The Babysitter

Alex held his little girl close, comforting her.He stroked her long red hair and kissed her forehead.

“But I don’t want you to go Daddy!” Kacey moaned, crying against his chest. She was sitting on his lap, her thick diaper and pink onesie pressed against his leg. Her pacifier and teddy bear lay nearby on the ground, where she had thrown it earlier in frustration. He rocked her gently, hoping to calm her.

“There there,” Alex replied, rubbing her back. “Its only going to be for one night. I need to go for work. You’ll see, it will all be over quickly.”

“Oh B-S! The company hockey game isn’t a NEED. It’s a WANT. Like how you said I NEED my diapers, but only WANT my bubble gum ice cream. Or NEED a spanking but only WANT a change when I’ve been naughty, for that matter. No one is making you go.” She stuck her lounge out at him.

“Hey! No potty mouth little girl!”

“Uhh, I mean… Nuh Uh! Its not a rule youse has to go!”

“Well technically…” Alex knew she was right. The company’s yearly hockey game outing wasn’t really mandatory, it was just sort of a perk. He had tried to get her tickets, but they were sold out.

“No technicallys. Your just a big meanie. Whose going to take care of me?”

“I’m not a big meanie! And I told you, I hired a baby sitter.”

“Baby sitter shmady bitter, you’re being mean,” she pouted, looking down.

“I’m not being mean, I…” Alex was interrupted when the doorbell rang. “That’s probably here. Now, I know your upset but I want you to be a good baby for the babysitter. Try to be nice. If you get upset, remember I’ll be back to play with you tomorrow, ok? I don’t want a repeat of last time.” Alex wasn’t certain what had happened the last time, but when he returned the babysitter was pale and looked like she hadn’t slept in weeks. She refused payment, changed phone numbers and never returned.

“Hmpphh. Why do I need a babysitter anyway? I can take care of myself! I’m 21 years old!” Kacey exclaimed.

They both stared at each other for a moment.

“What?” Alex asked in a flat voice.

“I mean… ummm… 21 months Daddy! A big girl! I… uhhh… I just forgot which was which! Babies do that!” Kacey said blushing. “I mean big girls do that.”

“Mhmm… Sure you are. And you just asked who was going too… nevermind. Kacey, do you remember what happened last time I let you take care of yourself?” Alex asked.

“Uhhhh… no…?”

“That’s because its NEVER HAPPENED. There is a reason for that. It probably never well, at least until you manage to find your way out of diapers,” Alex said.

“And how long will that be?”

“Oh, probably a few ‘months.’ Or a few dozen ‘months.’” Alex said, and she stuck her tongue out at him.

As he spoke, Alex stood Kacey on her feet and placed her in here play pen. He checked her diaper to make sure it was clean, brushed her hair back neatly, and wiped her face. Then he put her pacifier in her mouth and gave her back her teddy bear. “I don’t want any horror stories and I don’t want to have to spank you when I get back. Ok?” Kacey just glared at him from behind her pacifier. He sighed, and walked to the door.

“Hello,” he said, opening the door. “Thank you for coming!”

A tall, well-built woman stood in the door way. Her brown hair was tied in a bun and she wore a dark blue shirt and a long black skirt. She removed a long black overcoat as she entered. “Hello,” she replied “I am Ms. Pennyworth, professional nanny and nursemaid. I heard there was a little one I was supposed to look after?”
“Yes, of course” Alex replied, taking her coat. “Please meet Kacey… uhhh… Kacey?” Alex looked around. Where was Kacey?

“Kacey? A friend of yours?” the nursemaid asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“Well yes, she’s my little… Where is she?”

“Hmmpgh,” the nursemaid made a sound like the mixture of amusement and impatience. "Well we can meet with your little friend later. For now I’m sure there is more to discuss.

“Of course! She’s probably still in her playpen… Actually that makes sense now that I think about it.” He lead her down the hall, planning on discussing the details before he left. Along the way, he pointed up the stairwell and into an open door.

“Right, of course. I’m sure we’ll see here in a moment,” the woman replied, and followed Alex.

Along the way, Alex pointed up the stairwell and into an open door. “Up there is the nursery, where she stays. You can find diapers and anything you’ll need in there.” She looked and took note of it. Finally, they both entered the kitchen.

“Would you like anything to drink? Tea? Coffee?” Alex asked, opening a cabinet with cups.

“No no dear, let me take care of that. I am the nanny after all,” the woman said, with a friendly but stern tone. She took the nearby kettle and began pouring hot water into two cups. Alex stood by awkwardly, surprised and not sure what to do.

“Hmmm… this place seems a bit of a mess, doesn’t it?” The nanny asked.

“Oh! Yes of course,” Alex replied. He looked around. There are a few toys scattered around. He walked over and picked them up. He picked up some blocks, a bottle and a doll in a diaper and dress. He couldn’t find a place to put them, so, he held onto them.

The woman returned with the cups. “Here, sit at the table and let’s get moving.”

Here voice allowed for no argument, and Alex did she wanted. She handed him one of the cups, and he took a drink.

“Now, I was told I was here to take care of a baby girl, correct?” she asked.

“Yes, that is correct. She should be around here somewhere. Sometimes she hides from strangers.”

“Oh I’m sure she is. I was told she may be upset about this?”

“Yes, about the entire situation really. Just keep going, and she’ll be fine later.”

“I see. And if the baby girl misbehaves or argues, I’ve been told I should discipline here, correct? I’ve been told I have full permission when it comes to discipline” she asked, looking at Alex in the eye.

“Oh yes, spankings, corner time, anything really as long as its deserved. Be nice though.” Alex replied. He raised the cup to his lips again. For some reason, it felt heavier than before.

He always felt it necessary to add the parts about punishments needing to be deserved, and to stay nice. They should be ‘for her own good,’ as he usually told her. In the end, it always made him sad to have Kacey punished. He never wanted to see her actually hurt, even if the punishments were needed. And even if she really enjoyed them and had deliberately misbehaved just to get them. Perhaps the most blatant example was when she said “its for my own good, see? I need discipline,” while simultaneously dumping a glace of ice water into his lap and handing him a paddle. “For my own good,” was spoken while imitating his voice to sound like ‘a big dummy,’ in her words. He responded by filling her diaper with snow and having her crawl around the house until it melted. While spanking her. She didn’t try that one again. She did have fun, though.

“And if a baby girl, say, speaks out of line or says things a baby shouldn’t, what do you think I should do? What if she lies?” she said quickly and sternly.

“Uhhh…. I guess… Mouth soapings and a pacifier?” Alex replied, a bit taken a back by her tone. He began to feel strange.

“She is required to be in diapers like all littles, correct? I presume she used them and I am to change them?”

“Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t she?”

“What if she starts acting like she isn’t a baby, and takes of her diapers? Then what?”

“Ummmm…. I guess that be a reason to lock her diapers and not change her for a while, so she remembers why she needs them. Why?” Alex began to feel stranger and stranger. The cup was harder to lift, and the woman’s tone was bordering on angry. He put a hand to his head and looked down, trying to figure out what was going on.

“I see. And if she fights back?”

“Ummm… Spankings and baby mittens? Maybe tying her? Why? Alright, what’s going on? I should get going.” Alex was beginning to feel frightened.

“Alright,” the woman said, placing her cup down and looking straight at Alex. “And what would you say I should do if a baby meets me at the door dressed as and acting like an adult, tries to pass herself off as another baby’s caretaker, tells me what to do, then leave when she realizes she is in trouble? What then?”

“What?! What is going on?” Alex stood up. His legs began to wobble, and he fell back into the chair. He suddenly realized that the cup hadn’t become heavier, he had become weaker.

“I put something in your drink. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. I just find you bigger ones easy to deal with without your strength.” She grabbed him by the wrist and began to dragged him out of his chair. She pulled him over her lap, undid his pants, and pulled them down along with his underwear. She tsked at his boxers, muttering “such silly, naughty things for a baby to wear.”

“What!? Why are you doing this?” he struggled against her grip, but couldn’t fight her in his weakened state.

“Lets see… I have the email right here.” She took out a piece of paper. " 'I will be away for the weekend. The baby will meet you at the door. ’ I opened the door and only saw one baby, at that was you." She raised her hand high in the air.

“But no! I’m not the baby!”

“It says you’d say that,” she pointed at a line in the email, where Alex had written that out exactly. Her hand came down with a loud SMACK!, causing Alex to yelp.
“I’m not dressed as one! I’m in adult clothes!”

“It says you’d do that.” She continued her spanking, hitting harder and harder with each blow.

“You can’t do this!”

“It certainly can, and it say you’d say that.”

Alex began to panic. “Please! I’ll… I’ll be good! Just don’t make me a baby and we will pretend you did, ok? I won’t tell anyone!” He was shouting now, on the verge of tears from the spanking.

“It says you’ll definitely, definitely say that.” Once again, the exact words were there, along with the double “definitely.” Why did he have to be so darn thorough with the email? She continued spanking him as he kicked and struggled uselessly against her arms. When she was done, she stood him on his feet, allowing him to rub his now red and bruised behind. She grabbed one of his hands tightly and placed the doll in the other. “Now, little one, you hand onto your little toy and suck your thumb. We are going to go to the nursery where I will get you properly dressed.” Alex stared at her a moment, and raised an eyebrow expectantly. “Well?” she asked. Alex realized what she meant, and placed his free thumb in his mouth, tucking the doll under the crook of his arm.

Ms. Pennyworth took his wrist and led him waddling down the hallway, his pants and underwear still around his ankles and his red bottom on display. He sucked his thumb and held onto the doll as he did, afraid to disobey here. The entire situation was humiliating, and for the first time he hoped Kacey wasn’t around so she didn’t see it.

They entered the nursery. It was a large room with pink walls decorated with a mural of Disney princesses and an ocean scene. There was an adult sized crib painted with mermaids and made to look like Ariel’s castle, a high chair, and a changing table. Toys were scattered everywhere, with a few piled into a toy box. Along with the babyish stuffed animals and dolls was a wall covered with another kind of ‘toy’ –ropes, paddles, and straps. She sat him on the changing table. He winced as his sore bottom rested against the plastic cushioning. “A cute set up for you, isn’t it?” she asked.

“But its not mine! I’m telling you, Kacey is the baby.” Alex looked around, wondering again where Kacey had gone. “KACEY! KACEY! Where are you?”

“Mhhmmm. Yes, the magical Kacey, the ‘real baby’ who just happens to disappear just as I arrive,” she said in a sarcastic and joking voice. “Oh look, there she is now.”

“What!?” Alex looked around, not seeing her anywhere.

To Alex’s dismay, she reached to his free hand, where he still held the doll he had picked up earlier. She grabbed it and spoke to it in a mock cutesey voice. “Why hello Kacey! Nice to meet you. Is your friend being naughty? Yes he is! Will he get another spanking? Yes he will! At least you remembered to keep your diapies on. Speaking of which…” She reached into the changing table and took out a thick diaper with Sesame Street on it, then unfolded it and placed it beside Alex.

Alex was almost shaking now. How could she not believe him? “But… but… I don’t need diapers! I never wear them!”

“It says you’d say that too. It suggests I make you use them and leave you messy them if you did.”

“Alright, I’ve had enough of this! You can’t do this to me, leave me be or else!”

“It says you’d threaten me, and I should rinse your mouth out with soap for it.”

“I swear! I know martial arts and I will use them!” He stood up and tried to push by her.

She easily began manhandling him back in place. He attempted a Judo throw, but failed miserably. In his weakened state, he couldn’t even budge her. The result was him falling over his own legs while she stared at him in disappointment. She then lifted him by the wrist and ear and put him back on the table. "It says you’d do that, and I should tie you up and spank you for it. Not sit there and behave before you make this worse for yourself.

Alex sat down, defeated and moping. Why had he been so strict with the suggested punishments? He knew why, of course. Kacey normally ended up needing them, or she would drive the babysitters insane. Literally, he was sure at least one was in the madhouse. She usually ended up enjoying them, anyway.

The woman reached for his belt. Alex gasped and tried to stop her, but she pushed his hands away and undid it. She pulled down his pants and underwear, then took off his shirt.

“Now,” she said, holding the diaper and patting the table, “lie down and let me get you into more age appropriate clothing.”

Alex sighed and did as he was told. She poured baby powder over his loins, and at her directions he lifted her legs. He expected her to place the diaper underneath him, but was surprised when she grabbed something from her own bag instead. It took him a moment to realize it was a package of suppositories.

“What!?” he said “What are those for!?”

“Don’t act so surprised. You, my little one, are going to get every punishment mentioned in this email along with the ones you so gleefully offered during our discussion earlier. One of those was a messy diaper, and I am going to ensure you get it. No stop whining!” She said, spanking him hard.

Alex groaned. The woman took out a pill and pushed it neatly inside him. Next, she placed the diaper underneath his hips, brought it up between his legs and tapped in snugly in place. He rested on it, feeling the soft bulk underneath him. “There! Now the widdle baby has his widdle diapoos on!” She smirked, tapping his nose. “Better be careful! Baby’s pampies can leak if he is restless! Wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Alex blushed at her mocking tone, then watched as she walked toward the closet.

“Let’s see,” she said. “What should the baby wear? Ah! Perfect! The email did say you were a baby GIRL, didn’t it?” she took out a pink dress, covered with hearts and glitter. It was the sort of thing Alex used for Kacey knowing it was even embarrass her a bit. For him, it was mortifying.

"What!? No, please, I’m a boy! At least let me be that!’ Alex whined.

“Well you can’t run around in just your messy diapers, making everything smell. Now, come on little one.”

“But I really am!”

“Hmmm… Alex, a name for both males and females. Stays in a pink room with princess decorations. Carries a doll around.” She pointed at the one she had handed him earlier. “Longish blond hair, again, could be male or female.” She said, placing pink bows into his hair to make pigtails, then ruffled them. “I’d say you could be either, and I know which you are today.”

“Not fair” he muttered, but knew he couldn’t argue.

She grabbed his hand again and stood him up. The diaper felt awkward between his legs, and he had to spread them out slightly. He had seen Kacey do it enough, waddling around due to the thick padding. She made him raise his arms up and pulled the dress over his head. It was designed to barely cover a pamper, and on him it left part of the padding exposed. She followed it up with lacy leggings, striped with dark and light shades of pink, and complete with little bows at the top. They reached to his thighs just below his diaper. Next she gave him shoes, a pink bonnet and a pacifier with a heart on it.

“There! Now don’t you look adorable!” she asked, making him face a mirror. He blushed and groaned, humiliated at his appearance. He really did look just like the baby girl she wanted him to be. He also looked completely ridiculous. She had picked not only the most effeminate of Kacey’s clothes, but the ones that would look most like they were made to fit him. He wondered how she had managed to do it, most would be far too small, and she seemed to have been lucky.

“Now, were aren’t done yet, are we little Alex?” she asked.

“Wha doo oo mean?” he asked, muffled by his pacifier.

“Well, it seems you gave me quite a list of punishments, didn’t you?”

“Uhhh….” Alex’s eyes wide.

“You didn’t think you were going to get away without them I hope. I certainly wouldn’t allow it. Let’s see if you can remember them all. Go ahead, tell me them and I might go easy.”

“Uhhh… pankin?”

“Yes, good baby!” She patted his head. “But I already gave you your spanking for now.” She smacked his diapered bottom hard to demonstrate. “What else?”
“Uhhhh…” Alex blushed, not wanting to answer.

“Come on, what was the punishment for saying you were a big boy?”

He mumbled quietly. “I haf ta suck on soap”

“Come again? A bit louder sweetie.”

He spoke louder. “Mouf soapin, mistwess!”

“Good baby. Now what was the punishment for not wearing your diapers? What if you had an accident little one!? Very naughty. And no big boy talking, you are going to sound like a baby with your paci anyway, might as well talk like one.”

He squeezed his eyes shut. “I gots to stay in tinky pampies…”

“Good baby. The suppository will take care of that soon.” As she mentioned it, he realized she was right. In the excitement and embarrassment he hadn’t noticed his stomach beginning to cramp up.

“Now, little one, what was the punishment for fighting back and struggling like a silly little baby girl?”

“Baby middens, ties, and cowner time,” Alex whined.

“Exactly right. And look what I have here!” she held up a pair of fingerless mittens. She took them and put one on each of his hands, leaving them almost immobile and useless. He stared at them sadly. Next, she turned him around and tied his hands behind his back.

“Now, you are going to stay in the corner until supper time. If you can behave until then, I’ll untie you, but the mittens stay on. Is that understood?”

He nodded in reply, and she led him into the corner. She left, and returned a moment later.

“Before I forget…” She pulled the pacifier out of his mouth, and put something in its place. It took him a moment to realize it was a bar of soap. The awful taste filled his mouth instantly, and the bubbles felt slimy. He began to gag.

“Now, keep that in until I return, or you’ll get another spanking. Have fun!” she said, leaving him with another sharp smack to his pampered behind. Alex winced, and waited patiently for the punishment to end.

Re: The Babysitter

So I don’t normally write myself in as a main character, and never as a sub. I just had this story idea, and it seemed to work for our characters. So sorry if it seems weird or Sue-ish. I don’t plan on doing it often.
Kacey, btw, is BabyPrincessKacey on Deviantart. She is a real person, we’ve done this stuff together and she enjoyed this, so no issues there. This is kind of like here, though tit exaggerates some of her character traits for effect.
Any comments or critiques are appreciated!

Re: The Babysitter

Is there more to come?

It’s interesting, I’ll grant, and well executed for the tone. (a few spelling mistakes here and there, but I’m guilty of that as well.)

If this is the whole story, the biggest criticism I offer is the lack of foreshadowing. As a single one shot story, it lies on the crux of Alex making the mistake with the very strict bAby sitter who has all the “what ifs” written up.

You gave some great tonal imagery when you described what happened to Kacey’s last sitter,
I think the pay off would have been more worth it if the readers had had at least foreshadowing that Alex had thought up a laundry list of rules to fix Kacey’s behavior, but if that was written in, I’d missed it.

It’s more forgiveable if this isn’t a one-shot, as the story can keep going and going. The arc doesn’t necessarily rely on Alex’s strict rules backfiring on him and not a safeword in sight.

If there’s more to come, then the biggest question is “Where’s Kacey?” Is she going to remain hidden for 24 hours? Then what does the babysitter do if and when Kacey is discovered? Does she, the babysitter, stay in character? Does she safeword out and realize something is wrong?

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun piece, and if fun/amusement/arousal is the primary intent, mission accomplished. I’m nitpicking at best, I know.

It’s a cool little story that vaguely reminds me of some of the old Warner Bros. cartoons. (Especially the “The letter said that, the letter said you’d say that.” schtick.) I’d say play with this some more and see what absurdities you can come up with.

Re: The Babysitter

Hello, and thanks for critiquing!

First off I’m glad you appreciated at least parts of it and liked the tone.

I think your criticisms are certainly fair. Spelling mistakes are a good call, I am trying to improve my editing and spelling (its coming slowly.)

The reason I didn’t explain the letter beforehand was because it was supposed to come across as a joke. I thought if I foreshadowed it, it would be expected and the humor in that part would be lost. I sort of added it into the story while I was writing it, it wasn’t a main part of the plot. I am not sure if it came across that way, or if it even seemed funny to someone else, so thanks for the feedback.

Also, just to clear it up this isn’t going to be a one shot. The letter part really was just sort of a joke inside the story rather then the main point of the plot. The next part is already writing, which has the intended ending but I may add more later depending on how I feel. It will explain where Kacey is, and what exactly is happening (spoiler alert, don’t read if you are going to see the next one, this is all a prank worked out by Kacey).

So I hope that helps. Again, thanks for the feedback and critiques, always appreciated.

Re: The Babysitter

Well if there’s more to the story, then don’t worry so much about it. Keep it as the joke.

And the spelling is a few mistakes here and there, but it no way stops me from understanding the messages you’re trying to convey.

Don’t think I’m not entertained. Also don’t think that I’m entertained in a “this is so bad, it’s good way.”

Please don’t take offense to anything I’ve offered. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated, and I feel that I can always improve SOMETHING in my writing, even when I consider it good. I just don’t want to gush all over everything so I picked out a few things that really stood out well to me and separated your piece from others that I’ve read.

Re: The Babysitter

Re: The Babysitter

Part 2

Alex pouted, sucking on the soap to keep it in place. He stood patiently as the time ticked by. He wondered Kacey was, and hoped she was alright. He figured she was, as hiding was just the type of prank she would play. It hadn’t been too long since the entire thing started, and she would come out soon. She was normally fine on her own, and could actually take care of herself for days if she wanted to, though she normally didn’t. The babysitter was just part of their game. She’d be fine.

He wondered briefly what the people at work thought. They wouldn’t really miss him, the hockey game was optional and a lot of people didn’t go.

However, these thoughts were all just to distract him from a pressing matter. The cramps he had felt in his stomach earlier had grown considerably, and he felt the pressure getting worse. He had given the same stuff to Kacey before, and they normally resulted in a messy diaper very quickly. He shuddered, knowing full well that soon he’d be in the same situation he had seen her in dozens of times.

The pressure kept building, and he groaned as he struggled to keep it in. Part of him questioned why, as he knew it would come out eventually. The way he was dressed, it was expected, and he’d probably be punished otherwise. However, the idea of it was just too embarrassing.

He groaned again. The pressure became too much, and he let go. The back of his padding expanded as be began to mess himself. He shuddered, feeling the mush fill his diaper and cover him. The smell surrounded him quickly, and he was almost glad for the soap in his mouth for covering it at least slightly.

He stood miserably, staring at the ground by the corner, his bottom messy and sore from the spanking, his diaper sagging, his hands tied and his mouth full of soap. How did this happen? Where had Kacey gone?

As if to answer his question, he heard a snickering behind him.

He gasped as well as he could without dropping the soap, and looked around to see Kacey standing there. She still wore the same onesie and diaper he had left her in, and was cuddling the same teddy bear she had thrown. She held her pacifier and covered her hand with her mouth as she laughed at his predicament.

“Hello there Stinky Pants!” She said, waking up and patting him on the bottom. She rubbed the diaper around, spreading his mess. "Now now, don’t look away from the corner and you REALLY better not drop the soap, you could still get in trouble, " she said teasingly.

Annoyed but realizing she was right, Alex turned back to face the corner. With the soap in his mouth, he couldn’t reply to what she was saying.

“PEE YEW! Your weally did fill this diapoos, didn’t you, Ms. Potty Pants? Yes you did! Yes you did! Such a smewwy widdle baby girl. Just a helpwess pants messer. Well then Smelly Butt, how does it feel to be in a messy widdle pampie? I bet da smelly widdle baby didn’t expect this, did you!? Noo, da widdle potty pants definitely did not!” She giggled and kept patting his bottom. She delighted in using all the names he always teased her with.

He glared toward the corner as she teased him and played with his diaper. He couldn’t believe this. Not only was he in a messy diaper and a dress, but now his own abdl girl was there to tease him about it.

He heard the door behind him open, and footsteps came into the room. Ms. Pennyworth came behind him and untied him. She turned him around, removed the soap from his mouth, and replaced the pacifier.

She waved her hand in front of her nose. "Whew! Good thing we got you into those diapers, isn’t it stinky girl? And too think, earlier you were complaining that you didn’t need them. Such a silly little baby.

Alex whimpered, knowing it was pointless to argue that it was her fault he was messy.

“Now, its almost time to feed you, isn’t it? Ready for your bottle?” she asked him.

“What!? But… but look! The real baby is there!” he pointed at Kacey. He reached to grab her hand paternally, showing he was supposed to be taking care of her. She pretended not to noticed and began innocently sucking her pacifier, as if she forgot everything that just happened and that nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Who here? Oh, I know about her. What’s that have to do with you?” She pulled Kacey away from him, then sat down on a chair with Kacey in her lap. Kacey gave him a mischievous smile from behind her pacifier and cuddled into the babysitters lap, pretending not to notice he had reached for her. The babysitter took out a bottle and placed it in Kacey’s mouth, letting her drink.

“But… she is the baby!” He walked toward her reaching up for the bottle, hoping to feed her to demonstrate.

The nursemaid raised her hand up, stopping him. “No, no, that’s close enough stinky girl. We don’t want to smell your messy diapers any more then we have to. Wait until it’s your turn for a bottle.”

“But… butt… she is the baby!” he said again, not understanding why she didn’t acknowledge it.

“Yes I suppose she is something of a baby, isn’t she?” She smiled at Kacey at patted her bottom, making her diaper crinkle. Kacey looked at her and smiled back, sighing in mock innocently. “But not quite as much as you. She isn’t the one standing in a messy diaper, is she? She doesn’t have baby mittens, does she? If anything, I’d say she is a toddler and you are the real baby.” Alex stared in shock, having just been demoted below his own AB girl. Kacey giggled and stuck her tongue out at him. “Now, even if you WERE supposed to be an adult, you didn’t really do a good job of that, did you? Toys everywhere, not knowing where your baby was, getting pampered and spanked so easily… I’d say you are doing far better as a baby, wouldn’t you?”

Alex glared. This was so unfair! But, he knew there was nothing he could do. He still didn’t feel strong enough to fight back, and Kacey would certainly go along with the little game.

Re: The Babysitter

While I prefer to be treated as a baby boy, personally, this is oddly reminiscent of the circular logic I’d be “trapped” in in my earliest fantasies of being babied.


Me: I’m not a baby
Mommy figure: You look like a baby
Me: Because you dressed me like one!
MF: Of course I dressed you like one, babies don’t dress themselves!
Me: But I’m not a baby!
MF: You can’t be big, because big kids take care of themselves and don’t let themselves get dressed like babies.

etc. etc. etc.

It’s almost like a Catch-22 of infantilism. Well done.

So when I’m reading a story that interests me enough to post a reply, I like to analyze it and make predictions. A habit I formed in my English classes from middle school on up.

As a writer, this gives me a love/hate feel when my readers do it because on one hand, they’re picking up clues and insights that I’ve laid down or implied. But on the other hand it makes me feel predictable.

Still I’m taking a stab at guessing the mystery behind this plot.

Here’s what I believe I know:

Real world setting. Alex and Karen are in a Daddy/Baby relationship, but are normal people in a normal world who just happen to have the resources necessary to support a 24/7 lifestyle kink or close to it. Even enough to hire an Abysiter.

Karen is resentful to Alex for leaving her to go to the sports game, and has a history of scaring away Abysitters, showing that she’s cunning to say the least. Karen also has advance knowledge of the sitter coming.

The babysitter arrives slightly earlier than expected, mistaking Alex for the baby since his letter said he’d be gone by now and the baby would answer the door. She sees Karen and is not surprised, Karen seems in complete control of the situation and has happily been promoted to “toddler” over “baby” Alex.

Also, Alex has no idea who the babysitter is or what she would look like. And Karen conveniently disappeared before Alex was properly babified and sissified.

In a real world setting, the babysitter as a service provider would freak the f’ out if things went not according to plan or as expected. Best case scenario, she freaks out and apologizes for going too in character with Alex. Just as likely scenario: She thinks Alex is trying to scam her by getting an extra baby in on the act.

Karen, unless she’s a total sociopath, would likely freak out if someone was doing this to her significant other without his consent….at least if she had nothing to do with it. When a complete stranger pours a bucket of water on my spouse, they’re a jerk and I go into protection mode. When I PAY someone to pour a bucket of water on my spouse, it’s HILARIOUS!

So my conclusion is the babysitter does not work for Alex. She’s working for Karen. Karen somehow circumvented Alex hiring a babysitter, and hired her own with specific instructions to treat Alex the way he’s being treated. This is a revenge plot/prank to teach Alex a lesson about who’s really in charge in this relationship.

Just my predictions. Good read, thanks for writing.

Re: The Babysitter

hahaha wow, I actually like that you are trying to do this

As for the setting, it is sort of a strange mix between reality and fantasy. Most of it is normal, but alternative lifestyles and other ‘kinks’ are more acceptable. This was established in an earlier story with the same charaters (myself and my gf, btw. Also its Kacey, not Karen :lol: ) go to disneyland and people seem to accept Kacey as being a ‘baby’ despite being in her 20s. I haven’t fully described the difference or level of acceptability, but for me that isn’t quite important. Some people just act like its normal, some are surprised, and the exact details are up to the reader’s imagination. So if you want to see it as normal world but they have the resources for this, that is fine :slight_smile:

Assuming that the above is the case, the babysitter would be used to 'baby’s claiming to be adults or ‘girls’ claiming to be boys- she’d see it as just them playing around as it normally is. Obviously in this world everything is consensual, but that doesn’t mean some people don’t like to put up a play fight, as Kacey is described doing. This is why she behaves like that towards me.

And yes Kacey is very cunning, and sort of mischievous. (Spoiler Alert!) Your predictions are quite accurate, the next part is alright written along similar lines and will be up soon.
There is a bit more you missed though, sort of a really subtle joke I didn’t expect many people to get. You’ll notice they have girly/babyish clothes and furniture in Alex’s size, so they’ve done this before. The babysitter just happens to know where all the worse ones are, so someone helped her.

Essentially, the idea is while everything seems forced on the surface, in the end everyone gets what they want.

Anyway, thanks for commenting! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Re: The Babysitter

shit. Sorry, I’m sucking at remembering character names.

Well I know it’s not the “normal” world. Because I don’t think Aby sitting services are widely available. But I’m willing to acknowledge that it’s a conceit of the tale, and it works for this.

Oh, and I totally get the “putting up a fight” fantasy that enough people have that makes this a comedy of errors, though probably not an error on Kacey’s part.

I’ll keep reading.

Re: The Babysitter

Re: The Babysitter

Part 3
When she was finished feeding Kacey, the nursemaid picked Alex up and sat him on her lap. He felt himself settle in his diaper with a nauseating squish, and the babysitter made it worse by bouncing him up and down on her knee. She began to feed him from a bottle, and he drank it obediently but angrily.

Half way through, she stopped. He looked up at her, wondering what she was doing. She was staring at Kacey, who was playing with a doll while staring in amusement at Alex.

“Hmmm… Kacey, my dear, since you are clearly the more mature one here, would you like to try feeding the baby?”

Alex gasped and stared at her in shock.

“YES! I’d love to,” Kacey said, laughing as she did.

“Ok, there’s a good girl.” She stood up and placed Alex on her feet. Then, she had Kacey sit down in the chair, and sat Alex on her lap. She handed the bottle to her.

“Drink up baby girl!” Kacey said, and began trying to feed him.

At this point Alex had had enough. Having the nursemaid say Kacey was older was one thing, actually being feed by her was another entirely. He pushed himself up from Kacey. “No!” he shouted. “I don’t want any more!”

“Tsk tsk tsk” the babysitter said. “It seems your baby is having a temper tantrum. What do you think you should do, Kacey dear?”

“SPANKINGS!” she replied.

“What!? No!” Alex tried to run away, but was grabbed by the nursemaid. The two women both lowered him and held him over Kacey’s lap as he struggled.

“Whew! Sure is stinky like this!” Kacey giggled, resting a hand on his upturned bottom. “He now, its for your own good!” She raised her arm and began spanking.

The spanking wasn’t nearly as hard as the Ms. Pennyworth’s had been. However, on his still sore bottom, the pain was still horrible. Even worse was the feeling of the messy diaper getting smacked and pushed against him, and the knowledge that his own supposed-to-be-submissive baby girl was giving it to him. Overall, nothing could have been more humiliating.

The spanking continued, Alex moaning in a mixture of pain and humiliation. Each smack not only hurt more and more, but reminded him of his fallen status. By the end, he was sobbing wildly, feeling just like the little baby girl he was supposed to be.

“Good. Now there will be no more arguments?” the nursemaid asked.

Alex shook his head. “No,” he groaned.

“Then continue.”

Kacey sat him back on her lap. We winced again at the pain of his freshly spanked bottom resting on her. She put the bottle in his lips, and this time he drank thirstily.

When they were finished, the nursemaid got out an extra high chair which was slightly larger than Kacey’s, and placed it beside hers. She sat them each in their respective chairs, put bibs on them, and locked the tables in place. She put food in front of them. Alex whined when he saw that he got a bowl of baby food, but Kacey was given a plate of chicken and vegetables. The chicken was cut up and the vegetables were mashed, but the difference was still clear. He hoped Kacey wouldn’t choke on the solid bits.

She began feeding them both, switching between them with each bite. Alex squirmed as he ate, his sore bottom and messy diaper making the hard chair uncomfortable. Part of him still couldn’t believe he was being feed right beside the person who was supposed to be his little.

This was about to change, however. The woman apparently decided Kacey was mature enough to feed herself, and handed her the utensils. The result was something of a disaster, as Kacey struggled to control the fork and spoon. Half the food ended up on the floor, and most of the rest ended up on her face. It is a good thing she didn’t give Kacey the knife, Alex thought.

Meanwhile, the nursemaid was feeding Alex painfully slowly. “Here comes the choo choo train!” she would say, thinking she was encouraging him. She would then make the train noises, or plan noises, or car noises, or whatever vehicle she though would make Alex happy. She slowly moved the tiny spoon into his mouth, often missing and dirtying his face, seemingly on purpose. Alex pouted throughout the entire humiliating ordeal, eating impatiently and wishing it would go faster.

Due to her slow feeding, Kacey was finished while Alex was only half way through. The babysitter stopped and let Kacey down.

“There’s a good girl for eating so nicely,” she said. “Very mature of you. I’m sure you could teach this little one a lesson or two! She barely manages with me feeding her!” Kacey giggled at this remark, looking at Alex. “Since you did so well with feeding yourself, would you like to try feeding the baby?”

Alex shook his head vigorously, but Kacey almost bounced at the offer. “YES YES I WANNA FEED THE BABY!” she almost shouted.

“Good. Then take the spoon like this. No, like this.” She showed Kacey how to hold it. “Now, carefully lower it in… and bring it up… Good!” She took Kacey’s hand and carefully moved it, making her feed him.

“Now, do that on your own while I go get something to eat myself.” The nursemaid left, leaving the two diapered adults in the room.

“Alright Princess Potty Pants, time for some num nums!” Kacey stuck her tounge out again continued feeding him, barely managing to hold onto the spoon. She dropped it a few times, and most of the food ended up on Alex’s bib. Alex signed impatiently, and ate what he could.

When they were done, Kacey called to the nursemaid. She returned and brushed their teeth. She had brought the play pen up into the nursery, and put them both inside it…

Re: The Babysitter


Alex crouched in a corner, not wanting to sit in the messy diaper. He suckled a pacifier and glared.

“Aww Stinky Butt, are you just going to be upset?” Kacey said, crawling over to him. She put her arms around him, opened her mouth and placed her teeth on his arm as if gnawing on it. He didn’t respond.

Kacey lay underneath him, head turned so she was looking up at his face. “Don’t cry Diaper Girl!” She said. Then she crinkled her nose. “Ewww… its smelly down here…” She muttered teasingly. Alex turned away slightly.

“Awww don’t be mean Messy Girl!” she followed him around and placed her face inches from his. She pursed her lips as if to kiss him. At the last second, she blew a burst of air into his face and began laughing. Alex smiled slightly, but repressed it.

“PLAY WITH ME!” she shouted, tackling and tickling him. She kissed his nose and the top of his pacifier.

Alex couldn’t help himself. He began laughing and tickling her back. They had a tickle war, forcing each other onto their backs and blowing raspberries into each other’s stomachs. Kacey gained the upper hand, as Alex had difficulty tickling with his mittens, so he pulled her bend over and delivered playfull spanks to her bottom. She did the same to him, teasing him about the state of his diapers as she did. She made a 'omm" noise as if biting, and but her mouth on his arms and shoulders. Then she put her mouth on his pacifier and pulled it out of his mouth and kissed him.

“Are you going to stop being so grouchy Little Ms. Potty Pants?” she said.

“Uh huh,” he nodded, smiling.

“Good, come play with me. Since you’re a baby girl, you can have the dolly,” she teased, handing him the doll he had picked up earlier.

The played for close to an hour, taking turns with the different dolls and blocks in the play pen. Alex had trouble holding onto them with his mittens, and Kacey had to help him occasionally and show him how to play ‘like a baby.’ A few times they would break down into another tickle contest, or give more play full pats to the diapers. Eventually, the nursemaid returned.

“Well, I’m glad to see you are in a better mood! I was worried I was going to have to give you another spanking before bed. I guess you won’t be complaining about your proper place and age any more, will you? You’ve accepted it?” she asked Alex, who nodded happily and smiled behind his pacifier which he now sucked enthusiastically. He wouldn’t, at least for now. He figured he couldn’t allow this for ever, but one weekend wouldn’t hurt.

“Good,” the nursemaid said. “Then let’s get you ready for bed.”

Alex looked out the window. It was still light out, but he figured this was when babies normally slept. He let her lead him out, untie him and remove his dress. She changed Kacey, who, to her embarrassment, had wet while they played. Alex had been hoping for the same, but she simply put another diaper over his own. “We can’t have leaks in the crib,” she explained, “And the smell would bother Kacey. However, that doesn’t mean your punishment is over.” She looked strictly at Alex, enforcing what she had said.

Re: The Babysitter

Next, she dressed them both in matching pink footed pyjamas made to look like unicorns, with blue horns and light purple manes. She put night caps on their heads and gave them each a stuffed animal to cuddle. She put a pacifier in Kacey’s mouth, as only Alex had had one.

“There! You look like twins! How adorable!” Ms. Pennyworth said, clasping her hands happily. The two faced each other and smiled. They really did look quite a bit a like, though she was shorter and had red hair to his blond. “Now, into the crib!” She ushered them both into it, tucked them under the blankets and pulled the bars up.

“Goodnight you too! Sleep well! I’ll be watching you all night in case you need anything.” She turned off the lights and left.

The two babies lay next to each other. Kacey moved up close to Alex, and he reached over and pulled her in tight.

“Kacey?” Alex asked. “Where were you for so long?”

“Oh, I was with the babysitter for a lot of it.”

“What? Then why did she still treat me like the baby?”

“Well…… I may have talked to her a bit about it.”

Alex paused. “Kacey, Did you work this out on purpose?”

Kacey giggled. “Mayyyyybe.”

“Oh really? Well mayyyyybe I’ll have to spank you for it as soon as Ms. Penny-butt leaves.”

“Oh boo” Kacey said, making a phbbttt noise with her tongue. “Don’t pretend you weren’t having fun at the end. Anyway, think of it as revenge for all those times you 'forgot” I needed a diaper change, or ‘just happened’ to be in public when you decided I needed a spanking or absurdly long diaper check, or “accidentally” put something funny in my bu-buh…"

“Alright, arlight, point taken….” Alex said.

“Anyway, I saw her email before hand and talked to her about it. We decided to let you have a taste of your own medicine, and figured you’d enjoy it. I told her where to find everything she’d need. You did have fun, didn’t you? Come on, you can admit it Diaper Butt…” Kacey asked teasingly.

“Yes, I did. Anyway, goodnight baby girl,”

“Goodnight Daddy,” she replied, and cuddled into him. Slowly, they both drifted off to sleep.