The Border

I’d like to introduce a new story about an alternative world.

Part 1

Freddie Stevens was sitting at his computer and working on his last game project. It was a large fantasy adventure, and he was about to perform the very first playtests. The game was almost ready to play, and he planned to provide the alpha version to his friends.

“It’s time to send e-mails to Tony and Marianne,” he told to himself and opened the e-mail program. Tony and Marianne were his friends and they often helped him.

All of sudden, he noticed an unknown wi-fi network in the list. A wi-fi network wasn’t anything extraordinaire but Freddie lived in a small house about five miles away from the nearest village and he used his private access point with a satellite modem. There were no more access points around. Somebody could wander through the forest but there was no mobile signal there. The satellite modem was the only connection to the outer world.

Freddie liked the life far from the civilization. He could work on his projects undisturbed, and his loyal companions were rabbits and does that came close to his house. The house itself was well equipped and mostly independent on the external power.

The unknown wi-fi network wasn’t the only strange phenomenon. About a month ago, Freddie walked through the forest. He arrived at a small clearing and noticed a strange fog. He was taken aback; it was a sunny day. Suddenly, he spotted a doe appearing out of the fog. The next day he returned to the same clearing and noticed another doe disappearing in the fog. He was tempted to enter the fog, but he didn’t have the courage to do it.

Freddie was staring at the unknown wi-fi network, and he decided to succumb to the temptation and connect. The network was public and unprotected. To his utter shock, the e-mail program disconnected instantly. Freddie didn’t panic and tried to open Google. Google worked but Freddie was not able to find any familiar places or persons. Was he looking at a different world? After browsing several sites, he felt like in a daydream or fairy-tale.

A knocking on the door awakened Freddie from his dreams. Who could arrive at his place? He wasn’t aware of any visit and does didn’t knock on the door. He stood up and walked over to the door. When he opened it, he stared at the visitor in utter surprise.

“Good afternoon, sir,” a small girl at about ten was standing in front of the door. She was short and slender with long dark hair arranged in a ponytail and deep brown eyes. She was wearing clothes resembling a school uniform – a white blouse, a knee length skirt and jacket with a checkered pattern, thick tights and low-heeled shoes. Freddie also noticed a rather big backpack on her back.

“Hey, little girl, how did you get here? Did you get lost? Where are your parents? Are you all alone here?”
“My name is Ann, and I probably passed the Border. Where am I?”
“W … what? What border? My name is Freddie and the next village is Chatsson. I live in a small house and I’m alone here.”
“Don’t you know about the Border? We learned about it and about another strange world behind it.”
“Strange? I live here and I don’t find it strange,” Freddie shrugged, “In either case, come in. We can talk inside.”

Ann nodded and walked in. Freddie showed her the way and they stopped in his small living room.

“Sit down. Would you like to have something to drink or eat?”

“Yeah, please. Can I have a cup of juice?” Ann put the backpack off her back and sat down.

“Of course, Ann,” Freddie left for the kitchen and returned with a cup of juice, “have your drink and tell me more about yourself. Why are you walking through the forest? Can you walk all alone? Where are your parents.”

“I should explain you, sir …”
“Call me Freddie.”
“Okay, Freddie. I am looking for a Caretaker and I don’t know my parents.”
“W … what? Where do you live then? Who takes care of you?”
“Freddie, I live in the Children Centre now, but I turned ten two days ago and now I should find a Caretaker. Children live in the Centers until they turn ten.”
“What happens then?”
“They have to find a Caretaker that will take care until their adulthood. Otherwise, they are assigned to public caretakers. To be honest, I wouldn’t like to get assigned. Some of my friends have been assigned and they complained about the treatment by the public caretakers.”

Freddie kept listening and he couldn’t believe his ears. What world was the little girl talking about? However, he remembered the sites he had found shortly ago.

“Okay, I need some time to cope with everything you’ve told me. You are looking for a caretaker. How did you cross the border? Do you believe to find a caretaker here?”
“Why not. Would you like to become my caretaker?”
“Wait, Ann. It is not that simple. We don’t know caretakers in our world. It would be an adoption and a judge had to assign you as my adoptive daughter.”

“It is simple. Come with me and you become my caretaker in our world. We can return and live here if you want to.”
“Okay, but I don’t have any experience with children, Ann. I’m a bachelor.” Freddie watched Ann and tried to imagine himself as a parent; he didn’t like the word Caretaker.
“Don’t worry, Freddie. I won’t trouble you at all and I’ll help you with all chores. I’ve learned it at the Children Centre.”
“What if somebody comes to visit? How do I explain your presence? Somebody could call the social services.”

Ann kept silent. She wasn’t aware of the laws on the other side. It was simple to assign an adult as her caretaker in her world. Nevertheless, she believed that it could be solved somehow.

“Would you like to try it at least? You wouldn’t be alone here though.”
“I don’t know, Ann ….”
“Please,” Ann made puppy eyes at Freddie.
“Okay then; you convinced me even if I’m not able to imagine a life with a child. However, it is getting late now. You shouldn’t go to the forest in the darkness. Stay here and we will go to your world tomorrow. I’ll make a dinner and find some bedsheets for you. Won’t you get missing?”
“I don’t think so. Children like me can look for their caretakers for several days even if I don’t remember a caretaker from behind the Border.”

Ann suddenly kept silent for about a minute, and she turned to Freddie then.

“Freddie, I need a diaper change. I’ve just peed myself and the diaper is soaked already.”
“A diaper change? Do you need diapers? You are ten though.”
“Yeah, I need diapers. Hopefully I’ll get toilet trained at 18 or later.”
“Well, that’s another challenge. I’ve never changed diapers. Can’t you change them on your own?”
“Sorry, Freddie, I can’t do it. We can learn it when we turn 17. However, it is not difficult, Freddie. I have everything necessary with me,” Ann pointed at the backpack.

Freddie sighed quietly. The parent role itself was a challenge and changing diapers made it even harder. He opened the backpack and pulled out several cloth diapers, a package of baby wipes, a spare pair of rubber pants and spare tights. There was a plastic bag and a changing mat inside, too.

“Ann, is it enough until tomorrow?” Freddie looked at the diapers. There were six large flat diapers there.
“I need two diapers for every change. You will need two of them now, two after dinner and the last two during the night. Can you wash the four diapers after dinner?”
“Of course, I can, and the washing machine can dry them as well.”
“That’s fine, change me now please. I don’t like the wet feeling,” Ann walked over to a couch and lay down. She removed her shoes and tights and lifted her skirt. The rubber pants were exposed, and Ann spread her legs.

“Unbutton the pants,” she asked Freddie. He did it and the urine reek spread across the room. The diapers between her legs were soaked.
“Pull the diapers from beneath me, take the baby wipes and wipe my crotch,” Ann continued. Freddie nodded and obeyed her commands. He put two clean diapers beneath her, powdered her, pulled the diapers between her legs and buttoned the rubber pants. Five minutes later Ann was clean and dry. She put on the tights and shoes and jumped down from the couch.

“The first caretaker task accomplished,” she grinned, “where is the bathroom? We have to rinse the dirty diapers and put them into a pail.”

Ann headed towards the bathroom and Freddie shook his head only. What the hell did he get into?


Part 2

Freddie was taken aback by the appearance of a little girl from a parallel world, but Ann was taken aback even more.

She learned about the Border very soon. The teachers at the Children Centre described the world behind the Border as a monster realm and warned the children not to come even close to a border portal. Some portals were labeled and fenced but the Border was quite flexible, and the portal locations changed sometimes.

Ann was smart and curious, and she didn’t believe the teachers. Their explanations sounded untrustworthy, and Ann decided to find a portal and peek behind it. However, the first opportunity arose after her birthday. During her stay at the Children Centre, she was guarded and didn’t have any opportunities to walk around freely. Of course, the caretakers took the children outside to get familiar with the surroundings and learn the necessary skills; Ann was quite able to move around in the town alone.

Two days ago, the caretaker announced that Ann had turn 10 and she had to find a caretaker. There was no celebration; the children didn’t know celebrations at all. Instead of a celebration, after the breakfast and the diaper change, Ann was given a list with available caretakers, and she should address them and choose one. Nevertheless, the list was not exhausting, and she could address any adult in the town.

The first day was unsuccessful and Ann was quite disappointed by the caretakers she was talking to. They were mostly boring, and nobody was interested in her studies; most of the caretakers were older ladies that called her a baby and Ann felt like a pet rather than a young girl wanted to study. Ann was quite smart and ready to start a high school. Children started their school at the age of four and Ann had finished her 6th grade before her birthday. Despite her age, she was the best student at the Centre, she skipped two years and passed the final exams. Now she could be admitted to a high school.

The second day, Ann addressed three more caretakers in the morning and returned to the Centre to get lunch and a diaper change. After lunch, she set off and headed towards the city park. She wanted to relax a little and think of her next steps.

The city park was a quiet place, and the bird chirping was the only sound there. Ann sat down on bench and watched the birds for awhile. When her look moved down, she spotted a strange fog among the trees.

Ann was a sensitive girl, and she got a strange feeling. There was a kind of glow emanating from the fog and she sensed that glow. Was it a portal? If so, it would be the opportunity to peek in the other world and check if it was a monster realm just like the teachers had said; nevertheless, Ann didn’t believe it. She was overwhelmed by excitement, stood up and headed towards the mysterious fog.

At that moment Ann felt her diaper getting wet. It was obvious; she never felt any urge and couldn’t control her bladder muscles. At least, she felt the flowing pee and tried to guess how much she had peed. The stream stopped and the diaper got wet and heavier.

Ann hesitated if she should go back to the Centre to get a diaper change. One single wetting wasn’t a reason for a diaper change, but she was heading towards an unknown place. She had her backpack with spare diapers with her, but she would need some adult to change her after the second wetting. Who or what was behind the portal? Ann collected her courage and continued.

When she entered the fog, she suddenly found herself on a clearing and a path was leading towards the surrounding forest. Ann noticed something behind the trees and startled; however, it was a doe. There were no monsters around and the world didn’t look different. She headed towards the forest and about fifteen minutes later she stopped in front of a beautiful house. Her heart was beating fast when she knocked on the door. Who lived there? A monster?

To her big relief, a young man opened the door. He definitely wasn’t a monster, and he invited her in. The interior looked luxurious. Was the man wealthy? Would he agree to the caretaker idea?

Ann was surprised by his words. He was speaking about a different world, but she heard the word ‘adoptive daughter’. Would she become his daughter then? Ann didn’t know her parents and she learned about parents being a woman that had given birth to her and a man that had fertilized the woman. There was no single word about parents taking care of the children in the textbooks.

While talking with him, Ann peed herself again and she needed a diaper change. The man was surprised first but he changed her even if he was a bit clumsy. Ann grabbed the wet diapers and carried them to the bathroom to rinse them. As she emerged from the bathroom, she didn’t find him in the living room and dared to search the house. She found Freddie sitting at a computer and apparently working on a software project. Ann got curious instantly and walked over to him.

“Freddie, what are you doing? Is it a program you are working on? Can I have a look?”
“Of course, Annie. However, what do you know about programming?”
“I’ve finished the elementary school and I’d like to study IT.”
“What? Have you finished the elementary school at your age? Are you a genius, Annie?”
“I’ve skipped two years and I started when I was four.”
“Wow, I have to admire you, Annie. Okay, have a look at the program but don’t change it please.”
“Of course, I’ll make my private copy,” Ann nodded. However, she realized that Freddie called her Annie. It was unusual and he was the first one who used the diminutive. It sounded strange to her, but it was quite pleasant.

“Okay, I’ll make the dinner and call you when it is ready,” Freddie left the working room and Ann was alone. She made her private copy and tried to play with the program a little, but she couldn’t focus on it. The development studio was a bit difficult for her and she couldn’t stop thinking of Freddie as her caretaker. Meanwhile she peed in her diaper and didn’t realize it at all.

“Annie, dinner,” she heard Freddie’s voice from the kitchen, and she headed there. The food smell was spreading across the house and Ann was taken aback. The food smelled delicious, and it was delicious.

“Thank you, Freddie,” she smiled at him when she finished.
“You’re welcome, Annie. If I become your caretaker, you will experience my cooking skills every day,” he smiled back.
“If you don’t mind, we can try my cooking skills, too,” Ann grinned and collected the dishes to wash them.
“Are you serious? Can you cook?”
“Of course. It was an important part of my education, Freddie,” Ann felt pride when she replied to him. She washed the dishes quickly and returned to the working room.

“Freddie, wouldn’t you mind if I attended a high school and became an IT expert later?”
“Why are you asking me that obvious question? If I was your father, I wouldn’t hesitate any second and I would insist on it.”
“Of course, Annie. I hate the word caretaker. It sounds like a I was working at an orphanage.”
“What is an orphanage?”
“It is something like your Children Centre. Children that don’t have their own parents or their parents can’t take care of them, are placed into an orphanage.”
“Not all children then?”
“Of course not. Parents take care of their own children.”
"Freddie, I am not your child though. What would you be here?”
“It is called a legal guardian. And back to my question. Why did you ask me it?”
“I’ve tried out a few caretakers yesterday and today. They are older ladies that want to have a little baby girl and felt like a pet there.”

“Okay, Annie. I want to become your caretaker then. I won’t let you miss your chance and become a pet,” Freddie realized he wanted to have Ann with him. He felt like a brave knight, and it was a surprise for him. It was almost like the game he was working on and a scene with the brave knight and the princess was just displayed.


This story is awesome in terms of both it’s concepts, and maintaining reader interest.

An Isekai(reverse Isekai?) story where a young man finds he has no choice but to care for an incontinent 10 year old from another world, with trouble from her own world surely close behind!

EDIT: Now that I’ve had a bit more time to think on this tale, I have some further feedback.

Firstly, this society where parents are not allowed to raise their own children is super strange, and concerning. Secondly, the way you space paragraphs is wierd, the double space should be default for all paragraphs, I think you should use underscore key, between the = and 0 keys, it’s a bit difficult to read in its current state, but not too bad.


thanks for your feedback. It will help me improve.

The society rules are really super strange and concerning; nevertheless there could be societies like that. In my story it is a basis for the upcoming storyline.

As for the formatting, I write my stories in Word and the formatting adds a line instead of paragraph indentation. I wanted to avoid single line paragraphs but I can keep them if it is better to read.
I know about the undescore position but where should I use it?

In the timeskips/scene jumps, three of them on this site’s writer makes the thin line that’s perfect for dividing scenes.

Part 3

“Hey, Freddie, are you watching the knight and the princess?” Ann grinned; Freddie was staring at the display, “would you like to be that knight?”

“Don’t tell me you want to be the princess,” Freddie teased her.

“Why not?” Ann repaid his teasing; she really was a smart girl and she showed signs of an adult mind, “a princess with her brave knight at a mansion.”

“Do you consider my house a mansion?”

“Yeah, I do,” Ann nodded; she found the house quite luxurious, and it was like a mansion after her experience at the Children Centre.

“Will you live in a fairy tale then?” Freddie teased her once more.

Ann didn’t answer. She felt a growling in her guts, and she knew what would follow. Her bowels were ready to push their contents into her diaper. Ann couldn’t control her poop and she even didn’t have to push. Her poop was mushy, and it would stay like that until her adulthood. She went poop usually once or twice a day after meal and she didn’t go after lunch that day.

Seconds later, the muscles relaxed, and a mass of poop filled the back of her diaper. Ann bent her legs slightly and waited until her diaper filled. Her bladder also voided itself.

“Hey, Annie, princess,” Freddie turned back and looked at her when she didn’t answer. He didn’t understand what was going on until he heard a fart and felt the spreading smell.

“A poopy princess,” Ann laughed. She was used to use her diaper and didn’t feel any embarrassment. However, her diaper was full, and she needed a change before she would leak. Moreover, she yawned; it was late already.

“Annie, you can take a bath and go to bed now. You seem to be tired,” Freddie noticed the yawn.

“I think I am tired” Ann nodded.

“Well, let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll prepare a warm bath for you,” Freddie took Ann at hand instinctively. Ann smiled; she was surprised but she somehow liked the treatment. Freddie led her to the bathroom and stopped. He turned the taps and set up the water temperature. While the tub was filling, he asked Ann.

“Annie, it is unusual in our world to wear diapers that long. Children get potty trained before they turn four in our world. Isn’t it unpleasant to wear a wet or messy diaper?”

“I didn’t think about it,” Ann shrugged, “all children wear diapers until the age of 18 at least; some of them even longer. Diapers are a part of our life.”

“Didn’t you try to potty train?”

“How, Freddie?”

“You should feel a pressure before you pee, or poop and you should clench the muscles to stop it.”

“No, Freddie, I don’t feel anything until the pee or poop is coming out.”

“Okay then,” Freddie shrugged. Ann really wasn’t able to potty train if she didn’t feel any urge.

“Are you able to wash yourself, Annie?” he asked Ann.

“I think I am Freddie. Help me with the diapers and I’ll wash myself,” Ann took off her skirt and pulled down the tights and lay down on the floor.

“Open the rubber pants carefully and check them if they are clean,” Ann explained to Freddie how to take care of dirty diapers.

Freddie unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed them; fortunately, they were clean, but a strong smell spread in the room. Nevertheless, Ann didn’t seem to mind it.

“Grab the diaper front and try to wipe the poop away as much as possible,” she continued, “use the baby wipes to clean my crotch and behind and pull the dirty diaper form beneath me.”

Freddie removed the dirty diaper and put it into the pail. Meanwhile the tub filled, Freddie added some bath foam and helped Ann stand up. She removed her jacket and shirt and stepped into the tub.

“Take the bath, Annie, and I’ll prepare a bed for you. Unfortunately, there is no pajamas in your backpack.”

“Sorry, I didn’t take it with me; I didn’t intend to stay overnight. I will wear my tights and shirt,” Ann answered.

Fifteen minutes later Freddie returned and carried two clean diapers and a large towel. Ann was relaxing in the tub, and she was almost asleep. Freddie smiled and lifted her from the tub and wrapped the towel around her.

“Up, princess,” he took her in his arms and carried to the bed in the guest room. He laid her down on the bed, dried her thoroughly and returned to the bathroom to take the diapers, rubber pants, tights and shirt.

Ann stirred and she spread her legs instinctively. Freddie lifted her legs, put the rubber pants and two diapers beneath her, powdered and diapered her. However, Ann didn’t move; she was sleepy already.

“Annie, it’s time to get dressed.”

“Help me please,” Ann yawned again.

“Okay,” Freddie put on the tights and shirt on her and covered her.

“Freddie, juice please,” Ann opened her eyes and looked at Freddie.

“Okay, princess,” Freddie nodded and left for the kitchen. He brought her a cup of juice and she drank it up quickly.

“More please.”

“Hey, do we have enough diapers?” Freddie teased her.

“Put the dirty ones into the machine. We will need them.”

“Okay,” Freddie brought another cup of juice and Ann drank it up too. Seconds later, she closed her eyes.

Freddie rinsed the dirty diapers and put them into the washing machine along with some clothes, took a quick shower and went to bed. He couldn’t sleep; he was too excited and worried at the same time. How would he manage to take care of a child from the parallel world? About half an hour later his eyes closed.

“Freddie,” he was awakened by Ann’s voice and her small hand grabbing his shoulder.

“What’s going on, Annie? It is the middle of the night.” He opened his eyes and looked at the watch; it was 2AM.

“I’m all soaked, Freddie, can you change me please?”

“Yeah; if a princess drinks too much before going to bed, she pees herself in the night,” Freddie teased Ann a little and poked her nose, but she grinned only. He also called her princess again.

“Princess was thirsty, and she would be wet anyway. I often leaked during the night and caretakers had to change me once or even twice until the morning.”

“Didn’t they give you more diapers?”

“No, I was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. Now I wake up at night and check my diapers.”

“Okay, lie down, Annie. I’ll bring clean diapers and baby wipes,” Freddie smiled and switched on the night lamp. He stood up and walked over to the bathroom. The washing machine had stopped already, and he could take the clean and dry diapers. Freddie took all six diapers and the baby wipes and returned to his bedroom.

Ann was ready; she pulled down her tights and waited. Her diapers were soaked indeed. Freddie changed her quickly and she pulled up her tights again.


“Yeah, princess.”

“Can I stay here in your bed?” Ann suddenly got an unknown feeling; she wanted to stay close to Freddie. At the Children Centre, children slept in large common bedrooms, but everyone had their own bed, and the caretakers didn’t like when two children wanted to sleep together in a single bed. She suddenly got curious about how it would be.

“Why not? The bed is large enough. Lie down,” Freddie shrugged.

Ann lay down, Freddie did the same and covered them. Ann dozed off almost instantly and Freddie’s eyes closed shortly afterwards.

Freddie awoke a little later when he felt Annie’s small body nuzzling to him. He was quite surprised and suddenly felt a strong emotion. It wasn’t any sexual arousal; it was something different, just like the brave knight protecting the princess. He hugged the sleeping girl and fell asleep again. There was wide smile on Ann’s lips, but he didn’t see it in the darkness.


Part 4

The sun peeked into the bedroom; the window was oriented to the east. The sunrays illuminated two sleeping figures in the large bed. Freddie opened his eyes and realized he was still hugging Ann. She was sound asleep, and he noticed the smile on her face. She looked different; the day before she was a premature teenager that was about to start her high school. However, the happy smile belonged to a little girl, younger than her actual age. The diaper package between her legs even highlighted her childish look.

Freddie kept watching the sleeping girl for awhile until he pulled his arm carefully from beneath her torso. However, Ann stirred and opened her eyes.

“Morning princess,” Freddie smiled at her and stroked her hair involuntarily.

“Morning, Freddie,” Ann smiled back. She suddenly sat up and kissed his cheek. It was surprising both for Freddie and for herself. The caretakers at the Centre didn’t like that kind of reactions except for the smallest children. However, she remembered some hugs and kisses when she was a toddler. Now she wasn’t sure about Freddie’s reaction.

Freddie didn’t expect a kiss, but he realized his own emotion while he had been hugging her earlier; he recovered quickly and hugged her and held her close.

“Time to get up, princess,” he let go of her and sat up minutes later, “do you still want me as your caretaker?"

“Of course, Freddie. I wouldn’t find anybody better than you.”

“Well then. We should go to your world and arrange everything necessary. You would need more clothes and … diapers.”

“Every caretaker obtains the basic hygienic package – 40 pieces of cloth diapers, four pairs of rubber pants and a package of baby wipes. As for clothes, I have some at the Centre but you can buy more.”

“Saying about diapers, how much did you pee since I changed you?”

“Wait,” Ann reached down between her legs,” Not too much.”

“I should change you anyway, you have been in the wet diaper for long.”

“Okay” Ann pulled down her tights and lay down.

Freddie unbuttoned the rubber pants, pulled them down between her legs. When he pulled the wet diaper down, he noticed a bulge on Ann’s abdomen. Seconds later a stream of pee spurted towards him and onto his pajamas. Freddie grabbed the diaper and pulled it back up to catch the rest of her pee.

“Sorry, Freddie,” tears appeared in Ann’s eyes when she realized what happened.

“Don’t cry, princess,” he lifted the girl in his arms and calmed her down,” it can happen to little girls and brave knights can deal with all kinds of troubles. Let’s diaper you now and we can have a quick breakfast and set off.”

Ann really calmed down and relaxed. Freddie diapered her quickly; he was getting skilled already. Ann got up, grabbed her skirt and jacket and got dressed.

After the quick breakfast and a cup of tea they set off. Ann packed the dirty diapers into the plastic bag and the clean ones to the backpack. Freddie took his ID card, his wallet and put on his shoes. They left the house, Freddie locked it and headed towards the forest; he was quite sure where to look for the portal.

“Freddie, you have found the portal, haven’t you?” Ann grinned. He apparently knew about its location.

“Yeah, Annie. I suppose you arrived through the same portal.”

“I think yes.”

While they were walking through the forest, Freddie turned to Ann.

“Wait. I have my wallet with me, but can I use dollars to pay in your world? Will my ID card be valid there?”

“I think you can use dollars in our world, too and your ID card is similar to those I have seen.”

“Okay then,” he nodded.

Suddenly Ann felt her bowels growling; she stopped and bent her legs, “Freddie, wait. I’m pooping.”

“Okay, Annie. Take your time,” he was a but amused by the situation, but he was curious, “does it often happen to you?”

“Do you mean pooping outside? Usually not, I use to wait after a meal, but we are in a hurry today and we have too few spare diapers.”

“I can’t change you here in the forest now.”

“Don’t worry. We will arrive at the Children Centre soon and you can change me there.”

Meanwhile Ann finished and stepped forward. Five minutes later they got to the clearing and Ann headed towards the fog without hesitation. Freddie followed her and found himself in a city park. It didn’t differ from the world he lived in.

“This way,” Ann pointed to the right, and they walked slowly through the park and down a street until they stopped in front of a building. Freddie would consider it a school or something similar.

“Children Centre,” the label read, and Ann opened the door and entered it. Freddie followed her to a counter.

“Welcome to the Centre, sir. I supposed you are Ann’s new caretaker,” an older lady asked him.

“Yeah, madam; I am about to become her … caretaker,” he hesitated, and the older lady grinned.

“Wow, a young man from behind the Border. It is a bit rare. We don’t see many young men here at all and you are even from the other side.”

“How do you know?”

“You hesitated before saying caretaker. Did you want to say adoptive father or legal guardian?”

Freddie nodded only; the lady was quite attentive.

“Ann, lead your new caretaker to your room and take your clothes with you. If you need a change, show him the changing station.”

Ann nodded and led Freddie upstairs and down a long corridor to a big door. He opened it and stopped dead in his tracks. The room was a large changing station, and it was well equipped. The changing tables looked like medical exam tables with leg stirrups.

Ann headed towards the nearest table, removed her shoes and tights, lay down on the table and put her legs into the stirrups. Freddie followed her and stopped.

“Push the table front panel inwards,” Ann advised him what to do. He pushed the front panel and a small sink appeared below it. Ann’s bottom was free to clean; her knees was sitting on the stirrups and supporting her. He unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed the messy diaper. A pail was located next to the table, and he could put the diaper there along with the wet diapers from her backpack.

“Take the small shower head and clean me thoroughly,” Ann continued. The sink was equipped with a small shower head and there was a container with soap as well there. Freddie showered Ann’s diaper area and used the soap to clean her thoroughly.

“The powder and clean diapers are behind you on the shelves,” Ann continued.

“Hey, the changing station is really modern and well equipped,” Freddie turned to Ann when they left after the diaper change.

“Yeah, it is, and it is necessary if the caretakers have to change dozens of diapers several times daily,” Ann shrugged, “However, I’m glad to be out of here Freddie. A diaper change by you on the plain floor is much better than this station and caretakers.”

“Okay, princess. Let’s take your clothes and proceed. Where should we go now?”

“We have to visit the judge; you will need the assignment documents.”

All Ann’s clothes consisted of several skirts, shirts, jackets and tights. They were plain and without any sign of fashion design. Freddie also didn’t see any pants.

“Princess, you might need some beautiful clothes. I’ll ask my girlfriend Marianne and she helps you.”

“It will be nice, but I can’t wear those clothes to school. I will get a school uniform then. To be honest, I’ve never seen other kind of clothes.”

Freddie and Ann packed the few clothes to a small backpack and left the Centre. Ann felt a great relief when she closed the door.

“I’ll never come back, “she turned to Freddie.

“Well, we have another courageous person from behind the Border,” the judge seemed to be amused by Freddie when he looked at Freddie’s ID card. The older man smiled only but he looked at Ann like a strict father.

“Ann, you crossed the Border and got curious about the world behind it,” there was a reproach in his voice. It was not forbidden to cross the Border, but it was not recommended. The authorities didn’t want to accept the different culture and tried to avoid the contact as much as possible.

“Sorry, your Honor,” Ann looked down and apologized herself, “it was my curiosity, but I’ve found a wonderful person.”

“Really, Ann? He is a young man; can he take care of you and is he willing to do so?”

“Of course, your Honor,” Freddie interjected, “she is like my princess, and I’ll do my best to take care of her and help her become a well-educated young lady.”

“Okay, mister Stevens. After all, every adult can become a caretaker. Our legislation doesn’t have any limitation. Come back in an hour, go to the office next door and you will get all necessary documents.”

“Your Honor, our legislation is much stricter, and the social services could interfere in our world.”

“Don’t worry, mister Stevens. There will be a regular adoption decree among the documents. Ann is your daughter in your world and your cared-for in our world from now on.”

“Thank you, your Honor,” Freddie took Ann at hand and led her away.

As they left the judge’s office, Ann suddenly hugged Freddie and nuzzled to him. He instinctively lifted her in his arms.

“You are my princess now.”


Part 5

“Where to go now, Annie? We have an hour left until we get the documents,” Freddie asked Ann when they left the court building.

“Freddie, would you like to see the school I’d like to attend? It is a high school specialized in the IT.”

“Yeah, I’m quite curious about it,” Freddie really wanted to see more of the alternative world.

“Okay, this way,” Ann pointed to the left and they walked down the street. The town center was small, and all of the important buildings were located in the walking distance. Ten minutes later Ann stopped in front of the school.

“Brisson 1st high school,” the label read, and Ann opened the entrance door. Freddie followed her to the entrance hall and Ann continued towards a door.

“Annie, have you been here already? You seem to be familiar with the school.”

“Of course. Before my final exams I was invited to a tour of the school. I have seen the classes and labs already. Now I’d like to apply for admission.”

Freddie was astonished by the little girl; she really behaved like a mature person. She knocked on the door and entered an office; Freddie followed her.

“Miss Berry, this is my final exams certificate. I’d like to apply for admission to the IT class,” Ann pulled out a document and put it onto the counter.

“Let me see …” the woman behind the counter took the document and she nodded,” Ann, you are only ten and you have passed the final exams with flying colors. This is rare. I think you will be admitted but your application has to be approved by the school principal and you also will need the signature of your caretaker. Mister, I suppose you are her caretaker.”

“Yeah, miss Berry. We are coming from the court, and I will have the assignment documents soon.”

“Okay, Ann will fill in the application and you will sign it when I check your assignment documents,” the lady passed the application form to Ann, “go to the study room and fill in the form there.”

“Thank you, miss Berry,” Ann took the form and turned to the door. She led Freddie to the study room. It was a large room equipped with numerous computers and there were shelves full of books on the back wall.

Ann sat down and started filling in the form. She was apparently familiar with it, and she finished about ten minutes later.

“Freddie, I think we could go back to the court now,” she stood up and packed the form into her backpack.

“Okay, Annie, but what about your diapers? Do you need a change?” Freddie apparently got used to her diapered condition.

“Not yet,” Ann reached between her legs. The diaper was slightly wet but not soaked. Nevertheless, she didn’t remember when she peed.

They left the school building and headed back towards the court. The assistant was waiting for them already and passed Freddie all documents:

“Ann’s birth certificate, the adoption decree, caretaker’s assignment and the voucher for the basic hygienic package,” she put the documents onto the counter along with another form, “your signature here, sir.”

“Thank you, madam,” Freddie signed the form and took all documents and put them into Ann’s backpack, “Where do we get the hygienic package?”

“Go to the next drugstore or pharmacy. Ann will show you the way,” the lady smiled at Ann.

“Freddie, I’m a bit tired and thirsty,” Ann turned to Freddie when they left the drugstore. The last events were a little challenging for her and she hadn’t eaten or drunk since the breakfast.

“No problem, my princess. Let’s find a bistro and have a cup of juice, and I’d like to have a cup of coffee as well,” Freddie nodded and looked around. There was a small bistro nearby and they took place inside.

“Two cups of juice and a small espresso, please,” Freddie ordered the drinks.

“A big cup please,” Ann added, and Freddie grinned at her.

“Hey, do you always drink that much? Don’t you have a health issue?” Freddie got concerned.

“No, Freddie, we have had regular medical checks at the Centre, and I am alright. The next appointment has been planned for the next March.

“Okay then, but … you need frequent diaper changes.”

“Yeah, Freddie. You have noticed it already,” Ann shrugged and grinned, “I’m just peeing.”

The waiter brought them the juice and espresso and Ann drank up her cup almost instantly. Freddie sipped his coffee and drank the juice.

“Let’s change you now and we can go home.”

“Yeah,” Ann nodded and stood up and headed towards the changing room. There were two changing tables there and one of them was occupied. And older lady was changing a teenager girl. However, they didn’t react at all when Freddie entered the room.

Ann jumped onto the free table, lifted her skirt and pulled down her tights. She noticed a large wet spot on the tights.

“Freddie, I need clean tights; I’ve leaked,” she announced without any sign of embarrassment, removed her shoes, took off the wet garment and lay down on the table.

“Okay, my peed-in princess,” Freddie teased her; Ann laughed, and the teenager girl laughed, too.

Ann’s diaper was drenched, and Freddie had to clean her thoroughly. He took two clean diapers and put them beneath her behind and powdered her. Meanwhile the older lady and teenager girl finished and left the room.

“Annie, I think you have peed more than you thought; maybe I should ask you more often or even check you.”

Ann shrugged; she wasn’t used to check her own diapers. The caretakers at the Centre did it for her usually. She wasn’t aware of her urge, and she also wasn’t aware of her peeing. The warm and heavy diaper was the only sign of her wetting, but she was often distracted.

Freddie finished the diaper change and pulled out the spare tights and put it on Ann’s legs. Ann jumped down from the changing table and put on her shoes.

“Let’s go back to the school and finish the application,” Freddie stepped forward. The procedure was short and half an hour later they were walking towards the city park and the portal. Freddie was carrying a large backpack with Ann’s clothes and the hygienic package.

“Annie, you have just passed the final exams and the school starts in September. Now you have vacations,” Freddie turned to Ann while they were walking through the forest towards Freddie’s home.

“Vacations? What is it?” Ann got curious.

“Two months of free time though. Don’t you know it?”

“Nope, Freddie. I hardly had a free week. I kept learning and now I’m proud of my knowledge.”

“Isn’t it exhausting for a child like you?”

“I don’t know,” Ann shrugged. She didn’t feel exhausted, but she realized that something was wrong, “Do all children here have vacations?”

“Yeah; they have vacations until they finish school.”

“Well, this will be my first vacation. What should I do?”

“Whatever you want, princess. You can relax, play, walk around, find friends. I have to work but you are quite independent, and I don’t have to be worried about your safety.”

“Can I cook for us and take care of the house?”

“Why not, even if it is not a true vacation activity in my opinion. You are not a maid.”

“It will be a pleasure for me. I’m thankful to have a good caretaker … or father? The judge has said it.”

“Yeah, my princess; you are my daughter here in our world.”

Annie suddenly realized that she had missed something; however, she didn’t know what it was. The last night and Freddie’s hugs and her kiss were a new experience and she wanted to have more of it.

“Freddie, does a father hug his daughter here? Does she kiss him?

“Of course, my princess. It is the usual form of showing their emotions.”

“It was very pleasant, Freddie … father?”

“Use the word daddy, my princess. Fathers are called daddy.”

“Hug me, daddy, please,” Ann stopped and hugged Freddie.

“Of course, princess,” Freddie took her in his arms, held her tightly and carried her to his house slowly.


Ah yes, so cute, so wholesome, and absolutely nothing will ever go wrong with Freddie and Ann’s dealings with this world, not at all!

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Part 6

“Welcome to your mansion, princess,” Freddie put Ann onto the ground in front of the door, unlocked it and entered the house, followed by Ann.

“I have slippers in my clothes, can you pass me them, Freddie?” Ann asked him and removed her shoes.

“Of course, princess,” Freddie put the backpack onto the floor and rummaged through it to find the slippers. He passed them to Ann and asked her, “let’s check your diapee; how much the princess peed.” This time he didn’t wait and reached to her crotch.

“It is okay; you don’t need a change now; however, daddy will check you more often to avoid leaking,”

“Okay, daddy,” Ann nodded and smiled at him. Suddenly she felt little and that feeling was pleasant. After all, she was a little girl that became mature too early. She was smart and able to learn quickly but her soul was still the soul of a child. The diaper check reminded her of an experience long ago when she was a baby.

“Take off your jacket and put it onto the hanger and we can go to your room,” Freddie took the backpack and walked to the guest room. Ann followed him.

“Princess, this will be your room from now on. Would you like to equip it according to your wish? Tell me if you want something extra and we can go to the shop tomorrow.”

“Thanks, daddy; I will have my own room,” Ann instinctively hugged Freddie, “the room is perfect; I wouldn’t need anything else.”

“You will need a working table and a computer at least if you want to study IT.”

“Right, daddy,” Ann realized she would need more furniture later.

The room was equipped by a bed, a table with two chairs and a cabinet. Ann opened the backpack and the cabinet and arranged her clothes inside the cabinet. The cabinet was big and most of the shelves were still empty.

“Where do we put the clean diapers, daddy?” she turned to Freddie.

“I’d say to the bottom shelf of the cabinet. I plan to buy a changing table with drawers, and we move the diapers there later.”

“Okay,” Ann unpacked the hygienic package and put everything to the cabinet. Freddie took the empty backpack and carried it to the storeroom. As he was going back, he heard noises from the kitchen. Ann was rummaging the fridge and pantry and was about to start cooking.

“Daddy, let me cook the lunch,” she smiled at him.

“Okay, princess but let me check you; my princess might need a change,” he walked over and reached to her diapered crotch and nodded.

Ann realized that her diaper was soaked and close to leaking; she hurried up to her room, grabbed two clean diapers, the baby wipes, lay down on the bed and pulled down her tights.

“Well, well, my peed-in princess is ready for the change,” Freddie grinned. He changed her quickly. Ann pulled up her tights and carried the wet diapers to the bathroom to rinse them. When she finished, she returned to the kitchen.

“Daddy, you can work now. I’ll call you when the lunch is ready,” she announced like an adult and started cooking. Freddie shrugged and walked over to his working room. However, he didn’t work; instead, he ordered a computer, the working table and changing table and sent a message to Marianne.

“Love, I have got a surprise.”

“Hey, what is it? I love surprises.”

“Not what. You should ask me who is it.”

“Who? Do you have a visitor? It is quite rare.”

“It is not a visitor; it is a child.”

“Your child? Why don’t I know about it? What the hell did you do? Have you cheated me?”

“Nope, love, I haven’t cheated you. It is an adoptive child from an alternative world.”

“Hey, are you sober? Are you crazy? How can you take care of a child? What is the alternative world nonsense?”

“I’m sober but I might be crazy if I agreed to that idea. However, Annie has convinced me.”

“I’m getting curious, and I’ll come in the evening.”

“Of course, I’m looking forward … we are looking forward to see you.”

Freddie closed the chat and tried to work but he couldn’t focus on the game development. He stood up and headed towards the kitchen. A pleasant smell of baked chicken was spreading across the house.

“Wow, Annie, you are a good cook indeed. I can’t wait to the lunch and my stomach is growling.”

“Daddy, I’ve told you I’ve learned everything. The lunch will be ready in ten minutes,” Ann replied while she was laying the table.

“Princess, we will get a visit in the evening. My girlfriend will arrive.”

“Did you tell her about me, daddy?”

“Of course, but she looked a bit confused; the alternative world idea is hard to understand for her.”

“We will show her the portal,” Ann reacted promptly, “it will be convincing though.”

Ann pulled the chicken out of the oven and cut it into portions and added the rice, “What a pity, we don’t have any compote.”

“No problem, Annie. Tomorrow we should go shopping. Marianne helps you pick some more clothes, and we also refill our pantry. By the way, I’ve ordered a computer, a worktable and changing table for you.”

“Thanks daddy. Let’s eat now,” they sat down and ate.

“It has been delicious, Annie,” Freddie smiled and stroked Ann’s hair when he finished.

“Thanks once more. I’ll wait until the rest cools down and put into the fridge. Tomorrow, we don’t have to cook. Go and relax while I make dishes.”

“Okay,” Freddie switched on the coffee machine and made a coffee for him; it was his daily ritual. Meanwhile Ann took a bottle of juice and poured it into a large glass. Freddie grinned only and left for the living room.

Ann finished the dishes and joined Freddie in the living room. She sat down on the couch, next to him. Freddie put his arm around her and pulled her closer. Annie turned to him and crawled onto his lap. She sat on his thighs and spread her legs.

“Okay, my princess, let’s relax together,” Freddie leaned back, and Ann leaned to him.

“Daddy, I’d like to be little now, “she suddenly imagined herself as a little girl.

“Why? Don’t you want to study anymore?”

“I do, daddy. I want to be little just now while sitting on your lap.”

“Okay, my little princess, you want to relax from the big girl life then,” Freddie turned her head slightly and kissed her cheek.

“Won’t you mind it, daddy?”

“Never,” Freddie replied instantly. He realized he loved the little girl on his lap independently of her condition. He wanted to help her study, but she was still a little girl. Maybe she needed care and love.

“Let’s make a deal. At school, you will be the best student, but you can be whatever you want when you return here.”

“Little girl now,” Ann turned her head and kissed Freddie’s cheek. She loved him deeply. It was a new emotion for her. The Children Centre was almost an emotionless environment. Now, her small heart opened, and she was ready to accept the new emotions. She was a little child in the loving hug of her father, and she was tired after the challenging morning. Her eyes closed and her bladder voided itself into the diaper at the same moment.

Freddie felt the diaper getting warm and smiled only. As Ann’s body relaxed, he lifted her carefully, laid her down on the couch and covered her before going to the kitchen to put the rest to the fridge for the next day.


Part 7

Freddie sat down to his computer and started working on the game project again. He opened the test form to record bugs and started the game. Minutes later he was preoccupied with work and ignoring everything around him.

The sound of unlocking entrance door interrupted his focus and seconds later Marianne’s face appeared in front of him, and her lips pressed against his.

“Hi, love. I couldn’t wait until evening and hurried up to see you and the mysterious child. You told me her name was Ann. Where is she?”

“She is asleep in the living room; she was quite tired after the challenging morning.”

“What did you do? Tell me more.”

“She appeared in front of my door yesterday and asked me to become her caretaker. According to her words, children are raised in public centers, and don’t know their parents. Today we went there, and I obtained the adoption decree and Ann applied for high school. Look,” Freddie opened the drawer and pulled out the documents. Marianne took them and read.

“Well, the birth certificate. She is ten according to it. The adoption decree and … what? A caretaker assignment? Hey, where is Brisson?” she was taken aback by the forms and stamps.

“Marianne, it is located behind the Border.”

“What Border?”

“Let’s wait and we lead you there.”

“Okay, okay. WHAT?” Marianne read the final exams certificate, “The elementary school finished at her age of ten? With flying colors? Admitted to a high school? She is a small genius then.”

“Yeah, she is. Come and look what she’s made for lunch,” Freddie led Marianne to the kitchen and showed the chicken and rice, “she cooked it all alone and she offered me taking care of the house.”

Marianne stared at the meal, and she wasn’t able to say a single word.

“I can’t wait to see her,” she turned away and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands. However, she experienced another surprise.

“Diapers?” she noticed the wet diapers in the pail, “Does she need diapers?”

“Yeah, she does. Children potty train after 18 in that world.”

“Well, it definitely is a strange world. I feel like in a fairy tale movie,” she headed to the living room and spotted Ann sleeping on the couch. There was a smile on Ann’s face, and she looked like a little angel.

Suddenly, Marianne was overwhelmed by maternal instincts and driven by hormones. She knelt down and stroked Ann’s hair.

“Who are you, miss? Where is daddy?” Ann stirred and opened her eyes.

“I’m here, princess,” Freddie reacted quickly, “and this is Marianne, my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend? What does it mean?”

“We love each other,” Marianne smiled at Ann, “haven’t you seen any couple?”

“No, miss. I grew up at the Children Centre.”

“Okay but you didn’t spend the entire time inside.”

“No, our caretakers took us to the town and taught us about safety, about shops, schools and offices in the town. I’m quite independent. However, I’ve never noticed couples in the streets.”

Ann couldn’t see couples in the streets; according to the laws, men and women could have relationships and sex in private but they couldn’t show up together in public except for dedicated areas. Children usually didn’t know about those areas until the turned 18.

“Well, our world is different, Annie,” Marianne smiled again, “however I’m quite curious about yours.”

“We will show you, miss ….”

“Call me Marianne and get up. We can go there.”

Ann nodded and removed the cover and sat up. A strong smell of poop spread in the room.

“Oh, I need a diaper change. Daddy, can you change me?”

“Can I do it?” Marianne interjected.

“Do you know how to change diapers, Marianne?”

“Of course, sweetheart. I babysat a lot in the past. Come with me. You might need a shower,” Marianne took Ann at hand and led her to the bathroom. She also noticed Ann’s clothes.

“Annie, do you have some other clothes? These ones look like a school uniform.”

“I have spare clothes, but they are almost the same. I haven’t seen other kind of clothes in our shops.”

“Would you like to see more? I’ll take you to our shops.”

“Daddy has told me it already. He wants to go shopping tomorrow and also mentioned you.”

“Let me help you,” Marianne asked Ann when she closed the bathroom door.

Ann nodded; she was able to undress herself, but she somehow liked the idea of being assisted. Marianne removed her shirt and skirt and pulled down the tights.

“Sweetheart, don’t you mind the diapers? You could potty train though.”

“No, I don’t mind them, and I can’t potty train, Marianne. Daddy has asked me already. I don’t feel anything until I pee or poop in the diaper.”

“Okay then. Let’s get cleaned.”

Ann lay down on the floor and Marianne removed the rubber pants and wiped away most of the poop. She was apparently more skilled.

“Why do you wear cloth diapers?”

“Are there different ones here?” Ann didn’t have any idea about disposables, “there are only cloth diapers in our world and our teachers taught us about the environment friendliness.”

“Yeah, there are disposable diapers available, and we will show them to you when we go shopping,” Marianne finished cleaning Ann’s crotch and helped her into the tub and set up the warm water.

Ann smiled and enjoyed the cleaning and shower. She again felt little.

As Marianne showered Ann, diapered and dressed her, they emerged from the bathroom and Marianne turned to Freddie.

“Love, Ann told me you would show me the Border and the alternative world. Now I’m really curious.”

“No problem. We can set off instantly.”

“I’d like to have a cup of coffee,” Marianne turned to Freddie, but Ann was quicker and hurried up to the kitchen. Marianne followed her and spotted Ann to switch on the coffee machine.

“Sweetheart, you are really good. You have made lunch today and you seem to be a skilled housekeeper,” Marianne smiled.

“I have learned everything at school. I can cook, wash, tidy up and much more. Everything except for changing my own diapers.”


“No idea, and I should learn it when I turn 17.”

“What if we taught you it?”

“I don’t know,” Ann shrugged. She wasn’t sure. It could be useful in some situations, but she hesitated anyway.

“Not necessary, sweetheart. It isn’t a big deal for me, and I believe Freddie also wouldn’t mind it”

“My daddy never would mind it,” Ann agreed to Marianne, “I had to tell him what to do but he learned quickly.”

Marianne finished her coffee; Ann drank up a glass of juice and they left the kitchen. Freddie joined them and Ann stepped forward to show Marianne the way.

“This is the Border,” Ann pointed at the mysterious fog on the clearing and proceeded towards it. Freddie took Marianne at hand, and they passed the portal together.

“Wow, where are we?” Marianne stopped dead in her tracks when she found herself in a city park.

“This is Brisson city park,” Ann explained, “let’s have a sightseeing tour.”

Marianne couldn’t believe her eyes. Brisson looked like any other small town, but the overall atmosphere was really different. She didn’t notice any families. There were adults with one or more children in the streets and shops, but all children were older than about 10.

Ann showed Marianne the Children Centre and the high school but the didn’t enter any of them. The school was closed already, and Ann didn’t want to see the Children Centre from inside anymore. Marianne nodded only; she got a bad feeling while looking at the building.

About two hours later they returned home. Marianne was still shocked about the alternative world and its rules.

“I’ll prepare a dinner,” Marianne turned to Ann, “you can relax until then.”

“Princess, how much have you peed?” Freddie smiled and reached to Ann’s crotch, “well, a change is necessary.”

“Okay, daddy,” Ann walked over to her room, grabbed two clean diapers and baby wipes and lay down on the couch. However, she didn’t pull down her tights.

“Oh, is my princess too little?” Freddie was amused by her behavior.

“Yeah, daddy, can you change her now?” she was incredibly cute when she asked him.

Freddie pulled down her tights and changed her diaper and pulled the tights back up. Ann smiled at him and grabbed the wet garment and carried it to the bathroom to put them into the pail.

Meanwhile Marianne finished and they sat down and had their dinner. After dinner, Marianne was about to leave, and she promised to meet them the next day near the shopping center in Fallbrook.

Ann followed Marianne to the entrance door and stopped in front of her.

“Marianne, Freddie is my daddy. Who are you then?”

“Daddy’s girlfriend, sweetheart.”

“Can you be my mother?”

“Annie, Freddie has the adoption decree, and he is your adoptive father according to that decree. If I was added to the decree, I’d become your adoptive mother.”

“Oh, it won’t be possible. I can have only one single caretaker in our world. I’ve never seen two caretakers. The judge won’t add you. However, you are that nice to me.”

Marianne smiled at the little girl and lifted her in her arms. She felt a strong emotion towards Ann and Ann seemed to have the same feeling. They hugged each other.

“Marianne, can you be my mother without any decree?”

“Of course, sweetheart, except for the authorities. Otherwise, I can be your mommy. Anyway, I have to go now. We will meet tomorrow.”

“Okay, Mar … mommy,” Ann kissed Marianne’s cheek; Marianne put her back onto the floor and left.


This just confirms it, there are no family units, such an essential asset of human nature is *not there *

It’s not like this is a sign of things to come or would have disastrous consequences, no, not at all! What? What are you talking about? Shut up! You’re lying!

The alternative world is cruel and emotionsless, Ann will be shocked when she gets familiar with our world and Marianne also doesn’t like it.

On the other hand, it is a fantasy world (even if some sects, for example, force their members to live in that way). If I’m lying by creating it, all fairy tales authors are liars. Dragons, dwarves or fairies would be a pure lie.

Why should I shut up?

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Hallo didba,
ich finde deine Geschichte toll,mir ist dies Streiterei egal.Bitte schreib weiter.

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Ja, ich werde weiterschreiben :slight_smile:

Part 8

Ann’s heart was beating fast; she was surprised and shocked by the world she got in. She had found a caretaker, that caretaker became her adoptive father and now she had an adoptive mother. She walked back to the kitchen. Freddie was just doing the dishes.

“Daddy, Marianne told she could be my mommy.”

“Really, princess? It is great,” Freddie smiled at her and stroked her hair.

“What a pity that she can’t be assigned to me as the second caretaker. It is not possible,” Ann sighed.

“It doesn’t matter, Annie. She will spend a lot of time with us anyway. We will start tomorrow.”

“Okay, daddy,” Ann suddenly yawned. Despite the afternoon nap she was tired and needed a thorough relaxation.

“Annie, you should go to bed; you look tired,” Freddie noticed the yawn, “take your nightshirt and go to the bathroom.”

Ann nodded and walked away; five minutes later she appeared in the bathroom. Freddie was waiting for her already and he was filling the bathtub. Surprisingly, Ann didn’t undress herself.

“Daddy, the princess is little. Can you prepare her for bed please?”

“Okay,” Freddie nodded and smiled, “let’s get undressed,” he took off Ann’s skirt, T-shirt and pulled down the tights. Afterwards, he unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed the wet diapers.

“Up to the tub,” he lifted Ann and put her down into the warm water. Ann relaxed and leaned back. Freddie took a washcloth and cleaned her.

“Wait for me,” he left and came back, carrying four diapers.

“My little princess needs a good sleep. She won’t need to check her diapees.”

Ann looked at the diapers. At the Centre she always protested; the thick package was a bit uncomfortable. She gave him a questioning look, but he smiled only, lifted her from the tub, wrapped in a large towel and dried her thoroughly.

“Lie down, Annie,” he put the diapers beneath her behind and fixed them by the rubber pants. Ann felt the thick package between her legs, but she didn’t mind it suddenly. She was the little princess though. Freddie helped her put on the nightshirt and carried her to her bed.

“Good night, little princess,” he kissed and covered her and left for his working room to check on his orders and to work for awhile.

Ann couldn’t sleep; she was too excited, and she couldn’t find a comfortable position. The thick diaper package kept her legs apart and she couldn’t turn to her side. After several attempts she turned to her belly and found that position quite comfortable. Nevertheless, the fatigue took over and she dozed off.

Meanwhile Freddie got tired as well and switched the computer off. He took the shower and put on his pajamas and entered his bedroom.

Ann was awakened by the sound of opening and closing doors when Freddie emerged from the bathroom. She instinctively reached between her legs to check her diapers. She was wet but the outer diapers were almost dry. She stood up and waddled towards Freddie’s bedroom.

“Daddy, can the princess sleep in your bed?”

“Of course, my little one,” He lifted the blanket and let Ann lie down next to him. She turned to her belly again and snuggled up close to him. Freddie put his arm around her, and his eyes closed as well.

“Morning, princess,” Freddie kissed Ann when the sun peeked into his room.

“Morning, daddy,” Ann opened her eyes and kissed his cheek. She turned to her back and felt the warm and heavy package between her legs. The diapers were soaked but she didn’t leak. She realized she didn’t need any diaper change during the night.

“Let’s get up, princess. Are you a big or a little princess today?”

Ann shrugged. She wasn’t sure but she felt she should be big for the shopping trip.

“A big princess today, daddy. I’m looking forward to the shopping,” Ann grinned.

“Okay, up to your room and pick some clothes for you and clean diapers,” Freddie poked her nose.

Ann jumped up and waddled towards her bedroom. The package didn’t keep her legs as far apart as before. However, it was heavy and dropping down. She hurried up, took two clean diapers, clean tights and a light blue dress.

When Freddie entered the room, she was wearing the dress and lying on her bed, her legs were spread already. The nightshirt was folded up and sitting on the blanket.

“Well, well, we have a big princess today indeed. Let’s change the peed-in diapees now,” Freddie unbuttoned the rubber pants and the heavy package dropped down on the floor. He cleaned and diapered Ann.

“I’ll prepare breakfast, Annie,” he left for the kitchen. Ann put on her tights and slippers, took the wet diapers and carried them to the bathroom to rinse them. The pail was almost full, and it was time to wash the diapers.

“Annie, breakfast,” Freddie’s voice sounded form the kitchen and Ann washed her hands and hurried up. She was hungry and thirsty already.

“Okay, daddy,” she sat down. Freddie laid the table and a plate with bacon and eggs was sitting in front of Ann along with a big cup of tea. She wasn’t used to that kind of breakfast, but her tummy was growling, and she ate up everything.

“Daddy, what will we do today?” she asked Freddie while eating.

“Hey, princess, don’t talk with your mouth full,” there was a small reproach in Freddie’s voice.

“Sorry, daddy,” Ann realized he was right.

“Well, our first step is the shopping trip, princess. You will need more clothes and we also need to refill our pantry. Marianne will be waiting for us,” Freddie continued when they finished the breakfast.

“Okay, daddy. We also need to wash my diapers. The pail is almost full. I know how to switch on the machine, but we should wait now until I poop after the meal,” Ann explained her condition without any sign of embarrassment.

“That’s fine, princess. Do the dishes and I will prepare the shopping bags,” Freddie stood up and left. He wrote down the groceries shopping list and carried the bags into his car.

“Daddy, all done,” he heard Ann’s voice and returned to the kitchen. He was amused when he felt the smell.

“Really! All done, my poopy princess,” he laughed, “up to the bathroom. A shower is the best idea.”

“Yeah, it is,” Ann hurried up; she undressed quickly and waited in front of the bathtub. Freddie helped her into it and set up the warm water. He unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed them carefully while holding the messy diapers. Ann helped him and she wiped away most of the poop. While he rinsed the diapers and put them into the wash machine, she showered herself and dried herself and hurried up to bring two clean diapers.

“Lie down, princess,” Freddie smiled. As she lay down, he diapered her. Ann jumped up and dressed herself quickly and switched on the machine.

“Daddy, we might need six diaper to change me at least but I‘d prefer more. Don’t forget the plastic bag for the dirty ones and the baby wipes,” she really was a big princess.

“Okay, okay,” Freddie kissed her and headed to her room to pack everything necessary.

“Your backpack,” he returned. Ann was waiting for him in the hall. She had her shoes and jacket on already. She took the backpack and followed Freddie to the car.

“You should use a child seat, princess, but I don’t have any. Sit down on the rear seat and fasten your safety belt,” Freddie looked back to check on her, started the engine and drove off.


Tolle Fortsetzung ich bin schon auf den Einkauf gespannt.

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Part 9

Ann kept watching the surroundings while they were driving towards Fallbrook. They passed Chatsson and got to the highway. That was the first surprise; she has never seen highways and heavy traffic. Brisson was a small town and Ann hasn’t left it before.

“Daddy, how can you drive without a crash? I’ve never seen that many cars on a street,” Ann got curious, and she also got a bit worried.

“Don’t worry, princess. This is a usual traffic here. If you turn 16, you can learn driving as well.”

“I’m not sure, daddy.”

“Don’t be afraid of driving. You will get used to it soon. We will often drive to Fallbrook,” Freddie tried to calm her down.

Half an hour later they reached Fallbrook and Ann stared at the big city wide-eyed. She was fascinated by the big houses, wide streets and the crowds of people. It was a brand-new world for her, but she somehow liked it. Freddie headed towards the shopping center and parked his car in the underground garage.

“Princess, get off. We will meet Marianne upstairs,” he opened the rear door and helped Ann and took her at hand. They walked to the nearest elevator and rode up to the first floor. Marianne was waiting in the large entrance hall.

“Wow, daddy; this is a big shopping center. I couldn’t imagine it,” Ann stopped dead in her tracks when they got off the elevator. She looked around and admired the shops on all sides wherever she aimed her sight. She also noticed the people and their clothes. The day before she didn’t focus on Marianne’s clothes but now, she realized the big difference. None of the girls passing by was wearing the plain clothes that were usual in her alternative world. Instead of shirts and plain skirts, they were wearing bright colored T-shirts and jackets and Ann was taken aback when she noticed girls in shorts or pants. The boys also were wearing T-shirts instead of shirts.

“Hello,” Marianne waved at them and walked over to them, “Sweetheart, you look shocked,” she stroked Ann’s hair.

“Yeah, Mar … mommy. This world is really different. I never saw girls and women wearing pants.”

“It is usual here, Annie. They are more comfortable,” Marianne smiled; she also was wearing blue jeans and a bright yellow T-shirt, “we will buy you some beautiful clothes.”

“Yeah; anyway, we should check our princess first; how much she peed in her diapers,” Freddie turned to Ann.

“The princess will need a change,” Ann grinned. She felt the wet and heavy package between her legs, and she didn’t remember when she had peed.

“Well, a change of plans, sweetheart,” Marianne pointed at the pharmacy across the hall, “our princess will try out different diapees and I think she will like them.”

“Why, mommy? I have spare diapers with me,” Ann didn’t understand Marianne’s idea.

“Wait, sweetheart and you will see,” Marianne walked over to the pharmacy, and she came back carrying a package of disposables, “come with me,” she took Ann at hand and headed towards the family restroom. Freddie followed them.

Ann jumped on the changing table, pulled down her tights and spread her legs. Marianne smiled only, unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed the wet diapers and put them into the plastic bag.

“Look, sweetheart,” she opened the package and unfolded one of the disposables. Ann stared at it in utter surprise.

“This is too small, mommy; will it hold my pee?”

“Don’t worry and try it out,” Marianne powdered Ann’s crotch and taped the diaper shut. Ann pulled up the tights and jumped down.

“I don’t feel the diaper between my legs at all. How is it possible?”

“The diaper is made from a different material, and it is able to absorb your pee. Don’t worry and come with me. We are about to shop clothes for you.”

Ann shook her head and followed Marianne to the first shop. It was a stocking shop and Marianne showed nylons to Ann.

“If you like to wear skirts, you could wear this instead of the thick tights. Would you like to try them out?” Marianne bought a pair in Ann’s size, “let’s return to the bathroom and change in them.”

Ann took the nylons in her hand and was surprised about the material. Marianne helped her put them on without a damage and Ann was astonished.

“This is great. Now I’m even a bigger princess,” she grinned.

“Wait, sweetheart, you will get shoes and clothes,” Marianne led her to a shoe shop to buy a pair of pink sneakers and then to a clothing shop.

Ann put on the sneakers, and she suddenly felt different. As they entered the clothing shop, she was shocked by the offer. She started with a pink T-shirt and denim skirt. As she emerged from the changing room and looked in the mirror, she didn’t recognize herself. She looked like the other girls.

The next surprise were pants. Ann put them on, but she felt strange, and she realized that her diaper was visible. None of the girls was diapered and she wasn’t sure about their reaction.

“Mommy, I don’t like pants; however. the new tights are great,” Ann took off the pants and picked more T-shirts, skirts and dresses. Marianne smiled only and Freddie paid for the clothes. Ann changed into the pink T-shirt and the denim skirt and packed her old clothes into her backpack. Now she didn’t differ from the girls around her except for the diaper; however, she even didn’t feel it and it wasn’t visible under her skirt.

Marianne purchased more nylons and one more pair of sneakers and Freddie packed everything in the bags.

“Take place and have some drink and snack until I carry the bags to the car,” he took the bags and left. Marianne pointed to a snack bar and led Ann there.

“Can I have a big glass of juice please?” Ann asked Marianne.

“Of course, sweetheart but I’m a bit surprised; do you drink that much always? Are you okay?”

“Daddy has asked me about it already. I am okay but I need more diaper changes.”

“Okay then,” Marianne ordered snacks, juice for Ann and a cup of coffee for herself. Meanwhile Freddie returned and he ordered a snack and coffee for himself.

“Love, we should boy some groceries and we can go to a movie then. What do you think, princess?”

“A movie? It is new for me. We could watch some children movies at the Centre, but I don’t know anything about movies,” Ann shrugged, “It will be great,” she suddenly hugged and kissed Freddie.

“Okay, princess. By the way, what do you think of your new diapers?” Freddie asked her in a low voice.

Ann almost reached between her legs, but she stopped; she instinctively knew it would be inappropriate. She didn’t feel any wetness, but she realized that the package was heavier. She had peed in the diaper and didn’t feel almost anything.

“It is good indeed. Princess has peed herself and she doesn’t feel any wetness,” Ann grinned; however, she whispered it.

“Well then, let’s go,” Freddie finished his coffee and stood up. Ann and Marianne also finished their snacks and drinks and followed him to the grocery shop.

Ann was walking along the shelves and picking groceries like an adult. Her education provided her with all the necessary knowledge. Several people watched her and gave her admiring looks. She was suddenly proud of herself and didn’t notice to pee in her diaper again. The juice had passed her body already.

Freddie and Marianne followed her and kept smiling; she was in the big princess mode apparently.


Tolle Fortsetzung weiter so.

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Part 10

“All done,” Ann stopped and headed towards the cash desk.

“Yeah, indeed,” Freddie checked the cart and nodded only; Ann really knew about groceries shopping, “Let me pay for the shopping and we can carry it to my car and continue to the movie then.”

“Okay, daddy,” Ann smiled at him. She was proud of herself that she had shown her knowledge. She was also surprised by the new diaper. It was heavy already but she didn‘t feel any wetness.

“Sweetheart, do you need a change?” Marianne asked Ann when Freddie left to load the groceries.

“I don’t know,” Ann shrugged. She wasn’t sure about the diaper condition.

“Let’s go to the family bathroom and check,” Marianne led Ann to the family bathroom, closed the doors and reached under Ann’s skirt.

“I think it is okay. Reach to the diaper and check its condition. You will feel the soaked part and the clean part, sweetheart. If there is some clean part left, you don’t need a change.”

“Okay, mommy,” Ann did as she was told, and she really felt a heavy and soaked part and some clean area. They left the bathroom and met Freddie in the hall.

The movie was another pleasant experience for Ann; they watched a family story and Ann learned more about the new world she got in. She was taken aback by the fact that parents took care of little children unlike her alternative world; she found it much better.

“Princess is all soaked,” she grinned when they returned to the hall. However, she said it in low voice; she was aware of the difference and looked around before saying it.

“Well, princess, let’s go change,” Freddie took her at hand, took the diaper bag from Marianne and headed towards the family bathroom. The package between Ann’s legs was heavy already and it dropped a bit; the nylons couldn’t hold it properly.

Ann jumped onto the changing table, lifted her skirt, and pulled the nylons a bit down.

“Be careful; you can tear the tights,” Freddie smile and helped her. He untapped the soggy diaper and pulled it down between Ann’s legs.

“Wow, this diaper is really much better,” Ann was surprised by the fact that her crotch was almost dry, and the urine smell wasn’t that intense, “I have peed three times in it and didn’t feel any wetness.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Freddie smiled, “we will buy more packages and one night-time package,” he wiped and powdered Ann’s crotch and put a new diaper on her.

“It is lunch time already. Let’s go to a restaurant,” Marianne turned to them when they emerged from the bathroom.

“A good idea,” Freddie replied, and Ann also nodded. It was another new experience.

Ann was surprised by the long list of dishes on the menu. She was used to plain foods at the Centre, and she didn’t know what to choose. Marianne helped her; she described the meals and Ann finally ordered a chicken steak with French fries. She was quite hungry, and the dish was really delicious.

“Let’s go home now,” Freddie paid for the lunch and turned to Marianne, “come with us, love. We will have a pleasant afternoon.”

“Come with us, mommy,” Ann also turned to Marianne.

“Of course, sweetheart, I will go with you, but I’ll drive my car. I can’t leave it behind here.”

They headed towards the underground garage, got in the car and drove off. Ann was a bit tired. and she leaned back on the rear seat.

About ten minutes later she heard a growling sound in her guts and an unpleasant pressure. Seconds later she felt a cramp and a mass of semiliquid poop spurted out of her anus along with a lot of gas. The liquid part of poop was mostly absorbed by the diaper, but its solid part moved to the diaper front.

“Daddy, something is wrong,” she turned to Freddie, “I pooped but it is liquid, and it stinks a lot,” she was suddenly worried.

“Don’t worry, princess. It can happen. Have you ever eaten French fries? They are a bit difficult to digest. You might not be used to this kind of meals.”

“Right, daddy. I’ve never eaten anything like this. But … what happens to me? Do we have to go to a doctor?”

“I don’t think so. Several messy diapers will be the only consequence. Your bowels will empty themselves and everything will be okay then. As soon as we arrive at home, I’ll clean and change you.”

“Okay, daddy,” Ann calmed down; however, the growling sounds didn’t stop. They were almost at home when she experienced the next cramp.

“Daddy, I pooped again,” this time she almost cried. She worried about the diaper condition; the poop could leak onto the skirt and tights.

“Hold on, princess,” he tried to calm her down once more. He finally parked his car and opened the rear door. The smell was terrible. Ann got out of the car, and she reached down to her skirt and tights. Everything was clean.

“Hurry up, please,” she followed Freddie and headed directly to the bathroom, unzipped the skirt and pulled it down her legs.

“Everything is good, my princess,” Freddie removed her sneakers and pulled down the nylons and put her into the tub. As he untapped the diaper, the smell got worse, and the soaked garment plopped onto the tub bottom. Freddie packed it quickly and grabbed the shower head.

“Hold your T-shirt, princess,” he showered her crotch, cleaned her thoroughly and lifted her in his arms.

“Let’s dry you and put a clean diapee on you,” he kissed her forehead, wrapped her into a towel from waist down, powdered her and put a new diaper on her.

“Hey, what is going on?” Marianne appeared in the bathroom. She instantly noticed the smell, “our princess has got an upset stomach.”

“I think the French fries were the cause; she isn’t used to this kind of meals,” Freddie shrugged.

“Well, it isn’t anything serious. Go and relax, sweetheart, and tell us when you need the next diaper change. I’ll cook some tea for you; you need to drink a lot to get hydrated again,” Marianne took Ann at hand and led her to her bedroom. Ann was wearing the T-shirt and diaper only.

“Try to sleep if you can,” Marianne covered Ann and kissed her forehead.

“Okay,” Ann nodded; she was weak and here eyes closed. She woke up when Freddie leaned down and stroked her hair.

“Princess, have your tea,” he held a cup at her lips. She lifted her head and drank it up quickly. She was thirsty.

“How long was I asleep? Where is mommy?” She realized it was dark outside.

“She has left already; it is late evening. You have slept for about five hours.”

“Did the pooping stop?” Ann realized that her diaper was clean, and she didn’t feel any stench.

“Yeah, but we have changed you three times; you didn’t awake at all. I think it’s over. However, you need to get hydrated now. Can you drink one more cup?”

Ann nodded and drank the second cup.

“Princess, tell me when you pee. It is important.”

“I do, daddy,” Ann nodded but she also yawned, “I’m tired.”

“Okay, let’s change you into your new nightshirt,” Freddie helped her, pulled the T-shirt over her head, and put the new nightshirt on her.

“Good night, princess. Everything will be better tomorrow.”

“Good night, daddy,” she smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

Later in the night Freddie woke up when the small figure crawled on his bed and snuggled up to him. Freddie reached to her crotch, but the diaper was still dry. Her body needed more liquid. He got up and made one more cup of tea. Ann drank it half-asleep and dozed off again.

“Morning, daddy, I have peed,” Freddie was awakened by Ann’s voice; it sounded cheerful.

“Morning, princess,” he kissed her forehead, “are you okay?”

“Okay, daddy, hungry, thirsty and peed-in,” Ann kissed his forehead.

“Let’s change you first,” Freddie grabbed a clean diaper and changed Ann quickly,” go and get dressed. Are you still the big princess?”

“Yeah, daddy,” Ann jumped up and ran to her room. When Freddie got up, washed and dressed himself, he found her in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Yesterday I had much fun and the messy accidents didn’t spoil my day,” Ann’s reaction was adult indeed, “I have new clothes, new diapers and I’ve had fun at the movie though.”

Freddie smiled only and he was watching Ann. She looked like an adult. Would she ever have some childhood?