The Awkward Teenage Girl: College Days

I thought I’d give more than a few days to space out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Utter Loss of Words of the Awkward Teenage Girl. The series of stories are officially going to be titled The Awkward Teenage Girl so look out for future postings under that title if we continue to more stories.

This chapter is the chapter where you will be filled in on what happened. The second story has been a blast writing so far, new situations, new characters which bring a new light on the story that I think some will like. I plan on posting the first few chapters as soon as I can and then I’ll be slowing it down to about one or two posts a week.

Here’s the awaited Part 2, feel free to drop comments, feedback, and criticism. I look forward to it :slight_smile:

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The Awkward Teenage Girl: College Days

Part 2 of the Utter Loss of Words of the Awkward Teenage Girl


I thought the story ended too, didn’t you? Not to break the third wall of the story, but, hey, I know someone has to be reading this at some point. I thought my story was done, the most exciting, enticing adventures of my life were gone in a blink of an eye. Within two days, my world was rocked. The boy I fell in love with, gone. I was lost after all the chaos. I was back to square one, still trying to figure out who I was, where I was going. I’m still in the process of finding out who the fuck I am. I can’t really give much to what you’re going to be told and I still can’t give you an introduction to supply your need of who I am. Moderately, I will just be telling you another journey, and you can take whatever you can get from me and make it into your own viewpoint.

Chapter 1

I grinned to myself as I drove on the expressway, with my loud music polluting my car. It was a beautiful summer day in the beginning of September, yet I was stuck in my car, still on my way to Arizona State University. I was only a few hours away from arriving at my new school. I had come from Columbus, Indiana and it had been a long trip from one place to the other. I took a plane to Arizona and had my new dark grey Honda Accord Sedan, 2015 edition to be specific, or who I named Sasha, transported a few days before my plane ride so I could drive it the few hours I had left to reach my destination. The car didn’t have many miles on it anyway, and I hadn’t had much of a chance to drive it since I bought it.

Three years ago, I would never have guessed that the amount of money I would have turned over to me when I turned 18 was almost infinite, well not infinite, but a large sum that could buy me a house, a car, my own fucking phone, and a whole lot more. Sure, I couldn’t live a lifetime off of it, but it would help get me by for the next ten or fifteen years.

The end of my summer of 2014, when I turned 18 on September 13th, I had a meeting within a bank to collect my parents checking’s and savings accounts. Little did I know that my dad had bought stock in a fund called Yahoo! the year before I was born; I couldn’t tell you how much, but let’s just say he bought a whole lot of stock from Yahoo!. After my father died, in his will he signed off his stocks to my Aunt Bethany to keep up his stocks in his will. My aunt Bethany ended up selling it as the stock reached it’s all-time high within four or five years of buying into it. My uncle never knew anything about the stock or he would have probably adopted me for financial security by now. Thank god that never happened, and thank god for my Aunt Bethany.

To say the least, my aunt signed me as a beneficiary for the account that she kept but I could not receive it until I turned 18. I was in pure awe when they explained to me all of this. I asked them to repeat what they said three times because I still didn’t comprehend the insanity coming from their mouths. I thought I was on some show or something. I thought that it was a cruel joke. It took a few months to sink in until I found it to be impossibly true. I checked my bank account repeatedly to make sure it was real, because it seemed too ridiculous to ever be right.

I was always very smart with my money, I still am. I didn’t tap into any of it until the summer after I graduated. After my large sum of money was collected in my name, I graduated from Ridgeway Creek, having the fourth highest GPA of my senior class. My ACT and SAT scores were impressive, to say the least. I worked extremely hard for my grades after my sophomore year of high school. Too much happened after that one fateful year and I had turned to my academics to save myself from my issues. It was the only way I could get out of my downward spiral.

Many things changed after my sophomore year of Ridgeway Creek. I never turned to drugs ever again after the paraphernalia scandal at the school. I brought myself to higher standards from the influence of others. However, those other people weren’t even with me in Ridgeway Creek for the following two years. Thinking back now, I remember I began working hard because I knew that that’s what my old boyfriend, Colt Williams, wanted for me. Colt sacrificed his education at Ridgeway Creek for me. I thought I owed him for that; hence why I worked my butt off to get the best grades possible in order to repay that debt.

It’s impossible to think back to when I was only a sophomore in high school. It was so long ago and I felt like I changed so much since the last time I had talked to Steve, Colt, and Sebastian. That whole group was bad business and by splitting us up, I feel like we were all saved somehow. As much as it hurt at the time, things had worked out.

I still sometimes wonder what happened to Colt after the scandal. I had a crippling curiosity to wonder if he still thought of me. I wondered where he was right now even; how he looked, if he had a new girlfriend and if he forgot about me. The way we ended the relationship was quick and painful. It took a long while for me to get over it. I was obviously well over it by now, but it was a type of relationship that was hard to forget. What we did felt so right. I can still remember everything with crisp clarity. It wasn’t a normal relationship we had, that’s for sure. It was embarrassing but refreshing. There was a new experience we shared with each other every day. There was another type of love intertwined between us than just the normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. It was an addictive love. Something that I would probably not find again in a lifetime.

Sometimes, I wonder if we would still be together to this day, if he wasn’t expelled. That’s the thought that stings still. It was so long ago that we talked, we could be two different people. People change, and I was scared, to say the least, if I ever met him again. I was scared to what I would find out about a new Colt, one that I used to know so well.

I regret to say that I’ve tried getting into dating again, but all of my attempts have failed miserably. Every guy I have been attracted to has had minor qualities of Colt; his dominance, his physical attributes, his tender side. I’ve had short-lived relationships with guys because I soon realized that none of them were Colt. This ‘thing’, if you could call it, that we shared was too special to imitate in any other relationship. I’ve found it’s a ridiculous feat to even find an ounce of that relationship anywhere else.

Out of all the schools I could choose around the United States, I chose one in Arizona. My first choice of school was definitely Arizona State University. Not to mention that I got offered a full ride scholarship there so it was almost impossible to turn it down. The state I was raised in, Indiana, didn’t feel like home to me. I felt like an alien every time I went back to Indiana for my summer breaks. I couldn’t deny my attraction to Arizona, and maybe it was my experiences at Ridgeway Creek that I couldn’t leave or maybe it was the warmer weather. I actually had friends in Arizona which I had met from Ridgway Creek. Old and new friends I got along with that I could never meet in a thousand years. There was talent within every little corner. There were passionate people here. Heck, there were even guys who liked girls in diaper here. Where else could I find that?

As much as I hate, I mean hate, to admit it, I had a little trace of hope that one day I might cross paths with Colt. That by the slightest chance, Colt would show up. I had many other reasons for moving to Arizona, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I truly wanted to be closer to where Colt lived without going out of my comfort zone of college choices. I honestly didn’t care if he found a new girlfriend, or he was transformed into a person I couldn’t recognize, I just wanted to know that he was alright, that he was happy. I wanted to see how he was doing, it had been so long, and my curiosity has never faded.

About two years ago I tried finding him on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media site. He was absolutely nowhere to be found. I remember asking Silver if she had Colt’s number and she said he got a new one. There was absolutely no trace of him left behind. I couldn’t even Google him, it was as if he never existed.

You’d think that I had gotten over the relationship by now, and I had, for the most part. Yet, I still felt an overwhelming desire for closeness, for someone to depend on. All that I wanted in a relationship, Colt had. The way our relationship ended was left open. It wasn’t really ‘ended’ because we hated each other. It was left in the dark from other issues falling into play. It was as if we quietly walked away from each other even though the chemistry, the attraction, was always pulling us together whether we could deny it or not.

I don’t know if that goes away after a few years. That the first love of yours just goes ‘poof’ and you forget about it. I guess I will never known if it really does go away, but every plane ride I have ever taken back to Arizona, I have always been anxiously thinking that I might, just might, brush across Colt. After all, anything was possible, right? Luck was like lightning, striking me when I least expected it, maybe it might strike me again?

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts as I drove silently, realizing that the song playing over the radio was what began my clustered thought string about Colt. Oh, Paramore’s Still Into You always hit a string with me. It stung to hear the song be over-abused on the radio because it always brought Colt back into my head, which never helped in the slightest.

I arrived at Arizona State University earlier than I thought I would. Stretches of green grass and sidewalks lined the gigantous campus. Large tan and rust colored buildings with large glass walls were set on the campus. I would for sure get lost on the way to class for my first few days. The buildings were ridiculously huge, with a maze of halls within them. The beautiful, yet terrifyingly large campus was something I had to get used to.

The perk of having a little more money than usual was that I could finally afford a room of my own on campus. Even though I was a freshman, I had first pick for housing as I signed up so early. Also, not to mention that I got into a special dorm for health and nursing majors, which was a perk that made a difference. The building that I’d be living in was renovated about 2 years ago and it was one of the most beautiful, inside and out, on campus.

I was looking for the Hayden House, where I would stay for the year, and most likely for the next 4 years, before I went to the parking garage so I wouldn’t be so lost on this damn school campus. I slowly drove down the street where most of the dorms were, which was a walking distance from the school, as parents and students parked their cars and moved their items into their dorms. There looked to be hundreds of people already moving into the dorms already.

I watched as parents parked outside of the freshman dorm buildings and helped bring in their kid’s furniture and duffel bags. I was happy that I wasn’t living in the freshman dorms because the buildings were the oldest in the area and they were known for having bug issues. At least the Hayden House was full of variety of freshman, sophomore, juniors and seniors. I guess many freshmen didn’t get in, but I was one of the lucky few. Not to mention that the Hayden House was known to host parties every once in a while, which is most likely the reason it’s an upper classmen based house.

A few dorm buildings down I saw the bronze HAYDEN HOUSE sign as I inched passed it. A few guys who looked to have carpooled to school got out of their black Trailblazer and opened the back of it. They all helped haul their mini-fridge and futon into the entrance of the Hayden House. The three story copper and rust colored brick building stood out among the other houses and dorms around. My eyes followed three guys as they hefted their items into the house. I caught a glimpse of the entryway as the door was propped open. I saw the warm light enter into the Hayden House with darker wooden stretches of flooring. There were couches inside what I could see on the far side of the commons area. It looked to be beautiful from just one look.

“If I’m right, parking should be right over here.” I said to myself quietly as I my eyes caught the welcome center sign right before I found the parking garage entrance which was located in the center of the school grounds, being that part of the school was connected to the parking garage.

I pulled into a parking garage, slowly inching forward as others got out of their cars and kept walking in front of mine. The parking garage was large, with about 5 or 6 levels of parking. I finally found a spot at the fourth level for visitors; I wondered what level I’d be on when I got my parking permit. The parking garage was probably not as packed as it would be in a day. After all, I was probably earlier than most students.

After receiving my parking permit I found that my parking spot was thankfully on the third level. I received a map of the campus and welcome papers about clubs and other activities. I got back into my car and headed back to the Hayden House to move in.

I slammed the door of my car and popped open my trunk. I began throwing duffel bags over my back as I heard someone behind me, “Need help with that?” I turned around to find a tall guy, with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes walk up to me with a friendly smile. He outstretched his hand to one of my duffel bags. He was muscular, with a no sleeve white t-shirt and Kaki shorts on, I’d guess a junior or senior, and he seemed a little bit like your average jock, but, hey, if he wanted to help, I don’t see why I should struggle.

It took a moment until I realized that I should respond, “Oh, yeah, thanks.” I gave him one of my duffel bags and he seemed to decide that he could carry more. He went into the trunk of my car and took the mini-fridge I had with my purple duffel bag strung over one of his arms.

“I’m Cody, by the way, nice to meet you.” He gave a quick smile as I could see he was trying to drop the mini-fridge as we walked down the cement path leading to the house.

I gave a grin back, “Hi, I’m Jasper, nice to meet you, too.”

“You a freshmen or sophomore? I don’t believe we’ve met.” He said as he looked at me with his crystal blue gaze.

“I’m a freshman. How about yourself?” I asked as I looked at the piece of paper that said my room number, trying to figure out where the hell I was going.

“I’m a junior. 3 years strong.” He smiled again with a small laugh. I gave a friendly laugh in return. He was quite charismatic the way he talked; he just was a friendly type of guy, “What room are we going to by the way? This duffel bag is the heaviest thing I have ever carried and I don’t want to lose my arm in the next few minutes. What do you have in here, hundreds of books shoved into one bag or something?” He said with a hint of exaggeration.

I laughed in response, “Room 208. I think it’s on the second floor.” As we walked into the commons, I saw the walls were painted mocha brown with patterned rugs over the floors. There were different rooms among the commons. The ones I could see had couches and even televisions. I looked down the long hallway and caught a glimpse of a pool table. The Hayden House was suprisingly loud, with people laughing in the rooms and voices around every corner.

“Yeah, it’s on the second floor. I know where it is actually. Here, I’ll lead the way.” Cody went in front of me as he went up the steps. We moved to the right of the staircase as others walked down.

I rummaged in my satchel, looking for my room key. My hand found the key tip. Cody led up straight down the hallway as we made it up the staircase. There were dorm rooms wide open as we walked past them with others talking to their friends inside. There was a huge window at the end of the hallway that let light illuminate the big hallway. There was an intersection of multiple hallways halfway down the main hallway that we passed. Cody made a right at the end of the main hallway and I followed.

“Here it is, 208.” He stopped quarter of the way down the hallway at my room’s door.

I got my key and shoved it into the door knob. The door opened and I walked in and threw my bags on my new bed. The room smelled fresh, like clean cotton. I looked around as the bright light from my window invaded the room. There was a single bed, stripped of any personality, sitting at the far right of the room, a wooden desk to the left of the room in one corner and a dresser placed a few feet away from it. There was a dark wood accent to the dresser, desk and bed frame that fell into place with the shiny mahogany floor. I could definitely get used to this nice room. Cody brought the mini-fridge in and crouched down, setting the mini-fridge in between the dresser and the desk.

All the walls in the bathroom and my room were a plain white. I walked towards the tiny bathroom to the left of the room’s entrance. I remembered when I was choosing my room; it was either your own bathroom or air conditioning. I jumped on getting my own bathroom because I wasn’t a fan of using community restrooms. I nodded, liking the small bathroom that was furnished with one dark wood sink counter with a cabinet attached, a walk-in shower and a porcelain toilet. The mahogany floor followed into the bathroom. It was literally one of the smallest bathrooms I had ever seen, but I couldn’t complain, it was my own.

“You don’t like sharing?” Cody asked as he looked over to me.

I took a moment to answer, a bit thrown off by the question, “Well, I, uh, never really had a room of my own before. I thought it’d be good for a change of pace.” I said as I crossed my arms awkwardly.

“Really? What, did you always have to share a room with your sister or something?” Cody was confused.

I didn’t want to tell anyone my life story in one day, so I nodded, “Yeah, something like that.” I smiled, I was pretty good at being vague. No one ever questioned it really, well, besides Colt, but that was long time ago.

“So where are you from?” Cody asked as we went down the main staircase back to my car.

“Columbus, Indiana. You?” I asked politely. I wasn’t much of a fan of talking about myself anymore, but to be courteous and somehow meet new friends, I guess I had to make some sacrifices.

“Woah, that’s far away. Well, I’m from Glendale, only about an hour away from here.” I nodded as I got some blankets and my comforter out of my car.

“I can get the rest, I think.” I said as I met his crystal blue eyes.

He flashed a smile, “Are you sure? You look like you’re struggling still.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”

He took my blankets from my hands, “You are one of the tiniest things I have ever seen. You’re going to fall with all of that. I’ll take these.”

I blushed as I grabbed my last bag from my car and my bottle of water, “Well, fine, I guess.”

“I think I have everything now. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.” I said as we placed the rest of my stuff on my bed once we were back upstairs.

“Hey, actually, let me give you my number. If you need anything else, or if you want a tour of the campus, feel free to text me, alright?” He said with a charming smile, his eyes awaiting my response.

I nodded as I took out my phone, “Okay, what’s your number?” I texted him a ‘hey’ just so he had mine too.

“Well, I’ll see you around. It was nice meeting you, Jasper.” I nodded with a smile in response. I think he was flirting with me, which was a ridiculous thing because it was only the first day of school. I wasn’t really into him, yet I hadn’t really talked with him much so far, but he was nice at the least. He was handsome, just not my type of handsome.

I went to the bathroom before I had to take my car back to the parking garage. I looked in the mirror. I wondered why I was attracting weird attention in the past year. I was awkward as shit after all. I don’t know what guy was attracted to someone with little confidence. I could always tell when guys were flirting or checking me out. I was pretty good at figuring out what guys wanted at this point, but it always surprised me when more than a few guys began talking to me. It was happening more often than usual and I was gaining unwanted attention. I guess it was flattering and all, but I wanted a relationship, not just a fling.

I looked at my face, studying it carefully; it was naturally contoured, what others would call ‘heart-shaped’, with an indent in the middle of my chin when I smiled, and high cheekbones. My nose was small, straight, with a little bump, barely visible, in the middle. I poked at my skin, it had cleared up within the past few years. I found I was one of the lucky ones being that my acne went away and my cheekbones became more apparent within the last three years. My eyebrows were dark, and a bit more full which framed my face. My bottom lip had a natural pout to it and people always asked if I were wearing lip gloss or lipstick because my lips were always a lighter pink color.

My face had lost some fat but it wasn’t like it looked like I was starving or anything. My skin wasn’t pale anymore, I had actually been outdoors more often than usual, with the sun touching my skin and turning it into a healthier tone. I looked, well, healthy and there was color to my face for once. I didn’t really dab much into makeup until this year. I began putting some eyeliner and mascara on but I could still pull off the no-makeup look when I felt lazy. The contrast of my green eyes to my tanned skin made my eyes look brighter than usual. My natural brown, with flecks of gold, hair was always messily falling in waves down my back. I tucked my long strands of hair behind my ears. My hair was always bothersome, falling out of place whenever the wind touched it.

An hour later, I texted Cody, asking where the cafeteria was. I could have found it on my own, but it was time for me to find some new friends, even if it were with Cody. Cody texted back, telling me to meet him in the common in the blue room. I walked down the stairs, brushing by some people talking about a professor, and walked through the first hallway that led from the entrance. I was scanning the rooms as I passed them, until I found a light blue room that Cody and a few other people were in. I waved to him as I entered.

“Hey, Jasper.” He waved to me as he interrupted whatever the group was talking about. There were two other guys and two girls within the small group. They all looked at me for a moment as Cody introduced me, “Guys, this is Jasper.” He motioned to me as he said my name, “Jasper these are my friends. Valerie, Aaron, Paul, and Gerald.” I awkwardly waved to them with the best smile I could give. I felt like I was in an interview and these were the first impressions. They were all, for sure, not freshmen. I’d guess at the youngest they’d be sophomores. On first glance, the two girls seemed like they had a wall drawn up as I entered the room, but after I was introduced, they both opened up. The girl named Aaron, she had light blonde hair and incredibly light blue eyes. She was a skinny girl with an athletic build and tanned skin. The other girl, Valerie, had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and was also skinnier but much taller than me and Aaron. Paul had square framed glasses and short hair. He had a hipster-like feel to him as he stood them in skinny Kakis and a flannel on. Gerald was an interesting character. He had messy short cropped hair. He had hazel eyes with a darker skin tone; I wanted to say he was a mix of Mexican and Caucasian blood, which made his eyes pop out. He had a more punk-like attitude about him the way he stood there in dark blue jeans and a band t-shirt with his more athletic build.

By looking at his friends, I guess my first impression of Cody was wrong. He didn’t seem like your average jock at all. Maybe I was being way too judgmental. I sat by them for lunch in the main dining hall at the North Wing of the campus. There were a few dining halls within the campus but the closest one to us was the North Wing one. The dining hall had glass panels as the walls of the room which let a beautiful string of light linger into the room. They had lights on, but the dining hall was already illuminated by the sun. Right outside of the dining hall you could see that green grass mapped out the whole campus with luscious trees that lined the sidewalks. I could definitely get used to the incredible sights around here.

When I got back to my dorm room after lunch, I got to unpacking my bags and setting everything down. I kept my door open as I got settled just in case Cody or someone I sat with at lunch walked by. I was planning on trying to get to know as much people as I could in one day to get comfortable here as soon as I could. It was hard going out of my comfort zone but it’s not like Indiana was that comfortable anyways. I made my bed, with a light purple blanket on top and three fluffy pillows lying on top. I stuffed my clothes in my dresser as I tucked a few stray strands of hair behind my ear. I sighed, cradling my arms, thinking of what else to do after I was done packing.

I heard a voice outside of my door as I stood there. It caught me off guard as my breathing stopped. I concentrated on the familiar voice as I inched towards my door frame.

“Me and Sarah were probably just going to go to the store in a few hours here. If you’re bored tonight, you could always tag along.” No, no that couldn’t be. I had to be hallucinating. Two things hit me in one moment: was it who I thought it was? And, if so, who was Sarah?

“Eh, I’m bored but I’m not bored enough to go to the grocery store with you two.” I heard someone else respond. You two. Please don’t tell me he found someone else.

I heard a chuckle that made my insides warm from the familiar sound. I gasped lightly. His voice was so close. Could it really be him?

“We’re not just going to the grocery store but, alright, fine, have it your way. I hope you have fun doing nothing tonight.” I was positive at this point. His voice was becoming closer. Almost right in front of my door. I backed up quietly, slowly, considering closing my door so he didn’t see me, not yet, I wasn’t ready.

“Whatever man. But, hey, you better be at that party tomorrow night!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He said with a laugh. I gasped when I saw him as I lost my balance while I was walking backwards.

I fell down, sprawling on the ground with a quiet yelp. My mouth was gaping as I met his eyes.

Colt’s eyes studied me, “Are you alright-” His head cocked to the side as his eyes flashed in recognition, “Jasper?”

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Chapter 2

“Are you okay?” He asked as he entered my room, kneeling on the ground next to me, his hand reaching towards me and then stopping before touching me.

He looked different than I remembered him. Different in a good way. He was taller, more muscular, with messier hair than I remembered. It was as if all that he used to be was amplified. My eyes fell to the scruff of a light beard of his, it was ungodly attractive on him.

I got up slowly, trying to gather myself before I said something stupid. I shook my head, “Yeah, no, I’m fine.” I said slowly with a stupid grin plastered on my face.

Colt crossed his arms with a smirk on his face, “Are you sure?” His eyes twinkling. I didn’t know how much he had changed since the last time we talked but in a blink of an eye, I felt the attraction between us. Even if we weren’t the same people, the eye contact was enough to make me flustered.

I tried to suppress my stupid grin, “No, I mean, yeah. I just-” I shook my head in awe. I didn’t know how to nonchalantly tell him that I thought he fell off of the face of the planet; how to tell him that I thought I would never see them ever again.

He nodded with a crooked smile still placed on his face. His eyes briskly looked over me. It dawned on me soon after that he was checking me out. I felt warmth make it’s way up to my cheeks as I stood there quietly too flustered to say anything. I was absolutely speechless. We literally just stood there, looking at each other for a good minute. It was awkward, but a good kind of awkward, if that were possible.

Colt said, with such a husky but gentle voice, “It’s been a while since we last spoke, hasn’t it been?” His sea blue eyes watched me carefully.

I blushed with a nod, “Yeah, I guess it has.” My eyes quickly glanced over his dark jeans and his black v-neck that complimented his toned arms and chest. You could tell Colt had been going to the gym more often than before.

His chest rumbled with a light chuckle that sent a tingle down my spine, “You guess?” He cocked his head to the side in question. I wanted to die by how extraordinarily sexy he was standing in front of me. It was hard to contain myself in this new presence of someone I used to know. This someone I used to know had gotten more attractive within only a few years and I didn’t know how I would be able to contain myself without squeaking out something embarassing.

I said shyly, “Yeah, I guess.” My mischievous grin fell as I remembered that he wasn’t single anymore. I couldn’t flirt with someone I used to date who had a girlfriend. There was no way he could be single anyways. He was ridiculously attractive. I could hardly keep my composure within the five minutes I had been talking to him.

I pushed hair behind my ears as my heart dropped quickly and color left my face.

Colt could see the quick change of emotion as he inched closer, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

I shook my head, a wave of sadness clouded me within seconds, “Nothing, I-” I stopped in my tracks, “I have to unpack some more things is all.” I couldn’t meet his intense stare.

He backed up with a nod, giving me space, “Okay. Hey, what are you doing later?” My eyes searched the wooden floor for an excuse, I shouldn’t be hanging out with Colt if he had a girlfriend.

I shrugged as I couldn’t find one, “Nothing.” I said quietly, as my eyes met his and then darted down to the floor again. Maybe I’d just catch up with him tonight even if he had a girlfriend. I’d just keep it to strictly no flirting.

“Well, me and a friend of mine were going to go to some stores, did you want to come with?” Friend? Not girlfriend.

I just blurted it out in a more rude matter than I intended, “Wait, weren’t you going with your girlfriend?” I met his gaze, he was confused.

His eyes flashed with humor, “What girlfriend?” His long fingers brushed his lips as he tried to suppress a smile.

I blushed in shame, I tried to hide the wave of jealousy that had just came over me as I looked at the floor, “So you’re not dating anyone?”

He shook his head, “No, why did you think that?” Colt cocked his head at me, humor still pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“I was just listening into your conversation,” I blinked. Oh god, now I sounded like I was stalking him. I needed to save myself before this went downhill, “well, because you guys were extremely loud in the hallway and I couldn’t help but listen in.” His eyes flashed playfully as he smiled, “And I just heard you mention someone so I just assumed.” I shrugged and hugged my arms in embarrassment. I was trying to make it seem like I didn’t really care, but I feel as if he already knew that I was jealous a moment ago.

“Mhm, I bet that’s what happened.” He winked with a crooked smile. I wanted to change the subject as soon as possible. I felt incredibly guilty at this point.

“So you were saying about going shopping later?” I blinked, smoothly transitioning to something else.

Colt’s sea blue eyes flashed with humor, “Yes, I was actually. But I think I’m revoking my invitation now.” I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms.

Colt began backing up slowly with a humorous look on his face, “I’ll swing by your room in 2 hours, okay?”

I attempted to look like I didn’t care, “I mean, that’s if you don’t get stood up.” I cracked a mischievous smile at him.

His eyes flashed with incredulity as he walked closer to me, his sweet breathe in my ear, “Now you’re just asking for it.” Colt said with a lowered voice before he left my room.

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i see something rocky and explosive on the horizon. i mean things have to have changed for them enough just to jigsaw back together right? CAN’T. FREAKING. WAIT!!!

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Well… that was anti-climactic… I knew Colt would be coming back but two chapters in is a bit rushed… it really cheapens the ending of the last story. I would have liked to see her character development post Colt. You told us she buckled down on her studies and she tried other guys but missed the dominance. We didn’t get to see that though and now probably never will. I would have liked to have known how she matured, did she go to diapers in her off time to remind herself? What happened to Silver? How did she decide on Nursing? What was her life like post parent money? What about the orphanage and the little girl at the beginning?

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Great to see the new chapters. This will be fantastic.

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I understand you are not happy with the second story so far, Storytime. Many things I wrote about the orphanage and the little girl was about two years ago when I thought this story was going to be only 5 chapters long, so the idea of those were not developed at all, hence why I’ve jumped around that. I was new to writing when I began Utter Loss of Words and there was close to no plot line. There are many things I’d change, but its way too late now. In story 1, most of it was rushed. If I plan on rewriting this, yes, I could add many things that would make more sense. If you feel this was rushed and that things should be explained, then that’s perfectly okay. But I’m not going to write like it’s the second book of Twilight and Edward stays away from Bella for a whole book. I would be bored with my own story if I do that. And this is a story, its a bit smaller than a book so I don’t plan on dragging it out like that.The differences of characters can be shown throughout the story, I don’t need to write beforehand.

I wanted to point this out real quick because this surprised me. I can acknowledge why you would want to see that, but it’s not essential to the story. Adding those scenes is not worth reading. I understand the first glance, “What the hell is happening to this story?!?” But this is only the second chapter. Wait, and answers will come with time. I apologize if you were thrown off.

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Wow, thanks for addressing my concerns. It’s good to know that yes, we are getting to the interesting bits. I’m just a sucker for character and I would personally make the interim a story but if it doesn’t interest you, then I totally get it. This is why I hate commenting on stories early -_- I jump the gun too often. I do it out of love and respect though.

As to the stuff you skipped from the first story, I forgot that it was old. This entire story is new to me and the perspective is very much appreciated. I’ll probably not comment again until either a ways in or until the end. I’m so sorry about that :frowning: The one time I make an exception to my rule, I’m reminded as to why I have that rule in the first place.

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Lol. It’s completely okay. I’ve done it before too so don’t feel like you’re alone in ‘jumping the gun’ about stuff at the beginning of a story. You commenting shows you actually care, whether it be a negative or positive response I still appreciate it, even when the truth stings a bit to hear. I am taking your comments into consideration in the future, if I decide to rewrite the story to make it into a book, which I am considering. Trust me, your comments helped more than hurt; they were definitely not wasted. Thank you, Storytime :slight_smile:

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I am loving this! as someone from Indiana and have a girlfriend with a similar background it gives me more to relate to. im loving it can’t wait for more.

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Thanks for understanding Lion. If you do decide to do a rewrite, I might have to buy a copy! But even more importantly, write what you want man. If it jives with your vision and the characters you presented, chances are, it’ll be amazing.

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Things are getting inserting really fast looking forward to reading more.

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Haven’t looked into this since the last part ended, but as usual you don’t disappoint. Sure, Colt was reintroduced a bit suddenly, but I can’t complain; that’s what I’m here for after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to seeing the two of them catch up a bit; all those years between them can’t have been completely devoid of anything…interesting to say, right?

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I’d really love to see this continued. It’s one of my favorite stories on here. Got so excited when there was a part two but then it never got continued.

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I told myself that I have to stop torturing the fans of this story and keep posting and then disappearing but I literally checked into this site for the first time in 6 months and saw a reply- thank you Little Hannah by the way- and realized I had a few more chapters that I wrote a year ago that I had NEVER posted. I am currently not actively writing and have not written anything in a year; however, next summer I may begin again once I have free time. Writing these stories is my true passion but I have full-time school, work and a boyfriend and it’s close to impossible to find time to write. Once upon a time I wrote for hours on end and I loved it. I honestly was never a great writer growing up but this site has developed my writing and it’s because of those of you who critique me and help me which I appreciate the most. I read all of your comments, whether it’s on this story or on my other stories.

I cannot promise another post for a good amount of time, but I thought posting a few more chapters tonight was necessary. After all, there are only 2 chapters on this story which I personally would be frustrated about. So, without further ado, here is the next few chapters:

Chapter 3

My bags were fully unpacked as I looked around my room. The walls were bare, but at least my bed was inviting. I soon realized that going to the store was a good idea since I didn’t have any snack food nor drinks anywhere. Knowing how I ate like a sumo wrestler, this could not last for any longer.

I heard a knock at my door. I pulled my dark brown satchel over my chest and took a quick glance at my clothes. I had a white cotton shirt on and ripped light blue jeans. I was at least somewhat okay with my outfit today. It wasn’t good enough to impress Colt but it would have to do.

I opened my door to find Colt and a girl standing outside.

“Hi, I’m Sarah.” She gave a friendly wave to me. I ignored Colt’s watchful gaze as I nodded to her.

“Hi, I’m Jasper.” I grinned at her, she didn’t seem menacing or like I thought she would. Ever since I heard she was Colt’s ‘friend’, I instantly imagined a girl who had a crush on Colt and would be extremely jealous of any other friend of his who was a girl. I soon realized that I imagined a girl who was exactly like me, which was a false idea. The last thing I’d think was that she’d be ridiculously outgoing and open to any girl who also hung out with Colt. I assumed wrong.

On first glance, Sarah seemed normal, but on second glance, once she began talking, there was something different about her. She had naturally darker blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail. She had a tattoo piece enveloped around her upper left arm. She had more tattoos of flowers and quotes on her right leg. She was athletically built, being a bit taller than me; I’d guess around 4 or 5 inches taller than my 5’2 height. Her nose was a small ski-slope, and her skin was radiant. She had dark brown eyes with smile lines already forming around her mouth at a younger age than most. She didn’t wear any makeup, her face was naturally even and she honestly didn’t need any.

I didn’t want to say she was manly in any way, but she did have more masculine qualities when she spoke. She was completely friendly and I hadn’t gotten along with anyone from just a few seconds of talking to them this well since I met Silver, but there was something about her that I could tell was different than most. There was a certain warm and inviting nature to her that made me feel overwhelmingly welcomed in her presence. I couldn’t help but like it.

“So I heard you were from Indiana, how is it there?” Sarah looked at me.

I said sarcastically, “Oh, it’s great. I had too many friends there so I had to get away, of course. Not to mention the weather is incredible there. The winter storms and the rainy weeks were the best. I really miss it.” I rolled my eyes as she laughed.

I glanced up to Colt, as he had his eyebrows raised, “You didn’t mention that you’ve gotten brattier within three years.” A crooked smile formed on his face. I stuck my tongue out at him behind my shoulder as we went down the stairs.

“It’s been that long between you too? You’d think one of you would try to keep in contact.” Sarah said with her eyebrows raised in surprise. What she said inclined me to think that Colt told her a few things about me. She at least knew we dated, which was interesting. I wonder what Colt told her about me or if that’s all he said. Maybe he gave her a vague ‘oh she’s just some girl I dated’ and kept it that. Or maybe he gave her a bit more.

Colt said by my side as we walked down the sidewalk to the parking garage which was a few minute walk away, “Well, considering Jasper never had a phone, nor Facebook, I really couldn’t contact her. My stalking skills are obviously not up to par.” I bit my lip in thought; I never would have guessed he was also looking for me. I thought he would have forgotten about me by now or something. I wondered if he moved on, and dated other girls.

“Do you have a phone now?” His fingertips gently brushed my back, breaking me out of my thought induced trance. I looked up to find his eyes watching me, with a smirk place on his face. He knew I just spaced out for a moment; I could see it in his eyes. I made a mental note to my future self to stop fucking spacing out.

Sarah’s phone went off and she motioned us to walk ahead of her while we talked. She picked it up, telling the person on the other line where to meet us. We were alone for a moment while Sarah talked to her friend on the phone.

I nodded, opening my satchel, “Yep. Isn’t he great?” I held my phone up to show him. It was a iPhone 6s, my new baby that I had gotten a month before.

“He?” Colt asked with a humored look on his face.

“Yeah, I named my phone Jeffrey.” I shrugged, “I have lots of names for inanimate objects.”

Colt laughed and ran one hand through his messy hair, “You’ve gotten worse, you know that?”

“What do you mean?” I asked with a touch of innocence.

He shook his head, his hair moved with the light breeze, “I’ll tell you later, hm?” He winked. What did that mean? A promised evening with Colt?

“I’m not a patient person though.” I said while I crossed my arms as we walked.

I was about to put my phone back in my satchel before Colt took it from my hand, effortlessly, “Well, someone’s going to learn to be today, aren’t we?” I blinked, he was already belittling me. We were having one of our first conversations in years and he was already beginning to treat me like I was a young child. As much as I didn’t want to be treated like a toddler in front of Sarah, or anyone for that matter, I couldn’t help but want more of the attention he was giving me from it.

The one thing that made butterflies tickle my tummy was one thought: if Colt were already talking to me like I was a toddler that must mean that I have a chance at a relationship with him again. That means that after three years, Colt still wanted a relationship with me, even if I have changed. He was sending me signals through our conversations, and it took me this long to grasp onto them.

I said quietly to myself, “Not fair.”

“Very much so.” He smiled as he clicked through my phone and typed something, “There, now I have your number.” His phone buzzed in his pocket in perfect timing, “But I’m keeping Jeffrey hostage.” His eyes flashed with playfulness as he slipped my phone into his back pocket.

I huffed at him as Sarah caught up to us, “Alright, Alex said she’s by the entrance.” We met Alex after a few minutes at the entrance of the parking garage. Alex was extremely skinny and about as tall as Sarah, with short-cropped black hair and a nose ring sitting on her nose. She wore rectangular shaped glasses which gave her a sophisticated but edgy look with her facial features. Her face was sharp, with a skinny nose, high cheekbones, and small lips. She had a punk look to her with her black leggings, toms, and a red sweatshirt on. I wasn’t guessing that she was Colt’s friend because she hardly bothered to say anything to him. She just glanced at me and Colt and then walked with Sarah to the car. When she spoke, she had a deeper voice, which was surprising since she was so skinny.

I didn’t know whose car we were going to be driven by until Colt brought out his keys. Colt stopped in front of a black Jeep. The other girls sat in the back while I hopped in the front. I honestly didn’t talk much because the presence of Alex set me on edge a bit. She was off-putting, to say the least, and I wasn’t going to try to talk to someone who was sending me the wrong signals. I was surprised Sarah was friends with this girl.

I was a bit nervous about what would happen today. Colt might expect that I’m the same person I was three years ago, heck, he might be thinking that I’m someone I’m not. I’ve grown within three years. My confidence had built up substantially, my self-esteem at an all-time high, and my goals within eyesight. I wasn’t a broken puppy as I was three years ago. I didn’t need anyone to care for me or fix me anymore. I was opinionated and other times antisocial. I had figured out a lot of things and I don’t know if I’m still necessarily the person he thinks I still am.

Even though I was nervous, in the Jeep with Colt driving I still felt comfortable and safe. It was a mix of emotions to be hanging out with Colt again. I felt safe but then on edge because I was honestly afraid of disappointing him. I still loved him, even though we weren’t dating, but I was scared the tides could turn quickly. I didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling, after all, we hadn’t even had a serious conversation yet. I just was a ball of anxiousness while we drove to the store.

Colt pulled us into a parking spot at Meijer’s. I found out from listening to them converse during the ride there that Colt was on a mission for some guy things, like deodorant and shampoo, and other things, while Sarah was going to look for a lamp for her room and other furnishings, and Alex didn’t really need anything, she just tagged along to hang out with Sarah. All I needed was some snack food, which I could have easily gotten from the campus’s convenience store, but, hey, my phone, Jeffrey, was being kept hostage so I guess I had to follow Colt. We split up in opposite directions as we went into the entrance of the store after picking up shopping baskets.

I asked Colt, “So is it later yet?” I had to walk a faster pace to keep up with his long strides.

He raised his eyebrows, “Impatient, are we now?” I rolled my eyes in response as Colt ignored me.

Colt found the aisle he was looking for; I looked over the deodorants with him. I began opening and smelling them as we stood there. Colt cocked his head at me as he watched. One corner of his mouth went up in a half-smile, “What are you doing?”

“Helping you, butthead.” I scrunched my nose, the musky scent of one of the sticks obviously not to my liking, I shook my head, “Stay away from that one. Yuck.”

He shook his head with a laugh and picked up one and handed it to me, “What about this one?” His sea blue eyes watched me carefully.

I shrugged as I inhaled the forest fresh scent, a familiar scent hit me, “I like it.”

“That’s what I thought.” Colt said as he put it in his basket. He walked down the aisle and turned the corner.

I followed quietly behind, “So, is Sarah a good friend?”

Colt stopped and turned in his tracks; I almost fell into him. He looked down at me, “Why, are you still convinced that were dating?” He said with a crooked smile placed on his face.

“No, just wondering.” I shrugged, and added, “She’s interesting is all.”

“Well, if you must know, she’s my Steve here.” Colt warned me, “Also, she’s a lesbian, so is Alex, just in case you were wondering. I’d keep your distance, Sarah tends to form crushes on straight girls.” He paused, “Are you still jealous?”

I gave a grin with a sarcasm filled response, “Yes, I am.” He chuckled as he turned the corner into the next aisle.

Colt casually walked down the aisle, stopping in the middle when he found the section he was looking for. My face became very warm as I followed, growing silent. To my humiliation, we were in the children’s undergarment section. I had to give Colt credit, he was a mastermind for orchestrating this trip to Meijer’s. This was the last aisle I would have thought we would end up at.

I cradled my arms awkwardly standing next to Colt’s side. I looked towards the ground, trying to hide my face as my hair fell from behind my ear. Colt crouched down, taking a package of GoodNites in his hands, reading out loud, “For girls weighing 60 to 125+. Hmm.” His long fingers brushed his lips as he looked over to me. His eyes traveled down my body. I shifted, trying to ignore his stare, his smirk ever present on his face.

My eyes shifted to meet his, I said, lacking any strength within my voice, “Won’t, uh,” His eyes watching me with humor, “Sarah and Alex see?” Colt placed the soft package into his shopping basket. Before we left the aisle with the children’s undergarments, Colt picked up a bottle of baby powder and a package of wipes.

“They might.” Playfulness danced in his eyes as his expression remained serious. It soon dawned on me; he didn’t care if they found out. He was more evil than before. For a moment, I was convinced that he calmed down, that he became more cautious or secretive about this stuff. I soon realized I was wrong, I was in for it.

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Chapter 4

I eyed the green plastic shopping basket that Colt carried. You could see the light pink plastic of the GoodNites through the basket. However, the box of Teddy Grahams, Mountain Dew cans, and baked Doritos covered the GoodNites so you couldn’t even see them from the top of the basket. Even though the baby powder and wipes were on top, they weren’t as bad as someone seeing the GoodNites. I feel as if people would see the baby powder or wipes and assume Colt had a baby or something, not that I was actually the baby. If they saw the GoodNites, it might incline anyone to think that they were for me. I was relieved of that the GoodNites weren’t obnoxiously sticking out, but still nervous to get checked out.

Colt spared my humiliation by going to the self checkout line. I scanned my items, the baked Doritos and Mountain Dew. Colt wouldn’t let me buy my Teddy Grahams.

“But, they’re mine.” I glared at him.

“Hey, watch your attitude.” Colt’s voice snapped into a serious tone. I rolled my eyes at him as I paid for my items.

“One.” He said to me with a leveled voice.

I turned to him, “One, what?” I asked, pretending to be annoyed.

He ignored me as he scanned and paid for his items, “You’ll find out eventually.” His expression was dead serious as he looked over to me. I continued to glare at him. I was done with Mr. Mysterious. I just wanted some answers, and he wasn’t really one to give me any.

Colt’s phone buzzer went off and he slid his phone out of his pocket, answering, “Hello?” I sat on the bench near the entrance of the store as he leaned on the wall next to me.

“Yeah, we’re by where we came in.” Colt began walking and motioned for me to follow, “Okay, I’m just going to pull my Jeep up to the store.” I trailed behind him.

Colt opened the back of his Jeep and we placed our bags down. I was confused when Colt went to my side of the car. To my surprise, he opened the door for me. It wasn’t surprising, I just never really had anyone do that for me. As I sat down, I realized his motives. Colt pulled the seatbelt across me and buckled me in. He was trying to send me signals again. He wanted to make sure I knew I was his little toddler tonight. It sent butterflies tickling my nervous tummy. I wasn’t nervous about the whole babying thing, in fact, I craved it, but I was nervous about the first time in a long time to be with him, alone. I trusted Colt, but I was anxious of the unknown. After all, who knows if I would get a spanking by the end of the night. If Colt was still the same person I knew once upon a time, then it was coming, I just had to be careful.

We waited for Sarah and Alex came back. I bit the nail of my thumb, a nervous habit of mine. Colt’s eyes drifted to me.

He threw his head back in anger, “That’s what I forgot to get.” I cocked my head towards him in curiosity.

“No.” I said to him. I knew what he was suggesting. It just hit me that I looked like I was sucking my thumb. I honestly didn’t even notice what I was doing until I stopped biting my thumb.

“Do you want to repeat that?” He raised his eyebrows at me in surprise.

“No pacifiers.” I said timidly as I pulled my legs up into an Indian position on the car seat. I went back to biting my thumb nail as I met his eyes. Screw it if I looked like I was sucking my thumb, he’d deal.

“You obviously need one.” Colt said as his eyes narrowed to my lips. Our conversation ended as Alex opened the back of the Jeep, with Sarah placing a pretty hefty box, which I assumed was the lamp, and some bags in the back.

“Hey, thanks for taking us.” Sarah said as, before we parted ways when Colt dropped Sarah and Alex off in front of their house. Sarah lived in the Honors House. Looking back, I could have lived there too, but then there was the Hayden House which was almost a fucking hotel. I couldn’t turn down the Hayden House when I was applying for dorms.

She added as she smiled at me, “And it was nice meeting you, Jasper. It’s awesome to finally meet the girl I’ve heard so many stories about.” She winked at me before she left, as if she knew. What did that mean? What had Colt told her?

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Chapter 5

I was silent as we drove back to the parking garage and dropped Colt’s Jeep off. “What’s wrong?” Colt cocked his head in question.

My face was still red probably because my mind wouldn’t stop reeling; I was angry, frustrated, and, most of all, embarrassed. I remained quiet and Colt got the signal; I did not want to be bothered. We walked up the stairway in the Hayden House.

I set my bags on my dresser when I got in my room. Colt closed my door behind us, locking it. I leaned on my desk, my bottom touched the end. I gave Colt the side-eye as I stood there. He noticed immediately as his composure turned serious.

“What did you tell Sarah about me?” I asked, with an edge to my voice.

Humor flashed across his eyes, as he crossed his arms, the sunlight streaming through my window making his eyes a lighter blue than usual, “Maybe I’d tell you if you didn’t have such an attitude.”

I rolled my eyes, my jaw tightening, “I-”

“Two.” He said as his eyes flickered with something I didn’t catch in time.

I squinted at him in frustration, “Two, what? Jesus fucking Christ.” I huffed as I crossed my arms. I looked out my window, to the other dorm buildings across the field. When did Colt become so confusing? He wasn’t telling me anything, and kept saying I had an attitude, which I did, but I just wanted some fucking answers.

“Would you like to repeat that?” He inched closer, his eyes trained on me like I was prey. I knew where this was headed very quickly as his eyes flashed playfully. It was dinnertime and I didn’t want my butt hurting before that.

I looked at my feet, with a quiet voice, “No.”

“That’s what I thought.” He said with a half-smile, knowing he won the battle, but definitely not the war, not yet at least. Two could play at this game. He was incredibly dominant, I’ll give him that, but I could be undeniably cute and relentless, which could counteract him; if I played my cards right, that is.

My stomach grumbled, cutting the tension in the room, “Someone’s hungry.” Colt stated with a smirk, “Come on, let’s go get something to eat.”

We went back down the stairs, as I passed a familiar face. Cody yelled to me across the commons, “Hey, Jasper!” I waved with a smile. I glanced at Colt before I walked over to Cody. Colt’s face was calm, collected, but his body had stiffened. He was jealous. I honestly didn’t want to talk to Cody because I knew he flirted with me earlier, but the feeling of seeing Colt’s jealousy, after he made fun of me today, was worth it. I’d have my fun for the moment.

I placed my hand on my sides, “What’s up?” I asked, not really showing much friendliness, attempting to do my best at friend zoning Cody.

Cody’s eyes looked behind me, catching Colt’s cold stare, “Is that your boyfriend?” He asked in a hushed voice.

I looked over my shoulder, “Eh, well, something like that.” The question threw me off. We were necessarily dating, but, let’s face it; Colt was treating me like I was his. I guess we were beginning friends with benefits type of relationship, if you could call it that.

He nodded with a friendly smile towards Colt then he looked to me, “I was going to ask if you we’re going to dinner, just in case you wanted some friends to sit with, but it looks like you already have someone. If your plans change, feel free to text me.” Cody said as he backed up slowly.

I gave a smile that didn’t meet my eyes, “Thanks, Cody. I appreciate it.”

I walked over to Colt and he didn’t tear his gaze away from Cody until I grabbed his arm and pulled him with me, which was basically me standing there, pulling his arm with two hands. Colt snapped out of his thoughts and followed me as we left to the dining hall. The sun was falling down as a darker yellow, orangey glow hit my skin. I smiled at the warmth.

“Who was that?” Colt asked, breaking me out of my trance.

I shrugged, “Just some guy that helped me move into my dorm today.” Colt’s eyes didn’t believe me.

“He didn’t seem like ‘just some guy’.” Colt said as he walked by my side.

“Colt Williams, do I sense some trace of jealousy?” I got a cold stare from Colt.

He replied, “It’s different.”

“How so?” I asked, hugging myself as we neared the dining area. This turned out to be a not-so-lighthearted conversation anymore.

“Sarah was lesbian. This guy was not gay and he had his eyes trailing all over you. Like Sebastian.” I blinked, “And we both know how that turned out.” He knew what happened this whole time.

I stopped, on the sidewalk, Colt looked weary, sad even, “How did you find out?”

Colt’s eyes studied mine, “Sebastian told me the night we spent at the juvenile detention center. The night we all got caught.” He looked thoughtfully at the grass near us, “Sebastian broke down in front of me and Steve, he told me about what he did to you. Or was thinking of doing.” He paused, “I was absolutely disgusted, speechless. So I punched him in the face. Never spoke to the guy again after that.” I closed my eyes, remembering the anxiety I felt that night three years ago, how I wondered all night what was going to happen to Colt.

I opened my eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me you knew that day?” I said, searching his eyes.

Colt shook his head, painful memories floating in his sea blue eyes, “I wanted to cut it off between us so you wouldn’t be tormented by the idea of us having a future together. I really thought that day was the end of it for us. If we talked about it, I would have given in, told you we could make it work somehow, when there was absolutely no way in my eyes.” He added, “Afterwards, I couldn’t not think about you, about where you were, if you found someone new. Even a few years later, the curiosity didn’t stop. It honestly killed me to not see you. It got easier as time passed, but I still wondered.” His tone changed to that husky but gentle voice, “Now I have you in my grasps, I don’t really think I’m going to be taking any chances this time around.” It was as if his eyes were trying to capture a picture of me as I stood there. I blushed at his soft words that made me feel safe. I had someone looking after me, a guardian, you could call it.

I grinned, “Now tell me more about how you were just jealous.” Colt threw his head back with a laugh.

“You’re going to get it if you don’t get your butt in that dining hall right now.” He said, half lightheartedly, half serious.

“Fine.” I stuck my tongue out at him as I turned to the building.

Colt nodded to Sarah and a group of others sitting at a large square black mahogany table at the corner of the dining hall. We grabbed our food before heading to the table. In the buffet line, they were having a Chinese night. There were fortune cookies, chow mien, egg rolls, beef, orange chicken and so many other foods I had never tried. The best part about college had to be the food. It was a massive upgrade from the high school entrees that were highly unappetizing. I couldn’t speak for the other colleges, but at Arizona State, there was freshly made, restaurant quality, food here. I splurged on my first dinner on campus. I put more food than I could probably eat on my tray. I ignored Colt’s chuckle as he looked over my food as I swiped my campus meal card at the register.

“Nice of you two to finally join us,” Sarah said as we sat down, “everyone, meet Jasper.” You could tell there were two different groups at the table. Near Sarah’s end were Alex and Sarah’s friends and at the other end, was a charismatic group of guys, which I guessed were Sarah and Colt’s friends. The center of the table were a few people, like Sarah, who talked to both groups. Everyone seemed friendly to each other even though they weren’t necessarily friends. I was, admittedly, new to this college thing, and I was surprised to see so many people get along at one table.

Not to mention the new guys that Colt hung out with seemed more down to earth than his old friends I used to know. These new friends, who I found out to be named Elliot, Victor, Gerard, and Richie, were all goal oriented. The group had their own best friend pairs I soon realized. Elliot and Richie were the louder ones, who joked around a lot and kept conversations lighthearted; Gerard and Victor seemed to be quieter, but highly intelligent and ridiculously clever whenever they added to the conversations. I found Colt was closer to Sarah than his other guy friends. I couldn’t help but wonder why Sarah and Colt were close.

Now thinking back to it, Colt never answered my question I had not less than thirty minutes ago. I wondered if Sarah knew about our relationship. He could have just lied to her and said I was incontinent again like he did with Sebastian. Even though it was a good lie, I was humiliated by it and guilty for being part of a lie.

Sarah noticed I wasn’t really talking to anyone and just quietly eating. She knocked me out of my daze, “So, Jasper, what are you planning on majoring in?”

It took me a moment to think about it, “I, uh,” Sarah’s friends stopped talking as they listened to me, “I plan on going into Radiology currently, but I’m still investigating other majors. I’m not really set on anything just yet.”

The girl named Carry spoke to me, “You’re a freshman right?” I nodded and she continued, “Well, you have time to figure it out. Freshman year is basically just getting the prerequisites out of the way, anyways. Most of the medical fields coincide in prerequisites so you’ll be fine.” She reassured me with a friendly smile.

Sarah added, “I think I changed my major like five times my freshman year until I figured it out. So don’t feel so pressured to stick to one thing, you’ll be alright.” Sarah’s friends went onto another tangent and began talking about something else, tuning us out.

Colt laughed in memory to Sarah’s comment, “Oh god, Sarah said she wanted to be a veterinarian the first month in.” He rolled his eyes, “And then she went to an art teacher, then a nurse, then an art therapist, and then she finally decided to go become a psychiatrist.”

“We can’t all be as perfect as you Colt.” She gave me a wink, “Unlike most of indecisive college kids, Colt actually stuck to his original plan.”

I looked up to Colt, “So what was this ‘original plan’.” I wondered what he was planning on doing after college. I wonder what he wanted to be, a counselor, maybe?

He gave a crooked smile, “A ER nurse, if you must know.” It made perfect sense. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see that answer coming a mile away. After all, unlike most people, Colt actually liked caring for people, especially me. I nodded in response.

The rest of dinner went by in a blink of an eye. Before I knew it, I found me and Colt back in my room, alone. I wasn’t seriously scared of Colt, I trusted him completely, but I was nervous around him, especially when we were alone. I was in fear of being humiliated. He was a mastermind of embarrassing me, from smoothly bringing small details into our conversations or giving me spankings for little issues such as my attitude. The worst part about it is, he got better at it. I had blushed too many times to count in a few hours. I kept bringing my confidence back up every time he brought me to a belittled state, but it was a climb each time.

Colt stretched onto my bed, his back against my headboard and his arms behind his head. His expression was thoughtful, quiet as his eyes watched me as I leaned against my dresser. He was planning something, I had this feeling that led me to believe it.

I asked, “So, back to what we were talking about earlier.” I wanted to know some things without going off topic this time. Not to mention, I was also on a side mission tonight, to not be spanked, treated like a toddler or humiliated. If I kept my voice at a steady tone, he wouldn’t mistake me for any younger.

He raised his eyebrows, “Go on.” He watched me, with humor flashing across his eyes. He already wasn’t taking me seriously.

I said with a leveled tone, “What did you tell Sarah about us?”

“Come here.” He moved from his position of lying on my bed to now sitting on my bed with his feet flat on the ground.

I hesitated; eyeing him closely, wondering what he was up to, “Why?”

“Don’t make me say three, Jasper.” It hit me hard that he had been counting to something. I didn’t want to find out what happened when he said three, and I already had a slight inclination of what he would do anyways. I was not stupid. I walked over to Colt, stopping a hands stretch away from him.

His hand went up to my lips, his thumb brushing the corner of my mouth. I blushed, realizing he was wiping away sticky, orange chicken sauce from the side of my mouth. How long had I had that on my face? Colt smirked, finding it was cute. My mission of not being humiliated tonight failed miserably.

“Someone can’t stay clean. Isn’t that so?” He stood up, the proximity of his body warming me. His words making me feel younger, sending me back to first grade.

I couldn’t respond, I was too distracted by his fingers tracing patterns on my lower back.
“You like caresses, don’t you, little one?” He said it in more of a statement than an actual question. My face felt hot, my voice lost. A few minutes ago, I honestly did not want to be Colt’s toddler. Now, he was softly touching me, his forest fresh scent only a few inches away from me, I didn’t care if I were degraded to an infant, I wanted more of his touch, his warmth; it was hypnotizing. His words, swaying me into a smaller state of mind.

It was teasing, how much I wanted to cuddle into him. The urge was so strong, but I’d be patient. My lips parted as I looked up, into his sea blue eyes. His fingers skimmed my light cotton shirt, tickling up my side, to my neck, to my lips. His thumb gliding across my soft lips with a smile placed on his face.

“Are you still my babygirl?” His hands ever present, tickling my side, pushing my hair behind my ear. I was flustered, in his stare, in his closeness.

I nodded, with a timid, “Yeah.” He blinked, some sort of relief flooding through him. It was as if he just needed to hear it in order to believe that I was still his. All that had happened within three years, it didn’t matter, because Colt and I were together again.

He stopped touching me as he looked at his watch with a frown, “As much as I want to be here right now, I have plans that I can’t change tonight.” His eyes looked sad, as if he were guilty to leave me, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” My lips parted, and I suppressed a pouting noise. I nodded quietly as he gingerly hugged me before he had to leave.

Re: The Awkward Teenage Girl: College Days

Chapter 6

I woke from a peaceful slumber on a Saturday morning, my mind circling from the dreams I had last night. The dreams were deteriorating with every second that went by, but I could still remember the emotions I had attached to Colt. I remember the dream with fuzzy edges. I was looking for Colt. Unfamiliar faces surrounding me and I ran around a store, looking around for him in a panic. When I finally found him, he didn’t see me, he disappeared. I woke up in relief, knowing that that wasn’t the case anymore.

I wish Colt spent the night, but, never the less, I was not going to ruin his plans last night. He looked like he was torn to have to leave me, but he had made plans with his other friends awhile back so he had to stay committed to them. I understood, as much as I wanted him to stay, I felt as if some space would help me have more coherent thoughts. I needed time to adjust to all the new things that happened that day.

I stripped my clothes off, throwing them on the ground in my small bathroom. To be honest, I slept in pretty late, it was already 11 in the morning and I was just taking a shower. Oh well, once Monday came, I would have to get back on the early morning routine. Anyways, it was college, who cared.

Hot water massaged my back as I conditioned my hair. I stood there, while steam floated around me and the water made me feel like a new person. As I stepped out of the shower and squeezed water out of my hair, I soon realized that I never put my towels in the bathroom; they were still in my closet. I shrugged. It was only me in my room, not a big problem. It wasn’t like I still lived with a roommate.

I instinctively covered my breasts with one arm, just in case someone could see me from my window or something, which was highly unlikely, but I was paranoid.

Cool air invaded my lower areas as I opened my door to my bathroom and stepped outside. I gasped, covering my nether region with my other arm.

My face felt very hot as Colt was fully clothed, with his arms crossed, leaning against my closet. His eyebrows were raised. His eyes quickly flicking across my naked body.

“What-” I had to catch my breath, “What are you doing here?” I was so embarrassed that I could cry.

“Your door was unlocked, I promise I knocked before I entered, by the way.” A smirk appeared on his face as I awkwardly stood there, it hit me quite immediately from the look on his face; he was enjoying this.

“Did you forget to take a towel with you?” I sucked in my lower lip in humiliation, with a nod. Wincing at the water droplets hitting the ground still.

I nodded to the closet door he was leaning against, “Can you get me one, please?” I was on the verge of tears. I was so struck with embarrassment, I didn’t want to talk. He had caught me at my most vulnerable moment. I knew he was not going to live this one down.

He opened the closet and pulled out a dark grey, fluffy towel. Colt brought it up to me, wrapping it around me, patting it against my wet skin. I could do it myself, obviously, but Colt had me in a bear hug at he patted me with the towel, drying me; there was no way out of his grip. Then he ruffled the towel over my hair, taking some of the moisture in my hair. I was vulnerable, weak from humiliation. My face was still hot and I couldn’t speak.

“Put a shirt on, babygirl.” Colt turned away from me and walked over to my closet. He was enjoying this, but I knew he didn’t want to cross unexplored territory like this. He gave me time to cover myself, well, somewhat, anyways. I quickly pulled on a bra and a light pink v-neck shirt.

I looked over my shoulder, thinking that the embarrassing moment was over, to find Colt staring at my bottom. He met my eyes with a humorous glance as he walked over to my dresser.

“May I?” His hands found my underwear drawer. I gave a slight nod, closing my eyes, trying to not think of what had just happened, what was still happening.

He had a crooked smile placed on his face when I opened my eyes as he found my cartoon themed undies. A fresh warmth spread across my face as he picked up my baby dinosaur cotton underwear. The dinosaurs had diapers on and looked to be smiling with play toys in their hands. They were light evergreen colored with a thick strip of dark green lining the underwear. I’m pretty sure I found them a year ago in the kids section of Walmart. I was surprised I had fit in them when I first got them.

He kneeled, holding them up for me to step in. My head was fuzzy as I instinctively steadied myself on his shoulder as I stepped into them. He pulled them up, his hands gliding over the elastic lining. Colt went back to my dresser, looking through my bottoms, deciding on light blue ripped loose jeans. He helped me into them, buttoning them with a smile. I could tell he liked deciding what I was going to wear, it gave him a new sense of control over me.

A gentle kiss fell on my forehead after I had all of my clothes on. I still couldn’t talk, I was still in shock of that that just did happen. It was technically my fault, I give it that, but it could have been worse. Colt was pretty good with rolling with spontaneous moments, especially the awkward ones I always threw. Mental note to myself: Stop doing stupid things around Colt.

I was knocked out of my thoughtful moment as I felt a pat on my bottom, “Let’ go get some lunch.” I nodded shyly, straying my eyes away from his gaze, and grabbed my satchel before we left.

The dining hall was quiet, as we came in at the beginning of lunchtime. I followed Colt in line as I picked up a PB & J sandwich and a small bowl of pasta salad as my side. I was, once again impressed by the food the cooks prepared here.

We sat down at the table we sat at yesterday. The table was bare, but I looked at the lines and saw some familiar faces that sat at our table.

Sarah nudged Colt before she sat down next to me, “Thanks for coming with me last night.” So that’s where he was.

He nodded with humor spreading across his face, “I never knew I’d meet so many lesbians in one sitting.”

Sarah laughed and looked at me, “I invited you too, but Colt told me that he didn’t want you to be traumatized.” She grinned.

I laughed, a bit confused, “Where did you guys go last night?”

He smiled at me, “Sarah’s friends house who was having a party an hour away from here.”

“I’m sorry I stole him from you last night, I had to make sure that this chick I met online wasn’t going to Catfish me or something. I get a bit nervous with this online dating stuff.”

I shrugged, “It’s fine. How’d it go?”

Sarah rolled her eyes, “Terribly. There was no chemistry nor barely anything to talk about. We were complete opposites, which usually works for me, but holy fuck, was she arrogant.” Her eyes studied me for a second after as I looked to Colt.

Sarah added on, “I wouldn’t have left if not for Colt, he basically made up some excuse that his cousin was in the hospital and we had to leave.” I laughed as I looked at Colt, “That girl really wanted me to stay. It was a huge turn off. She even suggested giving me a ride home later.” She made a shivering look.

I smiled, raising my eyebrows in question at Sarah, “Did they have cookies there at least?”

An amused look dawned on her face, “They did actually.” She looked to be suppressing a smile, her brown eyes melting. There was a flash of a look I saw cross her face. The same type of look someone would give a really adorable puppy. I was not an adorable puppy and she did not seem like a person who would ever give me that type of look. Maybe I was being stupid or something. I could have very well imagined it.

I shrugged, “You should have stayed to devour the cookies, and then have made the grand escape. You two are obviously not up to par on successfully leaving parties.” Sarah and Colt had about the same expression. Colt’s eyebrows went up with humor flashing in his eyes, Sarah laughed, “If you brought me, we would have had cookies at least.”

Colt rolled his eyes in response, "Oh, yeah, you and your baked goods. I seem to vaguely remember the last time you had sweets at a party, I had to drive you home stoned."Nostalgia hitting me like pressurized air. My heart ached a moment thinking about the past.

Sarah’s eyebrows shot up, “Did that really happen?” Her eyes met mine in surprise.

I laughed lightly, nodding, “Unfortunately.” I stuck my tongue out at Colt, “But that was three years ago.”

Elliot sat down and said to Colt, "You guys are still going to that party tonight, right? Your new friends are invited too. " Elliot glanced quickly at me with a friendly smile.

Colt looked to me and I shrugged, “Yeah, we’ll go.” I would swear to myself to not eat any of the brownies this time.

Sarah smiled, “Heck yeah. I was afraid my invitation was revoked from being the champion of beer pong.” Elliot and Sarah began arguing about who was the real champion of beer pong as we ate. It was actually quite entertaining as the whole table joined in, taking sides with Elliot or Sarah. They eventually settled on having a beer pong competition to find out who claims the throne.

Later that evening I was in my room with Colt. I went in my bathroom and began applying some makeup for the party. Colt leaned on the door frame to my bathroom, texting on his phone. He looked up, watching me apply mascara.

“You really don’t need makeup. It makes you look…” He cocked his head to the side thoughtfully, trying to find a careful phrase. I raised my eyebrows, curious to how he was going to end his sentence.

“Sexy.” He said as if ‘sexy’ were a bad word. It was as if it were poison coming out of his mouth. I would have felt complimented by his statement if he said it a different way.

I applied some salmon tinted lip gloss and leaned on my counter, “What, is ‘sexy’ a bad thing?” I blinked up to him with a bit of a razor edge to my voice. I was protective about wearing my makeup. I liked to wear it so it kind of strikes a chord if Colt doesn’t approve.

He nodded, “Yes, it is for you.” He inches closer to me as he adds, “Too many guys turn their heads to you. Men have terrible thoughts, and I don’t want those thoughts directed towards my babygirl.” His eyes look like they have a desire in them, one I hadn’t seen before. His body pressed into mine on the counter.

“Oh, and what makes you different than those men?” I asked breathlessly as his warmth was making me feel tingly. It made me feel a passion I didn’t know I had. It struck me I was not his babygirl anymore. I was a woman who could feel hot or sexy. This new Colt let me act my age and it was exhilarating.

“You’re mine, not theirs.” His lips brushed my jaw line. My breathing hitched for a moment.

He pulled away, taking my hand in his, “Sarah’s waiting, come on.” I frowned as I wanted more touches from Colt’s wandering hands and lips. I tried to ignore the tingly feeling that was still present.

“Hey you guys. I thought you two were going to stand me up for a second.” Sarah said with a gleam in her eyes.

We walked down the houses along the campus as the sky became darker. The street lights and lanterns in front of the houses illuminated our walk. You could tell which house we were headed to. The house had Christmas lights all around it and had the door wide open. Loud music boomed from the house and you could hear college kids screaming and having a good time already. As we entered the house the scent of alcohol and cigarette smoke polluted the air.

A group of, what looked like, frat guys yelled at Sarah, “Hey, look it’s Sarah!” They were already drunk as they had glazed over expressions.

Colt grabbed my arm and pulled me in the opposite direction of where Sarah was going. We walked to the backyard of the huge house. There was a pool with tiki torches lining the yard. It was almost everything I expected out of a college party and more.

“Hey, is Sarah here yet?” Elliot approached us with a red cup in his hand.

Colt nodded, “You may want to put that drink down, you’re going to need to bring you’re A-game to beat Sarah tonight.” He patted Elliot’s shoulder.

Elliot laughed and sipped his cup, “Kegs over there, help yourselves.” He pointed to the area in the corner of the yard where some teens were standing by.

We walked over to it and I was surprised when Colt gave me a cup full of beer. Once upon a time, he hated the idea of me ever drinking alcohol or doing anything considered bad. Now he was handing me alcohol. It was as if he transitioned from a ‘daddy’ to an actual boyfriend. I guess he had changed. I felt a tinge of sadness from losing the old Colt but also a feeling of excitement. It was as if there was so much more to know about him.

I drank it, scrunching my face, trying to hold back the urge to spit out the beer. I can’t believe that I once liked beer three years ago.

Colt cocked his head at me, “You don’t like beer?”

I shook my head, “I kind of got wasted a few months ago and I vomited out beer for a few hours the day after. Tasting it now reminds me of the vomit.” I tried to not smell the beer as I drank more.

He chuckled while one hand skimmed his hair, “You obviously aren’t a good partier.” His eyes flashed mischievously, reminding me once again of my past experiences with him.

I shook my head while pressing my lips together, “No, hence why you’re here.”

He flashed his lions smile at me, “Oh, is that so?” It dawned on me that he was flirting with me. Colt was always flirting with me, but not like this. It was as if he wasn’t sure I was his. It was as if he had more competition and he was trying to win me. He knew I was his ‘babygirl’, but maybe it wasn’t the same as being a girlfriend. It hit me like a brick that being someone’s girlfriend and being someone’s ‘babygirl’ were two drastically different things. They brought out two different Colts.

Colt’s eyes drifted behind me and then to my eyes again. He was looking at something, someone maybe. I looked over my shoulder as Cody approached me. Well, that might explain why Colt’s flirting mode was set on high.

Cody’s eyes were dilated and his face was a bit on the red side; he was obviously drunk, “Hey, Jasper.” He smiled, looking from me to Colt. His words were surprisingly steady for how intoxicated he looked.

He nodded to Colt, “Hey, bud.” No one who didn’t know Colt wouldn’t notice that his back tightened and his muscles in his arms showed more than usual in this particular moment and he became oddly silent. Colt nodded to Cody and looked away.

“Whatsup?” I asked, hoping Cody would leave soon. I was only okay with the drunk when I was drunk as well. Seeing someone drunk and me being sober was a bit scarier though.

“I just wanted to say hi.” Cody’s eyes traveled down my body as he added, “You look nice tonight.” He smiled at me. I blink, understanding what Colt said earlier about my makeup. Maybe it was influencing other people to say weird things to me.

“Thanks.” I nodded awkwardly, stuffing one hand in my back pocket.

“No problem, I’m going to go, I’ll see you around.” He smiled as he reversed to where he came from.

Colt was quietly drinking his beer, as if he weren’t there. I nudged him, “You know I don’t like him.” I said to him.

He took a long look at me, studying me, “You’re leading him on though.” He said dryly. Even though it was true, it still stung.

I opened my mouth in defense, “Well, I’m not going to ruin his night. I’ll tell him tomorrow or something.” I said as I looked away, crossing my arms.

We heard chanting inside the house. The beer pong game had begun. We walked into the pool room to find a table where Sarah was crushing Elliot’s future career as a beer pong master. Sarah was so good that she didn’t even need a teammate for beer pong. She landed in almost every single cup. The twist of the game is that each teammate had to take two shots for every game lost. They played four rounds and, as you can imagine, Elliot’s team was quite drunk by the end of the last game. Sarah barely drank anything.

“Alright, who’s the next victim?” Sarah says between the cheers of her win. She raises her eyebrows as her eyes fell on me. Heads turn in my direction.

“I have the coordination of a grandma. You may want to verse someone up to your speed, like him.” I nod to Colt.

“You’re not getting out of this one that easy.” Colt pushed me towards the other end of the table. Sarah’s friend Alex volunteered to play alongside me.

Sarah smirked at me, “You can go first.” She winked at me.

I picked up a ping pong ball. I had never played beer-pong before so my experience was nonexistent. The crowd that was around when Elliot was playing slowly dissipated so it ended up being just a few people talking near the ping pong game. I could tell Sarah was playing poorly on purpose to make me feel better. To be fair, I did clear a few cups but not enough to even come close to winning. After I lost the first game, I took two shots. I’m infamously known to be a lightweight when it comes to drinking. As you can imagine, two games later I was feeling pretty warm and woozy.

“Did you want to play again?” Sarah asked after I took my last two shots. Meanwhile, Alex took her last two and then left as she had friends asking her to go outside.

I began to nod my head as Colt cut in, “I don’t think she can take anymore shots tonight, Sarah.” He chuckled as he looked into my eyes. I smiled, feeling warm, fuzzy and intoxicated. The best combination.

“Yeah, I was going to say we can play the third one for fun but Jasper looks like she may need a nap soon.” Sarah said as if I were a small child that doesn’t know what she was saying. I noticed what she said but a nice buzzed feeling was making it’s way through me and I began entering a drunken state. I smiled in response to her comment as she gave a warm smile back to me. I noticed that my bladder was becoming full after the shots. For some reason, alcohol always glides right through me.

“I have to pee. Where’s the bathroom?” I asked, snapping out of my daze.

Sarah said, “I’ll take you to it, it’s kind of in a weird place here.”

“While you ladies are doing that, I’m going to get another drink.” Colt said as he began walking away.

I followed Sarah, noticing that I was feeling more and more dizzy as I moved. She took me through a few hallways of the house until we stumbled upon a bathroom. She was right, it was in a weird place. It was tucked behind a small corner at the end of the hallway. As I was walking, I stepped and fell a bit to the side but caught myself and stood straight. I felt lightheaded and fuzzy all of a sudden. My heart began racing and I had a silent panic attack. My palms got sweaty and my vision began to blur. I tried not to make a scene as we passed a few people. Also, I didn’t want Sarah to see that I was freaking out. I was trying to make a good impression on one of Colt’s closest friends and I didn’t want her to think that I couldn’t handle alcohol.

Sarah turned around with a concerned look, “Are you okay?”

I nodded, squinting, “Yeah, no-” I took a sharp breathe in, attempting to remain calm, “I’m totally fine.” I smiled weakly.

Sarah held the bathroom door open for me, “Are you sure? You don’t look so good.” Her eyes followed my every move carefully. I entered the bathroom and watched as she came in with me. This was new. I’ve never went pee with someone else in the room. My brain was still in panic and the effects of alcohol were just beginning to dehabilitate me so my care was just about gone.

“Yeah I’ll be fine.” I said as I crossed my legs, squeezing my bladder and hoping I wouldn’t pee myself.

“Is it okay if I stay in here while you go? I don’t trust your condition right now, and Colt will kill me if something happens to you on my watch.” I just nodded my head as she closed and locked the door, “I’ll look away.” She said as she faced the door.

I awkwardly began unbuttoning my pants, and pulling them down as I looked at the white tile on the ground. I sat on the toilet, feeling overwhelmingly tired. I closed my eyes for a moment. The next moment, Sarah was touching my face with cold water.

I opened my eyes, “That’s cold.” I looked down and I was still sitting on the toilet.

She gave a concerned smile, “You need to stay up so we can put your pants back on, okay?”

I was confused, “Did I fall asleep or something?”

“Well, I was looking away, and then two minutes later I checked on you and you were quietly sleeping.” She said as she got some toilet paper for me.

“That’s weird. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.” I said slowly. I blushed as Sarah handed me toilet paper and began helping me to stand up.

I stood up and Sarah pulled up my underwear, “Those are adorable.” She smiled and I looked down. I was still wearing the baby dinosaur underwear. My face began to feel really hot.

“I can do the rest.” I said as she began to reach for my jeans.

I pulled up my jeans and tried to change the subject. As I thought of what to change the subject to, I realized one question I kept asking Colt was never answered. I guess now would be the perfect moment to ask due to my situation.

As I washed my hands I asked timidly, “Uh, Sarah, can I ask you a question?”

She laughed from my shyness, “Yeah, of course.”

I turned to her, “So, what exactly did Colt tell you about us exactly?”

She paused for a moment as she carefully decided her words, “To be quite honest with you, he told me everything.”

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