The Boy who Would be Man and Child Chapter 6

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The Boy who Would be Man and Child, Chapter 6-

Several months have passed. Progress was made every so often but from a glance it appeared to go so very slow for the Dunn’s. Each month Feinberg tried new techniques and methods to help Elias, Rhia and Chase, especially Chase, with their struggles and each month they get closer and closer to allowing Elias to go home.

It was December 1st. The Dunns were already decorating for Christmas, but as expected it didn’t feel the same. Sheila knew it would’ve been a similar situation if Elias hadn’t gone through the accident, he would probably be living on his own by now and they’d still be decorating the tree by themselves. But knowing where he is right now, knowing that there are a myriad of problems he’s having to go through without her there, it just made it all the more depressing.

Sheila looked on as the tree was finally in place when Kayla walked through the front door. Just as the loud, diesel engine roar of the bus drifted down the street and the front door shut, she welcomed her daughter home. There was no response though; Sheila peered around the corner to see her daughter in tears and the left side of her face was literally dripping with blood.

“Oh my god! Honey, what happened?! Dave, go get the first aid kit,” she shouted back, assessing the situation at hand.

Sniffle Some boys got off the bus before me and started making snowballs and they started throwing them at me. One of them put a rock inside and threw it at me, I just wish they’d leave me alone!!” she sobbed.

Sheila consoled her daughter while cleaning up her face, the dripping blood made the injury look far worse than it actually was. “Those boys are just…they’re just afraid of how smart you are. They bully you just because they want to prove that being strong is better than being smart.”

“Good god just leave me alone Mom! You don’t know how much it sucks to have to go through this day in and day out,” she exclaimed as she pushed Sheila away. Sheila was stunned at the outburst and didn’t exactly know how to react.

“Honey…I promise that one day it’ll get better,” Sheila tried to explain.

“One day? Why do I have to wait for that to happen? I didn’t do anything wrong, god you don’t know ANYTHING!” She screamed and then proceeded to run upstairs to lock herself in her room.

“Dave? What the hell just happened? Our daughter just yelled at me for no damn reason!” Sheila had a rather perturbed look on her face, especially after Dave’s unusually casual response.

“What do you expect? She’s a teenager now, and she’s having to go through this phase with her condition no less.” Dave went upstairs to try and talk to Kayla.

Sheila, again stunned, didn’t really know what to say or do. A part of her knew that Dave was right, but she still felt that no matter how well she prepared for this, there was no way she could anticipate it. It was the same thing just a couple of weeks ago when Kayla went through her first period, and years before when she was being tested for Hypopituitarism.

“I guess there are somethings I just can’t prepare for….” she thought to herself. “Crap! The cookies!”

She rushed over to pull out a tray of now inedible burnt cookies. She was disappointed but at least this was easy enough to deal with, especially considering she had a whole other batch ready to be baked.

Dave came back down, “Honey, we’re going out. Kayla and I are gonna go hang up some Christmas lights outside, let us know if you need anything, k?”

“Alright. Have fun guys…” she said, almost hesitantly.

Sheila was in the process of scooping out a few more balls of dough onto the tray when the doorbell rang.

“Hang on, I’m coming!” she shouted loud enough for the person waiting outside to hear.

After washing the dough off her fingers, she opened the front door to see one of the Nurses from the psychiatric hospital standing there. “Hi…Mrs. Dunn? Sorry to bother you, I just saw this buried in the snow a few houses down and thought I’d return it,” she said, holding out a small binder decorated by Kayla.

“Oh, thank you, it’s probably filled with a lot of unfinished homework that I need to get on her about,” Sheila joked. “Rivers right? You didn’t drive all the way from the hospital to see us or something, did you?”

“Oh, no I don’t work there anymore. I live in the apartment complex down the street and I just saw it as I was walking to work…” She said, slightly dejected.

“What?! You don’t work there anymore? What happened?”

“Eh…it’s no big deal. Well, I should really get to work though, I’ll see you around,” she said quickly trying to get off that subject.

“Well okay then, thanks for the binder. Oh and you don’t have to be a stranger ya know, you’re more than welcome to come over if you want.” Sheila responded.

“Thanks. Well…good bye.”

Rivers left in a hurry to get to work, Sheila watched her go for a moment and then went back to her cookies. “Wonder what that was about…” she thought to herself.

A couple hours passed by. The cookies were finished and the oven had been off long enough to cool, Sheila was working on hanging a few ornaments across the tree and a far calmer Kayla came back in to help. As if to create a perfect coincidence, the pizza guy arrived just as they finished hanging the last ornament. The family, albeit one person short, sat down to enjoy their dinner, talk about their day and in general have time together.

"So…Kayla, anything fun happen in school today?"

"Not really. The book we're reading in my English class is kind of cool but I've already read it dozens of times. It's a Christmas Carol." 

"Oh cool, I remember that book from way back when. Just as good today as it was then. What part are you guys on."

"I dunno, I think they're on the part where the spirit shows how other people think of Scrooge, but I already finished the book and most of the study guides to go with it…"

"That's my girl," Dave chimed in. "Though I hope you're not getting behind in your other classes." 

"I don't think I am. But I don't remember what my assignments were and I lost my binder somewhere."

Sheila jumped almost, "Oh! Almost forgot, that Nurse from the Hospital came by. You know, the one Elias likes so much? She found your binder in the snow down the street. I set it on your bed."

"Great…now I don't have an excuse," Kayla jested, getting a couple of chuckles from her parents. "What was Jackie doing here? Does she live nearby or something?"

"Apparently, she said she doesn't work at the hospital anymore." 

Kayla looked kind of upset by that statement, "But Rhia really liked her…what happened? Did she quit?"

"I dunno, she didn't really say anything. I'm kind of curious too, I told her she could come over if she ever felt like it. I'll let you know if she says anything about it," Sheila said, grabbing another slice of pizza. "Mmm! Gotta love Pizza King. Best there is!"

Sheila finished a couple of more bites and asked, "so what about you Dave? Anything interesting?" 

"Wish there was something. Everyone's dead tired from Black Friday so not much is gonna happen for the next week or so."

"Well…that's a good thing though, right? The less crime the better."

"Yeah…it's good but it means our hours might get cut here soon." 

"We'll manage, we've done it every other year honey."

They finished off the pizza, kept the conversation going about this and that, and even brought out a deck of cards to play a game or two. Sheila had just folded out of her hand, but Kayla and Dave were still going strong.

"Alright, whaddya got dad?" Kayla smugly asked.

"Two pair, beat that!" Dave teased.

"Sure thing, Straight Flush!" She said, laying out a four, five, six, seven and eight all in diamonds. 

The phone rang just as Kayla won the hand. Dave was joking around with Kayla at the time so Sheila got up to answer.


"Hi, Sheila? It's Dr. Feinberg." 

"Oh hey Carl. How are things? Nothing happened with Elias or anything, did it?"

"Oh no, just the opposite. I'm nearing the end of my shift and just wanted to let you know that we've been making so much progress with Elias that he may be able to go back home here soon."

"What?! Are you serious?!" She nearly shouted with excitement. 

"Now, I don't want to get your hopes up, things can still take a wrong turn and we'll be back to square one so I'm not going to make any promises. I just thought you could use some good news."

"Yeah…no, of course. But you're saying it is possible at least, right?"

"Right. Now, I'll help you prepare for this sort of thing, give you a list of what you'll need and so on and so forth but with the way things are looking, we may even be able to have him back home before Christmas."

A tear just poured straight down her cheek with a smile still on her face."This…this is the best news I've heard in such a long time. Thank you SO much Carl!"

"No problem Sheila. Well, I'm gonna get out of here soon, so I'll let you go. I have an open slot tomorrow if you want to come in then. Someone called in and canceled their appointment so I can pencil you in real quick if you want."

"Yeah, absolutely, I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Alright, see ya then," he responded.

Sheila hung up the phone, Dave and Kayla were now staring directly at her as if asking about the phone call without words. "Our boy might be coming home guys!"