That’s Just Daycare

Hello, this is my second story I’m posting here and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll leave any thoughts I have until the end this time so the story can speak for itself, but as always, critique and feedback is welcomed.

Chapter 0

The smell of talcum powder hangs thick in the air. For most people it’s a smell that makes them think of childhood, innocence and being cared for. But for those that know better it’s just a sweet aroma that the big wigs pump out to cover the foul stench that this place reeks of, and I’m not talking about messy diapers here. No, I’m talking about something much messier: playground politics.

It’s what keeps those up top on their high chairs and those below ‘em trapped in the playpen called life. They know it’s unfair but there’s nothing you can do about it and if you tried to change it you’d just be put in the corner with only a spanked bottom to show for your troubles.

But hey, that’s just daycare.

For those of you that ain’t in the know let me explain how things work here in this world of ours. Life mostly starts out as it normally does. Born a baby, become a child, then a teenager until you’ve matured and finally become a young adult who lives there life like normal. Well that’s how it is for most people.

You see, in 2008 the newly elected president put through a bill that the public dubbed “The Pampers Programme”. After that when a person turns 18 the government does an evaluation where you’re given a thorough psychological evaluation which they take the results of and look at it along with all the records they have on you; medical, academic, even criminal if you have one.

Once they’ve gone through it all they decide if you need any rehabilitation through the programme. Obviously most young adults pass and go on with their lives, but for about 2%, they’re inducted into The Pampers Programme.

All sorts of people can be inducted. Some are due to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, others due to some sort of trauma that’s scarred them, some are bad eggs who are likely to go down a path of crime without the programmes intervention and there are those who simply aren’t deemed emotionally mature enough to be able to live as independent adults just yet.

The programme helps these people through a sort of regression therapy, and I ain’t talking about any hypno-voodoo or science fiction here. They stay the same age and all their mental faculties are still there, but once your inducted you’re treated like a baby, diapers and all, and are referred to as ‘littles’ until they are deemed capable of being independent adults.

This brings us to the subject of our story, Timothy Perkins, a little whose been in the programme for the last six months. Tim was a normal guy who had actually passed his evaluation at the time but three years later he had a severe mental breakdown at work that led to him being inducted into the Pampers Programme.

Our boy Tim didn’t fight the decision. It was an accepted thing in society at this point and even though his mental state was a mess he knew it was best for him.

The first thing the programme required for Tim was what’s known as a ‘caregiver’. This would be someone to look after him and act as his paternal figure throughout the rehab for it to work. The caregiver can either be someone who volunteers, like a member of family or close friend, or, if no volunteers step forward, a professional caregiver trained by the government is assigned to the little.

Luckily for Tim someone volunteered for the job. David Haye, Tim’s closest friend since college and also his business partner who was there when the breakdown happened. He was one of the first to be there for Tim and was more than willing to act as his friends caregiver during his time of need. After all, the only reason David got through college was because Tim had helped him when he needed it.

The first month of the therapy is the actual regression which takes place at a facility built just for the programme. This was where Tim got accustomed to wearing and using diapers (littles become somewhat incontinent after this first month), being treated like a young child and having daily therapy sessions to help with his trauma and the regression itself. David would also be there a lot training to be a caregiver, learning everything he needed to know for the task and also establish his new relationship as the parental figure for Tim.

The first month is a stressful one for both the little and the caregiver and that was no different for Tim and David. With Tim’s mind in a fragile place before and now being in the process of regression David had to be a protector and a support for his new ward, comforting him when he had relapses in his mental stated and giving him constant encouragement and affirmations to ensure that Tim could embrace the regression process. That also meant though that when a tantrum ensued or a rebellious fit began David needed to be an enforcer for Tim, taking him over his knee and impressing his authority over him.

It may sound cruel but when the results were so successful, people didn’t question the ethics of a spanking.

After the initial month and their therapists felt they had regressed enough to proceed, they finally move in with their caregiver and get used to living life in public as a little one. This meant Tim would stay with David and Susan, David’s high school sweetheart and wife. She was happy with the arrangement since the two had already started to discuss if they should have kids now or wait until they were more financially secure, but with Tim, they could in essence have their cake and eat it too with the government paying for the programme.

So over the next five months all three of them learned to adapted to these new circumstances. Like always when I child enters the picture (be it an actual child or a young man regressed to be one) it was hard going.

One of the hardest aspects of the programme for littles is to accept being seen in public as littles. Even though it’s an accepted part of society now, to be in the programme and be a little can still be seen as shameful by some. And to be so close to adulthood only for it to be seemingly stripped away (even for good reason) can cause most littles a great sense of humiliation and embarrassment.

This leads to them being prone to anxiety/panic attacks, tantrums and even flashbacks to the trauma in question which can lead to relapses of before the rehabilitation. It was situations like this that were the biggest issue for Tim and it put a lot of strain on the young couple.

They eventually found methods to deal with these problems, mainly through the use of the ‘stuffy technique’. The stuffy technique involved giving the little a stuffed toy that they would form a bond with. For Tim this was a stuffed bear he called Barnaby. With the bond the little has with the stuffed toy, they begin to view it as a sort of protector that they can focus on and hold onto allowing them to filter negative emotions out and avoid being overwhelmed with their new status in life.

Once Tim had his bear, Barnaby, they all found themselves getting into the groove of things and adapting well to their new normal.

After five months of living with Dave and Susan, it was agreed that Tim had been progressing well and it was time to take the next step in the programme. An important part of the rehab was having the littles relearn how to socialise with others, specifically with those who could be considered their peers, so it was decided that Tim was ready for daycare.

And that’s where this story truly starts.

Hopefully you enjoy the story so far and will want to see what happens next. I got the idea for this story after a fun little Twitter exchange with @kinky_diapered (who you can follow on Twitter and I recommend you do) and here’s the outcome of it so far.

I’m not super happy with the outcome of this chapter. I felt I needed an explanation for having a bunch of young adults at a daycare, being treated like babies and toddlers, which led to this chapter just being a lot of world building and set up that I didn’t expect to be as long as it was (hence it being chapter 0). I’m sure I could have integrated all this into the story as it went on if I was a better writer and gave myself a ton of time but I wanted to get this out sooner rather than never so hear we are.

I also hope you enjoyed my attempts at a noire detective style of writing. It was a real laugh to write and I hope to have more of it now that the story will be properly starting.

Okay, I’m gonna finally shut up now.


It certainly is a fun idea and a neat setup, and I am looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

I do agree this would have been better information had it have been revealed in the narrative - the explanation you feel you needed robs your story of it’s mystery. Teasing the reader would have been a great hook to getting them to suspend their disbelief, they would have just ‘gone with it’ and added to their understanding with each new revelation - something you loose when you lay out ‘rules’ as you do. (I am guilty of the same thing - and it wasn’t until writing this that I realized it)

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i agree 100% with Todd. i love the idea, and i want to see where this is going. but this chapter is very explainy, and especially in a forum like this, you dont need that level of explaining, and you can just reveal stuff as you go.

Im also wondering about the narrator of the story. cause its very omniscient, which, and this is probably just personal, is pretty impersonal, and if im honest, i hope the rest of the story will be more personal, and closer to Tim and Dave

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