she felt guilty. “Mom” she said and with just that word her mom pulled over and stared at her, “Mommy” she corrected herself, “I am sorry, I am still made about the mean girls and making me pass out, but I….was…was” she paused not knowing what to say other than ‘a bitch’ but wanting to be nice for her mom. “Naughty” her mom said nicely but still a little upset. “You were a naughty girl, you have got to realize that you are not going to get laughed at or hurt. Now should I spank you when we get home?” She asked. Jessica’s lower lip began to quiver, but her mom continued. "Or how about we call it even, if you tell me that you are sorry for being a naughty ‘baby.’ " she added with emphasis on the baby part.

Samantha hadn’t moved the minivan from the side of the road, when a car pulled up. A lady got out and walked up, it was Trisha. “Hi, stranger I thought that was your van so I pulled over to see if you needed help.” Samantha was so glad to see Trisha was back from New York, “Sorry I didn’t call, it’s just been so hard” she said trying not to cry. Trisha looked at her with sweet concern and patted her shoulder. “We are just getting out of the house and seeing the town Auntie Trisha!” Samantha said getting back into baby chatter.

Trisha smiled a waved at Jessica, “Hi, sweeeetieee” said Trisha to Jessica. What scared the confined angry girl, was that it was beginning to work. She hated the lack of freedom, but the reason she was finding herself angry with herself was that she realized she like the attention. Jessica’s ‘auntie’ went around to the other side of the minivan and opened the door. “Are, you giving your mommy twubals, silly girl” Trisha said baby talking and kissing Jessica’s forehead. “Auntie! Baby Jessica wanted to tell me something, we are working on our baby talk and not talking so much like a icky big girl” Jessica’s mom was putting her on the spot! Jessica blushed and looked at Trisha and her mom, and remembered the spanking from Trisha before, “Mommy, Baby sorry I so naughty” said Jessica bursting into sobs. Both of the women seemed to say “Ahhhh” at the same time. ‘Auntie’ Trisha leaned in an wiped away Jessica’s tears and gave her another kiss this time on the cheek. Jessica’s mom looked at her in the rearview mirror, “Sweetie, that was sooo nice, Mommy loves you so much!” her mom said holding back her emotions and wiping away a tear. “Are you hungy sweetie, has this been too much adventure for mommas baby today?” Jessica just nodded her head as she began sucking her thumb in embarrassment hoping that meant they were heading home. Jessica’s mom called back to Auntie Trisha, “Hey Trish, did you get something to eat on your drive up?” Jessica swore she saw her mom wink. “Oh, no there is a nice diner in town if you would like to get some lunch.” Jessica felt her stomach flip when her mom said she thought it was a great idea. As the minivan pulled off the shoulder and headed toward the center of town Jessica was afraid she was going to throw up again.

Samantha was almost as nervous as Jessica she couldn’t believe she said what she said to Trisha! This was going to be the first real true test of her resolve in public, and while she had met the ladies of ‘The Club’ this was different some how this was out in the world more. It made Samantha feel amazing and terrified all at once. All because she didn’t know just how excepting everybody really was. Thank goodness Trisha was hungry! She didn’t know what her excuse was going to be, there was enough food and diapers to stay in the house for weeks but she just couldn’t go that long. Plus, if they were going to be here for years they couldn’t be shut-ins. Trisha had told her that everything as far as Jessica needed would be provided here, Samantha just needed to put that to the test for herself. The diner was quaint but not run down, like some small town diners. As she walked in holding Jessica, who had now buried her red blushing face into her hair she was met by the owner. She was a short plump lady that was cheery and a little older than Trisha with hair moving from gray to silver. Samantha’s heart was going a mile a minute there were more people eating lunch than she had hoped for. “Samantha this is my good friend Judy Hershbender, she and her husband own the diner and a few other things around town.” Judy smiled and seeing Jessica she rubbed her back and patted it. “The poor girl is new huh, I was the same way when I was her age, scared of the world. Don’t worry sweetheart it gets better” she said rubbing and patting Jessica on the back once more as she showed them to their table. “You were a teen baby?” asked Samantha, “Oh sure, and here’s something I don’t know if Trisha told you most of the girls that are rebabied end up giving birth to babysitters! All three of my girls were or almost six feet tall” Samantha was struck and found it interesting. “Have you guys had a scientist look into this?” Both of the older women gave her a look and Samantha blushed of course the town hadn’t. Samantha guessed living the taboo for the last four days had made her forget that this was crazy, and it was just the isolation and organization from the club that sustained it. “Let me get you a highchair” said Judy as she went to let them look at the menus. Dropping off the highchair then some water Judy took their orders and sat Jessica into the wooden chair minus a tray and pulled up to the table.

Jessica looked around once she had left her mothers arms, her level of embarrassment was still high but she supposed she would be able to focus on the food her mom planned to cut up for her. Looking around she spied another highchair two tables down but in it was a real baby. She was wanting to see another girl like her for some reason, her mom said that they were here but she had yet to see proof. She was sure she was never going to say anything while in public even if she were somehow allowed to by her mom. But now she was running head to head with a weird coincidence, she didn’t want to talk, and her mom didn’t want her to tell her about having to use her diaper. But she did not want to sit there and do it in public, she decided to try to hold it hoping it might pass and that lunch would be short. But as the drinks finally arrived, she was feeling the pressure pretty bad. Why not? She had done it before but it was only the third time she had done it on purpose, but this was in front of a lot of people! Finally she just relaxed and let her pee come out, she could feel the diaper expand and take the liquid. Each time she moved she could feel it squish. She was amazed that she could feel how dry she felt on her privates. In spite of releasing her full bladder into her diaper, it was all taken up.

When the food arrived, Samantha was famished; she ate her food and chatted with Trisha but she finally realized that Jessica must feel neglected. Trisha said for her not to worry and put some small pieces of French fry in front of her. She knew Jessica was not saying anything, not going to give either one of them the satisfaction of baby talk asking for food. She had planed to give her some but cold greasy bits of French fry were not her idea of decent food. Jessica just looked at the fries crossed her arms and pouted. Samantha knew she was not going to like it but she had not brought a bottle for her and knew she hated diner food. Jessica’s pout rolled into a crying jag, Trisha looked at her “didn’t you bring her a bottle?” It hit Samantha at that moment that she had told Jessica she would have to nurse out of the house. Samantha smiled “well that has been the good part of the recent drama Auntie Trisha, some one has found the breast!” she said not to loud. Trisha hi fived her , “Congratulations, for some new moms that is the hardest part!” Samantha smiled as she patted and tried to calm Jessica down. Finally Samantha finished her food, Trisha looked to her once more and pulled the table in the booth a little closer to make room , “Here yah go”. Samantha was puzzled “for what”, Trisha rolled her eyes “So you can feed her silly”. Samantha was surprised “don’t I need to go to the restroom or something for that?” Trisha smiled and pointed over to the booth with the young baby. Samantha looked to see the other mom nursing with no drama or fear, “Sweetie this town is all about it , you don’t have to be afraid here nor should you really anywhere” Samantha didn’t know what to say she hadn’t really thought about this before.

Jessica had been distracted from the conversation by new customers entering the diner. Entering was a tall man with glasses and a full head of brown hair going grey, and he was carrying a diaper bag. Following next was his wife with a big baby like her on her hip! She was blond with pigtails and sucking on a pacifier with a pink leash clipped to her pink and white striped baby doll dress. Holding her on her hip the girl came almost level with her moms head!. This told Jessica the girl was bigger than her! She couldn’t imagine years of this! But it was becoming obvious that it may be this way for a long time and this renewed her sobs. Jessica next felt the hands of her mom slid under her arm pits and lift her up and out of the high chair as the other girls mom sat her down. It wasn’t until Jessica was clear of the chair when she felt the sag of it that she remembered she had wet in her diaper. Sobbing Jessica found herself in her mothers lap and being held once more. Jessica sobbed against her mothers shirt, “What’s the matter baby?” her mom asked softly close to her. Jessica was just mad at everything now and told her mother, “All of it, that other girl is older than me and I am going to have to be a baby that long?” she said and asked all at once. “That is not for momma’s baby girl to wonder, momma take care of you” her mom said still rubbing her back and comforting her. All of this was comforting to Jessica but she still felt more like a teenager even if she was being made to act like a baby. She liked that her mom was acting like a mom, she liked that she didn’t have to worry about wetting the bed, and while she desperately wanted a cheeseburger she like the taste of her moms milk. But she still wanted her freedom, and to sit on a toilet, and to talk to her friends. Jessica was really torn by all of this, and really was thinking about it when her stomach rumbled. Her mom smiled a sweet smile and gently touched the tip of her nose with her finger, “I think someone needs her nummies, doesn’t she?” she said still happy. It was the first time Jessica saw how genuinely happy it made her mom, and Jessica realized that she was the reason for it. Jessica’s mom sat up a little from the snuggle, and Jessica followed her mothers finger tips with her eyes as she slid them down to the bottom of her shirt and scrunched it up and over the top of her bra covered breast. This bra was different from the last, it was a silky brown with lace just around the hook that held it closed. Jessica was a little shocked with herself she was paying attention to details and enjoying the experience. Her mom fiddled with the latch above her breast and undid it then removed the nursing pad, Jessica felt butterflies as she noticed her mouth was watering looking at her mothers nipple. As her mom tugged at the red nipple and areola she aimed a spray of milk into Jessica’s waiting mouth. When Jessica finally latched onto her mothers nipple she was starving and wanted all of the milk!

Samantha was blushing a little as Jessica latched onto her. “Don’t worry trust me, soon you will be more worried about what’s on TV” said Trisha seeing the red in her friends cheeks and pointing at the TV hanging over the counter of the diner. Samantha couldn’t explain the mixture of joy and love she felt when she looked down at her daughter. Samantha felt the gentle constant rhythmic tug from Jessica’s mouth on her nipple and areola. She loved the feel of the girl’s weight in her arms. She even loved the onesi pulled tight over the diaper, how it bulged, and padded her while she gently patted her rear. Samantha began to calm a little and finished her water and talking to Trisha. Finally she felt Jessica’s lips stop moving on her teat. Samantha set Jessica up into her lap and stowed away her breast as Jessica leaned into her opposite arm for more! Samantha’s nipple was sore in her bra as she undid her opposite breast, she needed to ask for some tips reducing that! She looked one more time as Jessica settled down in front of her breast and she gave her; her nipple, but then she looked over and saw the mom of the young baby heading for the restroom with the diaper bag on her shoulder. Samantha remembered then to check Jessica’s diaper, she knew that having what was boiling down to a newborn again would scatter her brain a little. She slid her finger into the crotch of Jessica’s diaper and found it wet. She wondered just how conscious Jessica was being with wetting. She had encouraged her not to tell her, and then with the tantrum, and the girls embarrassment over going out, she wasn’t surprised Jessica hadn’t. She had thought she would slip and try to tell her she was wet but she had not said anything. Samantha hoped that this was a good sign in moving of Jessica toward babyhood. Samantha decided that once Jessica was finished with her first nursing out of the house she would have her first diaper change to.

Jessica had not entirely forgot her state of embarrassment at her situation. She was however full as she let her moms nipple slip from her mouth. Her full tummy and time snuggling her mom had chased the tears away. But she also knew what was coming next she resolved herself to not cry about her diaper. Jessica simply hoped her mom would spare her the embarrassment of doing it here. Jessica’s mom however dashed that hope big time. What hurt the most was that she had stopped being quite, and was being vocal about Jessica’s diaper issues. “Trisha; Jessica has a wet diaper, but I really got to use the ladies room can you watch her a second while I go” Trisha smiled and said “sure sweetie, here hand me that baby!” Jessica felt her legs swing as her mother laid her in Trisha’s lap. Jessica was very uncomfortable being in Trisha’s arms and Trisha instantly began with the baby treatment trying to get her to smile. Calling her a ‘cutie pie’ and tickling her , and kissing her cheeks etc. Jessica just kept her tongue and sucked her thumb, but Trisha finally found a soft spot and Jessica involuntarily giggled just a little. Trisha’s hands were soft and wrinkled but delicately manicured, and unlike her mom she wore a nice perfume that Jessica liked. Jessica’s mom emerged from the ladies room just as Trisha had begun peek-a-boo session with her. Jessica was trying to not be rude to ‘Auntie’ Trisha, and participated just enough by only rolling her eyes once. Her mom walked up a little more refreshed looking. Trisha stood with Jessica on her hip and Jessica was surprised at how strong the older woman was! As Judy handed her the bill, Jessica’s mom popped in some bills, and handed it back saying “Thank you! So much Judy keep the change, this was great we’ll have to do it again some time” Trisha made a face of mock protest “Hey miss, you did not have to buy my lunch!” she said in protesting thanks. “Oh, it is the least I can do for you, Auntie Trisha” Trisha smiled and picked up the diaper bag, “Well, may I at least relieve you of diaper duty?” Jessica’s mom smiled with glee, “Well that is a big step, Momma can’t change them all huh!” she said with a smile trying to make vinegar into honey. In that moment her mom had spelled it all out, this was about more than just her and her mom. Jessica was going to be treated like this all the way. It wasn’t like Trisha hadn’t been there when her mom did it before but there some how was a big difference between her mom and someone else. Jessica was uneasy as Trisha brought her into the ladies room. It was nice new and clean, but the one thing that Jessica quickly noticed was the fold down changing table hanging on the wall, it had a picture of a cartoon baby in a diaper on it. Trisha lowered the shelf and laid Jessica onto the table, Jessica was afraid about falling. Trisha noticed the fear on Jessica’s face and laid her soft warm grandma hand on Jessica’s tummy and rubbed. “Its ok sweetie Auntie has you safe and sound” She said coming in and blowing a raspberry on her neck Jessica couldn’t help but giggle a little. Trisha’s perfume also lingered as she slid her hand down to the snaps of her onesi. She put her right hand on her tummy and rolled up her onesi with the left, all while humming and looking right at Jessica and smiling. Still using only her left hand Trisha undid the diaper only using her other hand to grab Jessica’s ankles and lift. Jessica only heard the sound of the diaper entering the trash, and the box of wet wipes opening. Trisha only gave the quickest peak to check for diaper rash and grabbed the tube of ointment. Jessica felt butterflies because of it not being her mom and being in public but she did think Trisha made it a lot more pleasant of an experience. Trisha applied the ointment and powdered her still all with one hand warmer and softer than her mothers. As Trisha finished and snapped the crotch of her onesi she looked at Jessica and smiled. “There, little one was that so bad? You were such a good girl, can you do Auntie Trisha one more favor?” she said with a smile. Jessica just shook her head yes, “Can you give Auntie Trisha a kiss?” she asked settling her onto her hip and pointing at her cheek. Jessica felt really weird because she just did it with a smile but then realized just how baby like it was!

Samantha waited nervously by the minivan outside, she knew she had to let other people change her and such but she still felt guilty. She realized she was just being a new momma and how silly it had been to worry as Trisha and Jessica emerged from the diner. Jessica was smiling….a little and that was awesome yet unexpected, and she went into her car seat without a fight. Samantha was riding a high as she pulled back into her driveway. She looked in her rear view and Jessica was asleep Samantha’s heart melted, her thumb was sliding from her lips. She carried her into the house and laid her in the play pen on her tummy. With her diaper booty up in the air Samantha only saw her baby, but she knew that the day would come she would be a woman, but not now. Samantha and Trisha talked while Samantha picked up what was needed from the mornings tantrum. “I know it has only been less than a week but I think we are making progress” Trisha gave her a reassuring smile but continued to give her advice, “I think that soon you are going to have to have a heart to heart talk with her. I would only hold off until you see real dependency, like not even walking anywhere without being carried, I had the best luck with my girls when they stopped walking anywhere even during a tantrum. Given the rate you two are moving at that could be between four and five months away.” Samantha and Trisha had talked about when to open up about themselves to their daughters. Samantha gave Trisha a emotional look, “When I explain why this is so important to me do you really think Jessica will begin to accept being a full baby?” Trisha didn’t want to get her hopes to high or impractical, “I think you and Jessica have a shot at full regression but it is not really necessary for success. Only Rebecca fully regressed to babbling, and not even standing. Kelsey got down to about a one year old, standing and saying the occasional half word but not quite walking.” Samantha looked at Jessica and realized that she did indeed still have some ways to go. She realized that Jessica was essentially in a state of shock and just tolerating things. Trisha saw a little doubt and decided to answer Samantha’s first question. “Yes, sweetie I think that once you two are in a place where she outwardly wants to please you she will move deeper into regression, if she believes in her heart that giving you that second chance is a sign of her love she will finally sacrifice her life to you and be a fully dependant baby” Samantha felt better and gained a little more courage, “when did Kelsey and Rebecca go over, ya know not even knowing they were pooping their diapers, and not trying to walk?” Trisha raised her head in thought, “oh each about a year in, as far as the pooping went, but the walking was different, Rebecca would just drop a load while walking but Kelsey was well after she stopped walking. Kelsey at 12 and Rebecca was 13” Samantha was surprised at Trisha talking about her girls this way, but then she realized that it was just mom talk. While she didn’t know if Trisha’s two daughters would be embarrassed or not she realized that to Trisha they were her babies. Samantha tried to imagine herself in ten years giving another mom advice about bowel movements. While the subject seemed silly Samantha became sad, she had never had to deal with these things, never got to be a mom.

Jessica was having a nightmare, it was the one where her dad dies. She knew that it was just a dream but her body wouldn’t stop. This time was some how different and her mom died to! It all was just to much, and she finally woke up from her nap. She didn’t sit up and scream, but she was more scared than she had been in a long time. She was also disturbed as she sat up she noticed the squish she had been feeling in the wet diaper. Normally when she slept at night there was a dream associated with the bathroom or at least a sensation, but she hadn’t felt anything. Also; she had never wet while dozing off like this during the day before. This was a really long nap however, she knew because she looked at the clock in the minivan and the clock just now, and she had been asleep for an hour and a half. Jessica decided to sit up and yell for her mom, but she hesitated. All of this disturbed her, because she doubted that the girl in the diner still even looked at clocks or thought about the length of her naps. Jessica worried about turning that way and she now suspected that her mom wanted just that for her. She loved her a lot but she didn’t want to stop thinking and give her mom that much! She was starting to feel soft for all of this, her mom was doing everything for her and being taken care of she thought was like an addictive drug. She also found her bunny gave it a hug and quickly threw it into the corner of the play pen realizing what she had just done. It was also time for her to poop soon. She had always gone in the late afternoon before dinner and didn’t know why she was feeling the need so early in the day. It was afternoon but an hour or so earlier than she normally felt the need. None of that really mattered, she had to use her diaper and not the toilet. Jessica also feared her diaper not holding both her pee and her poop. Finally she had an idea, she was going to stage a little revolution. She would get her mom to get her out of the play pen and then strike when her mom or Auntie Trisha opened the bathroom door. She may not have many more chances to fight this but if she couldn’t go outside, if she couldn’t eat junk food, the least she could do is try for the toilet. Jessica was back at fighting levels, she had been going along out of fear. But Jessica was done talking from now on she was just going to take advantage when ever possible. She held her breath, built up her courage and called for her mom, “Mommy! Mommy!” she knew her mom was just over in the kitchen, she wasn’t scared this time. Her mom came in a minute later, cheery and smiling happy to see her baby. “Mo…Mommy I thirsy” She said going for the baby talk to soften her mom’s guard. “Oh, sweetie you want nummies?” Jessica shook her head no, “Just water and some cartoons?” Samantha smiled “sure sweetie let momma get you a bottle” she said as she picked her up and set her onto the couch forgetting to check her diaper. Jessica kept her thumb in her mouth and her eye on her mom and Trisha waiting for her chance . Shortly after she was sucking happily on the nipple of the bottle, she had her chance. All Jessica heard and saw was “I gotta go” and Trisha’s butt as Trisha walked by. Jessica flung the bottle and scurried behind Trisha.

Samantha listened to the sounds of the Nickelodeon Jr. cartoons , and swore she was getting more baby like. As she tried to drown them out of her brain, she wondered why Jessica hadn’t objected to them so far. Her answer came in the form of a loud commotion and screaming from the bathroom. Trisha walked in carrying a screaming Jessica with a red welt from Trisha’s hand on her leg. “Mommy I think babies, might need to be locked into their bouncy seats for TV time so they don’t wander off” She said as she forced the girl into the angled baby seat. Jessica screamed at her, “MOM!!! Can I Please use the freaking bathroom!” Trisha strapped Jessica’s hands down with an extra set Samantha hadn’t noticed before. Trisha hurried into the nursery and came back with another gift from the shower. It was a special pacifier for teen babies, Trisha opened the package and shoved the large pacifier with a special head strap into Jessica’s mouth. Placing the head strap on Jessica that held the pacifier in the crying girls mouth. Samantha wanted to comfort her baby but Trisha raised a hand waving her off. Seeing her fears Trisha came and hugged her rubbing her back and whispered in her ear, “she tried to get to the bathroom, she needs to learn to use her diaper” she sad explaining the situation. Samantha was worried but understood , “every time I give a little and think she is moving forward, she shows me how far away she is” she said seeking sympathy from the older woman. She got little to none from her as they talked more, frankly Trisha had been there done that. “Its not something that happens just like that sweetie, this is where the work is done, she needs for you to change that diaper, and I know it seems counter intuitive but she needs to sit in it a little before you do” she said imparting wisdom.

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Jessica was shaking with panic, it wasn’t like she hadn’t done it before but she had lost and this poop wasn’t going to be as runny and absorb into the diaper as much. Jessica knew this was going to be different some how, she was beginning to hurt from holding it in. Finally she gave up sucked, on the rubber nipple and pushed out her turd. She felt it smoothly come out and spread her cheeks as it moved. Her poop spread backwards and forwards up her butt crack and privates. The warm smelly paste finally stopped moving but her diaper felt like it was at it’s max! Jessica was so surprised by the sensation she stopped crying momentarily. As she sat there two things occurred to her, one, her mom knew she was pooping but did nothing to come and change her, two, she had not had to imagine she was on the toilet. Both accounts scared her, she realized her mom was just wanting to ‘discover’ her poopy diaper, but she had found soiling her diaper a little easier this time and she guessed that scared her more. It wasn’t like her mom and Trisha weren’t looking right at her casually from time. Jessica knew they were doing the whole ‘keeping an eye on the baby thing’ while they talked. Sometimes all of this was to much, it wasn’t just that she was sitting in her own shit, it was them acting like it was normal. She knew from previous experience that her crying had done no good, and she hated this dam pacifier! So Jessica tried to find a happy place and work it off of her head without her mom or Trisha noticing. By the second rerun of the Teletubbies she was seriously itchy from the poop, and she got the pacifier out. Jessica wanted out of the diaper! So badly she almost screamed at her mom again, but she caught herself. Jessica had to think of the way a baby would get its diaper changed, it would yell! Then she realized that her mom and Auntie Trisha just wanted her to be a baby and that maybe if she didn’t use words that might work. Jessica realized she was going to have to cry like a baby cried and try to sound like a real baby. Her poop was starting to get cold and firm up in her diaper and she did feel like crying. As she started to cry given her situation she tried to form it into a newborn’s wail, so was this really crying? She was making tears but knew she was just faking, some how she was making it work. So what was her moms big response you might ask, to just drag the bouncy chair by the table and start making her rock gently with her foot! Finally the odor made it’s way up to the height of the table, and the adults could not deny she had pooped. Her mom finally picked her up from the chair, " oh, I think someone has a stinky dipey Auntie Trisha!" She said it with a smile as she held her butt up for inspection, Jessica felt the leg hole of her diaper being stretched up and back, she also felt Trisha’s fingers sliding between her butt cheek and top of her diaper. Trisha pulled it open and looked in, “Oooh ya momma someone has a stinky diaper” Trisha said as she took her away from her mother setting her butt on her hip and held her up by her gut with her arm so she faced out. “Don’t worry mommy I got this one too” Trisha rang out as she hauled her back to her changing table.

Samantha Followed them back into the nursery, “I think some one is going to need a bath and some jammies Auntie, so you take care of little miss stinky butt and I’ll pick out her nighty night clothes” Samantha looked through Jessica’s night gowns and found the cutest little nighty that would barley even cover her diaper. She also picked out some cute little lacy booties, and grabbed her bunny. She was surprised as she returned to the changing table, Trisha was cleaning Jessica’s butt with no revulsion. Samantha had to admit that she would have had a little trouble with that much poop everywhere. Trisha was a pro she dug right into Jessica’s vagina and got all of the poop out. Samantha didn’t have much experience cleaning out the diaper of bigger girls, but Samantha guessed at some point she would have to. She knew that these first weeks were for that, but she had to admit that it was still going slow for her. It was a pretty odd thing treating a teenage girl like a baby hoping she would take to it. She knew that it had to be traumatizing and embarrassing to Jessica, but she had never seen a level of dependence and intimacy from her before so something had to be working. Once Jessica was wiped up Samantha lifted her baby up and onto her hip. Samantha was glad to see her sucking her thumb, she knew that somehow before all of this started the girl that didn’t want to be seen as a baby was ok with sucking her thumb. It was a much easier and nicer bath time than the last. Jessica was much more cooperative for the most part, she clearly didn’t enjoy the bath in the same manner a real baby would have. But her mood started to improve and she got some smiles from her putting her diaper on her.

Jessica felt foolish in what she was wearing, she hadn’t even bothered to look at it until her mom picked her up off of the changing table. She noticed the lacy hem not even covering her diaper, Auntie Trisha leaned in and kissed her good nigh as she left. Jessica wasn’t tired but her mom was already getting into baby bed time mode. She was surprised when her mom carried her to her highchair. Latching her in her mom placed a bland oval shaped cookie down in front of her along with some plastic baby keys. “What’s this?” she said instinctively holding it up, to her mom. Her mom looked at her with hands on her hips, “I am sorry baby, momma doesn’t understand icky big girl talk from her baby anymore” Jessica was embarrassed and done with the stupid baby talk! She picked up the keys keeping her eyes locked to her mom and tossed them off onto the floor. “Ok” her mom said smiling as she picked up the cookie and keys off of the floor, “I thought you might want a snack and to entertain yourself while I got dinner ready” she said as she held up the jar of pureed meat. Jessica looked at her mom “I am not that hungry, gross! Mom! Can we just watch some TV and then some nummies!” Jessica looked at her mom and saw her smile a little “Ok, but just let me get some water” she said as she undid the latch on the highchair and lifted her out. Jessica knew nummies was important enough to her mom she could get out of liquefied meat, and that was fine by her. She didn’t like being a baby but at least her moms milk tasted good. They turned on a heart warming tale of a puppy lost and about halfway through Jessica was feeling sleepy.

Samantha decided that as she began unbutton her blouse she needed Jessica to spend time with some of the other girls. As she felt Jessica’s mouth begin to pull at her nipple and take her milk, and as the girl began to drift off to sleep Samantha decided it was time to visit the club for tea. Gabbing with Trisha was one thing but she needed more. She was worried about Jessica slowing other girls progress and vice versa. Jessica had just fought her on using baby talk, and had flipped this morning about going out but Samantha was a people person. She thought a pacifier was going to be in order. Also with a strict rule that if it left her mouth the big one with the head band would go on. Samantha decided that she needed to be balancing discipline with function a little more, especially the more they went out of the house.


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The next morning Jessica didn’t even bother debating it at all, she yelled at top of her lungs as soon as she woke. The twelve year old girl laid back so her diaper didn’t squish so much, and realized she was aiding her moms plan. She didn’t know what else to do; she didn’t want to go along but everything was just easier in her life if she did. Her mom changed her diaper and dressed her in a simple white onesi, and smiled then did some thing odd. Instead of putting Jessica on her hip her mom cradled her. “I think this is going to be my last chance to carry and feed you, your getting So! Big” she said leaning in with a smile and nose tickle. Jessica though she already was to big but she guessed it was her mom’s prerogative. Her mom cradled her in her right arm and lifted her shirt reveling a braless breast. Jessica took her moms nipple and began sucking as she was carried, by her mom outside into the back yard. This was enough for Jessica to stop a second and let go of the breast, and look around. They had a pool it was still to cold to swim, and only just finding out now made her mad! If her mom didn’t carry her everywhere and wasn’t only making this the first foray into the back yard she might have known. Jessica rolled her eyes and gave an angry “aguh!” and returned to the nipple hungry for her breakfast. Her mom sat down outside to enjoy the morning and her tea while her tween daughter suckled at her breast. Jessica’s mom switched her to the other breast and then after awhile stood and carried Jessica inside. Her mom switched her to her hip when Jessica finally was full and let her mothers slobbery wet nipple slide from her lips. Her mom didn’t stop she simply grabbed the angled bouncy chair and went into the restroom. Jessica could sense new territory unfolding and was a little scared. She laid Jessica down in the chair and strapped her in she pulled something off of the counter Jessica hadn’t noticed before. It was a toy bar of cute baby bobbles that hung in front of her when her mom clipped it on. Next, the single most awkward thing that had happened in all of her remembered life happened next.

It was super hard for Samantha to do it, but she knew she had to treat her daughter just like a new born and the clock hadn’t even started on her starting to grow up again yet. So this was going to have to be a thing from time to time. She was going to have to get ready in front of her. She came to a harsh realization that a new mother wouldn’t let her new baby out of her sight for the amount of time it would take for her to get ready. The girls at the café had said it would happen but she had tried to not let it, and now here she was stuck. Samantha had fallen asleep last night with plans and not gone through her routine like normal before Jessica woke up. She wanted to have lunch with the ladies of the “Club” today so that meant a shower and pooping and peeing and doing her hair etc….etc…. This was not a job for the baby monitor alone unfortunately. There was no getting around it her “new born” was going to have to see her mom on the toilet! Samantha continued to go about her baby talk and smiles as Jessica’s eyes began to open wide in shock. She knew her blush was obvious to Jessica as she finished tossing her sweat pants into the hamper. Samantha lifted the lid to the toilet and tried to sit down and engage Jessica as if she were sitting in a chair. She reached over and tried to tickle her chin and her tummy. The instant she had sat down Jessica’s thumb had found her mouth, making Samantha try to avoid blushing even more. Samantha got through her urination while maintaining the baby talk and smile. But her body forced her to confront the situation as her feces moved towards her anus. “Um… get use to this, you are going to have to smell my poop from time to time to. You are just to little to be left alone baby you ARE a new born and I have to act that way, but I promise to keep it to a minimum Jessica” her baby stayed in her state of shock, eyes wide, thumb in mouth. Finally as she tried to matter of factly wipe herself, Jessica spoke. “Mom, WOW, I am never going to doubt how into this, or crazy you are now. But I guess I will learn to play with the baby toys” She said smacking the hanging teddy bear a little.

Jessica was in a weird place now, she was pretending to be a baby through a mixture of force by her mother and her own comforts. But it all started to crystallize when she realized that in spite of her initial revulsion to her mom getting ready, she had focused on the beauty of her mother. The things that made her mom a woman and Jessica feel like a baby were on display. Jessica had noted that her mom had hair on her privates! She had only been starting to get a little before all of this, and now it was gone! Second her breasts were huge and beautiful and hung like soft ripe fruit! The disparity between her own chest and her mom’s was so intense and clear she felt more infantile than she had ever before. She had looked at her moms boobs and not been jealous but though of lunch. Her mom dropping the baby talk had been refreshing but scary, and now she continued though in a lighter tone heading back into baby talk. “Today we are going to visits some other babies and their mommies!” she said with a sweet smile, leaving the shower door open so she could ‘keep an eye on her baby’ while she washed and shaved. “So… because baby Jessica is such a new baby that sometimes talks like an icky gross big girl she is going to have to keep her binky in her mouth the whole time today. If momma’s angel fails to be a good girl she is going to get spankings from a mommy or a big girl babysitter. Then she is going to have to wear the pacifier she doesn’t like and stay in her chair.” Her mom said clearly yet sweetly laying down the rules. Jessica’s heart was beating a million miles a minute it was a mixture of embarrassment at her predicament, excitement at meeting other girls, and fear at getting a spanking. She didn’t think she would be able to make it not talking! Maybe if she could do a little baby talk and suck on the binky she might make it through. She had sucked on binkies for "fashion’ as a wannabe Goth girl. She liked ones with the nipple like her bottles, they were the most like her moms nipples.

Samantha was surprised she tried to recall when she had been on baby duty and done the same twelve years ago, and aside from the initial drama Jessica acted the same. Jessica had played with the toys and smiled when she smiled at her. She had seemed so newborn like and wondered where it had come from if she could bottle it her problems would end. She guessed it was her natural withdrawal, before Jessica wasn’t talking much to her, and that had hurt her a lot. She had just felt for the longest time that she needed to know how her daughter felt etc…etc… but now it didn’t matter. She wanted and needed her daughter to not talk to her, and the less she talked and just spaced out the better. It seemed counter-intuitive, but she needed her raw and dependent to grow her back up. Jessica’s withdrawal and lack of speaking actually seemed to be helping. Samantha decided that if today didn’t work the next step was a spanking for each time she failed to use baby speak. But for now she would see how the day went, and if her little miss could keep the pacifier in. Samantha finished getting ready and next started on Jessica she changed her diaper and found it wet. Next she found the cutest little dress for her, nothing to fancy mind you but more than day to day and some cute little shoes. She was in mommy heaven dressing her baby up, but she knew that it was making Jessica withdraw and felt bad in spite of her belief it helped. She wanted that, but there was a limit and the frilly dress with bunnies had to be her limit. Finally she selected the pacifier, holding Jessica on her hip she placed it in her mouth. Jessica took it out and Samantha wondered if she was going to fight it right away. She was however shocked when Jessica asked for the other nipple style. “Mom I need the other, the one more like a real nipple” she said handing it back to her mom. Samantha was a little shocked but caught herself and had to reinforce the baby talk. She put down the wrong one and picked up the natural nipple one. Before putting it in her mouth she stopped, “is this the right one BABY?” she asked making Jessica understand she wanted a babyish answer. After another eye roll and huff followed by a slight blush, Jessica appeased her “dat un mommy” shaking her head in the affirmative and pointing at the one in her mothers hand.

Jessica was scared, her mom had said that her diaper was wet when she changed her. The big problem was that she hadn’t remembered going pee. All of the drama with the pacifier was nothing compared to the fact that she didn’t know about the pee. But she sure as heck wasn’t telling her mom and didn’t know what to think. She was becoming the baby her mom wanted and it was getting harder and harder for her to fight back. The next thing she knew she was sucking on the binki, wearing the dumb dress and her mom was grabbing the diaper bag. The fact that her mom had taken her out before did nothing to slow her heart beat. Once she was strapped into her car seat there was no turning back, not that she had a choice. Jessica closed her eyes when the minivan stopped and didn’t open them until she felt some one tickling her non-stop. She had felt her self passed off from person to person hearing them talk about her no different than if she were a baby. Finally she heard a familiar voice, “Ahh…goochie, goochie, goo I got you silly girl” and she felt her self placed down onto the soft mat of a play pen. Jessica opened her eyes to see the red headed girl standing over her. Jessica saw the big girl talking to her mom, by big; Jessica thought huge! She had gotten use to people being bigger than her but being treated like a baby it seemed made her perception even more off kilter somehow. The girl was the same size as her mom and her mom moved her around just like a little baby. The big shock was in the play pen with her were two other girls! Both had pacifiers in their mouths and were playing with plastic baby toys. The one girl was drooling and not swallowing the excess saliva produced by the binki. The drooling girl had red hair in pigtails and wore a yellow onesi with a little baby turtle and flower on it. Jessica guessed she was the same age as her or a little older . The other girl had black curly hair and little pink bows, and was in a dress a little like hers but with a pink ribbon belt and white tights, and was about ten. She shared a look with the brunette girl a little and blushed. No sooner than her mom and the babysitter girl finished their gabbing that her mom left and she was left alone. The girl with the drool smiled a little behind her binki and pooped her diaper. There was no misunderstanding the fart and expansion of her diaper followed by the odor. Jessica expected the girl to cry or be embarrassed but she just smiled and kept playing. The other girl gave her a look, Jessica had been hoping to talk to other girls like herself. She didn’t understand what her moms problem was but she didn’t want to risk a spanking yet. She and the other girl continued to play with the baby toys and glance at Barney on TV. She didn’t know quite how much the other girl was ‘faking’ playing with the baby toys, she distracted herself with them but was she enjoying it? She knew for sure one thing that her and the younger girl had in common, both had lost total bladder control. She noticed that when the brunette girl crawled over to a toy her diaper swelled and the girl didn’t even flinch. Jessica soon herself felt only some slight pressure in her bladder before later finding herself wet. So here she was alone with a big mean girl in charge, the other girls were scaring her with their babyhood, and she was wet. She cried, cried like a baby and not with too much effort she was afraid. The big mean babysitter girl grabbed her and tried to calm her rocking her and patting her butt. Jessica continued to cry and the babysitter was starting to get rushed, when all of a sudden the much bigger teen stopped. “Oh, duh, lets check” and then next thing Jessica knew the girls finger was sliding along her labia in her diaper. “Ya lets get you changed sweetie” said the girl carrying her over to the daycare’s changing table. All of the shock of having yet another stranger change her diaper, slowed Jessica’s tears. The girl was good but not as gentle as she had felt with Auntie Trisha. Jessica dint care if she got a spanking she took out her binki and sucked her thumb instead, trying not to look at the girl. The girl had just finished putting some diaper cream along her butt crack when her phone rang. The big red headed girl finished Jessica’s diaper quickly and set her still pouting in the play pen; and picked it up.

Samantha was concerned to see the girl poke her head into the tea room, and gesture to her. Samantha headed to the back too see what was up slightly afraid Jessica was already melting down. The girl Jackie was carrying a worried look, “Ms. Richards, I am so sorry but my mom called and I got in to the school I wanted!, and I need to get some paperwork in today! I need to leave can you handle the day care for about an hour?” Samantha simply said yes, it was when Jackie was closing the door behind her that she though about the fact that they were teenage girls. There were two girls in the toddler room and three new babies including Jessica. The toddler girls were napping and looked cute with thumbs in mouth and their baby blankets and Pull-ups. She checked the play pen and found Jessica pouting and reaching for her, but she knew from Jackie that Jessica was in a fresh diaper but… she smelt something. She checked Jessica just to be sure pulling up her dress then diaper out. She moved to the next girl she knew she was one of the twins but forgot which one. She expected a lot of tension with the girl but it seemed she was more on the baby side now and expected the check, she found her wet. But still no poop, so only one candidate was left she hadn’t met Chrissy Chase when she visited the first time. It was apparent some one had just accepted her babyhood. It was strange but even dealing with someone not her baby she felt inclined to treat her like a baby. She cooed and tickled her and she was very cute, she was a little heavier than Jessica but not much and it seemed was sprouting some small breasts. It was obvious from the extent of the diaper Samantha was going to have to remove her onesi. She looked around for a diaper bag and found it she was tempted to ask her mom just in the next room but decided not to bother her. She carried the stinky teen baby girl over to the changing table, and laid her down, next she unsnapped the dirty onesi and rolled it up off of the girl. Chrissy was a sweet baby, Samantha was jealous of her mom. Samantha wanted Jessica to go full baby now more than ever, she was sure she would be the cutest. Chrissy sucked her pacifier drooled and giggled when she tickled her happy to have her diaper changed. While Chrissy’s babyhood made interacting with her less awkward seeing her more mature body made the changing process a little more strange than Samantha had anticipated. Trisha had explained to her that all of these girls would naturally have started puberty late and that their first menstruation and body hair would be delayed. But once every six months the doctor sedated the girls a little so the moms could wax them clean if they needed it. If a girl did begin to menstruate before getting out of diapers they tried to keep it drama out of it, they simply gave her a birth control shot that limited her cycles to once a year. It appeared that young Chrissy was going to need her waxing soon, she though as she wiped her butt. She wasn’t to worried but she decided if she was going to ask some one for tips it would be Chrissy’s mom. She playfully flicked some of the baby powder off of the soft bright red public hair and lifted the front of the diaper over her crotch and taped it in place. She picked her up and set her on her hip and carried her back to the play pen. It seemed warm enough so she let her just be in her diaper, while she grabbed the twin she suspected was Lana. While she set Lana down she was confronted with the tights, but they were not much of an obstacle and became a handy advantage as she bunched them up at the crotch to become a handle as she lifted and opened her legs. Lana even after seeing her babied before was somehow still a little awkward because she was still less baby like and wanting to be a big girl still compared to Chrissy. Samantha guessed that accepting babyhood was definitely not just for the girls being turned back into babies but their moms too. She found it odd that she was straddling a line between seeing them exactly like babies, and the teens and tweens they were. But she hoped that it was the thing that would make them mature well mannered successful women verses criminals, druggies or what ever else.

Jessica noticed that her mom was having some of those awkward feelings that went along all with this. She was glad her mom would have go through some of those same feelings she felt each time she wet her diaper. Now she was hungry and wanted her moms attention, but she had been pretty clear she had to keep her binki in and not do big girl talk. She did not want a spanking so she decided technicalities were in order. Jessica could almost feel how devilish her grin was as she picked up the fist toy. She threw it and watched in glee as it exploded apart behind her mom scaring her. “Jessica Lynn Richards! No!” Her mom yelled and reached down grabbed her arm and smacked her hand hard. Jessica was shocked and didn’t expect her mom to move that quickly to smacking her, but she found herself in same position of expressing the emotional reaction she wanted on purpose. She needed attention from her mom and she couldn’t speak to her mom so crying it was. “WAAAAA!WAAAAA!WAAA!” Her wail scared Lana, and Chrissy. Jessica was surprised and pleased when they joined in. What was crazy to her was the blurred line between doing this on purpose and really feeling the need to cry was a feature not unique to her. It seemed to be the way to communicate when they couldn’t talk. Jessica looked up at her mom with puppy dog eyes, reached up wanting like a baby wanting up all while pouting. Jessica was proven right in her theory that she could get her moms love and attention. While a real baby would have know by instinct for Jessica it was a revelation in manipulation. Her mother reached in to the pen and lifted her crying baby and Jessica didn’t mind being her baby in that moment. But her mom had to deal with three crying girls and Jessica soon found herself staring across her mom at the still nude and in a diaper crying Chrissy. Jessica’s mom did her best to rock both of the crying girls hushing them gently and singing.

Samantha felt something pulling on her waist band and looked down to see one of the toddlers tugging at her, “I pee peed me pull up”. Samantha’s heart melted she looked so cute holding her teddy bear and standing there in just her pink shirt and pull up, even if the ‘toddler’ came up past her waist. Mercifully Cindy stuck her head in to check up on Lana, and found a frazzled Samantha. Cindy tilted her head in sympathy “Oh, honey why didn’t you ask for help?” she asked caring. “I didn’t want you guys to be put out and I though I could handle it” Cindy smiled a reassuring smile, 'Well, Laura needs to eat and we gotta go pick up her sister from doctor Owens’s office" Samantha was concerned for her and had guessed the name wrong “Oh, is she ok?” She asked. Cindy smiled “Yes, she’s fine, just strangely getting a little pubescent early unlike her sister here” she said bouncing Laura a little. " She is starting to get her first hair so, poor girl needed a little of what we moms around here call the ‘Spa’, both of his nurses are top notch gals. " Samantha was glad to hear she was ok, “Um, I know that you said you could help?” she said with sly smile looking down at the ‘toddler’ who she guessed to be about sixteen holding onto her leg. Samantha was amazed as Cindy the smallest of the moms picked up the girl and placed her on her hip and carried her over the little squat training potties. Cindy pulled down the girls pull-ups and had her squat down on the potty. Once the girl was done Cindy wiped her up a and handed her a fresh pull up. Samantha decided she was going to have to occasionally help with that as well, Cindy didn’t seem to have any problem with doing so. Soon everything was subsided with all of the moms deciding to do a circle on the rug and do some play time. Samantha sat with Jessica in front of her and hugged her from behind as they played baby games and sang songs. Finally one by one each girl including the ‘toddlers’ took to the breast.

Jessica felt weird when it was ‘lunch time’ everyone stared at her and her mom because they were new. Well everyone that wasn’t in full baby mode that hadn’t shutdown their brain to that of a new born. Jessica was not to concerned as she had fed from her mom at the diner, but this felt a little forced and she blushed along with her mom seeing her start to unbutton her blouse. The milk soothed her tummy and worries as she became sleepy in her mom’s arms. Jessica felt herself being carried as she fell asleep.

Samantha tucked her breast back into her bra once Jessica had let go of her nipple. Usually she continued to drink after falling asleep but Samantha had to go and hoped to keep Jessica asleep at the same time. She was able to see Chrissy pulling milk from her mom’s plump white and pink swollen teat and see they were both happy. Chrissy’s mom Jenna was a large yet beautiful ginger of a woman with the largest breasts of any of the moms in the group. Samantha was fascinated to see Chrissy take all of her mom’s large areola in her mouth as she continued to drink from her mother. Samantha caught her eye and both women smiled at each other knowing the joy they felt. Samantha made her good byes and loaded Jessica into her car seat sleeping like a baby. She had been well supplied by the ladies in the ‘Club’ but she needed her own food and checking the baby isle sounded fun. Samantha had though she had seen all of the surprises the town had to offer until she saw the carts at the grocery store. There were normal carts, carts with normal baby seats, and larger baby seats set on front for teen babies. She was happy to not have to stuff Jessica down in the bare seat and have to sit her up because she was still asleep. Jessica’s legs dangled off of the edge of the built in plastic padded baby seat. Samantha was glad she was sleeping because it was out of place and she was adorable. Being out of place Samantha hoped that it was more of the baby coming out. The simple fact of the matter was that the more she became infantile the more it was going to work, but she new that was only a short time before the work of growing her back up started. Once her food shopping was done she glided over to the baby section. She saw the real new born size diapers and was surprised that they weren’t much smaller than Jessica’s . The girls in town that needed to be babies again were very small for their ages, originally she had thought that there would be medical grade diapers needed. But she had been surprised that they weren’t even offered nor really needed due to the unique situation most all of the girls fit into large baby diapers. That thankfully made the baby process easier, with princesses and bunnies…etc…etc…on the diaper.

Jessica woke up feeling a little weird, and was moving, then stopping somehow… then she realized she was in a cart looking up at a strange old woman. She looked down at Jessica and smiled reached under chin and said “cooochie coohie goo” This was to much and she started crying, and as she readied to yell at the woman to fuck off her mom shoved the pacifier into her mouth. The next thing she knew she was up and on her moms hip, and getting bounced to sooth her. 'Ahhhh…ohh sorry sweetie I didn’t mean to scare you" she said no different than if she had been a real baby. Jessica buried her head into her moms shoulder, and waited for them to finish their conversation. As she held on to her moms shirt Jessica noticed something, her diaper got heavier, it was aside from being asleep the first time where she had never even felt any pressure in her bladder. She had been at least feeling it before it came, now just a heavier diaper. She didn’t want to talk to her mom she hadn’t spoken a word all day so why now. Also she wasn’t sure what was going to get her spanked or not anymore. Once the woman left, her mother ran her hand trough Jessica’s hair and kissed her forehead, “Someone was almost a naughty baby there weren’t they, but that’s ok mom knows you just woke up sweetie.” She said kissing her once more before putting her back into the seat. Jessica looked around to make sure no one was in the isle. She quickly removed the pacifier, scared. “Mommy!” she whispered with fear in her voice and tears in her eyes. “I peed in my diaper awake and didn’t even know!” she whispered pleadingly. Her mom was about to get on her when she saw the fear in her eyes. Her mom stopped the cart and looked in to her eyes with sympathy, then once more stroked her hair. “Honey, Baby, Jess, that HAS to happen Sweetheart. No more fighting it, OK” she said shaking her head with sympathy. Jessica sat back in the seat scared with her heart beating a million miles a minute. She was going to be like that redheaded girl, a big but real baby; and there was nothing she could do about it. In went the thumb as she handed the pacifier to her mom, she needed to think.

Inside Samantha was ecstatic it was a big step, TOTAL bladder loss. The gals in ‘the club’ had been all bragging about it as a big stage. Her daughter had just pulled into first place.

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Lovely chapter

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Yay!! A new one! I was wondering where you were, keep it up! I love it :slight_smile: but maybe try and edit the post title to state you updated? Also, it’d be cool if the story had a bit more diversity, like daddies and baby boys.

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:smiley: Thanks ! Guys! Yes more is coming, there are no baby boys in this fantasy world but some daddies are going to be coming around. Also Thinking about some outsiders creating a little drama we will see ;D

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Any news about an update?

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I agree, any chance of getting more of this? That would be rather swell.

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:smiley: Hi, guys the next chapter is on the way! Just figuring out a side story I might add ;D!

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If u u need an idea for an outsider use child protective services as in the governments eyes atleast in Canada it is thought of as child abuse. I know I was removed from my family for something along the same lines

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Hi, everybody had trouble deciding how I wanted to expand the story.

Jessica had been devastated by , and at the same instant bonded to her mom. She needed her more than ever, who else was going to change her diaper? Her mom had been so honest and loving but she needed to fight against just being a baby. She was a big girl not a baby, or was she? She hadn’t walked five feet in the last week, her mom had carried her everywhere, and she wore diapers. Her last tantrum was not something she wanted to repeat and it seemed pointless, but at least she had used her legs. All of this being carried around was draining on her. It was like sleeping in bed all day, and never getting out of bed, just standing in the play pen had been harder than she expected. Her dependency aside she wanted more of it she liked attention from her mommy. Mommy? Well so long as she didn’t say it to much, she wouldn’t be acting babyish she guessed. Pulling up back home Jessica realized something strange she needed to poop really bad, but she was only now instinctively wanting run to the bathroom. Had she sub consciously known she was going to have to use her diaper anyway? She felt the harness press against her chest as she had tried to climb out of her seat. But now she was back in the conscious state of mind that told her, she would be using the diaper. It was when this happened that she would be the angriest at her mom, Jessica didn’t like the helplessness of it. Plus she had entered into a strange situation when the only way of ignoring her mom to punish her ; not talking to her except crying , was what her mom wanted of a baby anyway. She needed to start telling her about her dirty diapers again, even if it meant talking to her when she was mad at her. But Jessica never got the chance, as she debated to herself she felt the soft wet feces attempting to force itself out. Her poop had been firm when she ate food. But she only had been taking her moms milk lately and as Jessica decided to let it pass she realized it would be soft and easy. When her mom finally opened the door to the minivan Jessica’s diaper was full and her mom heard the last soft fart emanate from Jessica’s diaper. “Oh, Baby Girl made a poopy Huh!” She said with a big smile and a short quick tickle lifting her from her seat. Jessica’s instinct was to laugh but she stifled it to a giggle and roll of the eyes. Being mad at her mom was hard when she was always there for her, it seemed that she didn’t need to tell her mom her diaper was dirty because she already knew.

Samantha carried Jessica back to the changing table and lifted her dress up. As she opened the diaper she noticed that her poop was now almost exactly as it had been when she was newborn. The doctor told her this would happen, and it was just one more thing she was slightly a head of schedule on. Samantha was guessing that this slightly increased rate of babyhood was due in part to Jessica disliking baby food, which while different from mature food was still not an all milk diet. Being exclusive on breast milk seemed to be helping, Jessica was becoming more and more baby like. In her and Trisha’s initial plan they still wouldn’t be ready to have her on all breast milk let alone directly from the tap, and now she was pretty much was. Samantha realized that an odd combination of luck and Jessica’s stubborn headedness lead to this progress. All of that said though Samantha hoped some part of Jessica was wanting to be a baby again. She decided to do the next level Trisha had explained to her because she didn’t really see any harm in it if Jessica balked. She wanted to see if Jessica would lay still and nap in the bassinet. She knew it was really early in the transition back to a new born but getting her use to it was part of the plan. Samantha lifted off Jessica’s dress and while it took a second for her to see it, she realized that it seemed as if Jessica had lost some of her shame at being nude also. It was subtle but Samantha decided to mark it as progress and not dilly dally. She put the girl into a plain white onesi and undid Jessica’s ponytails and carried her into her dark bedroom. By her bed was the bassinet, the bassinet was the starting point once the girls became totally dependant. Trisha said that most of the girls that recessed back into babyhood did so to the point that they completely stopped walking or pulling up. But often girls just toddle and act baby like. Samantha’s hope was for Jessica to devolve completely to not even sitting up but that was on Jessica in the end. Jessica had acted in a lot of ways like a teen she had wanted to go back to her nap and kept trying to sleep even as Samantha tried to change her. Samantha hoped that would work to her advantage.

Jessica had been embarrassed by pooping her diaper, but she realized that it was instinct. She knew and was happy that her mom had been there for her. She had forgot about it as soon as her legs were in the air and Jessica found herself hardly noticing her mother wiping her as she had used warmed wipes. She was still tired from her nap and it wasn’t as long a one as she had yesterday. Her mom was being sweet and sappy again and Jessica was surprised as they made their way into her moms room. She had never been in here before and wondered why her mom didn’t turn on the light. “Mom, what now? I just want to finish my nap, if you are going to be crazy I get to be lazy” her mom looked at and smiled before she shifted her off of her hip. Laying Jessica across her lap as she sat, she leaned in and kissed Jessica on the forehead, and said “Mommy thought so sweetie, and its nice and dark in here” She said maturely yet in a whisper to Jessica yet she still used that maternal smile reserved for babies, as she softly combed Jessica’s hair with her fingers. Jessica was somehow happy to see her smile that smile. Jessica caught herself smiling as her mom started to finger open the buttons of her blouse. Jessica hung her hand up in her moms opposite bra cup and held on. Her moms areola almost covered the entire front of her breast and delicate blue veins were obscured by soft white stretch marks. She loved it, her one joy had become eating, or in this case drinking her mom’s milk. Jessica felt that wonderful softness as her lips met her moms breast where her areola faded away. Next she took her mom’s nipple with her tongue and tugged as she sucked. Her mom’s milk had already begun flowing as she held Jessica closer. Jessica fell asleep on the softness her mothers breast.

Samantha slowly lowered the twelve year old girl down onto the firm bassinet she took up most of the mattress. She was excited by the idea of just snuggling with Jessica and placing her next to her at night but. She knew that it was going to be a short amount of time that Jessica was a true born like Chrissy was heading towards. As she sat to watch some TV her phone rang and Samantha nearly jumped to her feet. " Hello?" she asked unsure why some one would be calling she just moved here. But Samantha was a big city girl and didn’t know just how many people would be calling to welcome her. “Hi, Samantha ? This is Judy Schultz we met at the café when you first came to town and I wanted to be the first to invite you and Jessica over for dinner now that you and the baby have had some time to bond and settle in” Samantha still found it a little odd to hear Jessica called a baby even thought she treated her like one. Catching this Samantha was nervous about accepting an invite over to someone’s house. “Oh! Judy that’s right you had little Sarah right? How is she doing ?” Sarah was eleven going on twelve and when Samantha first arrived at the café she had just about accepted being a baby. " Well this week was a big one! She stopped standing up on her own at all and she has only nursed for the past three days." she said with glee. “Well I would love to come but I still worry about Jessica causing some drama” Samantha said wanting to go but still not sure. “Oh, sweetie not a big deal at all we know that is still a possibility but the rumor has it that you are taking to it like a champ.” Samantha blushed she was happy to be praised but knew she was still stumbling. “Well I think I am just lucky with Jessica’s chosen methods of defiance. I would love to come over to dinner tonight” Once it was settled Samantha jumped a little with glee, more grown up time!

Jessica woke as her mom lifted her from the bassinet, she could feel her soggy diaper hanging between her legs. Jessica looked down at where she had been sleeping, “Really? Mom that is extra frilly” Her mom replied with a growl and it shocked her, “Baby! Jessica will be a good baby girl and talk baby talk tonight! Or better not at all, Or she will get and extra hard spanking on her tushy!” Jessica was confused her mom had been cool with her talking so long as they were home. Jessica was carried into the nursery across the hallway and laid on the changing table. The smell of baby powder was a strange comfort to her as her mom hurriedly changed her diaper and placed her in a new fresh onesi. Jessica found her now wrinkled and slightly drippy thumb? She was drooling? That was a lot of thumb sucking, Jessica supposed that if she had to act like a baby her comfort and thumb came first, even if it meant drool. Jessica was surprised as she was carried back out the front door. As they later pulled up to a suburban neighborhood Jessica found her heart beating faster again. She had thought she had gotten away without a spanking for the day! Now she knew she was going to face dealing with people seeing her this way again. Jessica buried her head and face behind her mom’s shoulder as they walked up the drive. Her mother rang the bell and to her total horror a teen age boy answered the door. “Hi, you must be Ms. Richards. My mom is in the back changing the baby she’ll be just a minute. Can I get you something to drink? Um… You can put the baby down in the play pen” He said pointing at the soft slatted pen on the floor. Jessica’s mom set her down and Jessica tried to stand up. The restriction of her diaper and onesi, combined with the fact that her mom had only let her use her legs once in a 24 hour period made it hard. That led her to poop her diaper! She had pooped without control she knew it was there but she couldn’t stop it! Jessica knew she wasn’t sick she knew it wasn’t diarrhea, she knew it was just another soft milk turd. The embarrassment of being a baby in front of the boy was bad enough but the noise of the wet turd was to much. Jessica began bawling her eyes out. The teenager looked at Jessica’s mom “Oops she just pooped, ya want me to change her?” He said lifting her up out , butt under his arm. Jessica saw the surprise and hesitation in her mom’s eyes as she began to cry even louder. “Uhm…I am not sure she is ok with that just yet honey” Judy said as she entered and took Jessica from him. Jessica was still crying and reached for her mom as the other woman neared with her. “Oh, she wants her momma! I am sorry Tim really doesn’t understand; he has taken care of both his older sister and now Sarah” The sweet natured and slightly gray haired brunette said as she handed Jessica over to her mom. Judy opened the diaper bag and laid the mat on the floor, “Sarah threw a little tantrum earlier while I was changing her diaper so she is in the nursery pouting still” She said handing Jessica’s mom the wipes once Jessica found herself looking up at the two of them from the mat through her tears of embarrassment. Her mom was engaged in conversation with the other woman and didn’t even look at her as she reached down and undid her onesi. Her mom lifted up her ankles and as Jessica looked up past her short frilly pink baby socks at her mom holding her ankles she never felt more like a baby. Jessica had accepted her current position because her diaper was dirty and while she was still sobbing, more was to come. At the age of twelve she knew the birds and the bees and was terrified of a boy seeing her like this naked and prone. She only knew enough to be scared. The next thing she knew an older bald man was looking down at her upside down smiling. Jessica scrunched up in terror and wailed in fear.

Confusion had ensued as Mr. Schultz arrived home to find a baby having a diaper change in his living room and he scared her. Samantha was shocked a little by Jessica’s terror. She knew that it had to be connected to her own father and the shock of it all, so she carried Jessica into the nursery to finish changing her diaper as she wailed the whole time. This in turn awoke the napping Sarah, soon both moms had their hands full rubbing backs and soothing tears. Eventually they found their way back out to the living room and snuggled on the couch with each mommy offering her breast. Finally the girls were quite as they sucked and soon were put in the play pen as the adults sat down to dinner.

Jessica sat up and looked at the drooling Sarah who was looking at the ceiling smiling. Jessica put her thumb in her mouth and assessed the situation. The dining room was just out of sight she leaned over to Sarah and whispered “hey are you really all baby?” Sarah smiled and drooled “baby” she said in a happy baby talk. Jessica thought so, she was going to be bored as she played with the baby toys. She decided not to try to stand up again so she just sat and listed to the adults talk.

Judy was the one to open the conversation, “So has Jessica had her first check up with Dr. Owen yet?” Samantha had wanted to go slow before calling the doctor, but she had finally broken down and called the doctors office. “Oh, she has an appointment on Tuesday, I am really nervous, I don’t know what he is going to say.” Judy smiled and tried to clam the new moms fears. “It will just be a standard physical, and he will probably explain how the ‘spa’ days work, if you even need one. Jessie my oldest didn’t need one until she was a toddler” Judy said as she passed Samantha some more salad. Samantha was hopping that would be the case. “I saw that little Chrissy, Jenna’s baby is going to need one soon, changing another woman’s kid was a first for me today” Judy smiled a knowing smile “Oh, yeah even growing up here it was a little odd the first time.”

Jessica felt her heart drop the doctor was a man! She didn’t know she was even going to be seen by a doctor till now. She cried at the feeling of hopelessness that came over her looking at Sarah and thinking about her old life. The next thing she knew her mom was lifting her from the play pen, but it wasn’t; it was Tim! She looked to her mom sitting at the table, she made her eyes bigger showing her mom her fear . But her mom just looked at Tim. “Can you check her and see if she is wet, before we go?” she asked. Jessica didn’t even have time to cry before he was pulling out her diaper bag. The next thing she knew she was on the floor looking up at Tim through her legs. Jessica turned her head in shame and began to cry. But a second later she felt her mom’s hand on her cheek wiping her tears and patting her tummy. As Tim wiped her with the baby wipes her mom spoke soothingly to her. “Honey, you need to let other people change your diaper, momma cant always be the one baby girl” she said. Before she knew it she was changed and weeping into her mothers shoulder held and comforted by her once more. Her mom patted her back as her mom thanked Tim, “you did a good job Tim, she was just scared and needs to get use to it more”. As Jessica was strapped into her car seat for the ride home she looked to her mom. “Why did you do that to me?” her mom looked confused. Jessica removed her thumb from her mouth and wiped her lingering tears, “let that boy see me naked!” Her mom’s expression changed, " Oh, sweetie you were embarrassed? That’s silly you are a baby, you are supposed to have your diaper changed when you are wet. You don’t want to ride all the way home in a wet diaper do you? Don’t worry baby girl, all he saw was a baby" she said kissing her on the forehead before she closed the door and opened her the driver seat door. That was the last thing Jessica remembered before falling asleep.

Soon Tuesday came and Samantha was a nervous wreck. She was worried like any mother that something might be wrong with her baby. But some of the taboo about Jessica being twelve years and not twelve months old was still lingering. All of the women in town with teen babies had been born here and knew what to expect. She had gotten up early and while she was feeling some of her worries she noticed that her breasts ached, and as soon as she heard Jessica calling from her crib, her milk let down and began to drip. By the time Jessica was sucking her nipple in for breakfast, Samantha had lost all of her cares and focused down at her daughter the most important thing in her life.

Jessica was rapidly sucking her thumb, and her mom noticed even harder when the nurse called them in with a smile prompting a smile and gently a pat on her diaper. Another nurse was checking out a mom and another baby, (another baby?) but that baby was a real baby! Why did Jessica think that ? Another baby did it mean she considered herself a baby now too? Jessica’s mom and the new mother stopped to exchange courtesies and say how cute each others babies were. The whole exchange took less than a minute but by the end of it Jessica thought she would throw up with embarrassment. She wasn’t a baby ! But mommy was making her be one and now the stupid scary doctor! Jessica just couldn’t help it and began to cry. The nurse showed them into the exam room and Jessica’s mom sat down with Jessica in her lap. “High, I am Sally; Dr. Owens’s nurse , I am just going to get all of baby Jessica’s stats and vitals and then Dr. Owens will be right in” Jessica knew she was talking past her and to her mom, not her; she was a baby after all. She was a happy older lady, Jessica thought she looked like she was a blond MRS. Claus in pink scrubs. “So, mom if you could just strip her down to her diaper for us, we can get started” she said with a smile. Jessica’s mom didn’t even bat an eye, she peeled off Jessica’s socks and her pink baby pants with the elastic waist as she held her up on her lap. Next was the crotch of her onesi, and before she knew it she was in just her diaper. Jessica didn’t try to cover up anymore she was beyond embarrassed, but she sucked on her thumb for all of its worth. Sally smiled her best smile as she got the nod from Jessica’s mom and placed her hands under Jessica’s armpits to lift her onto her hip. “Ok sweetie, we are going to just see how much you weigh!” Sally said with a smile as she laid Jessica on the concave of the baby scale. Sally recorded the weight, and lifted the girl and carried her over to the exam table. “Now is the time to change her if need be momma” Sally said as she laid the girl on the crinkly paper of the soft table. Sally opened Jessica’s diaper and looked “Oh!, all dry! No pee pees!” she said to Jessica who was trying to not pay attention and not feel like a baby. Seeing her mom’s smiling and comforting face look down at her didn’t help, it was the best part of being a baby. Jessica felt her knees move toward her chest as Sally held her by her ankles. Then Jessica felt something slide into her butt! Her mom and Sally both saw the look on Jessica’s face and began to comfort her while they waited on the thermometer. After a minute that felt like an hour Jessica felt the nurse pull it out. “Just fine no fever today! You were such a good girl for that! That’s scary I know” Sally said to the now almost thirteen year old as if she were a new born baby girl.

Samantha was feeling better about the how this was all going Jessica was acting like a baby a tear here and a tear there but alright over all. Doctor Owens entered and presented all the air of exactly what and who he was, a old small town pediatrician. Jessica embarrassed pushed her face into her mom’s chest to hide. Doctor Owens placed a soft and gentle hand on the baby’s shoulder and rubbed her back. “Oh, some little girl is shy, you can just keep holding on there momma”. He said to Samantha as he placed the stethoscope on Jessica’s bare back and moved it with each breath. “Any hair growth since we last spoke?” he asked continuing to listen moving the scope to Jessica’s chest. Samantha shook her head no, “Good, no diaper rash?” he asked pulling out his little flash light to look in the baby’s ears. “A little at first but I have been using the diaper cream you recommended on the phone, and it working great” Samantha said; glad to see that it seemed these were his greatest concerns. “Well if that’s the case, we will follow up next year but you might not even need a spa day here with her until she is almost a toddler”, he said patting a relived Samantha on the shoulder.

Jessica was smelling the sweet air outside the doctors office happy to be done. She was sure her thumb was going to be wrinkly and like a prune from her sucking it all morning. As her mom strapped her in she forced herself to pop it from her mouth and give it a rest. Sure that it was gross she hid it in the armpit of her onesi. She had stopped paying attention to what her mom and the doctor were saying, she wondered if that wasn’t just one more baby thing coming out. She was just beginning to live in her own little world. The bunny was on the seat next to her car seat Jessica looked down at it and felt the need to grab it. Holding on tight she hugged her bunny instead of complaining to her mom again. Talking like a big girl with her mom didn’t get her anywhere and talking like baby made her feel stupid, so bunny hugs it was. By the time her mom pulled up to the ATM at the bank Jessica was feeling her eyelids getting heavy. She felt the sense of movement but only awoke as her mom was lifting her ankles to change her diaper. Jessica was surprised to feel the cool spring air on her butt, she was outside! She looked up at her mom who smiled as she awoke “MOM!” she blurted out in shock. Jessica tried to sit up but was met with a stiff hand on her chest and a baby wipe along her butt crack. In fact Jessica was looking out the back of the mini-vans flat rear floor. “MOM! We are outside, the whole freaking world can see me!” her mom just smiled and adjusted her legs to apply some cream to her butt, "Sweetie its a nice day we are going for a walk, we haven’t tried the park here or this stroller yet " She replied closing up Jessica’s new diaper with a pat.

Samantha was on cloud nine her daughter was normal and healthy, and it seemed that she would fit in the stroller just fine. As she lowered her in to the stroller she wondered if she might not find some one again some day. She was happy just to bond with Jessica now but she was a little lonely being new here.

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