The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

This is my first attempt at a TG fiction piece. Obviously not the target of this forum but I would love some feedback if anyone’s interested.

Day one

When their family was getting ready for their annual ski trip Chris’s mom had bought him a new pair of long underwear. When he tried them on he couldn’t help but notice how they clung to his legs. “Mom they make me look like I have chicken legs!” Chris had always had a small frame and had been teased for it in the past.

“It’s not as if anyone’s going to see your legs Chris. You’ll be wearing your ski pants. They’re just long johns.”

“But what about in the chalet?”

“Well I never expected you to wear them on their own, wear some sweatpants over them if you think you’ll need to take your ski pants off.”


“Go make sure your sister is packing”

On his way back to his room Chris knocked on his older sister’s door. “Yeah what?” His sister Kathryn opened the door and saw her brother. “Why are you wearing leggings?”

“They’re not leggings, they’re long johns for the trip. Anyway mom wanted me to make sure you were almost packed. Are you seriously bringing a suitcase that big?”

“Whatever you say, looks an awful lot like leggings to me and yeah I’m almost ready. I’ve gotta be ready for any eventuality there could be cute boys there I have to have lots of dresses and stuff for the evenings and dresses means shoes and lots of make up even a couple hair extensions in case I want to change things up, a couple swimsuits in case I get invited hot tubbing.”
As he went back to his room to finish packing Chris felt even more self-conscious. He finished packing making sure he had pants to wear skiing over his long underwear.

In a short time they had loaded the car and were off. They arrived in a few hours at the lodge they usually rented. The family all piled out of the car and into the lodge.

“You’ve got a few hours before the lifts close, why don’t you guys hit the slopes for while. Your mom and I will unpack the groceries.” Chris’ dad told the two kids.

Chris and Kate got ready. Chris making sure to put his track pants over his long johns before putting on his ski pants and boots.
Chris and Kate headed out to the slopes. For siblings they got along fairly well. Kate was 20 and went to college close to home. She was quite pretty and had been reasonably popular around school, a cheerleader and volleyball player. She knew her brother didn’t have a lot of friends so she was nice enough to him and even let him sit with her at lunch in school now and then when they had been in high school together. Chris was 18 and what a lot of people would call a nerd. He enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons with his few friends as well as being interested in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the like. He was part of the local swim team and was pretty good despite his small frame as his muscles were toned; he was actually shorter than his sister. (The swim team was in offseason now so his hair was longer than the brush cut he kept when he was swimming 6 days a week)

Their family had been taking this ski trip for as long as Chris could remember so they were both quite good. To warm up they went a few times down a couple of the easier runs. Eventually hitting a black diamond before heading into the chalet. They propped their skis up outside and headed inside pulling off the rest of their gear and hanging it up in lockers. They ordered hot chocolates before sitting down in the lounge. They had both worked up quite a sweat and were chugging water while they waited for their hot chocolate. “See anyone you know around?” Chris asked Kate.

“Can’t say I do, most of my friends are gone to the beach this year for spring break. Your track pants are all sweaty, you know you don’t have to be so worried about your long underwear, see all the guys around here are wearing Under Armor compression pants and stuff.”

Chris looked around and realized that the new trend seemed to be wearing these sorts of compression pants and almost everyone was wearing them. A lot of the girls were wearing spandex leggings and a lot of guys were too though some were wearing track pants like Chris. “Yeah I guess it’s not that big of a deal is it. It’s not that different from my swim team shorts, just longer.”

“Exactly, besides it looks like you sweat all the way through your track pants, maybe one layer too many don’t you think?”

“Yeah I guess.” They received their hot chocolates and drank them, chatting about the rest of the trip. There was a concert on the weekend featuring a band they both liked so they bought tickets before heading back to the lodge for dinner with their parents. They ate their supper, showered and headed to bed, as they were pretty tired.

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The first thing I will say is a simple mechanical fix. Space out your paragraphs. I know that Renko has said many times that modern versions of MS Word add “fake” new lines that don’t jive well with the forum so I won’t blame you blindly, but fix the spacing regardless. If the chapter were much longer than it is I wouldn’t have been able to muster up the mental fortitude to read it in its current wall-of-text form.

You seem to have a well-defined mental image of your characters as far as their behavior, appearances, and interests lie. However, you’re giving us way too much at once and doing it too directly. You want your characterization to evolve organically, rather than giving us info dumps. As much as I dislike it (simply due to its overuse), the phrase “Show, don’t tell” comes to mind here.

Moreover, the pace you’re going at right now is much too fast. In one “chapter” we’ve gone from packing for the trip to the end of the day. You’re racing through events without giving us time to digest them. If you spaced them out and expanded upon them, you would have ample opportunities to insert more narration and details about things that occur in between these points.

Your grammar and general writing technique seem to be fine according to my (admittedly very cursory) read-over, so focus on the above points. Hopefully my suggestions are enough to tide you over until one of our resident authors replies to this, as I’m sure they can do a much better job than I can.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

I completely agree. I like the basic set-up of the story and the two main characters seem likable enough as well, but you are really rushing. Shinra’s advice here is excellent. In addition, something perhaps small that bothered me (as a longtime high school teacher): At what point in the year do you find a time hen swim team has been 'out of season" long enough for a swimmer to grow his hair long and yet it’s somehow still winter? Where I live, high school swim has two seasons: Oct-Dec and Jan-Mar. So I’m confused…

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

The swim team bit being in offseason was kind of a throw away comment to explain why he had long hair but I guess people wouldn’t really pick up on it that much unless they’re reading well into the story. Having hair longer than a brush-cut is necessary for further along in the story I suppose he could just as easily have long hair and wear a cap, I know very little about swim teams to be perfectly honest.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

Most male swimmers choose to cut their hair pretty short for aerodynamics. :slight_smile: Maybe just have him run track and cross-country?

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

You could have simply said that he let it grow out. Don’t they have those caps and whatnot for swimming?
But you don’t need to explain that in full. For example, you could say he was on the swim team, and you could later have a quick mention that he tosses his hair back before donning a winter cap. People who know anything about swim teams will fill in the blanks, but people who don’t, will never miss a thing.

And ShinraS pretty much covers most of it.
Show, don’t tell.
Another example is that you could simply show his sister being nice, and him being appreciative of it. This will imply a reason for appreciating it, since he would probably take her kindness for granted, if he were in the same social status as she. As for pointing out that he’s a nerd, again, show. It’s not hard to spot a ‘nerd’ as they usually exhibit a certain type of behavior, or show certain interests. Hell, this applies to most everyone. If you take the time out to craft the characters actions according to who they are, it’ll show, and you won’t have to tell.

Day 2: Meeting Someone

I probably haven’t done much better a job of showing, not telling in this chapter, this is something I have struggled with since my high school english classes so I honestly don’t know how much improvement will happen 10 years later haha. Anyway, without further ado I give you chapter 2.

The next morning the family all got up and ate a big breakfast. Chris went to get ready for a full day of skiing, “Mom, my long johns are still damp from last night they got all sweaty. I can’t wear them today.”

“Just wear your sweatpants.”

“They make me, well, they make me sweat too much. That’s why my long johns are still damp.”

“I don’t know what to tell you son,” His dad said as Chris looked to him, on his way up to his room to look for something to wear he stopped by Kate’s room.
“Don’t wait for me Kate I have to put my long johns in the dryer.”

“I don’t wanna ski with mom and dad, don’t you have something else to wear? Can’t you just keep your pyjama pants on”

“No, I only had the one pair of long johns, and anything extra will make me crazy sweaty again.” Kate opened the bedroom door she was wearing neon green spandex leggings and a black long sleeved top, her brown hair in a braid down her neck.

“Our legs are close to the same length you haven’t got the same uh… shape as me but leggings don’t have any shape either so give these a try.” Kate handed Chris a pair of purple spandex leggings.

“You don’t have any other colours that are less girly?” Kate held up neon pink and an even brighter purple as well as bright blue and a pair of yellow. Chris took the blue ones only to realize they had pink stars and hearts dotted all over them.

“Sorry bro I guess not really.” Chris finally took the yellow ones and went to get dressed. The yellow leggings made him feel like he had even more chicken like legs. He got his ski pants boots and coat on and headed with the rest of the family to the slopes.

He had to admit he could move and ski a lot easier without another layer on his legs. Like last night he and Kate stuck together. They warmed their way up to the harder runs and were pretty hungry by the time they quit for lunch. They left their skis outside the lodge and headed indoors to get out of their gear. Chris went to the bathroom when they got inside. Kate was by a locker getting out of her coat when a tall handsome guy came up and started talking to her. He had long hair and a beard that was wet with snow. His name was Jordan and he was around Kate’s age. Kate asked him to ski with her after lunch but he had to decline her invitation because he couldn’t leave his brother by himself all afternoon. Jordan introduced his brother when he came to the locker, Jamie was 18 and tall not unlike his brother but a little skinnier, the other difference was Jamie was clean-shaven.
“You don’t have a girl friend or a sister perchance?” Jordan asked.
“No I’m just here with my brother.” Kate said.
“Well maybe if I can find someone Jamie can ski with I’ll catch up with you.” Jordan and Jamie headed off to get something to eat.

Chris came out of the rest room and got out of his ski gear. He bent over to get undo his ski boots and Kate couldn’t help but notice that Chris had more shape than she thought. He was happy to have gone with the leggings he didn’t feel out of place at all. They headed to the lounge and ordered lunch.

“So I met someone when you were in the bathroom.”

“Oh you mean like a guy?”

“Yeah, he’s super cute too. He’s right over there.” Kate pointed to Jordan across the lounge

“Feel free to ditch me, you were nice enough to stay with me this long.”

“Don’t worry he won’t ditch his brother for me, unless he’s got a girl to hang out with too.”

Chris brushed his hair off his forehead. “Oh, sorry about that then sis.” They ate their lunch and headed back to the slopes and skied again into evening. Kate caught occasional glimpses of Jordan and Jamie skiing and watched them longingly. Chris couldn’t help but notice that Kate seemed a little disinterested in skiing and was watching this guy Jordan she had talked about. The brother was a good skier too they were always racing, trading places with each other.

They headed back to their lodge and met their parents for dinner. While they were eating their parents told them that there was urgent business back home with the real estate company that required their attention. There was no reason Kate and Chris couldn’t stay alone the lodge was already paid for. They left a credit card with them for emergencies and left after supper.
Chris and Kate did the dishes and then washed up and got ready for bed. After showering Chris knocked on Kate’s door.

Chris was wearing his pyjama pants and an undershirt. Kate answered her door wearing an oversized t-shirt with her wet hair wrapped up in a towel. “So I was thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

“Your little predicament with that guy you met and the brother”

“Yeah what about it?”

“Well is there anything I could do to help?”

“Unless you think you can appeal to a macho teenage guy I doubt it.” Then a light bulb went off in Kate’s head. “Say I have an idea, it’s a bit extreme but I think it could work.” Chris gave Kate a bit of a concerned look.

“I was thinking more along the lines of just hanging out with the guy.”

“Yeah well you’d be hanging out with him, but I have a feeling he’d prefer to have a companion of the fairer sex.”

“Well how am I supposed to help with that?”

“It wouldn’t take too much.”

“Too much what?”

“Work to make you like a girl”

“Wait you want me to be a girl?”

“Sure, you’re small enough, we’re close to the same size. We just need to pick up a few things at the mall.”


“Well your ski gear isn’t exactly feminine. Plus we can just use mom and dad’s card.”

“I guess, I mean you’ve done a lot for me since I got to high school, I’d be in nerd hell without you.”

“Great we’ll start in the morning.” Chris was tired so even though he had a lot on his mind he fell to sleep quickly.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

I hope there is a good sale. Girls’ ski clothes (ANY ski clothes) are expensive!

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

Here’s the next chapter, again feedback is appreciated!
Day 3 Transformations and doubts
“Come on get up we need to go so we don’t waste the whole day.” Kate pulled the covers off of Chris. You’ll fit most of my clothes with no issue. Plus you’ll be in ski gear the whole time. “Here put these on,” Kate gave Chris a bundle of clothes.

He looked thru the clothes. “Uh I don’t need these do I?” He held up a pair of underwear and a sports bra.

“The bra definitely, I guess you can wear your own underwear if they won’t show too much. We’re going out in public you have to have some kind of bra. Plus a sports bra explains your flat chest.” Chris blushed and pulled the sports bra on over his head then the top Kate had given him. It was a long pink baseball style t-shirt that had princess written across the front of it and then the pink and blue leggings he had refused to wear yesterday. It was easy to see the lines of his boxer briefs underneath so he reluctantly stepped into the panties. He looked in the mirror in the closet.

“Uh I don’t think I look like much of a girl Kate.” He called down the hall.

“Come here.” She called to her brother. She looked him over when he came in the room. “You’re not doing so bad really, the swimming has given you a nice butt, that’s a good foundation and you’ve got great legs, the leggings only help that. Now, have a seat here.” Kate motioned to a chair by the desk in the room where she had her make up arranged. “Just close your eyes this will only take a few minutes.” First Kate clipped in the hair extensions and styled them. Making snips here and there to make them more natural looking. She’d picked up a few pointers from her aunt who was a hair stylist and you could hardly tell this wasn’t actually Chris’s hair. Then she applied the make up nothing aggressive but eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara were a must, plus a little bit of contouring of his jaw and cheeks. A few minutes later when she told Chris to open his eyes he barely recognized himself.

“Wow you really did the job didn’t you? I guess I can’t go by Chris now can I?”

“I guess you could. Now I already told Jordan I don’t have a sister so I guess my brother went home with my parents and let’s say you’re the daughter of mom and dad’s business partner. You can be Kristen or and still be Kris for short.”

“Right,” Chris nodded nervously.

“Let’s go, there’s a cab coming.” Kate gave Chris one of her sweaters and he pulled on his Blundstone boots, while Kate put on a pair of Uggs and her jacket. She gave Chris a small handbag to carry “You can put your phone and wallet in here.” The pair got into the cab and headed for a mall in the city not far away.

The first thing they did was use the credit card to draw out a good deal of cash. This was Chris’ suggestion as he wasn’t overly enthused about their parents knowing about the shopping they were about to do. Then they went to a sporting goods store. They got Chris a new ski jacket and new ski pants. The ladies mediums were the perfect size, he was typically a man’s small. The coat was what Kate called magenta, Chris just saw it as pink and the ski pants were turquoise. Chris’ current ski goggles helmet, and boots would work fine. “There’s a couple other things I need to grab, you can just browse around.” Kate disappeared and Chris kept looking around the sports store, at the skis and other gear for about a half an hour until Kate came back. “Here put these on.” She handed him a pair of Uggs that matched her own and put his boots into a shopping bag.

“What’s in the rest of the bags?”

“Just a few things for just in case scenarios. I don’t think we’ll need most of it to be honest but you never know. Take this now though.” She gave him a new case for his phone it was purple and sparkly. “The Star Wars case might give you away.”

“Right.” Chris blushed He changed the phone cases out and put the phone in the pocket of his new jacket. They took the shopping bags and got in a cab back to their lodge. He left his own phone case on the dresser and they got ready.

“I texted Jordan they’re going to meet us in the lounge after lunch.” Chris was wearing a pink tuque and the hair extensions were framing his face nicely. “Here let’s wipe some of the eye make up off you won’t need so much with the ski goggles on. No girl wears that much makeup skiing. Plus I think the clothes and hair will do most of the job anyway. Oh and these.” She gave him a pair of her own gloves that matched his new ski pants along with a neck wrap which Chris pulled over his head carefully so as not to disturb the hair extensions. “With your face half covered he won’t ever be able to tell.” They got ready and headed out to the lounge carrying their ski gear wearing their Uggs rather than their ski boots. When they got to the lounge Kate waved Jordan over. “This is my friend Kristen, she’s my parents’ partner’s daughter.”

“Where is your brother I thought you were here with him too?” Jordan asked.

“He went home with my parents, they were called away for work so me and Kris here have the lodge to ourselves.”

“So it’s just the four of us then.” Jamie the younger brother said as he shook Kristen’s hand. Kris gave Kate a hard look getting pretty nervous.

“Now don’t go easy on us on the slopes we’re good skiers for girls, we’ve been at this as long as we remember,” Kate said and they headed for the locker room and got all of their gear on. They made their way to the lift of a medium difficulty hill and paired off, Jordan and Kate and Jamie and Kris.

They kept up with the boys ably as they made their way down the first hill of the afternoon. “Wow you guys are fast” Kris said when they got to the bottom. “You girls can keep up pretty good though.”

“Thanks,” Kate and Kris said in unison, Kris doing his best to put on a girls’ voice.

“You guys could almost be sisters” Jordan said. The two girls laughed nervously.

“I’ve known her since she was in diapers, her and my brother were actually born within a week of each other. They even had birthday parties together for a few years.” Kris just laughed nervously.

“Should we go for another run?” Jordan asked.

“Of course.” Kris said improving on his female impersonation. They lined up at another the lift in pairs again.

“You know I thought this was going to be a really boring week with my brother,” Jamie said to Kris on the lift. “I never thought I’d get to ski with a cute girl like you.” Kris blushed.

“You’re just saying that. I bet you’ve got all kinds of girls back home.”

“Nah not really, I’m actually kind of a nerd if I’m honest. I spend most of my time playing video games and watching sci-fi movies and TV.”
Kris was taken by surprise and a little pleased they had at least something in common. “Oh really? You seem so athletic.”

“Skiing is the only thing I’m really good at.”

“Well you’re very good at that.”

“Thanks you’re not half bad yourself. How ‘bout a bet?”

“What kinda bet?”

“Last to the bottom of the hill buys dinner?” Kris blushed realizing he was being asked out.

“Sure.” When they got off the lift Jamie counted down and they were off. The race was a little touch and go. As they neared the bottom Kris could tell Jamie was holding up. So he got down low and blew past him. “Looks like dinner’s on you.” Kris greeted Jamie at the bottom of the hill with a snow plough. In similar fashion Jordan had just let Kate win a race in an obviously planned move by the boys.

The foursome joined back up, “So it’s a double date then?” Kate asked having learned what had happened. Kristen blushed.

“I guess so.”

“You boys had better let us go and get ready then.” The girls got their stuff from the locker room at the chalet and headed back to the lodge.

“What the heck have I done? I can’t go on a date with a guy, I mean I am a guy!”

“I guess you were just too charming.” She winked at him. “Go get in the shower I’ll help you get ready,” She reached into the bathroom holding a razor. “Legs, armpits, all the rest just like swimming bub.” This was the eventuality that Kate had been shopping for just in case. She took the items out of a bag. A wig styled like Kris’ hair had been with the extensions. This was jut more likely to stay on properly, especially when it was glued down. Then there were the breast forms. Kate had gotten a fairly high end set though not too big, a modest B cup. They would be glued on and finally a prosthetic that would flatten Chris’ crotch simulating that of a woman. “Dry off when you’re done and come in. Put this on first.” She passed him the midsection piece. Chris blushed deep red.

“What on earth?”

“There was a shop for transgender folks at that mall, apparently it’s the only one of its kind in the country and they send stuff all over the world from online. I wasn’t expecting to get all of this but better safe than sorry right?”

“Safe from what?”

“Advances of course”

Chris blushed again, “Advances?”

“Romantic advances. This young fella could get a little fresh, we don’t want to blow the fun when we’ve got so much time left here.” Chris shimmied into the latex underwear, positioning himself so he’d be able to pee properly. Once it was on you could hardly see the seams the skin tones matched so well. These are next. I’ll help you out with this. Kate applied the glue to Chris’ chest as well as the breast forms and applied them to his chest the last thing was the wig which went on easily enough and was glued down. All of the appliances had the company’s patented invisible seam and now Chris had every appearance of a naked girl.

“Wow this stuff works way better than I ever could have hoped. “Here These will fit perfect.” Kate handed Kris a lingerie set in baby blue lace.

“What no thong?” Chris asked sarcastically holding up the panties.

“I’d never put you through that torture. I don’t even wear those things” Chris stepped into them and pulled them on. He fiddled with the bra a while failing to get it on. “Here let me help you with that.” Kate put the bra on and hooked it in the back. “Damn I’ve almost done too well. You’re gonna look better than me. You even have a thigh gap. I laid an outfit on your bed I’m gonna go shower.”

Kate showered, put on her robe and wrapped her hair up in a towel. and went to Kris’ room to check on her. She couldn’t help but laugh at the site of what was now her young friend Kristen rolling on the floor fighting with a pair of tights. “Need a hand?” Kris nodded. Kate took the tights and rolled them down to the feet. Pulling them up over Kris’ feet to his knees. “This is the easiest way to get these on. You can get them up the rest of the way I think.” Kris pulled the tights up the rest of the way settling them at her waist “And now the dress, think you can handle that while I get dressed?”

“Yeah I should be able to manage, thanks.” Kate disappeared to her room and got dressed. Kris stepped into the dress, a navy blue number that came to her knee once it was on then reached for the zipper. She couldn’t reach it. So she went down the hall to Kate’s room. She walked in without knocking. She blushed deep red when she realized Kate was still only in her underwear doing her makeup. “Oh gosh I should have knocked.”

“Don’t worry, we’re both girls here.” Kris blushed even more before turning around to show Kate the zipper. “I figured as much.” Kate did up the zipper. “wow you look good, I never thought it’d go this well.” Kate said slipping into her own dress, a black one identical to Kris’. “My turn,” Kate held up her hair and showed her back to Kris who then did up her zipper.

“Damn we do look like sisters. I think this calls for a selfie!” Kris blushed once again but posed for the photo anyway.

“This never gets out right?”

“Of course not hun. Come on the boys will be here soon. Here put these on.” Kate gave Kris a pair of flats. “We’ll stay away from the heels for now.”

“Good idea. Wait, for now?” Kate smiled. Stepping into a pair of heels. Then she helped Kris into a green wool coat and got another one in red.

“Now here’s your purse it has the makeup you’ll need in it for touch ups as well as a couple other things all ladies keep in a purse. Kris took a look inside blushing when she saw feminine products, just as she closed the purse a car horn honked outside the house. “That’ll be them, should we go out or wait for them to come to the door?” Kris asked.

“On a first date, we can go out.” The two ladies emerged from the house, locking the door behind them and went to the car. Jordan was driving and Jamie in the back, so they each got in alongside their guy.

The guys were well dressed as well and Jamie greeted Kristen with a kiss on the cheek. They drove into town and stopped at a steak house not far from the mall they had visited earlier that day. The boys each pulled out chairs for the ladies and they sat down. They shared an appetizer and ordered drinks, just soda as none of them were old enough for alcohol. Then they each ordered steaks. Kris surprised the boys by ordering a medium rare 16 oz prime rib and then eating the whole thing along with a baked potato and a salad.

“You gonna have room for dessert?”

“Of course, skiing works up a big appetite,” Kris blushed.

Jamie looked jokingly into his wallet. “I love a girl with a good appetite.” Kris smiled coyly.

“So what do you do for fun?” Jamie asked.

“Well I play video games and watch movies and stuff. I’m kind of an introvert.”

“So what’s your favourite movie?”

“Oh there are so many. I guess my favourite recent one is probably one of the newer Star Wars movies. I just love the strong female leads. But I like all the Star Wars movies.”

“I like all the Star Wars movies too.” The more they talked the more interesting Jamie seemed. Had he not been dressed as a girl Chris felt like he and Jamie could have gotten on famously and been really good friends.

“I need to powder my nose,” Kate said Kris was so deep in conversation she hardly noticed that Kate had stood up. “Come with me Kris? Earth to Kris?” Kris came to attention.

“Oh yeah sure.” Kris got up.

“Don’t forget your purse.” The ladies went to the restroom

“You know in another life me and Jamie would probably have been friends. Kris almost went into the mens room before Kate took her hand and pulled her into the ladies’. “There’s no reason you can’t be friends now.”

“Yeah I guess, I dunno it all just feels so dishonest.”

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him will it? As far as he knows you’re just a pretty girl.” Kris started to do a bit of a dance. “Gotta go?” Kris nodded nervously. “It’s no big deal just pull up the dress and pull down the tights and panties. As long as you put the thing on right you shouldn’t have any trouble. Oh and don’t forget to use a seat cover.” Kris did as she was told and didn’t have any issues though she struggled with the paper seat cover nearly wetting herself trying to get it to sit properly. “Don’t forget to wipe.” Kris blushed as she did so, flushed and adjusted everything, straightening her dress as she left the stall. Kate was at the mirror applying new lipstick. Kris followed suit also adding some blush to her cheeks.

“How’s that?” She asked Kate.

“Not too bad, you’re a natural hun.”

“Now it’s a first date so I don’t anticipate anything happening but you have no reason to be uneasy if he makes a move, you look perfect.”

“Thanks Kate,” with that they left the restroom and headed back to the table. The boys had taken the liberty of ordering apple pie and ice cream for everyone.

“Apple pie a la mode with ice cream anyone?” Jamie asked.
The girls laughed knowing ‘a la mode’ meant that the pie comes with ice cream.
They continued their conversations as they ate their dessert. Kris was very much enjoying Jamie’s company and was a little disappointed as they got in the car. The guys opened the car doors for the girls and helped them in. When they got back to the lodge the boys walked them to the door. “I had a great time” Jamie said “You’re not like any of the other girls I’ve been out with before.” This made Kris blush.

“I’ve never been out with a guy like you either.” Kris said.

“Say there’s this concert Friday night down at the chalet, would you wanna go?”

“Kate and I already have tickets but we could definitely go together.”
Sure the four of us again?” Kris turned to Kate who was kissing Jordan rather deeply. She blushed again and turned back to Jamie a question in her eyes. Jamie answered with a kiss of his own. Kris was taken by surprise at first but realized she was enjoying it and started to kiss back. After kissing a while the two pairs split apart. “We’ll see you tomorrow on the slopes?” Kate asked the boys.

“Of course,” The boys replied and the girls headed inside.

Kris kicked off her shoes sat on the couch in the living room a bewildered look on her face. “What’s wrong Kris?” Kate asked. “We just had a nice evening with two perfect gentlemen.”

“Yeah they were great it’s just I’ve never felt this way before about another person and everything about it has been a complete lie.” There were tears in Kris’s eyes now and her makeup started to run.

“I’m not gonna lie I can see you have feelings for this guy. Have you ever had feelings for a guy before?”

“You mean am I gay? I’ve never thought so.”

“Maybe Kristen has always been inside you, you know?”

“You mean I’m actually transgender?”

“Well you’ve taken to all this pretty naturally.”

“I guess it’s possible but I’ve never felt like it before.”

“Well I didn’t tell you this earlier, because I wasn’t sure how you’d feel, but the glue all of your stuff is applied with won’t come off for 24 hours. So maybe ride it out until tomorrow afternoon and see how you feel?”

Kris was upset with Kate at first and it came out on her face, but decided she could go with it especially for 24 hours. “Uh ok I guess that will work, but what about Jamie?”

“Well if you keep it up through tomorrow and you figure out the whole transgender thing that’s all you have to tell him. If he doesn’t appreciate that, you’ve figured out a big piece of your life and can be free to pursue other romances.”

Kris blushed even more at all of these thoughts, she yawned. “I guess I should head to bed, unzip me?” Kris held her hair away from the zipper of the dress and Kate undid the zipper. Kate in turn showed Kris her back and held up her hair.

“Come to my room I can get you some PJs.” The both stepped out of their dresses and carried them to the room in their tights. “Hang it up” Kate motioned to the closet and Kris did as she was told. “You can make up your mind but I usually don’t sleep in a bra.”

“You know I’ve hardly noticed them, the breasts I mean, they feel natural.” Kate winked at her, Kris was fiddling with the strap trying to get the bra undone.

“ They’re not too big I figured you’d start off small. We’ll work on that, practice makes perfect.” Kate said unhooking the bra. “Here take this.” Kate gave Kris an oversized t-shirt. she pulled it on then took off her tights.

“ I don’t think I’d like it any bigger. That glue really is good huh? My hair hardly moved at all.”

“The lady at the shop said it was the best for this stuff.”

“With the boobs and a shapeless night shirt you pass almost perfectly, a few curves and you’d be set. I know this one transgender girl at the grocery store where I work she started the medication and she went from stick to curvy in like six months. Oh and don’t forget to wash your face, make up can be murder for the pores overnight.” Kate was rather scatterbrained at this point. Kris laughed as she headed to her room stopping at the bathroom to wash her face on the way. Looking in the mirror Kris could see what Kate meant and she realized that for a guy she made a pretty cute girl, she could see what Jamie saw in her. She got in bed and was fast asleep in very short order. She dreamt of skiing with Jamie and about what might happen in the lounge if they were doing a little after ski romancing.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

Ah, would that miracle prosthetics such as these truly existed…

Of course, IRL trans women are stuck with tucking and breast forms mostly held in place by bras…and a boutique TG store in a small mall in a ski village? I want to live in this world.

Nicely done chapter, though.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

[QUOTE=kerry;69785]Ah, would that miracle prosthetics such as these truly existed…

Of course, IRL trans women are stuck with tucking and breast forms mostly held in place by bras…and a boutique TG store in a small mall in a ski village? I want to live in this world.[/QUOTE]

Well two minor things wrong with that statement. There are breast forms that use glue and don’t require a bra to keep them in place (although generally a good idea anyway), and there are in fact gaffs that will hide the bulge. :slight_smile:

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

True, but neither of these things will make one look like a naked girl (when wearing them and standing naked). :slight_smile:

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

Here’s chapter 4 I had some writer’s block but it seems to have passed and the next part should be up in a week or so. I love feed back so please give it!

Day 4 a little more permanent?
Day 4
In the morning when Kris woke up and realized she’d had a wet dream and there was a wet patch in her panties. Embarrassed she headed right for the shower making sure to clean the prosthetic thoroughly. She wrapped herself in a towel and knocked on Kate’s door. “What?” Kate was obviously not very awake yet.

“I uh need some clothes to wear”

“Come in then.” Kris walked in and Kate was now sitting up in bed. “How’d you sleep?”

“Oh just fine I guess.”

“Something wrong?” Kris was drying off now.

“I uh… I had a dream last night.”

“Oh? What kinda dream?” Kate said now interested and much more awake.

“Well I think you can guess, it was about Jamie. I dreamt what might happen some time in the ski lounge uh… after skiing.” Kris was rummaging through
Kate’s dresser drawers.

“Oh really?”

“I might have uh, soiled those panties. I’m sorry.”

“Oh don’t worry they’re yours.” Kris blushed. “Now in this dream you were Kris with a K and not a C right?” Kate had gotten out of bed and started opening dresser drawers. She handed Kris a sports bra and a pair of fairly plain bright pink panties. Kate pulled both on.

“Yeah, I was all girl as far as I remember.” Kate handed Kris a pair of leggings.

“Just like I thought. Come on let’s go eat breakfast we’re meeting the boys at the chalet soon.” Lastly Kate gave Kris a t-shirt and a hairbrush. “You ought to brush your hair.”

“Thanks.” Kris headed to the kitchen brushing her hair on the way, and poured a bowl of cereal while Kate showered and dressed. When Kate came into the kitchen she started brushing her hair and made some toast. Kris went to brush her teeth and put on a sweater. “This isn’t too masculine is it?”

“No issues there, your figure changes everything anyway.” They finished getting ready and headed for the chalet where they met the boys. They were greeted with a hug and a kiss as they clicked into their skis and headed for the lifts.

“Sleep well last night?” Jamie asked Kris.

“Wonderfully.” Kris smiled. They chased each other around the slopes all morning before heading into the chalet for lunch. They ate soup and sipped hot chocolate. Again, Kate was impressed how Chris was taking to her new role as Kristen.

“Say we were thinking later this afternoon of going to the hot springs not far from here. Would you ladies like to come with us?” Kris looked at Kate a little unsure. Kate nodded.

“I don’t have a bathing suit though,” Kris said.

“We can make a quick run to the mall before we go,” Kate said, “We’ll find you something.”

“Maybe we should go now then?”

“Probably be best, yeah. Pick us up at 3:30 boys?” The girls left them with a kiss each and left the boys in the chalet.

“How am I gonna pull off a bathing suit?” Kris said when they were back at their lodge.

“Don’t worry we’ll make it work. Those prosthetics are pretty good. Go grab a shower and we’ll head to the mall.” They both showered quickly and got in a cab to the mall. “We need to go to the transgender shop. We’ll need to get the solvent for that glue then reapply everything. Otherwise it could all fall off mid swim.” The store was private and indistinct looking with a frosted glass door. They went in and were greeted by the lady working the counter.

“You were here yesterday weren’t you?”

“Yeah I was.”

“Is this the young lady you were shopping for?” Kris blushed deep red, nodding it was the first time someone had ever referred to her as a lady. “Well I must say our products seem to be working wonderfully.”

“Thanks,” Kris looked around at all of the products a variety of chest appliances and similar prosthetics to what she was wearing as well as wigs and other appliances that would be used for Female to Male transgender folks.

“Well you had nearly the best stuff on the market. Your friend here is very generous to buy it for you. What brings you back again so soon?”

“We need some solvent for the glue,” Kate added.

“Oh coming off in less than 24 hours?”

“Well at the 24 hour mark we’ll be busy and we can’t have anything coming loose.”

“Oh I see, that makes sense,” the lady handed Kate the solvent. Kris was distracted while Kate chatted to the shopkeeper. She was looking at a set of prosthetics labeled “the most realistic in look and feel with electrical impulses.”

“Ah I see you’ve noticed our top of the line set. These ones will make you feel like they’re actually part of your body, you’d feel every touch and the seams are perfectly invisible. They’re made out of our revolutionary, patented synthetic skin, it has nerves, and even hair follicles. The midsection piece is very anatomically correct it would take a medical exam to notice the difference. Both the chest and midsection pieces are lined with this super conductive material that connects to your nervous system.” She motioned to a picture on the box. Kris’ eyes lit up but they fell again when she saw the price.

“We can’t afford these. Not on top of what we’ve got already.”

“I might be able to see my way to an exchange plus the difference. The lower end ones can be turned back into liquid silicone and remade. How does that sound?”

“That’d be wonderful,” Kris said. “Picking up a box, with B cup breasts and a hairless midsection prosthetic.

“Right this way then,” The shopkeeper motioned Kris into a changing room.

“Apply this to the seams and the glue will release easily.” She handed a bottle of solvent to Kris along with a bottle of glue.

Kris undressed and applied the solvent she took the new pieces out of the box and looked at them. She could see the small wire filaments all over. She was still looking at the new pieces when the breast forms dropped to the floor. She couldn’t help but laugh. She picked up the old breast forms and laid them on the bench and then wriggled her way out of the lower half prosthetic. She looked at Chris’ body in the mirror with Kris’ face. She cringed, feeling completely out of place. She felt pretty settled after nearly 24 hours Chris wouldn’t be around much any more. The young man’s body felt so strange to look at. She wasted little time in applying the glue to the prosthetics and applying the breast forms to her chest. Once they were applied she felt a prickling sensation as the hundreds of electrical filaments attached to her chest they tightened the appliances, and the seams all but completely vanished. She then shimmied her way into the tight bottom piece, adjusting her male bits to fit properly. “Ow,” she cried out as the filaments did the same to her crotch, waist and behind which were obviously more sensitive than her chest. The piece didn’t change her shape much but it did round out her hips and bottom, completely covering everything up to her belly button seamlessly. She struggled momentarily but eventually got her bra hooked up. As she was redressing she realized she was feeling the fabric of her panties and bra like she hadn’t before and it sent shivers up her spine. She looked in the mirror and felt more like a girl than she had the past day and a half. She felt the fabric of her clothes all the more as she dressed and stepped back into her Uggs. She picked up the old prosthetics and carried them out with her.

“Give the lady her money Kate, this is insane.” She laid the old pieces on the counter

“Glad to be of service.” The shopkeeper said as Kate handed her the cash difference between the two sets.

“So are there any stores selling bathing suits this time of year?” Kris asked.

“The sporting goods store should have that stuff around for the spring breakers,” the shopkeeper said.

“Great.” The pair of young ladies made their way through the mall to the sports store. As they walked through the mall Kris could feel the eyes of several young men looking her up and down and while she felt a little grossed out it also gave her a giddy feeling inside too and she subconsciously bit her lip. “Bathing suits?” Kate asked one of the employees they were guided to a section of the store that had a variety of bathing suits. “Let’s see looks like this new prosthetic has you at a medium hip size and your bust is a 32 B. This one is cute.” Kate took a black and white polka dotted bikini off the hook. It had a halter top and ties on the sides. “I’ll give you hand.“ Kate ushered Kris into a dressing room and followed closely behind. A sign notified customers that underwear should be kept on when trying bathing suits.

“Oh that makes sense.” Kris said when she saw the sign, never having been in a ladies changing room.

“Yeah, strip girl,” Kris undressed to her underwear, “wow, you really can’t tell it’s fake that’s insane. I can even see your nipples.” Kris blushed while Kate adjusted the knots on either side of the bottoms and handed them to Kris. She stepped into them and pulled them up. “You’ll have to learn to work behind your back if you hold onto this one. “I’ll give you a hand this time.” She tied the back and gave it to Kris. She pulled it on over her head and settled the band under the cups of her bra. “Now just tie it around your neck.” Kris did as she was told and tied it up.

“I like it, it’s cute” Kris said.

“Definitely one option. Take that off I’ll go get one or two more.” She disappeared and came back a few minutes later with one more option. It was a mix and match duo. She’d picked a simple pink bra style top and high-waisted bottoms in a dark turquoise colour. “This will kind of fill out your hips a bit, plus colours are fun.” Kris needed little help with this number and pulled it on over her underwear.

“This one’s cute too.”

“Perfect, we’ll get both. Get dressed, and we’ll head back to the lodge we have an hour or so before the boys picks us up.” Kris took the bathing suit off and gave it to Kate who took both suits and went to pay while Kris dressed. She was getting excited to see Jamie again for the evening.

She met Kate at the door and they hailed a cab to take them back to the lodge.
They went in and got ready to go. “Here,” Kate gave Kris the shopping bag.

“There’s a couple other things in there I picked up, don’t forget to grab a towel. You have a backpack, right?”

“Yeah it’ll work,” She looked at Kate with a question in her eyes wondering what else could be in the bag. “Which suit should I wear?”

“You make up your own mind about that. I think Jamie will like either one.”

“Gee, thanks for the help.” Kris retreated to her room looking in the bag. Kate had also bought several pairs of plain cotton panties and a couple simple bras along with a couple sports bras while Kris was applying the new prosthetics. She took a plain white pair of panties and white bra and put them in her backpack. Then she emptied the shopping bag. Looking at the bathing suits she opted to go with the high-waisted pink and turquoise number. She went to put the other things away and opened a drawer in the dresser. She had nearly completely forgotten it was full of guy’s boxer briefs and was taken aback a moment. She took these out of the drawer and put them back in her suitcase. She placed the bras and panties in the drawer. There were black, tan and pink bras, as well panties in the same colours with a few other patterns thrown in as well.

She undressed, and couldn’t help but look her body over in the mirror feeling very excited. She held onto her breasts and she got goose bumps all over her body. It was a sensation that she’d never felt before. “They’ll be here in 15 minutes.” Kate called from down the hall. This snapped Kris back to reality and she finished undressing and pulled on her bathing suit the bottoms coming just to her belly button. Then some more androgynous looking sweat pants. Then she pulled on a t-shirt. She put a towel in her bag and went to meet Kate in the hall who was now wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, a bag over her shoulder.
“So what’d you go with?” Kris lifted her top to show Kate the high waisted bottoms. “Cute, it fits ok? Jamie will go crazy, without a doubt.” Kris blushed.

“I don’t know how it’s supposed to fit, you can see later. What about you, what’s your suit like?” Kris asked.

“Well every girl has her itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikini” She winked. A horn honked outside and the young ladies emerged from the house wearing their ski jackets. Jamie was driving this time so Kris got in the front seat and greeted him with a peck on the cheek; Kate got in the back and did the same to Jordan. “All ready to go?” Jamie asked before pulling away from the house. “Let’s go.” Kris said taking his hand while he steered with the other hand the whole way to the hot springs. They parted ways when they got there to go to the change rooms.

When they were undressing Kate put her hair up in a ponytail. “Think you could help me with that?” Kris was undressed and had put her clothes in her bag then into the locker they were going to share.

“Sure, no problem. Oh and it looks like the fit is perfect.” Kris sat on a bench and Kate stood behind her with the hair brush and started to brush Kris’ hair into ponytail. “Uh oh, I think we forgot something earlier.”


“Well you changed out the other appliances so the glue was taken off, you didn’t change the glue on the wig. It’s coming off, there’s no way it’ll stay on in the water.”

“Seriously? How could I forget that?” Kris bent forward shook the wig out and scratched at the hairline before pulling the whole wig off revealing her significantly shorter natural hair. “What am I gonna tell Jamie?”

“We could say you got your period and can’t swim?”

“Ew gross.”

“It would work, guys hate talking about that stuff.”

“No kidding but seriously ew, no. Maybe this is when I have to tell him?”

“That’s up to you, if you really think you’re going to stay this way. If he’s interested enough I don’t think it will matter. But I don’t want to see you get heartbroken. It’s only been a couple days, are you sure this is what you want?”

“Honestly I don’t see any way around it. I realized in that change room that Chris’s body looks so foreign to me. This stuff, being a girl I mean, has made me freer than ever before. I’m pretty sure Jamie is just a small part of that and honestly won’t take a lot to get over if he doesn’t get it. Plus, I honestly don’t know if there’s any other way to explain having a guy’s haircut hidden under a wig. Kate, they’ve probably been freezing their butts off out there waiting for us. I’ll wait right just by the door you go out and send Jamie my way? It’d be cool if you explained it to Jordan while I talk to Jaime.”

“Yeah, sure I guess I can do that. Good luck.” Kate hugged Kris and went out to meet the boys. Kris looked at herself in a full length mirror. She liked what she saw, sure the short hair wasn’t ideal but she didn’t think it looked too bad just not nearly as pretty as the long hair of the wig. With her shape there was no way she’d be mistaken for male by a stranger. Lots of girls wear short hair these days, she thought to herself as she headed toward the exit to the pools. She stood in the doorway waiting for Jamie to show up. She started to shiver to her shock her nipples became erect and goose bumps developed on the false skin.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie asked rushing up to her kissing her before noticing anything.

“Nothing’s really wrong, I guess.”

“What happened to your hair?”

“Jamie I need to tell you something, it’s quite important.”

“Did someone attack you with a razor or something?”

“No, no, not at all. This is actually my real hair. I’ve been wearing hair pieces the last few days.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Jamie, I’m transgender. I was born a guy, in fact I was very much a guy full time until just the day before yesterday.”

“But you have…”

“Breasts? Yeah, they’re prosthetics.”

“But your figure…”

“I’m a skinny guy with a bit of a girly figure I guess, I uh have another prosthetic for my lower half as well. They’re really good and they didn’t come cheap. I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

“You didn’t deceive me. It’s all a bit to take in but I don’t really feel lied to.”


“Well if this is honestly the way you are, you feel like you’re a girl that has a guy’s body then you didn’t lie to me you just made yourself look how you feel and I can fully respect that.”

“Really? You’re not mad?

“Of course not.” Jamie put an arm around Kris’ waist. “Now I’m freezing my ass of let’s get in the water.” He gave her a light kiss on the lips as they made there way over to where Jordan and Kate were and eased their way into one of the steamy pools alongside them.

“Everything good?” Kate asked. Kris and Jamie kissed in response.

“Oh, one other thing, Kate is my sister not a family friend.”

“That explains a lot,” the two brothers said to each other.

“So what’s the plan now?” Jordan asked Kris.

“Enjoy the rest of this trip all the while dreading the fact that when I get home I have to tell my parents about all this, hopefully and get on the road to making all of this permanent.”

“I still can’t believe it’s all fake.”

“Well it’s not all fake,” Kate said winking, “boy Chris didn’t have the most manly of figures.” With that comment Kristen sent a huge splash Kate’s way and quite the splash fight erupted. The splash fight soon evolved into an attempt at chicken fights with each girl sitting on her guy’s shoulders, this, however, didn’t last long as outside the water was absolutely freezing and both girls promptly called a draw. When the early spring sun started to set both couples kissed gently and romantically as the sun dipped below the mountains in the distance. The darkness made it quite cold so they parted ways to the changing rooms.

The girls giggled as they made their way, shivering, to the change room. They stepped quickly into a sauna by the door and sat on one of the wooden benches.
“I can’t believe he was so chill about it all.” Kris said still in disbelief. It just means he has an open mind and good taste in women, you guys do have a lot in common. Plus they’re both dreamy. Jordan said he wants to be a doctor you know?”

“So, cute and smart? That’s all I ever thought I wanted in a girl, just in a boy.” Kate poked her in the ribs and Kris jumped with a laugh. “Wow, this stuff even let’s the sweat out,” she said wiping the sweat off her stomach. “We should shower and get dressed they’re probably waiting for us” The ladies showered and then went to dress.

“Well aren’t you miss goodie goodie all dressed in white?” Kate said as Kris was dressing and once again struggled to hook up her bra behind her back.

“I just thought it was cute. Besides, I am a virgin you know. Plus I doubt anyone will be seeing anything any time soon.”

“You don’t know that, he could put the moves on you any time.”

“I doubt the sweats will do much for him.”

“We need to get you some of these,” Kate said pulling up her yoga pants over her ample bottom, “those are too loose.”

“Whatever,” Kris pulled her top on then adjusted the wig back on her head looking in the mirror, “that’s better.” The two ladies headed out to the lobby to meet the boys.

“Should we go get something to eat?” Jordan asked.

“we’re not dressed to go anywhere,” Kris said.

“No place fancy, I was thinking like pizza or burgers or something like that.”

“Sounds good to me,” Kate chimed in. They all went out and piled into the car,

“So where are we gonna go?”

“I’m dying for pizza,” Kris said.

“Pizza it is,” Jamie drove towards the pizza place he knew of in town. They got out and went in. “So what do we want? I’m partial to pepperoni and bacon myself.”

“Works for me,” Kris said. Kate and Jordan both nodded in agreement. Jamie, ordered and paid and the group went to sit down. When they got their pizza they wolfed it down fairly quickly.

“You won’t keep that girlish figure for very long if you keep eating like that,” Kate said winking at Kris.

“So sue me I still have a boy’s appetite.”

“Hormones will change things like that,” Jamie said. “We talked about the whole transition process in my AP biology class a few months ago. Your whole body kind of restructures itself, muscles change and fat moves, that’s how you get hips and all that stuff.”

“It all sounds so complicated.” Kris said taking a sip of her soda.

“You’ll have to see a psychiatrist and then an endocrinologist, that’s a hormone doctor. Before you get it all sorted out.”

“Gosh that sounds like it could get expensive,” Kris said a little disappointment in her voice.

“I think a lot of insurance companies cover most of it,” Kate said, “I was doing some research last night after you went to bed. There are some online support groups you should join Kris, it could help you figure a lot out. You use reddit already don’t you?”

“Yeah I do, I’ll have to look into it.”

“Wow, we polished that pizza off pretty fast,” Jordan chimed in, “Are you guys ready to head home?” Kris yawned stretching her arms out.

“Yeah I think so,” Kris said looking to Kate.

“Sure, whatever, you guys could come in if you want.”

“That’s a good idea,” Kris agreed some what nervously. They all pulled on their coats and got back in the car.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

And there is even a more super super-prosthetic! I wish I could have found this store back in the day. :wink:

Seriously: the story is cute as heck even if it’s also unrealistic as heck.

Re: The Annual Ski Trip: A gender change tale.

Chapter 5
Forewarning: Things get a little explicit in this chapter.

They reached the lodge and they all went inside. “Why don’t you guys make yourselves comfortable, we’re just going to put our bags away ok?” Kris said, dragging Kate into Kate’s bedroom while the guys took up seats on the couches in the living room. “What are you thinking inviting them in here?”

“I don’t know about you but I’m thinking about getting laid, it’s been a while.”

“Ew, gross, you’ve known this guy for two days!”

“That’s longer than some other guys.” Kris rolled her eyes at this. “Relax, it’s not like you have to do anything, and besides you like this guy right?” Kate asked, changing into a pair of pyjama pants.

“Yeah I like him but I’m not ready for that stuff just yet,” Kris put on the pyjama pants that Kate handed her. “Don’t you think we could just watch something on Netflix?”

“Sure we can start with Netflix.” Kate pulled her hair into a messy bun on top of her head Kris tried to replicate it but struggled until Kate took the hair band and helped her. “We need to get you a wardrobe.”

“Maybe we need to talk to Mom and Dad before we drop that kind of money.”

“Yeah, probably right. Come on we can’t leave them out there any longer.” The pair went back out to the living room.

“So, we were thinking we’d watch something on Netflix,” Kris said.

“Sounds good.” Jamie said, and Jordan nodded in agreement. The couples paired off onto separate couches and they turned on a romantic comedy. Jamie and Kris cuddled but they watched the movie for the most part, but Jordan and Kate didn’t last long, they were kissing during the opening credits and ten minutes later had disappeared into the bedroom. As the movie wore on, Kris and Jamie got closer and as the movie reached its climax and the main couple were finally together Kris and Jamie were kissing rather aggressively. Jamie’s hands started exploring Kris’s body a little more but when he reached up her shirt she pulled away, putting a stop to the kissing. “Is something wrong?”

“Not wrong per sé,” Just as she said this loud noises started coming from the bedroom and they both looked at each other blushing before they burst out laughing. “Gosh I hope they’re using protection.” Kris and Jamie gathered themselves. “I just don’t know that I’m ready for this to be so physical so fast is all. I hope you’re ok with that.” Kris looked away slightly embarrassed. “The kissing’s ok, it just the other stuff is all,” Kris yawned, “Maybe we should go to bed?”

“Ok, good night,” Jamie said, pulling a blanket off the top of the couch.

“No, no, no, don’t be so silly, just because we aren’t having sex doesn’t mean we can’t sleep together. Come on my room’s down the hall.” Jamie followed Kris down the hall to the bedroom. As they entered the room Kris pulled her hair out of the bun and shook it out running her fingers through it. Jamie stood in the doorway of the room unsure what to do. Just then Kris remembered her bra, she had no interest in sleeping in the thing but also had little interest in showing off for Jamie. With that in mind she pulled both arms in the sleeves of her t-shirt and after fiddling for a bit was able to unhook the bra and pull it out one sleeve she tossed the bra to a pile of clothes in the corner of the room and collapsed into the bed. Jamie stood in the doorway looking at her slack jawed and red in the cheeks. “Aren’t you coming to bed?” Kris asked her head propped up on her hand.

“Oh um…” In this instant Kris had not seemed more beautiful in the short time he’d known her. In some ways since he had found out about her gender issues, he’d been forcing himself to think of her as a girl, but watching Kris get ready for bed had turned him on quite a bit, and he couldn’t think of her as anything less than a woman now, and he was rock hard.

“No need to be embarrassed, I know the feeling Jay, I’ve been there before.” Kris said, not knowing if the nickname was ok

“Why don’t you get comfortable? Take your pants off?” Jamie obediently stepped out of his jeans and kicked them aside, his erection now much more evident. “Come on, lie down.” Jamie got in bed alongside Kris and they resumed making out. For Kris this felt different than it had on the couch like seeing his erection had caused something instinctual to kick in, soon Kris was the one getting handsy, it wasn’t long before her hands made their way into his boxers where she played with his cock and Jamie moaned quietly. “Lie back Jay.” Kris pushed Jamie back towards the headboard of the bed before pulling his boxers down over his knees. She took in the sight of his dick, it wasn’t huge, bigger than her’s, not that that was difficult, but then Kris had never seen many others. Kris didn’t take long before taking it into her mouth. She tasted his salty pre-cum as she moved up and down his cock slowly swirling her tongue around it. They both let out soft moaning noises Kris continued a few minutes.

“Faster,” Jamie said and Kris sped up. “I’m getting close.” Jamie said fully expecting Kris to pull away, Kris however kept going until Jamie shot his load down her throat with a loud moan and she swallowed. She got up smiling and made her way across the room to the desk and took a couple of tissues from a box.

“Was that ok?” She wiped her mouth with a tissue.

“It was my first time so I guess it was ok.” Kris gave him a kiss and handed him some tissue.

“Well it was my first too. You clean up I’m just going to go brush my teeth.” She gave him another small kiss before leaving the room. When she got to the bathroom she was surprised to see Kate in there as well. Kris shut the door and locked it. “Fancy meeting you here.” Kris made her way to the toilet and sat down to do her business. “So it sounds like you had a good time?”

“Best I’ve had in a while.” Kate said grinning as she washed her face. “How ‘bout you?”

“Well I kind of threw a bucket of cold water over the whole thing in the living room.”

“Oh? What happened?”

“Well he got a little handsy started feeling me up and stuff and I asked him to stop, no much more to it than that.” Kris wiped and pulled her pants up.

“I’m sure he was understanding though wasn’t he?”

“He was, I didn’t say I was finished though did I?” Kris washed her hands and put toothpaste on her toothbrush.

“Oh there’s more?”

“Well we went to the bedroom, we were just gonna go to sleep. So I managed to pull my bra off under my shirt and I took my hair down and got in bed and then he was just standing there. That’s when I realized he was rock hard and obviously embarrassed.”

“Already figured out the old bra under the shirt trick huh? So modest. So what happened next?”

“Well I told him to get more comfortable, take his pants off, come to bed, you know. Then we started kissing again, and something kind of just took over. Before I knew it my hand was in his shorts, feeling him up.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, something just kind of took over, I don’t know. Then I uh, I went down on him.”

“Shut up, you did not!” Kris smiled nodding as her face turned a deep shade of red. All Kris could do was nod.

Kate wiped a fake tear away from her eye. “My little girl is all grown up and giving out blow jobs.”

“Shut up one of them will hear you!” Kris pushed Kate.

“So did you swallow?” Kris blushed and nodded again. “Don’t be afraid to let him return the favour.”

“Ew gross, like he wants my rubber pussy in his mouth.” Kris got nervous just thinking about the idea.

“I’ve seen that think it’s pretty friggin’ realistic looking”

“Whatever, why don’t you go back to your man toy and leave me alone?”

“Sure whatever sissy. Don’t be nervous, he likes you. I doubt he’d let you blow him if he didn’t.” Kate gave Kris a peck on the cheek and hopped down off the bathroom counter wiggling her butt as she walked out the door. Kris washed her face and then made her way back down the hall.

Jamie had put his underwear back on and was laying in the bed looking at his phone. “Hey pretty girl.” He kissed her when she got back in the bed and wanted to continue making out.

“Do you think we could just go to sleep now?” Kris really didn’t want Jamie to think about returning the favour like Kate had suggested

“Sure babe.” Jamie rolled over onto his side and Kris nestled in in front of him. She’d never spooned with a guy and never felt so comfortable as he wrapped his arms around her and they drifted off to sleep.