The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 9 (Updated 2/23)


“Okay group, let’s stay together,” the smiling Amazon in the blue suit-uniform waved her hands, directing the group as they walked about the street, “I know, it was a long bus ride - it will be good for everyone to stretch their legs.” She cleared her throat for a moment before raising her voice, launching into her prepared speech. “Welcome to beautiful Tours, capital of Gaule. It is not the most populous city, but this is due more to the fact that King Francis the second relocated the seat of the monarchy five hundred years ago in an attempt to wrest power back from the parliament established by his grandfather, Francis the First… yes, you probably know him as Francis the Little.” She frowned at some of the foreign Amazons who laughed at this, but the Littles in attendance were listening raptly. King Francis the Little was arguably the most important historical figure in all the history of all the islands, of course Genevieve admitted she was a little bit biased, given that she was from Gaule herself and their attitude toward the Little population was vastly different from the majority of the islands of Europa.

“For those of our international guests who may not be aware,” Genevieve continued, gesturing to the statue of a Little confidently riding a full-sized horse, "King Francis established the constitutional monarchy we enjoy today by voluntarily limiting his own power, in what many consider one of the boldest and most visionary political moves of the time period… "

“He was a Little,” one of the Catalon guests whispered to another, “his Amazon probably made him give up the power and he obeyed.”

“Excuse me,” a Little woman standing next to the pair of men spoke up, “It’s well documented that King Francis never had a caretaker, many Littles didn’t - though most entirely free communities were insular and secluded. The fact of the matter is, that while Amazons might be bigger and stronger, to ignore the contributions of Littles is to lose out on a lot of culture and creativity.”

“It’s true,” Genevieve agreed with the Little woman, stopping the angry-faced Amazon man from responding to the Little directly, “There’s a reason that Gaule is the entertainment capital of the world. Many of the screenplays that are made into movies are written by Littles, and many of the songs that your Amazon pop-singers perform are written by Littles. And I’d like to point out that you are, in fact, speaking Gaulish like nearly every other Amazon in Europa, it’s only been the dominant language for four hundred years. And we have this Little King to thank for it.”

“Well,” the Amazon man grumped, gesturing to an Amazon pushing a well-diapered Little in a stroller, “Some of your people still know how to treat a Little.”

“Sir,” Genevieve responded politely, “That is almost assuredly a consensual relationship. Adopting a Little against their will is illegal in Gaule. Tours is actually home to the largest percentage of Adopted Littles in the entire country - nationwide around 20% of Amazons have adopted a Little, but here in Tours that number is closer to 60%. The open culture here is a contributing factor, many Amazons and Littles seeking this kind of relationship move or visit here for that reason. Littles outnumber Amazons here on Gaule nearly three-to-one, and the law is on their side so the ones who want an Adopted lifestyle basically have their pick of parents.” She waved politely to the stroller-bound Little, who smiled and waved back, his Amazon waving as well.

“I think we’ve dallied here long enough,” Genevieve smiles and makes a sweeping gesture, “Let’s keep moving - the Entertainment museum is up ahead, where we’ll learn more about the contributions Littles make to Gaule’s society, hand-in-hand with Amazons… the two races working together are what makes Gaule a world leader.”

Chapter One

Cammi looked at the clock for the ninetieth time today, the seconds ticked by so slowly… she had to be put down for three naps, the caretakers just couldn’t deal with how wound up she was. Of course, the third nap was really just enforced quiet time in the crib… she couldn’t blame them, even the other Littles were getting sick of hearing her excitement about the vacation. You didn’t have your fifth anniversary every day, and her mommy Joanna was determined to make a big splash with this one. The waystation in their hometown of Tours had opened a new tourism program, and Jo had managed to get her hands on some of the very first tickets… and Cammi would not shut up about how she and her mommy were going on vacation.

Cammi bounced on her diapered bottom in the crib, gripping the bars and giggling, wishing the clock would go faster. Jo was finishing up her work for the week, it was Friday afternoon… soon she would come through the daycare doors and they would be off. Tours had several Little daycares, an uncommon thing in Gaule in general, keeping a Little was expensive here… but Tours had the highest Adopted Little population of any city on the island and with that came businesses catering to that lifestyle.

“Cammi,” a small voice called with a complaining tone from the next crib over, “will you please stop bouncing? Some of us are trying to sleep. I need to write tonight, for the love of cake.”

“Sorry Paul,” Cammi replied without a trace of sorrow in her voice, but she did stop bouncing. Paul was a novelist - he had a bestseller a few years ago but hadn’t had a big hit in a while. His books more than paid for the daycare though, so his mommy was happy. Paul liked to sleep a LOT during the day because he stayed up most of the night writing when he had an idea. He played with his mommy when they got home, they ate, and she went to bed while he wrote in his crib. Paul had a good life that he enjoyed quite a lot.

Both Cammi and Paul, like most Adopted Littles on Gaule, were volunteers. Littles had it hard in this world, they were at a constant disadvantage - Amazons were bigger, stronger, and smarter in every way and a Little had to really struggle just to get by. Not all Littles loved the idea, but Amazons had a need that most of them couldn’t fulfill… they needed someone to love. They were just wired differently, they needed someone to care for and many of them were infertile… not so many that the species was in danger, but they weren’t going to overrun the globe due to unchecked population growth either. But one thing that was near-universal to Amazons was a desire to care for a tiny, helpless life. And Littles generally fit the bill. Other islands had barbaric laws, where Littles could literally be captured off the street and forced into babyhood… Gaule was different.

Cammi hadn’t worked in years, she had sold paintings for a while after Jo adopted her, but Joanna had continued to climb the corporate ladder and eventually it was just easier for Cammi to do nothing at all, well… nothing productive. She had been a mural painter when she was still Independent… that was how the two had met, she had been painting a nursery for one of Jo’s friends… and then she got a gig at Jo’s office, and they just hit it off. The pair of them were two peas in a pod, and were madly in love within the year and had been inseparable ever since.

It hadn’t been Cammi’s plan in life to get Adopted… she had slid gradually into babying, one little step at a time. At first it had been Little silverware, then a bib, then a sippy cup… and every little step into regression had made Jo so happy and Cammi so comfortable… before long she was diapered and cuddled, and she never wanted to look back. Cammi hadn’t used a toilet in years and honestly couldn’t if she had the opportunity to now, it made Jo feel complete to care for her love in every way. Some Littles thought the Adopted lifestyle was strange and demeaning… Cammi maintained that they didn’t know what they were missing.

“Camille,” an Amazon caretaker frowned at the bouncing girl, speaking softly, “You got put in there because you were too energetic, now you’re keeping your neighbors awake? What am I going to do with you?”

“Sorry Miss Adele,” Cammi said sadly, looking down for a moment and rubbing her index fingers together in a contrite gesture. She waited just a moment… and looked up again, a pout on her lips and her eyelashes batting.

The reaction from Adele was immediate and obvious… Cammi could practically hear the younger woman’s ovaries cry out. A split second later, Cammi was out of the crib and in Adele’s arms. Amazon’s just couldn’t help themselves, and a clever Little knew how to exploit those urges.

“How could anyone stay mad at you?” she asked softly, carrying Cammi out of the Quiet Room, “You are just so darn cute! Your mommy is so lucky.” Adele booped Cammi on the nose and the Little grinned. “But, my little cutie, you’re driving everyone crazy today.”

“I’m sorry, mommy and I are-”

"Going on vacation, yes, I know. Happy Anniversary for the tenth time today, you silly Little. But seriously, what are we going to do with you? You won’t sit still for naptime… "

“That was my third nap!” Cammi said defensively, “Nobody can take three naps in one day except Paul.”

“Well we need something to keep you occupied! We have ten Littles and three Amazons, if you’re eating up a third of the caretakers’ attention, that’s not fair to the other Littles.”

“Have you ever been to another dimension?” Cammi asked, ignoring Adele’s perfectly reasonable logic entirely.

“No, sweetie… very few Amazons get to do that in Gaule, we have incredibly strict rules on dimensional travel… The main reason for traveling is getting yourself a Little! You’ll have to tell me what it’s like.”

“Oh I will,” Cammi promised, “I just wish I had a better idea of what it would be like. Mommy says she picked a place on a tropical coast, she’s actually going to get to relax for a change. There aren’t too many tropical cities in our whole world, it’s hard to even imagine!”

Adele just shook her head, Camille was incorrigible and everyone knew it.

“Here, hold this,” she said, handing Cammi off to Louis and walking back into the quiet room.

“Louis,” Cammi started, “Have you ever been to another dimension?” He looked toward the Quiet Room door… and realized the stunt Adele had just pulled.

“You and your questions!” Louis laughed, “You asked me this same question this morning, and what did I say?”

“You said the same thing everyone says! How is it that we’ve had dimensional travel for years but no one has ever used it?”

“Silly Little, we learned quickly that very few dimensions out there had anything worth seeing… except for cute Littles like you! The portals are pretty much only used by countries with fewer laws about Little protection and only to bring Portal Littles back here to be cute little babies like you. Now, I have Littles to change,” he stated, ignoring her question but giving her diaper a squeeze, “And you aren’t one of them. How about you sit down and color a picture for your mommy, and I come find you when your friends have fresh diapers?”

“Yes, Mister Louis,” Cammi said sullenly as he sat her down in a highchair and gave her a coloring book and a box of crayons. She flipped through the book and found a page that had a picture of a tropical beach and set to coloring. The workers knew to always give her the big box of Little-hand sized crayons, she was still quite a talented artist and even when the medium was crayons on lineart, she inevitably made something beautiful… and it would keep her occupied for a good long time, whenever she was engaging in something artistic, she turned into a little perfectionist.

After a while Cammi had entirely lost track of time and was startled when she heard a voice commenting on her work.

“That is really beautiful,” the older man’s soft voice was soothing and wonderful. “You always make the most beatiful pictures, Cammi.”

“Julien!” Cammi squealed, “Have you ever been to another dimension?” She was sure she hadn’t asked him yet. Julien laughed, the man was slightly older than Joanna and was friendly to a fault. He was the darling of the daycare (as far as Amazons went) and ever Little loved him. He was always patient and kind, and had lots of knowledge to share.

“No, Little Camille… I’ve never been to another dimension, but I’ve met many people who have,” he pulled her out of the highchair and sat down on the floor, placing the Little in his lap, “Would you like to talk about it?”

“Yes please,” Cammi batted her eyelashes at Julien, who only chuckled.

“Well, when I was younger, I travelled a lot. I’ve been to every island in Europa,” he was quite proud of this, and it showed as he spoke, “And while Littles are treated fairly and equally here, there are many places where that isn’t true, as you know.”

“Oh, I know - it’s why mommy and I have never gone on vacation anywhere else! Nowhere is safe enough, she says.”

“And she’s right, you’re too cute, Little one. But I’ve met many Portal Littles in my travels, brought from worlds where they thought they were Amazons, like in the movies.”

“They really come here thinking they’re the same?”

“They do,” Julien assured her, “They often think they’re better than the Amazons who bring them… but what’s interesting is-”

“Camille!” Miss Adele’s voice rang out from across the room, and Cammi looked at the clock. 5:30! It was time for mommy to come get her.

“Sorry Mister Julien!” she cried as she scrambled out of his lap and ran to the gate. “I gotta go!”

Julien wasn’t upset, of course, he was quite used to Cammi and her excitable attitudes. He waved to her as he picked himself up off the ground, shaking his head.

“Mommy!” Camille bounced at the gate. There was Joanna in all her splendor, the intimidating lines of her suit as sharp as ever. “I missed you! I can’t wait to go on vacation! We’re going now, right!”

“She’s a bit excited,” Adele smiled as she opened the gate and watched Cammi tackle the love of her life’s legs.

“You don’t say,” Jo laughed, picking up the Little girl - anyone who watched the two of them together knew that Jo was a big softie, but that was not her reputation in the professional world. She had gotten to where she was because she was intimidating and ruthless… but all of that got set aside the instant she was with her precious Little girl. “Yes sweetling, our bags are packed. You’re going to be one of the first Littles ever through the portal. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Oh, I can’t wait mommy, I’ve never been anywhere tropical before. Will there be tropical birds? And tropical fish? And we’ll go swimming?”

“Yes to all of those things, my precious girl,” Jo answered.

Adele shook her head, the Little was spoiled beyond belief and the woman swore that she delighted in asking the same question over and over. She had witnessed essentially this same exchange when Cammi had been dropped off that morning. Cammi was a handful, but she had a heart as big as the world. She would be missed while they were gone… but the entire daycare would also enjoy the brief peace. All three of the regular caretakers expected a very sedate week without Calamity Cammi.

“Come sweetling, the beach awaits,” Jo smiled to Adele and carried her Little away to the car.

“Bye Miss Adele! Bye Mister Julien! Bye Mister Louis!” the Little waved frantically as Jo walked them out, but the instant they were out the door, she was practically vibrating with excitement. "I want to swim, and look at fish, and touch a starfish, and eat a coconut, and… "

She rambled for quite a while, and Joanna was very happy listening to her Little’s excitement.


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Awwwwwwww so adorable! Great start and great to have you back kimmy

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be posting a new chapter each day for as long as I have chapters to give (I finished chapter six yesterday morning).

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You spoil us Kimmy

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I have found that it’s the best way to get engagement. If your audience KNOWS that:

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You will get more engagement. More people will comment more often. I LOVE reading analyses of my stories, I LOVE reading speculation. Basically, I’m an attention-greedy Little and talking about my stories is one of my favoritist things.

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I’m so happy that we have a new kimmy story! And it is such a cute one! And with this:

I swear I won’t have a psycho antagonist swoop in and kick over the block tower this time.

Me: happy happy happy.

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But does it ruin any outside-the-story dramatic tension? My other stories are pretty unpredictable… they are reasonably logical, but I feel like the twists are pretty surprising. Will the story be as fun to read if you already KNOW I don’t have a crazy waiting around the corner?

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Nope. I’m fine. I’ve had enough crazies for awhile…

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Very great start :slight_smile: Im not sure I’ve read anything about littles going to the opposing side’s dimension. I very curious to see where you take this.

Thank you for posting :slight_smile:

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I always try to do SOMETHING no one has done before… otherwise I don’t wanna write the story :smiley:

I hope you enjoy the journey - I’m having fun writing it :slight_smile:

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Aww thanks - when I finally felt up to writing again, I had planned on continuing “Save Yourself”… but it was so DARK and after re-reading some of “Making the Best of It” I wanted something that made me feel good, not made me feel scared.

And I already had the idea for this one… so my challenge to myself is to write a full-length, compelling story without having ANY evil antagonist or any psycho/unstable character.

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Chapter Two

Joanna smiled at her over-excited Little still chattering away in the back of the car, strapped securely into her carseat. She was listing off all the things she wanted to eat while she was there, someone had told her about a sea creature called a ‘conch’ and Jo was beginning to believe that the girl wanted to eat them into extinction. Taking the opportunity afforded her by stopping at the traffic light, she stole at glance at her beautiful Little. Cammi’s chin-length curls bounced as she talked, the girl was always very animated when she spoke about anything she was interested in, her hands waving about. She wore a soft purple empire-waisted dress, the skirt ending at her mid-thigh, her pink diaper fully exposed to the world thanks to the buckle between her legs. Jo remembered Cammi’s first week in diapers, they almost hadn’t left the house the girl had been so embarrassed, it was funny how much that had changed. Cammi had been so independent, so together… it had taken her quite a while to let go and just enjoy being babied, but now it was hard to tell that the girl had ever grown up at all. And many Amazons gave compliments to that effect, which made Jo feel amazing.

She glanced at herself in the mirror as well, smiling at how the color of her own cropped blonde hair almost matched Cammi’s, though her own eyes were a soft violet… a quite rare recessive gene that she was quite pleased to have. She had wanted to have Cammi’s eye color altered to match, but the Little was terrified of the procedure and it wasn’t worth pushing for. Cammi’s own chocolate brown was adorable in its own way, if common.

“Well, which do you want to do more?” Jo asked the chattering Little, “Eat or swim?”

“I wanna eat WHILE swimming!” Cammi giggled, clapping her hands. Jo’s heart ached at her perfect Little’s mannerisms.

“You’ll get your food all soggy with seawater, you silly Little,” Jo laughed, which made Cammi laugh too.

“I don’t know, mommy, I’m just really, really, reeeeaaalllly excited to go on vacation with you. I’m so glad that my first trip off the island is with you, it’s something I never even dreamed of!”

“We got lucky, my little love,” Jo smiled as the car took off again, “A very happy client of mine got us these tickets and pulled some strings so it could just be the two of us on this trip - no other Amazons, just you and me in this tropical paradise.”

“Will we be all alone?”

“No no, darling - there will be natives there, we’ll just be the only ones from off-world. We’ll be mommy and baby there, not Amazon and Little… I packed only clothing that would hide your more adult anatomy, and the Interdimensional Tourism board is loaning us a device that should keep the locals from seeing you as anything but a normal three year-old, that’s apparently your equivalent size there. And we’ll do all the things you want, sweetling - even eat while swimming. How about a shake while riding one of those inflatable sharks?”

“OOOooooo,” Cammi was obviously impressed by this idea. “Hey,” she smiled at Jo in the mirror, “Happy Anniversary, Jo. You’ve made me the happiest Little in Gaule for five years now.”

“Happy Anniversary, Cammi. You’ve made me the happiest Amazon.”

The solemn moment lasted only that… seconds later Cammi was back to listing the different tropical animals that she wanted to see.

"And I want to see a lemur, and I want to see a tropical frog, and I want to see a crab, and I want to see a dolphin, and… " Cammi knew that Jo tuned her out a bit when she rambled this way, but she also knew that the Amazon found it adorable and it was very easy to get carried away with her lists. She liked listing things and few things made her feel littler than rambling about things she wanted to do, or see, or eat. Jo had taken such good care of her for five years now, she really was a carefree Little and very thankful for her life.

She felt her diaper grow warm, which actually did make her feel littler than listing, and it made her pause for a moment. Jo noticed, and smirked - she knew what that look on Cammi’s face meant. She loved that her Little had given up all control. That was the greatest show of love a Little could give to an Amazon in their society… especially because Gaule had facilities that could accommodate Little bodily functions, unlike most of the other islands who had basically eliminated what small amount of Little-friendly infrastructure they may have once had.

They were both walking on clouds as they pulled up to the valet at the waystation. Jo got the bags out of the trunk first and then helped her Little into the stroller, buckling her in snugly - Cammi liked to swing her feet a lot, and vigorously. It was never a good idea to leave the wiggly Little unbuckled for even a moment, as Jo had learned quickly when Cammi had first been settling in to her new role as an Adopted Little. Cammi waved happily at the valet, a taller Mid who looked weary. He took Jo’s key and gave her a claim ticket, and drove off with her car.

Jo took a deep breath and pushed the stroller in, pulling a small cart with their bags with the other hand. Cammi gleefully waved at everyone.

“Hi, we’re going on vacation! Hi! We’re going on vacation. Hi, my mommy is taking me on vacation!” She chattered at everyone they passed. When Jo parked the stroller to talk to an Amazon in a uniform, Cammi witnessed a rare sight… an Amazon came through the portal with a mewling Little in his arms.

“Granger, what the hell?” she heard an official looking man say to the other man holding the Little.

“I was doing the tourism portal check and this one was right there, she saw everything!”

“Dammit Granger - there is going to be a mountain of paperwork on this one. The portals are in very secluded areas! What was this Little even doing there?”

“What’s going on?” the Little girl asked, “Why is everyone so big? What happened to me?”

“We need to mark this portal as unavailable, Nathan - it can’t be used for a while… we have to wait until it’s safe again,” Granger explained to the other man, Nathan.

“Take her to the security office and get her diapered and documented,” Nathan replied, picking up a communicator.

“Get me what? Did he say diapered? Wait!” The Little’s brown hair was whipping about as she struggled as Granger nodded and carried the Little with him. She stopped thrashing for a moment as they walked right past Cammi… the girl got a good long look at Cammi’s dress and exposed diaper and her eyes widened in horror.

“It’s not so bad,” Cammi called up to the girl, “Just… try to enjoy it! I’ve never been happier!”

“I don’t want to be diapered!” the Little wailed, Cammi just shook her head. She felt bad for the girl and wondered what would become of her. A Portal Little was a very rare thing in Gaule, it was obvious that she was brought here accidentally… Cammi had no clue what her legal status would be. Maybe she’d be an Independent Little?

“I’m sorry Ms. Fabron,” Nathan’s voice was cautious as he walked over after he had finished typing furiously on his computer. He was addressing Jo. “There’s been an incident with your destination portal… I’m afraid it’s going to be shut down for a while until we do some investigation.”

“What?” Cammi began to panic, realizing that they were talking about their vacation portal! “No! Vacation!”

“Shh,” Jo hushed Cammi, popping a pacifier between the Little’s lips, clipping it to her dress. “What seems to be the trouble? I was just finalizing our details with Mr. Travers here.”

“I’m afraid your destination is unavailable for travel, Ms. Fabron,” Nathan repeated, “It’s not safe - the portal was discovered and we can’t travel there until we can relocate the destination portal.”

"Is there anything we can do? I promised my Little girl a tropical vacation… " Jo’s disappointment was clear, but she hadn’t launched into full Corporate Cuthroat mode. She was prepared to, however, to get her vacation back on the rails… and the steel showed in her eye.

“Ms. Fabron,” Travers gulped - he had been brief on Joanna Fabron’s reputation, “Give me just a moment… ah here. We have a new destination portal that was established three days ago, it’s only been used twice. Tropical, very similar to your original destination. Not terribly much is known about the dimension itself, we’re still in the early recon stages, but it’s the only other tropical portal we have right now. It’s technically not available yet, but I’m sure Mr. Roussel would be happy to sign off on your traveling there.” Travers shot Nathan a panicked look, trying to subtly inform his colleague that this was not a woman who was to be denied.

“It shouldn’t be a problem - there’s no one scheduled to use 27D for another week at all, which is supposed to be the duration of your vacation, yes? Let me do a little research, Ms. Fabron,” Nathan smiled, “I need to verify that the local currency we have prepared for you will function in this other dimension. If it won’t, we need to produce more currency for you. We want your stay there to be perfectly comfortable, and we don’t have accommodations ready for you in this other dimension.”

“I can handle the accommodations, provided you give me an adequate amount of the local currency,” Jo confirmed, “I don’t mind making appointments and bookings. I just want to get our vacation started, I haven’t been off the island in quite a while, and Little Cammi here has never been at all. She has her heart absolutely set on playing at the beach, and no mommy wants to disappoint their Little.”

“Of course not,” Nathan - Mr. Roussel - agreed, “Let me run that currency check right away, Ms. Fabron. I’ll be right back.”

Cammi was still quietly panicking in the stroller.

What if we don’t get to go? What if the currency doesn’t work? What if the device doesn’t work? Suddenly she was terrified to go on vacation, where she was the picture of excitement just a few moments before.

As if she sensed it, Jo picked up Cammi out of the stroller and held her close, rubbing her back and resting the Little’s chin on her shoulder.

“Shhh, Cammi. My beautiful Little Camille, I’ll take care of everything. I’ll always take care of everything for you, my Little love, my sweetling. Your only job is to be happy.”

Between Jo’s soothing tone, her calming words, and the gentle rocking, Cammi’s panic abated and she drank in her Amazon’s scent… lavender and printer’s ink, her favorite perfume and the smell of her office. Jo always knew exactly what to say, exactly what to do. Cammi was beyond thankful to have her.

“I love you,” she whispered to the Amazon, letting the paci fall.

“I love you too,” Jo smiled, having felt Cammi’s tension leave her body.

“Good news,” Mr. Roussel came back with a smile. "The currency is compatible, the two dimensions are remarkably similar to one another. Due to the incident we just had with the other portal, we ask you to be very cautious when merging into their society, we can’t let anyone know about the existence of dimensional travel, or we have to cut off access to that dimension. It can be incredibly destabilizing for primitive societies and so far we’ve found that every single other dimension out there is populated entirely by Littles… " He left out the, so of course they’re flighty and disorganized… but everyone knew what he meant.

“Excellent,” Jo smiled, accepting the currency pack, “What’s next?”

“Well, we just need to verify your paperwork and fit your Little with her camouflage unit, give you your vaccinations and language nanites, and then we open the portal and you walk through… both of you will need to walk, however… independently.” He looked at Cammi with a hint of concern.

“Oh, I can walk just fine,” she smiled, back to her sunshine-y, bubbly self. “Let’s verify the paperwork! The beach is waiting for us!”

“She is a cutie,” Mr. Travers melted a bit at her charm, “Ahem… You are Joanna Fabron, yes? May I have your ID and adoption license?” Jo handed over the cards, “And yes, we have Camille Fabron… Five years, almost to the day, congratulations!”

“This is our anniversary vacation,” Cammi beamed. “I can’t wait! I have the best mommy in the whole world and I can’t wait to share this wonderful vacation with her.”

Travers almost couldn’t take the cute, it took him a few moments to recover… “Yes, well… let’s get this on you… would you like it on her wrist or her ankle?” Travers held up a thin black, shiny bracelet.

“Is it waterproof? Good, then on her ankle please. Little Cammi is a fidgeter, if you leave it on her wrist she’ll just play with it,” Jo smiled, tapping the Little on the nose, who only blushed… she knew her mommy was right.

Travers gently placed the band around Cammi’s ankle and pressed a few buttons. It hummed for a moment before he withdrew his hand. Finally, he grabbed a standard injection gun from behind the desk and with a quick “pop” to each, to the Amazon first and then her Little, the procedure was done.

“And that’s all there is to it. Now please, just stand on that line with your bags ready… you should fold up the stroller, since she has to walk. Ms. Fabron, you go first and I’ll stand here with Camille, and she’ll walk through after a moment, when we’ve given your stomach time to settle. It’s less distressing if you walk slowly with your eyes closed, you’ll know when you’re through.”

Jo arranged the bags before setting Cammi on her feet at the line, glad she put the little in hard-soled shoes for a change. She smiled down at her tiny love, who beamed back up at her. The love between the two of them was as visible as the noonday sun in the sky, and Travers wished he could capture the image… it was a picture-perfect representation of a wonderful relationship between an Amazon and a Little. He looked down at the console and manipulated the controls, dialing in the prepared exit portal for their tropical destination.

“The portal will re-open in one week’s time, your Little’s bracelet and your travel card have been keyed in with this date and will guide you back to the portal location. Please take care not to be followed, and please be careful when using Amazon technology around the native population. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!”

“Thank you Mr. Travers,” Jo smiled warmly as the portal sprang to life, a blinding white glow in what had previously been an empty doorway.

Travers walked over and offered his hand to Cammi gently, who took it and waved at her mommy as the Amazon walked slowly through the portal, her eyes closed. Travers waited a moment and knelt down to make eye contact with the Little.

“Be a good girl, okay? I know you will. Just walk slowly through the portal, Camille. Straight ahead, keep your eyes closed. Your mommy will be waiting for you on the other side. I hope you get to do all the fun things you want at the beach - come back and tell me all about it, okay?”

“Okay Mr. Travers!” Cammi was dancing from foot to foot, eager and antsy because Jo was out of sight, “I’ve never been to a tropical beach before, I hear the sand is soft and the water is so blue!”

Travers laughed and gave the Little a gentle push between the shoulder blades, guiding her to the portal.

“Close your eyes and walk slowly, Camille.”

Cammi closed her eyes and stuck her arms out in front of her, walking slowly into the portal… it was like walking into a giant block of gelatin… the portal gave resistance and felt liquid and solid at the same time. Even with her eyes shut, it felt incredibly bright and she struggled to put one foot in front of the other. She walked for what felt like forever, and her muscles ached at the end of the journey. Travers had been right about one thing though, she could definitely tell when she was through. Once the resistance stopped, she could feel the unfamiliar humidity of the air… and it was quite warm. She opened her eyes and found herself face-to-face with Jo.

“Mommy!” she beamed… but Jo looked shocked and disturbed… and short. “Mommy? Jo? What’s wrong? What happened? Did… did you shrink?”

"Cammi… Cammi sweetie… " Jo stared slack-jawed at her love… her Little was nearly as tall as she was, with a full figure and breasts that bulged beneath the empire-waisted lilac dress. Her thick pink diaper poked out beneath the hem, but her legs were clearly Amazon… she had a gorgeous figure, and her beautiful round cheeks were slender and striking, her lips were full and lovely… her darling Little Cammi was a stunningly attractive woman. The girl looked down at herself… the ground was so far away… she wobbled on her feet and ended up in the sand on her padded butt.

“Wha… what happened?” she asked, tears in her eyes.


Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated 2/13)

Oh my. I can’t tell if something went wrong or if Cami was supposed to be like that.

Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated 2/13)

Oh dear! I was wondering what was going to happen here; you were so clearly setting us up for at least a minor disaster. I thought maybe they’d end up stuck there or something, or some craziness would go wrong with the transfer. Looks as if the latter was correct. I can’t wait to find out what happens now…can Cammi and Jo maintain their perfect relationship through a week of being equal?

Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated 2/13)

Something went wrong :wink:

I love that you’re always so in tune with my plans… how will Cammi handle being adult-sized? How will Jo handle having an Amazon-sized Little? How will it affect their relationship? We’ll find out :smiley:

Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated 2/13)

god damn it Kimmy… should have expected nothing less from you. Now i know where my shock collar idea came from

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I had a feeling it was going to go in this direction. Ivwasnt sure though. I’m loving it so far. Very curious what you do with it from here.

Thank you very much for posting :slight_smile:

Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated 2/13)

What? There’s no shock collars in this story! I swear :open_mouth: I did totally use that in both “Best of It” and a modified version in the ‘regulator’ in “Little Choices” though… it’s not that uncommon an idea, however. I am given to understand that more extreme BDSM couples actually use it in play (not me though, I don’t like actual pain).

[QUOTE=LilPeaches;71935]I had a feeling it was going to go in this direction. Ivwasnt sure though. I’m loving it so far. Very curious what you do with it from here.

Thank you very much for posting :)[/QUOTE]

Keep coming back and I’ll keep posting them :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re loving it, I’m going for sweet and gentle and ‘aww’ with this one. I just hope it’s a compelling story.

Re: The Biggest Little Vacation [Diaper Dimension] - Chapter 2 (Updated 2/13)

Chapter Three

The fall hurt more than she was used to, even falling in soft sand on a padded bottom… her legs were longer than she was used to her entire body being.

“I… I’m big?” Cammi stammered, shocked. “I don’t know how to be an Amazon!”

“Shhh, shh baby,” Jo knelt in the sand as the portal snapped to a pinpoint of light and vanished behind Cammi’s shoulder. She gave no thought to her expensive suit, her only thought was consoling the girl she loved. She wrapped her arms around Cammi’s surprisingly wide shoulders and rested the girl’s chin on her shoulder as she had a million times over the past five years… but it was awkward and difficult this time. "We need to be quiet, darling. Remember, I’m not an Amazon and you’re not a… you’re not a Little. We’re… " it sank in that they couldn’t be mommy and baby here, her baby was nearly as tall as she was. “We’re a happily married couple. We’re wife and wife.”

“But you’re my mommy,” Cammi sobbed, wrapping her arms tightly around Jo and squeezing… to the point that it caused the Amazon woman actual pain. “You take care of me… I… I don’t know how to be big any more.”

“Shh, sweetie,” without thinking about it, Jo grabbed the dangling paci and placed the tiny thing between Cammi’s lips… which only made the girl cry harder.

“My paci is too small,” she wailed, covering her face with her hands.

An Amazon-sized Little is a real handful
, Jo thought to herself, stroking her love’s hair. Normally she would just pick the girl up and snuggle her, cradle her, and rock her… if she was really, really upset she’d just rock her to sleep. But Jo doubted she could lift her Little love in this state.

"Cammi, my sweetling, we have to be quiet. Be a good girl for mommy, okay? Shhh… " She helped the girl back to her feet and dusted off her legs. “We need to do something about your clothes… the clothes you’re wearing seem to have adjusted in the portal, but your paci didn’t… I wonder if the camouflage bracelet has anything to do with this?”

She glanced around, but thankfully saw no one… the portal had dropped them in a copse of palm trees and underbrush, she could see the bustle of a village or town not far away, but this particular spot seemed to be well secluded. She tugged the dress off of her Little, more than a bit shocked when her large breasts flopped out. She dug through her suitcase and pulled out a bra and a sundress… the bra was a little loose in the cups, but it was better than nothing, and the dress was a little baggy, but she couldn’t let her baby wander around in just a diaper here.

“There, look how pretty you are in mommy’s dress,” she patted the girl’s diapered bottom and held her close, the rhythmic patting soothing Cammi, whose sniffles slowly stopped.

Cammi looked down at the dress… she hadn’t worn anything ankle-length in ages. When she was Independent, she had always worn pants… she hadn’t worn anything that covered her legs, excepting tights, in five years. Skirts this length impeded crawling, bunched when buckled in carseats and strollers, and generally made diaper changes harder. She spun around, watching the skirt of the dress flare out. It was a beautiful white and soft yellow sleeveless dress, with a few large flowers decorating the dress, and a butterfly on the shoulder.

“It’s beautiful mommy,” she smiled, “Thank you. I… I really like the way the skirt poofs when I twirl.”

Jo smiled a warm smile. Cammi may look different, she thought, but that was definitely her baby.

“Come on sweetie,” she said, taking Cammi by the hand, “We need to find a place to sleep at nights during our vacation. It’s taken a… strange… turn, but this is still going to be the best vacation ever, right? Look sweetie, we don’t have trees like this on Gaule! They grow coconuts!”

“Wow,” Cammi marveled, “You’re right… and even the air feels different here… it’s so warm and wonderful. I can’t wait to see the tropical ocean, I wonder if it’s as blue as they said!?”

“Well first, my sweetling,” Jo smiled again, relaxing a bit now that Cammi was feeling calmer… it was going to be more work to calm her than usual, so Jo needed to make sure that the Little didn’t get too worked up in the first place, “we need to find a hotel. And hope that the currency they gave us actually works.”

Jo folded up the stroller while Cammi looked on sadly, she already missed the security of being buckled in snugly and pushed. She lashed it to the other bags with a shoulder strap from one of the convertible suitcases and began dragging the bag… it was designed to roll, but that wasn’t happening on this rough terrain.

“Come on, sweetie,” Jo said kindly, waiting for Cammi to catch up. Her velcro shoes looked ridiculous on a grown Amazon… Jo shook her head, they had a lot to figure out this week… she just hoped desperately that Cammi would go back to her normal size when they went home. She doubted the Little was pondering the long-term ramifications of this, it wasn’t her style. She was a very in-the-moment person and always had been.

Cammi walked a step or two behind Jo… her legs felt so long and strange, she was so far off the ground… and she felt really strong. She felt like she could run and jump in ways that she just couldn’t before. She had the urge to run and try to climb one of the palm trees, but she didn’t think Jo would appreciate that. After a minute or two of watching Jo struggle with their bags, a thought occurred to her and she picked up one of the smaller suitcases.

“Sweetie,” Jo started to object, "It’s my job to carry the bags… "

“But I can help now,” Cammi said plainly, “And it looks heavy and hard. Please let me help you?”

Jo’s feelings were a whirlwind. She missed her tiny helpless Little and didn’t like how this vacation was starting at all. She couldn’t deny that the rest of the bags were easier to manipulate with Cammi carrying the smaller ones. She should let the Little help, and not make her feel bad about it. She couldn’t imagine how disorienting it would be to suddenly be Amazon-sized after a life as a Little.

“You’re a good helper,” she smiled, “Come on sweetie, that tall shiny building right there looks like a hotel.”

The walk was much easier once they got to the pavement, and Jo could hold Cammi’s hand.

The interior of the hotel was nice, but it wasn’t awe-inspiring or breathtaking in any way. In Jo’s opinion, it was quaint. There were no robot servants at the ready, there was no rapid transport of any kind available, just a simple elevator… the desk was manned, which was adorable in its own way, by a young man who wore a large smile.

“May I help you?” the young man asked, looking smart in his clean and pressed uniform.

“Yes, my dau…arling partner and I need a room for one week.”

“Oh, I’m afraid the only rooms we have at the moment are the luxury suites, ma’am. This is the busy season.”

“And how much is a luxury suite for a week?”

“One moment,” The young man tapped at his computer before looking back, “I’m afraid if you want the suite for the entire week, it’s going to be five thousand, six hundred dollars.”

“Goodness,” Jo said as she fished around in the currency pack Mr. Roussel had given her, "It seems the largest denomination here is one hundred… " She was irritated with the entire dimension by the time she was done counting out fifty-six of their silly green rectangles.

“Um,” the young man looked distressed, "I need to get the manager… "

“What?” Jo was confused, “This is the amount of currency… dollars… you wanted, correct? I’m sorry, I’m not from around here,” she tapped on the mini-computer that Mr. Roussel had kindly included in the currency pack and picked a random country name, “We’re from… France.”

“Yes ma’am, but people don’t usually pay cash for a week in a luxury suite. I’m sorry, please wait right here… and don’t let anyone see your money.”
The young man scurried off through a door.

“Oh dear,” Jo frowned, folding the stack of bills as best she could and stuffing them back in the currency pack… she certainly didn’t want to count them again, “It appears they might have a problem with theft here.” Crime was much less of a problem in Tours, criminal Littles were deported to other islands, and Amazons had several government incentives to keep them from performing illegal actions.

They waited patiently for the young man to return with the manager, who turned out to be an older, stern lady who greeted them. Jo pulled the currency out again and the woman spent some time coloring on a random selection of the green rectangles. Cammi zoned out a bit while Jo and the woman talked, the young man waiting nearby. After a while, the lady smiled widely and welcomed them - giving them what looked like ID cards - and tasking the young man with helping the ladies with their bags.

It wasn’t long after that they found themselves riding in the elevator, with Cammi clinging to Jo since she no longer had to worry about the bags. The young man led them to a fancy looking door and led them inside.

“Well ladies,” he said proudly, “This is the luxury suite and your home for the next week. Please don’t hesitate to call down to the front desk if you need anything.” He stood with his hand out and a smile on his face for a long moment… until Jo realized what he wanted and gave him one of the $100 denominations. He stared at it openly, then up at her, then back to his hand. “Anything at all.” He said quickly, and with the biggest smile Cammi had ever seen on an adult, he skipped back to the elevator.

“A whole dimension of Littles,” Jo muttered, “Come on sweetie, let’s go see the bed.” She closed the door behind them and stroked Cammi’s soft blonde hair, grabbing the smaller, pink suitcase that Cammi had decorated quite thoroughly with fairy stickers. “Lay down on the bed, sweetie.”

The hotel room was impressive, it was nearly the size of their apartment, had a full kitchen and dining room, a sitting area, and a large bedroom with a gorgeous bed. The furniture all seemed to be high quality and Jo looked satisfied. Cammi flopped down on the bed, happily sinking into the fluffy, soft cover while her mommy lifted her skirt. She felt the tapes of her diaper open and she smiled… her body may not seem familiar, but that was a familiar and welcome feeling. The breeze hit her nethers and she shivered, waiting for the next step.

“Oh… oh no,” Jo sounded distraught. Cammi sat up and looked at Jo, who was holding a tiny pink diaper… one of her favorites. “I didn’t even consider that the rest of your clothes didn’t change size! Oh shit, what am I going to do? We need to go out and get you diapers right away. Cammi… do you need to go potty?”

Cammi frowned, she honestly had no idea. She looked down, missing the comforting bulk of a fresh diaper already.

"I don’t know, mommy… "

“When was the last time you went?”

“I-I don’t know, mommy… I can’t tell when I go sometimes anymore, I haven’t for a long time.”

Jo took the girl’s hand and led her to the bathroom, pulling up her skirt and setting her down on the toilet.

“Try to go, we don’t want you to have an accident before we can get you properly diapered.”

Cammi felt tears welling up in her eyes, she had no idea where to even begin… she squeezed her eyes shut, but she couldn’t remember how she was supposed to control her bladder.

“I… I don’t know how, mommy… I’m sorry!” she sniffled, wiping her nose on the back of her hand. Jo just wrapped her arms around her Little and held her.

“Shhh, shhh, it’s okay… everything’s okay. We’re just going to make a quick trip to the store and buy you some nice, soft diapers, okay?”

Cammi nodded as Jo took her hand. She grabbed her purse and some currency out of the pack and they left the hotel room.


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Jimmy how could you!? Taking away a littles pacifer and her favorite diapers like that. Le gasp! I am loving this. It is quintessentially Kimmy