The Benefits of Registering

It’s obvious there are many lurkers who never take the time to register here. I’d like to encourage registering for several reasons.

  1. There are several sections you can’t see until you become a member here, so you don’t get the full experience as a lurker.
  2. There are special clubs that you can’t get into unless you become a member. You need to have an account to join them.
  3. You can’t post unless you are a member. This is important in several ways. First, a forum can’t make it without posters, and second, you can let writers know you liked their work (or suggest something to them).
  4. You don’t get to make suggestions for the forum unless you are registered.
  5. You cannot participate in our story contests.
  6. By registering you can subscribe to topics and get a notification when your favorite stories are updated. You can also subscribe to the story forums and get notified when new stories are posted.

Please remember however that if you register with a fake email address, or you register and you don’t follow the link verify your email, you will be unable to login and use your account.

Also, do note that accounts that are still at Trust Level 0 and have 0 posts will be deleted after 180 days.

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