The Baby Magic School (chapter 2 up)

Chapter 1

Henni’s new school was completely unlike any of her previous ones.

For one, she had been heading for her first class when she heard a sudden shouting and thumping. Startled, she turned around to see a boy - who looked like he had been coming from the first-year dorms, so he’d be 16 like she was - dressed in pastel-colored overalls that made him look like a big toddler. He had thrown himself on the floor and was hitting it with his hands and feet, crying and screaming that he wanted a clean diaper.

Henni was caught staring, but few other people seemed to pay the boy any attention. Then a girl who looked a couple of years older - but who had a pacifier hanging by a clip from her blouse, and whose short skirt left no doubt of the fact that she too was wearing a diaper - walked up to the boy and kneeled down next to him.

“Good, good”, the girl said encouragingly. “Really focus on wanting that clean diaper. The one you’re wearing is quite full, isn’t it? You really hate having to be in it, don’t you? You really need a new diaper and why isn’t anyone changing you yet?”

Henni could hear compassion and encouragement in the girl’s voice. As the girl spoke, that emotion seemed to bleed into her words, enveloping them and giving them an odd resonance. Even though she was using a normal speaking voice, the sound of her words somehow got stronger, powerful enough that the boy would be able to hear them despite his screaming and crying.

Then a spasm seemed to go through the boy’s body, starting from his feet and rushing through him like a wave, and the sound of his crying picked up a similar kind of odd resonance. Something lifted him in the air and there was a glowing light around him, bright enough that Henni had to look away. From the corner of her eye, she thought she could catch a glimpse of ethereal hands holding a diaper and reaching through the boy’s overalls.

Then, just as suddenly, the light was gone. The boy was standing in the middle of the corridor, his face still red and filled with tears, but he was no longer crying and was just breathing heavily.

“There you go”, the girl said and ruffled the boy’s hair. Now that he was standing, Henni could see that he too had a pacifier hanging from his overalls. The girl reached for it, plopped it in his mouth, and took him by the hand. “Let’s get you to class now, shall we?”

The boy just nodded and let her lead him down the corridor. As they turned in Henni’s direction, the girl seemed to notice her for the first time.

“Hi! You a first-year too?”

“Uhh, yeah”, Henni stammered.

“I’m Kalea. Welcome to the school!”, the girl said.

“Thanks. I’m Henni”, Henni replied automatically, not knowing what else to say.

“Let’s take you to class too”, Kalea took Henni by the hand. “I’m a tutor, it’s my job to help you little first-year ones.”

At another time, Henni might have objected to being led by the hand like a little girl. But when Kalea’s hand gripped hers, she felt a sense of relaxing and loosening go through her. It was like her body suddenly remembered what it was like to be a toddler being led around, and decided that it liked it.

Henni gave Kalea a shy look and her lip quivered a little. Her eyes started looking around like there was something she needed but couldn’t find, and she wasn’t sure what it was. She just knew that she needed it, a lot.

“Oh, let me help you”, Kalea smiled. She let go of Henni’s hand and raised her own, touching Henni’s chest and then moving her palm to glide past Henni’s mouth.

There was another glow of light, right in front of Henni’s face. She closed her eyes and bit down with her teeth, then found her mouth starting to automatically chew on the rubbery thing between her teeth.

She opened her eyes. Kalea’s magic had created a pacifier in her mouth, and Henni couldn’t stop chewing on it.

It felt wonderful.

Kalea tilted her head. “Are pacifiers your favorite food, Henni?”, she asked with a playful glint in her eyes.

Before she could think about it, Henni found herself nodding.

“Just wait until you get to try a proper bottle”, Kalea smiled. “Or baby food. We have some really great baby food, perfect for a little one like you.”

Kalea took Henni’s hand again, and Henni followed her.

Henni was pretty sure that her pacifier was itself magical - it was warm and soft, and the longer she had it, the better it felt. It was like her mouth had forgotten what it felt like to use one, but was remembering the joy of it better and better with every single suck and bite.

She didn’t think that she could stop sucking on it even if she tried. In fact, she was pretty sure that if anyone tried to take it away from her, she’d throw an even worse tantrum than the boy had.

Henni cast a glance at the boy, who was following them on Kalea’s other side. He’d been quietly sucking on his own pacifier ever since he got it in his mouth. Henni had felt younger when Kalea had taken her by the hand, and now that she looked at the boy, she got the sense that her magic was making him younger, too.

He had been yelling about a diaper before. But something told Henni that as long as Kalea was holding his hand, he wouldn’t find one single word in his vocabulary. Except for maybe “mommy”.

Yeah, he did know that word. He was sticking close to Kalea like a shy baby stays close to his mother.

With that thought, Henni realized that she herself was doing exactly the same. This new school was weird and intimidating, but Kalea felt safe, and Henni’s arm was pressing against hers as Henni tried to stay as close to Kalea as possible. It felt like something that Henni’s body was doing automatically, without her even having noticed it at first.

Henni couldn’t tell where that sense of absolute trust and comfort towards Kalea was coming from. She just knew, on a deep level, that Kalea was safe and that she would be safe for as long as she was with her momm… uhh, with Kalea.

Her thoughts drifting back to the boy’s earlier tantrum, Henni thought that she shouldn’t be too surprised about it - after all, it wasn’t all that different from the way she’d ended up here in the first place…

For as long as she could remember, Henni had wanted to be a baby again.

As a little kid, she used to imagine herself living in a fantasy world where babies were just like ordinary humans. In those worlds, there would always be plenty of children to play with, and a bunch of adults who would watch over them and take care of their needs.

The thing that she hated the most of all was being told that she was a big girl and that she was too old for something. She felt like her parents were always telling her that. On her third birthday, they’d told her that she was too old for diapers now, and then never let her wear them again, no matter how many accidents she had or how embarrassing that felt. She remembered walking past a playground and being told that she was too old to join the other children there. Too old to ride a tricycle, too old for plushies, too old for her parents to play make-believe with her…

Too old to ever do anything that she wanted to do. And she wasn’t even allowed to want to, because big girls didn’t want to do baby things. That was what her parents always said. Once they declared that she was too old for something, she was expected to just smile and agree and never think about it again.

But Henni had spent a lot of time imagining herself as a real baby. A tiny, helpless, innocent infant that everyone loved and cared for. They would feed her bottles and put her in cute outfits and tell her what a beautiful little girl she was.

And she would feel terribly ashamed of it because she was a big girl and wasn’t supposed to want baby things.

When she got older, she tried to act more grown-up. She stopped playing with dolls, pretending to be a baby, and instead pretended to be a princess or a fairy. When she became a teenager, she started following the lives of those spoiled celebrities who threw tantrums in public.

Hoping that you were a celebrity seemed like a more acceptable wish than wanting to be a baby. For a while, she managed to suppress those shameful baby thoughts, almost managing to forget that she’d ever had them.

Being a teenager sucked, especially with all of the stress from school. One day when she was 15 and home alone, she felt like she just couldn’t take it anymore. Grateful for the fact that her parents weren’t around, she did the one thing that sometimes brought her relief - pretending to be one of those celebrities acting up in public.

Henni threw herself on the floor and let herself scream, letting go of all control, just letting that willful and upset energy course through her body. Something inside her seemed to break, and a desire she’d managed to forget she had came rushing out again.

“I WANT A DIAPER”, she screamed, and her mind painted a picture of what that would look like, what it would be like to wear one, how safe she would feel then…

And there was another rush of energy, a bright light, and suddenly her jeans and underwear were gone. Instead, she was wearing a diaper that fit her perfectly and was entirely soft and comfortable and had adorable prints of ladybugs in the grass.

Half a dozen thoughts ran through her head.

What just happened?

Oh my god this diaper feels so great

I can’t believe I just had that thought

What would it be like to wet this? I should drink something

Where did my clothes go? I’m going to be in trouble if I just lose my jeans

Is this my only diaper? What if I wet this and then can’t enjoy the feeling of it being dry anymore?

But the one thought that stayed strongest in Henni’s mind was:

I don’t care! I’ve been waiting for this moment forever!

Henni didn’t even think about what she was doing, she just acted on pure instinct. She had a water bottle on her desk - she’d filled it earlier, intending to go to the gym later in the day. She held it in both hands and drank the whole thing down without stopping, swallowing the last drops in quick gulps.

Then she went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. As she finished it, her mind fixated on the thought of having to go so badly that she’d be totally unable to hold it in, that she’d be forced to just wet herself like a baby with no control at all. She wanted that so much…

…and then another surge of energy ran through her body, transforming something inside her, and suddenly she realized that she did need to pee.

It hadn’t been even five minutes since she started drinking all that, but her bladder was already full. She had to go.

Henni crouched down. She could feel the desire to let go so strongly, but she fought against it - she didn’t want to let go voluntarily, she didn’t want to be in control, she wanted to be a baby helplessly wetting her diapers…

She squeezed her legs together and for a moment she could hold out, but then it happened. It was like her body acted without asking her. Her legs spread out by themselves and she just let go, warm wetness spreading out between her legs, rising up towards her belly and butt as it filled the space inside the diaper. For a moment she was concerned that it’d leak, but then she felt that the diaper was soaking it up.

She could feel the urge to pee slowly fading, but for a few more moments, she could still just freely let go, with no sense of control over it.

By the time she stood up again, Henni found herself grinning widely. She felt like a complete baby, and that made her feel wonderful.

It was at that point that she saw the boy sitting at the kitchen table and looking at her. He looked about her age, but had faerie wings and a face adorned with glowing purple markings.

For some reason, Henni’s first thought on seeing him wasn’t surprise or embarrassment, but just he looks like a teenager, but I bet he’s one of those faeries who are actually a hundred years old.

The boy smiled and nodded. His eyes seemed to twinkle like stars. “That’s right, actually.”

And of course he would read my mind.

“My name is Firin, and I work for Headmaster Rian of the Baby Magic School. It’s my job to keep a watch for young people who ought to come and study with us.”

His smile widened. “And you definitely just qualified.”

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Chapter 2

When they came to the door of the classroom, Kalea stopped. “It’s going to be a long class, so I want to check that you guys have clean diapers. His was just changed, but I don’t know about yours, Henni. Do you still remember how to unbutton your jeans?”

Uhh… Henni blinked and felt her face growing hot at the way Kalea was talking to her like she was a toddler. The thought that came to her mind was that if she could unbutton her pants, then Kalea would be proud of her… and it suddenly felt important to her that new mommy would be.

She brought her hands to the button, intending to push it so that it’d come open… but it didn’t. She was pushing it the wrong way, but she wasn’t sure what the right way was. Or maybe she just needed to push it harder? She wasn’t looking at Kalea, but she could feel Kalea’s eyes on her. Henni felt her lip starting to quiver and closed her eyes, she tried to push the sensation of being watched out of her mind so that she could focus on the button, but that act of trying to push it away distracted her from what she was trying to do and her fingers couldn’t find the right…

“It’s alright, Henni.” Kalea took a gentle hold of Henni’s hands and moved them aside.

Henni looked away as Kalea unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and pulled them down. She found herself sobbing and had to focus to not have the pacifier fall out of her mouth. She hadn’t been able to impress Kalea… but she also felt relief and gratitude that Kalea had intervened and saved her, that she hadn’t needed to continue that helpless struggle with the pants button.

“Oh”, Henni heard Kalea say. “You’re not wearing a diaper? Didn’t they give you any?”

Kalea had kneeled down in front of Henni, and was now looking up at Henni with a genuinely surprised expression.

In fact, they had given her diapers. There was a pile of them in Henni’s room where she had left them. Three different kinds - pull-ups, thick ones with tapes, and thinner ones with tapes. There had been a note next to them, saying “pick the ones that best fit your taste :heart:”.

And they all had wonderful, adorable prints, ranging from the ladybugs-in-grass pattern that she’d seen on the ones she created earlier, to stars and planets and cute animal astronauts. She could have gone through all of them and picked the pattern she liked the most.

She had taken a step towards them… and then felt herself being yanked back.

Big girls do NOT wear diapers, Henni. Don’t even look that way.

It was her mother’s voice, and for a moment she was three again. They had been in the supermarket doing grocery shopping when they had walked past the shelf with all the diapers. Not too long ago, they might have stopped and put a pack of them in their cart. Henni’s mother had been walking straight past them, but Henni had stopped and was pointing at the diapers the way she pointed at something when she wanted it…

And then she’d felt her mother grabbing her hand and harshly dragging her along. “You should be ashamed of yourself”, her mother’s voice was angry and frustrated. “Diapers are for babies and you’re not a baby anymore. You have underwear now, why aren’t you happy about that? You didn’t stop and point when we walked past that section. Why aren’t you eager to get more big girl panties?”

Henni had started crying. Her stomach clenched and she felt nauseous, on the brink of having to throw up. It was as if her body had realized that she was bad for wanting her diapers back. She felt that badness burning inside her and wanted to vomit it out of her body so that her mother could see that the badness was gone and would be happy with her again… but her mother was still dragging her along and didn’t seem interested in stopping and letting Henni puke, so Henni just clenched her teeth and tried to keep it in. She was vaguely aware of the fact that people were staring at them, her mother’s voice having been loud, letting everyone know what a baby her daughter was…

… that memory had receded and Henni had stared at the pile of diapers in her room at the Magic School, fighting back her tears. She wanted so badly to wear them, and that very thought made her face wrinkle up with utter disgust at herself.

Just the thought of putting one on made her see and hear the way her mother would act with complete shock if she’d know. What are you DOING, Henni?

… and then that memory receded. She was back in front of Kalea.

“They did give me diapers”, Henni said, and now she was crying so hard that her pacifier dropped out of her mouth. “I didn’t put one on. I’m sorry…”

Henni knew that this mommy had expected her to be in diapers. Kalea thought that she should be wearing them. Henni couldn’t disappoint her real mother by putting diapers on, but by not doing so she had disappointed Kalea, and she should have known that the rules were different here and no matter what she did someone would be upset at her and nobody would ever like her because she’d always do something wrong and…

“Henni, Henni, Henni… it’s okay. It’s okay. Mommy’s here.” Kalea pulled her into a tight hug. “Mommy will take care of it. That’s what mommies are for.”

So Kalea wasn’t upset at her… it helped a little to hear that, in words and most importantly in the gentle tone in Kalea’s voice, but Henni was still crying uncontrollably.

“It’s okay to cry. Just let it all out”, Kalea said, stroking Henni’s hair. “Everything’s gonna be okay. You just calm down, and then we’ll get you a diaper, and then we can go to class, okay?”

Kalea was going to put a diaper on Henni? Here? With all the people watching?

Henni’s mind flew back to the feeling of her mother yelling at her in the supermarket, and having all the people stare at them. Ever since when she had had shameful thoughts, she had tried hard to avoid meeting people’s eyes, convinced that other people could tell what she was thinking about and could tell what a baby she was…

“No no no no no Kalea I can’t…”

Kalea drew a deep breath. “Okay, I guess this is going to take a bit more. I see that this is hard on you, and I’m sure there’s some good reason for it.”

She brought her hands to Henni’s temples. “But I’m sure you also have some memory of before these things became so hard for you. And I’m just going to ask your mind to bring that up for you…”

Suddenly Kalea’s voice picked up that odd resonance again. The voice felt like it grabbed a hold of Henni’s mind, and her thoughts locked on around it, and for a moment she felt dizzy…

…and then Henni was two years old.

Henni looked around her in confusion, but then remembered. She was in the bathroom of her daycare. They had been playing outside a little while ago. Then Beth, one of the daycare workers, brought her and some other kids back inside. She’d gotten them out of their jackets and shoes and then ushered them into the bathroom.

Henni looked around her, at the other kids. That was Michael, that was Jenny, that was Oliver. For a moment she had the faint feeling that she hadn’t remembered them and their names in a really long time, but that was odd. They were at the daycare with her every day, after all.

There was a butterfly in the window! Henni laughed with delight and started making a run for it, but then felt Beth’s arm gently but firmly wrapping around her.

“Henni, hold on for a moment. I need to look at your diaper”, Beth said.

Henni wasn’t really listening, she was just looking at the pretty butterfly and trying to go toward it, but Beth’s arm was holding her in place. She was vaguely aware of Beth pulling her pants down.

“You need a change, little one”, Beth said. “If you can hold still just for a moment, you can go look at the butterfly after that, okay?”

Michael had noticed the butterfly too. He’d climbed up to the windowsill and was looking up at the butterfly. Henni protested. “But Mike’s…”

“Yeah, Mike’s looking at the butterfly now. It’s his turn to look at the butterfly now, and it’s your turn to get your diaper changed. When I’ve changed you, it will be your turn to look at the butterfly, and it will be Mike’s turn to have his diaper changed. Okay?”

“Kay.” Henni nodded. She felt impatient, but she knew better than to argue with Beth. And the way Beth had explained it sounded fair.

Taking turns was something Henni understood. It was important to take turns. You had to take turns and follow the rules at the daycare, and then the adults would be happy with you.

“That’s a good girl.” Beth took Henni’s diaper off and went to get a new one. Henni stood still and waited.

It did actually feel nice to get a new diaper on. Henni had been so focused on the butterfly that she had forgotten how wet she was, but felt herself relax when Beth fastened the clean, soft diaper on her. It was much better than being all soaked.

Henni felt happy. It was nice to be around friends and a safe adult and to have your diaper changed.

“I’ll just help you get your pants up and then you can go to the butterfly. All good?”, Beth asked.

“I’ll just help you get your pants up and then you can go to the butterfly. All good?”, Kalea asked.

Henni blinked. Kalea was standing in front of her and smiling. Somehow the pacifier had ended up back in Henni’s mouth, and she felt a warm, soft diaper wrapped tightly around her.

Kalea pulled up Henni’s jeans and whistled happily as she fastened the zipper and the button again. It was a little tight now that Henni had the diaper, but not too badly.

Henni let the pacifier plop out of her mouth into her palm. “Butterfly?” she asked, confused.

“Butterfly. See?” Kalea pointed at the door of the classroom. It had a big colorful picture of a butterfly.

“Oh”, Henni said. Had that been there before?

Henni put the pacifier back in her mouth and let Kalea take her by the hand, leading her and the boy inside.


This is cute, curious to see where it goes.

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