The Blessing and The Curse? (Patreon Reward)

This story is a reward for matt on my patron. he’s paying $10 to get a story from me. if you want one as well, well I have 4 more slots open!

In a basement a blue bunny named Mattie plays with his best friend and his friend’s wife. They all loved D&d. His friend was a brown fox named Kallias. His friend’s wife was a very cute squirrel named Ayanda. Ayanda was the DM but it seemed like she would go after Mattie way more often then Kallias.

This was their 5th session in this game so the story was getting interesting. But things took weird turns when odd things were introduced. Like diapers and people randomly changing into girls. Mattie didn’t see anything suspicious about it till near the end of the session he messed up a roll getting hit by some beam of light and got cursed.

“wait… so what happens to my character now?”

Mattie asks in a worried voice. Ayanda giggles and just smiles.

“That’s a secret. But that’s the end of this session! It’s getting late anyways.”

Ayanda stands up from her chair and pulls her skirt down and Kallias just parts Mattie on the back who just cracks a smile.

“I feel like you are both teaming up against me… but what an odd story about people being put in diapers… and transformed into a girl. Sounds like a nightmare?”

Mattie says. Kallias shrugs.

“I mean ya if you’re the one involved in that mess. But hey it’s just a game. Nothing matters right.”

Mattie laughs some.

“ya I suppose so.”

Ayanda smirks.

“or maybe what happens in the game happens for real!”

Mattie shakes. Kallias rolls his eyes.

“Seriously Bae? Can you not freak him out? He might not come back to play.”

He says laughing elbowing Mattie.

“o-oh right… ya…”

Mattie always had a bit of a crush on his friend’s wife but that wasn’t something he would ever admit to. But he couldn’t lie that his bud was quite good looking to. He might have been a bit bi but his friend was straight. He knew that for years. He sighs.

“Anyways I should get home before it gets too dark. Never know what creeps come out at dark.”

They walk upstairs and to the front door.

“Do you need Kallias to drive you home? He wouldn’t mind. Right?”

Ayanda says, elbowing him and he jumps.

“o-oh right ya ya! No problem whatsoever man!”

Kallias says, rubbing the back of his head laughing a bit.

“nah it’s fine I have walked hope many times alone… shesh you two are acting funny today.”

Mattie walks outside.

“But I’ll catch you tomorrow for the next session can’t wait to find out what happens to my character.”

Ayanda mumbles.

“oh you won’t have to wait long~”

As Matties walks away he stops and looks back.

“you say something?”

Ayanda shakes her head.

“nope, bye! Stay safe!”

As they shut the door. The bunny shrugs and walks home sighing. Once he got home and unlocked his door heading inside he was beginning to feel very sleepy.

“man… it’s not even that late… Why am I so tired.”

He says stretching and yawning. He heads to his room and strips down to his boxers and hops in bed. He puts his hands behind his head and relaxes. It was almost that quick he fell asleep. But something strange was happening to his body today. While he sleeps his body begins to change his blue fur going more pink. His hips are becoming more feminine. He begins to grow boobs and his bulge in his boxers slowly disappears.

In his sleep he has transformed into a woman. The next day she yawns, stretches and sits up scratching one of his ears. His body is now smaller, his boxers just fall right off him.


He looked down and his eyes went wide and a deep blush over his face as he saw his new body. 100% female. His hand goes to a boob and another to his new clit as he quickly pulls away.

“What the hells going on?!”

She yells in a new female voice. She grabs her throat.

“M-my voice is also different…I got to go to Kallias!”

She throws in some shorts and ties them so they stay on and a baggy shirt to hide her boobs.

“god this is embarrassing… I hope no one recognizes me.”

Mattie says rushing out his door and down the road to her friend’s house. She knocks on the door before Kallias Finally answers.

“hello? Well, aren’t you cute.”

Kallias says, Mattie blushes.

“Kallias it’s me, Mattie! I Don’t know what happened but I woke up like that! And I’m freaking out!”

Kallias doesn’t look surprised and looks around before pulling her in the house.

“Ayanda! Mattie here! Just like you said heh and she’s damn cute.”

Mattie looked confused and was still blushing. Ayanda walks from her bedroom in nothing but a bra and panties giggling.

“oh my goodness she’s so much cuter than I even expected~!”

She says hugging Mattie, her face going into her boobs.

“A-Ayanda! M-my f-face-”

She giggles.

“oh it’s ok~”

She pulls Mattie back.

“Look Mattie, me and Kallias have been talking. We want a little girl but we both also really like you. We thought why not invite you to a 3 way. But Kallias just couldn’t get into it, you being a boy that is. So we found a way to make you a girl.”

Mattie’s eyes were big.

“W-why didn’t you just ask me?! I-i mean yes I like you both but this is extreme! Wait… little girl…?”

They both laughed.

“Oh right, you probably don’t know this about us, but me and Ayanda both have a thing for others in diapers. We both aren’t into wearing them but love to baby them. So we want a little we can have fun with and baby.”

Mattie’s face was bright red.

“change me back… no no no! I will not agree to something like that! The… fun part maybe but you ruined your chance at all!”

Mattie says, crossing her arms. Ayanda giggles and hugs him from behind.

“aww that’s a shame. But we had a plan if you didn’t agree.”

Ayanda says pulling down Mattie’s pants showing off her new clit. As Ayanda begins to explore it. Mattie’s legs shake a bit making her moan a bit.

“n-no stop! Let me go!”

Kallias was blushing clearly hard watching.

“uhh sorry Mattie… this is ayanda’s idea.”

Kallias grabs Mattie’s legs and carries him by the arms. They begin to take her to the basement. The whole place has changed from a nice place to dm to what looked like a nursery for adult babies. Mattie struggled.

“Come on guys please! You can’t be serious! How did you do this all in one night?! I’m not a baby and I’m not a girl! I won’t be your plaything!”

Mattie yells as she’s laid on a table and strapped down to it before her wrists are restrained and Ayanda removes her shirt. All Mattie could do was blush more.

“Stop! I’ll scream, I’ll call for the cops!”

Ayanda pats Mattie’s head after strapping her down.

“scream all you want. This room is very sound proof. Don’t worry you will get used to it. Unfortunately I can’t have children so we thought maybe you could have a child with Kallias and me and him would raise it and you like our own kids. Except You get to have sexy time with mommy and daddy.”

Mattie’s face goes pale.

“I can’t have kids… I’m a man… no please… I’m begging you don’t do this to me.”

Kallias smiles.

“don’t worry man err… girl? We will be good, we promise! But I’ll let you pick your diaper design~”

Kallias pulls out diapers that are both pink. One has bunny’s on it and the other has princess across the butt. Mattie keeps blushing.

“no! I pick none! That’s so stupid! I’m not a baby!”

Kallias sighs.

“I told you he wouldn’t enjoy this… are we really going to force this?”

Ayanda thinks for a bit.

“hmm I think I got an idea.”

Ayanda grabs a vibrater and puts it against Mattie’s new clit and turns it on. She begins to drool and moan.

“n-no… mmm… fuck…”

Kallias blushed.

“god…her moans are so hot.”

This only turned on Mattie more before the vibrater was turned off.

“no, don’t stop!”

Ayanda smirks.

“oh I’ll continue if you pick a diaper and agree to be our baby~!”

She closes her eyes and whines.

“you are evil… I want the bunny diaper and I want to be your little baby!”

The vibraning continues as she moans.

“Make me Your bitch.”

She says with her tongue out. She stops again.

“No please! I’ll wear diapers! I’ll be your bitch just please don’t stop! This is so painful!”

She whines. Ayanda smiles.

“That’s good to know Mattie but my hubby is enjoying this way too much. I think he wants a go, Go ahead sweetie. But this is the only other pussy you can have.”

Kallias bits his lip and pulls down his pants to show his large cock. Mattie looks up blushing and closes his eyes.

“God just hurry up…”

Mattie begs as he’s mounted. Suddenly Kallias begins to enter Mattie’s new hole making his moan and scream every inch. He begins to thrust back and forth. Making Mattie scream in pleasure. Her new body wanted this so badly. She came around his dick only making it more enjoyable for Kallias before he moaned a bit loud as he cums up inside her.

Mattie looked in love exhausted and just laying back and relaxing. She’s never felt so good. Kallias climbs off her and pulls up his pants. He grabs the bunny diaper and gets her put in a diaper. She was blushing but was so relaxed. Ayanda was also petting her.

“Now here’s hoping you get pregnant. But you look so cute all padded up.”

They put mittens and booties on her. Then get her in a cute onesie that says. I love diapers. Mattie looked defeated. She was blushing like crazy in her new outfit.

“heh. You are cute Mattie… but I suppose you need a new name huh? Matties is too manly. Hmm how about Michel?”

Mattie sighs and Ayanda giggles.

“That’s perfect!”

She puts her hand on her padded crotch and smiles.

“can you use your diaper like a good girl Michel?”

Ayanda asks, Michel blushes more, shaking her head.

“please no…”

She keeps rubbing and smiles.

“either wet or we tie you up and see how long you can last.”

She whines trying to piss but finding it hard. She Finally after a while begins and once it starts she can’t stop it. She covers her face in shame as Ayanda clearly enjoyed it.

“good girl. Now get used to this feeling because after probably a few months of this you won’t get to control if you use it or not. You’re going to go back to being diaper trained.”

She whines.

“Now you will call me mommy and Kallias daddy, understand?”

She just nods and Ayanda glares.

“I said, understand young lady!”

Her heart jumps.

“Y-yes mommy!”

She smiles.

“good girl, learning. Now tell daddy how much you love his dick.”

She blushed like Crazy looking at Kallias who was also blushing.

“I-I loved your dick daddy… I hope I can have more some day.”

Kallias just nods and Ayanda claps.

“ohh extras credit! Who knew you where so gay for my husband as much as you wanted to fuck me. Don’t worry but I’ll be the one fucking you. You belong to us to use. But we will also take very good care of you if your good ok?”

Michael whines and nods.

“Just don’t hurt me… but can I at least go umm number 2?”

An evil smirk goes over Ayanda’s face.

“ya you can. In your diaper little girl~”

Her eyes go big as she’s helped up. She goes to stand but falls to the ground screaming in pain.

“my feet! What poked me??”

Michael yelled. Kallias speaks up.

“Oh right, babies can’t walk so we got spiked booties to keep you from trying and the mittens would keep you from holding or gripping anything correctly without help. Now be a good girl and use your diaper.”

She whines getting on her knees.


Michael was stopped by Ayanda.

“or I suppose we go back to tying her up.”

Michael shakes her head and begins to push. She makes some grunting noises as she pushes a mess out her back side filling her diaper. They both laughed at her, making her look down in Shame. Suddenly Ayanda pushes her on to her butt making it squish into her.

“ahh! Ewww! No no eww so gross!”

The vibrater was pulled back out and put up against her wet diaper.

“no! Not in this disgusting mess! Please!”

But the pleasure was too great to resist. The wetness went from a gross feeling to a nice warm feeling, the mess making her feel helpless as she might have been growing to enjoy her new position. Even the diapers if just a little. Soon she cums in her diaper.

“Now let’s get this gross baby changed.”

Ayanda says as they get her back on the changing table. Ayanda changed her diaper, she cleaned her up and made sure to make this as humiliating as possible. While this was going on Kallias grabs a pacifier gag and straps around her.


She has no choice but to suck. Only humiliating herself more. Both them cooed at her and she began to feel so small. Even beginning to believe she’s nothing but a useless baby. After her stomach growls. She was scared of what might happen next.

“Uh oh looks like the baby’s hungry.”

Ayanda said as she removed her shirt and Bra. Michael watched her chest after she was diapered back up. She sat down in a chair.

“come to mommy baby I’ll make sure you get so full~”

She whines and gets down accidently getting on his feet again wincing in pain hitting the ground. She began to cry a little, the humiliation hitting her hard. But pushed herself up and began to crawl to mommy. She helped her into her lap and put her face in front of her chest. Mommy removes the pacifier. Michael latched on and began to suck on her boobs just to please her. But she suddenly got milk. She went to pull away but mommy held her in place. She looked up at her and she smiled.

“you are not leaving till I’m dry or you are full. So drink till you can’t move baby~”

She wines and drinks. This began to get relaxing and she began to fall asleep still drinking. Many hours went by and Michel woke up sucking a pacifier with headphones on. It was saying something about how she was a girl and mommy and daddy know best. Oddly she felt more accepting of her new life. She put her hand down on her padding and it was wet. The familer wet feeling hitting her puss already turned her on.

She sucked and rubbed her padding making a lot of noise when daddy walked in. She stops blushing. He laughs.

“aww, was daddy little girl trying to get off in her diapers?”

She nodded in shame. He just smiled.

“That’s ok, that’s normal for little girls like you. Hey I got an idea daddy will help you get off if you help daddy ok?”

She tilts her head as daddy removes the paci. Daddy removed his pants and showed his cock.

“show daddy how much you wanna cum.”

She gulped and he stuck his dick through the crib bars and Mitchel began to suck off daddy. She was kinda good rolling it around in her mouth and getting the tip. Being a man he used to know his best places to hit on his own dick. He never imagined doing this though. Finally he cam and she swallows and pulls back coughing.

Michael was humping in her diaper begging to get off.

“daddy… please…”

He smiles and lowers the bars grabbing a vibrater and puts it against her diaper letting the wet diaper get her off. Daddy laughs.

“man you changed a lot in a day. Never expected you to enjoy diapers.”

She moaned.

“Me either daddy. But this isn’t so bad. You and mommy let me have all the fun. I miss being a boy but-”

She lets out a loud moan.

“fuck ya! But if I get to be used by you and mommy I don’t care what you make me do!”

She Finally cum and daddy hugs her.

“I love you Mattie oops I mean Michael heh now how about you learn how to play some.”

She tilts her head.

“play? Like sex?”

He shakes his head.

“nope like with toys like a baby should. You need to get use to it so you can play with our baby.”

He says kissing her. She blushed.

“wait… I’m not really pregnant right?”

He shrugs.

"Maybe not, or maybe so. I don’t know. I hope so~ we will test you later. "

She shivers. She really didn’t want to have a child being a man before but she did love him. His mommy too. He wouldn’t argue if it made them happy.

“ok daddy… but I never played like a umm baby?”

He smiles and sits her down on the floor. Puts a lot of toys around her. They were all dolls and stuff for little girls. She sighs pretending to have fun smiling at daddy. He gives her a thumbs up and walks back up the stairs.

“Stupid baby toys… I miss being an adult… I want to get on the computer or call someone…mmm daddy forgot to change me. Daddy…? Wait, why can’t I remember daddy’s name?”

She holds her head.

“Wait, being an adult…? Was I an adult? I can’t remember, I thought I was mommy and daddy’s baby girl…?”

She whines and holds her head. She makes it through the day. She was starting to get in this weird mindset where she could space out and pretend to be something she wasn’t. The next few days went by slowly leaning more and more about being a baby. She also found out she was pregnant with daddy’s child. She was happy though.

Weeks go by and she’s forgotten everything about her previous life. She still didn’t want to use her diapers but her bladder was getting weaker. Waking up to accidents once in a while. More weeks go by and she has become mommy and daddy’s baby girl. No more bladder control she was nothing mentally but a diaper loving adult baby. She loved when mommy and daddy would make her cum.

This whole curse had turned into more of a blessing. Finally about a year goes by and both mommy and daddy are taking care of Michaels baby. But she didn’t mind that, she got to play with the baby unfortunately she was the little sister to the baby. Even when it grew up. It never knew her sister was her mom. But she also helped take care of her “little sister”.

Michael lived her new life with her new family. She enjoyed every minute of it too. Now if only she could stop having scary dreams that she would change into a man. She couldn’t imagine having a dick or not getting to have sex with mommy or daddy.


Never mind, my math is fail, and you’re working cheap.

My best assessment here is, good job for trying at story-writing. You have much to learn, much more than I can concisely lay out in one post, but hopefully this will be the stepping-off point where you’ll learn how to craft a story, use good punctuation and grammar, develop dialogue, and all the other things that will make you good at writing stories.

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I’m working on it. I’m trying to improve. this was my first like commission it was much harder then doing my own story’s. but i needed to do something small for a first try and they where very nice about it.

but my writing is not worth much I’m just having fun and hoping someone enjoys something I write. for $10 i do a small story of about 3k words or a long story but only one chapter a month.

We all start somewhere. My first AB story, 15-odd years ago, was terrible. It was technically sound, because I had jobs that required me to be good at grammar and spelling and punctuation, but it still sucked.

The question is, do you have it within you to get better? Because if you get better, you’ll get more patrons, and you’ll get paid more for commissions.

I have got a lot better from when I started my old storys over 2 or 3 years ago are really bad. But I loved the plot idea so I remade them and felt so much better about them. But it’s only been recently I felt I have improved enough to even accept money for my writing. I plan to keep improving but I find it hard because I only get told they love it and never what’s wrong. I got a lot of help from someone hear on a chapter of a story I posted.

I’m working off that but I still miss things and re-reading your own storys I tend to rush past some stuff because I know what’s going on I’m just looking for mistakes but I find it hard to keep my mind on track. I’m trying my best and I can only improve. As for money I don’t really care about that. It’s more about the people. I just like the feeling of people saying they enjoyed my story a lot or it helped them get in to little space. Something like that is what keeps me writing.

Not the money but it would help me be able to write more.

I feel that. Back then, I wasn’t writing for money either. Heck, I was mostly writing for catharsis.

What I’ll suggest is, think about your favorite books. Go back and re-read one or two of them. Think about how they go about structuring a story. How they use dialogue, narrative, and other components to draw you into the story, make you want to keep turning pages to find out what happens. Pay very close attention to all the details, too. There’s a lot to be learned on every page of a published novel. Because all those folks have editors and proofreaders who make sure that everything on that page is perfect. Folks like us? Well, we kind of have to do that ourselves, which means the more we can internalize those lessons, the better our stories will be, without hiring someone to fix it for us.

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I love that you actually used the word catharsis WBDaddy. Most would have dumbed that down to appeal to the masses.

I am going to look for your stories specifically, perhaps even give the whole story writing a try. I have more than a few outlandish fantasies that would make for a good story. Heck my life story would make for a decent story itself! I say laying here diapered in a crib and nursery with Mommy in the other room.