The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol 5-6

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 5

5:30 came rather fast and it seemed that only a few minutes had passed since Nanny had tucked them into their cribs only now she was awakening them. Jessica and Carol’s diapers were changed, they were dressed and given their breakfast by 6:30 they were starting the four-hour drive to the largest Zoo in the state.
Jessica and Carol both felt drowsy and slept for the first hour of the drive until Jessica awoke and was looking out at the countryside as it passed by. As lunchtime neared Nanny was watching the signs along the highway, soon she found a McDonalds and drove off at the ramp. “Well babies time to eat.” She said as she stopped the car in the parking lot. Nanny grabbed her the diaper bag as the two girls got out. As they stood stretching Nanny came around and checked their diapers both girls were wet and messy. “Okay babies time for a diaper change then we’ll eat.” Nanny held the girls’ hands as she led them into the restaurant and headed straight for the baby changing station in the bathroom. Jessica was the first to be changed. As she was getting her romper back on Carol was changed. Several women walked in as they were being changed and when they left the restaurant bathroom all eyes seem to be focused on them. They ordered their food and sat down to eat. As they were eating Jessica heard behind her.
“Mommy there’s the big girl I saw having her poopy diapers changed.” They quickly heard the child shushed by her mother. “Now be quite, some kids need diapers longer than others.” Jessica felt her face flush red she watched as Carol too had a red face with embarrassment.
Nanny stopped eating, “Pay them no never mind and finish your food. We have a two hour drive still a head of us.”
“Yes Nanny,” Carol said Jessica choosing to remain silent. As they got up and were walking to the door Jessica quite loudly filled her pants. Several kids around her age heard this and started laughing. “Ooh did the little baby fill her die-dees?” A girl teased as they were walking out to the car. “Do you need your pampers changed? I can baby-sit?” a girl volunteered. When they got to the car Nanny had Jessica lay down on the backseat so she could change her after she was done she was instructed to throw the diaper away in the garbage the come back to the car. Jessica quickly disposed of the messy diaper and again they were on their way.
The final two hours of the trip went much faster, the two girls kept up an almost constant chatter commenting on their trip and summer. Nanny listened with amazement as she heard Jessica saying that she like being a baby and how much fun it was to have no worries for a summer vacation. She heard Carol say that she didn’t mind being a baby but was very embarrassed by being taken out in public. Nanny turned back and told her not to worry that since they were so far away from home no one would know who they were. Carol felt some relief but was still uncomfortable with the public parade of her baby status. In what seem like no time they were pulling into the parking lot of a Holiday Inn. Nanny told them to wait in the car, as she would check them in and be back.
Carol and Jessica wanted to come in with Nanny but were surprised by the fact that they could not open the door. “Damn,” Carol said, “The child locks are on.”
“Don’t worry about it we’ll be out of here as soon as Nanny gets back.” No sooner had Jessica said that than Nanny did returned.
“Well babies we have a pool side room so I can keep and eye on you while you’re swimming. Let’s park and then I’ll take you to our room.” Nanny quickly found a close parking space and soon was leading the girls to their hotel room. Once inside she had the girls lay down on one of the beds. There was the crackle of plastic as the girls laid down on what was unmistakable their bed. Quickly they were changed into their swimming diapers and Nanny took them to the pool.
Jessica and Carol were a bit reluctant to get in the pool Jessica remembering the incidence at the beach. Slowly the wadded into the pool, both girls were pleasantly surprised that their diaper didn’t fill up and swell. There was not heaviness and they found that they could swim just fine. The two spent about two hours playing in the pool before Nanny had them come out so she could check them. Jessica though not dry, she had been swimming of course, she was clean, Carol on the other hand had dropped a large load inside her swimming diapers. Thankfully there was no leakage, so Nanny led them back to the room. There she rinsed out the swim diaper and diapered the girls as usual, this time placing them in matching sun-suits with ruffles on the rear-ends. The two girls then went and played in the hotel’s game room. What they didn’t know was that the back of the sun-suits had slid down and their plastic pants and diapers were clearly visible. Neither girl heard any comments but remained unaware of this until Nanny came to get them for dinner.
Nanny had ordered room service for the girls after they ate the girl were given their baths separately as the hotel bathtub was too small to hold the both of them and at seven they were placed in bed. Nanny gave each girl a bottle of warm milk as they nursed she said. “Sleep tight babies, tomorrow we’re going to the Zoo and you can see all the animals. Nightie-Night.”

The Adventures of Babies Jessica and Carol
Part 6

Jessica awoke before the others the next morning. It was early and the sun had just begun to rise. She rolled over feeling her wet messy diaper against her skin and smiled. Her head was a wash in mixed feelings. ‘Shouldn’t I be grossed out or up set? I’m lying here in a wet messy diaper dressed like a toddler, but I feel very happy. What is wrong with me?’ Jessica sat up and looked at Carol sleeping next to her feeling a strange sense of arousal. ‘This is wrong or should it be?’ As she watched Carol stirred, opening her eyes she looked at her friend. “Good Morning.”
Jessica was at first speechless then stammered out a quick, “Hi.”
“So how long have you been up?” She whispered.
“Not long, just thinking.”
“About the fact that you’re enjoying you summer as a baby, or over the fact that we’re attracted to each other?”
Jessica looked at her friend her mouth a gape; she could feel herself flushing red with embarrassment. Carol sat up and hugged her friend. “Don’t worry Jessie I’ve known you your whole like and I’ve felt it too.”
Jessica look at her friend, “It just seems so wrong.”
“But it feels so right.” Carol said running her hand up and down her back.
“Carol, don’t we both like boys?”
“Yes…” She was silent for a long moment, “but I think I like both.”
The two began to laugh before they noticed that nanny was beginning to awaken. Quickly the two hushed. Now the Jessica took the led and pulled Carol closer to her as the two began to playfully cuddle and hold each other. She slid her hand down between her friend’s legs and began to rub the front of her messy disposable diaper in to her crotch. Carol began to almost immediately respond her breathing became heavy and she pulled herself closer to her friend. Jessica continued her play until Carol was ready to cry out in orgasm. Before she got the chance Jessica planted her wet mouth over hers silencing her and Carol’s mind became a wash with her orgasm.
After Carol came down she leaned forward and pushed Jessica’s nightgown out the way and began to kiss and suckle on Jessica ample breasts. Jessica began to shudder. As she continued to pay attention to her friends breast she began to run her hand over Jessica messy diaper encased sex. She kneed and rubbed the front of her diaper smearing the mess slowly building Jessica up to an orgasm like her friend her treated her to just moment before. As Jessica came she watched as she held her breath to keep from crying out. The two then collapsed in each other’s arms and fell back to sleep.
The two girls slept for about and hour after their play session until they were awaken by Nanny. “Come on little girls it time to go to the zoo,” Nanny chimed. The two girls awoke and rubbed the sleep out of their eyes. First they were given bath and clean dry disposable diapers. Over the top of these they were dressed in a loose fitting sundress. Nanny tied their hair back into to ponytails and the two were as ready as they would ever be to go to the zoo. After the short ride the arrived at the Zoo. Though they had arrived early it was already getting crowded. “Now babies,” Nanny spoke to the as they left the car and walked to the gate, “You must stay with me as this a very large place and I don’t want to loose either of you. Now let’s hold hands and get going there is a lot to see.” Nanny shuffled the girls past the gate and paid for their tickets. Looking at the map nanny asked the two girls where they would like to go first? She got several answers neither of them the same so Nanny decided that they would go in the order that they were listed on the map.
The first attraction listed was the aviary, the Nanny and the girls wondered about the two girls looking at the colorful birds from around the world. Some were very active other just sat and stared. Jessica tried to provoke them by making strange noise and faced. She did this until she heard, then felt a sharp slap on her diapered bottom. She turned to find Nanny looking at her with a disapproving looking, Jessica knew better than to push her luck and decided to behave.
After that the two girls both excitedly urged Nanny over to the primate exhibit. The two girls spent at least an hour watching the monkeys and make faces and the chimps and apes. They both watched agape at the new baby orangutan. Both of them took note that the baby was wear a diaper, just like them. As they move on they encountered the Howler monkeys and then the Macaques as they played and groomed each other. Next Nanny suggested that they go to see the sea lion and seal show. Upon entering the arena the girls made a beeline to a set of seats nearest to the animals. As the show began and the animals began to splash about and the two teenage toddlers were soaked. As the show ended their sundresses were almost transparent, showing their nursery print plastic pants they were wearing over their sagging diapers. Nanny checked the girls among the confusion as the crowd thinned out. “I know two babies who need their pants changed.” Nanny said to them as she looked at the map for a restroom with a baby changing area. Once finding one she led the two girls there.
The baby changing area was set up with several changing stations and the place was busy with parents and children scuffling about. Finding an open station Nanny was glad to notice that the changing tables would hold the girl she first had Jessica climb up to be changed. As she was changed Carol stood at the end of the changing table holding the diaper bag for Nanny. Once she was done with Jessica the switched places and soon the girls were back in clean, dry diapers and ready to see more of the zoo.
The next stop was the reptile and aquatic center. The girls were not terribly excited by the snakes and lizards but they did enjoy the fish. From there they explored the small mammal exhibit, before stopping for a snack. As they were eating Nanny asked them where they would like to go next. Both girls agreed that the big cats were next. As they made their way there the noticed that the crowds increased and it was becoming difficult for them to stay together. After filtering through the crowds they arrived at the big cats. The entire crowd was there to see the new litter or snow leopard cubs. They watched with fascination as the new cubs chased and played. Next they watched the lions and the cheetahs. Finally they watched the jaguars and the two tigers, Jessica lingered watching at the tiger enclosure and when she turned around, and the others were gone.
Jessica looked about and wondered the entire display looking for Nanny and Carol, but with no luck. Now she knew she was in trouble, she started to panic moving frantically trying to find her companions. They seemed to have vanished. Her anxiety was starting to peak as she felt that she suddenly needed a diaper change badly. Again she continued to wonder about in a panic looking for any sign of her friends. Finally she could take no more and started to cry.
Jessica’s disappearance had not gone unnoticed by Nanny and Carol. They retraced their steps. Several times they had passed close to the panicked Jessica but due to the thickness of the crowd could not see her.
Jessica continued to wonder trying to see through her tears until she decided she could take no more and sat on a bench in the shade. Many people saw her but they all passed her by. Jessica had all but given up hope when she was approached by a Police officer. “Miss are you all right?”
“What? Me? I…I…don’t know?” Jessica stuttered before she burst into tears again. “I’m…I’m… lost.” She cried as the officer tried to comfort her.
“It’s okay, this is a big place, people often get lost. Are you here with a group, your family?”
“My…My…My…Na…Na…Nanny and friend.” Jessica continued to cry.
“It’s okay, I’ll help you find them.” The officer hugged Jessica pulling her close that’s when the smell hit her. Not only was this girl lost and in a panic but she had filled her pants. The officer picked up her radio. “Officer McAlester to base over.”
“Base here, what you got Lucy?”
“I have a young lady approximately sixteen in a panic saying that she’s lost do we have anyone reported over?”
“None reported. Wait, I just got one in. There is a Jessica Davis that has just been reported by her Guardian at the children’s area over.”
“Is your name Jessica?”
Jessica looked at the officer and nodded.
“I think I found her can they give me a description over?”
“She is sixteen, mid-length blonde hair tried in a pony tail, green eyed, wearing a light pink sundress, and diapers.”
“What? Could you repeat that last part, did you say diapers?”
“10-4, Over.”
That sure explains the smell, she though. “Tell them I have her and will deliver over.”
“10-4 out.”
“Jessica if you come with me my cart is parked over there and I can reunited you with your friends.” Jessica took the officers hand as she led her to the cart. After a short ride they arrived at the Children’s Zoo. Jessica’s face lit up as she saw her friends. “McAlester 10-8 over. Cross that one off the list for today.”
Nanny and Carol came up to Jessica. “Jessica are you alright, we were worried sick.”
“I’m sorry,” Jessica said.
“About what?” Nanny asked.
“For getting lost?” Jessica said Carol sitting besides her holding her for support.
“Jessica you don’t have to be sorry for getting lost, we know it was an accident. Now thank the officer and we’ll go change your diapers.”
Jessica looked at Officer McAlester, “Thank you for helping me.”
“That quite alright, now enjoy the rest of your stay.”
Nanny led Jessica to the changing area in the Children’s Zoo. In a short time Jessica and Carol were exploring the exhibits, they got to play with the animals in the petting zoo and feed the goats. They got to hold a ferret and play with some baby chicks. After about an hour they were off again to see the rest of the zoo.
Jessica held Nanny’s hand for the rest of the afternoon as the visited the various exhibits. They watched the elephants, and hippo being fed. Carol wasn’t looking where she was standing. To close to a tree a giraffe suddenly licked her head as it was trying for some leaves near by her. Next they saw the kangaroo and koalas. They got to ride a camel and took pictures of the antelope, impalas and gazelles. Next the wondered over by the bears and a family moose.
As they were leaving the final exhibit both Jessica and Carol were feeling tired the two slept as Nanny drove back to the hotel. That night they ate very little for supper and went to bed early.