The Camping Trip

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a story so please be kind! I’m open to feedback, please let me know if I don’t post this correctly, thanks!

Prologue: It was completely dark. It must have been 3 or 4 in the morning. The 12 year old girl squirmed in her tent, her bladder pulsating needing relief, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave her tent. Outside she could be attacked by an animal or bit by any number of insects. How do people do this, she wondered. Bringing themselves to feel comfortable enough to relieve themselves in utter darkness without knowing what surrounds them. Not only that, but it’s a potentially messy endeavor. Squatting in the wrong spot you could end up with wet shoes and pants. Not to mention the question of what to with the toilet paper. She was stuck. She hated camping. Growing up in the mountains you’d think she’d enjoy the outdoors more but she found it nothing more than an excuse to be dirty while running the risk of getting hurt. She hated her mom for making her come out here. Minutes passed and her need to go became more and more urgent. After around 30 minutes, the pressure became too much and she succumbed to her body’s natural need to urinate. Peeing all over herself, her sleeping bag and her tent.

Chapter 1:
Growing up, Carly was a shy, nervous girl. Constantly worrying about what people thought about her probably led to the reality that people didn’t think about her at all. A quiet girl in the back of class, she never really was able to make friends or ever feel a sense of belonging. But it wasn’t because she was ugly. She wasn’t hot either though. Standing at around 5’3”, she was short for the average 18 year old, but she had a face most would describe as cute, not hot. She had straight teeth, a smaller nose, and dimples when she smiled. Her hair, which she recently cut to have bangs, made her feel like a Hispanic Zooey Deschanel. Her love of singing and watching indie movies made this comparison even better she thought. Unlike Zooey however, she was a bit on the thicker side. She wouldn’t say she was fat, but despite her small height she definitely wasn’t fitting into anything labeled small. She knew this probably came from her diet consisting of at least one Starbucks Frappuccino a day and junk food paired with her loathing of anything athletic or outdoors. This resulted in her thighs not having any gap, and her lower belly protruding about as far out as her breasts. Luckily for her she was naturally curvy, so while she had a bit of a belly and thicker thighs, her wide-set hips still gave her an hour glass shape.

Carly wasn’t sure where her anxiety and low drive came from. Maybe it was that her father left at a young age, but that felt like a cop out. In her mind, while she didn’t have a father there to support her, at least she didn’t have a father making her life harder. She had heard way too many stories of abusive fathers that simply not having one put her in an above average father situation. Maybe being an only child held her back socially. Although she was close with her cousins, and even closer with her mom as a result. In family situations she wasn’t nearly as shy or as anxious as she was in school, but she was still more reserved. In reality she felt she had no one to blame but herself.

Going into her senior year of high school Carly was at a crossroads. She didn’t have the GPA or SAT to warrant going to college, but didn’t have any idea of a job she’d want to go into either. If she stayed on her current track she’d end up working a dead end job she’d get no joy out of the rest of her life. Knowing this, she entered her summer in a way she hadn’t ever before. She had a goal. One goal. To try new things, pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Some things would be easy, like ordering something other than chicken tenders when going out to eat. Others would be harder, going out of her way to socialize and make friends. With her childhood drawing to a close, it was clear she couldn’t spend her summer binge watching Greys Anatomy and eating Cheetos like she had for the past few. The first test came up just a couple weeks before school had finished as her mom posed a question. Her family would be camping for a week and a half at Yellowstone National Park and her mother asked if she’d like to go with them. Knowing her daughter’s dislike of the outdoors and nature she expected a no from her. But Carly’s desire to push herself to do new things drove her to accept the invitation. The first week of June they’d be making the 7 hour drive up to the campground. 10 days of tent camping, the only running water or electricity coming when they’d drive a half an hour to the shower area every 2 to 3 days. She’d be joined by her mother, grandparents, and her aunt and uncle along with their 2 daughters. It was a trip she wasn’t looking forward to, but she knew she had to do it.


Chapter 2:
3 days before their trip Carly awoke around 2am with the urgent need to pee. As she went to get up and relieve herself she thought back to her last camping trip 6 years before. “Shit”, she thought, “what am I gonna do for the next 10 days when I have to pee?” It was one thing have an accident at 12. She was still a kid, she could chalk it up to just wetting the bed and no one would bat an eye. She attempted just to go back to sleep to see if she would be able to hold it through the night for her trip but she couldn’t sleep having to go this bad. After about 30 minutes of tossing and turning she finally went to the bathroom and peed. This was going to be an issue, she realized. She couldn’t just wait to use the bathroom every 2 to 3 days.

That morning at breakfast she presented her dilemma to her mother. “Hey mom”, she spoke, “I was thinking about the camping trip coming up and I’m really nervous about it. The last time we went camping it was just for one night and I ended up being too nervous to pee outside, held it all day, and I wet the bed. Like I’m still freaked out by bugs and animals and I don’t think I can relax enough to fully squat and go to the bathroom in the middle of the woods. Like I’m trying to try new things but I’m nervous that I can’t do that still. Could we possibly just stay in a hotel?” Her mother, Kathy, sympathized with her daughters worries. She was already proud of her for agreeing to the trip but knew the campgrounds were already reserved. She knew of her daughters anxiety and knew pushing her too far and expecting her to pee, or eventually poop in the woods was going to be extremely hard for her. She did have another idea however. “I’m sorry baby”, she replied, “but the spots are already booked so we can’t change them now. I know it’s gonna be tough to go in the woods for you but you’ll either have to do that or I can think of one other option.” She paused. “If you’re that concerned about going to the bathroom there, to avoid a wet sleeping bag and tent like last time, you can wear diapers if you’d like. This way you could go in the comfort of our tent and I could simply change you when you go. It’s either that or going in the woods like the rest of us.”

Carly couldn’t believe her ears. A diaper??? She was 18 and going into her senior year. 18 year olds don’t wear diapers. But she was stuck. She knew she wouldn’t be able to go in the woods. Maybe maturity isn’t measured by if she has to wear a diaper, but by the fact she’s willing to accept a solution she wouldn’t generally have. After all, she is trying to get out of her comfort zone. “Okay”, she accepted, “I think you’re right. A diaper would be the best option for me.” Kathy was stunned her daughter chose to wear a diaper. She thought she’d end up reluctantly peeing in the woods. She had barely thought about how it’d be having a child in diapers for the trip logistically. She hadn’t even changed a diaper since Carly was 3 or 4. “Well once you’re ready to go, we can go buy some at the store.” Kathy said.

Carly and her mother left for Walmart around 2 hours later and as soon as they went to park Carly started to feel butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t help but wonder why. Was she excited? To wear diapers? Why was she excited?? This was embarrassing, she shouldn’t be excited? As they walked into the store and they went to the adult incontinence section her heart started beating faster and faster. What if people saw her? Her classmates would think she needed diapers. She grew more embarrassed and more excited with each ensuing step. In the aisle she was surprised by the many options. Attends briefs, depends briefs, always diapers, equate brand diapers, all different sizes and types based on usage and amount they could hold. Her mother reasoned that as she would be using it entirely for the trip she would need to buy a brand with tabs. This left an assurance brand of diapers that said they’re perfect for daytime and nighttime use. They looked extremely bulky however. There’d be no hiding them even in loose clothing. They came in packs of 40 and had 2 sizes: Small/medium or Large/XL. This was tough since Carly would definitely not be a small but wouldn’t be an extra large either. Reading the size chart she was almost exactly in the middle of the 2. Maybe a little closer to the medium but definitely at the high end. Her mother grabbed the 40 pack of small/medium and said she’d have to try them on once getting home to see if they fit, and if so they’d get another pack later. They proceeded to grab baby wipes, baby powder and vasoline, then went to the checkout. As they stood in the checkout line with the diapers shamelessly out in the open 3 girls in Carlys classes got in line behind. “Of course”, she thought, “what are the fucking odds”. She could hear them chatting and laughing and she couldn’t help but blush. She was so embarrassed she wanted to cry right then and there. She couldn’t describe how even though she could hear they weren’t talking about her, she was convinced they were judging her. She could feel their eyes on her, when in reality, they didn’t recognize her or give her a second thought. All she wanted to do was get home and hide in her room. They proceeded to checkout and head home without any issues.

Once home, her mother instructed her to pull down her pants to try on the diaper. Her mother opened the package, and laid the diaper out on the living room carpet, waiting for her to lay down on it. Carly pulled down her jean shorts and underwear and sat in the diaper. “Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve done this, I’m really rusty”, her mother laughed. Carly giggled as well and couldn’t help but feel safe and relaxed. Her mother pulled out the tabs from behind her hips and added the baby powder to her. “Wait what are you doing?” Carly exclaimed, “Aren’t i just trying them on?”
“Well to see if they fit right we need to make sure they don’t leak, so you’ll have to pee in them too.” Said her mother. This made sense to Carly but she was not mentally prepared at all for it. She had already felt weird wearing it, now she’d have to use it too. Her mother finished taping it up and said “All done baby. Come get me when you need to be changed.”

Carly stood up and first noticed the bulk between her thighs. This was way more thick and noticeable than she expected. She then went to walk upstairs and noticed the crinkle with every step. This week will be so embarrassing, she thought. As she walked into her bathroom, she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked like a giant baby. She felt so embarrassed. An 18 year old shouldn’t look like this. She looked like an overgrown toddler. “Ugh, I really need to find something to cover this” she thought. She went into her closet and thought of options to wear. She’d be out in the sun all day, hiking and moving so she first put on her pair of lululemon tights. She squeezed the tight fitting pants over her bulky diaper and could instantly tell how noticeable it was. She looked in her bedroom mirror and confirmed that it left little to the imagination. You could clearly see the outline of the diaper and the additional bulk. “Okay, these will just be for sleeping I guess” she thought. Next up she tried on some running shorts. While they weren’t as tight, they were too short and the diaper could be seen from the bottom and above her pants line. Her only other athleisure wear were different colors of her tights and running shorts, and a couple pairs of tight shorts. She tried on the tight shorts, and as she expected, they were the most noticeable of all. “Well”, she thought, “looks like everyone is gonna know I’m in diapers no matter what”. She then pulled back on the running shorts as it felt like the best option for a warm summer day. She went back downstairs and sat on the couch to watch greys anatomy and relax.

After the second episode she stood up to pee and was reminded on the undergarment she was wearing. She sat back down and thought about how she’d have to pee in it. She tried to push while standing but it wouldn’t come. She then squatted as if she was on a toilet. Still no luck. She decided to just sit on the couch, watch her episode and try to relax. After a couple minutes of that strategy she started to feel a warm stream run from her front down to her butt based on how she was sitting. The weak stream picked up momentum and before she knew it she was fully peeing in her diaper. After she was done she felt around her pants and seat. She couldn’t believe it, no leaks. It felt really warm between her thighs and around her lower butt but that was it. She felt oddly comfortable in it. She felt secure and relaxed. She didn’t want to admit it, but it actually felt really good. She walked to the bathroom to assess the damage. She could see part of the blue strip had turned yellow but it looked like it could actually hold more. She walked outside to her mother who was gardening and told her, “Hey mom. I, ugh, used the diaper. I, um, peed in it.” She felt utterly embarrassed telling her mother this. “Okay great baby, let me have a look” her mother said. Right there in the backyard she pulled down her shorts and looked and felt both sides of the diaper. “Wow this really held up well. Looks like it can handle 2 accidents. Okay you can go change back into your underwear now, looks like this size will work great for the week.” Said Kathy. Carly went back to the bathroom and took off the diaper, surprisingly feeling a little excited for the week ahead.


i like the concept it does however seem rather illogical to come to this stage so fast in the story i think more build up and background to the story would have been nice. however will this stop me reading the story of course not for your first story i think this has a good base to build from! :slight_smile:

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Chapter 3:
5 am the alarm sounded, alerting Carly that the day she was both excited and nervous for had arrived. They’d be driving 7 hours from their home to Yellowstone and starting their 10 day camping trip. They had packed the car the night before so Carly just had to take her last shower for a few days and they’d be on their way. After getting out of the shower she went to get dressed and heard a knock on her door. Her mother came in and said “hey, since it’s a 7 hour drive, it might be easier just to get you in the diaper now.” She help a diaper and baby powder in her hand and Carly got the butterflies she had felt before. She laid down and her mother performed the first of many diaper changes she’d be needing over the next week and a half. Once her mom left she decided that her maroon tights and a black top would be the most comfortable for her drive. She pulled the tights up over the diaper which was just as visible as it had been a few days prior when she tried it on and got into the car.

The first few hours she sat in the back of her moms SUV eating skittles and chips and drinking coke. About 3 hours into the drive she felt the need to pee. She asked her mom when they’d be stopping and she said they’d grab lunch in about an hour or so. There was no way she could hold it that long, and as she’d be using it all week, there was no sense in holding off on using the diaper. While watching her show on her phone she relaxed and felt her diaper expand and grow warmer. Once done she said nothing and went on with what she had been doing.

About an hour later her mom announced they’d be stopping at subway in a couple exits. Carly was excited as she loved subway and kind of had to pee again. They walked into the subway and she proceeded to order. As they ate she relaxed and peed in her diaper once again. This time she really noticed how much the diaper had expanded. It was not only thicker, but much heavier too. She felt happy she wasn’t wearing a dress or the weight might’ve caused it to fall off when she stood. As they walked back to the car she felt her mother tug at her pants and say “oh wow, looks like somebody really needs to be changed.” Carly blushed and looked around but there wasn’t anyone to hear it. “I’m sorry mom, it was an accident, I couldn’t hold it.” Carly stated. “No worries baby, that’s what the diaper is for. Don’t apologize for it.” Carly felt accepted and even closer to her mom than ever. She laid down in the backseat and pulled her pants to her ankles. Her mom then changed her diapers, wiping her clean and covering her with baby powder.

They pulled off the highway and turned into Yellowstone a few hours later. Carly had peed her diaper once more since, but hadn’t mentioned it to her mother yet. She felt butterflies in her stomach again. Soon she’d she her cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents, all while wearing a used diaper. As they approached the campsite she saw her aunt and 2 cousins, Tess who was 12, and Kimmy who was 8, playing catch with a frisbee and her uncle and grandpa setting up the tents. “Carly!!!” Yelled Kimmy as she ran up to the car. Kimmy adored her older cousin and never tried to hide it. Carly knew she’d be attached to her hip all trip. “Hey Kimmy!” Carly exclaimed as she got out of the car and hugged her young cousin. She then walked around greeting the rest of her family temporarily forgetting about the wet diaper around her hips. She sat down in a foldable chair chatting with her cousins as her mom unloaded the car. Kathy then called Carly over to the tent as Kimmy, of course, followed. “Hey Carly, I thought you could set up your sleeping bag in our tent.” Kathy said. “I want to sleep in Carly’s tent!!” Exclaimed Kimmy. “Sorry sweetie, I think your mother wants you sleeping with her” Kathy replied to the visibly frustrated 8 year old. While setting up her sleeping bag Carly felt the urge to pee again. She felt weird going with Kimmy and her mother talking to her and in the tent as well. Carly relaxed and filled her diaper to the an extremely soggy level she was at before. As they finished up, Kimmy and Carly went to leave and Kathy said, “Before you go, let me see if you need to be changed.” Carly’s heart sunk. Why had her mother said that? She had basically just announced she was wearing a diaper to Kimmy. She felt so embarrassed that the 8 year old who idolized her would think less of her now. Before she could protest her mother pulled the back of her pants back like she had before, exposing her diaper, and stated “oh wow, good thing I checked! One more accident and you’d for sure have leaked. Kimmy do you mind giving your cousin and I some privacy.” Carly couldn’t believe it. She was so embarrassed she felt like she could die. “Why would you say that mom!! That’s so embarrassing!! Now she knows I’m wearing a diaper!” Carly said while starting to cry. “There, there Carly”, her mother consoled her while rubbing her back, “you’re gonna be getting changed for 10 days. Thered be no way to hide it that long. And what do you think are gonna happen to all the used diapers? They’ll see that too. Not to mention you can see your diaper through your pants extremely clearly. I didn’t realize you were even trying to hide it. And I had already told you aunt and grandparents when we bought your diapers the other day. So they already knew and your aunt talked to Tess and Kimmy in advance so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed. I’m sorry, but everyone already knows.”

Carly didn’t know how to feel. On one hand she was extremely embarrassed having her whole family know she’s wearing diapers, but on the other she was relieved that she wouldn’t have to try and hide it. Honestly the fear of people finding out is worse than them actually knowing. She laid there in the tent for a while, still crying after her diaper change and fell asleep.

She awoke an hour or so later to her mom letting her know everyone was eating dinner. She had a burger and a hot dog along with some chips and Gatorade then her grandfather started a fire. Kimmy then asked in front of everyone “how come you have to wear a diaper?” To which her parents immediately scolded her. Carly felt a lump in her throat and started to cry again. It was stupid, she knew, to cry over that. She should explain that she didn’t have to, it’s a choice, but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She made herself seem even more so like a baby acting like this, crying because her younger cousin asked about her diaper. She ran to her tent to be alone again, not wanting to face her family. About 15 minutes later, Kimmy and her aunt walked over to apologize. Carly said she forgave her but wished to remain alone for the night.


nice story, I like this. looking forward to reading more.

Im definitely interested

A fun story, very cute. Keep it up!