The Animal Nanny (WIP)

(Note: This is my first time writing and ABDL story so I would love feedback on what I can do better at! Ill try my best to update the story often. Hope you enjoy!)

Hiyano was a 5’6 tall wolf with a large, rather bushy tail and pointy ears. He sat in front of his laptop absolutely bored put of his mind, scrolling through various posts and advertisements. Having been on his chair for the past 3 hours he decided to get up and do something productive.

“I guess I could tidy up around here”

He said to himself as he looked around his extremely messy apartment. He started picking up some boxes and threw his hamper full of clothes into the washing machine. Planning on going for a stroll and too lazy to check for himself, he turned to his phone.

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather outside like right now”

Hiyano asked his digital assistant, which replied with:

“It is 63 degrees and cloudy. Today there will be a high of 79 and a low of 61”

Hiyano opened his closet, grabbed the first jacket he saw, and for the first time in a couple days, went outside. He walked to the park closest to him and decided to take a break and check his emails. Scrolling through them nothing particular caught his attention until he saw one titled “New job offering. Interested?” from an anonymous user. Intrigued, he clicked on it and read through it. It was a new revolutionary pill that required testing and the rate of pay was 50$ an hour. He widened his eyes and called the number listed in the e-mail.

A female voice said as the phone was picked up

“Hi I was calling for the job offering I know I got to the email a little late but is there spots still open?”
Hiyano asked hopefully

“yeah there is in fact surprisingly your the first one to call! Can I get your name and age?”

“Hiyano Schilleman and I’m 24”

The conversation went on for a while as the lady asked a lot of questions but a few minutes later she gave him an address and told him to come by tomorrow. Since it was already pretty late, Hiyano headed back home, lay down, and fell asleep excited for this new and potentially life changing job. (To be continued…)