The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol Parts 3-4

Here are parts 3 and 4 again any feedback would be appreciated as I do plan on adding to it after part Nine is posted, I just need some direction.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 3

Jessica and Carol were next led into the kitchen where they were strapped into their chairs and fed their morning breakfast, consisting of rice cereal, strained bananas, and a bottle of juice. After they were led outside into the yard and locked in the playpen. Nanny gave them each a bottle and said, “Now be a pair of good little girls and drink your ba-ba’s. Nanny will check on you in a little while.” The two girls layback and suckled their bottles after that they pick up some of the baby toys and started to play. After about an hour Jessica started to sniff the now foul air.
“Carol, did you just mess your diapers?” Jessica asked.
“I though it was you?” Responded Carol, “Turn around and I’ll check you,” Carol added.
Jessica stood up and turned around as Carol placed her hand on her diapered ass and pressed on the massive load that was sitting quite prominently in her pants. “Oh my Jessie you’ve totally filled your pants. Check me?” Carol now asked.
Carol now stood and Jessica felt her diapers. “Guess what? Your diapers are just as loaded.” The two then looked at each other and started to giggle. Jessica then said, “Do you realize that we both just filled out pants with out even noticing that we were doing it?”
“Yea, just like two little babies.” Carol said as the two continued to giggle. “You know what Jessie? I know my pants are soaked too.” The pair continued to laugh.
“So are mine,” Jessica then said.
“Wait?” Jessica stopped laughing. “What are we laughing for? We’re turning into babies, real wet messy diapered babies!”
“Oh my God you’re right.” Carol said now as serious as her friend did.
In the kitchen of the house Nanny looked out at the garden where the girls sat in their playpen. She listened to the baby monitor and chuckled at the girls’ conversations and revelations. “You think you’re acting like babies now, just you wait.” She said as she finished cleaning up form breakfast, and started the laundry. After the laundry was in the washer Mrs. Farewell headed out into the garden to check on her two babies. As he approached the playpen she wrinkled her nose. “My aren’t we the messy ones. I should start calling you the poop twins.” The two girls were far beyond embarrassment at that point, as Nanny unlocked the playpen and led them to a changing pad that she had lying down on the patio. “Who wants to go first?” Nanny asked.
Jessica was the first to seize the moment and lie down on the pink nursery printed changing pad. As Carol looked on Jessica was changed, cleaned and again diapered in what seem like a matter of minutes. Carol came next and this allowed Jessica to see how she reacted to being changed. Over all the girls liked the experience, but they did not want a whole summer of this.
“Well babies, Nanny will be done with the laundry soon and then since you’ve been such good babies we’re going to the beach.”
“The beach?” The two girls said in unison.
“Yes the beach, it’s such a warm day I though going to the beach would be a great way to cool off.”
“Um…Nanny,” Jessica asked, “how can we go to the beach, none of our swimsuits will fit over the diapers?”
“That okay I have the tops of your swimsuits and you’ll be fine wearing them with just your diapers.”
“But people will see us.” Carol added.
“Yes they will, but that’s okay because everyone likes to see babies. Why do you want me to hire a babysitter for you two? I’m sure one of your friends would be glad to come over and take care of you. Then they can change your wet messy diapers, now wouldn’t that be fun?”
“Nanny, which beach are we going to?” Jessica asked.
“I though we could go to the big beach, there you won’t run the risk of the whole town seeing you but if you misbehave the next place we’ll go will be the local swimming pool.”
The two girls sat and played the rest of the morning in the playpen as Nanny hung out the laundry. Next the watched in horror as she loaded her car with items for the beach. “Come on babies, time for lunch.” The two were again tied into their chairs and allowed to feed themselves with only a spoon as a fork and knife are much too dangerous for little babies to use. Afterward they were led up stair for a diaper change and then dressed for the beach. Nanny chose the babyish style swimsuit tops that she could find. The two girls felt completely humiliated over the fact that this and a diaper was all they would be wearing until they came home. Next they went to the car and took off. It was about an hour’s drive to the beach, once there Nanny found a spot under a tree and set down their things. “Okay girls now let Nanny put some sunscreen on you then you can go play.” Nanny said this loud enough to draw the attention of a group of children playing.
They all looked over at the two girls. It took a few second until one kid said, “They’re wearing diapers!” With that they all laughed. The two girls wanted to crawl under their beach towel and had but Nanny would have none of that.
“You have your choice,” Nanny scolded, “you can either play like a couple of good little girls or you will get a spanking and next time were going to the public swimming pool close to your home.”
Jessica and Carol both choked back their tears and wondered down to the water’s edge. After letting the waves splash against their leg the finally went in far enough to obscure their bulging diapers. Both girls were surprised, as their diapers quickly filled up with water became heavy almost to the point of falling off. They frolicked in the waves keeping their diapers well under the water. Then Nanny called them. The two started to walk up the beach as they did Jessica stood in horror as her waterlogged diaper fell off her hips and was soon sitting around her ankles. Her mess that was sitting in the seat left brown smears down her legs as it fell off. All she could thing to do was cry. Nanny ran out to her with a towel blocking the free view and helping the messy baby back to the towel.
“Well Jessica, it seems that you couldn’t stay clean if you life depended on it. But that’s okay Nanny will change you.” Soon Jessie was changed and next Carol was changed, she too was messy as well. The two then made a major decision as they wondered back down to the water’s edge as if nothing happened. Nanny looked on. “Well the big babies have finally decided to be babies.”
As they sat down and started to dig in the sand Jessica said. “You know Carol we could have a lot of fun with this baby thing.”
“How?” Carol asked.
“Well look at it this way we don’t have to do anything for ourselves. We’re babies and babies get to spend the whole day playing, and that sure beats having summer chores to do.”
“I suppose you’re right but we’re wearing diapers. We can’t even go to the bathroom with out everybody knowing it.” Carol added.
“So it’s not like we have to change ourselves. Just think of it this way whatever we do in our diapers Nanny has to deal with not us.” Jessica suddenly leaned forward getting close to her friend. “I’m embarrassed to say this but since I’ve been in diapers I’ve been…kinda…turned on.” Jessica blushed after her comment.
“You know to tell the truth,” Carol said back, “so have I. But with these diapers on I haven’t been able to cure that problem, if you know what I mean.”
The two girls giggled as they continued to play on the beach building sandcastles and watching them being destroyed by the waves. About two hours later Nanny called them it was time to go home. Nanny changed the babies before they left and they were on their way home.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 4

Once Nanny had the two girls’ home they ate supper again safely strapped into their highchairs. After that they were given their baths and diapered for bed. Nanny read them a story and tucked them into their cribs. “Now if you two can continue to be good little girls, Nanny will take you on more trips. Wouldn’t that be nice?”
“Can we go to the Zoo?” Jessica asked in a small childish voice.
“It you behave we can go to the Zoo, now good night babies.” Nanny leaned over the two girls and kissed each on the forehead before closing the lids on the tops of their cribs.
Carol turned to Jessica. “Do you really want to go to the Zoo?” She asked, “We’re dressed as babies?”
“I don’t think Nanny will be mean to us if we behave so just relax and enjoy being a baby. It will be fun I promise you.”
Carol looked at the friend as she curled up in her crib with a stuffed animal and fell asleep sucking her thumb. Carol soon did the same.
Around five in the morning as the dawn broke Jessica awoke and looked around. She was still in her crib. Her diapers were wet and messy but not leaking when she realized she was hearing some strange noises coming from Carol’s crib she looked over. In her crib Carol was kneeling with her head bent forward and her but in the air. Jessica watched Carol as she rocked and rhythmically moved back and forth her hands buried between her legs pressing on her diapered crotch. Soon Carol started to moan and shake, Jessica watched as her best friend reached her orgasm and collapsed in her crib. Carol looked over at Jessica to find her awake.
“I told you diapers could be fun.” Jessica said as she started rubbing her padded crotch. A euphoric feeling overtook her as the warm wet material pressed and stimulated her most delicate places. Carol now watched as Jessica neared orgasm. Suddenly she gave a moan followed by a loud squelching noise. Carol’s eyes open wide with amazement as the back of Jessica’s diapers expanded as a huge brown mess filled them to capacity. Carol watched as Jessica continued to play with herself rubbing herself faster and harder, oblivious to the fact that her diapers leaked over the top of her plastic pants and her mess was starting to climb up her back. Jessica again shuddered and gasped before she fell flat on her crib’s mattress and she fell back asleep.
Carol watched her for a little while longer but now feeling more turned on than before. Why was it that watching her best-friend playing with herself that aroused her? As she turned over and went back to sleep she decided it must be the diapers.
It was around eight that morning when Nanny came into the nursery to awaken the sleeping teens. Carol was the first to awaken and while Jessica slept Carol’s wet messy diapers were changed and she was dressed for breakfast. Just a T-shirt and her diapers, nothing very special, but easy to clean-up after since “babies are so messy when they eat.” Said Nanny.
Next she walked over to Baby Jessica’s crib. Jessica lay still sleeping on her tummy Nanny looked at her and sighed. “Baby Jessica you are such a messy little girl. Yes you are a messy little one.” She cooed in baby talk as she helped her out of her crib trying not to smear her mess any further than it had already spread up her back. Nanny told Jessica to stand right where she was and not to move or she would be sorry. Next she took Carol to the playpen in the den and locked her in. “Play nice while I clean up Baby Jessica.” She then went back up stair.
Fearing a spanking or perhaps something worse Jessica has stood still waiting for Nannies return. “Come on baby, off to the bath tub for you.” Jessica was then placed in the bathtub where her diapers were removed and she was given a short bath. She was next dress similar to Carol and led to the den then to breakfast.
“Well babies I’ve given a lot of thought to where to take you next. I know that Jessica would like to go to the Zoo but the best Zoo is a four-hour drive. So I decided that we’ll go to the Zoo but I’ve also made us some reservation at a hotel so we don’t have to come home that late at night. I also have gotten you something special I’ll show you after breakfast.” The girls quickly ate their breakfasts and went into the living room for their surprise. They were each given a bag that contained what look like a pull on diapers. “What’s this Nanny.” Jessica asked.
“It’s a special diaper designed for babies when they swim. That way you won’t have to worry about your diapers becoming waterlogged and falling off again. With these you can swim like any other baby and not make a mess of the pool.” “We can’t swim at the zoo.” Carol said.
“That is true but you can at the hotel.” Nanny told the girls. “I hope you two don’t mind sharing a bed?”
“No nanny.” Carol said as Jessica nodded in agreement.
“Okay so today you can go along an play while I get everything ready for our trip.” Nanny then gave the girls their morning bottles and placed the girls outside in the playpen. Nanny spent the rest of the day packing, diapers, formula, bottles, and any other baby things they might need on a long car trip.
After Jessica had finished her bottle she looked at Carol and smiled.
“What?” Carol said.
“I was just thinking, isn’t it strange that a few days ago we were opposed to being treated like a baby now that we know what it like, I rather enjoy it.” Carol crawled over the Jessica.
“To tell you the truth, I’m having fun as well.” Carol said.
“I know I saw you last night.” Jessica said with a playful giggle.
“And who did the same thing right after she watched me?” Carol said to her friend as she to was now laughing.
“I can’t wait for out trip,” Jessica said, “And I don’t care who sees us.”
“You’re kidding aren’t you?” Carol responded.
“No I’m not. I’m really very happy being a baby.” Jessica said her face turning red with embarrassment.
“You know what?” Carol whispered. “I love being a baby but only with you and nanny. It’s going to take a little while for me to be comfortable being out in public in diapers dressed as a toddler.”
“Don’t worry the way it sound we have a whole summer to get used to it.” Jessica said.
“Yes but what happens after that?” Carol asked. “Do you think our parent will send us to school dressed like this in diapers and all?”
“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind going to school in diapers, who’s going to know?”
“Okay Miss Messy Pant,” Carol asked, “Who is going to change us.”
“The school nurse could I guess? But let’s not worry about that we have three month off, so relax and enjoy the moment.”
The rest of the day went by pretty uneventful until that night. I was around six and still light when the two girls were bathed and sent to bed.
“Nanny why are we going to be now?” Jessica asked.
“We have a big day tomorrow and I want you to get enough sleep, because I’m not going to put up with fussy babies.”
“Okay Nanny. Good night Nanny.” Jessica said as she curled up with her teddy bear and thumb. Carol soon did the same.