The Bedwetters' Ball by Kid_Marv

Autumn winds, blew down the quite street, on which Miranda Cottington’s new house resided. It was her grandmothers house really, as old as the lady herself, yet now it was also home to Miranda and her mom. Her parents divorce had left them little options, and so they had come to start a new life away from everything that had gone wrong for them in the past. At the tender age of seventeen, though, Miranda was finding the adjustment a bit hard.

She was a good girl, dark haired, green eyed, and athletic to boot. She hadn’t figured this new change in life would be so hard; a new place to call home, a new school to attend, and a whole new town to explore. Yet now just as the school year had begun to settle in, an old problem reared its ugly head. Bedwetting.

As a young child she had dealt with the issue for some time, and now in the mist of everything else going on her old problem had returned. At first it had been but a minor inconvenience, happing but once that first week after the move. Yet now as time went on more frequent were her night time accidents.

It was dinner time at the house now, and she sat idly eating the evening meal with her mother and grandmother, not saying a word. She felt foolish in there presence after waking up wet the past four mourning’s in a row. She was seventeen years old for goodness sake, the last time it had happened this frequently, she had been nine.

“So how was school today Miranda?” asked her mother, wanting to break the awkward silence among the dinner table.

“Fine,” answered Miranda not wanting to talk.

There was more silence after that, as only tension filled the room until again her mother spoke. “So I’ve been thinking about your little bedtime problem,” she began, and Miranda cringed at hearing the term, “bedtime problem,” for that was what they called it when she was little, “and well….” she added looking over to her own mother for support. “We both think, that for the time being maybe you should wear some protection when you go to bed.”

“What!” exclaimed Miranda looking up from her meal. “Mom I’m seventeen years old for Christ’s sake”

“And you’re wetting the bed like a little girl, look we just can’t have you ruining the mattress with this,” said her mother trying to claim her down.

“It’s just a bit of an off thing,” said Miranda defending herself.

“It was the first time maybe,” began her mother “but the past four nights it’s happened” she pointed out to her daughter. “Your just under a lot of stress right now, we know, we all are. In time it will pass and things will get better I promise, but for now, please.”

“Fine,” sneered Miranda, knowing deep down that her mother was right, and that there was no real point in trying to argue with her.

“Good then, your grandmother was able to pick up a pack for you to start wearing tonight, we’ll get you settled before bed,” said her mother finishing up what was left on her plate.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Miranda finished up dinner, did a bit of her homework then decided to watch a little television with her grandmother while her mom went about some of her own business

Around ten o’clock however, her mother came downstairs and asked for Miranda to come up with her.

“But mom it’s only ten,” said Miranda winning a little.

“I don’t want to hear tonight Miranda, we’d best get you ready for bed.”

With effort from her Grandmother as well. Miranda again gave up her fight against them, and proceeded to follow her mother upstairs to her bedroom.

It was there that she found upon her bed an unopened pack of the “protection,” her grandmother had picked up for her.

As a child she had worn Goodnights a few times during her heavy bedwetting phase, and to some degree that was what she expected when she learned that she would in fact be again relying on “special underwear” (as her mother had called it) for protection. However what lied before on her bed wasn’t a pack of simple pull-ups she could easily fess up to wearing, but instead a bright green package that read “Adult Diapers,” and had a picture of an old lady smiling on it.

“Mom,” yelled Miranda picking up the package and examining it. “These are freaken Diapers!!!”

“Well Miranda,” began her mother hoping to calm her daughter down. “Yes they are, you’re too big for what you used to wear back when you were a little girl, and these are the best we could find.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” replied Miranda.

“Nope,” stated her mother. “Now you can either get yourself ready for bed or you can let me do it if you think you can’t handle it.”

Miranda huffed in reply. Having to wear diapers at her age would be hard enough, but she’d be damned if she was going to be changed like a baby. “I’ll do it myself,” she said sighing.

“I’ll leave you to it then.” said her mother and with that she gave Miranda a few other supplies and then left her daughter’s room to give her some privacy.
With the door closed Miranda dropped the package down on the bed, and began to undress. She hated having to do what she was doing. She ripped open the plastic pack, and pulled a diaper out. She held the folded garment in her hand for a moment, with a long sigh she unfolded it and lied it on the bed. Brushing aside the package she made room for herself to take a seat and with another long sigh she began to fasten the diaper to her naked torso. It was tricky having to fasten the tapes by herself, but under no circumstances would she call for her mother’s help.

With time and a little adjustments she was able to secure a snug fit. Going over to her dresser she was thrown off by the way the diaper impended her movement, and the crinkle noise it made with every slight move. She picked out a pink tank top and a pair of pajama pants, only to decided against them and wear just the top instead. She caught herself in the mirror then, and there clad in only a diaper and pink tank-top she gave herself a once over. She found the image looking back at her ridiculous, here she was a girl nearly an adult, wearing a diaper to bed. As if being the new girl in school hadn’t been hard enough if word of this ever got out she’d never live it down.

She fiddled with her hair then, forgetting briefly her diapered state. Until her mom knocked on her door.

“Come in,” she called matter of factly, and her mother entered the room.

“Well you don’t look so bad,” she said upon seeing her diaper clad daughter.

“Save it,” stated Miranda looking to her mother through the mirror. She turned and then made her way over to the bed.

“Now look,” began her mother picking up the open package Miranda had left out. “I know it’s not fair, but it’s for the best.” She added taking the package and placing it under the bed just as she had when Miranda was a little girl. “But the doctor told me, after you had started staying dry at night, that if you were ever under stress again, then your problem would probably return.”

“I know,” sighed Miranda pulling back the covers of her bed. She climbed in, and scooted her way over to where her mother stood.

“Just take it easy, and don’t worry so much, what happened wasn’t your fault. In time you’ll sleep dry again just wait, I promise.”

“I know mom, I just hate this,” she said suddenly feeling the need to hold back tears.

Her mom gave her a hug in comfort then, and the two exchanged goodnight kisses before her mom left Miranda to get some sleep. She found a speck of humor about tucked into bed while wearing a diaper, and she couldn’t help but laugh a little as she turned off the light by her bed.

She found it hard to sleep though, as the diaper proved terribly bulky between her legs and made a loud crinkle sound when ever she moved. Soon though she found herself at ease and softly she went off to sleep.

No sooner had she been asleep, however, when suddenly a chill wind blew across her slumbering body waking her up. Having only been asleep for what seemed to be a moment she awoke to find she was no longer alone in the room.

For there was a figure at the foot of her bed, and she soon found that her first impulse, (once realizing that it was in fact not her mother or grandmother) was to scream. Only she couldn’t, instead she merely marveled at the presence of this stranger who had apparently come in through her window as more of the moonlight revealed him to her.

He wore a coat that blended with the night sky outside, with tails that hung to the back of his knees. His shirt was ruffled at the collar and the cuffs stuck out from his jacket sleeves. Elegant was hardly the word to describe him, it was as though he came from old money though the money would clearly be not of this world.

For when Miranda got a look at his face, she noticed how inhumanly handsome he was, though his eyes were covered by a thin black mask. The rest of his face appeared as regal as his outfit. His ears stuck out from under the sliver hair he had, giving him an elfish appearance.

“Hello,” he said to the girl in bed.

Miranda said nothing in reply, still waiting for a scream to come.

The man laughed at the petrified girl before him. “Fear not Miranda, for I mean not to scare you, In fact on the quite contrary, I have something for you.”

“What?” said the girl sitting up in her bed confused. She held tight to her sheets for fear of being exposed.

“It’s an invitation dear,” said the mystery man smiling.

“To what?” asked Miranda figuring that this all just some weird dream a no longer wanting to scream.

“The Ball, dear, the ball.” replied the man in the mask.

“What ball?” asked Miranda, “and who the hell are you ?….and….and, how did you get into my room?” she found the questions pouring out easier now, yet still she was unable to scream.

“The Bedwetter’s Ball dear,” stated the masked man. “You are a bedwetter aren’t you?” he asked as if the question bore no meaning what so ever.

“What?” said Miranda confused. “Well….yeah….I…I am.” she found it hard to answer as if admitting to the man that she did in fact still wet the bed, was bearing her soul to him.

“Good then, I got the right house,” he said pulling a square parchment from his coat pocket. “Here’s you are dear,” he added handing it to her.

She unfolded it at once, and there upon it was written her full name in a beautiful sliver script along with a message that read simply :

Miss Miranda Cottington,
You presence has been requested this evening,
By The Marquis De Enuresis,
For his nightly Bedwetter’s Ball.

“What’s this?” she asked upon reading it.

“I’m afraid I’ve no time to explain for if you wish to attend this evening, then we must be off at once, for we’ve a long journey if we are to get to the castle on time.”

“What castle ?” asked Miranda.

“It’s where the ball is held, now will you come or not?” He asked with a growing sense of urgency. It was then that a small glowing light came in through the window of Miranda’s bedroom and fluttered above the masked man’s head. “I know, I know,” he said to the light, “but she won’t make up her mind.” he added looking over to Miranda.

The light followed his gaze to the girl, who soon realized that it was in fact a fairy. Well Miranda knew she was dreaming then, for it too wore a diaper, though not much else, and surely if this was in fact a dream then she’d perfectly safe to go to this Bedwetter’s Ball.

“Fine, fine” she said throwing back the covers of her bed. “Just let me get some cloths on.” she added upon getting up.

“No, no dear your fine the way you are.” said the masked man following the fairy to the window.

“Well at least let me get out of this diaper.” she stated and the masked man froze in his steps.

He said nothing for second and only looked at her bizarrely. “Well you can’t go unless your diapered.” he stated as if Miranda request had been the most absurd thing he had ever heard.

“Oh,” said Miranda unsure of her error, “ok then,” and with that she followed him out the window.

There was what appeared to be a crib waiting for them there. Hovering outside her upstairs bedroom window. Only it wasn’t a normal crib, for it was big enough for them both to sit in comfortably, and once they were so situated, it took off with blinding speed into the night.

Over the roof tops they flew, Miranda held tight to the bars in closing her and the masked man as the wind blew her hair back. Up they went, higher and higher. She saw her school wiz by beneath her, as they made their way into the city. They raced their reflection in the mirrored windows of the dark skyscrapers as they flew by. Up they went, higher still leaving the world beneath them behind, to a world where the moon was big a mountain and the clouds like cotton candy.

She saw it then, the castle of The Marquis. Floating on a single island in the sky high above the world she knew. It’s gothic exterior standing alone in the night. A quiver of anticipation ran down her spine as they neared it’s foyer. She saw stain glass windows a glow with light from inside, and the faint hum of music filled the air as the masked man brought his flying crib down to it’s landing pad. The fairies flew off to join the others around them, as an escort of teddy bears came to greet the new arrivals. For this was a place of Magic.

“Your late,” said one of them in a voice befitting that of a stuffed animal, “we started without you.”

“Well I had to make an entrance,” spoke the masked man in reply as he stepped out from the now stationary crib . “We’ve a new guest with us tonight.” he added motioning to Miranda. “Give her a hand would you,” he said and the teddy bears obeyed.

They were soft, noted Miranda as they helped her down form the crib. Like little men, only living teddy bears instead. Dressing just as well as the masked man, yet more uniformed with each other.

“Amazing,” she said taking the in sights around her
“Yes, yes just make sure you don’t look down, whatever you do,” said the masked man. “For it’s a long fall and I doubt you’ve enough padding,” he added. Removing his gloves. “Now may I have the honor of escorting you dear ?” he asked extending his hand to hers.

“Yes, yes of course,” she said snapping out of the trance this new world had put her in, she then took the masked man’s hand.

The two locked elbows and proceed behind one of the teddy bear guardsmen, and into the castle. Where upon Miranda was further amazed by the sights she saw. They entered from the balcony overlooking the great ball room of the castle. Miranda looked on in awe at the grandeur of it all. For before her now was a spectacle like none she had ever seen. On the dance floor below, couples waltzed to the beautiful music being played. Some dressed to the nine’s with ladies in gorgeous gowns and men in romantic attire like that of the masked man. While other dressed in more formal costumes of animals. There were cats, foxes, and rabbits among other furry creatures. However everyone wore a mask for The Bedwetter’s Ball was a masquerade.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” called the teddy bear before them and suddenly all eye’s were on Miranda and The masked Man. “I present to you this evening, The Marquis De Enuresis, and The Lady Miranda Cottington.” he said announcing their presence and a wild cheer roared from the crowd.

Miranda felt anxious, as she soon realized that while everyone else wore fancy dress, she on the other hand, had merely a diaper and shirt on. She didn’t like the attention, and found herself clutching tighter to the masked man’s arm. Who had but only been revealed to her as the Marquis but a moment prior
“It’s ok,” he said whispering to her, “everyone here, has the same thing as you underneath their fancy clothes, what is it you want to wear ?” he asked soothing the girl.

“A gown,” she said astounded, “like a princess,” she added. Remembering how her father had called her as such when she was a little girl, and no sooner did the memories come flooding back to her, then did she find herself clothed in the most elaborate dress she had ever worn.

It was pearly white, with golden trimmed Unicorns embroidered into the bodice. She felt like royalty wearing it, and no longer did she feel ashamed.

“Now let us enjoy the evening,” Said the Marquis for all to hear, and the music began a new as those present returned to there celebration. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier who I am,” said the Marquis “but I like to do the inviting myself the first time.”

“Oh,” said Miranda still taken aback by everything as she secured a butterfly mask upon her face.

“So what do you think?” asked the Marquis.

“It’s quite lovely,” she answered following the Marquis as he began his descent to the floor below.

“I’m glad you think so.” he said nodding to those he pasted on the stairwell. For everyone there knew him, after all this was his home. “So please enjoy yourself, on my behalf,” he added.

“Are you leaving?” asked Miranda.

" I must attend to some matters dear," he answered drawing her out into the crowd, “but please save me a dance.” he said bowing to take his leave.

“Of course,” said Miranda as they departed.

She wanted to explore the magnificent palace, and so she did. Finding excitement with every step, as the wonders of childhood returned to her as if they’d never left. Here there were no worries for her to stress over, no school to attend, and no parents to divorce. That world was miles away, and for now she’d not dwell on such things. She noticed the costumes people wore, some were dressed as children. With frilly dresses of pink and purple, she counted even a few boys dressed in that fashion, though most wore more masculine attire. There were a few who sucked on pacifiers. Yet there were no quarries, for all shared the evening’s festivities with an open mind, and so it was people dressed how they pleased, though all wore diapers. Miranda could tell by the way everyone moved.

The sweet smells of honey and butterscotch filled the air around her, as more teddy bear servants went about with trays of sweet finger foods. She followed her own urge to twirl about on the dance floor in the gown the Marquis had given her and soon found herself joined by others. Men left and right lined up to dance with her, and she obliged them all, dancing with everyone at least once. There were group dances and waltzes and even musical numbers to reveal Broadway, for the entertainment was top notch. She spotted the Marquis a few times watching down from above as he chatted with his servants and guards men. The musician’s were a talented bunch, playing songs as beautiful to the ears, as the ambience of the ballroom was to the eyes.

She laughed and giggled harder then she had in a very long time. As the furries played jokes on each other and danced silly dances. She played games with them and the others, and had fun for the first time in what felt like ages. There were toy’s abound everywhere, and playing with them as she had as a little girl brought a smile to her face.

She thought she recognized a few of the others partaking in the Marquises ball, though the masks made it impossible to tell. They added a sense of anonymity to the affair, which Miranda felt was good. For their were young people of all shapes and sizes present, but it did not matter what they looked like. For all were bounded together by their diapers.

The great hall was alive with enjoyment, it seemed impossible for anyone present to be sad. For the fires of pleasure were ablaze on that night, and many a couple enjoyed more then a dance. There was an equal number of boy’s to girls, but what amazed Miranda the most was the shear number of those gathered, for she had no idea this may people her age wore diapers, and as she conversed among them, she found and even larger number of reason why. There were those who wore all the time, day and night regardless. There were those who wore for need and those who wore for fun. It did not matter, for all had found comfort in the garment, just as Miranda was finding it out for herself.

The night seemed to last forever, and Miranda liked it that way. She danced, and sang , and played with the others, as The Marquis watched on from his throne above the dance floor. When the time came for there dance, they had the whole floor to themselves. Everyone watched along the side’s silent as their music played.

The way he moved was sheer beauty, thought Miranda as he offered his hand to her. The waltz they shared was the highlight of the evening for sure. They glided upon the floor as though it were a frozen lake on a late winter’s night. Miranda wondered what he looked like under the mask, as The Marquis held her close to his chest. Finding only tranquilly in his cool dark eyes, she felt as though she could dance forever, but their dance came to an end and as others joined in with them to take up the sweet melody of the music, They whispered to each other softly.

“So did you find my Ball accommodating?” he asked, still leading her on the floor.
“Oh it’s wonderful,” she answered resting her head upon his shoulder and closing her eyes.

“Would you like to see the sunrise from the east tower ?” asked the Marquis, as the minstrels brought there song to a close.“It truly is a sight to behold,” he added stopping with the music.

“Oh yes that sounds lovely,” said Miranda, her eye’s still closed as if the magic of her first dance with The Marquis would disappear if she opened them.

“Come then,” he said taking her by the hand once more to lead her though his castle. They left the ballroom behind and alone they went to the east tower of the castle.

Up a great spiral staircase he led her, the sounds of the ballroom merely a echo of beauty, till they came to a great wooden door on which the opposite side was a white marble balcony. The predawn wind blew Miranda’s hair back as the two exited the stairwell.

Grey was the world outside the castle walls, and with nothing but clouds beneath them Miranda held close to the Marquis. He put his arms around her as the pair looked off into the sky before them, as the faint orange glow of daylight appeared on the distant horizon.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” said The Marquis gently.

“Can I stay here for ever?” asked Miranda again closing her eyes and leaning into the Marquises chest.

A subtle laugh came from the Marquis then, as he turned her around to face him. “My dear you need to changed.” was all he said in reply.

She looked down at herself then, and no longer was she wearing the great gown The Marquis had given her. Instead she found herself returned to the clothes she had come in, only now the diaper she wore hung low with wetness. She didn’t remember wetting it though, and as she thought on the matter the world around her became blurry, as the mourning light blended with the castle’s structure to become the ceiling of her bedroom.

She found herself alone then. Just lying in her bed as though nothing had happened at all. For it had all been a dream, she had known that in the beginning yet in the end it had seemed so real, and here she was, alone and wet, just as the sound of her mothers footsteps could be heard form the hallway.

“Are you awake ?” came her mother’s voice as she popped her head in to check on her daughter.

“Yeah, yeah.” replied Miranda sitting up in bed and wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“How’d you sleep?” asked her mother entering the room.

“Fine,” said Miranda stretching and pulling the sheets back. Despite the apparent wetness of her diaper, her bed was bone dry.

“Look’s like your diaaa…protection, held up,” stated her mother looking over the mattress as Miranda got up form it.

“Yep,” agreed Miranda stretching once more.

“Well get yourself cleaned up and ready for school, you don’t want to be late,” Said Miranda’s mother examining the wet diaper her daughter wore around her hips.

Miranda went off then to do as she was told, as her mother went to make breakfast for them. Still lost in the memory of her dream last night, she found herself quickly seating at the kitchen table enjoying a bowl of cereal before heading off to catch the bus.

She found herself longing for the Marquis to return to her bedroom and again steal her off to his magnificent castle in the sky. As the day went on her heart ached to dance once more in the great ballroom that had been so vivid in her dream. Realizing though that it was in fact a dream made Miranda sad. Never before had she dreamt like that, yet the very prospect that she never would again filled her with despair. As the day went on she found herself distracted by the thought of it. In class she would sit with eyes closed seeing once again the sight of the Marquis and his ballroom in the far reaches of her imagination. It got her in trouble a few times as she was caught, not paying attention, but Miranda didn’t care.

When dinner time came at least for her, she found herself more chatty at the table with her mother and grandmother. Not telling of course of her dream the night before, for that was hers and hers alone, but of other thing’s often heard amongst dinner table conversation, and as nightfall fell over the house of her grandmother, Miranda readied for bed quite early. Diapering herself almost as soon as the sun went down, for no longer did she resent wearing the garment.

Yet when it came time for bed once again, Miranda thought to hope once more that maybe he would come for her again. However, when an hour passed after she had kissed her mother and grandmother goodnight, she found herself alone in her bed room merely staring up at the ceiling fan as it’s shadow twirled in the darkness.

Had it truly all been a dream? Thought Miranda fearing the truth as she lied awake. She felt foolish having to wear a diaper again, and hoping that some magic crib would come for her, those were the wishes of little children, she thought as she softly fell asleep.

Yet no sooner had she fallen a sleep, then a loud thud came from outside her bedroom. Waking at once she sprang form the bed with hope she’d find what her heart longed for. With a slimmer of glee she pulled open the window of her upstairs bedroom, to find with all her hearts delight the flying crib, awaiting to whisk her away to the bedwetter’s ball.

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Now, I’m almost positive that there was a lengthy sequel to this, but I’ll have to do some digging.

Re: The Bedwetters’ Ball by Kid_Marv

Yeah, it was called something like “The Bedwetters go to War” iirc. A very strange story.