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Part 11
I just started back to school today, so after working on my psychology homework I started working on this story again. I can’t guarantee as frequent updates now, since I’ve got school to concentrate on. :slight_smile:

I laid there on the floor watching cartons not really thinking about anything. I switched the bottle for my pacifier and laid there for three more hours, wetting my diaper once more. I must have been really involved in the TV, because the next thing I knew Ms. Darling was standing above me. I jumped about twenty feet in the air and added a little more liquid to my diaper.

“Getting into Sesame Street?” she said laughing.

I sat up and nodded.

“I’m done working for now, so how about some lunch?”

“Yeah” I said, for the first time noticing that I was hungry.

She took my hand and we walked into the kitchen. There was a Dora the explorer placemat on the table in front of my chair. She guided me into the chair and walked into the kitchen.

PLEASE no baby food!!

I can hear cabinets opening and closing and hear the fridge open and close.

Please no baby food, it sounds promising… I hope…

A few minutes later she returned with two plates. She sat one in front of me and sat her plate across the table from me. On my plate was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and carrots with ranch dressing to dip the in.

Yeesss! Real food

She went back into the kitchen and came back with two cups, an adult cup with water, and a sippy cup with some kind of juice. She handed me the cup and I took a drink.

Mmmm grape

She sat across the table and I looked up at her, not touching my food.

“No, it’s not drugged, don’t give me that look missy” she said starting to eat her salad.

I quickly picked up my sandwich and started to eat. She continued to eat her rabbit food, and I ate most of what was on my plate. I picked up my juice cup and drank it all and set the cup back down on the table.

“Alright, its time for a change, then I think your gonna lay down for an hour or so, because I’m gonna lay down, neither of us had the best sleep last night.”

I groaned

“See acting like a tired little girl, proves to me you need to take a nap”

I didn’t say anything, just sat there; noticing that I could possibly be a bit tired, but I would NEVER admit it. She took my silence as enough of answer and I was lifted out of the chair. I started to say something and she stuck my pacifier in my mouth, I sighed from behind my pacifier and put my arms around her neck.

We walked upstairs and into the nursery. She laid me on the changing pad and quickly changed me, making sure to apply some fresh rash cream. I stood up and she pulled my pants up and fastened them. I stood there, still not wanting to go lay down, she lifted me and took me over to the crib and plopped me down.

“I’ll come get you in an hour, try and get some sleep, little girl or not, you’re always crabby when you don’t get enough sleep” she said handing me a bottle of water and putting the side of the crib up.

I lay down and just looked at her. She covered me up, patted me on the head and walked out of the room. I reached over for my phone on the table.

“You better not touch that cell phone either” she yelled from down the hallway.

Dang it, how does she know! Dang teachers with eyes everywhere!

I sat the phone back down after glancing at the time.

12:43 I’m gonna be here till 2 and I’m gonna go CRAZY!

After staring at the wall for a few minutes I started to drift off to sleep, I spit out the pacifier and put the bottle nipple in my mouth and gently sucked out some of the water. As I did this I slowly drifted off to sleep…

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another good chapter, keep up the good work

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I’m enjoying your story, but did you have to go talking about Ohio weather?

It’s all your fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

You fellow snowbound Ohioan,


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Yeah the state where we have 100+ sometimes and then we have wind chills of -25. It was like 8 here this morning. If I hafta suffer so do my characters, but it seems to be working to their advantage. :slight_smile:

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It’s nice that you can keep adding chapters so quickly. I am so busy with many things. Too many irons in the fire. Keep up this story. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

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Part 12

I woke up with a start; there was something cold on my face. I sat up and looked at my pillow, and sure enough the bottle had slipped out of my mouth and cold water had dripped on my pillow. I looked around the room to make sure Ms… Mommy was nowhere to be seen, and listened to make sure she wasn’t walking down the hallway.

Ok I think it’s safe

I reached out between the bars of the crib and lightly picked up my cell phone. I hit a few buttons so it would announce the time to me. It announced that the time was 2:14; it was announced a little too loud for my liking. I quickly shut the phone and sat it back down on the table and listened to the footsteps coming down the hallway.

Oh crap, the backlight, go off, GO OFF!

I stuck the bottle back in my mouth and tried to look like I wasn’t doing anything; hoping against hope that her teacher senses wouldn’t notice anything amiss. I glanced over and the screen on my phone had gone dark. I breathed a small sigh of relief.

“So did you enjoy your nap?” Ms. Darling asked as she lowered the side of the crib.

“Nope”, I said crawling over to her.

“You didn’t sleep?” she asked

“Nope” I said holding my arms out

“Stubborn butt” she said lifting me up, smiling

We were in the process of walking down the stairs when I decided it was as good a time as any to wet my diaper. I relaxed and my bladder released. She ruffled my hair and smiled.

How does she know?…

“You wanna go outside, the wind has died down”?

“Yeah” I said wiggling and trying to get down

She lightly slapped my thigh and I stopped wiggling and looked at her.

“I didn’t want to hit you, but I didn’t wanna drop you either” she said

“Sorry” I said, looking down

She stood my in the living room and lightly patted me on the head and went to get our coats and winter gear. She came back in and sat my boots in front of me. I stepped into my boots as she was putting her boots on. She put my coat, gloves and hat on. She started to put my scarf on, but I stepped back.

“I don’t wanna wear my scarf”

“Well that’s too bad, right now I’m the mommy and if I’m dressing you I tell you what you are going to wear”

I sighed as she tired the stupid itchy scarf around my neck. Next she put on my coat and zipped it up. She put on her coat, hat, gloves, and she even put in a scarf. She opened the front door and I ran out, falling right on my padded butt on the ice. She laughed and walked outside a little slower than I did.

I just sat there for a second, a little stunned. It had hurt, but not too much, just sorta stunned me a little bit. She walked over and took my hands and pulled me to my feet. I brushed the snow off my pants and started to walk around in the snow. I wandered around to the backyard and found a nice little hill to roll down.

I went to the top of the hill and felt the wind in my face. I didn’t like it because it blew snow in my face and down my jacket. So I laid down in the snow and made a snow angel, then I rolled to one side and rolled down the hill. I laughed as I rolled down the hill and snow made its way into my boots, and clothing.

I stopped at the bottom and looked up, mommy was standing there looking at me, laughing. She pulled me to my feet and started brushing the snow off. I started shivering, noticing that my diaper was wetter than I remember it being.

I wonder if that was me, or the snow, cause I don’t remember doing that

She took my hand and we walked back around to the front of the house and in the front door. She started to remove my coat, gloves, hat and scarf; I kicked off my boots. She took off her coat and winter clothing and took my hand. We walked into the living room, I was still shivering. She pushed my shoulder gently and I sat down in the chair behind me.

I heard her walk into the kitchen and open and close the refrigerator. She came back into the room with another bottle of soy milk. I stood up and she sat down and I climbed into her lap, and lay against her shoulder. She pulled the blanket from behind her and wrapped it around me. She held the bottle up to my mouth and I took it and began to drink the cool vanilla milk. She turned the TV on, the weather channel was predicting more snow this evening and tonight. People were being told to stay off the road, because we were still under a level 3 snow emergency. I heard the wind picking up again as I continued to nurse the bottle.

Looks like I’m going to be here for a few days…

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It has been a while I know, algebra is hard ok, I’ll say that. I’m almost done with it, so things should look up here in the next few weeks.

Part 13

I finished the bottle and turned my attention to the TV, mommy had changed the channel to nickelodeon. Fairly Odd Parents was on, so I was more than happy. About forty five minutes after finishing the bottle I had to pee again, so I let it go. I felt the familiar warmth, but then it felt a little too warm.

Oh man, I can’t stop!

“Oh, I think I should have changed a little girl’s diaper earlier” mommy said standing up with me still in her arms.

I blushed and felt the diaper squish as she stood with me in her arms. I buried my face in her shoulder out of embarrassment.

“It’s ok, little girls get leaky diapers sometimes” she said slowly rubbing my back.

We walked upstairs and into the nursery and she stood me up on the changing pad. She walked over to the closet for a new diaper. My pants were wet and starting to cool, the cold fabric was starting to get very uncomfortable. She sat a new diaper beside me and gathered up the powder and rash lotion.

“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go change out of my wet pants, so I’ll be able to take care of you better, is that ok” she asked

I nodded and she walked out of the room. I walked over to the table where my cell phone was sitting and took the few minutes to answer some text messages. A few minutes later I heard footsteps coming back down the hallway, so I set the phone back down and walked back over to the changing pad, the cold fabric rubbing at my legs as I walked.

“Had to make sure I wasn’t going to leak too” she sad taking my hand and putting a hand on my shoulder to make me lay down.

I lay on my back and she pulled my pants off and laid them aside. She took a baby wipe and cleaned my legs where my pants had been wet. She untapped the diaper and pulled it out from under me and wiped down my still sensitive skin. The new diaper was slid under me and she reapplied rash cream and baby powder. She taped the new diaper on and pulled a pair of sweatpants out of my bag. I stood up and stepped into the pants and she pulled them up.

“Now it sounds like your going to be here until tomorrow if not later, but you need to work on some of that homework” she said.

I sighed and nodded and pulled my netbook and TI-84 calculator out of my bag and sat down on the floor. She left the room and returned a few minutes later with a bottle full of water and set it down beside me and went back downstairs. I started my psychology reading and finished the reading questions at the end of the chapter. Then I started work on math; math took me about two hours to finish, but I got it done.

With my homework out of the way I connected to her wireless network and logged onto my facebook and chatted it up with a couple of my friends. I could hear noise downstairs, but wasn’t really paying attention. At least an hour passed and I was still chatting on facebook. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs I glanced at the time on the computer screen.

5:43… dang facebook is addictive and time consuming

“Come on time for dinner” mommy said from the doorway.

I signed out of my facebook and walked downstairs behind her. I sat down at the table and she pushed my chair in. Sitting on the table in front of me were three jars of baby food, a sippy cup of water, and a spoon. I picked up the jars.

Chicken and rice, peas, and sweet potatoes… no way… this is not gonna happen

I sat the jars back down and sat there. She sat down with her plate of food and looked over at me.

“Your going to eat what is in front of you if you want dessert” she said.

“No dessert for me then” I said.

“You’re not getting up until you’ve eaten enough of it then” she said.

“I’m not eatin this” I said.

“Then your going to be sitting there a while, aren’t you?” she said.

I sighed, we were locked into a battle of the wills that was going to last as long as I could avoid eating the nasty paste.

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Not bad…. I like it. I like it a lot. Powderhair, I also can relate as a person with disabilities, and liking independence too. I always liked having my freedom too. NICE story. I am impressed with it too.


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another excellent chapter, keep up the good work

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Bwah ha ha it is done!!

I have a lot on my plate right now, not to mention some other story ideas floating around in my head, so I wanted to get this finished. I apologize if it seems rushed. Now that it is done let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Half an hour later I still sitting at the table, staring at the ceiling and playing with the spoon in my hand. Mommy had finished her dinner and went back in to the living room to get back on her computer. I looked down and the jars, sighed and opened the sweet potatoes. They indeed tasted like sweet potatoes, but needed some brown sugar, because the flavor sucked. I finished the jar and picked up the chicken and rice. I opened this jar and smelled it

How can there be chicken in this, its not refrigerated….
And it smells nothing like chicken or rice, could be raccoon puree for all I know

I sighed VERY loudly and slowly ate the nasty chicken rice paste. Finally the jar of peas remained, staring at me, mocking me. I hated peas, and baby food peas could not be any better. I opened the jar and threw the lid across the room to emphasize that I was not thrilled. I heard a small laugh from the other room. This caused me to pick up another one of the lids and throw it off into space.

“Break anything, and there will be some trouble, I guarantee you” mommy said from the next room.

I smelled the peas and gagged.

Why? What did I do wrong? I want to find whoever had the idea of making peas into baby food a force feed it to them for the rest of their life!!!

I heard footsteps and looked up in time to see mommy walk into the room. She retrieved the lids I had thrown and walked over to stand in front of me.

“If you don’t throw anything else, you only have to eat half the jar” she said.

I groaned, and gave my best puppy dog eyes.

“Not going to work, I was a teacher for way too long” she said.

I groaned again and stuck the spoon into the snot like substance and brought the spoon to my mouth. I held my nose with my free hand and for some stupid reason put the spoon in my mouth. It was as if something died in my mouth and had been left there for a month in the August sun. Mommy burst out laughing at the look on my face.

“Really it can’t be that bad” she said.

“But it issssssssssss” I whined.

“Please no more mommy!!” I said trying the puppy dog eyes again.

She sighed.

“Two more GOOD spoonfuls”

Figuring it was the best deal I was going to get I stuck the spoon back in and brought another spoonful to my mouth. After another gagging session and a good drink of water I went back in for the third and final time. I quickly shoved in the green goop, and finished off my cup of water.

“Jeez it was like pulling teeth” mommy said taking the jars and spoon off the table and walking back into the kitchen.

I took this as my opportunity and bolted into the living room, just in case she changed her mind. (adults do that sometimes) I stood at the window and even though it was dark I could tell the snow had stopped. I walked over to the couch, picked up the remote and turned on the TV. I found the weather channel; the snow had stopped, now the city just had to plow everybody out.

“Looks like we may be going back to work and school tomorrow” mommy said walking in and handing me a bottle.

I nodded and put the nipple in my mouth and lightly sucked to figure out what it was. Not feeling in the mood for apple juice I saw the bottle back down and channel surfed for a while. Mommy went back to her computer work until about 9pm.

“Well kiddo, I think we ought to call it a night since it looks like we’re going back to our normal lives tomorrow” mommy said.

“Sure, sounds good” I said.

She picked up the bottle I had forgotten about, took my hand and lead me upstairs. We walked into the nursery and I laid down on the floor. She pulled off my socks and pants and then pulled me to my feet, then picked up my pajamas and a fresh diaper.

“Tomorrow night I’ll be back at my apartment diapering myself, and you will be here diapering yourself. Even if we are alone, it feels less lonely because I know somebody that is doing the same thing” I said as we walked down to the bathroom.

“I know what you mean kiddo” she said.

“Can I take a shower tonight, so I can feel cleaner then I do with a bath?” I asked.

“Sure, save us some time and some water” she said.

Mommy turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. She pulled my shirt off and sat it on the floor. She then untaped my diaper and taped it to itself.

“I’ll come back when I hear the water shut off” she said walking out and closing the door.

I jumped in the shower and started washing my hair. I had always used my shower time to talk to God, and tonight was going to be no exception.

Not the past few days I have been expecting, but I can’t complain. Your driving here, not me. I do thank you for everything that has happened here, and thank you for everything that you have done. Please keep us safe as we go about our day tomorrow, and keep all the people safe that are traveling tomorrow in the snow. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

I rinsed out the shampoo and put in conditioner, then soaped my body. Just enjoying the feeling of the nice hot shower. I rinsed all the soap and conditioner from my body and shut the shower off. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my hair, and another around my body. I walked to the sink and brushed my teeth. Mommy walked in just as I was finishing.

I laid down on the floor and she unwrapped the towel around my body. She applied baby powder and taped up my last diaper. I stood up and she helped me into my pajamas. She lifted me up and I laid my head on her shoulder as we walked back to the nursery. She laid me in the crib and handed me the bottle from earlier.

“It has been fun, we will have to do this again sometime. Next time let’s try a play date, you kids these days are too attached to your phones and Internet. You barley touched those nice toys, looks like I’m going to have to teach you how to play with toys”. Mommy said pulling the blanket up over me and tucking it in.

I laughed.

“It has helped me as well; I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be a mommy” she said running her fingers through my hair.

I smiled up at her and she smiled back.

“Night baby girl” she said putting the side of the crib up and walking to the door.

“Night mommy” I said putting the nipple of the bottle in my mouth.

I heard footsteps retreat down the hallway and then the sound of a gentle wind outside. I reached over for my phone, answered some text messages, and put the phone back on the table. I heard the sound of the shower down the hallway, and listened to the steady sound of the water and it lulled me to sleep.

1 week later

“Hey Kate, how was class today?” Ms. Darling asked as I walked into the office.

“My math teacher is the devil, but otherwise good” I said shedding my winter clothing.

She laughed and turned back to her computer.

I walked over to my desk and sat in my chair. I pushed my computer’s power button and pulled out the keyboard tray. I gave a small yelp and grabbed the object with such speed and accuracy you would think I was lying on my vision tests. I heard a laugh from across the room. My NUK5 pacifier wasn’t missing anymore. Ms. Darling and I were the only one’s in the office, so I got up and went over to her desk.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for this thing” I said.

“I found it last night when I went to get into the crib, it hurts to sit on” she said.

I laughed and walked back over to my desk and put the pacifier deep in my purse, making sure I knew where it was.

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That was a really excellent first story. Write down more of your stories and posts.

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Thank you!

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That was an excellent first story, keep up the good work.

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sequel this is great loved it!!!

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I really liked this story - I particularly like that your writing made an unlikely situation seem plausible, rather than ridiculous as happens in so many AB/DL stories - for example by having the woman’s AB clothes and diapers/plastic pants too big for Katie. In 90% of AB stories I’m sure every outfit in the woman’s closet would have coincidently fitted just perfectly, I also liked the mix of baby time and adult time (eg: having to still do homework) which again made the story seem real - for me it was those little details which stopped the experience from being perfect that made the story believable, which for me is one of the most important things.

I look forward to reading more of your stories, I’m sure there is room for a sequel here :slight_smile: