The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya (New Chapter 08/27/09)

Here’s a story that I started over at diaperedanime, figured I would post it here too.

Summary: Haruhi Suzumiya’s plans have always been crazy, but her newest one takes the cake. Diapers, Daycare and Haruhi, Kyon doesn’t know how much more he can take.

Disclaimer: Legal blah, Haruhi Suzumiya and all subsiquent characters belong to their rightful owners, I in no way claim ownership overthem.

Life used to be so simple, and by simple I mean normal. There was nothing out of the ordinary when it came to my life, just regular old me, going through regular old life. I woke up each morning just like everyone else, followed by getting ready for school just like any other student. I walked the long, arduous hill to my school, it was the same each and every day and talked with my friends as per usual. But nothing has been normal since starting high school, not since joining (well forcibly joining) the SOS Brigade and Haruhi Suzumiya made it that way.

You can call me Kyon by the way, everyone else seems to.

The SOS Brigade was known all over the school as the club with no real purpose. Well actually most know it as the club belonging to Haruhi and thus avoid it all together. But I know it as the club with no purpose and so do the other members, albeit they do not seem to mind it as much as I do. If I could give a description to what the club really does is it does whatever the hell Haruhi feels like doing.

Now this may not sound so bad to some of you, but that is because you don’t know Haruhi. During our introductions on the first day of school, Haruhi made it clear that she was not a normal girl by announcing to the class that she is looking for aliens, espers and time travellers. One of the founding principals of the SOS Brigade was so Haruhi could find these mythical beings. Of course she doesn’t know that in fact they are sitting right under her nose and that the members of our so called club fit the descriptions of an alien, an esper and a time traveller. If that does not come as a surprise, Haruhi herself is probably the most obscure of them all, being as I’ve been told essentially god. I always wonder how it is I got myself mixed up with all these abnormal people, being as normal as I am…at least I hope I’m normal.

The thing about the SOS Brigade is that having no real purpose does not mean that we just do nothing, that we don’t work hard. In fact half the time we work harder (mainly me, as Haurhi forces me to do most of the work) than most clubs do, we work hard and have nothing to show for it afterwards. That is what really gets to me, we exhaust ourselves day in and day out and for what, only for Haruhi’s self satisfactions. Other clubs work hard for a reason, the baseball club training year round so that they can win the coming tournament. The SOS Brigade on the other hand, on Haruhi’s whim out of the blue join a baseball tournament with no hopes of winning and through hard work (and a little bit of cheating) we manage to win our game only to forfeit because Haruhi had been sufficiently entertained for that day. Or the computer club, working diligently as to get out their next piece of software or video game. Haruhi just black mails them into giving us their best computer. Are latest venture, making a movie that even after tirelessly working on, was just not very good to say the least. All to entertain Haruhi, all to make sure the god didn’t decide to wipe out our existence. When did life become to so complicated.

It was with these thoughts that I walked with slowly towards the clubroom at the end of the day. I stopped outside the door, taking in a deep breathe as to mentally prepare myself for whatever crazy activity Haruhi had planned for today. Not that after all this time and all my forewarning could I really prepare for what Haruhi would do. And with that I entered, only to find that to my surprise the one who had come to complicate my life was nowhere to be found.

I walked inside, closing the door behind me, and gave my usually “Hey” greeting to those who where here. Yuki off to the side didn’t even give me a glance, Itsuki sitting at the table with his usual grin and Mikuru wearing the maid uniform that had come to be a norm here preparing some tea. I sat opposite Itsuki just like always, ready to play whatever game it was he had set out that day as we would wait for Haruhi to show up. I asked them if they had seen her, but they had been just as surprised as me to find that she wasn’t there. She had been in class, and had left before me as the bell rang, but I just assumed she was heading here. Whatever the case, it was nice to have sometime with out her antics, kinda a buffer, allowing me to be even more prepared for whatever she was planning, not that it would work anyways.

We waited a good half an hour and still no Haruhi. We were really beginning to wonder where it is she could be, when a large bang came from the door as though someone bashed something against it. I quickly ran to the door, followed by Mikuru looking worried and Itsuki still as calm as always. I don’t think Yuki had looked away from her book all day. Upon opening the door, it revealed a very large box, and a pair of legs pinned under it. As it was, it was Haruhi, she made a motion to get up all the while grumbling about locking the door.

“Hey, do you need any help?” I asked.

I said to her as I walked out, about to give her a hand. She didn’t answer, standing up to reveal half of her, the upper half completely blocked from view by the box and walked straight ahead very nearly mowing me over. I followed her back in, and watched as she navigated her way to the back of the room, carefully as she really couldn’t see around such a large box. It was a miracle she didn’t knock anything over. She finally placed it down on the chair opposite the computer, before looking up at us with her huge grin meaning she had something big planned. By this point we were all standing around her and the mystery box in wonder, even Yuki had abandoned her book in interest at what it could be, not that you could tell by looking at her face.

“Where have you been?” I asked.

And yet again I was ignored, as Haruhi proceeded to open said box and gaze in wonder. If it were possible for her smile to be even bigger than it was already it might have fallen off her face. I tried to get a peek at what was inside, but Haruhi re-closed the top before I could see. She turned to face us four and I knew we were in for something big, something out of the ordinary, something that was going to ruin my entire weekend. I was going to ask what was up, but she spoke before I could ask.

“It’s time for the next SOS Brigade activity!” She exclaimed in glee.

I brought my hand to my face, sighing loudly, and as no one else had asked, I decided to take the bite.

“And that would be?”

“Helping the daycare.” She said, glaring angrily at me as if that was completely obvious and my question was stupid.

As it turns out, a local daycare or more a play centre for kids of all ages, toddlers all the way to teens, was going out of business. The daycare as it is aptly titled, provides the usual daycare facilities for young kids as well as providing a place for parents to send their teens to entertain them and keep them out of trouble. It had once been a thriving business, before an accidental fire burned down half the building. And although the clients had liked the daycare they needed places for their kids to go while it was being rebuilt and had all moved on. Upon reopening only a few months ago, they had barely gotten any new customers and now were facing bankruptcy. How we could do anything about that was beyond me.

Now “helping” by Haruhi’s definition could mean anything at all, from working their as employees to desperately advertising and trying to get the daycare more customers. It turned out to be more the latter as Haruhi explained to us that we would be spending the entire weekend seemingly at and around the daycare trying to get customers. If you didn’t know Haruhi tends to sympathize with small or struggling businesses, as seen by our sponsors for the movie we made, and by sympathize I really mean exploit for her own gain. Although I really couldn’t see what she would gain out of this.

I had almost forgotten about the box, when Mikuru spoke up, “What is the box for?”

“New costumes,” Haruhi said happily, almost bouncing up in down, as Mikuru seemed to back down in fear as to what this would mean, “How else could we get attention without something new to wear.”

At this Haruhi opened the box once again, now revealing to us what she had been so happy about before. The box was filled with a lot of things, things that didn’t really seem to register in my mind as I had no idea what they were. I stepped forward, leaning down to get a better look. There was toy’s and shoe’s and…and…

I picked up whatever it was I couldn’t seem to name, holding it up being very confused. It was very pink, with little cartoon characters all over it and I couldn’t help but think it was bigger than it should be. I suddenly realized what it was, a diaper cover, having been somewhat familiar with them as my kid sister still wears them to bed on occasion. I couldn’t quite figure out why this was here, when I heard the door closing. I looked up, suddenly broken out of my confusion to see that Itsuki had left the room. Then upon another glance I found Haruhi forcibly undressing Yuki, and Yuki not resisting it very much. It was normal in the SOS Brigade to find Haruhi forcing Mikuru to change into outlandish outfits, not even announcing that she was going to start and Itsuki and I would proceed to leave the room, as it was only the right thing to do. To my surprise as Haruhi usually leaves Yuki out of the changing festivities, Haruhi had begun to change her and Yuki being well Yuki hadn’t made any motion of complaint nor a sound at all of discomfort. I found Yuki to be standing there looking me straight in the eye, her undergarments were exposed and I quickly dropped what I was holding and ran out the door. I could feel the blood rushing to my face, among other places as I met Itsuki standing outside with his stupid grin still on his face.

I was still trying to get the image of Yuki out of my head, standing there, almost naked… Hey I’m a guy I think about these things, but then again I’m a polite, proper young man, I won’t take advantage of such things. I heard Haruhi call out from behind me that they were done and Itsuki and I proceeded to re-enter the clubroom. On entering, what was found was even more surprising.

The three girls were standing there facing us, and it comes to my attention that the girls of the SOS Brigade are incredibly beautiful. I’ve thought this before, but I’ve never really said it, so now I am. First, Mikuru Ashina, she is impossibly cute and innocent. It would be impossible to turn her down if she asked you to do anything at all. Along with her seemingly klutzy charm, Mikuru was cuter than a box of kittens. Next we have Yuki Nagato, the quite type, she never really says anything and she never really has any expression on her face, but she has a good looking face. You could get lost in her deep round orbs, and her soft face. And if you ever did get to see her smile, you would be hooked. Last but certainly not least, Haruhi Suzumiya herself was completely gorgeous. On first glance from anyone, she could cause any guys mouth to drop. Course the second she opens her mouth they realize she is completely crazy and their jaws seal right back up. But if you could get past this, like I was forced to do being in her club and all, she was really beautiful. And now these three, were standing in the oddest, most outlandish and dare I say it, probably the most attractive costumes yet. Why these outfits were so appealing, I don’t know, but these three high school girls were dressed up as… well… big babies.

Mikuru was flustered as usual after being changed by Haruhi, playing shyly with the snaps of what appeared to be a very large onesie. A very pink onesie at that, her hand around the snaps were shaking slightly as if making sure they were on properly in her embarrassment. And although it was closed, I could clearly make out the pink diaper cover I had been holding earlier and by the looks of it, she was also wearing a very think diaper to go along with it. Clutched in her other hand was a small stuffed bear that had been in the box.

Yuki had been dressed in what would seem to be an enlarged toddlers dress. The dress came up short stopping just below her waist to openly reveal her own think diaper and diaper cover under it. Accompanied with her little black shoes, if she weren’t so much taller you probably would have thought she were a baby. A pacifier lay lazily in her mouth, unmoving, as if she hadn’t even noticed it were there.

Haruhi herself stood in the middle, a large bonnet and bib around her head. Her hair was done up in pigtails and she was wearing a small, tight fitting t-shirt, although I couldn’t make out what it said underneath the bib. To top off the outfit was a large diaper, noticeably thicker than the other girl’s diapers and with no diaper cover over it.

I stood there, looking them over, feeling another blush come on, before I felt the sudden urge to say something.

“What the hell!?”

Well, there it is, I’ll post the second chapter some other time. I would love to hear what everyone thinks, some constructive critiscim would be greatly apperciated.

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

:slight_smile: I like it! Keep it up!

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

Oh My God. I’ve always wondered when someone would attempt to turn this show into a fan-fic^^ Your writing style is incredibly similar to how Kyon narrates, which is a very good thing for this story. I look forward to your upcoming chapters :slight_smile:

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

Fan fiction is generally to be dreaded, but I’m impressed, I was able to follow along despite knowing almost nothing of the source material. It’s usually just a jumble of character names, but you actually bothered to explain the basic backstory and differentiate the characters.

… and it’s sort of depressing that that’s so rare that it merits praise.

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

Not to bad and I never heard of any of it before.

Will look for more.

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

I’m not familiar with this series, but that’s the great thing about wikipedia. I look forward to more.

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

I have actually fantasized about things similar to this.
That is, SOS + diapers.

This is the kind of story I’ve been waiting for. :smiley:

Now, if only someone could draw pics of each of the girls dressed like that….

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

I’m very happy to see you post this somewhere outside the d-anime board. Your writing is about 300% times better then the usual slop over there and although this forum isn’t exactly ripe for fan-fics, your work still impresses.

You showed a very in depth understanding for the characters involved in the anime and have presented a plausible storyline for their world. I’m very interested to see how this pans out.

Also, for anyone who’s not a fan of the show, I’ll give a brief overview:

This story is based off of an anime called “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, which is about a very strong willed girl (Haruhi) who bores easily and formed a club to do all sorts of crazy things to keep herself entertained. The original purpose of this club was to hunt for aliens, time travelers, and espers; and was named SOS. The main character of the show is a boy that Haruhi drags along on all her endeavors, and to his great surprise, he finds out that there are people who believe Haruhi actually controls the universe without realizing it. Whenever she gets bored, bad things start to happen. Simply because she wanted to hunt for aliens, time travelers and espers, the three other members of SOS besides Haruhi and the main character are in fact an alien, a time traveler and an esper; each of which is convinced that the only reason all of them are together is because Haruhi willed it. Everyone involved wants the main character to stay near Haruhi and go along with her craziness because he seems to be one of the few people she tolerates and that can counteract her moods. That’s the basic plot of the show, it was good, if short run, but I’ve heard there are more episodes due out in Japan soon.

The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

Wow CS Fox, I must say that hearing you say that is a great honour. I love your site and especially love your fics, the current The Girl in my Closet being my personal favorite. Thanks a lot for the awesome comments, and I hope I don’t disappoint.

Of course thanks to everyone else who left comments, glad to see people enjoying my writing. As long as there is someone out there who wants to read, I’ll continue to write. The second chapter is up at diaperedanime now, but I’ll be posting it up here sometime soon.

Re: The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya

I didn’t know if I should edit my last post or post a new one, so I just picked starting a new one. Sorry if I wasn’t supposed to double post.

Anyways, here is the second chapter that has been posted on diaperedanime for awhile, but I figured I would add it here. I keep meaning to finish writing the third chapter but I haven’t gotten around to it, but anyways this is the second chapter.

The room went still, nobody seemed to react. Haruhi stood there, still with her huge grin and eyes glowing with excitement. Mikuru looking nervous and unsure, Yuki without emotion and Itsuki with his classic plastic smile. If anything, this really could have been any other day in the SOS Brigade. And as per usual, it was me who thought something was out of place. With nobody else doing anything, I felt the need to repeat myself.

“What the hell!?”

It was as if time had frozen, I bet I could have stood there indefinitely, mouth agape, eyes full of surprise and confusion and I bet Haruhi would have kept standing their smiling. But as always I made the mistake of opening my mouth again and as always Haruhi made sure to tell me that I was being stupid.

I was about to say something with a bit more substance, rather than “What the hell” something more like “What the f***” but luckily Haruhi stepped in as I don’t think that is really appropriate language for a high school clubroom. Of course even when I’m lucky, I’m really not.

“Geez, Kyon, quit being so stupid.” Haruhi said matter of factly. Yes, as if my reaction would be so uncommon if I wasn’t in a room with a time traveller, an alien and an esper. Not to mention her being the equivalent of god of the universe (or universes as Itsuki keeps telling me). Things like this makes me think that even if Haruhi didn’t have some kind of control over everything, things would still revolve around her. That and she would still be Haruhi, meaning that anything out of the realm of normal is just another day for her.

Haruhi’s hands had moved to her hips, her posture set up to show that she is talking down to me. The matching scowl had also replaced her previous smiling face, completing the look that was telling me that I was the one being abnormal. But I wasn’t really paying attention to any of that, as the placement of her hands had once again drawn my attention to her… uh…. umm… garment.

I couldn’t seem to pull my gaze away from said garment, my eyes following it as it shifted along with Haruhi’s subtle movements. I could only assume that Haruhi was still lecturing me on how incredibly dimwitted I was being because of the fact that my full focus was intently on said garment, the dull roar of her voice drowning out as I couldn’t pull myself away. It was completely out of my realm of thought to even comprehend the kind of logic she had for wearing such a thing, and yet I can’t help but think that yes it is insanely out there, but also that she actually looks pretty dare I say….cute. They all do, Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, in some weird sort of messed up way, their diapers were…well…cute.

Being so enticed by them, it was hard to notice anything else, that is until Haruhi decided to preform a twirling motion, as if showing off her diaper. It was unexpected to say the least, breaking me out of my stupor and bringing my attention to those around me. The somewhat angry look Haruhi had been giving me earlier had been replaced by another one of her gorgeous smiles. Her face brimming from cheek to cheek in a smile so wide it glowed. I had no idea why she so suddenly changed moods on me, seemingly good fortune had finally found me in it’s graces.

“So what do you think?” Haruhi exclaimed in sheer excitement, overjoyed now by what I can only assume that she has made it perfectly clear that I was the only one out of the loop.

“Think of what?” I replied slowly, wary of how she would react, almost bracing myself in case her anger became physical.

“Think of our outfits, duh Kyon, get it together.” She said, although any annoyance she had was overwhelmed with her sheer exuberance. Haruhi was practically skipped, well somewhat skipping, somewhat hopping from the thickness of the garment between her legs, as she gliding gracefully despite said awkward movements, around Yuki twirling her around to give us a better view. Yuki despite standing still, giving off no reaction to the sudden movement was just as graceful as Haruhi if not even more so, her movements still calculated and spot on, which you would expect from a data interpreting alien. Unfortunately, as Haruhi stopped spinning Yuki she quickly made her way over to Mikuru, who in her usually shy and quite self was not quite so ready. With Haruhi starting to spin her, Mikuru’s legs crossed causing her to trip over herself and land quite hard on her rear. Her face which had already been red as it is, was now a bright crimson as she picked herself up, rubbing her behind.

Haruhi didn’t even notice she had caused Mikuru to fall, ignoring her completely as she skipped her way over to me. She got right in my face, although without the usual look of discontent and irritation that caused her to do this, and instead batted her beaming eyes in my face, waiting expectantly for a good answer. It was quite awkward, I must say, with her so close all of a sudden, I could hear the slight crinkling of her behind, making it all the more aware that she was wearing a diaper.

“Well….” I started, not really knowing what to say. I was really at a lost for words, it never ceases to amaze me how easily Haruhi could create these crazy situations. “Well…”

“Well what!” Haruhi responded loudly, even louder since she was so close to me. She was tapping her foot impatiently now, her hands at her hips and her face even closer than before. Her large smile still on her face, but it gave off a false sense of safety as I could see the ever so slight hint of a coming scowl. Knowing how she can be sometimes, I decided that for my own well being I should come up with an answer.

“Well the outfits are… uhh…. nice and… umm… cute… and pretty….” Pulling things out of the air, I was just rambling on, but I knew I couldn’t avoid the obvious for long. “It’s just….”

“It’s just what!” Haruhi interrupted and I knew I had made another mistake.

“Well…why is it your wearing… umm… wearing… those…those…”

Haruhi didn’t interrupt me this time, contempt with giving me an angry glare, all the while her incisive tapping growing louder and faster by the minute.

“Your wearing those… things” I couldn’t say diaper, I could barely say it in the safety of my mind, preferring non-specific nouns, thing, garment etc. Wrapping my head around a teenage girl wearing a diaper wasn’t that easy for me, made all the more difficult by how good she looked wearing it.

“SPIT IT OUT!” Haruhi boomed.

“Diapers!” It slipped out, “Why are you wearing diapers?”

Again with the glaring eyes, Haruhi gave me the look of a coming imminent death, my death to be precise, by her hands, a very, very brutal death. Her concentration was intense, if she could burn holes through things with her mind, which with being god and all may actually be possible, then I would be full of them. I sort of drifted away from the whole thing with the sudden image of me being carved up like Swiss cheese clouding my mind. Not a smart move on my part, as what broke me out of my wandering thoughts was the impact of Haruhi’s fist colliding with my arm.

“Ow, what was that for.” I said absentmindedly, rubbing my arm, trying to give Haruhi a taste of her own medicine with my own death glare. Which was futile in all attempts, I have to tell you. It was like in those video games consisting of flying spaceships shooting down enemies, until a very large enemy appears that you have no hope of beating and easily shoots you down. Well I was the small ship, falling to my doom, and Haruhi was the huge battleship, still shooting even though there was no way I could survive.

“There for the daycare,” Haruhi said waving her finger in the air all matter of factly. Then turning her finger on me point accusingly at my not knowing. “Kyon, this is why your just a lowly member of the SOS Brigade and not a Brigade Chief like me. You have to focus more.”

Continuing with my metaphor from before, after being shot down by her vastly larger spaceship, she then proceeded to find my crash site and shoot at it some more, just to prove that she can. Which is what she proceeded to do, bombarding me with her twisted logic in order to show me just how right she was. Which I might add, I still couldn’t see how these things were connected.

“Before the accident, the daycare’s biggest clients were the toddlers that stayed there. The young kids, the babies, they were the largest group at the daycare and that is were they had lost most of the clients after the fire.”

I just nodded along agreeing unquestioningly, it wasn’t that I didn’t get it or anything, actually that made a lot of sense, but I still didn’t see the reason behind the diapers, not that I would tell her.

“So this weekend, we are going to help them hold a big event!” Haruhi said with the excitement of a youngster, spreading her arms wide just to show how big this event was going to be. She kinda reminded me off my kid sister at that point, her child like view of the world… well actually Haruhi and my sister have more in common than first pointed out. Haruhi’s view of the world was always like a child, her view is the only view, and is therefore right, well… in her point of view. I guess I was just reminded of my sister more so with the in common choice of protective undergarments.

For everything up to this point, except for the baby outfits, Haruhi’s idea was actually making some sense. What I couldn’t understand now was why Haruhi wanted to do this in the first place. While I pondered this, Haruhi had begun rattling off the attractions of the coming event and luckily for me she had begun handing out assignments which distracted her from noticing I wasn’t paying attention.

“We are going to need posters, and refreshments and….”

I caught some parts of her list of things to do, the impending work that I know I’ll be forced to do not really sinking in as I still couldn’t figure out Haruhi’s intentions.

“We can even shoot a promotional video…”

This really was beginning to sound like a lot of work, and she expected us to have this all ready for the weekend? It’s Friday, how in the world are we going to do that.

“Itsuki, your handling the video camera…”

The mention of the video camera, reminding me of our previous attempt at shooting some sort of home video slash movie slash horrible combination of bloopers into the aforementioned movie, broke me out of what seemed like the hundredth zoning out I’ve done today. I was reminded of all the sets we had thrown together and the costumes Haruhi scrounged up somehow. Which once again brought me back to this whole topic on why they were wearing diapers.

“Why are you wearing diapers again?” I didn’t even think about it before saying anything. I almost wanted to throw my hands over my mouth to stop myself, but it was already to late. Not only that, but I doubt Haruhi would take me interrupting her very well.

Here annoyance was clear, but it was covered up with her impatience, almost as if she were tired of yelling at my so called incompetence. As if that were possible.

She let out a long winded sigh before she responded, “The daycare is short on clients.” She paused there, probably expecting I would get it, which again would be my own mistake for not pretending I did. I stood their still confused, still in the dark to her plans. Haruhi answered my confusion with her own aggravation, again angry at me and again answering my previous thought that there would be no way she would get tired of yelling at me.

“Stupid Kyon,” She said looking away from me, “We are going to be their clients!”

I had expected knowing the answer would clear up my confusion, but no such luck. I still stood their, still confused and now even more so.

“Why the diapers then, they have teenage clients.” I wanted to add normal to my sentence, but decided against that as Haruhi thought I was the one not being normal.

“They need more children for clients, and we are going to be the examples.”

“Couldn’t we get actual babies and children to be the examples?” My sister coming to mind, “How are teenage girls wearing diapers an example of the types of clients they are looking for?”

“What we’re not cute enough or something!”

As Haruhi took a step forward, presumably to hit me, I instinctively took a step back, quickly waving my arms in front of me in desperation.

“Well no, your cute enough… it’s just…” I think at this point I might be blushing at the fact I just told Haruhi I thought she was cute, but the feeling of self preservation sort of blocked it out.

“It’s just it doesn’t make a lot of sense.” Which coming from Haruhi, made sense. See the irony?

“Of course it does.” She said, crossing her arms showing that the case was closed and nothing I could say would change her mind. Not that it ever did, nor did anything I say about anything mean anything to her.

“Fine, you can play the roles of the children, but still why the diapers?”

As I said this, Haruhi had an odd look on her face, she didn’t look me in the eye, and her smile came back. For once she didn’t answer instantly, seemingly thinking about her answer rather than blurting out her views as per normal. When she did finally answer, I could still see the tell tale sign of her smile, even if she was now trying to hide it, for whatever reason.

“It’s for the effect.”

And with that, I dropped the subject. Arguing about it anymore will just cause my head to hurt more, and likely the rest of my body as I’m sure Haruhi would beginning hitting me again at at some point. She started up again with designating jobs to each of us, obviously Mikuru and Yuki would join her as being prime examples of daycare going children and Itsuki being the cameraman this time. Besides choosing who would bring what, who would make such and such, really everything had been decided upon. All and all it looked like for once Haruhi wasn’t going to be pinning all the work on me. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really seem to have much to do at all, which was even more surprising. Course with me, even when suddenly given such a lucky opportunity, I have to ruin it by saying something.

“Wait, if you three are the daycare clients and Itsuki is the cameraman, what am I doing?”

Again, Haruhi gave me a quick glare before turning around and making her way back towards the box she had brought in earlier. She rustled around in it for a bit before producing another large, white diaper, much like the one she was currently wearing. I didn’t think anything of it, didn’t think at all it could be for me, as she made her way back over towards the group. It was then she started to hand it to me that I realized what she meant by it and I very nearly ran out of the room.

“No way, I’m not wearing that thing.” I said very clearly unhappy with her decision, backing away. Even if all other times I went along with what Haruhi decided, unwillingly or not, this time I wouldn’t do it.

And again to my surprise, Haruhi seemed to listen. “Fine,” Was all that she said, making her way back to the box. After some more time rustling through it, my heart pounding in anticipation, I saw her mouth form a smile. I should have taken that as a sign that I should have gone with the first option, but leave it to me to get stuck with the unwanted options.

“You can be our babysitter!” She said, pulling out a shirt that had the daycare logo on, which I had no idea how she got her hands on. Haruhi just threw the shirt at me, not even waiting for me to accept, the shirt hitting me in the head, surprisingly hard for a shirt or maybe surprisingly soft for something Haruhi had thrown, and wrapping around blocking my vision.

As I proceeded to pull it down, once again revealing that this wasn’t my imagination and that Haruhi Suzumiya really was wearing a diaper, I felt the familiar feeling of confusion dawning upon me and the all to familiar urge to say something.


Well hope you like it.

Re: The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya (New Chapter 07/31/09)

I must say… BEAUTIFULLY written and a very interesting storyline. I approve thumbs up


Re: The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya (New Chapter 07/31/09)

This is a pretty funny fan-fic I gotta admit ;D It’s almost as if I’m reading another episode directly from the Haruhi Suzumiya series^^ Well done, well done. For some reason I kind of had in mind all along that Kyon was going to be forced to be their babysitter… lol Keep it up my friend :slight_smile:

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I’m forced to wonder if Kyon’s gonna have to change the girls. Oh Lord… @_@

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I actually went and watched the first 3 episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and actually in episode 2 with haruhi comes in with a box i was like no way. That is really well written. It seems like an exact episode lol.

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Alternate title!

Suzumiya Haruhi no Omutsu

(psst, it’s a pun on the Japanese title, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu)

I’m totally down.

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This is amazingly similar to the naration style of the anime. A great piece of work! after reading part 1 i went and ive watched all the episodes of it i can, and now thanks to you ive had to add it to my list of anime that i try and watch regularly. I do have one thought for you Yuki was only created by the data entity about 3 years ago and thus would never have gone through that phase in her life… You have to wonder whats going through her mind… just a thought!

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Well I finally managed to finish the 3rd chapter. I wrote part of it awhile ago, but I never got around to writing the rest until now, if there is any weird discontinuity in it I am sorry. I kind of felt that this chapter was a little convoluted, but I’m hoping that the next chapter will be better. Anyways here it is and thanks to everyone for reading.

As I walk away farther and farther away from the school, along the same path I take each and everyday, I can’t help but wonder how it is that I can be more and more in wonder at the days proceedings. Each day I take this same trail to school, mentally preparing myself for whatever Haruhi will have in store that day and each day as I take the same trail home I am even more surprised at what she had put the club through that day. Today did not fail to disappoint and even more so could I not even begin to wonder what it is that goes through her head.

In my hands I hold the current beginnings of Haruhi’s next scheme. Nothing more than a normal t-shirt and yet I knew nothing normal could come from it. In bold text printed on the front was the word “Babysitter” and the back read “Daycare Official.” Of course the shirt came from the daycare centre located nearby, worn by the employees working there and of course how it came into my possession could only be from the mastermind herself, Haruhi Suzumiya. That being said, what it is that I’m doing with it, I have no clue. Although I guess I could just ask the three overgrown daycare tenants trailing behind me.

I turn to look her in the eyes, all the child-filled wonder racing through them and almost believe the illusion created by her clothes. Almost believe that the high school girls standing before me, were actually not what I knew them to be, but the babies that they had dressed up to become. Almost, then I realized that, that well would be insane and only Haruhi could be so crazy.

“Explain this to me again,” I say suddenly as I turn more fully to face her. I bet she could tell me a hundred times what she was planning and I would still be lost.

Haruhi stopped suddenly, forcing the timid girl trying to hide herself behind her to fall back into the slow moving, android like figure following behind. Her hands drew up to her hips and Haruhi looked at me with the same condescending look as always, with Mikuru shyly going along with her and Yuki all the more looking as if nothing around her ever changed. All three girls were still dressed up as babies, all three girls were still wearing diapers, and all three girls were the centre of attention for all who pass by.

Haruhi doesn’t speak, still staring intently at me, as if expecting me to answer my own question. I can’t help but notice those passing by, another set of teenage boys across the street, mouths wide open. A group of girls sitting at a cafe, pointing and giggling amongst themselves. The biker who had nearly ploughed through an elderly couple, as he did a double take trying to see if his mind was playing tricks on him. So much was going on around her and Haruhi for all the more did not seem to notice it one bit. It’s amazing how one girl could cause these problems. Well, I guess not when that one girl is Haruhi Suzumiya.

“KYON!” Haruhi suddenly yells.

Slightly startled at the sudden rise in vocals, my attention is more abruptly brought back to Haruhi. Haruhi and all her diapered….ness. Even though my eyes couldn’t have been averted for more than a few seconds, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Haruhi would start to get upset. She enjoys being at the centre of things far to much for my tastes.

“Why are we still standing here!” Haruhi’s yelling continues, “We’ve got things to do, so MOVE IT!”

I guess I could have just followed her orders, I mean I know I could have. I guess I was just in one of those moods to question her, you know that mood you get into when you don’t want to do anything insane today or any other day for that matter. What was that feeling called again…. oh yeah, being a normal human being. As smart as Haruhi tends to be, I doubt normal is in her vocabulary, or maybe she just got it’s definition confused with insanity.

“Just tell me this plan of yours again,” I say, while still running over what I had gotten out of her previous explanation and still just as confused about it as I was before.

“It’s simple,” She replies, once again waving her finger about in a lecturing way. “We are going to help the daycare by providing it with business and holding an event to showcase it.”

The seriousness of her answer is just as shocking as one might think, no matter how much her current attire may detract from it. Not that her answer really explained what I had been hoping for, just that if it wasn’t Haruhi I might have accepted it.

“Okay,” I say simply, mulling over it for a second. Really it did seem somewhat logical, until I saw her diaper again.

“I get that,” I start, “We are providing them with business ourselves.” Haruhi nods along with my summary.

“And you, Mikuru and Yuki are going to be playing the role of babies.” Haruhi gives another nod.

“And I’m going to be the babysitter.” Haruhi’s eyes are suddenly on me as she flashes another smile, before giving me another nod.

While I was finally starting to understand this plan of hers one thing still didn’t make much sense.

“Why are you, Mikuru and Yuki still dressed up?”

Haruhi didn’t answer me, instead she produced her usual big smile. I bet she didn’t even hear me, she probably thought the conversation was over already.

“Good Kyon,” Haruhi says happily, “I knew you would get it.” I was surprised at the comment, it was almost as if she were complimenting me. I was not surprised though that she thought my questions were all answered.

“I knew you couldn’t be that stupid,” She continued. I guess I had spoken too soon about the compliment.

Haruhi seemed to jump as she finished talking, excited to be finished with the whole ordeal. She takes a few steps around me and happily begins her march onwards, “Now let’s get going,” She calls back as she reaches her hand back and grasps at mine. As she starts pulling me forward, I am still going over the so called details, because they just don’t sit right with me. My eyes widen at a sudden realization, all the while as Haruhi pulls at my arm a little harder.

Now, I would like to tell you all that I’m not at all clumsy, that instead I move perfectly well, like a well-trained athlete or a perfectly tuned car. I would very much like to tell you that, and say that as Haruhi pulled on my arm, my legs would follow in perfect harmony, but I can’t. Thinking intently about something tends to stiffen up my legs, I get glued to the spot as I concentrate. Instead of just following along with the motion, I find myself connecting with pavement.

Picture it however you like, but I think it would have looked like a cartoon. Take the classic comical scenes of characters falling over, the character not expecting it to happen, the sudden and fast drop with the matching sound effects and a dust cloud forming around said fallen body. You never expect it seeing it with a cartoon character, but doing such is very painful.

On any other day I would have probably started shouting at Haruhi, or complain about the pain I now felt coursing throughout my face, but today was different.
I doubt even Haruhi could react so fast, as I jumped straight back up off the ground in a frenzied panic, fast enough to even cause Haruhi to jump back a little in surprise. My hand sloppily moved about my face, wiping off excess dirt and rubble that had managed to stick there, I was not overly concerned about it at this point, it was just a natural reaction. I was panting at this point, drawing in short deep breathes. My hand having finished its job of cleaning my face and now was placed accusingly, an unsteady finger pointing at Haruhi.

“I’m the babysitter!” I yelled.

Haruhi’s bright smile turned downwards in to an unhappy frown.

“Kyon we went through this already,” She said in a no nonsense tone

“So I’m going to have to do babysitter like duties,” I said, slightly quieter than before and slightly more wary of other street goers.

“Yes,” Haruhi replied, still unhappy to be standing here still.

“Like making food,”

Haruhi just nodded, pounding her foot hoping this was almost over.

“And playing games.” I knew I was beating around the bush, there was one thing a babysitter had to do that I wanted to know if she expected me to do it, but I couldn’t get straight to the point.

Haruhi let out a sigh as she nodded, her foot stopped tapping the ground as she must have realized that I wasn’t going any faster.

“So I’ll have to ch…change,” I chocked a little as I said it, “you… yo… your.”

Haruhi was looking straight at me, her frown had disappeared, her face now showing nothing, not happy nor sad, just nothing.

“Your ddd… dd… dia… diapers…” As I managed to finally choke it out, at the same moment a shrill shriek came from behind me.

Mikuru’s face was even more red then I would think possible. Her lips trembled in fright as she clung tightly to Yuki, trying to hide herself. I guess my own revelation had not dawned on her until now, however embarrassing it was for her to be wearing said garments now could not even compare to the thought of me… gulp… changing it for her. Yuki was as unconcerned as usual, even the slight glint you would see in her eyes that meant she was somewhat interested was nowhere to be found.

Everyone around us had turned to look as Mikuru shrieked, all the noise quieted down as everyone turned to watch. I turned away from the terribly embarrassed Mikuru to get my answer from Haruhi. She still stood there unchanged, her lips a straight line, not displaying any hint of what she could be feeling. I guess Haruhi had not thought about this herself.

After what felt like eternity, all the eyes staring at us, and me thinking for once Haruhi didn’t have an answer, did she finally answer.

You’ve seen those animes where characters fall over or suddenly collapse when given an unexpected answer, well you would be seeing it now. I expected something more from Haruhi, but a simple yes! She seemed so un-Haruhi like for a second that I thought she would have had a more profound answer.

I felt queasy at this point, my stomach beginning to rumble, my head spinning (although that may be from it’s repeated contact with the cement). I think I might be close to fainting, but I suddenly had one more question.

Not even getting back up off the ground yet, I ask Haruhi “So why exactly are you all following me to my house?”

I picked myself up to a sitting position, ready to push myself back to standing, when I suddenly see Haruhi right in my face. I blink a few times, kinda in a way to make sure I’m seeing things properly. Normally I would have jumped back in surprise, but I’ve had enough surprises for today.

Haruhi seemed to had forgotten her momentary shock or whatever it was that she was mulling over before, as her smile was back and well right in my face.

“We’re going to your house so you can get some babysitter practice!” She says loudly, with a surprisingly little amount of spit.

I just sat there for a moment, hands on my head, blinking rapidly. The last thing I remember was thinking that this was going to be a long weekend, before I once again fell over hitting my head hard and everything going black.

Again hope everyone likes it, hopefully the next chapter will be done soon.

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Yes, please continue! Building up to something so interesting is important, but I still can’t wait until it’s actually here ^^

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This is amazing. We need fan art. 8DD

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Nice chapter, I loved Mikurus reactions spot on to what id expect! I might have missed this but where has Itsuki Koizumi gone to?? if its been mentioned already i appologise for my bad memory!