The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Updated 2/7/2015)

Chapter 1

The regal stone arches and towers of the St. Andrew’s Church silently stood sentinel, and rays of bright morning sunlight shone serenely through the elaborate, arched stained-glass windows. The calm serenity of the early hours contrasted spectacularly with the commotion inside the church’s walls. A crowd of well-dressed figures milled around the chapel’s interior, chatting jovially and none too quietly. An atmosphere of optimistic joy permeated the room, and spirits were high, for today was the rehearsal for the wedding of Miss Caroline Wilkinson and Mister Brian Patterson. Caroline, a vivacious girl of twenty-two, was not clad in her wedding gown—that would have to wait for the following day. Instead, she wore a simple white floor-length dress. She was in the midst of the crowd, laughing and gesticulating animatedly as she conversed with her bridesmaids. Brian, spiky-haired and slightly round-faced, tweaked the collar of his tuxedo unconsciously as he talked with Mary Pritchard, Caroline’s sister, and her husband Ron.

Mary, dressed in a smart black pleated skirt and white blouse, looked very young for her age—at least, that’s what everyone told her. She was only just thirty, which not many would consider old, but with her soft brown hair and rosy complexion she could easily pass for the same age as Caroline. Standing awkwardly at her side was her daughter Olivia, a girl of about eight. Olivia fidgeted incessantly, bored with the adults’ conversation. She felt, however, that it would be rude to just leave, especially since Brian was making fruitless attempts to draw her into the conversation as well. Whenever he directed a question at her, she would answer vaguely before lapsing back into silence, waiting for her parents to rescue her from having to say anything further. She did not know Brian very well. She had been around him a fair amount, because he had usually been present whenever she and her parents visited Aunt Caroline. That didn’t mean she had made any attempt to get to know him. She wasn’t good at talking to grownups; she’d much rather have a kid her own age with whom she could play, tell secrets, make dumb jokes, build blanket forts, and dress up.

Olivia glumly surveyed the room, the adults’ ramblings meaningless noise in her ears. She could barely see a few feet in front of her, due to the thick web of legs clogging the chapel. Why couldn’t there be anyone her age here? Even a boy would do…maybe. A girl would be much better though. Her lamentations were suddenly interrupted—she became aware that Brian was saying her name.

“Olivia. Olivia?”

“Hm?” Olivia turned her attention to Brian, wondering what he was going to ask this time. She really did not feel like answering more generic questions about herself and her school and whatnot, but she had been brought up to respect her elders, so she pulled herself out of her thoughts and paid attention.

“I was just telling your parents, and I thought you might like to know. My sister Kate’s daughter is here somewhere, and I figured you might like to hang out with her. I don’t want to bore you with my constant interrogation,” he said with a good-humored chuckle. “Her name’s Lavender, and she’s your age. In fact—aha! Here she is now!” Brian pointed towards the church’s entrance, where a harried but genial-looking woman was being dragged along by an enthusiastic girl.

“Hey, Uncle Brian!” the girl gushed, embracing him around his middle, the highest point on him that she could reach. Olivia observed her curiously. She was rather petite, with dancing dark eyes and a wide grin that exuded an aura of mischievousness. She had dark, wild, wavy locks, and, from what Olivia could tell, she was not shy by any definition of the word. In fact, she reminded Olivia of a pixie.

“How are ya, sweetie?” Brian ruffled her hair playfully.

“Good.” Lavender suddenly turned to Olivia, who realized that she had been staring at Lavender vacantly even since she arrived. “Who are you?” she inquired, a singular eyebrow raised.

“Umm…I’m Olivia.” She lowered her gaze as she answered. Unlike this energetic girl, she did not easily open up to people she had never met before. However, her wish had been granted—here was another girl her age with which she could pass the boring hours. She figured she had better make her best effort.

Brian crouched down next to Olivia. “You know your aunt-to-be, Caroline?” Lavender nodded, her eyes still intently fixed on Olivia, her finger on her lip in an expression of polite curiosity. “Well, Caroline has a sister named Mary, and this is her daughter.” In Olivia’s opinion, this explanation only boosted the level of confusion, but Lavender nodded again.

“Okay! Well, hi Olivia.”

“You can call me Liv…y’know, if you want.”

“Cool, you’ve got a nickname? I’ve never really had one.”

“We could be Liv and Lav,” Olivia suggested. As soon as she said it, she realized how stupid it sounded. Lavender, however, smiled.

“Liv and Lav…I like it.” Olivia couldn’t help but break into a smile as well.

“Brian, it looks like everyone’s headed to their places,” Lavender’s mom said.

Brian glanced at his watch. “Shoot, it’s already 9? Sorry about that!” he said apologetically to Mary and Ron. “I guess we’d better go, then. It’s my own wedding rehearsal, and I still can’t be on time!”

“Liv, you stay with Lavender,” Mary instructed.

“Don’t worry too much, Mary. Lavender knows this church like the back of her hand,” Brian said. “As long as you two stick together, you can go anywhere you want. We’ll be done in a few hours, okay?”

“Gotcha, Uncle Brian.” Lavender winked at him.

“All right…just be careful, Liv. And you, Lavender.”

“We’ll be fine, Mom,” Olivia said, a bit exasperatedly.

With that, Brian jogged through the crowd to the front of the church, Mary, Ron, and Kate in his wake. Olivia found herself alone with Lavender.

“Uh…” Olivia racked her brain for an interesting conversation starter. “So…you know this place pretty well?”

“Oh yeah,” Lavender replied, rocking on her toes, hands clasped behind her back. “We go to church here every Sunday.”

“Cool,” Olivia said blandly, inwardly cursing her social awkwardness. Lavender, however, had not registered Olivia’s answer. It looked as though she were pondering something thoughtfully.



“What’re you thinking about?”

She smiled slyly. “I’m thinking…we should go down to the basement.”

Olivia was taken aback. “T-the basement? Why?”

“There’s some fun stuff to do down there,” Lavender said happily, giving a thumbs-up. “Why? You’re not scared, are you?”

“No!” Olivia said defensively.

“It’s not even dark down there, really. Come on! It’s better than being up here.”

Olivia agreed with that sentiment. “All right, I’ll go.”

Lavender flashed her devious grin. “This way!” She slipped off her shoes and bounded out of sight down a hallway just off the entrance to the chapel. Fearful of losing her, Olivia did likewise and half-ran, half-slid across the carpeted passageway, her hair flying behind her. Geez, just how much energy did this girl have? She saw Lavender waving to her from a narrow carpeted staircase at the end of the hall. Heart hammering, Olivia bounded forward to meet up with Lavender.

“Down here, but be quiet,” Lavender whispered to the winded Olivia.

“How…come?” Olivia breathed.

Lavender took a lithe step down the stairwell, arms poised gracefully. She looked ready for either a ballet or a fistfight. “Sometimes, when I’m alone down here, I like to pretend like I’m a ninja, or a spy,” she said. On the landing, she did a somersault. “Well? Come on, Liv!”

“Okay…” Olivia got down on all fours and climbed catlike down the steps.

“See? You’ve got the hang of this already,” Lavender said approvingly. Together, the pair of ninjas snuck down the rest of the staircase to find themselves in another carpeted hall. This one was lined on the left by wooden doors with various religious posters and pictures on them. Each was marked with a number. Olivia and Lavender were crouched just outside 101. Even though it was early morning, the basement was rather dark and shadowy. The noises from the wedding crowd above could not be heard down here.

“Where’s the fun stuff you were talking about?” Olivia whispered.

“We’re almost there,” Lavender said. “This way.” She silently padded down the hall, footsteps muted by the carpet. Olivia trailed her, a bit creeped out by the eerie quiet. Lavender and Olivia rounded a corner into another, almost identical hallway. Lavender motioned towards the second door on the right, room 107. “In here!”

“Won’t it be locked?” Olivia asked.

“Nah, it’s always open,” Lavender said confidently. Sure enough, when she pulled down on the handle, it swung open easily. Together, the girls tiptoed into the room beyond.

It was a relatively small room, with bright carpeting and cheerful yellow walls, their tones dimmed by the lack of light. A low shelf along the back length of the room contained a variety of puzzles, board games, toys, and craft supplies—paper, glue sticks, markers, crayons, and glitter. Lavender was standing by a squat blue cabinet, situated adjacently to a tiny bathroom.

Olivia joined Lavender by the cabinet. “What’s in there?”

“This is where the fun stuff is,” Lavender said, a note of excitement in her voice. Suddenly serious, she added, “This is a secret, Liv. We’re spies, remember?”

“I thought we were ninjas.”

“Whatever. Just don’t tell anyone, okay? This is top secret info.”

“I won’t tell,” Olivia promised. Her anticipation was mounting. What was Lavender so eager to keep a secret?

“Cross your heart?” Lavender asked, a bit anxiously.

“Cross my heart,” Olivia affirmed.

“Okay,” Lavender said. “Okay.” She placed one small hand on the handle and held it there for a second. Olivia waited with bated breath, as if the secrets of the universe were going to be revealed to her, rather than the contents of a random cabinet in the basement of St. Andrew’s. Finally, Lavender closed her eyes and pulled the door open to reveal…


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Very well written, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

On a side note I wish more people would tab their paragraphs here (or on any forum, really). It looks nicer than I thought it would.

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More please

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Promising, can’t wait to here more. You better post quick with that cliff hanger

The Adventures of Liv and Lav

Chapter 2

Olivia thought Lavender must have accidentally chosen the wrong room. Why would she want to show her a cabinet full of diapers? Packs of diapers in colorful plastic packaging lined the interior, and in the corner was a tub of wipes. Olivia realized that this cabinet must actually be—a changing table. She knew there was a table much like this one in the preschool room of her own church, although she hadn’t been in there for a good five years or so.

“Um, Lavender? Are you sure this is the right place?”

“What d’you mean? Of course it is.”

“It’s just that…you said that there was fun stuff in here. But it’s just a bunch of diapers.”

“Exactly,” Lavender nodded. “Diapers are loads of fun!”

Olivia was completely nonplussed. “I don’t understand. What can you do with them that’s fun?”

Lavender rolled her eyes. “You wear them, Liv. Duh.”

“W-wear them? But…but diapers are for babies!”

“They aren’t just for babies,” Lavender said. “My friend Natalie wears them at night for bedwetting, and she’s a year older than me!”

“That’s different though. She needs them. We don’t.”

“Well…no, we don’t, I guess. But still, they’re not only for babies, Liv. Trust me, and try it for yourself.”

“Try it for myself?”

Lavender rolled her eyes again. “Honestly Liv. I mean, let’s wear diapers together!” She lowered her voice. “I’ll tell you a secret that I haven’t told anybody else, ever. One time I was at a sleepover at Natalie’s house, just her and me. I asked her what it was like to wear a diaper, and she said to try it for myself and gave me one. I was curious, so I said O.K. and put it on. It was really comfy and amazing, and that was the most fun night I had in a long time, hanging out with Natalie in diapers.”

“Um…” Olivia wasn’t sure why she was so set against the idea. It seemed weird to her that a girl her age wore diapers—and, furthermore, enjoyed doing so. However, her curiosity had been piqued. Lavender had said it was amazing…could it really feel that good, wearing a diaper? Really, she could see no reason to refuse Lavender’s proposal other than the fact that it was so entirely abnormal and out-of-the-blue. “I’m…I’m not sure how to put one on, though…”

Lavender’s elfish face split into a jubilant grin, her eyes dancing brightly. “So, you’ll do it?” Olivia nodded meekly, not sure what exactly she was getting herself into. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you. It’s easy.”

Lavender reached into the cabinet and withdrew two diapers. Olivia stared at them, transfixed. They were white with purple strips across the waistband—wetness indicators, Olivia recognized embarrassedly. Was she really about to put one of these on? She tried to imagine how they would look on her. Every image she conjured up looked ridiculous.

“Right,” Lavender said. “I’ll put yours on you and show you how it’s done.” She took Olivia by the hand and led her to a clear expanse of carpet. “Lie down,” she commanded.

“What?” Olivia protested. “I thought you were going to show me how to put it on, not do it for me!”

“If you can’t change yourself, then this is the easiest way for me to show you,” Lavender said matter-of-factly. Olivia was upset, but realized that further arguing would be futile against Lavender’s hard-headedness. Demurely, she swallowed her pride and lay down on the scratchy carpet, feeling very small as she did so. She felt like one of Dr. Seuss’s Whos, drifting through space, small and insignificant. By performing this small action, she felt as if she had been degraded to infantile status.

Lavender unfolded the diaper, a cacophony of crinkles filling the air. Tearing noise followed as the tapes were undone. Olivia let out a squeak of surprise as Lavender pulled up her dress and slid her underwear off.

“Lift,” Lavender commanded as she grabbed Olivia’s ankles. Obediently, Olivia raised her legs into the air, painfully aware of the cool air on her bare bottom. Lavender slid the diaper underneath Olivia’s rear. It felt cool, soft, and thick—like a cushion. “Okay, you can put your legs down now.” Lavender brought the diaper snugly up between Olivia’s legs, and swiftly attached the tabs—first the right, then the left. Olivia’s face burned as she did so. This all felt surreal to her…like an embarrassing dream.

“All done!” Lavender pronounced. Olivia sat up, the diaper rustling as she shifted her weight. She ran a hand over its smooth surface, feeling the strange, intrusive thickness. Her mind and body felt oddly detached. “What do you think?”

Olivia, still overcome with the shock of being diapered for the first time since she was three, did not answer immediately. Eventually she answered softly. “It’s weird.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Lavender said brightly. “Now, it’s my turn!” Her voice was infused with a feverish eagerness at the prospect of being diapered, quite the opposite of Olivia’s reaction. Olivia still couldn’t wrap her mind around how someone could be so excited to do something so embarrassing. Her jumbled thoughts were interrupted as Lavender tossed the remaining diaper onto Olivia’s lap.


“Now you know how to do it, right?”

“I think so…”

“Great!” Lavender splayed out on her back, looking as if she was about to make a snow angel. Her dark hair fanned out around her head, and her eyes were bright and anticipatory. Olivia pushed herself onto her knees, and her diaper announced its presence under the folds of her dress with a series of rustles. She hesitated as she remembered the first step Lavender had performed. Would she really be able to do this?
Sensing her unease, Lavender said, “Go ahead, Liv! I don’t have anything you haven’t seen before.”

“Okay…here goes.” Olivia still felt extremely awkward as she lifted Lavender’s dress up and slid her underwear off, leaving her naked from the waist down. Without any command from Olivia, Lavender lifted her legs, and Olivia slid the diaper underneath. The diapering proceeded without any snags, and Olivia felt a strange sense of pride as she taped the diaper snugly between Lavender’s legs.

“Wow, Liv, you did a pretty good job!” Lavender said approvingly, examining her diaper. She got up and began to twirl around the room happily, the skirt of her dress flying up to reveal her diapered state. Olivia watched amusedly. She had not expected it to be so, but her newfound friend looked cute in her diaper, prancing around without a care in the world. “Come on, Liv!” Lavender cried, dashing over to Olivia and taking her by the hands.

“Wh—Lav!” Lavender pulled her into a frantic, jubilant jig of sorts. Lavender was laughing infectiously, and soon Olivia was overcome by giggles as well. She didn’t even seem to notice or care that her diaper was being exposed as she spun and danced throughout the empty room. Finally, breathing heavily but smiling broadly, both girls collapsed to the floor.

Lavender pushed her dark hair out of her eyes. “See, isn’t this fun?”

Olivia giggled. “Yeah, it is.” She didn’t admit to her friend that it would’ve been equally fun without the diaper aspect, but she didn’t want to dampen Lavender’s spirits. She figured that now that she was diapered, she might as well give it a fair chance, because it made Lavender practically glow with an innocent happiness.

“You know what we should do now?”


“We should play hide-and-seek. There are loads of places to hide around here!”

“Sure,” Olivia agreed. “I love hide-and-seek.”

Lavender clapped her hands. “Alright! You hide first, okay?”

“No peeking, Lav!”

Lavender dutifully closed her eyes and began counting. “One…two…three…”

Olivia dashed out of the room and flew down the hallway. She tried to focus on finding a place to hide, but the sensations of her diaper distracted her. Diapers were certainly a lot louder than normal underwear, for the crinkling followed her wherever she went. In fact, in the silence of the empty halls, it was deafening. Also, diapers were not made for running. The thick material between her legs hindered her normal stride, making it more like a fast toddle.

Eventually, Olivia found a promising spot. Inside a larger, comfier looking room—Olivia suspected it might be the church’s youth room—there was a closet adjacent to the doorway that stood ajar. Olivia peeked in. It was empty except for a few boxes of Vanilla Wafers on the top shelf.

“Perfect!” She scrambled inside as Lavender loudly finished her counting.

“Fifty-nine…SIXTY! Ready or not, here I come!”

Safely hidden away, Olivia began closing the door as quietly as she could. She felt another surge of pride, this time for finding (in her opinion) a great hiding spot, despite not knowing the church very well. Fortunately, the door hinges had minimal squeaking. Unfortunate, however, was the sound that greeted Olivia as the door shut—a tiny, almost indiscernible click. Horrified, Olivia jiggled the doorknob, not caring how much noise she made. No dice.

She was trapped.

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (New Chapter 8/20/14)

I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I particularly like the setup, it’s quite plausible and cute. I have a feel for the location and characters right away, which shows some decent characterization in a relatively short first two chapters. The pacing of the chapters is fine, I just want more of them- it’s hard to comment deeply on the initial exposition, we’ll need to get deeper into the plot.

And that’s where I’m going to give warning. I have a hard time when writing diaper stories, especially when I first started, remembering to outline the elements of a good story. You can see that in Hayley’s Issues, a guy recently brought that old story to the front of the forum (there’s a Chapter 2 hidden somewhere else). An apt comment on C2 said it was interesting but thought I didn’t know where to go with it. He was entirely right, I kind of petered out on that story. Don’t be like me- figure out your climax and resolution now to help you organize (if you haven’t already done so).

Your exposition is good, your characters are good, and you may have already worked out a full plot but, if you haven’t, sit down now and figure out either a big problem for Lavender or Olivia, and figure out it’s resolution. You can then move all the action toward that point and the story will feel focused and, more importantly, you’ll be able to end it in a satisfactory way eventually (otherwise you keep writing chapters on something until you’re bored out of your skull). A place where I felt I did much better with plot was Two-Way Mirror. I was pretty happy with that one.

Anyway, this story got me in the mood to write a bit again, hopefully I’ll come up with something; thank you very much for sharing your story. Super cute, please give me a few more chapters at least, I’ll be sure to comment if you do!

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (New Chapter 8/20/14)

I do like that you’re doing your best to while the voice in the way that children would talk and conduct themselves. If I could nail one thing down that really annoys me about most stories its that young characters act way to old and older characters act way to young.

No adult would say “Go Go Ga Ga” or “I poopied my diaper”

This story on the other hand seems like solid honest wish fulfillment like one of the girls is telling this story on a bet years later “Yes I have a diaper fetish, but hell I was nine years old and trapped in a room with an open pack of diapers I couldn’t help myself”

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav

Chapter 3

Ashen-faced and afraid, Olivia stood disbelievingly in the tiny closet, her sweaty palm still upon the doorknob. All around her was darkness, save for the weak strip of light issuing from the crack between door and floor. Olivia could not stand darkness. She had been nervous enough about going down to the basement without any adult companionship to protect her from axe murderers and stuff. Now here she was, imprisoned in a cell of utter blackness. Her eyes were rendered pretty much useless in the thick gloom, so she found her other senses sharpening. Olivia could hear her ragged breaths and her pounding heart. She had to get out of here.

“Lavender!” she said loudly. She would have yelled, but when you are stuck alone in a closet, irrational fears tend to have precedence over logical thought. She didn’t want to draw the attention of anyone—or anything—else that might be lurking outside the door. “Lavender! Help!”

Despairingly, Olivia realized Lavender must have gone to look for her on the opposite side. She would have to wait for a while until she came back, and then make a fresh attempt. She slid to the floor, back against the regrettably solid and immovable wood of the door. She hugged her knees, barely registering the thickness of the diaper as she shifted, and shut her eyes tight. Think positive thoughts, she told herself. I’m not gonna die. I’m not gonna die. I’m not gonna die. Again and again she repeated this mantra. The darkness of her eyelids allowed her to forget the darkness all around her…or, at least, tolerate it.

I’m not gonna die. Lav will be right back. Then I’ll get out of here. I’m not gonna die. Olivia poured every iota of her concentration into the words, creating a mental shield. She’ll be back in a few minutes. Maybe she’s already coming back. I’m not gonna die. Deep down, she knew her fears were silly and that at nine years old, she really should not be acting this way. It’s just darkness after all…

By keeping up her running commentary, Olivia was able to distract herself from the many small noises that would otherwise have sent shivers of terror down her spine—the hollow gurgle of plumbing within the walls, the squawk of a bird outside the window, the random creaks and groans that issued from the building itself, as if it was a restless old man. As the minutes passed, Lavender still hadn’t shown up, but Olivia’s breathing and heart rate returned to normal. She was proud of herself for gaining the upper hand on her fear. Perhaps, when she was finally out of this wretched place, she would tell her mother that she no longer needed the lamp that stood sentinel on her bedside table.

Then again, maybe not.

Suddenly, Olivia felt a twinge in her bladder. She gave a start, and instinctually her hands flew to her crotch, whereupon they were greeted by the diaper’s padding. Oh no…in her panic, she had not registered the steadily growing need to go. Now that she had calmed down, the feeling of discomfort felt all the more acute.

Another twinge. Olivia squeezed her legs together as hard as she could. She was now panicking. Why was this happening to her? She didn’t ask to be diapered, nor did she ask to be trapped in a closet, and yet here she was, shut up in silence and straining not to wet the Pampers she wore. Lavender had made wearing diapers sound like an amusement park ride—amazing, and fun! Olivia was certainly not having fun. Her panic grew as she realized how helpless she was. The door still wouldn’t budge, and the pressure on her bladder was unrelenting. She put her ear up against the cool wood, straining to hear any sound of an approaching Lavender—a breath, a footstep, anything.

Aha! There it was—footsteps! Olivia felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her chest. She wished she could say the same for her bladder, but it didn’t matter anyway—Lavender would let her out, and she would be able to make it to the bathroom on time. Then she could forget about this whole disastrous game of hide-and-seek. With this happy prospect in mind, Olivia called out.

“Lavender! Are you there?”

“Liv? What’re you yelling for?” She sounded exasperated. “You’re supposed to make it hard to find you, not easy!” Lavender’s footsteps grew louder as she tromped down the hall and into the room from which Olivia’s voice was issuing.

“I’m in here!” Olivia called desperately. She wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer. “I’m locked in.”

Olivia heard Lavender clap a hand to her forehead. “That’s right, I forgot to tell you, don’t hide in the closets.”

“Thanks for the warning,” Olivia replied sardonically. “Can you unlock it?”

“Yep. Just let me go get the key from my mom, and I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Olivia’s cry of disbelief caught in her throat as she heard Lavender patter away down the hall. She found herself all alone once again, with nothing to alleviate the panic that gripped her heart anew. She had been assuming that Lavender would be able to unlock the door straightaway. How long would it take for Lavender to get the key? Longer than she could hold it. Olivia found herself face-to-face with the ugly truth of the situation. Like it or not, she was going to have to give in and use the diaper. She was barely holding it in as it was, and Lavender had left less than a minute ago. Pretty soon it would be out of her hands. Natural processes would take over, and she was powerless to stop natural biological processes. For all the good it would do, she might as well try to stop her cells dividing.

As the sheer inevitability of the situation weighed on her, she noticed a scintilla of curiosity invade her conscience. Lavender, she realized, had never specified what the fun part of diapers was. Perhaps wearing them was only part of it. What if (Olivia couldn’t believe she was actually thinking this) using the diapers was what made it enjoyable? The spark of curiosity grew, and Olivia wondered. What would it be like to just let go, to stop fighting her bladder and just wet the diaper on purpose? It was a strange thought, Olivia knew, but the terrifying truth was that whether on purpose or not, she was going to be wearing a wet diaper by the time Lavender returned with the key. She could not remember back to the days when she had worn diapers as a toddler, out of necessity rather than to please a friend. She must have wet her diaper hundreds of times back then, and yet she could not remember a thing about how the actual process of wetting felt. She imagined it was rather disgusting, and that her toddler mind simply did not comprehend it. Really, how could urinating in one’s own undergarment feel pleasant in any sense of the word?

In any case, Olivia was about to find out how it felt firsthand. Her bladder felt like a watermelon wedged inside her pelvis, and the pain was escalating to beyond minor discomfort. Olivia grasped the doorknob and frantically yelled out one final “Lavender!” Her heart sank as her call was answered with a mute silence. Screwing up her face in frustration and mortification, Olivia gave up the fight. One small push was all it took to get the stream started.

Olivia was captivated by the odd sensations she felt as she flooded the diaper. Without the sound of liquid hitting liquid that she was accustomed to, it almost felt like she wasn’t peeing at all. That is, it wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the plethora of other sensations that the diaper provided. As the thick padding between her legs absorbed the oncoming flow, a pleasant warmth began to spread from her crotch to the outer reaches of the diaper. Yes, pleasant. She hadn’t expected anything about this shameful act to be described thus, and yet the warmth that encompassed her made her feel as if she was sinking into a Jacuzzi. It was surprisingly relaxing. The diaper itself swelled as it continued to absorb her wetting, and grew heavier and thicker between her legs. As soon as it had begun, the deed was done. Olivia let out an involuntary sigh of relief. It was over with. The pressure was gone, and her diaper was thoroughly soaked.

A confusing mixture of emotions assaulted Olivia as she stood there, mind full of what she had just done. On one hand, she was ashamed at having done what she did. Sure, girls her age might still need to wear diapers for things like bedwetting and incontinence, but she had none of those issues. She had just been caught between a rock and a hard place, and decided to purposefully use her diaper. She chastised herself for not holding on longer and preserving her pride, despite the fact that she could not have held it longer if she had tried.
On the other hand, she felt uplifted by her act. She could not explain exactly why she felt this way. However, she could not deny that she had enjoyed wetting her diaper. She felt giddy saying it in her head. I wet my diaper. My diaper. It was gratifying beyond her comprehension, to have done something so childish without anyone knowing. The mental aspects of her wetting weren’t the only things that enthralled her; she found herself enchanted by the comforting warmth of the urine-soaked padding and the way the garment hugged her hips, wrapping her in a soothing embrace. Lavender had been right—diapers were fun, if not in the conventional sense of the word.

Lavender’s shrill cry of “I’ve got the keys!” shook Olivia out of her reverie. The joyous jangle of metal filled the air as Lavender inserted the key into the lock and reinstated Olivia’s freedom. Light fell across her relieved face as she leaned forward and embraced Lavender.

“You okay, Liv?”

“Yeah…I’m great,” Olivia said. “You…you were right, Lav,” she added, her face bright crimson.

Lavender looked slightly bemused. “Right about what?” In response, Olivia bashfully lifted the skirt of her dress, revealing the soaked diaper beneath.

Lavender’s lips parted in evident surprise, then curled into a joyful smile. “See, I’m not as crazy as I sound.” With a flamboyant flourish, she raised her skirt as well. She was just as soaked as Olivia was. “By the way,” Lavender said, dropping her skirt. “Mom says that we can’t be down here anymore if we’re going to lock each other in closets. We have to go up and wait in the back of church until they’re done.” She dug her toe into the carpet. “So, I guess you want to get changed, huh?”

“Actually,” Olivia said, taking Lavender’s small hand in her own. “Could we stay like this a little longer?”

Lavender’s smile was bright enough to illuminate the dim basement. Feeling as though an irreversible bond, unspoken yet everlasting, had been forged between them, the two girls made their way back up the stairs to the chapel above.

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Chapter 3 out! 8/24/14)

I really, really enjoyed your chapters so far. This last one wrapped up too neatly for my liking; I hope you aren’t done. If you are, please write something else because this is the type of story I come to the forum to read. I like how sweet it is, and that it’s well written. Usually when I like a story I comment on the weaker points of it’s composition but nothing stuck out at me. It’s entirely believable, I can see the scene and the characters in my mind.

Thank you for what you’ve written so far, I hope to read more from you.

The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Chapter 4) 2/7/2015

Chapter 4

That day in the basement of St. Andrew’s marked the beginning of a lasting friendship between Olivia and Lavender. It was true, the two were about as different personality-wise as night and day. Olivia was generallly quiet and reserved, whereas Lavender was like a firework: bright, flashy, and bold. Olivia was sensible and a worrywart; Lavender wasn’t afraid what anyone else thought of her. Olivia imagined; Lavender did. Different as they were, just as night is never far behind day and day is never far beyond night, the two girls stuck together. In later years, looking back on their early friendship, Olivia wondered how that chance meeting at the wedding practice had led to such a strong bond between her and Lavender. They didn’t even go to the same school, and could only see each other on weekends. How had they not drifted apart? Olivia recalled something Lavender had said to her on one of these weekend get-togethers, perhaps a year after they had first met.

“You know, Liv, you’re my best friend.”

“You’re my best friend too, Lavender.”

“Gosh, Liv, you don’t have to be so proper. It’s Lav.”

Olivia giigled. “Okay, Lav. You’re my best friend too.”

Lavender smiled approvingly. “But for real, when I say best, I mean best. I mean, I have friends at school, I guess. But when school is over, they all go off and hang out with the other girls and forget about me.”

“I’m really sorry Lav, that’s awful!”

“I don’t mind it. I don’t count them as friends. They’re just put-ups.”

“What’s a put-up?”

“Someone that you have to put up with just because you’re at school and they’re at school and you can’t exactly jump out the window and escape them, or else you’ll get sent to the principal’s office.”

Olivia nodded. “There’re a lot of put-ups at my school too.”

“But you and me are different, Liv. We’re not put-ups to each other. Even though we don’t see each other every day, we still don’t forget each other. And that’s why we’re best friends.”

That conversation stuck with Olivia for a long time. In fact, even now she recalled Lavender’s words, and she felt a glowing happiness inside–the kind of happiness that makes you grin like an idiot and not even care. Their friendship was genuine, and Olivia knew that Lavender cherished it just as much as she did. However, whenever Olivia thought about how grateful she was for her and Lavender’s bond of friendship, she remembered that invisible tie, that initial shared experience that had brought them so close together in the first place. No matter how she looked at it, Olivia could not deny that her friendship with Lavender had had its start in that game of diapered hide-and-seek. What struck Olivia as strange was that after that day and the Closet Incident, neither she nor Lavender brought up the topic of diapers for a long time. Olivia, of course, was embarrassed about her diaper-wearing escapade and simply could not make herself bring it up, even when she and Lavender were alone. But Lavender? She had been the one to initiate the diaper-wearing in the first place, the one who had roped Olivia into it! She obviously had no qualms discussing her unusual love of diapers with Olivia. Why hadn’t she brought it up? As the days stretched into weeks, and weeks stretched into months, that day in the basement of St. Andrew’s gradually became buried in the sedimentary layer of Olivia’s mind. The memory began to fade into obscurity. Was she sure she wasn’t simply misremembering? Had this whole thing just been some insane concoction of her adolescent brain? She may have written off the memory, or even forgotten it completely–that is, if it hadn’t been for that sleepover at Lavender’s house when they were both thirteen, the sleepover that Olivia later dubbed “the Revival.”

The sleepover started just like all the others she had had at Lavender’s house before. She came in with her backpack full of toiletries and way too many clothes, greeted Lavender’s parents (Mr. and Mrs. LaRue, or Roger and Kate, as Olivia was allowed to call them), and then disappeared with Lavender down to the basement. Lavender’s room was strewn with clothes and random junk, and the girls both agreed that sleeping in the basement was a far better option than actually cleaning. Additionally, the basement was far more fun, complete with comfy armchairs, a television, and a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror in which the girls liked to practice ballet when they were younger. Now they mostly used it for doing each other’s hair and stuff like that. And the bonus? Roger and Kate slept upstairs, so they would not hear the girls’ conversations that often lasted into the remote hours of the night.

As Olivia and Lavender pounded the familiar path down the stairs to the basement, their padded footsteps sparked a memory deep in Olivia’s mind. Hadn’t the stairs at St. Andrew’s been just like these, carpeted, muffling the girls’ footfalls as they stealthily made their way to the preschool classroom? The memory was resurfacing quickly, and along with it the unanswered questions. As she rolled out her sleeping bag, Olivia glanced at Lavender’s smile, her bouncing dark curls. Did she remember? Did she remember the fervent joy as they had spun around in their dresses, the flying skirts exposing their diapered state? Did she remember the Closet Incident, where Olivia had wet her first diaper in five years? Did she remember how Olivia had asked if they could stay as they were for a little longer? She desperately wanted to know, but at the same time was terrified to ask. Perhaps Lavender had moved on; perhaps that was just a phase she had gone through years ago and she would think Olivia was weird for dwelling on it. But now that it had come to the forefront of her mind, it was there to stay. Her whirling thoughts were not going to grant her a reprieve until their desire for knowledge was satisfied.

“Earth to Liv!” Lavender said, waving her hand in Olivia’s face. “Anybody home?”

Crap! She had been staring absentmindedly at Lavender during her reverie. “Yeah, sorry. Just thinking.”

“It’s the weekend, silly! Save thinking for school.”

“Just because your brain goes on vacation during the weekend doesn’t mean mine does as well,” Olivia shot back playfully.

Lavender mimed making a check mark in midair. “Ooh, score one for Comeback Master Liv! You must teach me your ways.”

“You have much to learn, young grasshopper.”

Soon, the conversation made Olivia forget her pressing thoughts, and everything was as it normally was. The girls became absorbed in a game of Sorry. Lavender always enjoyed playing board games with Liv because she became extremely flustered and unlike her usual self when she was losing. Normally so laid back, Olivia had a surprising competitive side. Lavender couldn’t have cared less about winning, she just liked to do so to see Liv turn red in the face and start making irrational moves. If ever she won, Lavender would have to stifle her laughter as Liv muttered “good game” and shook her hand, looking as if she had just lost the Super Bowl or something. Lavender thought about this as she sent Liv’s first piece all the way back to Start. Sure enough, Liv’s mouth hung open in protest and her face began to redden. A smile began to curve on Lavender’s lips, hidden behind her hand. She supposed many people would find Olivia’s unsportsmanlike attitude irritating, she didn’t mind it one bit. She couldn’t explain why, exactly. Maybe it was because this was a hidden side of Olivia that only she knew about. It made Lavender feel good to know that Olivia was comfortable enough around her to be who she was without reservation. Or maybe she was a sadist and enjoyed exploiting her friend’s emotions. Lavender hoped it was the former.

The hours slipped by, as they always did when Lavender and Olivia were together. Before they knew it, two games of Sorry had been completed; their pizza dinner had been devoured; and their nails had been painted in vibrant, cheerful hues. As they were blowing on their nails to help them dry faster, Roger and Kate came downstairs to bid them goodnight.

“It’s already past nine,” Roger said. “Try not to stay up too late, or you’ll be complete zombies tomorrow.”

“We know, Dad.”

“Roger, Roger.”

He laughed. “Goodnight, girls.”

“Goodnight!” Kate said, giving each of them a kiss on the head. “Do you need anything before we head off to bed?”

“No, we’re fine,” Lavender said.

“Thank you, Kate. Goodnight!” Olivia said.

With that, Roger and Kate went back up the stairs. Lavender and Olivia waited for a minute or two to make sure they were totally out of earshot. Once they heard the faint sound of the door closing, they grinned broadly at each other.

“How late is ‘too late?’” Olivia asked.

“He didn’t say. I guess it’s up to us to decide!”

“Hey Lav, wanna watch a movie?”

“Sounds good. But first, let’s get into our pajamas. They’re more comfortable than jeans, that’s for sure.”

“Alright.” Olivia began to dig through her backpack. “Shoot. I forgot them!”

“Your pajamas?”


“Holy cow, Liv, how do you forget to bring pajamas to a sleepover?”

“It’s a special talent I have,” Olivia answered. “Forgetting things.” But she didn’t forget everything. The memory, forgotten for a while but far from gone, began to worm its way into Olivia’s consciousness once again.

“And you said my brain was on vacation! Well, you can borrow some of mine. They might be a bit short in the leg, but they’ll do for one night. I’ll get them.”

“I’ll go with you!”

“No! No, you’re my guest. I’ll get them.” With that, Lavender scurried up the steps and out of sight.

Olivia was puzzled. What was up with Lavender just then? She had never seen her get so uptight so quickly. Was she afraid of the dark or something? Olivia could understand that. The main floor was pitch black during the nighttime; she had experienced that firsthand when she got up to use the restroom. But it wasn’t like there weren’t any light switches up there. Lavender knew where they were; it was her house, after all. What, then, was the cause of her abrupt change in demeanor? The questions were piling up, so many questions without any answers. The scale was tipping, and Olivia had to balance it out. She had to know.

As quickly and silently as possible, Olivia darted up the stairs. The carpeted hall was in deep shadow, but light shone from the doorway to Lavender’s room. Treading lightly and sticking close to the wall, Olivia inched closer to the light. She could hear the rustle of clothes and hangers as Lavender slid them across the rod. “Nope. Uh…definitely not. Ergh, no. I wore those when I was, like, seven.” It seemed that Lavender was doing nothing more than searching for pajamas for Liv, as she had said. Why, then, had she acted so suspiciously? There had to be something she was missing. Olivia peeked her head into Lavender’s room. Lavender’s back was to her as she rummaged through her closet. She nearly sighed in relief. Whatever had been troubling Lavender seemed to have passed. Reassured, Olivia slipped into Lavender’s room in order to help her search. But wait…what was that on the top shelf of the closet? It was shoved into the corner and partially hidden by shadow, but there was no mistaking it.

It was a pack of disposable diapers.

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Updated 2/7/2015)

I am super happy to see this continued, I enjoyed it, but there was a substantial disconnect from the previous chapters. It almost might have been worth starting a sequel and making them short stories. The major time gap, the over-view narration, I’m not sure how the story of them meeting is going to connect to the full arc. Also, it felt like you were summarizing their relationship in a way that wasn’t entirely necessary for a single chapter change.

Still, I wanna read a lot more about these two and I’ll take it however I can get it.

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Updated 2/7/2015)

I am glad that you enjoy this story enough to stick by Liv and Lav whatever may happen! That means a lot. Thank you also for the feedback. I think you’re right, it would work better as a series of short stories. That is actually the kind of feel I was going for when I started this story. I decided to title it The Adventures of Liv and Lav because I intended for it to have an episodic setup, with each few chapters covering a different “adventure” involving diapers that deepens their relationship and understanding of themselves (but I do plan to have an ending that brings some sort of closure; I don’t want to leave the story hanging). I admit I was going for at least some connection between the first story and the second, so it is completely my fault if I failed at bridging the two–although the next chapter will hopefully show a bit more how the two events are interconnected!

As for the overlong summary at the beginning, that is completely my fault.

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Updated 2/7/2015)

I enjoyed this chapter. Skimming through the other three to remind myself of what happened, the end of the third seems to be begging for a continuation from where it leaves off. Nevertheless, you, being the author, are the god of the world, and your latest update looks like an equally good adventure is brewing. I look forward to reading what comes next.

Re: The Adventures of Liv and Lav (Updated 2/7/2015)

I really enjoy your writing style, especially the descriptive bits. In regards to what others seem to be saying, I don’t mind the time skip and quick exposition summarizing what happened during it. My only critique I would give is when your characters are having thoughts, speaking to themselves, I would suggest putting the sentences in ‘single quotes’ or italics to separate them from the rest of the paragraph. For example, I think

would look better if the parts where Olivia was speaking to herself were more separated somehow.

That being said, I love the new chapter! I’ll be following this story, eager to read the next installment!