Thank you.

Not in all my years did I ever think being part of the ABDL community could actually aid my resolve.

So, recently, I’ve embarked on a journey to bring anyone and everyone daily updates to my story “Chaser’s Mix Up.”

While I fully intend to see the story through til’ the end, I just wanted to set aside time to say Thanks to those have been reading it thus far, and have provided me with feedback.

I’m an amateur writer working on trying to write my first book with the intent on getting it published.

I’ve been in a slump for a long time now, and seeing the amount of views that my story has gained and continues to gain every time I update it has given me the morale boost I have needed for a long time.

So, whether you are following the story waiting for my daily update, or have just taken a cursory glance at it, I just wanted to say thank you.

I feel like I can truly step forward and get cracking on this book again, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for the readers that scope out the story.

Thank you.


Re: Thank you.

Daily updates?
Goodness, I hardly have the time to read them, let alone, comment.

That’s quite an undertaking; more power to you.
I can’t manage to even sit down most weeks to type anything.

Do carry on.

Re: Thank you.

Yes indeed. Daily updates. Though I won’t keep it up forever. Just til I finish my current story, then a break while I decide what the sequel will be. Then maybe a third addition to the series If I can muster the will. Maybe I’ll make a poll, and let the readers decide.