The beginning of my love for wearing diapers.

Hello my name is Matthew. Ten years ago, when I was 12, I used to have to wear Goodnites diapers to bed because I wet the bed. One day my mom and I went on a vacation together. This was when i first became fascinated with wearing diapers.

On the trip that we went on we wound up sleeping in the same bed, because I was young, and it was cheaper for my mom. When my mom was checking in I went to use the restroom in the hotel lobby. When I was in the restroom a toddler was having his poopy diaper changed. After i got out of the restroom I went to get the keys to our room from my mom since my mom had to go and get her stuff out of the car.

Mom went out to the car. Before heading to the hotel room I went back into the lobby restroom, took the poopy diaper out of the trash, and put it in my bag. Then I went and took my stuff to the room. I made sure that the poopy diaper was in a bag hidden in my bag.

My mom then came up to the room and we relaxed in the room for a while. Later on, when my mom went to the pool , I smeared some of the poop from that diaper on one of my goodnites. I then threw away that diaper, in the trash, in the hallway. Then I hid the pair of goodnites in my bag.

Finally it was night time and time for bed. While my mom was in the bathroom I put those poopy goodnites on, my pajamas on, and went to bed. When my mom got into bed she kissed me goodnight and we went to bed. It was fun sleeping in the messy diaper.

The next morning came, and because my goodnites leaked, the bed wound up getting wet. My mom immediately felt herself and said, “Honey i’m soaked.” She then asked me, “Did you wear your goodnites to bed?” I immediately told her that I did.

So anyways we were still in bed. I then felt the back of my diaper and said, “Oh no.” My mom immediately asked, “What is it honey?” I then replied and said, “I pooped my pants.” My mom then said, “You pooped your pants.” She then said , “It’s ok honey these things happen.” She then went into the bathroom with me to help me get cleaned up.

When I got into the bathroom I immediately threw my pajamas, and my goodnites off. My mom then saw the mess i made and said, “Oh honey you must have really had to go poop. Let’s get you cleaned up.” You could tell she did not like the smell, but she was so happy when i was cleaned up.

So we were done in the bathroom and I immediately thanked my mom for cleaning me up. I also apologized for pooping my pants. My mom said, “It’s ok honey don’ worry about it.” I never took a dirty diaper out of the trash like that again but that experience, and having to wear goodnites to bed, is what got me fascinated with diapers.

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Seriously debated on whether or not to release this because of the number of issues it has.

That being said, I am releasing it but I’m going to ask that others not reply unless they have constructive feedback to give.

Biggest issues I see are lack of paragraphs, and the lack of quote marks around dialog. Well that and it’s a bit on the short side. There are others who can give you far better feedback though on how to fix the issues than I could :slight_smile:

Re: The beginning of my love for wearing diapers.

I’m more appalled by the health risks this story poses than the grammar. Is part two about how you contracted a disease and ended up in children’s hospital?

Re: The beginning of my love for wearing diapers.

Thanks for writing about the errors i had when writing this. I have fixed it so it is written in paragraph form as best as i could. I also want to say that this was the only time i ever grabbed a dirty diaper out of the trash and i would never encourage anyone to do this because of all the health risks. I was 12 and did not know of the health risks. Anyways i am glad to have found this site. In the future i will stick to reading stories instead of writing as you have pointed out the issues of my stories and how bad my writing was. Anyways I hope everyone has a great day. Sorry for not writing the story in paragraph for before. Thank you so much for pointing that out so i could fix the story.