The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

When Patrick saw the sign at the entrance to Disney World, his heart sank.

“All males entering this facility are to be diapered to Adjustment Bureau Standard AB4711. No exceptions. Diaper station opposite. Occupational Health & Safety Unit, the Adjustment Bureau”

In spite of everything he’d been told at his classes, the words encapsulated all the misery he’d ever felt about the Adjustment. His high spirits at spending a leisurely day with the woman and two children he so dearly loved, were gone in an instant.

Patrick looked around and saw another male and his wife being ushered into a small, brightly painted building in the shape of a giant egg. The sign over the Hobbit-like door said, in cheerful, bouncy looking letters: Changing Room. Beneath that, in smaller letters, were the words ‘Diapers available’.

“Come on, honey,” said Jan, as one of the attraction’s ushers showed Jan towards the door. Jan was Patrick’s wife of seven years, six of them prior to the Adjustment, or at least, prior to its final phase.

The usher, a woman dressed in a faux policeman’s uniform, left the couple to look for more customers in the small group of people standing nearby.

“Wait here, children,” Jan instructed her daughter, 12 year old Penny and five year old Bobby.

Penny put her arm around Bobby as Jan, holding Patrick’s hand, entered the little building.

“Jan,” said Patrick angrily as he saw two big changing tables, one in use, and the pile of disposable diapers on a stainless steel table in the centre of the room. “Can we just fake it? You know, just walk out in a few minutes?”

Jan let go of his hand, and holding him by his upper arm, looked directly at him.

“No, Pat, we can’t,” she said firmly. “First, it’s an occupational health and safety requirement. Males leak, have accidents and are really not very hygienic, honey, you know that. Secondly, if we get caught without you diapered, they’ll probably throw us out and there’ll be a Mark against us. Thirdly, your classes are obviously not working well enough, and fourthly, don’t you think it might just be a good idea? You think about what happened last week, at the mall. And at my mum’s place the next day. Anyway, these diapers are not that different to the ones you wear every night.”

“But Penny…” Patrick began.

“Oh Pat,” said Jan. “Do not start about Penny. She’s female, and you’re not. So don’t start with that. Up you get.”

Patrick climbed unwillingly onto the spare table as the other husband or whatever was getting down. He had learnt that this sort of argument went nowhere, and besides, he could feel the rising sense of fear and dread at questioning anything the Bureau did, which was no doubt the result of going to those damned classes. He hated that feeling, yet here it was again. Patrick almost jumped when a white-coated woman appeared just as Jan was pulling down his elastic waisted pants.

“Good morning, madam,” the woman said sweetly. “And good morning to you, Pat,” she added, reading the name tag stitched onto Patrick’s sweater.

“I hope you have a lovely day here,” the lady went on. “Will you be needing a lead?” she asked, holding up another hated result of the Adjustment - a handful of white plastic straps. Kevlar straps, to be more accurate, as Patrick had found to his discomfort.

“No thanks, he’s a pretty good hand holder,” replied Jan with a laugh, as she patted Patrick’s bottom for him to ‘lift up’.

The woman in white smiled and went to a new arrival on the other table. Jan pulled Patrick’s full cotton panties over his ankles and expertly diapered him, helped him back into his baggy blue pants and then helped him off the table before leading him out of the coloured egg building.

Patrick was silent as Jan called to the children and the four of them walked on into Disney World, Patrick and Bobby, who was diapered anyway, waddling slightly while Jan and Penny strode along in their close-fitting jeans.

Seeing the other adult males similarly diapered hardly cheered Patrick, and Bobby always wore diapers. The few boys now carried to term and born without intervention to change their gender received no toilet training, and knew nothing else.

The terms of the Adjustment had been a lot harder for adult males. The loss of their economic and political roles was one thing. There were compensations, like permanently being on holidays, but there were drawbacks, too. The same medication in the water supply which had reduced male aggression to the point of docility, reduced physical strength to the extent that Penny could now easily arm-wrestle her father and effectively allowed even a young woman to dominate any male simply by raising her voice, had also robbed males of some bodily control. Fine motor skills had suffered, but it was the effect on continence that seemed to bring it all home.

Soon after the introduction of the ‘improving medications’ to the water supply, males had begun to experience wetting at night, and significantly poorer control during the day. Like most males, Patrick had fought the loss of control, but it was a losing battle. Nighttime rushes to the bathroom had gradually been replaced by heavy wetting during sleep. The occasional wet bed had become a nightly event, and like almost every male, Patrick was now diapered every night as a matter of course.

Patrick’s pyjamas had been replaced by a childish onesie with elasticated openings, so that his heavy diaper didn’t slide off during the night. Knowing that most adult males shared his fate didn’t help much. In fact, as Patrick had mused one awful morning recently when he had not only wet but messed himself at night too, the phrase ‘adult male’ didn’t mean much any more anyway. Thanks to the Adjustment, Patrick’s role in the scheme of things wasn’t much different than five year old Bobby’s. Father and son both attended the same ‘Classes’ three times each week, and at those classes they were taught, shown and experienced exactly the same material.

The classes were a mix of audio, visual and physical ‘games’, designed by psychiatrists in the Adjustment Bureau to help men ‘Transition’ from their former status as children, youths and men to the catch-all new status of ‘male’. While Jan and Penny would be described as mother and daughter, or woman and girl, Patrick and Bobby were simply ‘two males’. Males of whatever age are similarly dressed - loose interlock pants with elasticated waists and ankle openings, and no fly. Males, unless in diapers, wore thick, full cut cotton underpants, known as panties, with t shirts and loose sweaters. Both the t shirts and sweaters had the male’s name, or generally its diminutive, prominently displayed on a white patch on the chest. Younger males, who had never been toilet trained, wore diapers and plastic pants in place of the panties, as did older males whose control had deteriorated to the point where they also needed diapers 24/7. All men wore soft-soled, slip-on shoes, somewhat like ballet slippers. They weren’t expected to do anything that required more hardy footwear. That was left to ‘working women’ - strong females in dungarees who did society’s lifting and pulling. One of these ‘working women’ gave a talk at Patrick and Bobby’s classes. As a demonstration, she lifted an adult male bodily out of his seat and held him horizontal above her head, causing not only him but several of the class, including Patrick, to wet themselves. Patrick might have been embarrassed going home in the diaper supplies at the classes, but, as he told Jan, he was genuinely frightened.

The changes in the role of males and the reduction in their status had effects on family dynamics. Jan was now clearly the head of the household. Her word prevailed. Penny had stopped calling Patrick ‘dad’ some time ago, and now considered him and Bobby on a par. She happily changed Bobby when he needed it, and on reaching the age of twelve, and after being instructed at her classes on changing older males as well, she often changed Partick. To her, he was just another male, albeit bigger than Bobby. She called Patrick ‘Patty’, a name which Jan took up as well. After all, Bobby and Patty spent a lot of their time together. They shared a dedicated area in the living room - a spacious rug on which they could spread out the various ‘manual dexterity items’ they were loaned at their classes. In addition, each had built up a number of their own ‘items’, birthday presents and the like, which they kept in a big plastic box. Whenever Bobby needed changing, Jan or Penny would usually ensure that Patty went ‘pee pee’ as well. He still used the second bathroom for this, and would happily sit to do his business.

For the last few months, Patty and Bobby had been sharing a room. Jan was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with Patty’s sleepy attempts to suckle her at night, and he had also begun ‘talking’ in his sleep. It was just babbling really, the sort of mindless noises that he made sometimes when he was playing with his ‘items’, but it kept Jan awake. Patty could sleep during the day, but Jan had a managerial position in the local Adjustment Bureau, and needed her sleep. Anyway, the two males seemed quite happy together.

The Adjustment Bureau was fond of making edicts and pronouncements. Once it was possible to create sperm cells from stem cells, the ‘improvement medications’ in the water were adjusted to reduce make potency. After six months, male erections became a thing of the past. Women still enjoyed sexual release via a number of methods which were set out in the regular bulletins on women’s social media pages and catered for in special parlours which appeared, it seemed, on every street corner. While males remained emotionally attached to the women around them - whether they were children or had been husbands, like Patty, the attachment was in practice the same - women like Jan would often pair up with other women from time to time or more permanently. Often, these partnerships, or at least, liaisons, were with one of the ‘working women’. Over time, the sanction of marriage was extended to such co-habiting couples, sometimes to form households which included children and former husbands.

The information given to males at their classes kept pace with the various edicts and pronouncements. For example, the edict to remove most body hair from males was preceded by several weeks of instruction about the beneficial health effects of the move. The habit of males growing out the hair on their heads was promoted as a kind of compensation. It became very popular, and both Bobby and Patty grew quite proud of their long locks.

By the time Penny was sixteen, the family had settled into a routine that Jan and Penny liked to think of as normal.

Jan worked during the week, while Penny had obtained a position as a junior in one of the many schools which delivered classes to males. The school also ran a daycare centre for males whose women were not at home during the week. Penny’s work at one of these centres was colloquially known as ‘babysitting’. Penny was very good at it. She had spent much of her young life caring for and watching over the two males in her home, so looking after a few more was no problem. She had developed, like so many young women, a naturally authoritative manner, and a couple of sharp words from her were enough to bring the biggest male into line. If that failed, the regulations allowed and even encouraged spanking as an aid to maintaining discipline. Patty had given up complaining to Jan about being spanked by Penny for this or that. Jan would simply listen to his sorry tale then invariably tell him that he deserved it. Sometimes, she would spank him as well, for extra effect.

There was a time, around when Penny had started work at the daycare centre which Patty and Bobby started attending, when Patty seemed to become depressed. Jan took him to one of the specialists at the Adjustment Bureau - now known commonly as the ‘AB’, and eventually the cause of Patty’s depression was found - an old album of photos which Jan thought had been binned long ago.

In it were the couple’s wedding photographs, and various pictures of Jan and Patty enjoying their young married life. Penny was still a baby, and Bobby wasn’t yet around. Seeing himself in this other life upset Patty greatly. Even worse were some very risqué photos the couple had taken of each other during a list weekend in a country cabin.

The psychiatrist said it was clear that Patty was mourning his lost life, a life that he should realise was not only not sustainable, but actually evil - a part of the former patriarchy and the dreadful things it inflicted on the world.

Instead of staring at a photo of himself as a young, virile man tossing a slim young Jan into a swimming pool, or heading off somewhere with his golfing mates in his gas-guzzling sports car, Patty needed to be taught to value the important things in his new, better life, and to forget, or at least disdain, what he had formerly been.

Jan listened with interest as the psychiatrist described the program of treatment which Patty would undergo. This sort of thing, said the psychiatrist, was not uncommon. It was often triggered by old photographs or mementoes, and it had to be eradicated for the good of society. The methods of doing so were well established and successful.

It went without saying that the photograph album would be taken away from Patty and destroyed. He would then attend for a few weeks some remedial classes, from which he would emerge as ‘more pure’. He would return to the usual classes, but not in the same stream as Bobby. He would be in a ‘lower stream’ where the concepts were simpler so that ‘his psyche could be recalibrated’.

It sounded quite impressive to Jan. The psychiatrist went on to describe how Patty would become ‘less demanding and more loving’.

It sounded excellent to Jan, and she willingly signed the papers, since as Patty’s closest female relative above the age if majority, she was his legal guardian. Males signing anything meant nothing anyway, as Jan remembered.

“Well,” said the psychiatrist when the paperwork was done, “We’re ready to go. It’s a live-in program at first, so we require you to deliver Patty to the AB centre in town as soon as you can.”

“What will he need to bring with him?” asked Jan.

“Oh, nothing. Just the clothes he’s standing up in,” replied the psychiatrist, then smiled. “Not even those, actually.”

Jan smiled in return.

“Well, I could take him in tomorrow morning,” said ?Jane.

“That will be excellent,” said the psychiatrist.

“Erm, he’s a bedwetter, and sometimes during the day as well. And his favourite, erm, toys. Should I bring anything extra for him?” asked Jan.

The psychiatrist smiled again.

“Oh, no, he’ll be given everything he needs,” she said.

Jan arrived home to find Penny working in her room and Patty sitting splay legged on his rug in a sunny patch of the living room, quietly crying his eyes out. Bobby was trying to amuse Patty with a red plastic truck.

“Patty’s crying,” said Bobby.

“I know honey,” said Jan and squatted down beside Patty and stroked his hair.

Patty smelled the sweet scent of his favourite person, and looked up, his eyes red and bleary.

“What’s up, honey?” Jan asked.

She could see that Patty had soaked his pants. He’d been resisting the move into daytime diapers, despite his accidents becoming more frequent. Jan decided that now was the time to make the change. The rug would have to be washed and aired too, she thought. Then she saw something glinting in Patty’s clenched fist.

“What’s that, Patty?” she asked, at the same time reaching down to uncurl Patty’s fingers. It wasn’t hard. There in his hand was a battered black leather tag, and the spare key to his old BMW.

“Oh, Patty!” said Jan, understanding at once what the trouble was.

Bobby came over on all fours, waving the little plastic truck at Patty.

“Your car, Patty!” he was saying, “Your car!”

“Bobby, take that away, please. Now, go to your room and play there, please,” Jan told him.

Bobby looked disappointed.

“Go on, Bobby, or I will spank. Go in, and take the truck with you. Go on!” she said.

Bobby looked at her for a moment and took off, truck in hand.

Jan returned her attentions to Patty.

“Patty, honey, I don’t know where you got these, but I think they are giving you bad thoughts. Is that what’s happening, honey? Are these things making you sad?” she asked.

Patty nodded.

Jan took Patty’s head in her arms, and rocked him gently. His sobbing became sniffling, then ceased altogether. Jan pulled up her loose too, as she had so many times before, and lifted the cup of her bra. She guided Patty’s wet lips to her breast, and sat for a few minutes while Patty suckled gently.

“Now, sweetie, can you tell Jan where you found those awful black things that make you so unhappy?” Jan said quietly.

“Under the s…stairs,” Patty replied. “With Bobby.”

Of course, thought Jan. She knew the box. The last vestige of life before the Adjustment. She couldn’t now believe she’d it and resolved to get rid of it as soon as she could. But in the meantime there was another issue.

“Did you wet, honeybunch?” Jan asked as Patty nestled himself more comfortably and continued his regular suckling.

Patty’s pants were soaked from the waist to his thighs, and Jan could see the big dark patch ion the rug which encircled him.

Patty nodded contentedly.

“Let’s get you changed then, honey. And I think we might put you in a nice dry diaper, just for this afternoon. How would that be, sweetie?” She asked him

“OK,” muttered Patty.

Jan could feel his saliva running from her breast, over the little rolls of fat around her tummy and along the tight top of her jeans.

“That’s what we’ll do then,” said Jan, taking Patty’s hand and helping him up.

Just as she settled her breast back in her bra, Penny walked in.

“Was he crying?” she said, “I thought I heard something.”

“Yes,” said Jan, but he’s all smiles now. “Aren’t you, baby? And tomorrow, there’s a surprise for you! Would you like that?”

Patty grinned as Jan pulled down her top.

“He’s going to the AB centre in town tomorrow,” said Jan. “To be, erm, recalibrated.”

“Oh God, Jan,” said Penny, her eyes widening,

To be continued.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

It’s a shame that the poor guy goes to the AB center already half cooked… :frowning:
But maybe, in this word of yours, there still are single males who are putting on more fight against the “adjustment”, for instance distilling their water before drinking it or living in secluded communities under male lead…
They would of course be a minority and would have a hard time getting a job, but it would be funny to imagine what would happen when a truly resisting male goes to a public office to get his driving license renewed…

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Wallowing in heaven! :slight_smile:

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

There are some scientific issues I take with this. What will reduce male aggression? Well, it would need to reduce testosterone. This means that, if it’s significant to impair normal muscle-building (men are weaker) women drinking the same water would be in an even worse state (women, too, have testosterone in order to build muscles, they would be even weaker drinking the same water supply). Further, a serious dip in testosterone would also probably lead to widespread infertility. While, eventually, it might even impair bladder muscles, I’m thinking this society would be pretty much at death’s door - no new children, no strong people for labor, medical costs skyrocketing from broken bones. And who put this stuff in the water in the firs place? Such a large dose of synthetic hormones in the water supply of a whole country would cost billions, probably trillions (what with the inflated dollar).

Also, the change of popular opinion would not happen overnight. Male aggression maybe present on battlefields and third-world countries but aggressive behavior had gotten no one anywhere in the industrial world for the last fifty years. Let’s say the radical feminist movement was able to get everybody involved wholesale. First thing is you need a synthetic hormone that is only delivered to men - water supply won’t work, men would need to take it voluntarily. Therefore, it makes more sense that it was adopted by men converted to the movement, paid for by insurance companies and, simultaneously, stores of semen were made as a man hit puberty so that, while he was now infertile, his wife could get pregnant later. Also, sex is impossible in such a world. Eventually, when there’s only a few traditional men left, they can force them into capitulation but the war would be waged over generations and it would be with propaganda and voluntary drugs not a forced movement. The end would be the last few men being allowed to live as social outcasts because, if there was force, those last few men would rise up in bloody revolution even if it meant their lives. That, of course, would be ironic that a matriarchy would commit complete violence against those they argued were the source of violence but it is entirely possible.

Long and short - I can buy the society but not that there is any man living who is both accepted by society and not okay with the system. Either men not on the drugs are social outcasts or they’ve all been killed and the rest accept their fate happily (or, at least, pretend to be happy cause’ they don’t want to die).

While this world is horrific in my opinion, I’ll read horror. It’s just, if you’re doing sci-fi, there’s a certain amount facts necessary to tie in our world to your new world. If you went fantasy, and said it was magic, I wouldn’t be giving you this critique.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Thank you for tackling the Science aspects without lapsing totally into jargon. I was trying to figure out how to do just that, this morning. . With that out of the way on to my critique which also focuses on the Sciencey aspect of this
You could do it with the water supply but you wouldn’t use a hormone in that case. The people that designed the scheme would most likely use a engineered virus, like the ones currently being worked on to cure cystic fibrosis, the idea is to modify the DNA of the population in such a way as to bring about the changes in men that the Government of this world wants without running into the problems that Whetoric mentions. I’m not sure what you’d need to modify exactly. But the idea would be to slowly let the unmodified men die out. You can’t simply make a sperm cell… Well you could but it would require a Star Trek TNGish level of technology to do it without running into the problems inherent in cloning

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

I don’t really care about the science aspect. It’s a fun story and that’s what I think is important.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Thanks again, nia. And Whetoric and Brownie, what tough critics you are!

Leaving aside the usefulness of applying a real world ruler to an imagined, fantastic world, I can say that certain documents originating at the highest levels of the Adjustment Bureau have come my way.

These papers go some way to answering your objections.

Firstly, male aggression was selectively reduced and the other effects obtained not by lowering levels of testosterone but by introducing unobtainium, a kind of miracle substance only recently discovered by science. Secondly, the difficult question of reproducing semen was resolved by the use of expensivoricium, another new wonder material that was also pivotal, through its psychotropic effects, in changing public opinion so markedly and rapidly.

Finally, the issue of concentrations was made simple by the action of well-known homeopathic principles. Less than one part in 412,326,281 billion trillion million was necessary to produce the lovely new society described.

As far as genres go, by the way, I’d say the genre was fantasy, rather than science fiction. However, if it weren’t for the new substances described and for homeopathy, I suppose it could be science fantasy, at least.

I hope that clears things up a bit for you, Whetoric and B_h.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Well played, Sally. :smiley:

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Homeopathy is not Science, but let’s not spill wchar_t’s over that. if it’s fantasy you are relived of the burden to do the science somewhat plausably. Although I personally would have had more fun if you did make it SciFi but that’s just me. Point is it looked like Scifi so I critiqued as SciFi. and given that I will have my ph.D in sometime before i turn 40, god willing. you got it double barreled sorry bout that :). Well quad barreled if you count Whetoric… But it’s great if it’s not SF.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Now, wait a sec Sally. The difference between a science fiction story and a fantasy story is the attempt to bridge the gap between this world and your fictional world. You attempted this by the “adjustment,” an event which, before it’s occurrence the fictional world was a the same as our own and after which became this new world. Now, I know about the world I am in and unobtainium, expensivoricium, and homeopathy make no sense because of the things that need to happen within the human body to make the effects you’ve described occur.

I know, the standard response “it’s just a story.” Well, yes, but it’s one I cannot believe. If you want to write a fantasy, simply don’t tie it into our world. If you had simply set your story in a fictional place (the country of Adjustainia) and never mentioned the date, I would’ve accepted it wholesale - ah, but then you’d have lost part of your plot - that men’s minds mirror the minds of our society although they live in Adjustainia.

Well, here’s a simple solution to that. Patrick wakes up one day, walks down the street and falls into a manhole cover which is actually an interdimensional portal which switches him with his alternate self in the world of Adjustainia. Now, I may not want to believe such a fantasy, but you’ve let me know right off the bat that it is a fantasy story. I could declare such interdimensional portals do not exist but, wormholes have been hypothesized so it’s not as if there’s no precedence.

The point I’m making if that you tried to make a realistic world but there were glaring inconsistencies with my known reality. If you want to make a magical world, or a world with a completely alternate history, have at it, but if you try to tie in reality I reserve the right to point out when you’re wrong about reality.

Like I said before; I really like the scenes that you set. Your results are fun and interesting to read, I like your brand of humiliation and I like your fantasy world. It’s just that I can’t get past suspension of disbelief unless your writing admits to being the fantasy that it is. Does this make sense? I need consistency in my fictional realities…

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Well, here’s a simple solution to that. Patrick wakes up one day, walks down the street and falls into a manhole cover which is actually an interdimensional portal which switches him with his alternate self in the world of Adjustainia

Been done, more or less, Whet. Alice in Wonderland.

Your comment is quite reasonable, but who says fiction must stay within reason? In certain genres, such as a detective story, there are rules, or at least conventions, as there are in cryptic crossword clues. In a detective story, you must provide some clues. You can’t reveal at the end that the murder was done by some brand new character who is never even mentioned in the book, someone whom only the author could possibly know about. That would be unfair.

But in fantasy fiction, science or otherwise, why can’t you introduce a bit of unreality. It can make for a spicy read. For example, if every day, you get up, catch the bus to work, and come home, how interesting it would be that one day, the lady you always see at the bus stop was floating two inches above the ground when she was standing at the bus stop. Other than that, the day is quite normal. There’s a start for a story. (For example, perhaps her legs had got shorter.) :smiley:

Perhaps we’d never agree, but i think it is the random strangeness of things that keeps life interesting.

Whetoric, I can suggest a movie you might like. It has the crap name of ‘Quest For Love’, but it’s much better than it sounds. Check it out on IMDB. You can download it via Pirate B or similar.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

B_h, I don’t mind what you think it is, as long as you enjoyed it.

Spill what’s?

As for homeopathy, it’s rubbish, at least it is in the real world.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Me, I just love a well-written story, especially one that, by luck, coincides with certain interests and triggers of mine.

Therefore, I can (important note here!) suspend disbelief easily. This is all that’s needed for any story involving sci-fi or magic or any other miraculous mcGuffinery. S.K. has always made it very easy for me to do this, because this is one author who makes it seem natural.

This story rocks, and I’ll love reading more.

Thanks Sally!

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Gosh, thanks, JM! It’s lucky, then, that the stories I post here tend to feature those interests and triggers!

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

I’m with JustMe on this one. I too can easily suspend disbelief as this is deepseated erotic fantasy fiction for me. Man and Numan is one of my favorites as are some others by Sally that have never been completed but I have continued in my own private writing. Every time I read one of SallyKAT’s stories I’m reminded by the first age regression writer I read and one whose writing and imagination I cherish - Jennifer Loraine. This new story reminds me of the fantasy world she created in Who Wears The Pants.

Thank you Sally for having thick skin and a wonderfully creative imagination.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

wchar_t is the structure used to represent letters, numbers and symbols in a modern computer. It matters what your conception of the piece is, at least as to genre, as critiquing is often dependent on it. Now that I know this isn’t concived as scif. I will ignore any bad Science that happens to come up as it isn’t important. Whereas if you were trying to do SF, the Sciencey parts would matter, but they don’t
So it’s quite good so far, I enjoyd it, and i usually don’t like these one gender domination fics.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Charlie22 I’m a big fan of Jennifer Loraine’s work as well. I have an idea that she died, which is very sad. ‘Who Wears The Pants’ is a beauty, and about six chapters long, I think. There’s another, similar story on here: Sam and Jess. I’ve read that several times.

Thanks for the clarification B-h. I’m glad my story isn’t SF and subject to the scrutiny of physics PhDs!

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Thank you for your wonderful stories Sally, I have been a major fan of yours for years. Well… since back in the days of Sissy Becky’s nursery. As others have mentioned, your style of “fiction” writing is very reminiscent of Jennifer Loraine… And for my opinion, I believe that you are the finest age regression “fiction” writer since Jennifer Loraine. I keep putting parenthesis around the word fiction, because I understand that this is what you are writing… Unlike some other egocentric jerks, seem to be able to understand… It’ a simple concept guys… It’s PRETEND!!!

Even though your work is fiction Sally, I find it very easy to put myself into your stories… And I believe that is because of the humanism that you inject into the stories. You always include a lot of the psychological/emotional journeys and transitions that your characters are experiencing and going through. Which lends it’s self to character development and emotional accessability to us the readers.

While I do enjoy your themes of futuristic dystopian matriarchal societies… The stories that you write, about situations in the here and now, where men are slowly age regressed by the women in their lives. Through behavior modification, hypnosis and tender loving care, are my favorites… Such as the one that these guys trolled you into abandoning last week… Millie and Steve- When a husband needs diapers… Was becoming one of my all time favorite stories, by any writer… I can see that the journey of that story was only just beginning. And that the character development, was leading up to what could have been one of the greatest slow age regression stories of all times.

I came out of lurking over the past decade. To let everybody know, that when Sally is trolled out of finishing stories, it hurts some of us who are invested in the unfolding stories… Thanks a lot guys…

Sally I want you to know that I am not a fetishist, and that your stories are not wank fodder to me. I never made a conscious decision to become a regressive AB… I was born this way, and it is an integral part of who and what I am… The emotional journeys that some of your stories depict speak to my heart and soul, and I want to thank you for being here and sharing with those of us who actually need you, to be here and sharing with us in this way.

Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

Thanks again (see post in “when a husband needs diapers”) ababy. Pits hard to tire of such fulsome praise!

I have a lot of time for Jennifer Loraine’s work too. I’m glad you see what you do in my stories. The things you’ve mentioned are exactly the things that interest me as I’m writing.

I wasn’t ‘trolled out’ of writing that story, by the way. I had the idea that the next development could be left to the reader. A bit like an old Laurie Anderson song, from ‘O Superman’:

It was a large room.
Full of people.
All kinds.
And they had all arrived at the same buidling at more or less the same time.
And they were all free.
And they were all asking themselves the same question:
is behind
that curtain?

Hmm. Some ideas are better than others.


Re: The Adjustment Bureau - a story of the future

What? Are you kidding? I give a lot of feedback on this site and none of it is trolling. If what you mean is criticism, yeah, I do that. That’s what this site is about. I give more criticism, and more specific criticism, to the works I like. If an author can put in the effort to turn out something I liked reading, I can put out the effort to note how it could be better. If all of an author’s work is the same and repetitive, even the author will get frustrated. You have to look at it from other perspectives.

Like I said, I like SallyKat’s end-game but I just can’t believe the way she gets there. It makes it impossible to immerse myself in her world so I explained why. Her ultimate answer was, “it’s a story so who cares” but -I- care. However, I recognize she has many readers, so maybe I’m the only one who cares and she’s writing for a different type of reader.

If she wants she could ignore me. Preferably, for me, she would change the story to fix what I have issue with. Neither of those options include stopping the story which is always disappointing. Specific criticism is few and far between, I rarely get such valuable stuff from my readers.