The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 7-9

Here are parts 7 through 9 any and all feed back will be appreciated.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 7

The trip home from the zoo was uneventful as was the next week. After being back about a week Nanny got a strange phone called. For days afterward she was acting different. That Friday she brought the girls into the house and sat them down for a little chat.
“Girls I recently got a phone call from my brother. His wife is in the hospital and she will be there for at least the next two weeks. He needs me to keep and eye on his ranch. So how would you like to spend a couple of weeks on the farm? He has many animals that we will need to help feed and water but other wise we would have our own house, he has a guest cabin. Would you girls be interested?” Nanny waited for the girls to reply.
“What types of animals does he have?” “Can we play with them?” The two girls started to bombard nanny. “Is there a place to swim?” “What else is there to do.”
“All your question will be answered when we get there, I’ve already packed you things for the next two weeks.” Both girls looked at each other with surprise that’s what Nanny had been up to. After lunch the girl piled their things into the car and made the one-hour drive to the farm. Once they arrived after settling in to the guest cabin the two girls were given two boxes.
“What’s this?” Jessica asked.
“Well open it an see.” Inside the box were two pairs of bib-overall perfect for wearing around the farm. Jessica was quick to notice a long line of snaps in the crotch just for diaper changing. Both girls quickly changed in to their farm wear and began to wonder around the place. The first place they went was the barn, there they met found the two horses and four goats. As they were wondering about the noticed that they were being followed. Jessica stopped and looked back to notice that there were about 10 cats in tow. The two girls decided that they would head down by the creeks but before they go the chance Nanny called them to help feed the animals.
By the time they had all the animals fed it was time for supper, and after a bath and diaper change the girls were fast asleep in bed. The next day Nanny got the girls up early and had them help her do the chores, then at about ten she told them that they could spend the rest of the day exploring.
Jessica and Carol set out wearing matching short-tails and T-shirts, the passed through the meadow and wondered down to the creeks. The both eventually led to a large pond but the first creek had a small cement enclosure built off to the side of it. As the girl walked up to the enclosure they noticed a front-end loader heavily covered in dark black mud. The closer they got they noticed that the large enclosure was a large pond of run off from the other farms.
Carol walked up to the large mud puddle and pushed in a stick to look at the depth. Before she could pull it out Jessica had run up and jumped in sinking in the mud up to her breast. “Come on in!” The giggling Jessica called to her friend as she neared the bank. Before Carol could make up her mind whether to join her friend or not Jessica grabbed her leg and pulled her in.
Carol landed with a loud splat as her diapered butt struck the mud. Jessica then quickly made tracks for the other side. “Oh no you don’t.” Carol cried out as she grabbed Jessica by the straps of her short-tails. Jessica quickly lost her balance and slipped back sinking under the mud for a second before she surfaced giggling, covered in the dark black muck. The two spent the next few minutes happily wrestling in the mess.
Back at the ranch Nanny was beginning to wonder what had happened to her baby girls. She left the farmhouse and wondered down the trail where they had last seen them. As she near the mud hole she heard the two laughing and playing she stood upon the upper part of the dam and looked down at the two mud covered girl. “I remember all the animal on this farm but I don’t remember two piggies being part of them.” The two girls suddenly stopped playing and looked up at Nanny with surprise. “Come on piggies follow me and I’ll get you clean.”
The two girls crawled out of the mud and followed Nanny as short way down to where the stream met another stream and then merged into a large pond. One side of the pond had cut grass and a sandy shore, as raft floated in the center. “Well go on in and get cleaned up.”
The two girls tentatively wadded into the water once they decided that the temperature was all right the both began to swim and rinse the mud off. As they did they noticed that Nanny had gone, Not thinking anything of it they continued to swim until they were thoroughly clean the their diapers were soaked to the point of falling off. As they headed towards shore they noticed Nanny waiting for them with two towels and a large blanket lay out on the grass. As they climbed out Nanny gave them a towel and led over to the blanket. There she removed their wet clothes, dried them off. Next they were changed into clean diapers and dry T-shirts. Nanny gave them their sandals and they headed for the cabin. That afternoon the two babies took their nap outside on the grass under a large tree. Several of the farm’s cats took advantage of the sleeping babies and cuddled up to them. Nanny woke them for supper and next a bath after that they were allowed to watch TV until it was time for the babies to go to bed. “Sleep tight girls, tomorrow we have another busy day ahead of us. And if you can no playing in the mud tomorrow okay?” The two girls giggled as Nanny turned off the light and went to her own bedroom. Carol was quick to cuddle up to Jessica after a quick kiss they fell a sleep in each other’s arms.
Shortly before dawn Jessica awoke her diapers were soaked and contained the visiting hand of Carol. Jessica would have liked to play but now she was having extremely painful stomach cramps. Before she knew it she over flowed her diapers with a huge liquid mess. The camps continued as her body pumped out wave after wave of liquid brown poop. As this was happening Carol had awaken with the same cramps. Before long she too was over flowing her diapers as well.
“I don’t feel too good,” Jessica said to Carol through tears she was now crying in pain.
“I think I’ve go the same thing,” Carol concluded as she too had begun to cry from the pains in stomach.
Nanny, ever mindful, heard the crying over the baby monitor in the girl’s room and came to investigate. As she opened the bed room door was assaulted by the terrible stench of poop. She quickly turned on the light to see the two girls laying doubled over holding their stomachs in a bed covered with poop. Nanny sighed then said, “Okay babies stay right where you are.” She then left the room a short time later she returned with a pile of old newspapers. After she made a trail from the girl’s bedroom to the bathroom across the hall did she have the girls get up and walk there. The two girls were then ordered to stand in the bathtub. Grabbing the shower massager she gently rinsed off the two. Next she had them remove their diaper and again she hosed them off. As she washed them Jessica’s stomach cramped and she sprayed a mess of liquid poop all over the wall behind her. “Jessica!” Nanny scolded but not for long as she realized that the girls were really sick.
Once she had them clean she left the room and instead of the disposable diaper they had been used Nanny returned with the thick cloth diapers and plastic pant that they normally wore at home. “I’m glad I packed these, Okay babies who goes first?” Nanny asked.
Jessica slowly stepped forward and was quickly diapered in her favorite thick cloth diapers. A short time later Carol was too diapered. “Now girls when you were playing in the run off pit did you get any of the mud in your mouths?” Jessica and Carol both nodded. “I was afraid of that. That mud isn’t there to be played in. That is the run off from the farmer’s fields up stream and it contains chemical and bacteria that can hurt you. You too go lay down in the playpen, I’ve made you a bed in there and I’ll go get the sheet and start the wash.”
Jessica and Carol slowly made their way to the playpen once there Nanny opened the gate then tucked them in. “In the morning I’ll called the doctor so her can see what you got into, now get some sleep.” Nanny gave each girl a bottle of pedilyte and a kiss on the forehead and went to clean up the mess the girls had made in their bed and on the newspapers leading from the bedroom.
Later that morning the two woke up much later and even messier than usual, and the stomach cramps had not gone away. Nanny entered the room and said, "Good morning babies time for a diaper change. As Nanny changed them she told them that she had called the doctor and he would be by that afternoon. Normally the girls would have felt scared and upset at that news but today they barely had energy enough to drink their bottle that Nanny had brought them. After they finished them the quickly fell back to sleep.
Jessica and Carol sleep through much of the doctors visit only awakening when he drew blood from their arms, but they didn’t stay awake for long. The doctor gave the girls a shot of antibiotics and told Nanny that he would call later with the test results. Later that afternoon Nanny got a call from the doctor, the girls were suffering from the effect of ingesting E.coli, Enterobacter bacteria. He also told Nanny that he would give her a prescription for the girls to take as well. He told Nanny to continue to push fluids and the infection should clear up with in the next couple of days.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 8

After 2 days of being indoors Jessica and Carol were feeling a little better or at least cooped up. Nanny decided that it would be okay for the girls to venture out in to the yard. Dressed in their diapers and T-shirts they wondered the yard checking on the animal and coming to rest under a large tree on a blanket Nanny had laid out for them.
Jessica and Carol over the next several day continued to improve and soon were back to wondering the farm, only now the avoided the mud pit fearing a return of what they had just gotten over.
On one of their wonderings they were playing by the creek in diapers and T-shirts when the sky started to darken. “Looks like a storm is coming,” said Jessica, “we should go back.”
Carol looked to the sky, “Na, I don’t thing it will be here for awhile and we’re not that far from the house.” The girls continued to play making boats out of sticks and leaves and racing them down stream. As they played Nanny began to worry, there was a storm warning and they should be back soon. Before she could go and look for the girls, the storm broke.
The storm broke above them sending a bolt of lightening striking a tree across the stream not far from where they were playing. The girls screamed and began running home. As they did the cold rain came down in blinding sheets stinging their exposed skin making them shiver. As they ran disoriented through the woods heading toward where they thought was the farm, they were really running the wrong way. Soon they came to a battered and run down house, abandon a long time ago by some unknown owner. The front door was ajar and though it didn’t look pretty at least is was out of the storm. Jessica grabbed Carol by the arm and pulled her to the abandon house.
The porch and floorboards creaked as they were walked on. Carol looked at Jessica; “Do you have any idea where we are?”
“No, but at least were out to the storm.” Jessica responded leading Carol further into the house. The house was in shambles, pieced of busted furniture and broken glass lettered the floors. They walked through the pallor, into another sitting room there little it was a little cleaner and there was a bench they could sit on. “Nanny got to be really worried bout us, but how can we contact her?”
“We can’t until the storm ends.” Carol concluded.
“So what now?” Jessica asked.
“We stay here are wait out the storm.”
“I can’t just sit here,” Jessica said taking Carol by the arm, “let’s look around.” Jessica led her from the sitting room into the kitchen there they would several candles and some farm’s matches remarkable they still lit. Guided by the light of the candles they wondered around the ground floor of the home. Until they came to the stairs. Jessica slowly advanced fearful that they might give way, Carol followed in the footsteps. The stairs creaked ominously as they were trod upon but they held. The up stairs were in a bit better shape than the ground floor. There they found two bedrooms both had some clothes in their closets most of it moth eaten and in tatters due to age, and a bed frame, and chest of drawers. Jessica found a broken mirror and Carol found an elaborately decorated comb but little else. At the end of the hall they found a nursery containing a crib and mattress and broken changing table and a ceramic-coated metal diaper pail. In the closet were several quits intact but smelling of mothballs. The each took a quilt and wrapped it around them and sitting in the crib cuddled together for warmth and fell a sleep.
Nanny watched and waited for the girls growing more anxious as time went on. After 15 minutes she had dress and steeled herself to go out and find them when the power went out, next the weather radio’s alarm rang out. As tornado warning was in effect a funnel had been sighted moving east from highway 23. Nanny realized that meant it was headed right at the farm. She quickly abandoned her idea of searching for the girls and went to the storm cellar to wait out the storm.
Unaware that they were in danger the girls slept in the abandon house until, they were awoken by what sound like a freight train. The entire house shook and as they cuddled together they head the windows shatter sending glass every where. With quilts pulled over their heads and huddling together in tears Jessica noticed that everything was moving. Before they could react the entire house fell crashing to the ground sending the girls, crib, mattress and all into the woods.
Nanny ran up from the basement right after the all clear was sounded. She ran out into the farmyard noting that it was largely intact she took the phone and called 911.
“Pierce county 911, what is the nature of your emergency?”
“This Erin Farewell and my two girls were out in the storm and I have no idea where they are. My farm is a 228 rural route 1.”
“Did you say rural route 1?”
“Yes I did, why?”
“Ma’am I’m sending two officers to help you, the tornado touched down near rural route 1.”
“You mean that they girls may have been caught up in the tornado’s path?”
“That is possible ma’am we have officers in the area surveying the damage.” As nanny was finishing on the phone two sheriff deputies pulled up outside. Nanny quickly hung up the phone and ran out to meet them. She gave the two officers description of the two girls, when she mention that they were wearing diapers, both officers thought it to be kind of strange but stayed professional. As they spoke one of the radios toned an alert; the officer excused himself to listen to the message.
Two young girls have been found in the wreckage of and abandon house near rural route 1. They are being taken to St. Agnes hospital, nothing further on their condition is known. The Officer quickly interrupted Nanny and the other officer. “Ma’am they have found your girls, right now they are being taken to St. Agnes hospital.”
“Oh no,” Nanny said her knees starting to buckle from the shock. Quickly the officers grabbed hold of her so she didn’t hit the ground. “We can take you to the hospital if you like?” The officer offered. Nanny got up and they both proceed to the hospital.
Nanny burst though the Emergency room door and ran up to the admitting desk the officer following right behind her. “Where are the two girls that were brought in?” She asked the lady at the desk.
“In room two, are you their mother?”
“No but right now I’m their guardian while their parent are away.” As they spoke a doctor came up to the front desk.
“Excuse me, have you been able to contact the parents of the two girls that have been brought in?”
“No, but this woman is claiming to be their guardian.” The doctor looked at Nanny. “Are you the one they call Nanny?”
“Yes, good then come with me.” The doctor led Nanny down the corridor into a large trauma treatment room. There she saw a battered and bruised Carol and Jessica. Both girls were ecstatic to see her.
“Girls are you okay?” Nanny asked them. “What happened to you?”
“We got lost,” Jessica said weakly as a nurse and doctor placed a binder over her ribs.
“And then…And then… we found this old house,” Carol added as she was having her right arm put in a cast, “and we fell asleep.”
“Then the tornado came,” Jessica said holding an ice pack to the left side of her head.
Nanny hugged the girls, “It’s okay, you’ll be fine.” “How are the girl’s and when can I take them home?” Nanny asked the doctor.
“Well Jessica has several broken ribs and a slight concussion, Carol has broken her arm in two places and we’ve removed several pieces of glass and placed about 15 stitches in the back of her head, but other wise the girls are in remarkably good shape considering their ordeal.”
“But when can they come home?” Nanny again asked.
The doctor looked at Nanny then the two girls, “In about and hour, and I’ll have instruction written up you to follow.”
As she held the one of the nursed asked, “What do you want done with the cloth diapers they had on? We’ve rinse them out for you and put them in a plastic bag along with their clothes. You can keep the gowns that they have on. Also Jessica has what looks like the beginning of a bad case of diaper rash, you’re going to have to keep and eye on it.”
An hour later Nanny was getting the girls ready to go home, when the doctor came in with his list of things the girls needed down. “Jessica is to stay in bed for the next couple days you can use Tylenol or Motrin for pain, after that she still should take it easy. Carol is to have one of these pill every four hour for pain, elevate her arm and keep her cast clean and dry, it should come off in about a 4-6 weeks depending on how well it is healing. Any questions?”
“No,” said Nanny as she led the girls out of the hospital to the sheriff’s car the same officer had agreed to drive them back to the farm. The trip took about an hour and soon they were home Nanny change the girls diaper both were quite wet she smooth a layer of cream over their bottoms before pinning them into the clean dry diapers. After as few final preparations she gave the girls their bottles and put the girls to bed. She then went to look at the damages to the farm. Just a few shingles off the barn but all else was well. She started the generator out in the barn and returned to the house and the sleeping girls.
That night all was quiet, the power came back on around three in the morning awakening the girls as the TV screamed of static. Nanny went a shut it off and checked the girl’s diapers. Jessica was acting quite spacey but did finally respond, “It hurts to breath Nanny,” she whined as Nanny changed her messy diaper. After she was clean and dry she went down stair and came back with four Tylenol chewable and a bottle of milk. Jessica took the pills began to suckled on her bottle, in no time she was asleep.
Carol was easier to deal with after her medication she too had her diapers changed and a new bottle and again she was fast asleep.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 9

Jessica and Carol spent the next two days resting, Nanny had called their parent and told them about the storm and the ordeal they had, but as with everything had and end that weekend they would be going home from the farm. They spent the rest of the week saying good-bye to their animal friends and on that Friday they headed for home.
Jessica’s was almost over her concussion but her ribs were still healing the same was with Carol arm. Carol had developed a minor complication since breaking her arm. She had been taking pain pills that contained codeine and had only pooped once in that last week, by the time they arrived home Carol was really crabby and complaining of feeling bloated.
When they got home after they unpacked and settled back in Nanny called Carol into the bathroom. Carol came in followed closely by Jessica, there Nanny met them with a strange contraption. The two girls looked with dismay at the rubber bag suspended from the shower, the long white hose and the black nozzle. Nanny took Carols diaper off and had her lay over her lap. Carol did as she was told and soon she felt Nanny smearing something in and around her rectum. Next she inserted the nozzle, Carol yelped and it was inserted. Jessica stared wide-eyed as her friend received her enema. Nanny released the clamp and soon the soapy water was filling Carol’s behind. As Jessica watched her friend she became interested and when Nanny took out the nozzle and put a clean diaper on Carol, Jessica asked if she could be next.
“Baby Jessica,” Nanny said as she finished diapering the uncomfortable Carol, “you’ve been going poop just fine you don’t need an enema.”
“But I want one, why does Carol get one and I don’t.” Jessica continued to whine, finally Nanny relented. The bag was again filled the nozzle re-lubricated and Jessica soon had her bowels fill with the warm soapy solution. Jessica was diapered and placed with Carol in the playpen. “Now be good babies and hold that in as long as you can,” Nanny said knowing well that neither girl had much control over their bowel or bladder anymore. Carol and Jessica played uncomfortably for about five minutes until Carol gave a grown and Jessica watched with amazement as her diapers bulged and her stomach made all sorts or wet farting sounds. This went on for almost 20 minutes until she lay down on her stomach spent. As Jessica watched she felt herself becoming excited and reached her hand down the front of her wet diaper to and began to play with her clit as her orgasm occurred she released her enema. She was the next to lay down exhausted her whole diaper area covered in a warm slippery layer or poop.
Carol looked at Jessica and smiled at her friend lost in a post-orgasmic daze, she reached out and felt her loaded diaper, pushing down she could feel the mess slide about in her friend’s pants. As Jessica came around she did the same to Carol. Carol’s diapers were much fuller than hers and immediately started to ooze their brown contents outside of her diapers and plastic pants. “Wow Carol you were really full of shit.” Jessica said with a mischievous grin on her face as Carol joined in the game of playing with the contents of her overflowing diaper. Before they could make themselves an even bigger mess Nanny came in.
“Oh no look’s like these babies could use a bath.” She said as she looked at the two. She helped them up and marched them into the bathroom after covering Carol’s cast with plastic she removed the girl’s diapers and placed them in a warm bath. Nanny washed the girls’ hair then gave them several tub toys to play with as she let them soak in the warm bath. Once Nanny was out of sight the used the opportunity to explore the other naked body. Jessica moved in close and began to suckle on Carol’s breasts. Carol responded with a soft moan, then she slid her hand between her friend’s thighs and began to fondle her clit. The two girls were too caught up in their game to notice that Nanny was watching from the door. Nanny let them play until she for about and hour before taking the out of the tub diapered them. The two girls were the let out in the playpen in the back yard and left playing until it was time to get ready for bed.
The two girls played with their toys and discussed their trip all the while both girls were making many productive wet farts and giggling after them. By the time Nanny came to get them, both girls were carrying quite a load in their pants aside from being very wet. Again Nanny changed her baby girls and got them ready for bed giving each of them a warm bottle of milk and a kiss before she raised the side of their cribs and told them good night.
The next morning Jessica awoke before Carol and noticed that she was very messy. She smiled as she felt and pushed on her messy diaper, in the new morning sun she notice that her diaper were stained a messy brown all over her rear and part way up her front. She place her hand on the outside and pushed and could feel the sticky mess that coated her ass and over her hairless pussy. As she was enjoying herself Carol awoke and was watching her.
“Enjoying yourself?” Carol asked.
“Aren’t you?” Jessica said.
“Yes I am enjoying my dirty diapers but you seem to be having more fun with them than I do.” Carol concluded.
“Bet you I’m messier than you are?” Jessica said turned to show her brown stained and bulging diaper to her friend. Jessica then spread her legs showing her crotch and added to her mess with a fresh pile of poop and a warm shower of pee.
Carol looked at her diaper after watching her friend filled hers. “Better not make too much of a mess or you’ll mess your bed.” Carol cautioned, but noticed that Jessica was to caught-up in playing with her messy pant to hear her. Soon Jessica moaned and bucked on her hand as an orgasm over took her. As she came she leaked and just then Nanny came in.
With a sudden swat to the bottom Jessica’s fun was ended, she quickly looked up was Nanny began to scold her for making such a mess. “Baby Jessie what am I going to do with you? I know since you like being messy I think you can just stay that way for the rest of the morning, but first let’s strip you bed.” Jessica’s crib was stripped and she was left lying on her plastic coated mattress in her overflowing diaper. Nanny then gave her some toys and locked the top of the crib. Carol was taken into the bathroom, changed and given a bath. Next she was placed in the playpen in the living room. The morning for Carol was fairly uneventful. She passed the time watching cartoon and playing with stuffed animals, but it wasn’t the same with out Jessica.
After about an hour of playing with her toys and messy diaper Jessica’s bottom started to hurt. As time went on it felt like she had been given the spanking of her life as her bottom felt as if it was on fire. About and hour before lunch Nanny came in to find a miserable Baby Jessica sobbing in her crib.
“Okay baby lets get you out of that mess.” Jessica was led into the bathroom Nanny had her stand in the tub as she removed her plastic pants. Her plastic pants left brown streaks down her leg as they were pulled off, and next a completely poop coated diaper was removed from between her legs. Nanny then rinsed the rest of the mess of with the shower massager. Jessica looked down as the mess was removed to find a bright red and raw area of diaper rash completely covering her backside and front. Nanny gently bathed Jessica before coating her in a thick layer of desitin and diapering her again. Jessica waddled into the living room and crawled into the playpen, but she didn’t feel like playing.
“Jessie, what’s wrong?” Carol asked as she hugged her best friend.
Jessica sobbed in her arms, “Diaper Rash!” That was all she said before she broke down in tear again. Nanny came in with a bottle for each of them. “Now baby Jessica have we learned not to play with the contents of our messy diaper?”
“Ah-ha,” Jessica sobbed.
“Now have your bottle, I’m not going to punish you anymore.” Nanny said as she gave Jessica her bottle and then a kiss. She did the same to Carol before telling them that lunch would be read in about an hour so play nice until then.
After lunch Nanny gathered the babies and their thing together and drove them to their doctor’s office. Jessica and Carol waited nervously in the office watching the real babies play, hoping that no one they knew would come and see them. But the anxiety was unfounded when the Nurse came and took them to a room. There they were seen by the Doctor and then sent to have X-rays taken. After three X-ray each the girls were again back in the examination room. “Well Jessica it looks like you ribs are healing fine so you can stop wearing the binder. Carol today we are going to remove you cast and give you a brace to wear I’m also going to sent you to some physical therapy so you can gain the strength back in that arm. Any question or concerns Miss Farewell?”
“No that will be about it.”
“Good then I will see Carol back here in four weeks.” The nurse then shown them out and they got their next appointment date. On the way home they stopped for Chinese and then headed home.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 7-9

While the spelling and grammar were okay, try a little plot and character development next time. Oh, and a dash of logic and believability would be nice.

I’ll give you credit for having both hands typing (or at least typing very slowly with one hand) but this is still a wanking story if I ever read it.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 7-9

I don’t mean to offend, and my opinion doesn’t really have any weight since I’m mostly a lurker and have never really contributed to this community. That said, I’m a little confused. Aren’t almost all of these stories “wanking stories”? At least personally, I read the stories here because I have a fetish and these stories turn me on. When I want to read literature I don’t turn to mundane naturalistic stories about teenage girls who don’t happen to wear diapers. On the matter of believability, I don’t think really any of the stories on this site could be rightly said to be believable. Some more than others, sure, but I think everyone is aware that this reflects more fantasy than reality.
I like a lot of the more serious writing with multidimensional characters and surgical development. Those kind of stories undoubtedly have a place here and I don’t think you’ll find anyone willing to argue that here.
But I enjoy these kind of stories equally. Perhaps in a slightly different way, but I’m glad to have read it all the same. I wouldn’t read these stories if not for the diaper content, because it sexually excites me. This kind of story goes for the gut and revels in that, and I like it. And I wouldn’t just reduce these stories to quick and dirty written porn (like a fair amount of Deeker’s content), its just a little more in touch with the visceral response of the audience. True, beginning was a bit sloppy and obviously unrealistic, but from that point on I’ve found this story to be very cute and endearing, and yes, exciting.
Once again, by no means am I discounting or dismissing the more serious, developed writing on this forum, there is no question that these are valuable and worthwhile. But why be so quick to discount these stories? They’re light, fun, and exciting. I view it as similar to the difference between jazz and pop music. When I’m in the mood, Coltrane can take me to another dimension through his art. But sometimes I’m just in the mood for some catchy Beatles. And in a community where the single unifying and necessary theme of all stories is that its rooted in a sexual fetish, I don’t think its too outrageous to enjoy and encourage stories that cut to the heart of that theme.
Anyways, just my thoughts.

Jedward87: Sorry for hijacking your thread here. As I said beginning was a bit sloppy but I’m really enjoying the story now, would love to see more from you.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 7-9

Thank you, Vickie. I use believable in place of plausible a lot.

As for “going for the gut”, I’ll have to agree with you there. Almost made me puke how bad this was.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 7-9

Isn’t this just semantics? Plausible = Realistic = Believable. The caveat you put to realistic was “within the chosen realm”, but isn’t that just a way of saying “within what you choose to not be realistic”? I recognize that many stories stay very realistic with a few key exceptions (the parent after much provocation goes with an untraditional and bizarre form of punishment by placing the child back into diapers; the child resists as any real child would except to the point of walking out or physical defense; after the child has gotten used to diapers they not only don’t mind them but invariably begin to enjoy them). The story is purely realistic except at the points where strict realism would detract from desired plot, at which points a very subtle nudge of fantasy can keep the story on track. Isn’t the collection of “nudges” just the defining characterizations of a given “realm” (a world with magic, a world where diaper discipline is acceptable/common, etc). All stories are 100% realistic within their realm, because it is the stories unrealistic features that define its realm.

In Jedward87’s realm, it is apparently possible to obtain all these items very quickly. Still, I understand and appreciate what you mean. Unrealistic stories that seem “more realistic” have strict and often explicit exceptions, and these exceptions are a major theme of the story, not just convenient concessions (e.g. a world with monsters). They are almost a realistic study of what our world would be like given a few specific tweaks. I agree that an explanation reflects more care and thought in the authors work.

But there are numerous respected and enjoyed works that forgo such strict adherence to a “realistic” story within the confines of specific unrealistic factors. As you suggested, animation comes to mind. Loony Toons, for example, is much more “implausible” than some of the most extreme cases on this board, yet is it automatically less entertaining or valuable than a less ludicrous (and perhaps less exciting) show? Even in more realistic cartoons, say the early Simpsons, there are huge plot holes and concessions left unexplained (ridiculously well-timed coincidences, characters conveniently wearing watches in scenes when they have to check the time, nonsensical plot developments, and extreme concessions of reality for the sake of a quick joke). The Simpsons doesn’t pride itself on being realistic, it prides itself on being entertaining. In some anime series the main characters will fight wave after wave of seemingly-invincible enemies, manage to just barely overpower them, and continue on to the next exponentially-stronger enemy. Yet if they were to encounter one of their later enemies towards the beginning of their story, they’d surely be killed like a bug.
Sitcoms, cartoons, canonized literature, and even classical Greek theater (deus ex machina) feature unrealistic and often unexplained developments for the sake of plot advancement and/or entertainment.

I don’t think I ever said that everyone was into this for a sexual kick, I apologize if it came off that way. I do, however, think I’m safe to say that a large portion, if not an overwhelming majority, of people here read and contribute stories of this specific nature in part because of sexual excitement or interest. I’m sure there are also people here who do not view it sexually at all, but as a lifestyle choice with no sexual connotations. That’s why I’m not suggesting we discourage non-sexual, relatively “un-exciting” diaper stories. But I wouldn’t restrict everyone to that group’s standards and preferences either. I believe that to a large portion of this community the sexual excitement/arousal/interest/satisfaction (if not directly sexual, but indirectly through psychological states of mind (comfort, submission, etc)) experienced through these stories account for their main, if not singular, motivation towards reading and contributing them. Personally, I classify myself as an AB/DL, but it is not at all a lifestyle. My thoughts and actions concerning AB/DL-topics is fueled almost entirely by my sexual interest in it. I would not go out of my way to read any of these stories if they did not involve AB/DL themes or if I was not sexually aroused by AB/DL themes.
Once again, I don’t think that everyone here is similar to me in that respect. But I also don’t think that I and like-minded individuals comprise an insignificant minority, or possibly a minority at all.

All of us here enjoy a relatively small and funneled community. There are only so many places for quality AB/DL stories, but this is also a great positive in that in breeds a tighter community with a sense of familiarity.
Many here would also acknowledge that from the mainstream perspective, we enjoy a bizarre and strange community. I believe this also reaps a great boon: empathy. It instills, firsthand, the realization that difference and deviation does not equal inferiority, that marginalized perceptions do not reflect reality. We are not a community of insane creepy perverts with pedophilic tendencies. Compared to the mainstream, our community’s peculiarity is almost comical. But it is still a very real thing to each and every one of us. We are a community of adult babies and diaper lovers. We should be the most open, accepting, non-judgmental, empathetic, appreciative, and caring community on the planet.
I’m not ashamed of my fetish because I recognize their is nothing wrong with it. I’m extremely grateful for my fetish because of the gift of perspective, humility, and empathy that this recognition brings.

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 7-9

    plau•si•ble 1.having an appearance of truth or reason; seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; credible; [b]believable[/b]: a plausible excuse; a plausible plot.

    2.pertaining to, characterized by, or given to the representation in literature or art of things as they really are: a realistic novel.
    3.resembling or simulating real life: a duck hunter skilled at making realistic decoys.

    Capable of eliciting belief or trust. See Synonyms at plausible.

    The scientific or philosophical study of the relations of words and their meanings.
    Note: Semantics is commonly used to refer to a trivial point or distinction that revolves around mere words rather than significant issues: “To argue whether the medication killed the patient or contributed to her death is to argue over semantics.”

Not only do these words mean very nearly the same thing, but in this context their meaning is essentially the same. Your distinction came from the addendum “within the realm you have chosen”. So we have to define realm. In this context, realm means the environment the characters live in, often separate from the reality we know. These differences or “exceptions” from reality define the fictional realm. So when I say “strict adherence to a “realistic” story within the confines of specific unrealistic factors” or “stories stay very realistic with a few key exceptions” it means the same thing as when you say “things have to be realistic within the realm you have chosen for the story”. My point was that your definition and distinction of “plausible” was circular logic. If a story is unrealistic/unbelievable it is implausible. The difference is you glorify some unrealistic factors with the term “realm” and condemned others with the term “implausible”.
Then, I demonstrated that I did understand your underlying point, that your decision on what to classify as a part of the “realm” and what to classify as incongruent with the conception of the “realm” was not merely arbitrary. That you valued unrealistic elements that were explicitly stated, consistently followed, and characterized the story. For example, a story with the unrealistic element of monsters, say Pokemon, could still be “plausible” if the characters acted realistically towards everything including the unrealistic element. Furthermore the unrealistic element is inseparable from the premise and drives the story, rather than used as a device of convenience or laziness on the author’s part. Pokemon are essential to the story, not because it would be too hard and tiresome to describe a story without Pokemon. This is what I believe you meant by “realm”.
My point is that there is not a clear line between A. Stories that are “implausible” because of their unrealistic elements and B. Stories that are “plausible” or “realistic within their chosen realm” or “realistic within the confines of their unrealistic elelments”. So the same story can be called implausible because of its unrealistic elements, or those unrealistic elements can be called a “realm” and be called plausible.
But I understood what you were getting at: you prefer stories that have consistent, strict, purposeful unrealistic elements rather than stories that have arbitrary, ambiguous, convenient unrealistic elements.

He chose to write a story in which all things point to the world we know? Really?

You said the Loony Toons world is accepted to not be the world in which we live. How do you know that? Of course, from the presentation. You know that it is a children’s television program meant to entertain. With this knowledge in mind, we accept that Loony Toons is not meant to depict the world we live in.

Back to the story: How do you figure that the story was meant to depict the world we live in? As Loony Toons is a television program meant to entertain children, Jedward87’s story is an amateur story on the internet on a forum about stories that are specifically centered around an unrealistic sexual fetish. If his story was a professional play premiering at an art theater, I might agree with you that we can say he meant to depict reality, but it’s not. Furthermore, at the point where the alleged infringement occurs we haven’t even met our second main character, the story has not nearly finished establishing itself, how could you possibly pass judgment at that point on the “realm” of the story? And if you did read on into the story, you would plainly see that it is not at all a story meant to depict the world we live in. The two girls reveal a sexual attraction to each other and very quickly begin enjoying their diapers.
You are calling the first unrealistic element in the exposition “implausible” instead of an establishment of the “realm”.
It’s analogous to watching the first few seconds of a Loony Toons cartoon, dismissing the fact that it is a children’s television show, and thinking “A rabbit eating a carrot. This must mean to depict the world we live in”. Then four seconds in the rabbit talks and you decrying the creator of the cartoon because,

And finally,

It had to do with the reaction to the story.
If I need to be blunt my point was this: a lot, if not most, if not practically all, of the people in this community are here because they are sexually attracted/gratified by the central unifying crux of the community, AB/DL. Just as theres nothing wrong with stories that are not very sexually exciting, there is also nothing wrong with stories that are more aware and aimed at that sexual excitement, especially considering the sexual nature of the community as I just described.
Finally, AB/DL is viewed as one of the most bizarre sexual fetishes or lifestyle choices. Obviously it is more than that to everyone here. One would hope that would bring empathy and acceptance to the community. It would be bizarre and hypocritical for an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover to judge, condemn, marginalize, and dismiss a homosexual person purely because they have “unnatural” or strange sexual desires. It’s even more bizarre for a small far-fringe community like our own to cannibalize itself, judge, condemn, marginalize, or dismiss others within the selfsame community for enjoying the same bizarre interests in a slightly different manner.