There was a knock on the door. Jessica stood up, and looked at her clock. She sighed angrily.

“You’re seven minutes late,” she said loudly.

“I’m sorry, there was traffic getting here, and…” Mary, her house keeper said.

“I don’t care. I said wake me for 7:00, not 7:07. Every moment you’re late is more time I need to rush. If I’m late for work, we could lose thousands of dollars, and you can guess what the first expense I’d scrap is.”

“I… yes ma’am, sorry ma’am. It won’t happen again.”

Jessica looked at her house keeper. A foot shorter then Jessica, with long brown hair, thickly built and frumpy… Jessica almost felt sorry for her. Almost. “It better not,” the taller, younger blond said.

“You could get an alarm clock…” the woman said.

Jessica rounded on her. “Excuse me? I run portfolios for a billion dollar company. I have thousands of numbers to keep track of, a hundred rules to know, and dozens of patterns to watch each day. You think I have time to remember to set a clock? You think I worked daily for all those years so I can set alarm clocks? That’s why I have you, who doesn’t keep track of a thousand numbers, who didn’t work hard to get to where I am, and who doesn’t have to worry about a billion dollar company, to do it for me. Be thankful the positions aren’t switched. Now go make breakfast, I’ll be down soon.” She walked away and into her bathroom. She didn’t have time to hear the reply, nor did she care. She turned on the taps and showered quickly, then got dressed in her most severe black dress. Today was a day to impress.
She made it down the stairs to her kitchen and ate the eggs Mary had prepared without looking at her. As she was leaving her home, her phone buzzed.
She looked at it. There was a message from Kevin, a lower level employee who served as her chauffeur.

“There was traffic, and I was unable to get onto your street. Please meet me at the path by Morrin St.”

She groaned to herself. It wasn’t that far of a walk, but it was another annoyance in an already annoying day.

She walked across her street and onto the path on the other side. It wound through a small wood and cut into the next suburb.

She was walking down the path and muttering to herself when her foot hit something.

“GOD DAMN IT!” she shouted. She hoped she didn’t wreck her shoes. She looked down, and stopped.

It was a lamp. A small, metal lamp, the kind from Aladdin movies.

She didn’t have time to wonder why it was there. She was angry, and it was an object she could focus her anger on. She picked it up and threw it as hard as she could into the bushes. Smiling proudly to herself, she kept walking.

“Ummmm excuse me, that was rude,” a voice said.

She turned around quickly. The path had been empty a moment ago. She looked up to see a tall, red skinned man hovering above the ground with his arms folded.

“Who the hell are you?” she said. “What kind of trick is this? Is this a joke?”

“This is no trick. I’m Yasafar, the red genie, and I will not have my profession called a joke.”

She rolled her eyes. “Riiiiggghht. Look, I don’t have time for this.” She turned to walk away.

To her surprise, the man reappeared in front of her. “How about no. That’s not how this works. You threw my house against a tree, you woke me up, you insulted me, you don’t get to just walk away.”

“Uh huh,” she said. She ignored him and tried to walk past him.

Suddenly a light appeared in front of her. She stooped and was temporary blinded by it. The light dimmed, and she saw she was surrounded by a faint blue haze. She reached out into it, and saw it formed a solid wall. She looked around herself, and realized she was in a sealed dome. She turned to face the red man.

“What is this?” she demanded.

“Its a force field. We are now outside your time and world.”

“Ohh bullshit.”

“Hey! Don’t say that about my work. You have no idea how long it takes to learn this.”

She rolled her eyes again. “Whatever. Just let me out, I have actual work to do.”

“I don’t think so. You kicked my house, and I cannot return until I fulfill my duties.”

“Whatever. So I guess I get whatever I want, right? I want unlimited wishes.”

“Har har. That doesn’t actually work.”

“Oh, you’re not powerful enough? You can’t give me all I want?”

His eyes went wide. “Seems to me you’re just too much of a spoiled brat.”

“Yeah whatever. I work for what I want. Unlike you, I don’t spend my days sleeping, pop out once in a while for a light show, then go back. I struggled, now I have what I want, and if I want unlimited wishes, I’ll get it.”

“Uh huh. Is that what you think?” he closed his eyes. “Lets see… Jessica,” she gasped that he knew her name. “Works in her fathers company. Got the job without even getting a degree. My my… relies on a house keeper and a chauffeur, lives in a house bought with her daddies money… Seems your a privileged little brat living off her daddy who’d never make it in the real world.”

“Excuse me? I didn’t get a degree because I didn’t need one. I know how to do my job better then anyone. I made it on my own.”

“You made it because of your parents. Your house keeper works harder then you, is older and knows more. She just wasn’t born rich. If you came from the same circumstance, she’d be doing better.”

Jessica was dumbfounded. The housekeeper, who couldn’t even arrive on time, doing her job better? “You don’t know what your talking about.”

“Of course I do, silly. I’m a genie, route word of genius. I know everything.”

“Right. Well, you don’t know me. I could make it in any circumstance.”

His eyes twinkled like he had won a game. “Oh really? Any circumstance?”

She paused. Something about his voice made her feel nervous, but she refused to admit defeat. "ANY circumstance. I could make it anywhere, on my own, with nothing but my own skills.

"Then lets make a bet, shall we. I’ll put you in a different world where no one knows where you are. You get to start from scratch. If you succeed, I’ll transport you back here and give you your unlimited wishes. No time would have passed, nothing would have changed, but you’re all powerful.

She considered the offer. It was tempting, but she couldn’t let him know that if she wanted to bargain, and she definitly couldn’t hand him a blank slate. “And if I lose? What happens then?”

“Oh, not much. Same thing, you come back here, no time passed, but you don’t get your wishes. Oh, one more thing.”

“Uh huh?” here it comes, the catch, she thought.

“I get to make one small change to your life.”

“What kind of change?” She knew better then to accept that. It could be anything.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, depends on the manner of your failure.”

“Riiiigght. So I’m supposed to agree to that, not knowing what you’ll do? Fat chance.”

“Oh, so you’re afraid you’ll fail? What happened to being soooo talented and sooo smart that you’ll make it anywhere?”

She gritted her teeth. “That doesn’t mean I’ll fall for a trick like that.”

He shook his head. “No trick, just what I said.” He leaned in closer to her. “Think about it. Unlimited wishes, unlimited power, all you want, and all you have to do is the one thing you said you could do anywhere- make it on your own in a new city. Didn’t you say it would be easy, or are you admitting you were lying to yourself?”
She glared at him. This was so stupid, she thought. But… unlimited wishes. How hard could it be, anyway? She had made it already, she just had to do it again.
“Fine. Do it. What are the criteria for success?”

“You’ll be tested on everything, from your wits to your work ethic and your basic skills. Succeeding in any of them will count as a pass. Failing them all will lose you the bet.”

“Fine. Do it.”

He laughed. “You are soooo manipulable, you know that? I just love having fun with people like you in different worlds, you should have seen this one girl Crabula, she… anyway, I’m ranting. The world is ready. Have fun!”

There was another bright light, and Jessica covered her eyes. Air rushed around her, and she felt herself spinning. SHe began to panic. Was this a trick? What was this? She began to scream as she felt herself falling through the air, faster and faster.

Suddenly she realized it had stopped. The light coming through her finger tips was normal, and there was no air rushing around her. She had been screaming for nothing.

She uncovered her eyes and looked around. There were a few people staring at her. She blushed and began to walk quickly as if nothing had happened.
She was in a city. She knew that, but she didn’t know which one. There were tall buildings on either side of her, and the side walks were crowded with people. It could easily have been any city she had been to, and the weather and foliage of the trees made it seem like late summer or fall. In that way, at least, this ‘different world’ seemed to be the same.

However, she knew that couldn’t be the case. It was too easy. There had to be some differences here.

She began to make mental checklists.

What did she have?

She had her clothes. They had changed, she realized, to a more casual pair of jeans and t shirt, the kind of thing she wore on weekends. Fitting, she decided, since she technically didn’t have a place to work yet. She had her wallet and credit cards… except they wouldn’t work if it was a different world. She had her ID… which probably would come up as fake.

She stopped. “Huh,” she said. She hadn’t really considered what she was getting into.

She started walking again. No matter, she’d find a way. She began to make a list of tasks. Find out what the differences were in the new world, learn about it, get a job, get an apartment… She thought again. Get food, get water… There was a lot to do very quickly.

She noticed something. “Ah, a leg up,” she thought.

It was a pair of girls, both slightly younger then her but still adults, and wearing the same uniform. It appeared to be a waitress outfit, with a dark, tight shirt above a short skirt and long stockings.

She didn’t recognize the restaurant, but that didn’t matter. She was a master of one of the most valuable skills a person could have finding a job- the gift of gab, or how to talk your way into anything. She followed them from a short distance. Find out a bit about them, perhaps where they are going, make friends, and use them to help get a job. Waitressing wasn’t her first choice- it was far beneath her, in fact- but it was something. Pay the bills, get some clothes, get some references… in a few weeks, she could be managing at the restaurant, then using that to find work elsewhere. Their job would be her stepping stone.

She followed and watched them closely, studying them. Something about them was odd. It was their skirts, they seemed to collect strangely around their hips.
She stared at it. It seemed like there was something underneath it. She also noticed their walk- she had been trained to notice such things- which was odd, slightly waddled like a…

She did a double take. Like a toddler, she thought, or someone wearing diapers. She looked closer. The skirts were short and flounced as they walked. There was a distinct line of white underneath them. Whats more, the girls- she couldn’t think of them as anything else after noticing, despite their being only a few years younger then herself- didn’t seem to mind at all, and just kept walking like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Surely she must be mistaken. There is no way someone their age could… could they? It was a new world.

She turned away. Frankly, she didn’t want to know the answer, and if they were part of some weird group… there were things she’d do for money, that wasn’t one of them.

Suddenly she realized the girls had stopped. They had turned and staring at her. Had they noticed she was following them?

She ran into a nearby door without checking what it was.

“Hello there! Would you like to try our new cold coffee?”

She looked at the origin of the voice to see a short, fat and bearded man standing behind a counter. She was in a cafe. It had dark walls covered with paintings, and the smell of caffeine hung heavily in the air.

“Oh, no thank you, I just…”

“Oh come on!” he said, smiling, “surely you need something to keep you going. The mornings were made for coffee and the afternoons were made for wine, I always say. Come on, I assure you its good.”

She didn’t want it, but he was insistent and she couldn’t think of an excuse to be there. He handed her a cup, and she took a sip. It was sweet, sugary, but strong.

“Its good!” she said.

“Yep! That’s our new blend. Why don’t you take a seat and enjoy it?”

“Ummm, alright,” she said, and sat down at a table.

She looked around the cafe. It wasn’t bad. She could work here, she thought. She looked at the coffee. She might have to, given she had no money to pay for the coffee.

She began to watch the people around her. It was a good way to learn about her new environment, she figured.

There was a couple at a table across from here. There was a man about her age, black haired, tall and muscular, next to a younger and smaller brunette. They were both flirting openly, whispering into each others ears and cuddling around the edges of their table.

She smirked. One thing to know, the new world seemed to have a liberal view on homosexuality, and flirting in public. What else could that say about the society? Perhaps open about other things too? She made a mental note of it.

While she was watching, the black haired of the two stopped moving. He seemed to sniff the air. The younger looked at him in confusion. The older pushed the other forward slightly and reached down to his belt line.

Suddenly the brunette’s eyes went wide. He looked at the other, then around the cafe as the other stared at him, seeming disappointed.

The brunette bent down under the table. He picked up a bag and began ruffling through it. He looked panicked. He went through the bag again, then dumped the contents on the table. The black haired one rolled his eyes and sighed as the younger searched through a pile of books and pencils as if looking for something. Finally he gave up and looked pleadingly at the older.

The black haired man reached down slowly, picked up his own bag, reached into it and took something out.

Jessica had to stifled a gasp. She had through earlier, but it was pretty clear now. The black haired man was holding a large adult diaper, and handed it to the brunette. Defeated, the brunnette grabbed it, and waddled slowly away from the table and toward a bathroom door.

He knocked on the door, and a grunt inside replied. He paused, shuffling from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable. He looked back at his boyfriend sadly. He went back to shuffling. He moaned, and looked at his boyfriend again, his eyes begging for help.

His boyfriend sighed, stood up, and walked over. Once there, he grabbed hold of the younger’s belt. The brunette shook his head with wide eyes, but did nothing as the older undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The brunette was now standing with a clearly visible, and clearly messy, diaper. The older turned him around, peared at the back, and waved his hand in front of his face teasingly. He then took his boyfriend by the wrist, waggled a finger under his nose, and pulled him toward a second bathroom to the side. Jessica noticed the sign on the door- it showed no gender, just had pictures of characters- one small, one medium sized, and one larger, all in diapers. The diapered boy, looking completely defeated, followed is boyfriend into it.

Jessica stared in shock. What was all the more odd about seeing a twenty something year old man in a used diaper was the fact that no one in the cafe seemed to mind. In fact, they seemed prepared for it, even having a bathroom just for it.

She needed air. She needed it fast. She got up, and walked toward the door.

“Hey, you have to pay for that!” the barista called after her, but she ignored him.

She was in the open air and walking quickly. What was this world she was in? Some kind of kinkster’s paradise? A world where everyone was incontinent?

She looked at the people she passed. She began to noticed more and more strange things. Crinkling sounds, thick padding underneath pants and skirts, she noticed a group of girls socializing, and one casually hand a diaper to another. The padding seemed to vary in thickness, and in times when the plastic was visible around the edges of their pants and skirts, she noticed some with patterns on them, and others that were white.

So diapered were a lot more common here, and for different age groups, she determined.

Not everyone was diapered. Most teens or younger she passed were, with few exceptions. The majority of young adults were as well, though less so then the teens. The cut off seemed to roughly the mid twenties. There were one or two older then that who appeared to be diapered, but they were in the minority, and seemed very shy.

She noticed other things as well. The window of a restaurant showed a woman in a high chair, being fed by another girl her own age. Another time she saw a man, she couldn’t tell how old but he was fairly big, being bare bottom spanked, with tears running down his face. The woman seemed mortified, however, and no one else her age seemed to be in it, while man was clearly blushing, so she determined these must be exceptions to the rules. Still, there were many people with childish thing who seemed to be far to old for them- some in strollers, others with toys, or wearing onesies, one or two pacifiers… the list went on.

She remembered the genie saying she’d be tested on everything, even ‘basic skills.’ He couldn’t mean… that… could he? She shuddered at the thought

She steeled herself. So what? It just be one more test to pass, and an easy one at that. Its not like SHE was incontinent.

Or did they have different rules here? She’d have to find out.

Her stomach grumbled. She’d have to find out soon, she realized. Those eggs and coffee were not sitting well.

She passed by what looked like a gigantic mall. It was three stories, and had banners and displays for stores all along the outside. She decided it was the perfect place to look for a job, and she may as well do it while trying to find out the strange laws.

She entered the mall. It really was huge. She walked passed store after store, gawking at the size. Whatever world this was, they loved their shopping.

Most of the stores seemed fairly in line with what she was used to. She even recognized a few logos, but none of the names.

Her stomach grumbled again, and she felt a weight in her bladder. It was getting too hard to ignore. She realized she had been putting it off, dreading to find out what the laws of this bizarre land were, but she needed to find out.

She found a large department store that had bathrooms. Like the coffee shop, there were three of them. One was male, one was female, and the other had three images of people in diapers, ranging in size from baby to adult.

She walked to the female bathroom and tried to turn the nob, but it wouldn’t budge.

She tsked. Locked. She walked up to the help counter and waited in line.

The pressure was building. She considered just walking to the front of the line, but she didn’t want to stand out until she knew what was going on.
Finally she reached the front.

“Hi, how can I help you?” a stocky, middle aged woman said.

“Hi, can I get the bathroom key?” Jessica asked.

“Of course,” the woman said. “Just let me see your proof of toilet proficiency.”

Jessica stared at her. “What?”

The woman laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, I don’t mean to embarrass you. I know most girls your age have passed their tests. However, there are a few stragglers, so we have to check. Do you have your proof?”

“I don’t… uhhhh…” this would normally be the time where Jessica would come up with a lie, say it was at home or lost, just as she did when she used to drink underage. However, the absurdity of the question caught her off guard.

“You don’t have it?! WHen did you complete the tests?”


“When did you complete your proficiency tests?”

“I… didn’t.”

The woman’s eyes went wide. “OH! My mistake, sorry to embarrass you.” She spoke in a soothing tone that bordered on condescending. “I must have gotten confused by how you asked. Don’t worry, and sorry for what I said earlier, I know some people still have troubles at your age. Nothing to be worried about, it comes to some a bit later. Do you need a diaper change?”

“No! I don’t need a diaper.”

“What?” The woman looked over the desk. “Where is your diaper?”

“I don’t need a f–ingg diaper just give me the f–ing key!”

The woman gasped. “How dare you speak to me that way! I’ll bet you haven’t even passed your full language tests. I’m going to give you three seconds, and I’d better see something- your id card, paperwork, a signed note, anything- that says your are qualified to use the toilet, or I better see a diaper on your butt. If I don’t get it, you’re going to be in a world of trouble.”

“I don’t have stupid paperwork and I don’t need diapers! I’m an adult you idiot!”

“Right, that’s it.” She hit a button under her desk.

Almost instantly a large, muscular man in a uniform appeared behind Jessica.

“Right, what seems to be the trouble?”

“This GIRL has not passed her potty training tests, is not diapered, tried to lie her way into getting a bathroom key, then threw a tantrum, swore and insulted me.”

“YOu f–ing b–h!”

The guard seized her by the wrist. “Do you have your toilet proficiency tests?” He asked.

“Uhhh…” she tried to think of a lie.

“You better not lie to me. You know I can check.”

“I… don’t.”

He reached down to her belt.

“Hey!” she said, trying to stop him. However, he grabbed her and turned her around, then pinned both her hands to her stomach with one of his, and used his other
on her belt. She squirmed, embarrassed at how easily he manhandled her.

She looked around for help, but no one seemed to mind. A few watched, some laughing, some even seeming lecherous, but no one reacted as if there was anything wrong with what was going on.

The guard undid her belt and pulled down her pants. There were a few chuckles from the audience. She stared. Her underwear, as it turned out, were a lacy pair of panties with a cartoon picture of the genie on them. Some kind of sick joke, she decided.

“Where is your diaper?” the guard asked.

“I don’t have one,” she said.

"NO paperwork and inappropriate underwear. Tell me, do you have your exemption from corporal discipline? Don’t lie now, or it will be much worse.

Her eyes went wide. “No…”

“Alright then,” he said, and picked her up.

In a flash she was turned over, and she landed on his raised knee with a squeel.

“No,” she said, barely having time to process what was going on before his first spank landed on her upturned backside.

SMACK SMACK SMACK! He rained blows down on her as she squirmed and cried out. She couldn’t believe how strong he was, or how vicious he was with the
spanking. He was clearly used to doing it.

She tried to hold onto her dignity as best she could, but the pain was growing. Her protests turned to pleas, and her angry shouting turned into loud cries. Soon she was bawling her eyes out, getting spanked as people watched. She could not believe it, and didn’t know what was worse- the pain, or the indignity of the entire situation.

Finally, he stooped, and stood her on the ground. He waggled his finger under her nose like she was a child. “Now, you are possibly the oldest I’ve ever had to spank, but then again, you’ll likely be one of the oldest I’ve seen diapered too.” She gulped at the though and fought back arguments. "Now, I’m going to take you to the help desk to get you diapered, and we are going to leave your pants down so your red bottom can serve as a warning to others. After that we can get you to the station to sort this out and get you where you are supposed to be, alright?

She nodded through tears. She couldn’t help but sniffle, and tried to ignore the snickers and giggles behind her.

The guard turned her by the shoulders and spanked her still red bottom. “EEP!” she shouted, not expecting another spank, and walked forward.

At the edge of the store she paused, and he spanked her again. She jumped. She realized he was planning on using spanks to direct her through the mall.
He spanked her again. Worse still, the pressure in her bladder had been building. Being bent over his knee had made it critical, and each spank made it worse. She realized soon she might have to argue against being put in diapers while proving she needed them.

Another spank. She turned. “STOP!” she said angrily.

“Are you arguing with me?” He grabbed her shoulder and delivered a burst of hard smacks to her bottom, making her squeal and dance on the spot.

“I’m sorry!” She said. “P Lease! I really need to go to the bathroom.”

“You’ll be diapered shortly.”

“No! Now! The bathrooms right there!” She pointed to a set of doors.

“No? Are you arguing again AND trying to lie your way into toilets?”

He held her again and delivered more smacks. She screamed.

It was too much. The pressure, the waiting, and now the smacks… she felt her bladder release.

“Nooo…” she whined as she wet herself.

The guard backed away. “Well well,” he said, “and you were trying to argue against diapers?”

“But… but… you made me do it! You wouldn’t let me use the bathroom!” She whined as the puddle grew beneath her. She knew it wasn’t the right thing to say, but
an audience had gathered round to watch her shame, and she wanted to do anything she could to divert the blame.

He shook his head. “I can see why you never made it through the tests. Mature women don’t try to blame others for their mistakes. Also, we have told you several times now the bathroom is off limits. I suppose it isn’t your fault you are a slow learner, but you could have at least been responsible enough to keep your diaper on. We may need to speak to your caretaker.”

“I’m not a… I don’t have a…” she knew it was useless to argue.

He shook his head again and tsked. “Barely able to form sentences. We may need to test your language too. Come on,” he grabbed her shoulder “the staff will clean up your mess, and we better get you diapered before you leave something worse for them. Really, you are the age of a woman, but really you seem more like a little girl. We will need to test you to see.”

She cried louder at that comment. What did it even mean, 'seem like girl?" Was that something she could be designated? What were the tests? She dreaded to find out what restrictions they could put on her. It was all so fast. It had only been a few hours, she knew, and she had gone from a wealthy, successful capitalist, feared and respected, master of her world, to a little girl, being lead sobbing through a mall with a spanked red bottom on display and wet pants dribbling, to be diapered in this strange world she didn’t understand at all. Why had she taken that bet?

-Will be continued soon, comments or critiques are appreciated

Since nobody seems to want to type out some commentary, I guess I’ll go ahead and offer some of my own. It’s been too long since I read this to remember any potential grammar mistakes, so you’ll have to settle for commentary/critiques on the narrative aspects rather than the mechanical aspects this time. I don’t remember there being much to harp on in the spelling/grammar department in the first place, anyway.

So, first off, props to you for coming up with an idea I’ve never seen before. This premise is really quite unique, all things considered. It touches on many rather well known tropes, but the combination of them present in this story is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. But in my opinion, the most interesting thing you’ve done with the tropes I’ve seen so far is turn the genie unlimited wishes not allowed clause on its head. The fact that the genies can in fact grant that, but they just don’t want to deal with the hassle is not only inherently interesting to think about, but also much more likely than the standard assumption that they can’t do it. Also, another thing worth pointing out is that you took the spoiled rich kid thing to quite the extreme. I’ve quite literally never seen it go this far before. As in, you took it so far that you made a grown adult perpetually sound like a little kid who learned a few dirty words.

That brings me to my next thing to talk about. So, first off, the maid girly at the start being objectively more qualified to to work in general was really satisfying to hear from the genie. Why? Because the main… “protagonist”… is so unlikable that no one can be faulted for wanting her to fail at this point. This is actually a good thing as far as I’m concerned - first off, it’s deliberate, second off, not a whole lot of stories will go out of their way to present an unlikable MC, and third, in this fetish in particularly, I often find myself feeling bad for rooting against the MCs of stories because they don’t necessarily deserve what I want to happen to them, but this problem is rather conveniently absent from stories where the main lead is this unlikable. They deserve everything “bad” they have coming to them…

So because of all this, I’m personally torn on what I want to happen over the course of this story. Part of me wants her to fail completely at every test, not just so we can see what the “mystery” change the genie will make to her life, but also because she genuinely deserves it as is right now, and another part of me wants her to learn her lesson, grow as a character, and eventually pass a test (iirc she only needs to pass one for unlimited wishes, right?). I’d be fine with either outcome, personally, but either way, this story has piqued my interest and I eagerly look forward to more!

Thanks a lot for the feedback :slight_smile:
That is fine about grammar. I tend to make a few mistakes but sometimes I can get them in re-writes not to worried.
I appreciate what you said about originality. And yes, the genie is kind of a dick. He shows up in a few of my stories and always pulls stuff like this. He certainly CAN do a lot, he just doesn’t WANT to.
You might be right about taking her personality too far. I wanted to show demonstrate it clearly without spending too much time getting the story going, I guess it doesn’t always work out. Perhaps she was just extra annoyed that day?
I’ve always felt the same about likable protagonists in rough positions. I’ve always preferred stories like this, especially ones that focus on the ‘punishment’ aspect of the kink, having at least some clear flaws. Aside from avoiding mary sues, it makes what happens more of a comeuppance and allows for character development as a result of the situations. Also, I find it more interesting if those situations are easily avoidable but occur due to the character’s personality flaws. As for the maid, a large part of the point is that while the protagonist effectively had everything handed to her, the maid had to work for what little she has. The genie is manipulating a chip on her shoulder, as she likes to tell herself her wealth is due to her own efforts, but knows people will claim otherwise. It clearly works.
And yes, as per the agreement, she only needs to prove she can succeed in one manner. Since this is broad, technically even proving she can be potty trained counts as success. However, the genie is the one setting the standards, and he isn’t exactly an unbiased judge. As for wondering whether we will see the change in her life or see her develop, isn’t both also an option? You’ll have to read to see :smiley:

:cool: I like this story more please?? :you_did_it:

It seems I never replied to this. I thought I did, but I was apparently mistaken.

What you have here touches on a lot of familiar ideas; but you also have the option to go pretty much anywhere from here.
On a more opinion-based point, unless you personally have an issue with including profanity, I’d recommend against self-censoring. Profanity isn’t banned here or anything, and we already know what the character meant to say; but it reads better with the full word in place. Alternatively, you could use different words. But again, too me, it reads funny with most of the word missing.

there will be more soon :slight_smile:

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Jesicca was dragged through the mall with her red bottom on display and her wet pants handing sadly around her thighs, dripping like the tears from her eyes. She stumbled and waddled as the wet waist band clung to her thighs. The man didn’t seem to care that she struggled, he kept pulling her up flights of stairs and through hallways.

“What… are we… going?” she asked.

He sighed. “That sentence didn’t need “what”, girl. Is your grammar bad too? It should be where.”

“Where are we going?” she growled. It took a lot to summon the strength to be angry in her current state. People were watching at her, some snickering or laughing, but none stepping to intervene or seeming it amiss. She tried to ignore parents pointing her out to their kids, as if telling them to avoid her example.

“Watch your tone. Crying and shouting in a mall? No control of emotions either, it seems. I’m taking to the first place I can get you protection from your own weak bladder, then to someone who can look up your name determine where you belong.”

‘Belong?’ What could that mean, she wondered in fright. Some kind of boarding school? A prison for the un-potty trained? Was she to be put ins some kind of nursery or adoption agency for grown women who needed to be treated like babies? She shuddered, wondering what would happen if they looked her up and realize she legally didn’t exist in this world before she could find a way to fake a past. No education, no family… this wasn’t looking good. “I don’t belong anywhere! Please, I’m sorry I got angry. I won’t do it again! I just want to go!”

He yanked her forward and smacked her hard on the bottom, making her yelp. “You calm down. You’re not going to convince me not to do my job by crying like a little girl.”

After being frog marched through what seemed like endless hallways and past countless humiliating stares, they finally stopped. She blinked away tears to see herself standing in front of a help desk. A short dark haired woman looked at her with wide eyes.

“What do we have here?” she said. “Another one? She’s a bit older then most of them.”

“My name is Jess…”

“Quiet,” the guard said. “Yes. Apparently she tried to get around without her legally required incontinence protection. I’m not sure what level she’s at, but she didn’t have her toilet training certificate, and she had an accident in the hallway. She’ll need to be diapered before I can take her further.”

“NO! But…t he only reason I did that… OW!” She was cut off by another hard spank.

“Still requires corporal punishment I see,” the woman said.

“Yes, among other things. No paperwork that shows she past spankings, able to go around without a caretaker, nothing. I’m guessing she was never tested or failed them, then was embarrassed and tried to hide it.”

“Have you noticed any other signs of failed tests?”

“Yes. She has no emotional control, crying and screaming on a whim. She seems to have trouble with language. She has poor coordination, and stumbled most of the way here. FInally, she doesn’t listen to instructions, and either doesn’t know or understand, or refuses to acknowledge, the law.”

The woman shook her head. “Sad, at her age most have graduated all levels of training.”

“I imagine she failed the tests, but that will have to be determined at the police station.”

Jessica’s eyes went wider then she thought possible. 'Police station?" The previous conversation was horrfrying and hummiliaitng, but she held her toung. That, however, was too frightening a concept. “NO! Please! Don’t get the police invovled! I’ll listen!”

“Add to that list a clear fear of the police. She is obviously hiding something,” the guard said. “FIrst thing first, she needs her diaper. Then we can go.”

The woman nodded as if this was the most common request. “Alright. ANy idea what stage she’s at?”

The guard nudged her. “Care to speak up?”


“WHat stage?”

“I…” she had no idea what to say.

THe guard sighed. "Lets give her the benefit of the doubt. All whites, but make sure they are plastic and thick enough.

“I think so too.” The woman reached behind the counter. She deposited a pile of plastic and cloth objects on the counter and began to shuffled through them. Jessica gasped when she realized what they were. Piles of diapers, in differnt sizes, with different prints, and in different materials laid out before her. Finally she settled on one. It was white- Jessica was thankful it didn’t ahve some of the babish prints she had seen- but wide, and crinkled with thick plastic.

The guard looked at her. “Come on, up on the counter. Lets get you diapered.”

“What? But…”

“Can you put it on yourself?”

“No! I can’t put a diaper on!”

The guard shrugged his shoulders. “Alright then.” To her shock, he picked her up easily by the waist and deposited her on the counter.

“No no no!” she said, but was ignored as he held her down and spread powder. He held her over the back end of the padding and folded the rest over her, then taped her in snugly with a practiced expertise.

“You’re far from the first rule breaker I’ve dealt with. Plenty of people who failed the tests try to sneak around and get caught like you. However, I’d have hoped someone your age would at least have been able to diaper themselves. I’ll have to make a note of this.”

“No… I…” Jessica was too much in shock to respond. She stared at the humiliating white plastic taped securely around her waist. How had she ended here, dressed like an infant, in nothing but a shirt and a diaper? Imagine if someone saw! She looked around. People did see, and though some snickered none seemed to mind that the girl who had wet herself and cried her way through the mall was now diapered. She winced inwardly, and felt anger growing. How dare they think of her like that? Despite all the warnings her mind was giving her, her pride could not take it, and she reached toward the tapes to pull them off.

“NO! Bad girl!” The guard said. He turned her over the counter and spanked her again, this time letting out a loud, plastic twack from the diaper that attracted way to much attention to Jessica’s humiliating situation for her to handle.

“NO! Let me go!” She wailed, and began kicking at the guard and squirming.

“You naughty little…” the guard said. He ignored her kicks and held her legs in easily, then begain spanking again.

The pain was too much. She had already been spanked earlier, and her still sore bottom ached from each blow even under the thick plastic. She was soon crying again, louder then before. She looked around again. No one was coming to her aid, she couldn’t get herself up, and the noise only served to get more people to stare at her.

“Alright,” she said. “I’m sorry. Please sir, stop spanking me. I’ll be good.”

He slowed. “Alright then. Funny, so polite now.” He turned her over and sat her on the counter. “Now, I’m going to take you to the police station so they can sort you out. Until then, you’ll be wearing that diaper and doing exactly what I tell you, understood?”

“Yes sir,” she sniffled. The pain of getting spanked again had become worse then the embarrassment of what she wore, and she knew the situation was hopeless as it was.

“Good. I’m afraid I’m going to have to add your anger outbursts and your inability to diaper yourself to your profile. Hopefully you’ll do better in the future.”

“But… but” she said through tears. “Its not that I CAN’T put it on, I just didn’t want to wear it.”

He shook his head. “Even if I was inclined to believe that, it would just be further proof of your inability to determine how you should be dressed. As far as I can tell, you need someone to dress and diaper you either way.”

“But I… but I…”

He sighed. “Alright, I’ll give you a chance. If I take that off and you can’t put it back on perfectly, then I’ll add lying about that to the list of things you’ve done. Have you ever, in your entire life, successfully diapered yourself?”

“Well no…” it was an absurd question.

“Good, doesn’t being honest feel nice.” He padded her head. She began to swat at his hand, then thought better of it.

She was lead through the mall once more, this time being lead by the hand, wearing only a diaper, shirt, and shoes, and holding soaking wet pants in her other hands. She did her best to be calm and attract as little attention as possible. She pouted- she had thought the first time through was embaressing, this was far worse.

Finally they left the mall and the guard ushered her into the back seat of a black vehicle painted with a badge. He buckled her up, and began to drive away.

Jessica stared forward and moved as little as possible. She thought for a bit that watching the city around her might give her a better idea of what was going on, but the thought of attracting more attention to herself seemed horrifying. She didn’t even want to risk meeting someone else’s eyes while hers were still red from tears, and any challenge could be dismissed by looking down at her still visible underwear.

Except… would anyone see that amiss? She had seen other adults dressed the same way. The guard and the worker both had commented that she was too old for it, but by how much? She had to find out what was going on before she decided on a response.

She felt the car stop. The guard got out, walked around, opened her door, undid her seat belt and helped her out by the hand. She kept her eyes on the ground as he lead her by the hand, too afraid to look up. They entered a building and approached a desk, she assumed it was at the police station.

There was a pair of men in front of her. Looking closely, Jessica recognized the couple from earlier at the coffee shop. The smaller of the two, the brunette, was sobbing, the larger held him tightly to his chest and was stroking his curly hair. They turned slightly, and Jessica realized that the brunette wasn’t wearing any pants, and had an ill fitting diaper visible to the world.

“And this isn’t the first time its happened recently?”

“No,” the larger said quietly. “I let it slide the first few times… I didn’t want to embarrass him.”

“I see,” a woman said calmly. Jessica saw that it was an elderly woman, slightly plump and wearing reading glasses. “And he was too afraid to take care of it himself? And forgot to bring his own replacement diaper?”

“Yes. I had to help him.”

“Alright. Then I’m sorry, we will have to set you back.”

The brunette shouted out. “NO! Please no! I worked so hard!”

“I know,” the woman said soothingly. “But you know the rules. We can’t have someone going around risking the health of those around him.”

“But… but…” he said. His boyfriend shushed him and hugged him.

“Given the two issues here- continence level and ability to take care of yourself, you’ll have to go back in both. We can provide the first set, but will have to see him dressed properly before he leaves. Give me a moment.”

She went behind a door, then returned with a package of diapers. They were thicker then the one’s Jessica was wearing, and had colorful prints on the front. The smaller man grasped at the larger and watched sadly as they were handed over.

The woman looked at him in pity. “Well… your boyfriend there…” She looked at the larger. “Are you fully trained? And have your caretaking licence?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“What if I assign him as your official caretaker? Would that make it better? You won’t have to go back to your parents or have a caretaker assigned, he could do the changing.”

“Would that be ok?” he asked, trembling, to both of them.

“Yes,” the larger responded. He held him tightly. “Look, you’re not going back that far! And this won’t even effect anything else. You’re still ahead in academics, social skills, employment ability… this is just one, and its not even that bad. You’re only one step back in self changing, ok?”

“Uh huh,” the brunette nodded sadly.

“Ummm… one other thing,” the woman said. “He has been crying a lot? And he’s been relying on you to speak?”

“Ohhh…” the smaller whined.

The larger nodded. “Yes.”

The woman shook her head and handed over an object. The larger of the two took it and put it in the smaller’s mouth. He turned his head toward Jessica, and she gasped as she recognized a black pacifier in his mouth. They stared a moment, his sad eyes meeting her shocked one. As she watched, he got handed a teddy bear, Jessica didn’t see from where, and began to cuddle it. Then his boyfriend grabbed his hand and began to lead him away and he followed obediently, as if trained to accept that he could simply be put in another’s charge. They maintained eye contact until he was gone.

She began to tremble. She had seen the small brown haired man, almost her own age, be put in the the care of another, get handed a package of childishly printed diapers to be dressed in, and get a pacifier put in his mouth. What could happen to her?

She shook his head. The ‘man’ had messed himself in public. A boy really, she told herself. HE was also unable to change himself, apparently broke the law, and had been crying like a child…

Except… so had she. She had wet anyway, and the guard seemed to made the same judgement on her that had been passed on the boy. That was different though, she told herself. She had peed, but not the other, and that was only because of the spanking. She also didn’t know the laws. In the end it was mainly the guard’s mistake, she told herself.

“What his this girl here for?” a woman’s voice act. Jessica looked up and saw an elderly woman, a bit plump and with glasses, looking at her. The question, however, was directed at the guard.

Jessica tried to speak anyway. “This is all a mistake…”

She was silenced by a spank and a shushing from the guard.

“Aside from speaking out of turn, that is,” the woman said.

“This girl was caught demanding entrance to a bathroom with proper approval. After that, she…”

Jessica tried to drown out the sound as he listed her humiliating ordeal. The initial argument, getting bare bottom spanked, wetting, getting diapered, all the ways the guard had judged her that she had been unable to respond to, all the embarrassing charges.

“Alright, thank you very much sir,” the woman said. “Now girl, what is your name?”

“Jessica,” she said without looking up.

“Now now child, you should look at people when you speak. Were you not taught that either? Its part of proper conversation lessons, and one of the ways you earn the right to speak freely.”

“I… ok” Jessica said and looked up.

“Good girl. What is your name?”

“Jessica Martinez,” she said.

“Alright,” she began typing something in. “My name is Denise, and you can call me Ms. Erickson or ma’am. And apparently you don’t have any licenses? It seems among other things you weren’t wearing required underwear, you wet yourself and caused a mess, cried in public, were unable to diaper yourself, and kicked the guard when he tried?”

“No… but… I’ve been taught all that! I don’t need diapers, or spankings or… pacifiers or anything,” she said.

“Hmmm,” Denise said. “Funny, no one mentioned pacifiers with you yet, though your emotional outbursts might call for it. Not minding your own business, are you?”

Jessica mentally kicked herself.

“You don’t have a file anywhere. Why is that?”

“I was… home schooled. My parents were secretive.” It was the best lie Jessica could come up with.

“I see. And you wet yourself in the mall and started crying and screaming?”

“Yes but… thats not my fault! Listen, I…” Jessica breathed. This was fine. She just needed to remain calm and explain herself. “I didn’t know the rules of this place, and had drank coffee earlier. I needed to go, but didn’t realize that I couldn’t use the bathroom. I don’t have the certification, and there was a lot of confusion as I tried to explain that, as I didn’t know what was going on and the women in the store wouldn’t listen. Then he started spanking me, and wouldn’t listen as I asked ot go. I was just shocked by it, and already had to go. I don’t normally have accidents like that, but it was too much. I also don’t normally cry either, but it was a lot at once, very painful and embarrassing. Then we got to the other desk and the woman there just believed everything he said. I know I kicked him, I’m sorry, I was just shocked at what was happening. I know I can’t diaper myself, but I’ve never had to. Please, you have to understand, I…” Jessica stopped when she saw the woman looking at her in disapointment. “What?”

“Shall I summarize?” she said. “You acknowledge you wet yourself, cried, kicked a guard, and couldn’t take care of yourself. However, it is somehow the store clerk’s fault, the guard’s fault, the mall supervisor’s fault, the law’s fault, the fault of all the random people you passed who didn’t interfere with the legal actions of the guard, everyone’s fault buy your own? Not good at taking responsibility, are you? Oh, and it seems you are the one who stole coffee earlier today, aren’t you?”

“I…” Jessica was speechless.

“Did you steal that coffee?”

“Well yes, but…”

Denise shook her head. “But what? Was it the the server’s fault?”


“Good girl. It was your fault. Now, about what will happen to you…”

“PLEASE! I’m not a baby! I don’t need baby diapers! I don’t know what all these tests are!”

“More emotional outbursts and you’ll probably see yourself with a pacifier in your mouth like that other boy.”

Jessica swallowed her next complaint.

“Good. Maybe you should follow his example- he at least didn’t argue and fight as much. Some people simply are immature, you can at least be a good girl like he was a good boy. One more and I’ll get that pacifier. Now, as for yourn questions. Don’t worry, you aren’t in baby diapers, and are unlikely to be put in them.”

“What? What do you mean?” Jessica said.

The woman stared at her. Then, quietly, she went under the desk and got out a box. “This is our demonstration set. I don’t normally have to show it to people your age as they’ve gone through them all.”

She took out a diaper. It was small, thick, plastic, and printed all over with infantile designs, and had the word ‘baby’ across the front. It was what Jessica would have recognized, a diaper made for a baby. “This is a baby diaper,” the woman said, then moved on. She lay out a line of diapers in increasing size. As she progressed, they got thinner and thinner, and became less plastic and more papery. At the same time, the prints got less and childish and smaller, until one had a simple panel with cartoons- this seemed to be what the brunette man had received, though smaller- and finally sets of plain white ones. “These are the stages of diapers most people go through by your age. Each design represents what is expected of the wearer. The thicker, the less they are expected to notice they need to be changed, with the thinnest assuming you will instantly notice. Going from plastic to paper means the wearer will only wet to simply urinary, but can be expected to use the bathroom otherwise. Finally, the amount of prints represent to what extent the wearer can change themselves or request changes from their caretakers. After that, you get a year in pull ups” she took out one “which can be whatever color or design you wish, and if you don’t have accidents for a year then you have passed all the tests. Most people are finished with these all and into pull ups by their early to mid twenties, then done a year later. Some are earlier, others go later. For someone your age to still require diapers… its odd, but not unheard of. Now,” she took out more and laid them all out. They matched the other’s perfectly, but were all sized for an adult. “Some people fail their tests, or need to backtrack, and end up requiring these later. Its embarrassing for them, but it happens. However, I have never seen a grown adult who needed the full baby diapers- meaning complete incontinence, complete inability to self care, and inability to even judge their own wetness, requiring full time care as if they are a baby. The few times it has happened… usually that means the person simply will not get out of them. I’d say it is a very small chance that would happen to you, and would require a complete failure of all the tests.”

Jessica stared. “I…” How far had the genie gone? How much would she be tested on? “How do I take these tests?”

The woman took out a pamphlet and handed it to her. It described a school, and gave descriptions of lessons.

“You should know this. If you had gone through regular school, you’d have been trained, then tested, in all levels of life before graduation.”

“How old are people when they graduate?”

SHe shrugged. “It depends. Full time in the school varies from 15-25 years, with outliers on both sides.”

Jessica flipped through the pamphlet. She wasn’t joking, it really did have all levels of life. It mentioned tests on not only academics and diapering, but walking, dressing yourself, feeding yourself, and more. She noticed a part on tests for speaking ability and emotional control, along with a picture of people throwing pacifiers into the air, and a line of them getting more and more childish as the grades went back. The woman was also serious about the length, there seemed to be no clear grades, with people of varying ages mixed into classes, and people with differing abilities. IN one picture, a thickly diapered woman in a onesie and sucking a pacifier sat in a class for advanced math. IN another, a man in thinner underwear was learning basic spelling. More pictures had people in a variety of outfits, but all the same age, sitting together in a gym, with a man briefing a training exercise on a board as a caretaker checked his diaper.

She tried to calm herself. She could be here for 25 years. No, she told herself. She already had her education, and knew these skills. She could get through.

Jessica was broken out of her train of thought by a question. “What exactly did your education at home consist of?”

“Uhh… academics. Reading, writing, math, history. I already knew all the other stuff.”

“I see. I’m sure you did,” the woman rolled her eyes.

“Hey! Don’t get sarcastic with me.”

Denise sighed and handed the guard a pacifier, who put it in Jessica’s mouth. Jessica was too stunned by the action to respond at first, and realized taking it out would simply result in more spankings.

“I warned you about the emotional outbursts. See that it stays in or I’ll get some straps- one to hold it in place, the other for your backside. Now, you’re in luck. It just so happens that our psychologist, Dr. Jeffreson, is in today. He’ll be able to decide what to do with you. Go to that desk and sign in, then wait,” she pointed down the hall at yet another desk where a man sat patiently. Jessica grew irritated, she had lost track of how many petty functionaries at desks had controlled her life today. She was a business OWNER, she should have to respond to this sort of thing. However, she didn’t want to risk the guard’s stern hand again, and let herself be lead.

As they went down, she saw the door to a bathroom open. Out came the man she had seen earlier. He looked in patiently and with pity, and slowly lead the brunette out. Like Jessica, he was trembling in embarrassment, now in printed diapers openly visible beneath his shirt, sucking a pacifier and cuddling a teddy bear as he was lead. Their eyes met, and she saw that he noticed she now had a pacifier in her mouth as well. They shared a glance of mutual pity, and passed.

They reached the desk, and the guard signed her name for her, directed her to a chair, and left.

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Part 3:

Jessica tried to get as small as possible in her seat. She kept her head down and tried not to make eye contact with any of the others passing by her in the station. Most were criminals of some kind, going to be interviewed by officers, while others were there to pick up relatives from cells. They were all losers, she told herself, thieves, law breakers, drunks… And yet sitting with a pacifier in her mouth, in a diaper, and soaking wet pants on the chair beside her proving her clothes wasn’t a mistake, she didn’t feel like she could look down on them.

Someone called her name and she got up. She cringed as the crinkling of her diaper attracted even more unwanted stares. She closed her eyes and began walking toward an open door where a woman in a uniform stood with her arms folded. Each step brought more noise and more stares. She told herself it wasn’t that loud at all, but it sounded like thunder in her ears. She finally reached the woman.

“You left something,” the woman said.

“What?” she asked.

The woman pointed back to the chairs. “You left your soaked pants back on the chair. We don’t want to do your laundry. Go get them.” Jessica felt a sharp smack on her behind, and the plastic crack echoed in the room.

She sighed. There went any hopes of privacy. Now all eyes were on here as walked back to the chair, grabbed her pants, and walked back as quickly as possible. A young man and woman giggled, and she glared at them, but that only made them laugh louder.

She reached the officer, who grabbed her wrist and took her through a doorway and down a long white tiled hallway.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked while trying her best to keep up with the taller woman.

“I am taking you to see a specialist. Depending on how this goes, you may end up being adopted tonight. Odds are it will be him or someone he knows.”

Jessica gasped and tried to pull back. “What? NO! You can’t do that.”

“Better then jail.”

Jessica tsked. “But what about that other guy? He had the same problem but was let go. Why can’t I be? Don’t I get a lawyer?”

The woman rounded on her and put a finger under her nose. “He made a mistake, but was within the law and reported it. Furthermore, he has already proven himself in all other areas- academics, athletics, and professional working, while you have no record of either. Finally, he is living with a fully qualified caretaker, who happened to be his fiance. Do you have anyone who can take you?”

“I… no.”

“Good. Now as for that silliness about a lawyer, you are not currently being charged. Consider yourself lucky. We are chalking your mistakes up to a lack of understanding rather then criminality, which is common for this type of issue. We have no record of you, which means we have no record of a warning given or proof you knew the rules. You get a lawyer if you are being charged. Do you want to go down that route? I can assure you going through the trial system in diapers won’t be fun.”

Jessica stared blankly.


She looked down. “No, I’ll see the specialist.”

“Good, he is through here.”

She knocked on a door, and a tall man with short graying brown hair, glasses and a suit came out. Jessica thought he was the spitting image of a stereotypical professor, down to the tweed on his jacket.

“Dr. Jeffreyson?”

“Yes, is this the girl?”

“Hello,” Jessica said shyly.

The officer nudged her. “Its 'hello DOCTOR” or “SIR.” Now stand up straight and shake his hand. Have you not learned basic manners yet?"

“But I didn’t know who he was!”

“He is someone who doesn’t need their diapers changed by others because of immaturity. That makes him a sir to you, and I told you his name anyway.”

“Now now officer, its alright. Here, let the girl in with me, I’ll take it from here. Thank you for your help.” he took her by the hand.

“Alright. Thank you, Doctor. And Jessica? THAT is how you be polite. Hopefully you’ll learn it well.”

Dr. Jeffreyson watched the officer walk away until she was out of earshot, then he sighed. “I’m sorry, they can be a bit rough here. Leave those on the hanger outside the door, they shouldn’t have made you carry them around. We can replace them later if need be.”

Jessica spotted a coat hanger beside the door and put her pants on them.

“Good. Now come inside,” he said.

The room inside was a small office space with a large wooden desk, a sink and a second wooden door. “They were nice enough to give us this space. I’m going to ask you a few questions, and we are going to decide what to do with you. Please, sit down,” he said, pointing to a chair.

She sat down. “Do you have anything I can wear? To cover the uh…” she stopped.

“To cover the diaper? Because you are cold or embarrassed?”

Jessica blushed, and he nodded.

“You know we are the only ones in here, and I’ve already seen it?”

“I know,” she said quietly.

He nodded again. “Alright. I didn’t bring a change of pants, but here.” He handed her his coat, and she folded it on her lap.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Now lets go through your file, or lack there of. We don’t have any record of your education, employment or even birth. What can you tell me?”

Jessica thought. She couldn’t tell him she came from another world through a mistaken genie wish, that wouldn’t help her situation at all. “I was home schooled,” she said.

“I see. And where are your parents now?”

“Gone,” she said.

“So you were abandoned,” he said, and wrote something down. “Can you give me anything that would help me find them?”


The interview and testing went on for some time. Jessica did her best to explain the situation without starting a manhunt for her none-existent family, and he came to the conclusion that she’d been involved in an enclosed family that had moved and left her behind, but had severely neglected portions of her education. He told her he thought what was happening was a very bad idea, but not technically illegal, and there wouldn’t be a record of her birth or education if her family deemed not to report it. Jessica accepted that as the best possible response. He also asked about her body and performed some physical tests, which convinced him she wasn’t physically incontinent, but that her issues came from behavior. She was unsure if she was happy about that.

“So,” he said, “My job isn’t to question the ethics of your upbringing. Coming down to the issue: what do you know? What qualifications did you get, if any? What did they teach you and what did they miss, aside from the obvious gaps.” He pointed at her waist with his pen.

“I uhhh…” she realized pushing the final issue was pointless. “I was an expert in multiple finance systems, banking, investments, and portfolios, as well as the computers that used them. That was supposed to be my career.” She said proudly.

He laughed. “Probably not the best one to follow.”

“What!?” Her eyes went wide. She knew this was a different world, but surely that must be worth something.

“Well, you can, but a lot of the real work there has already been automated via computers. You’ll find a lot of low paying positions. You’d be better with, say, education in English or psychology.”

So this world really is different, she thought.

“I also learned math, history, reading, writing, and some gym classes.”

“So basic academics.”


He paused.

“What is two plus two?”

“Uhh, four.”

He nodded. “Four plus five?”

“Nine! Is this necessary?”

“How long did you learn academics for?”

“12 years.”

“Did you ever compete in athletics?”

“No…” she had tried a few sports, mainly cheer leading and track, but never competed at any high level.

He shook his head. “Basic academics consists of 14 years, and a qualification in academics required competition. I’m afraid you don’t have anything.”

“But… what!? But that can’t be true! I’m an adult! I worked for years! I… I…”

He waved a hand to calm her protests. “Its alright, we know it isn’t your fault.”

She looked into his eyes, and felt tears in her own. He was the first person to be kind to her since arriving. Part of her rebuked that, telling herself that she had never needed another’s help before, but right now she felt more venerable then ever. “Please help me,” she said.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded.

“Alright. That settles it. We will help you out. But right now there is one more test you need to take.”

“What?” she asked.

“Currently you have only wet yourself. You have yet to demonstrate whether you require diapers for anything else.”

Jessica felt her hair stand up. “What?”

“I need to see you demonstrate that you know how to use a toilet for defecation and clean yourself, or you will be listed as diaper and caretaker dependent for that. Do you need to go?”

“I…” now that she thought of it, she hand’t gone all day. She was nervous about this direction, though. “I… I don’t think so.”

“Alright,” he said. “We can perform that test later at home.”

“At home?” she asked.

“Yes. You will be coming home with me tonight. I will need to monitor you for a while to decide what the best course of action is.”

“But… I mean… you’re a stranger.”

He sighed. “Do you have anywhere else to go?”

She considered lying, but knew he would find out. “No,” she said.

“Do you want to go back to living on the street, without even a change of clothes or diapers?” he asked.


“Then come on. I’m a professional, and this is part of the reason I came here. Besides, I have someone else about your level. You might bond on that.”

Jessica followed him back through the station. She asked for her pants back, but he threw them out, explaining they were ruined and probably wouldn’t fit over her diapers, then offered to replace them later. He gave her a blanket to wrap around herself instead. He signed some paperwork, and gave her pages to sign, then lead her to a car and drove her out of the downtown and into a suburb. He seemed to live far from the city, and the drive was taking a while.

Her stomach grumbled.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“Not really,” she said.

“Hmmm I thought you said you didn’t need to go.”

She didn’t respond.

He pulled up to a long, shingle home with a large front balcony and chimney’s at both end. He parked in a separate garage then took her to a giant double door with windows lined on either side.

“You live here?” she asked.

“Yes,” he laughed. “I do well in my trade. Its ok, don’t be afraid or anything.”

She thought about what he said. She realized to most people, this would seem like an extravagant mansion, and he probably thought she was awed. She thought back to her place back in the other world, and held her tongue.

When they got inside they were greeted by a middle aged, red haired woman and a young brown haired girl, who Jessica guessed was a teenager.

“Hi daddy!” the girl said, and jumped to hug him.

“Hello Marianne!” he picked her up. The other woman, who Jessica assumed was his wife, came in and kissed him.

“Is this the girl?” she asked.

“Yes dear, this is Jessica,” he turned to face the young girl he was carrying. “See sweetheart? This is Jessica. She’s going to be in a higher grade for academics, but she’s in the same grade as you for other stuff, so maybe you can help each other out.”

“Hi!” she said.

Jessica’s eyes went wide. “Wait… the same grade as her? But she’s a kid!”

“Yes well, Marianne is moving up quickly in her manners. We are very proud.”

She beamed at the praise, and asked to be let down.

“No, I mean… I can’t be that…” Jessica was going to say 'far behind" when Marianne hugged her around the waist and said ‘hello.’ The surprise and force knocked her back a bit, and she heard a loud sound in the back of her diaper.

“Eeep!” she said.

“Ewww stinky. Did you mess yourself?” Marianne waved a hand in front of her nose.

Jessica blushed. “Don’t say that!”

The doctor folded his arms. “Jessica. Did you mess yourself?”

She hated how serious he sounded, as if she actually might have. “I… I don’t…”

He sighed grabbed her wrist. “You don’t know,” he answered for her, and turned her around, undid the towel around her waist, and pulled open the back of her diaper. She realized he was checking her.

“Hey!” she protested half halfheartedly.

“No, she’s clean. Either way though, I think if we keep her in this diaper she might have an accident soon. Honey, why don’t you go prepare the table while I help Jessica to use the toilet? She still needs to be tested for that.”

“Alright dear. Good luck!” she smiled and waved at Jessica as she said it.

Once again Jessica was lead by her wrist while wearing only a t shirt and a diaper, but this time, her journey ended in a bathroom. It was big but cozy and had, she noted, a disturbingly large changing table, stacked with diapers of different sizes.

“Now, you said earlier you didn’t need to go, but it is clear you were mistaken.”

“No! I wasn’t…” she realized “I was lying” wasn’t a good explanation either.

He waved her silent anyway. “I know its not your fault, I’m not angry. I do, however, need to see if you can do this. Now, do you think you need to use the bathroom?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Then do it,” he waved at the toilet, then remained standing in front of her.

“Ummmm…” she said. She was getting desperate.


“I need privacy.”

“Why? I’ve done this thousands of times with different testers.”

Jessica was stumped. She realized in this world, where adults regularly get their diapers changed, get potty trained, or need help getting dressed, they would have completely different standards of modesty. Still, the idea of her, Jessica Mellingham, stripping and… she couldn’t even think it… while someone watched!? Inconceivable. It was mortifying, and she remained frozen.

“Well? Do you know how?”

“I can’t,” she said.

“That’s fine sweetie, though I wish you had told me,” he walked over to her, and before she could react, he pulled down her diaper.

“No, I mean… OW!”

She was interrupted by a hard smack on her bottom.

“That was a warning for lying, and for trying to hide the fact you didn’t know how by saying you needed privacy. Next time, you will get a much harder spanking and a mouth soaping. Now, like this.” He opened the seat of the toilet, picked her up slightly, and sat her down.

He resumed his position directly in front of her.

“Are you going to watch?” she asked.

“Yes. I still need to see if you have this part right, and if you can clean yourself,” he said. He then seemed to think of something. “Are you going to lie to me again about needing privacy? Because that will just confirm you don’t know how, and earn yourself a real spanking.”

She could barely breath. Her stomach was turning, and she felt the weight inside her, but she couldn’t make herself do it. What would he say? Would she fail? Could she do it with him watching? She looked into her eyes, which shows no surprise at the idea that she might actually not know how to use a toilet, or that she might be expected to prove it to a near complete stranger. Even if he was a 'professional," she thought. However, the idea was terrifying.

“I can’t,” she said.

He nodded. “That’s ok,” he said. “That is why we test.”

She tried to argue that it wasn’t that she didn’t know how, but couldn’t in front of him, but realized it would only get her spanked. She didn’t want to do THAT again.

He continued. “Supper won’t be ready for a while. You are there, we might as well wait until it happens. It’ll just take a bit of patience, you’ll see.” He sat on the bathtub side in front of her.

Her stomach grumbled. She tried to look anywhere but at him, and tried to think of a way out. The door was wide open, and anyone passing by could see. She knew if she brought that up, it wouldn’t mean anything to him. She cringed. She couldn’t hold it much longer.

Finally, will a loud, embarrassing brappt, she released it.

He waited a moment, then stood up. “Good girl!” he said. “I told you you just needed to wait. Now, do you know how to wipe, or should !?” I reached toward her.

“Wait! I can do it!”

He sat back down to watch.

Jessica grabbed some toilet paper and began cleaning. He was still watching her, and the feeling of his eyes made her cringe. She went quickly, trying to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

“There! See! I can do that.”

“Hmm, really. Stand up,” he ordered, and she began to obey.

“What? Why…” What could possibly… “EEEP!”

She felt him drag a wet wipe between her cheeks.

He tisked. “Not quite sweetie. I’m sorry. Bend over the table.”

“No please I can do it!” she begged.

“No! I can do it!” she said. She reached and tried to take the wipes from his hand.

“HEy!” he said. “Now. Last warning,” he said. “One more lie like that, and you’ll be over my lap for an hour. Now, tell me the truth. Do you normally clean your own messy diapers?”

“No,” she said mournfully. Technically it was true, as she didn’t normally wear diapers. However, she said it more to get out of trouble then anything else.

He ruffled her hair. She noticed he was treating her as if she was younger and younger, but was afraid to protest. “Good girl. I figured as much, but it is better then lying. Stand up! Good, now be a good girl, bend over, and let me help you.” He then took out a box of wipes and began cleaning her.

Jessica had to fight back tears. This was by far the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to her. She cringed at each feel of the wipes, and at the knowledge he fully believed she needed his help, that no argument would change his mind. He had an entire day of evidence against her.

While she remained bent over, she saw something move in front of the door. It was Marianne, watching curiously.

“Why are you doing that? I thought you said she was the same level as me,” Marianne said.

“Well I thought so too, but it seems she doesn’t quite know how to change her messy diapers yet. She will still need help, and a different kind of diaper.”

“What!?” Jessica said.

“Quite, its ok,” he reached into the changing table, got something out, and put it in her mouth. It was a pacifier, and it filled her mouth completely. heremembered it was for people who couldn’t control their emotions yet… and, essentially, to keep some quiet while the grown ups talked. Out of the three, including someone far younger then she, Jessica was considered the least mature, and had the diapers to prove it. She realized he was about to be put in diapers to specifically mark her status, and dreaded to see what they looked like.

Dr. Jeffreyson picked her up and lay her on the changing table. Seeing her looking disappointed in herself, he reached under the table and took out a soft doll, which he handed to Jessica. She took it, and realized that probably meant she failed another test. The doctor spread powder over hear, then opened another shelf and took something out.

She moaned audibly. The diaper he held was far thicker then the one she had before, and covered with an all over print of cartoonish animals.

He smiled. “Sorry. Wetting and inability to change that got you the first diaper, not knowing when you need to mess, how to use the toilet, or how to clean that up got you this one.”

She glared, and he laughed as the look she was used to frightening subordinates with fell apart behind a giant, childish pacifier.

“Don’t worry. Four tapes, see? Not two. That means it isn’t a baby diaper. Marianne’s in only a bit ahead in partially printed, so not that far to catch up!”

Great, so behind the kid. That did little to lighten her mood. There was at least on other level to sink too, it seemed. He diapered her then lead her down the stairs. She knew she made quite the sight with her t shirt, colorful diaper, pacifier and doll.

She wasn’t even surprised when she arrived in the kitchen to see dual high chairs, with Marianne’s mother just finishing setting up one sized for Jessica.She let herself be put into it and fed by the doctor, while his wife- she still had to learn her name- fed Marianne. She didn’t taste the food, and didn’t bother to see what it was. It was humiliating to think that she was being treated as the same maturity level as someone years younger, and that was a step up from before.

Defeated, she kept eating.

“So, tommorrow, Jessica will be going to school with you Marianne, though she’ll be in a higher grade.”

Jessica perked up. School? She had forgotten that.

“Which grade?” she asked.

“Hush, Jessica, grown ups were talking. Remember your pacifier? No talking while eating either.”

Jessica blushed.

“Which grade?” Marianne asked.

The doctor smiled and shook his head. “Alright,” he said, and realizing he was asking for Jessica, turned to her. “Since you said you completed 12 years of academics, you’ll be taking grade 13, generally for people aged 20-22, but not strictly.”

She was happy at the last part. “Not strictly” meant there might be people her own age. She remembered reading about the academic parts of the schools in the brochure and it seemed the years for the grades were less strict here, and passing was more on ability then time in.

He shook his head, sensing what she thought. “You’ll still be the oldest I’m afraid, but hey, maybe that will give you an advantage. Only a little bit more, and you can successfully graduate. Won’t that be nice?”

Jessica almost laughed out loud. She only had to succeed in one thing. School could be that one thing. A year or two for the full academic courses might be a long time, but then there was always sports, or a summer job… It was much lower then the business success she anticipated on her arrival, but it was still success and would get her permanently, and properly, out of diapers. She could put up with it for a while.

She gloated to herself. All she had to do was succeed in one thing, and the bet was hers.

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Tested 4:

School started early the next day. Jessica was waking along a sidewalk holding the doctor’s hand while Marianne held the other. Marianne had complained about the him, saying she could make it on their own, but he explained that he needed to speak to the principle about Jessica, and since he wasn’t sure yet if Jessica knew how to walk along the sidewalk without holding someone’s hand. He said Marianne could just go along with it so she wasn’t as embarrassed, as if the explanation wasn’t bad enough.

She was wearing what was, essentially, identical to a classic school girl outfit from her own world. She had complained about it, but that was merely interpreted as an inability to dress herself, followed by awkward moment of her being ‘helped’ into it. Marianne was worse off in a bright yellow romper, but she at least almost seemed the right age for it.

Or was that right? In this world, Jessica wasn’t sure.

She noticed a few stares directed at her, and she reached a hand to pull her skirt down lower over her diaper. No, she definitely was the one not dressed as most her age. She almost envied Marianne’s romper, as it would at least cover her diaper more, even if the flaps made it clear it was there. As it was, passing people her age and younger, wearing regular suits and dressed as they giggled and pointed at her school clothes and bulging diapers, anything seemed like an improvement.

The doctor was dressed as she would have expected from her world, in a dark suit and red tie. Most of the clothing, at least for those accepted as fully ‘adults’, was similar to what she was used too, if often a bit brighter or with less modesty, and some different logos. Overall the people seemed far more often, as Jessica had to try not to stare at some of the displays in the stores they passed, or at what people were doing in public.

“See that?” Doctor Jeffreyson said, pointing at a large, three story building on a hill. It was sprawling, with its multiple levels staggered and stepped like a ziggurat, and its walls a mix of brick, cement and massive glass windows. “That’s the school for grades one to 14. You’ll be on the far right of the building for the older… I mean, for the higher grades. Marianne is closer to the left.”

Other students started filling the side walks around them, all heading toward it. Jessica tried to keep her head down. She didn’t know which of them would be her classmates and didn’t want to attract more attention to her temporary situation then she needed to. Still, some noticed, and stifled giggles.

They past by another building on the way. It was smaller and made out of red brick, with windows facing the side walk. However, it seemed to be part of the same complex, even on the lot.

“What is that?” Jessica asked.

“That is the nursery,” Jeffreyson explained. “Its for babies, before they move on to pre school, or if they get bumped back. The pre school is beside it, and next to that is the day care for people who pass the academics but still need to be taken care of during the day.”

Jessica noted that, in this case “baby” didn’t mean the same she’d expect. Looking at the buildings, she noticed a very organized method- people started in the nursery, and moved in the same direction from then on, to the lower levels of the schools, and out the door at the other end. She even noticed to the downtown core was beyond it in the same direction. The people in each one were close to the same, but with some variance. The nursery had a few people aged slightly older, who already seemed to be a bit embarrassed by their location, the pre school had wider range, and the mixture of uniforms in the school showed more.

Something caught her eye. One of the people in the windows was clearly large then the others. He was sitting in a high chair that faced the road, blushing brightly, and eyes wide and shocked. He had good reason to be blushing- he was wearing a baby blue shirt and a printed diaper, and was being fed by someone who seemed, if anything, younger then he was. He had attracted a crowed of giggling students by the window, and tried to cover himself with a teddy bear but was scolded by the person feeding him.

Jessica had to look, but she was certain it was the boy she had seen the day before. Could it really happen that quickly in this world?

The Doctor noticed her looking. “Ah yes, that is Sebastian. I spoke to him yesterday, before I met you.”

“BUt… but I saw him too! He had regular clothes, and they said he didn’t have to go back in every way…”

“Yes, I know. They were trying to calm him down. I had noticed some other discrepancies in his files, and it seemed he had fudged a few results to move forward and wasn’t actually qualified for the job he had been working. Its still being evaluated exactly where he belongs. In the meantime, we agreed a few days at the very beginning will do him some good. Don’t worry, he’ll be out once he’s learned his lesson and we evaluate him further. He’ll be back with his boyfriend Charles tonight, but will have to spend the days here.”

Jessica stared at him. He looked out and met her eyes. He noticed her diaper, and Jessica saw his expression change to pleading, and she averted her eyes. She didn’t dare to look at where he was- the day care, pre school, or nursery.

They arrived at the school, and Marianne went to her class as Dr. Jeffreyson led Jessica to the office. Most of the school was familiar. The same lockers, halls and desks she had seen in movies, and similar, but not quite the same, as what she had in her private school. Not as good, she told herself, and that means not as difficult. This will be easy as pie.

Suddenly Jessica gagged on an awful smell. She turned to her side to see a covered grey cart being pushed by, with the image of a girl and a boy, both making ‘opps’ faces and in clearly soiled diapers, on its side.

“Coming through!” the muscular, dark haired girl pushing it said. “Dirty diaper disposal!” She looked at Jessica, then down at her diaper, and chuckled. “It seems you should know that better then me.” Jessica wanted to reply, but she was gone. She noticed, to her shame, the lack of bulge in the girls skirt which meant that, at a few year younger then Jessica, she was already much more trusted.

They reached the office, and the doctor had Jessica stand outside as he went in. She busied herself looking at posted bulletins. There were sports teams, debate clubs, academic teams… all she had to do was succeed in one, and she’d be fine. She smiled, and tapped one advertising cheerleader tryouts. She’d be a perfect fit- lean, fit, pretty, and the time on her own schools cheerleader squad followed by years of yoga and gymnastics left her in perfect shape for it. Of course, she’d still pass the academics, she told herself, but there was nothing wrong with hedging her bets. Or… why not really show the genie? Imagine him seeing her, prom queen, straight a student, cheerleader, on the verge of starting her own business… really bring the point home.

“Jessica,” the doctor said, and she jumped and turned around. He standing next to another girl in the same uniform as Jessica. She had short brown hair, wide blue eyes and a thin body. She was a fair shorter then Jessica.

“Its good to see you haven’t run off. Good girl! This is Melanie,” he said. “She is going to be your caretaker.”

“My… care… taker?” Jessica asked.

“Yep!” she said in a bubbly voice. She reached out a hand to shake, and Jessica took it. “I got my full care taking certificate, and we are in the same classes!”

“So…?” Jessica asked.

She laughed and ruffled Jessica’s hair. “So I get to lead you to them so you don’t get lost. I’ll make sure you only go to the right places and don’t get into trouble, and that your adorable diapers stay clean.” She pointed down at it. “Well, not STAY clean, but they won’t stay dirty for long.” She looked at the board Jessica was facing. “Don’t worry about those yet, you’ll need to concentrate on maturity and academics. 'Sides, most are for more mature girls.”

“I don’t need a caretaker! Especially not some bubbly young girl! I can do it on my own!”

“Jessica!” The doctor said sternly. “It has been made very clear that you DO need a caretaker. Have you ever changed your own diapers? Have you been in this school before?” Jessica shook her head and looked down. “Good. Learning your place, not arguing, and not lying about your abilities are all areas you need to learn. Everybody gets the same when they first arrive, but most do it in kindergarten. Now, Melanie is only a year younger then you, has completed her maturity classes, has made it into pull ups, and has shown herself to be very responsible. She isn’t a girl. Now apologize.”

“I…” Jessica wanted to argue, but couldn’t think of the words.

Melanie put a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll work on apologizing. I know your embarrassed and a bit afraid, but its ok, we’ll help you through this. Its not your fault you weren’t tested or trained properly. Just listen to me, be a good girl, and we’ll be best of friends!” She smiled and winked. “Besides, I can promise you I want spank you TOO hard. Thanks Dr. Jefferson!” She began to lead Jessica away by the hand.

“Wait,” Jessica said. She looked back and forth from the doctor to Melanie. “What do you mean? Doctor!” She was ignored, and pulled forward.

The first class she was taken too was a large, white walled room with windows facing a football field. The walls were covered with posters and pictures of military commanders and politicians, so Jessica guessed it was a history class. It full of students, most seeming to be in their early twenties. They all wore either the same dress as Jessica and Melanie or an equivalent with shorts, though none had the telling bulge of Jessica’s. A few giggled as they came in, and Melanie glared at them as she let a blushing Jessica to her seat.

Melanie sat beside her and leaned into her ear. “You just sit still and try to pay attention. I convinced them you won’t need your paci if you don’t talk out of turn. Let me know if you need a diaper change.”

Despite her whispering, a few overheard and giggled. Jessica winced at the sound. “What if I just want to go to the bathroom? Do I just ask?”

Melanie waved her hand dismissively. “Don’t be silly. You’re not allowed in there. You have your diapers for a reason.”

Even more heard that, and some openly laughed. Well, her plan of social success was a failure. For now, at least, she told herself. She’d decided not to raise the question again, re-adjusted her skirt to hide her diaper as well as possible, and hoped she wasn’t called to the front. Hopefully not many would notice.

An older woman in a long dress came in. “Welcome class, and welcome our new student, Jessica. Jessica, would you care to stand up and introduce yourself?”

Jessica swallowed hard and shook her head. “No, its ok.” She said.

“Jessica! Don’t be rude,” Melanie said. “She’d love to, Ms. Pereyson.”

Jessica stood up. She held her skirt down as she did, and tried to move as little as possible. She still heard the plastic crinkling as did. “Hi, I’m Jessi…” She was cut off by more laughing. Suddenly afraid, she reached down to her skirt and pushed her legs in tighter. Had they seen?

“Jessica, do a proper greeting.”

Jessica looked at her in confusion. After a moment she felt herself relieved, as she realized the laughter had been from an improper greeting, not from her horrid underwear again. She shook her head to show her lack of understanding.

“The proper way for a little girl to introduce herself is to wave, say your name and thank them for having you, promise good behavior, then curtsy.”

“But I didn’t see you do that… Or anyone!”

“Yes sweetie, its for a little girl, to someone of a higher maturity level.”

Jessica had to resist the urge to facepalm at the laughter that followed. She just kept walking into these things.

However, if she wanted to succeed, she had to play the game, no matter how absurd. She closed her eyes, went over what Melanie said, and opened her…

“Wave, say your…” Melanie said slowly.

“I know!” Jessica snapped. “I mean, I know, thank you.”

She waved her hand broadly. “I am Jessica, thank you for having me, I promise to be good.”

She stopped.

“Noooowww curtsy,” Melanie said.

Jessica cringed. Might was well get over it. She held the edges of her skirt, lifted them as slightly as possible, and bend her knees. She imitated the curtsy’s she had seen with as little movement as possible.

“No no, a proper curtsy means knees out to 90 degrees, and hands six inches to the side.”

Jessica sighed. This was just getting worse. Suddenly, she really had to go to the bathroom… except she couldn’t. She wouldn’t only show that genie, she’d give him a good wallop. She closed her eyes…

“Eyes open! And smile!”

She opened them, forced a smile, and bent her knees deeply as she lifted her skirt up. She didn’t bother to check. The genie wanted her to flash her diaper, apparently, and there was no way around it.

“Good. Now I’m not to upset at your first try, but only saying “hi” and stating your name is for babies, because they usually can’t remember anything else. Can you?”

“I’ll try,” Jessica said through gritted teeth. Stupid genie.

The teacher spoke up. “Thank you Jessica, and I’m sure Melanie will help you with making that better. Now sit down.”

The teacher began a long lecture on the importance of studying history, and the mistakes that can come from ignoring it.

Jessica squirmed and tried to pay attention. The pressure in her bladder was mounting, and she knew she’d be denied a bathroom break. How long were these classes? The time went on. 30 minutes, 45 minutes… the teacher was still talking and didn’t seem to be wrapping up. Jessica tried to think of what to do, and began to sweat.

“Are you ok?” Melanie whispered to her.

“Mhhm” she nodded.

“Proper answered to a caretaker are yes and no. But alright.”

Jessica squirmed more. The teacher began to hand out marked tests, and took her sweet time.

Someone raised their hands. “Excuse me Ms. Pereyson, may I go to use the toilet?”

“Yes Reilly, and congratulations on knowing ahead and asking. You have really earned your pull ups.”

The girl blushed with pride and walked out. Jessica stared at her, and was shocked by her own jealousy of someone’s right to wear pull ups and use a toilet.

Jessica sighed to herself. There was no way around it. She relaxed, and felt herself wet her diaper. The padding became soaked and inflated around her, and she shifted nervously, trying to get comfortable while not letting on to what she was doing. She settled miserably in her wet diaper.

“Are you ok?” Melanie asked again.

“Yes,” she lied.

Melanie looked at her through squinted eyes. “I see,” she said suspiciously.

Jessica tried to stop squirming. She knew Melanie would find out eventually, but she hopped it would at least be somewhere more private.

She heared her name being called and snapped out of her thoughts. It was the teacher.

“Jessica,” she said again. “Are you paying attention?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Its Ms. Pereyson, ma’am is for babies who can’t remember or pronounce their teacher’s names. Now, you said you had academic training, right?”

“Yes,” Jessica said. Finally, something she’d be good at. With academics she could finally show them she was able to succeed in something.

“Good, then why don’t you come up and answer the next question in front of the class.”

Jessica walked forward, and prayed she wouldn’t have to do that bloody curtsy again in front of them all.

She breathed heavily, going over a mental routine to calm herself. This was history. She had done that before, and even read some on her own. This should be easy.

The teacher began to read from a book.

“When the philosopher Aristotle, as later compared with the Roman Cicero …”

Good so far, she thought. She had read about both.

“Discussed the prevalent Zoroastrianism faith at the time…”


“Was their writing effected by the rules of the reigning Atlantean Empire?”

OH SHIT NO. Jessica stared at the class with her eyes wide. Why would she assume a different world, with all different laws and culture, would have the same history?

She was standing for too long, she knew. She hadn’t said anything yet. Her bladder was aching.

“Come on, this is basic stuff. If you can’t do this, then we might have to review your files further, because I don’t think you belong here academically either.”

“I…” Jessica managed, then remained silent with her mouth open. What could that mean? The fear was getting to her.

“I think she’s using her diaper!” someone shouted, and the entire class erupted in laughter.

Jessica looked down at the padding and put a hand on it. “No I’m not!” She shouted.

Melanie rushed forward and reached to check her diaper. Jessica tried to push her away but wasn’t fast enough, and soon her soaked diaper was exposed to the entire class as Melanie pressed her hand into it.

“Ah your soaked!” Melanie said, standing up and folding her arms. “I knew it! I thought you were supposed to know enough to tell me! Did you lie?”

“I uhhh…”

“Jessica, did you also lie when you said you had taken history classes before?” the teacher asked.

“No! I don’t care about your stupid $*%& question!” Jessica wished she could take the words back as soon as they came out.

“Excuse me?”

“I… uhhh…”

“We don’t use language like that here little girl, and we definitely don’t argue with the teacher or call questions ‘stupid’ because we can’t answer them. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I… I’m sorry…”

The teacher sighed. “That wasn’t a proper apology, and you still misbehaved.” She walked to the chalk board and grabbed a long wooden stick. “Melanie, would you mind?” she held it out to her.

Melanie sighed. “Yes, of course. Sorry Jessica, you can only misbehave so much. Bend over.”

“What?! No! I…” Jessica tried to find words, terrified at the idea of being spanked in front of her class.

“Now!” Jessica was surprised by the sudden sternness in Melanie’s voice. Seeing she had no other option, she turned around and, taking direction from Melanie, bent over with her hands on the chalk board. She whimpered softly. Melanie went behind her and lifted the back of her skirt.

The first spank hit across her diaper, and she yelped loudly. The whack of wood on plastic was soon filling the class room as Melanie delivered a full spanking on Jessica’s padded bottom, and the sound matching the laughing and chuckling behind her.

Jessica had never felt so ashamed. Only a few days in the new world, and she was in a wet diaper, getting spanked in front of a classroom by someone younger then she, and not a single person thought there was anything wrong with it.

The spanks stopped for a moment, and she felt Melanie preposition the stick over her bare thighs. A long ooo came from the class behind her.

“Please don’t,” Jessica whined. Melanie responded by pushing her pacifier in her mouth.

The whack on her thighs hurt even more, and she felt her pacifier drop as she shouted. Melanie put the pacifier back in her mouth, and kept going. The pain mounted and soon Jessica was outright sobbing.

Finally the spanking stopped, and Melanie helped her back up, then hugged her.

“I’m sorry sweetie, but you have to learn to behave. Now, do you need a diaper change?”

Instinctively Jessica shook her head, which only prompted Melanie shake her own head in disappointment.

“Its fine, we will work on telling the difference between a wet diaper and a dry one. Perhaps you can still tell me when your messy at least.”

The laughter in the classroom reached a new pitch as Jessica blushed and stared at the ground. Melanie helped her out of the class. Well, that was academics and social gone. Along with… curtsying? Continence? How to greet people and apologize? What else was she being tested on? She didn’t know anymore. Melanie was leading her down a hall, and she didn’t know where she was going either.

Cheerleading. That was it. One thing she was definitely good at. Damn what Melanie said, she’d be there. She’d show that genie.

They were in another room, with a long table and a class of students. Melanie was talking to another woman.

“Thank you to Melanie and Jessica, who are here to demonstrate a proper diaper change. Jessica, would you care to introduce yourself first?”

Jessica looked around and saw a sign reading 'caretaking class." She did the best introduction she could, and soon found herself lying on the table as Melanie replaced the pacifier in her mouth and held up a fresh diaper and box of wipes. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the laughing that now seemed to be a constant part of her life.

She’d show them all.

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Thanks! I like your story!

thank you very much! I’m glad you do :slight_smile:

(Note: Originally this section had a lot more gratuitous messing and humiliation, as per the request I was given. As this site doesn’t tend to like that as much, I edited it down. If you want to see it, message me and I’ll give it to you. If not, this will still make sense with the next section. Thanks for reading!)

Jessica let herself by led through the hallways by her hand. It was important to seem submissive now, resigned to her position. That would make it easier to get away from Melanie. She knew she was risking a lot by her plan, but she didn’t worry about it. It was lunch, and there was a place she needed to be for lunch where Melanie wouldn’t want her. That left only one option, and hopefully her success in it would eliminate the consequences.

She waited her moment. Melanie stopped by a menu with pictures. She let go of Jessica’s hand to take off her back pack and start going through it. Jessica backed away slowly, and when she was a few steps behind, turned and ran.

She didn’t know her way around the school too well, but could guess the general layout from what she had seen outside. She needed to get to the yard, and some kind of sports field. That is where the cheer-leading tryouts were being held. If she could get there and succeed in them, she’d be set.

She stumbled awkwardly, then got back up and kept running. Soon she was surprised to find herself panting. She looked over, and decided she knew why. Her outfit wasn’t made for running. Her diaper made her waddle slightly, and her shoes clunked awkwardly. Worse, her skirt flared up as she jogged, bringing out giggles from the people around her.

She paused a moment. Moving in the clothes was awkward, and the clamping made her stomach grumble. She had been holding in from messing since the morning, hoping to make it home so she wouldn’t have to do it at the school, and the rapid, jolting movement of running in her school shoes wasn’t helping.

She ignored it all and kept going. Finally she made it to a large double door and ran outside. She looked around, and found a group of people in cheer leading outfits. Annoyed at her own lack of choice in attire, she headed toward them. They seemed to have already started.

She got to the group. Two people at the front were demonstrating stunts. One knelt down, held her hands out, and the other got on and jumped. She ended up doing a hand stand over the other, her skirt falling to show a pull up. She went down, and the other twirled, then ended with her feet in the air held by the other. Once again her skirt fell, this time showing a thin, plain white diaper. Most had outfits, but she noticed some without them. Jessica gulped, realizing that that put both women as ranked more mature then she was. Had there been a requirement? She hadn’t had time to check. She looked around. She was slightly revealed to see others without cheer leading outfits, presumably new comers. They, however, were all in gym clothes, something Jessica lacked. She studied their shorts and the short skirts of the cheerleaders. With the lack of modesty that seemed rampant in this world, the shorts where all tight, and the skirts were all short enough to let Jessica guess their underwear. Not one was wearing diapers as thick as hers. More people were called to the front and performed stunts as called by a voice Jessica couldn’t see, and she didn’t see a single pattern on all the unabashedly revealed underwear. Would this mean that Jessica would be expected to just let her skirt fly without caring too, as they did, showing her patterned diapers to the entire school? She shuddered, but if that was the price of success, she’d pay it.

“Alright, is that everyone?” the voice that had been calling instructions asked.

No one responded. Jessica stood silently, wondering if she should say something. She was nervous, and felt her stomach turn.

“Ok, thank you all for…”

“Wait!” Jessica said.

A wall of faces turned to look at her. A few giggled, noticing her clothes, and, Jessica assumed, what was underneath.

"Did someone say something?

Jessica raised her hand. “Here! I want to try out! My name’s Jessica.”

“Let me see her.”

The crowed parted a bit, and she saw a girl standing holding a clip board. Not just any girl, it was the muscular brunette Jessica had seen pushing the diaper disposal earlier.

There was a quiet, collective ‘aww’ and a giggle as more people saw her. She noticed a few pointing at her, and others asking what they were pointing at. She shrank back, and to make matters worse, her stomach chose that moment to grumble loudly. At least it isn’t obvious to all, Jessica thought. She told herself she’d show them.

The girl at the front laughed. Girl, Jessica thought of her, even though she seemed to be in her twenties and was probably college age back in Jessica’s world, it made her feel good to remember the age difference. The fact she was considered more mature in this world was something Jessica wanted to forget.

“Awwww,” the girl said in a high pitched, mocking voice. “Are you sure you want to try out? Does that seem like a good idea?”

“Yes,” Jessica said angrily.

“You didn’t read the pamphlet through, did you?” she asked.

“No, I uhh…” Jessica paused.

“Awww its ok, maybe reading is to hard for you. I don’t think you have what it takes, little girl.”

“I"m not a little girl!” Jessica shouted, and the girl raised her eyebrows. “I bet I can do this better then you!”

There was a collective laugh, and the brunette folded her arms. “You sure about that? I’m the head cheerleader, that is why I’m up here.”

“Too bad. I’ll be taking your place soon,” Jessica said.

She laughed, along with most. A few began shaking their heads. “Oh really? You challenging me?” She sounded angry, and Jessica gulped, wishing she had her words back. “Well why don’t you come show us how amazing you are, little girl. Show us a… handstand.” She seemed delighted by her own idea.

Jessica’s eyes went wide. Anything but that. She could do the stunt, but it give everyone a view of her diapers. “I uhhh…”

“Awww what? Is that too hard for Ms. I’ll-be-taking-your-place?”

“NO! I can do more then that. Its too easy.”

“Good. Then come here and do it.”

Jessica walked forward slowly. She felt a hand reach out and pat her on the behind encouragingly as she did, and ignored both the crinkling sound and the giggles.

Finally she made it to the front. She swallowed. OK Jessica, she told herself, you can do this. You’ve done it a million times. However, she never felt the same way doing it, standing awkwardly in front of mocking faces, and it had been so long since… No matter, it was all the same.

She closed her eyes and bent forward. She tried to ignore her shirt stretching and skirt flaring up, but the material pulled at her as she bent. Her school clothes were NOT made for moving. Worse still, her cramps hit hard, making her stomach grumbled loudly, and she straightened.

“Any time sweetie!”

She forced herself awkwardly forward and placed her hands on the ground and tried to fling her legs up in one fluid motion, but the movements, hampered by the clothes and awkward after years of not practicing, failed her. She felt the wet grass slide under her, and she crashed to the ground.

“Awww you ok baby? Need your diapers checked? Do you want to try that again? One more try!”

Jessica got up grumpily. She had done this before, she told herself. She could do it again. She reached forward and threw her legs up, pulling it off perfectly. She almost blurted out 'ha!", then felt her skirt fall.

Instantly the crowed began laughing as her thick, printed diapers went on full display. Jessica wanted to go back to her feet, but felt her ankles getting grabbed.

“No no!” Jessica said as she felt herself held in the humiliating position. The laughter reached a new pitch as she flailed her legs but was held in place by the brunette.

“Silly little girl, you really thought you were that much better then me, didn’t you?”

“I… I’m sorry! Let me down!”

“Why? I’m helping you hold it! I thought you were soooo good this would be easy. Or were you lying when you said you could challenge me?”

“I"m sorry! Please!” Jessica didn’t mind begging, she just wanted out of the situation and away from the laughter.

“Too late for that. I think I want people to see you in your diapers. I want people to see why you can’t be on the time. If you were smart enough to read through our pamphlet you’d have noticed two things. Do you know what those are?”

“What?” Jessica asked.

“The first was my name, Becky, listed as lead cheerleader, and not the person you want to challenge on your first day.”

“I’m sorry!” Jessica said. She felt the blood rushing to her head and wanted anything to get out.

“The second was that you have to be in at LEAST think plain whites to try out. We need everyone in white underwear to match. You think people want to see your thick baby diapers in cheer leading? You think anyone wants someone in stinky diapers on top of a pyramid? Cute for a baby, not good for motivation.”

“You can’t all be ahead of me! Some of you have to be still in…”

“Nope! You’re the only one! See?”

From her upside down position, Jessica saw the laughing cheerleaders each lifting their skirts, showing a line of plain white taped garments, pull ups and briefs. Jessica felt her shame mount as she felt herself visibly reduced.

Jessica looked at her tormentor. She could see up her skirt, and at the diaper taped around her waist.

“But… your wearing a diaper! Your supposed to be the leader!”

“Yes, a plain white diaper I can change myself. Another few months and I’ll be in pull ups while you’ll still be sitting here, years older then me and in thick pampers, begging me for a change.”

“But… but… I can just get a white one to cover them!”

They laughed.

“Aww poor baby missing the point. You think anyone wants to be under you as you do a handstand in a messy diaper? Face it, your not cut out for anything but filling your pants. You could barely do a handstand.”

“No, not fair!” Jessica said.

“Now, I think little Ms. Takingyourplace needs to be taught a lesson. No one comes here and challenges ME. Do we know anyone here able to hand out discipline?” She made a hmmm sound and pretended to think. “Oh yeah, me.”

“Wait, what, no!”

The giggling girls lifted Jessica up, held her out, then lowered her onto Becky, who had sat down. She held Jessica tightly over her lap. Jessica struggled in her position as Becky lifted her skirt. The knee was digging into her stomach, and made the turning worse.

“HEY! Let me go you stupid #$@!”

The first wack brought a shout from Jessica.

“Excuse me? Ms potty pants is a potty mouth.” She spanked her again harder.

“OW! Your a potty pants.”

Some of the audience ooood at that. Becky spanked her again. “Ohh you are going to pay for that. You should be thanking me. If it weren’t for me, we’d all see you mess yourself in a pyramid as the entire school watched, Ms. Potty Pants.” Another spank.

“No! I don’t do that!”

“These diapers say otherwise.”

“YOUR Diapers say otherwise! I’ll see you in messy diapers!”

“Oh really?” she smirked. “We will see.”

She began spanking the helpless Jessica in earnest. Jessica yelped loudly.

“Let me go you stupid #$#$!” she screamed.

“Wwat was that? Now you’re really making me angry. Stinky little diaper girls like you don’t talk to head cheerleaders like that.” She began spanking harder, and Jessica sobbed. The smacks became louder as did Jessica’s cries, only drowned out by the laughter.

“Your a stinky diaper girl! I hope YOU mess in front of the school!” As she said it, she heard her stomach grumble and a muffled fart in her diaper, as if just to make her claim all the more ridiculous.

“OH you are in big trouble. Say it. Say your a stinky little baby and I’ll stop. Say you were baby diapers.”


She spanked her harder, and Jessica began trying. “SAY IT NOW!”


“We all know your going to be filling your diapers any second. Admit it or I won’t stop!”

“OWW!” Jessica shouted. The loud smacks and her cries were almost drowned out by the laughter. Her stomach was grumbling non stop, and she had to struggled to keep herself from messing. “I’m a stinky little baby and I wear baby diapers!”

“Good,” the spanking stopped, and Jessica was left crying, bent over her knee, stomach gurgling. “Prove it.”

“What!?” Jessica sobbed.

Another loud smack, another yelp. “I said prove it! We can all hear your stomach turning, there is no way a baby diaper girl like you would make it to any bathroom anyway. I bet you can’t hold it in for five minutes, if that. Fill your diapers now or I’ll spank you again.”

“NO!” Jessica shouted, and shouted again as she was spanked. “You fill your diapers!”

“Let it out! Or can you not even do that? You can’t even control that!”

“Please,” Jessica sobbed. “Not here, not in front of everyone. I’ll make it to the bathroom.”

“No you won’t. I know your too much of a baby to hold it in, don’t prove your too much of a baby to make yourself mess when your stomach is clearly grumbling. Do it now or I’ll spank you.”

Jessica sobbed. Her stomach was aching, and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer anyway. She was squeezing herself as tightly as possible…

Another smack. “NOW!” Becky said.

She gritted her teeth and released. It came with a loud brapppt and a chorus of laughter. The relief was instant, and she sighed, the feeling almost replacing the humiliation of what she was doing. The reality of it set in a moment later, and she moaned as she felt her diaper inflate behind her. The wet heat on her skin began to make her itch, and the smell made her crinkle her nose.

It was inconceivable. Two days ago she had been a successful business manager, fast tracked to be a CEO. People respected her. They FEARED her. Now she was messing herself to the amusement of girls years younger then her, and she couldn’t even get through a regular class or try out without humiliating herself in one way or another.

“Ewww she stinks!” one girl shouted, and the rest laughed.

“You can see it! Look!”

“Shut up!” Jessica said, but felt no strength behind her own words.

She felt Becky’s hand come down hard on her backside. She yelped, and whined as she felt the hand press the mush against her.

“Hey!” she whined. “You said you’d stop spanking if I messed myself!”

She smacked her again. “No, I said I wouldn’t stop until you messed yourself. You need to be taught a lesson of what happens when you challenge the head babysitter. Besides, I’m not spanking you, I’m just checking your baby diapers. Clearly you can’t do it yourself.”

Jessica cried, as she lay, diapered bottom still up turned and exposed for the audience.

“You see, this is why you can’t be in cheer leading. Imagine doing a flip or a handstand like this? Imagine doing it with someone underneath you? Just not fair.” She spanked her again. “You understand, or are you too much of a dumb baby for that?”

“I understand,” Jessica sobbed.

“Good,” another smack. “Even now I’m gagging at your smell. Frankly I don’t think its fair for you to force your stinky diapers on us like this.”

“What? But I…” she was cut off by another spank.

Becky reached into Jessica’s shirt pocket and took out her pacifier. “Thats enough out of you,” she said, shoving it in her mouth. “I figured you’d have this somewhere. You are going to have a fun time, walking back through the halls in your messy diaper, sucking your pacifier, trying to find your caretaker to admit your failure and beg for a change. I hope that teaches you to challenge me.”

“MMM MMM! MMM MMM!” Jessica shook her head wildly, but Becky ignored her.

She took her clipboard from another cheerleader and began casually reading as Jessica squirmed and was repeatedly spanked into obedience. “Alright, next try out will be Thursday in the gym. Bring your uniforms or gym clothes. We’ll be doing more stunts, this time with a longer routine we will give you then to test your ability to memorize. The callbacks will be listed by the gym tomorrow. Any questions?”

Jessica gagged and cried as Becky casually took questions and responded, throwing occasional spanks at Jessica’s upturned behind… . The girls seemed to deliberately draw out the meeting, asking inane questions and getting long answers. The laughed at each struggled and whine Jessica let out, and seemed to love her suffering. She forced herself to lay still and no make any sound. Finally Becky wrapped up when no one else raised their hands.

“Good, then we are almost done. But first” She looked down at Jessica and paused for dramatic effect. “Do you have anything to say?”

There was more laughter, and Jessica wondered if it was better to speak or remain silent after being told. “I…”

She yelped as she was spanked again. “No talking with pacis!”

Jessica forced herself to remain silent.

“What? Nothing to say? So I can just stay sitting here and keep spanking you?”

Jessica let out a moan.

“STOP! What are you doing?” someone screamed. A figured was walking to the cheerleaders.

“Melanie!” Jessica shouted.

Becky dropped Jessica and stood up. Melanie approached and pointed angrily and Jessica. “YOU keep quiet and suck your pacifier. As for you,” she pointed at Becky. “You have some explaining to do.”

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In the beginning i wasnt sure if i would like it or not but by now i can say i really like it. Btw i am curious how bad it was for her in your original version.

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Well I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile:
And it was pretty bad. A lot of face sitting, embarrassment, spanking, etc. If you pm me I can send it

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Part 6:
Becky put her hands on her hips. “I don’t think I need to explain anything to YOU, Melanie.”

“Oh yeah? Well then perhaps you’ll LOVE to explain why you were harassing a lower level girl in the principles office instead.”

Her eyes went wide. "You wouldn’t… Besides! She challenged me! I had every right too…"She put on a confident face but her voice was shaky.

“Oh? Did she? You think they’d agree with that? All those spanks? All that gloating and taunting? Sitting on her? Humiliating someone isn’t a fair punishment.”

“Well, I uhh…”

“You know the normal thing here is to make you go through the same thing, so you learn your lesson.”

She went pale.

“They’d probably also remove your ability to punish.”

“They wouldn’t…Besides, you couldn’t. I’m almost graduating. She’s basically a pre-schooler level. No one would believe you.”

Melanie put a finger on her chin as if she was thinking. “Oh yeah? You are near graduating, aren’t you? Finished your sports, academics, independence, caretaking, toilet training…?”

“Yes, just about.”

“Oh?” she sniffed the air. “Because I think I smell another stinky diaper.”


“I’m a fully qualified caretaker. You have to tell me when you mess or else you lose the right to self judge. So you wouldn’t have a messy diaper you aren’t telling me about, would you? And you wouldn’t want to tell me that, when you were sitting on her, you were messy? That wouldn’t be good for you at all.”

“WHAT!? You can’t do this!” She looked at the other cheerleaders for help, but they looked away.

“Did you mess your pampers?”

“NO! And they aren’t pampers! They aren’t even printed.”

Melanie walked up to Becky, and to the shock of the later, pulled up her skirt and put a hand on her bottom. Becky gasped and screamed as she pushed the mess into her.

“Did you mess your pampers, Becky?”

She put her hands on her face. “Yes.”

“And you lied about it, or you couldn’t tell?”


“Tell me!”

“I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! I’ll let her on the team! She can… she can carry bags and practice in the off season,” she pleaded, getting more and more desperate.

Jessica looked at Melanie hopefully.

“No, we both know she wouldn’t be capable of that.” Jessica sighed. Another road to passing closed. “Your lack of emotional control says something too. We’ll see what happens to you.” Melanie wiggled a finger in the larger woman’s face, then turned around. Becky hung her head down as the others came to comfort her.

“Come on Jessica,” she said. She grabbed her hand and pulled her away. Jessica followed along happily.

Once they were out of ear shot, Melanie stopped and faced Jessica.

“Thank you SO MUCH! You really!”

Melanie reached around and smacked her bottom. Jessica squealed, both from the pain and the shock. It squished against her, and she shivered at the feel. "Hey that is full!’

Melanie put a finger in her face. “Don’t talk with your pacifier! You know the rules.” She said angrily.

Jessica squirmed backwards as Melanie got in closer. “I can’t believe you did that! Who gave you permission to run off like that? Don’t you know what could have happens? You could have gotten hurt, or lost!”

Jessica looked down in shame. She would have argued, but not only was she gagged, she knew the result was exactly what Melanie said.

“Now lunch is almost done, and you haven’t eaten yet, and now I need to get you changed.” Jessica blushed.

“I’m sorry Jessica, we are going to have to talk about that with the Principal.”

Jessica shook her head. “No!”

Melanie sighed and put her head down in her hands. “We already said no talking with the pacifier.”

“I’m sorr… eep!” Jessica started and stopped.

“Its alright, we’ll find you something easier to deal with. But for now,” she took out a large leather harness and leash. Jessica’s eyes went wide. “I’m sorry Jessica, you can’t be trusted to walk on your own. We’ll have to find someone to walk you home.”

Jessica felt her eyes tearing. “MM MM!” she shook her head no.

“Again, but I’m sorry Jessica, its that or a stroller, and really you are barely above that.”

Jessica sighed as Melanie attached the leash and harness. It made no effort to hide how childish it was- it was bright, and had a chest panel with a teddy bear on it, and ‘pampers’ written in block lettering. It wrapped around her shoulders and stomach, with an extra strap passing between her legs and under her skirt. She squealed as it was tightened between under her diaper and squished the mess into her. The leash attached to the chest, and the final click at it was all locked together drove her fate home. She felt herself beginning to sob, and didn’t even complain as Melanie put a teddy bear in her arms. She sucked her pacifier, finding it surprisingly, and embarrassingly, soothing.

Jessica buried her face in her teddy bear as she was lead down the hallways. People stared. A lot of people. Being one of the oldest in school was odd, and still wearing a school girl’s outfit and a thick diaper was worse. Being lead on a leash, cuddling a bear, sucking a pacifier, and waddling in a noticeably messy diaper was a first. When she first left the principles office, a few stared. Then they began to laugh.

Worse, walking through the halls and dodging the crowds caused the massive mess still in her diaper to shift back and forth. Each step made her want to shiver, and the motion let the smell escape. She almost gagged at it, and more people began to notice. Some commented or gagged audibly, others put their hands to heir noses, and soon everyone they passed realized the state of her diaper.

Jessica tried to ignore them and kept walking. Having her new instructions worked out in front of her while she had no say, and hearing the results, was far worse.

Melanie rubbed a hand on her arm, soothing her. “Its ok Jessica. You still have academics, even if history wasn’t the best. You can work your way up.”

Jessica nodded, though she knew it probably wasn’t true. If history was that much different, what else had changed?

Melanie opened a large double door, and lead Jessica into a massive gymnasium with chairs and tables lined up through it. Rowdy students were eating at them, talking loudly and throwing things over heads and tables. In the corner, a door was open leading to a cafeteria stand, and students lined up outside of it.

“What are we doing?” Jessica asked. She was supposed to be getting changed, then going to class. The middle of a crowded lunch room was the last place she wanted to be.

Melanie sighed and tapped a finger on her pacifier. Jessica blushed and nodded. “We can’t have a little one like you not eating. Because of you’re little escapade, you missed your own time, so we are going to eat here now. Some of the caretaking students are going to help feed you, then we’ll take you to the care taking class so they can try changing your diaper.”

Jessica wanted to argue but didn’t want to tempt fate by speaking out of turn. She was lead through the tables and sat in a high chair. Melanie finally removed her pacifier.

“Do we have to do it this way? Everyone can see me up here!”

“Well get used to it, this is how you’ll be fed every day.” He put a box in front of Jessica and opened it up. Jessica saw it was full of meat and vegetables that had been sliced into tiny pieces.

Jessica groaned but didn’t argue as she was fed. A trio of other students came up, and began taking turns spooning food into her mouth as Melanie coached. She ate as quickly as she could, wanting to be out of the situation.

She began to feel a new sensation. Her bottom, still stuck in the mushy pile in her diaper, began to itch. She shuffled around, hoping to scratch it, but that only made it worse. Oh god, she thought, I’m getting a diaper rash. Since when did people her age have to worry about diaper rash?She squirmed as the feeling got worse and worse, but that did nothing to solve the pain and only the smell from it stronger around her, which became unbearable as she was forced to eat.

“Melanie,” she whispered.

Melanie ignored her and coached another student to feed her.

“Melanie, please?”

“Yes Jessica?” Melanie said out loud.

Jessica looked back and forth to her and the other students. “Can you come closer so I just say it to you?”

“No. They are going to be caretakers too, they have to hear.”


“No buts! I’m tiered of your silly modesty. This is the stage you are at, you will need to accept it if you ever want to progress.”


Melanie folded her arms.

Jessica sighed and sank down. “Never mind.”

“Say it. I can see how you’re squirming. I know what you are going to say, but you need to say it.”

Jessica whined, but the itch was getting unbearable. “Please change my diaper,” she said finally. A few people around her giggled.


“Please change my diaper,” she said again, desperate.


“Because its starting to itch!”

“You mean you are getting a diaper rash inside that diaper you soiled?”

“Yes!” Jessica wondered why she was being so mean about it.

“Good. It won’t be the last. Since you decided to run away and put yourself in a situation where you wouldn’t get changed, this will be a good lesson for you. Keep feeding her.”

Jessica pouted, and kept eating. She was soon finished, and helped down from the dreaded high chair.

The four of them lead Jessica back through the halls and into the care taking class. There were different students this time, and the room was filled with infantile toys and equipment- diapers, high chairs, and playpens- of varying sizes. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to picture herself somewhere else.

“Good afternoon class. Today you are going to get first hand experience changing a messy diaper. First, is how to tell a baby needs a change, aside from the obvious odor…”

Jessica closed her eyes. Melanie lectured the class as she was poked and prodded and her diaper examined by various students. She felt herself get lifted and lain on a table. She heard the tapes of her diaper get undone, then felt her cheeks flush redder then ever as different hands reached out to help clean her. She imagined herself back home, in her real world.

Soon Jessica was sitting in another class, in a clean diaper butt bottom still sore from the rash and the spanking. It was a match class. The room was identical to the last class room but with the historical quotes on the walls replaced with numbers, symbols and equations. The students talked among each other and fiddled with calculators. The teacher began handing out sheets at each row. Jessica was handed a pile, took one, and gave it to the person behind her.

She looked down at it. There were definitely symbols she didn’t recognize. She looked back at the front of the class, and her eyes were drawn to the chart at the top of the wall where the numbers and letters were listed.

There weren’t 10 numbers listed. There were 12. She didn’t need to count the letters to realize there were more then she was used to there as well. How had she not noticed this before? It was another thing she had told herself would be easy.

She looked down at the form. There wasn’t a single question she knew how to answer.

She sank into her chair. She’d find something she’d could do. Anything.


Jessica squirmed.

“Can you answer any of these questions?”

She didn’t answer.

“Can you?”

The questions were all simple. Or, at least, they should have been, if Jessica understood any of the writing. She recognized some of the symbols, and could even make out a few words. However, the rest remained a mystery.

The principle sighed. “You know, you said you had finished your academic education.”

She flung herself forward on the massive wooden desk, arms pleading. “I did! But the numbers were different! There were ten of them! And 26 letters, and they looked different too! It was all different.”

He rolled his eyes. 'I’ve told you, no one believes this. There is no such thing as a ten digit number system. You don’t need to make excuses, and if you keep lying you’ll be punished again."

She jumped back from the desk.

“That is what I thought.”

She bit down on her pacifier. Leaning over the desk was a position she was all too accustomed too, though under much different circumstances. She was sure she had felt each of the belts and straps pinned to the wall behind him.

“I’m not lying!” she tried again.

“Even if it were true, you’ve been in more then long enough to learn. How long have you been here for?”

Jessica’s mouth hung open as she struggled for an answer. How long had it been? Time seemed to blur when there were no clear holidays she recognized, and school went all year long. People she had known had gotten bigger, and some had graduated. She really had no idea how long, or even if the years were the same length here.

“Whatever. I’m not getting into that by now,” he said. “I think we over estimated you by putting you into final grade. You still have a way to go before you reach that.”

Jessica’s eyes went wide. “No, please…”

He shook his head. “No more arguing. Anyway, Melanie will be graduating soon, and we need a place where you can be supervised more. We are going to give you one more shot before its back to kindergarten.”


“Don’t worry, we have someone who can help you. Melanie?”

The door opened, and Melanie came in, along with someone shorter. Jessica’s mouth went wide when she saw who was standing beside her."

“Hello big sister,” Marianne said, holding up a romper that matched her own. “I’m going to help you pass middle academics!”

“No! PLease, not her,” Jessica pleaded.

“Now now,” the principle said. “There is no shame here. Melanie will help take care of you outside of class, and Marianne will instruct you inside. Now lets get you dressed into your new uniform.”

Jessica wanted to protest, but knew better. She whined as Melanie and the principle undressed her down into her diapers, then put her into the yellow romper. They tied her hair in pigtails, as most of the younger female students had.

“Now, isn’t that better? More fitting, anyway. It will do much better to hold your diapers in when you mess,” the principle said encouragingly, and Jessica pouted. “Now, off to class.”

Jessica hid her face in her hands as she was led by her leash through the halls in her elementary school uniform. “Elementary school,” here was different, of course, and seemed to last much longer, but she still stood out like a sore thumb. She heard the chuckles, though, and realized there was no point. There was only one student who might end up in this situation, and they all knew who it was. THey had all seen, heard, and smelled, the evidence.

She was lead into another wing of the school. The walls, normally bare, became covered with school made art and displays. Some of it was what she would have expected, and some was far more advanced then even she could do. Another thing she’d fail at, she counted.

She was lead into a brightly painted class room. Half the ground was carpet, and the chalk board was filled with basic math questions. The teacher, a tall woman in a grey suit, tapped her desk.

“Attention class,” she said. The students all stopped and ran to stand in a line. “We have a new student here, a very special student. Everyone please welcome Jessica.”

“High Jessica!” they said, and Jesicca blushed.

She felt a nudge. It was Marianne. “Do your curtsy, silly. The no skirt version.”

Jessica blushed at being corrected by someone younger then her, and did her best imitation, then announced herself.

SHe felt a hand on her head, ruffling her hair.

“Hey!” she shouted.

It was Marianne. “Sorry, couldn’t resist. I LOVE your hair in pigtails. Anyway, I have to go. Call me if you need anything. Bye bye!”

Soon they were seated, and Jessica was beside Marianne. The teacher started asking the class questions, going down the rows student by student. The questions being asked seemed the kind Jessica had in junior high or high school, but she couldn’t answer them at all. She didn’t even know what type of question they were.

The teacher came to her. “What is the square of zinon?” the teacher asked.

Jessica’s mind was a blank. Was it a history question? Something from a book? Politics?

“Well?” she asked. A few students giggled.

Perhaps zinon was a number. “Square” could mean it squared, or square root here…

“Well? its an easy question.”

“Five?” Jessica said, and the class erupted in laughter.

“Yes, a VERY special student,” the teacher said, and the class laughed again.

“Hey!” Jesicca said. “That was mean!” She felt herself beginning to tear.

“Oh, don’t complain. Marianne, want to help her out? I think she needs her pacifier too.”

“The answer is zelda,” Marianne said. “Here,” she whispered to Jessica, handing her the pacifier. “Its ok. You’ll learn.”

“NO! I don’t want to! This isn’t fair!” Jessica shouted, slamming her hands on her desk.

“Jessica,” the teacher said. “You know this is your last shot. Don’t mess it up on your first day.”

“Why are you making fun of me!? I’m trying my best!” she said.

“Oh are you? What is eight times eran?”


“Who lead the failed assault on the Athenians?”


The class laughed. “Don’t make stuff up. Who is the president of Eumeles?”

“I don’t…”

"Who wrote “The Islands of the Sun?”

“I…” the class was laughing. Jessica’s vision blurred as her eyes watered over.

“How many days in a fornite?”

“I don’t… please, no more…”

“Can you demonstrate a proper bull dance? Draw a picture for me? Write a melody?”


“Anyone else here can.”

“PLease! I’m sorry! Just don’t do this! I’ll try.”

The teacher shook her head. “YOu’ve been saying that a while now. One more question.”


“Can you keep your diaper dry for five minutes?”

The class laughed again.


“Someone please check her. I’m sure she wet and can’t tell. Perhaps that is what you need to focus on.”

“I… NO!” someone reached for the buckle of her romper. She didn’t even know who it was, but the thought of being treated as an infant by someone clearly younger then her was too much. She looked around at the laughing faces of the class, back at the teacher, and ran out the door.

“JESSICA!” the teacher shouted.

She ran down the hall. She heard footsteps behind herself, and looked back to see the teacher chasing. She turned another hall, then went into a door.

She collapsed on the inside, trying to keep her voice down. She heard the foot steps pass by.

She sighed, then put her head between her legs.

The entire situation was horrible. She had thought her treatment before was humiliating, but this was so much worse. Struggling and failing and each humiliating task, then being laughed at as the teacher made fun of her… Worse still, the teacher was right. After so long being denied toilet use, she wasn’t sure if she was wet or not. She reached down to press her hand against the padding, but stopped herself, not wanting to know. Her eyes watered.

“Awww, who is this?” a friendly female voice said.

Jessica looked up, startled. Of course there were people in the room she had turned into. Why would she assume it was empty?

“Its that poor girl who needs the baby diapers,” someone said. “And she’s crying!” The woman speaking, a short, stocky, and short haired woman in a long white apron said.

Lunch ladies, Jessica thought. They were lunch ladies. This must be their break room. The room was filled with couches and tables covered with cards.

The woman walked to Jessica and leaned over her. She wiped a tear away. “What’s your name little one?”

“Jessica,” she sniffed.

“Aww what a pretty name. And what is wrong?”

“I’m just… I don’t know.”

“I bet your just hungry. You want something to eat?”

Jessica sniffed. She’d have taken any comfort at that point. “Mhmm,” she nodded.

“Come here,” the woman said, and led Jessica by the hand. She took her to the couch, then sat down.

“What are…WHOAH!” Jessica began to ask, but was cut off as she was picked up off her feet. The woman lifted her easily, then deposited her in her lap.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked.

“Shhh little one, just quiet down and drink,” the woman said. She unbuttoned her apron.

“No, NO NO!” Jessica shouted.

The woman ignored her. She pulled out a breast and shoved Jessica’s face into it.

“MMPH!” Jessica said, trying to push away.

“Now now,” she said. “Be a good girl. I don’t want to have to spank a poor sobbing girl.”

Jessica moaned, and began to suck. Warm liquid filled her mouth. The taste wasn’t bad, but the thought of what she was doing made Jessica nauseas.

“There is a good girl,” the woman cooed, patting her bottom. “Clean diaper too it seems! Might be a little wet though, we’ll check later.” There was THAT question answered.

Jessica kept sucking. She was glad when the liquid finally slowed, and her head was pulled away. She hoped to be set down. Instead, she was picked up, and put in another woman’s lap.

Jessica tried to push away. Once was bad enough, but she couldn’t let them think she was used to this.

The woman held on tight as Jessica struggled. She smacked her hard on the rear, making her yelp, then pushed her head into her breast hard.

Jessica squirmed. Her face was full of the woman’s chest, and she couldn’t breath. “MMM MMMPH!” she said.

“There there, we know your still almost a baby, but you are a big one. You’ll need more then that. Keep drinking and I’ll let you out a bit,” she said.

Jessica stopped struggling and began drinking. The woman cooed and stroked her hair as she drank. Jessica was passed around from lap to lap, feeling her stomach fill with the heavy fluid. It rumbled ominously, a feeling Jessica had learned would soon mean an embarrassingly long diaper change.

“Yes, she’s right in here. We kept her occupied while we called you,” the first lunch lady said. Jessica turned her head. The principle and Melanie were standing side by side. Both had their hands on there hips, and both were glaring. Melanie held a leash, and the principle a long paddle.

“That was your one shot, Jessica,” the principle said. “Its back to kindergarten.”

Melanie approached, hooked her leash on, and took her to a table where she was bent over. She began crying before the first blow landed on her diaper, which Jessica finally knew for certain was very, very full.

Jessica sat grumpily in her high chair.

“Well you have to eat something!” Mrs. Jeffreyson said.

Jessica turned away. The food she was getting now was always mush, and always spoon fed. She couldn’t stand the taste or the humiliation at the moment.

“Come on! I have to eat to you know!” she said, forcing a spoon toward Jessica. Jessica turned and it spilled over her cheek. Mrs. Jeffreyson sighed and wiped it off.

The doctor watched carefully. He looked at the girl in the high chair, and at the younger girl who now sat independently, feeding herself. The later was finishing, and carefully lay her knife and fork beside the plate, then wiped herself with the napkin and put it down. She sat patiently for the other’s to finish. The former was pushing herself back in the high chair as more food dripped down her shirt and onto her thick, exposed diaper.

“Sweetie,” he said.

“Yes dear?” she replied.

“Why don’t you sit down a moment.”

She looked at him. “But, who will feed the baby?” she asked. Jessica banged her fist on the table. She still wasn’t used to being 'the baby."

“I have an idea,” the doctor replied. His wife, who Jessica had heard called “Elizabeth” and “Elise” but was only ever allowed to refer to as “Mrs. Jeffreyson” or “Mommy,” sat down.

“Marianne honey?”

“Yes Dad,” she replied promptly, using the name she was allowed to use at her station, and he smiled.

“You’ve passed all your basic behaviors classes, right?”

“Yes Dad.”

“And basic manners?”

“Yes Dad.”

“Very good. And tell me, how are your caretaking classes going?”

“Very well Dad.”

“Good. Why don’t you show us,” he said, and pointed at Jessica.

“Wha…” Jessica said, glancing back and forth between the two.

“Sure! Thank you Dad!” Marianne exclaimed, bolting out of her chair.

“She can’t feed me! She’s a kid!” Jessica complained.

“Now now, don’t whine. She has passed all her basic skills and is more then qualified to take care of someone in your station. And she is far from a kid now.”

Jessica tried to complain, but didn’t know what to say. He was right. Marianne wasn’t a kid any more, she had grown, and the difference only drove home how long Jessica had been in the strange world without any progress. Marianne had flown through the grades and was almost in pull ups. Jessica was still in kindergarten and getting her diapers changed in class. However, the thought of someone she once knew as a kid, saw as so much below her, and had looked down on now feeding her was horrfying to Jessica, and she pushed the offered spoon away.

“Bad girl!” Marianne said.

“Yes, and what do we do with bad girls, Marianne?” the doctor asked.

“No! You can’t let her! Not her please, you do it!”

“Jessica if you complain you’ll only make it worse. Marianne, proceed.”

Marianne undid the latch on her high chair, dragged her out, and foced her over her lap.

SMACK! The blow came down. Of all the spanks she had received, it was by far the most humiliating.

SMACK! She didn’t bother to struggle. The situation was clear, and she knew there was no way around it.

SMACK! Even if it didn’t hurt, it was still the most effective punishment she had been given. Each blow reminded her of how far she had sank. She sobbed.

SMACK SMACK SMACK! The spanking continued, and Jessica lay still.

“Good girl. Now, back in the high chair,” the younger girl, herself still wearing a diaper, if a much thinner one, ordered.

Jessica climbed back in, and let herself be fed.

Jessica kept her head down. There was laughter again, but she ignored it.

Marianne, now in a school girl’s uniform, the kind Jessica had first been in, led Jessica, now in a preschooler’s outfit with a thick diaper bulging through, by the leash through the town and toward the school. Her defeat seemed final. She passed by the nursery and was glad there was at least one other level behind her.

She was lead into the smaller, brightly colored halls and past rooms filled with carpets and toys. Even among children a third her size, she was one of few who sucked a pacifier on command, with no right to speak, and one of few in the thick, printed diapers that marked her as nearly completely incompetent, and only one level above the lowest.

She was led to a group of older students standing in a circle. They wore a mixture of school girl dresses, nurses uniforms, and maid’s outifts.

“These are the more advanced caretaking students,” Melanie said, looking closely at Jessica. “You remember your last caretaker, Sarah?” Jessica thought. She had had a few now, and they all blurred. “She moved around, so you are being assigned a new one. They are working on their work classifications. One of them will help you with your potty training. I need to go to my class. Will you be ok with them?”

Jessica nodded, and she left. She looked at the students. Two of them, both together, stood out. One wore a maid’s dress, the other a school girl’s, and both were slight. However, they looked different then the others.

One noticed her staring and blushed. “They, uh… decided we were better off as girls,” he said.

Jessica turned away and tried not to stare.

A teacher came by and began assigning roles. Jessica remained still, knowing better then to move when no one held her leash. Finally someone took it, and Jessica followed her. It was a muscular, brown haired woman.

“Hello Jessica!” she said, stopping to face her.

Jessica waved.

The woman leaned in close to her and smiled. “Aww you don’t remember me, do you?”

Jessica shook her head.

She ruffled her hair. “Didn’t think so. Poor, dumb baby. Here, this will help.”

She opened a door and lead Jessica in. Instantly Jessica gagged and plugged her nose.

It was the diaper disposal room. Stark white ceramic walls went around large plastic barrows, all filled with used diapers. Stacks of clean ones in different thicknesses and colors went along side one wall.

“Remember this?” the woman said, pointing to one of the barrows. “I had to push that for five years because of what you did to me. You know how far you set me back? Head cheerleader to having to be changed by a teacher?”

“No!” Jessica shouted, realizing. The pacifier dropped to the ground.

“That is right, its Becky, the girl whose cheerleading career you ruined. I’m only now close to starting it again. Now, its my turn.”

“Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too…” she was silenced as Becky pushed the pacifier back in her mouth. They locked them, and held up the keys, showing Jessica.

“I don’t care what you meant to do. Its payback time.” Becky walked over to the stack of diapers. She held up one that was identical to the one Jessica wore. “You know they keep these here just for you? You are the only one in the school who needs them in this size.” She chuckled, and Jessica blushed, ashamed. “And now, my goal is to get you into this one.”

She held up another diaper in her other hand. It was far thicker and completely covered in an all over print. “BABY” was written in block lettering across the front.

“No please!” Jessica said. It was the final, lowest level of diapers, where she wouldn’t be trusted on her own word if she messed, and even punished for trying, when anyone at all was treated as more mature then the wearer. From what she had heard, no one her age went into them and got out. She turned around, but the door was blocked by two more girls, one of whom held up a key. They grabbed Jessica by either arm.

“But first, you are going to see a bit of what its like to have to push a diaper barrel for five years. I took it as an extra job in my final year, you know. Its your fault it went on so long.”

“I’m sorry!” Jessica said.

“Ah ah ah, you are already going to be spanked, don’t make me punish you for speaking out of turn too. Now, Jacob, Jillian, would you mind?”

The two lifted her up, carried her to an open barrel, and dropped the screaming, squirming girl inside.

Jessica instantly gagged on the smell as she landed on the mountain of soft, squishy material. She turned around and tried to get up, but hit the top of the lid that shut behind her, then heard a click.

She pounded on the lid. “Let me out!” she shouted. She was crying. The wet, acidic smell surrounded her, and she could almost taste it. Though it was pitch black she knew what every surface she lay on was, and the thought made her feel sick. She felt herself sink down, and struggled to stay on top.

“Please,” she begged. “I’ll do anything.” She hit the top again.

“Ah ah ah,” Becky said. “No hitting the walls, or I’ll leave you in there even longer. We are going to leave now, and I promise no one else can hear you or has the key to free you. When we get back, we’ll discuss what happens next, ok?”

“Please no! I’ll do anything! Hey!” Jessica shouted as she heard footsteps leave the room and the door shut behind them.

She sobbed helplessly in the stinking plastic container. She kept calling out and pounding on the walls, but she knew it was pointless. No one could hear her, and there was no way she was breaking the seal. The bit of fresh air that came out of the joints in the lid gave her some relief, and she tried to press her nose against it, but in the end the smell was everywhere. She gave up and fell back down into the pile.

She lost track of time. It was almost pitch black, and she couldn’t hear anything outside of the box. Time dragged on.

Eventually she heard footsteps again. She heard a banging on the outside.

“Hello Jessica! Its Becky again. You ready to talk?”

“Yes,” Jessica whimpered.

Jessica heard a click, and the hinged door opened up to show Becky’s smiling face, flanked by the two boys she had been with earlier. Jessica tried to climb out, but the boys pushed her back down.

“Whew! Its stinky in there! I hope you had fun in our little game!” She waved a hand in front of her nose, and Jessica glared.

“Aww trying to look tough? Your diapers and pigtails aren’t helping. By the way, do you know what happened after we first met?”

Jessica shook her head.

“The first thing they did was spank me. Do you know how often someone that age, besides you, gets spanked? Not only did I lose my care taking and punishment rights, My freedom from corporal punishment was removed, and I promise you, there were a lot of people I had baby sat that now got their sweet revenge.”

“I… I’m sorry,” Jessica said.

“The next thing they did was demote my potty training. You see that one messy diaper was the first in a while, and your friend there argued that I did it unintentionally, and since I had said I didn’t think it was messy, they decided I wasn’t doing that right either. It was the last tick of a few other ‘mistakes’ they had against me. Suddenly all my cheer leading friends came out and testified against me, that I argued about it. Some friends eh? Figures some of them ended up in charge of me and giving me spankings and changes to. I was back in printed diapers that evening, and it was two years before I got back to where I was.”

Jessica stared dumbly, unsure of what to say.

“ANd obviously, since I was still apparently wetting and messing myself with no control like you, I couldn’t be a cheerleader anymore. I still needed my sports credit, so they made me the water girl. WATER GIRL. From head cheerleader to water girl, and getting spanked by the cheerleaders when I’m late, or changed by them when I’m messy. You know how that feels?”

“No, I’m sorry, please…” Jessica tried to apologize but was cut off. The truth was she had been in the same scenario many times, but she didin’t think saying that would get her out of whatever was coming.

“You know whats even WORSE? They made me a mascot. A freaking mascot. Our actual mascot didn’t show up one game, so I was made to fill in, then some times after. And why not? I was the little girl in printed diapers, they were the athletes. The first time, I had to go out with that stupid outfit and my diaper showing so everyone could awww at me. Do you even know what they do with a mascot like me? I bet youre too much of a dumb baby. Do you?”

Jessica shook her head. She never went to the games, her 'Daddy" didn’t like them.

“I was a ‘baby mascot.’ Normally a mascot just wears the costume and it covers them head to toe.They dance around, throw things into the crowed, and get cheers. That might have been better, though it would have been humiliating enough, but no. A baby mascot is someone whose the same age and knows the players, but is multiple levels below them. Normally it be someone who also needs full caretaking and lower academics, but since they decided I would do, and the threat of spankings got me playing along. I wore the top part, but with my legs uncovered and my diaper showing, so everyone knew I was beneath them. I had to crawl around like a baby, even though I was way past the level I could walk. The players and cheerleaders would take turns showing me off to the crowed, bottle feeding me, bouncing me on their knees, spanking me if they got angry…” she began to tear. “It was horrible. Sometimes I wouldn’t even get the top part of the outfit, just a diaper, baby t shirt and pacifier I ddin’t need.”

She got angry and pointed at Jessica. “That should have been YOURE role. You were the one actually at that level. But nooo, I was the one available at the moment, and they said the crowed liked me. It was a full year of that, then more years until I was allowed to complete potty training, and more before I finally got out.”

“BUt now Jessica, I’m a qualified caretaker. You know what is going to happen now?”

Jessica shook her head.

“What is supposed to happen is that I’m going to train you to full potty independence. And from that outside, that is what it will look like.”

“Ok…” Jessica said.

“But you, little diaper girl, will screw it up. I’m going to use every trick and method, and you will sit there filling your pants and complaining you don’t know why or even that its happening.”

“What!? No I’m not!”

“Yes you are. You’re going to keep doing that until you’re back in full baby diapers, the lowest ones I can put you in.” She held up the example, full printed, and even thicker then the ones Jessica was wearing. “Meanwhile, I know you’re dumb enough to fail all the academic classes, and you’ll be back in a nursery.”

“No! I’ll tell them!” Jessica shouted.

“No you won’t. You know why?” she said, taunting.

“Why?” Jessica said.

“Because it will be your word against mine and both my friends here, and you are already the little girl who lies about filling your pants. No one will believe you.”

Jessica gulped.

“Meanwhile, each time you slip up, it will be back in this room, back over me knee, and back in the bucket. You want to avoid sleeping there every night I babysit you? Play along. Got it?”

Jessica stared. She couldn’t do that, could she? There had to be a way out.

“Oh, it looks like she isn’t certain. Jacob, want to close it so she has more time to think?”

“No!” Jessica shouted. She gave up for now, and hoped she’d find a way out later. “I’ll do it.”

Becky patted her head. “Good soon-to-be-baby. Now, first thing first, fill that diaper of yours. I know you don’t have full control, but you aren’t going out of this room until its nice and messy.”

Jessica looked down at her diaper. “I don’t have to go right now.”

Becky rolled her eyes. “As if someone like you could ever tell. Just push until something comes out. We have all day.”

Jessica sighed. She pushed her bottom up slightly and pressed on her bowels.

It was an odd feeling. After so many times struggling not to mess her diaper and failing, here she was in the opposite position. After several minutes of pushing and grunting, she gave and pouted at Becky.

“Lets see.” Becky said, and Jessica turned to show her the diaper. She felt Becky pat it and open it up. Becky sighed. “Well, you tried. I suppose doing something like that on command is beyond you. Good diaper girl for trying. Jacob, since she’s being a good baby, want to help her out?”

“I’m not a baby!” Jessica said. She felt hands grab her and lift her.

“You will be soon, and since we know its happening, when were in private you are going to act like one and we will call you it.” Becky replied with a sharp smack on her bottom.

Jessica groaned as she was put back on the ground. This was turning out even worse then she hoped. She felt a hand open the back of her diaper.

“Hmmm this really won’t do. What do you think Jacob? Jillian?”

“Definitly not,” one of them said.

“I think we’ve all seen her in worse,” the other replied.

“Agreed. Not her fault though, she tried, she’s just a dumb baby. Want to help her out? And, you, diaper butt, be a good girl and play along. No struggling!”

Jessica watched in horror as one of the two men, the one who had lifted her, reached into the box and took out a messy diaper. “No, no please!” She shouted, but was silenced by a sharp smack on her bottom. He opened it, then opened the back of Jessica’s diaper and dumped the contents in. The horrified girl screamed, and felt hands massage the mess into her. A moment later another was added, then another, and Jessica felt her diaper sag heavily behind her.

“That seems full enough,” her tormentor said. “Now, lets get you cleaned up a bit. We don’t want you smelling worse then you normally do.”

The trio produced wet sponges. The stripped a now messy and whining blond to her diapers then wiped her down. One held up a second romper outfit, this one more decorated then her last, with pink bunnies and hearts on the sleeves and ‘pampered toddler,’ written in cursive across the chest. Jessica sighed and let herself get dressed. While they were both rompers, designed for the toddler level, the one Marianne had picked out for her had at least been plain enough she could pretend it wasn’t utterly humiliating. The written declaration of her status was on some of the outfits, and whether she got them or not depended on her caretaker.

Her current caretaker put a pacifier in her mouth, then a finger in her face. “Now, we are going to your home room. That is where we will take you to report your progress, otherwise you’ll be in my special care. Once we are there, you are going to play along with everything I say, and you will deny that you messed your diaper. Understood?”

Jessica looked sadly at her, then at the door, but found no way out. She nodded.

“Good girl.” The leash was hooked, and Jessica was lead through the hallways. Becky walked in front of her, holding a leash with one hand and a bag of blocks in the other.

The massive, sagging diaper swayed behind her. It was far more then she remembered ever feeling in one, and far more then the diaper was meant to take. Jessica could barely walk and squished we each step. The reactions she was used to getting in the hallways, the laughter and occasionally teasing about the smell, were far more exaggerated as the plastic padding barely contained her mess. People audibly gasped and reached for their noses She felt fluid dripping out, and realized it was leaking. Even after all this time, she hadn’t felt this disgusted.

Finally she reached the home room. Becky opened the door and multiple sets of eyes, of toddlers and those deemed to be such, turned toward her. The room was completely carpeted, brightly colored, and filled with toys. Some were general toys- dolls, stuffed animals, action figures. Others were a kind Jessica had seen before- piles of blocks, puzzles, books, they were meant to be played with but also test the user. Unlike the desks of the previous classes, this room had three large, round tables with small chairs at them, along with high chairs, cribs, and a playpen- for people not considered ready for kindergarten. A tall man with salt and pepper hair approached.

“Becky! Jessica! Ho… ooo…” he said, and stopped, plugging his nose as he got close.

“I’m sorry we were late Mr. Eran. Jessica was trying to build this block castle but couldn’t get it right.” She handed him the bag, which held a few large, simple blocks in bright colors.

“Oh… this is even below her level,” Mr. Eran replied.

“Yes, and I think she knew that so she wanted to keep trying. We had to take her from it but she wants to keep it as a challenge toy. Isn’t that right Jessica?” She took the pacifier out of her mouth so she could speak.

Jessica looked at her, then at the teacher. “Yes,” she said sadly.

“Awww, its ok Jessica,” she rubbed her head. “It was a hard toy. We’ll get some easier ones for you, and we can work our way up to that one. Won’t that be fun?”

“Uh huh,” she said.

“We also had to change her outfit. She asked if she could hold her bottle and we tried it, but she spilled. Isn’t that right Jessica?”

“Uh huh,” Jessica said, fuming inwardly.

Mr. Eran looked disappointed but nodded slowly. “And what about… the other part of her testing?”

“Oh. Jessica, is there something you want to say? Something you want to ask for?”

Jessica shook her head.

Becky patted her bottom as if to remind her. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I uh… I just want to play.”

Mr. Eran sighed. “Are you sure Jessica? Something you want to tell us about your diaper?”

She shook her head.

“That isn’t good.”

“Do you need a change?”

“No. My diaper is clean, I want to play,” Jessica said. Her chest got heavy.

“Oh I’m sure she knows, its ok.” Becky turned Jessica toward her and stood inches from her. “Jessica, do you smell something? Smell and see. We talked about how to tell.”

Jessica made a show of sniffing the air. “Something is stinky.”

“Do you know what it is?”

Jessica shook her head.

“Could it be coming from your diaper?”

“No,” Jessica said. She wanted to cry and scream out, but she knew the next option was worse.

“Are you sure your diaper is clean? I think I smell a messy diaper. Remember, we talked about this.”

“Its clean.”

Becky reached behind her and pressed the padding into her. Jessica’s hair stood on edge. “Are you sure?”


Becky sighed. She made a show of seeming bewildered. “Alright, last step. Jessica, your diaper is messy. You smell that? You feel that?” she pressed it in again. “That means you messed your diaper. Ok?”


“So do you have a messy diaper?”

Jessica felt tears forming. “No.”

The teacher put a hand on her shoulder. “That is alright Jessica. I can see this is confusing you, and your almost crying. We will work on it, and Becky is one of the best to help you. Lets get you changed. Oh and Becky, thank you for running her through the steps. There is only so much you can do.”

Jessica was lifted and set down on a table with a squish, and Becky got to work stripping and cleaning her. The onesie was designed for diaper changes, and had snaps along the edges. Jessica wondered how many, even in pre school, had as little control as she was given.