That's just so OBVIOUSLY wrong.

I honestly don’t remember if we’ve done this before, or if it was on some other board I’m on, but the whole thing is really simple: I start the whole thing by asking a question. The next person gives an answer that is OBVIOUSLY wrong. Then after answering the question, you pose a new question. The next person answers that question and poses a new question; and so on.

The rules are really simple:
1: You’re only allowed to post if you’re answering a question.
2: You can only answer the most recent question.
3: If you answer a question, you have to ask a question afterwards.

Obviously giving likes/hearts/thumbs/pineapples/whatever, does not count as an answer.

So here we go:

Why do they use blue water in diaper commercials?

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Yes and no. It’s allowed but most people are doing it illegally. All diapers have a date on the packaging. You may only wear diapers dated the same year as you were born.

Magnets, how do they fucking work?

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When a mummy magnet and a daddy magnet love each other very much, they have a kind of special hug and… well, I think you can figure out the rest on your own. Incidentally, that’s also how those little fridge magnets are made.

Why do so many roleplaying games use twenty-sided dice?


A time traveler from 2020 went back in time and as a joke told every RPG creator that electronic calculators would evolve and rake over if they didn’t.

Why is a pie chart round?

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Because the cake chart, which came first, is square.

In a case that made it all the way to the Supreme Court, and in a split decision, Chief Justice C. Norris wrote that most of the justices agreed that the pie chart and cake chart must be separate, distinguishable shapes, or else. Justice J.C. Van Damme wrote a dissenting opinion, that cakes, being also round, held precedence over the round shape, and pie charts were infringing on the cake chart copyright. The argument between justices became so heated, that after epically brawling in and around Washington D.C. for several days, both Justices Norris and Van Damme retired permanently from the court, bruised and uglier for their efforts.

How did the word “diaper” originate?

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diaper is actually short for “Doing It All Properly Everywhere Required”

Why did Mattel make the doll for Greta Gremlin for fucking hot?


It goes back to Gremlins 2. Joe Dante lost a bet and had to have the puppet crew make a gremlin that could turn on Christopher Lee.

Would the sandworms in Dune be that big if the book had been written by Francine Herbert instead of Frank?

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No they wouldn’t have been, you see Francine actually has a bigger penis than Frank does. And the inspiration for the sandworms go back to a early Autumn Day when Frank was writing his book and looking out his great big window. He spied his sister enjoying nature and beheld her dong in all of its glory, he quickly became obsessed with this magnificent appendage and knew he needed to incorporate it into his book at all costs. And that is how Sand Worm became a thing!

If Francine had of been writing the book and spied her brother’s penis the sand worms would have become sand squids.

Why do I wear diapers?

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Because you’re clumsy and fall down a lot. The padding is a shock-absorber for your butt so you don’t get spine compression when you land.

Why is snow white?

Because Disney is racist and they didnt want to make snow yellow.

what is the point of this thread?


To provide a guiding light for the next generation of media fact-checkers.

why are Littles obsessed with Mac n Cheese?

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Because tantrums burn a lot of calories, so they like to carbo-load in advance.

How did “butthurt” become synonymous with “offended”?


enemas are the quickest cure for being offended and rising global oil prices cause a decrease in the effectiveness of lube.

what is your best tip to avoid weirdoes on dating websites or apps?

Put your favourite D&D/Pathfinder/Call of Cthulhu character in your profile. That’ll scare off the weirdos who can only handle reality.

Why aren’t USB-plugs actually universal?

Because Paramount bought the rights instead.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

depends on the time of day, morning wood is probably easier to chuck than afternoon wood.

do gummybears actually have flavors or does the coloring make us think they do?

Individually no; however, if you eat a mouthful with exactly one of each color it will combine to taste like Snozzberries! #lifehack

What technology is going to revolutionize diapers in the next five years?

Fluff pulp. Diapers will be very thick and very soft, like they used to be. But they’ll barely have any absorbency and will leak constantly. They’ll phase it in under the guise of SAP being much worse for the environment, and the pulp being more biodegradable or something, but they’ll gloss over the fact that you’ll be changing up to twice as many diapers per day due to reduced capacity. They’ll also likely phase in a plant-based plastic backing and adhesive, and so do away with cloth backing and hook and loop.

Of course, in ten years they’ll phase back in “Classic diapers” with soft cloth backing, hook and loop fasteners, and SAP for amazing absorbency. You know, like Coca Cola Classic.

What does the fox say?


“Good day, chap! Can you spare a cup of tea? I dare say I am rather thirsty.”

How many characters can a story post have?

Well, 26 + 26 + 10 + let’s say maybe a dozen different kinds of punctuation. So rough estimate: 80-ish?

Do you want to build a snowman?