Test your ABDL nerdiness!

Originally made this for DLTown and DiaperSpace, but their approval processes is either slow or messed up =.
Pretty much all the answers can be found on ABDL websites or a little research through Google, but I don’t encourage it since open book quizzes aren’t much fun.
Read carefully, and feel free to let everyone know how you did :).

Question 1
Which diaper holds the least amount of fluids?
a)Mega Care Line Premium
b)Tranquility ATN
c)Attends 10
d)Abena Abri-Form X-Plus
e)Molicare Super

Question 2
Which of these is an ABDL story?
a)The Double Life of Ariel Clownford
b)Ashley’s Diaper Adventures
c)The Funtime Diapered Friends Hour
d)A Merry Sakura Christmas
e)Tiffany’s Tales in Diapers

Question 3
Which is the newest website listed?

Question 4
Which is the largest sized pacifier on the market?
a)NUK Medic Pro Size L
b)NUK 6
c)NUK 3
d)NUK Maxi Trainer

Question 5
Is it possible to be LG/Daddy/AB/Furry?

Question 6
How many diapers make up an ‘Orca Stack’?

Question 7
Which issue of Incontinent Student Bodies does Mike break his arm in?

Question 8
By paying, the service of an ABDL nursery is available everywhere but…
b)San Francisco
c)Greater Manchester

Question 9
‘Diaper stuffing’ means…
a)Getting high while diapered
b)Simulating a messy diaper using household stuff
c)Obtaining diapers through theft
d)Layering multiple diapers for greater absorbency

Question 10
Diapers haven’t been seen on…
c)That 70s Show


1 - c
2 - b
3 - b
4 - a
5 - a
6 - a
7 - b
8 - d
9 - d
10 - c

Remember, this is just all in good fun. If you don’t agree with my answers just point it out and i’ll pass on the source from which it came from.

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

[spoiler]Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Aby is 1997 (according to wayback) and Deeker is 1996 (which is written on its home page that i complete missed! ><

Darn, typo. Yes, 9 should be ‘stuffing’ but the answer will remain as according to http://understanding.infantilism.org/glossary_def.php[/spoiler]

6 and 7 are furry related questions.

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

I’ve got to disagree with your answer to number ten. In one episode of That 70s Show, Kelso decides to admit everything he’s done to Jackie. He tells her that its not puffy pants he’s wearing in the picture of him from kindergarten, but they are “big boy diapers”.

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

that’s true, but we only hear about it and not see it which was what i was getting at. i’ll change the wording since ‘appearance’ can be confusing.

yeah i guess you’re right. the only other site i found with that description is http://www.sissykiss.com/archive/index.php/t-120.html
personally i’m not use to say ‘diaper stuffing’ means d), which is kinda odd since i use baby diapers as diaper stuffers/doublers/soakers, but i say i’m ‘double diapering’. shrug

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

I’m pretty sure that a few of them have multiple correct answers.

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

I don’t know the answer to any of those. I guess that’s a good thing anyway though.

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

Yup; probably better.

Test your ABDL nerdiness!

I have no idea what an Orca stack is and I only know orcas being killer whales. However, I doubt orca stack means killer whales.

Plus, I’ve never read Incontinent Student Bodies.

I haven’t been to London, or France and I ain’t seen no queen in her damned undies to quote the Dude.