Tess and Dave Chapters 1-3

Tess and Dave

Chapter 1


Tess looked at her husband David, who stood forlornly in the doorway of the bedroom. She knew what the problem was.

Then the phone rang.

‘Just a minute, Dave, the phone,’ she said, going to the bedside table and picking it up, juggling her mascara brush in her other hand.

‘Oh, hi,’ she said. ‘No, that’s fine. I’m just about to leave, but I have to do a quick diaper change. Yes. No that’s fine. Sure. Thanks heaps. Bye,’ she said, and put the phone back in its holder.

‘Who was that?’ asked Dave.

‘Penny. She’ll be here at quarter to,’ replied Tess.

‘Did you have to say ‘diaper’’? said Dave grumpily.

‘Dave,’ said Tess. ‘She’s my niece, for a start, and she knows all about the situation, so stop complaining. Bed please.’

Dave stepped into the room, walking with his legs slightly splayed due to his wet diaper.

‘I don’t know why she has to be here anyway,’ said Dave, pulling down his track pants to expose a bulky diaper and translucent plastic pants.

He tugged his plastic pants down and awkwardly stepped out of them. He sat on the end of the bed then lay back on it, his legs dangling over the edge, fiddling with one of the big bobby pins securing his wet diaper. Tess sighed.

‘Because, David,’ she said, finishing applying her mascara and putting the brush and its container back among the myriad makeup items on the dresser, ‘I really can’t trust you here alone any more. Saucepan burned out? Bath overflowing? Erm, cut hand? Do I need to go on? Dave, you’re better off with someone here. I certainly feel better if they are.’

‘She’s 23,’ Dave objected. ‘She treats me like a kid!’

‘Perhaps that’s because you act like one,’ said Tess, pushing Dave’s fingers away from the bobby pin and releasing it and its companion. ‘She said last time you kept up a non-stop whinge about having no fly on your jeans - among other whines and whinges. That’s why she gave you corner time. I would have too.’

Dave felt annoyed as he thought of his undeserved corner time.

‘Does she give you a de-briefing every time she’s here?’ said Dave crossly.

Tess unpinned his diaper and Dave shivered as his hairless genitals were exposed to the cool air.

‘Up!’ said Tess and pulled the soaked terry from under Dave’s raised backside.

She folded the wet material in on itself and put it in a diaper pail in the corner, and returned via the chest of drawers, from the top of which she took a clean diaper, fresh plastic pants and a large squeeze bottle of baby powder.

‘It’s not a de-briefing, Dave. She just tells me how you’ve behaved, and if you acted a little more maturely and responsibly when I’m out, perhaps you wouldn’t need to be babysat,’ said Tess. ‘Up again, please. Come on, I don’t want to spend all day doing this.’

Dave lifted his loins again, and Tess soon had him powdered, pinned into a dry diaper and in another pair of plastic pants.

‘It’s not babysitting,’ said Dave, wriggling to get comfortable in the clean diaper.

‘Sitting, then,’ replied Tess, tugging the plastic pants up neatly over Dave’s diaper.

‘I call it spying,’ Dave said.

Tess paused for a moment, and looked at her unhappy husband.

‘Dave, I know you have a lot to cope with. So do I, and, do you know, so does Penny. She doesn’t come here to make your life hard, she comes to help you and make sure you don’t get hurt. Or burn the house down, OK?’ Tess said.

‘And because you pay her,’ Dave added.

‘Of course I pay her, Dave. You don’t think she’d do it time after time for the love of it, especially when you’re in a mood, which you seem to be a lot when she’s around. She is a nurse, too, so she’s ideal. Would you like me to get a professional sitter for you? Remember Eunice? Would you rather that?’ said Tess. ‘Do you want your track pants back on, or your jeans?’

‘No Eunice,’ he said emphatically. ‘And they’re hardly jeans,’ he added, referring to the elastic waisted, fly less denim pants Tess had had made somewhere. ‘Just track pants will be fine.’’

He got to his feet, and stood watching Tess make final adjustments to her hair.

‘Dave, do not start that again,’ said Tess. ‘Or you’ll get more than corner time from me. Now, I’ve put out some lunch for you and Penny. You are not to touch knives, or any appliances while she is here. Let Penny sort things out, and try to be good for her. You’ve got your jigsaw puzzle to do, and plenty of stuff to watch on the video. So behave and try to be grown up for a change. I don’t want a bad report, clear?’

‘Yes,’ said Dave, ‘But she still treats me like a kid. I can’t help all this,’ he added, gesturing vaguely at his puffy plastic pants.

Tess held out his track pants, and Dave stepped into them.

‘No, you can’t help that, and she knows that,’ said Tess, ‘But what you can help is the way you behave. I know you forget things, and I know you get frustrated, but you don’t have to take it out on her. Just think, next time you want to complain. All that does is prove to her that you’re not really an adult. Dave, we’ve been through all this with Dr Mallory. You remember what she said about ‘social age’? Think about that.’

Dave’s instant reaction was to call Dr Mallory a jerk, with icy cold fingers. At their last visit, Dr Mallory had followed up the physical checkup with a long and boring lecture about his behaviour. As if it weren’t bad enough being in a doctor’s office with a wet diaper on and having her change him, he had to listen while she told him that his so called ‘social age’ decreased when he misbehaved and that if he wasn’t careful, everyone would treat him like a child.

Dave grunted in response to Tess’s little speech. Plenty of adults ‘misbehaved’ and didn’t get a load of BS about social ages as a result. Why should he be any different?

‘Dave?’ asked Tess. ‘Did you listen to what I just said? Turn around.’

Dave turned around. Tess tucked the top of his diaper into his pants, and patted him on the bottom.

‘I listened,’ said Dave, although he didn’t agree with Dr Ice Fingers Mallory, or the way Tess kept quoting her.

‘And?’ Tess said, looking him in the eye. ‘Are you going to behave for Penny? No tantrums, and definitely no throwing things! She’s here to help.’

‘I only threw one thing,’ Dave objected. ‘And that was because…’

‘Dave, I haven’t got time for this. Just be good, OK? And for God’s sake, if you need a change, tell her. I don’t want you squealing about another rash.’

The doorbell rang.

‘That will be Anthea. Now, just sit tight until Penny gets here. She won’t be long. I’d stay until she does, but we have to get across town, and it’s late enough as it is,’ said Tess. ‘Why not go and do some jigsaw?’

‘OK,’ said Dave, not very happily, and went off to the living room.

Tess went to the front door, but stopped to see Dave sit himself down at the table under the window.

‘Be good,’ she reminded him.

Dave gave a couple of exaggerated nods. Why was his behaviour such a big deal? If people left him alone, there wouldn’t be a problem.

He heard Tess open the door, and tried to hear what she was saying to her friend Anthea. He couldn’t catch it, but didn’t care anyway. Anthea was another jerk who treated him as if he were a kid, too. He’d wet his diaper at her place, and she’d gone all motherly about it. All it was was a wet diaper, and Tess had fixed it, but he’d got a bit annoyed with her syrupy attitude. He’d been quite justified, but he still got a telling off from Tess right in front of Anthea. No wonder he’d got cross. Angry at the memory, Dave fitted another piece into his jigsaw, and felt relieved when he heard Tess call goodbye as she shut the door.

‘Bye, Tess,’ he muttered, and sat waiting for the inevitable arrival of KGB agent Penny.

Dave’s troubles had begun three years earlier, a year after he and Tess had been married.

To be continued.

Re: Tess and Dave Chapter 1

Beginnings of a truely awesome story ;D

Re: Tess and Dave Chapter 1

I am looking forward to seeing where this starts and how it continues.

Carry on and keep my attention, please

Re: Tess and Dave Chapter 2

Tess and Dave

Chapter 2

They had been snow skiing. Dave remembered being in a chairlift with Tess. Then he woke up in hospital, unable to move.

He had been indulging in his favourite type of skiing - speeding downhill. He had been attempting a fast turn, when he hit a mogul. A binding had broken, and Dave had slammed into a tree. He had fractured his pelvis, ruptured his spleen, broken one arm and the opposite collarbone, cracked a vertebra and fractured his skull. He had been in a coma for several weeks, and the doctors were not sure he would ever walk again.

However, after weeks of physiotherapy at a rehabilitation centre, as well as intensive work on his impaired mental abilities, his body and mind began to mend. He was able to walk unaided now, and he had recovered most of his vocabulary, for example. His cognitive ability took a while longer, but by the time Tess took him home, he was well on the way to full health.

He was still in diapers, though, and probably permanently impotent. He and Tess had previously talked about a family, but now, as Tess said, she would rather have Dave back than children any day.

Tess had been a great strength to Dave. She had brought Dave home from the rehab centre as soon as she could, for which Dave was now grateful.

At the centre, he had run the risk of becoming socialised to the highly protective lifestyle of the place. Once his physiotherapy was under way, with hydrotherapy, assisted walking and so on, he was placed in a ‘mental health group’, along with other patients with acquired brain injuries. He had been at first a ‘difficult’ patient. He had begun his mental therapy in a group of patients much like himself, but with his vocabulary and cognition problems, he had struggled, despite his efforts to keep up. He was moved to an intermediate group, then to ‘Unit 1’, or ‘the littlies’ group’, as the staff were inclined to call it.

Of the three mental rehabilitation units, ‘Unit 1’ was effectively a kindergarten. Patients worked on exercises involving shapes, colours and sounds, and there was constant supervision. Dave wasn’t pleased that he had been moved ‘down’ from even the intermediate group, but he was less vocal when he realised that the exercises in Unit 1 were something of a challenge too. On his first day in the unit, the ‘teacher’ was showing cards with drawings of animals on them. When Dave’s turn came up, he could t for the life of him remember what noise a cow made. Someone had already said ‘Woof’ in response to an earlier card, so in desperation, Dave tried that.

‘Woof,’ he said, and the response was laughter from the rest of the group.

Other than a woman in a wheelchair who didn’t speak, nor did much of anything, Dave was easily the oldest in the group. The teacher was kind to him, and gave him another chance, showing him a card with a snake on it, and saying ‘sssnake’ to help him out. Dave got it, and felt a lot better.

Dave was also one of the few patients in Unit 1 in diapers. He had twice been put on a continence training program, essentially potty training, complete with charts and stars, but while his bowel continence improved, his urinary continence did not. The note on the card on his bed was changed from ‘training’ to ‘management’, which for him meant diapers 24/7.

The combination of his cognitive difficulties and his obvious need for diapers determined his place in the class hierarchy, where he soon realised that he was some way from the top. Although he was taken under the protective wing to some extent of a kind girl of 12 or so, he found himself being considered by his classmates and even the teachers as one of a group of children at the 3 to 5 year old level. Under the constant, subtle reinforcement of this situation, his full recovery began to falter as he found it easier to fall in with expectations rather than to keep struggling for improvement. The centre was a busy place, one of the Unit 1 teachers explained to Tess, and simply didn’t have the staff to push patients who seemed content with their social level.

Walking was a different matter for Dave. He worked hard at his exercises, and by the time he left the centre, he was getting about with little trouble. But it was Dave’s apparent acceptance of spending his time absorbed in colouring in, playing with coloured blocks or watching the likes of Sesame Street that encouraged Tess to bring him home.

At first Dave sulked, missing his friends in Unit 1 and pestering Tess for toys to play with, but she gradually brought him up to a higher level of function. He still liked toys and cartoons, but Tess at least had him doing jigsaw puzzles and making simple models where there was something to work towards rather than just arranging blocks to be packed away again.

Tess kept working at her job, despite the payment to Dave, almost two years after the accident, of a sizeable compensation from the insurers of the ski hire company and the binding manufacturer. Tess had been made Dave’s guardian while he was in the centre, and she managed the funds very competently. She kept working because, as she told Anthea out of Dave’s earshot, she didn’t want to be ‘a full time mum’. Dave was happy enough at home, although his recent episodes of forgetting to turn off appliances, and cutting himself with a kitchen knife, had made Tess realise that he still needed a sitter, for the time being anyway. She felt lucky that her niece’s nursing shifts allowed her time to go out beyond working hours in the knowledge that Dave was being looked after.

So Dave sat waiting, with his stomach gurgling from time to time. Tess normally put Dave on the toilet for his morning bowel movement while she had her shower, but this morning had been a dry run, so to speak. Tess wasn’t too concerned, as Dave hadn’t eaten a lot in the previous 24 hours, but she had still mentioned it on the phone to Penny. Dave didn’t often mess his diaper, usually being able to get to the bathroom in time, but while he could pull his diaper and plastic pants off, he wasn’t allowed to put them back on without help.

When the doorbell rang, Dave leapt up and opened the door. He was pleased to see Penny, despite her spying tendencies. He had been feeling a little pressure in his tummy, and was expecting Penny to rediaper him after he had used the bathroom.

Penny was an attractive girl, slightly chubby, with long dark hair which she kept in a pony tail. She was wearing denim slacks and a knitted top.

‘Hi Dave,’ she said with a wide smile. ‘How are you feeling?’

Dave tended to be most concerned with whatever was uppermost in his mind.

‘Potty,’ he said.

‘Oh, OK,’ said Penny. ‘I’ll just put my things down, then I’ll give you a hand.’

‘I can do it!’ called Dave, already nearing the bathroom door.

Penny laughed.

‘OK,mister,’ she said.

She knew the routine.

‘I’ll see you in the bedroom when you’re done,’ she called after Dave, then went to the living room and put her bag on the sofa.

Dave pulled off his pants, tugged his diaper and plastic pants to his ankles, and sat to do his business. When he stood up again, he tried to pull his diaper back up. He got it to his knees before giving up and waddled into the main bedroom. He nearly fell over at the door, and Penny, laughing again, helped him towards the bed and removed the diaper and plastic panty.

She turned him around to sit him on the bed when she exclaimed ‘Oh, Dave! You didn’t wipe!’

Penny thought it was lucky he hadn’t sat on the bedspread. She spent a moment using a baby wipe to clean up Dave’s bottom.

‘Did you remember to flush too?’ asked Penny.

Dave looked sheepish.

‘Don’t know,’ he said.

‘You must wipe and flush, Dave. Every time, OK?’

‘Sorry,’ Dave said.

‘I’ll fix it in a minute,’ said Penny. ‘Lets’s get your diaper on first.’

Penny soon had Dave rediapered, and looked around for his pants.

‘Where are your pants, honey?’ she asked. ‘Still in the bathroom?’

‘Think so,’ said Dave.

Penny decided now would be a good time to end the ‘flyless jeans’ controversy. She went to the chest of drawers and picked out the offending article of clothing.

‘I think we’ll get you some new pants,’ she said. ‘What about these?’

Dave recognised them instantly.

‘No!’ he said. ‘Not them. They’re baby pants!’

Penny had anticipated his response.

‘Now Dave,’ she said. ‘I know you don’t like these…’

'There’s no fly and they’re ‘lastic!’ Dave said heatedly.

‘I know, honey, but that doesn’t mean they’re baby pants. I want to show you something,’ said Penny, standing in front of Dave who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

‘Now, I’m not a baby, am I Dave?’ asked Penny.

‘No,’ said Dave. ‘You’re grown up.’

‘Right,’ said Penny. ‘Now look what I’m wearing.’

Penny lifted the front of her top, exposing her gently rounded, pale stomach and the bottom of her red bra. Just below her navel was the elastic waist band of her denim slacks, with an inch or so of white panty above it.

‘See Dave,’ Penny said, reaching down with one hand and pulling the elastic away from her cotton panties. ‘These are denim, just like yours are, and they have an elastic top. And down here,’ she added, pulling the thin denim taut over the generous bulge of her mons, ‘See, no fly. Just like yours.’

Dave looked at Penny’s bare stomach.

‘Is that a diaper?’ he asked, pointing at the band of white cotton above the denim.

‘What?’ said Penny, then laughed. ‘No, honey, that’s my panties. You’re not meant to see that. Look at the elastic, and no fly.’

‘You look like Tess,’ Dave said slowly, staring at Penny’s crotch. ‘But boys have flys.’

‘Not all boys,’ said Penny, and immediately regretted what she had said. ‘I mean, your track pants don’t have a fly, do they? And if you don’t stand up to wee, I mean, you don’t need a fly in your denim pants either, Dave. I think you’d look really smart in these. Let’s try them on.’

Penny dropped the front of her top. She’d quite enjoyed that, she realised. Impotent or not, Dave had still shown a bit of interest. It had been a while since Penny had had the pleasure of a male inspecting her body, and, well, she thought, beggars can’t be choosers.

Dave hadn’t made any objection, so Penny held out the denim pants and Dave stepped into them. She tugged them up snug, and turned Dave around. She patted the smooth bulge of his diapered crotch. The pants were a little tight, and he did look from the waist down like a chubby girl, but at least he was wearing them. The elastic top and no fly objection seemed to be dealt with.

‘What do you think, Dave?’ she ventured, watching Dave checking himself out in the mirror on the wardrobe.

‘I look like you!’ he said, grinning back at her. ‘We’re twins!’

Penny felt another odd little rush. She went over and stood next to Dave, and lifted her top again. They certainly did look the same. Dave’s diaper didn’t make perfect hips, but his crotch looked just like hers. Imagine a boy being excited about that, she thought. Imagine a girl being excited about it, she thought. She knew that hot, tingly feeling for what it was. She wondered what odd kink in her had surfaced to get her hot and flustered over Dave’s new pants. She actually felt like masturbating, which was not something she did very often.

Dave was thinking back to his happy days in Unit 1. All the children in the unit wore the same clothing, regardless of gender: a plain smock that came down to mid thigh, and full cut ‘regulation’ panties, or in his case, a diaper. Other than names in most cases, and budding breasts on one or two of the older girls, hairstyles were the main guide to gender in the unit. Dave felt quite proud that he now looked similar to Penny. He associated the sameness with the happy times of the unit.

Penny wondered what Dave was thinking. Tess said that he had insight into condition, at some times more than others. For example, he could be quite happy for hours playing on the floor in his diaper. He had shown no concern, for example, when Tess had asked Penny to sit Dave for the first time, and Penny, who had met Dave several times before and since the accident, saw him on the floor playing with his coloured blocks. Yet, Tess said he invariably became agitated if there was a chance that another male, especially an adult, might become aware that he was diapered.

Penny found it fascinating. Tess had told her that Dave knew that he had quite a different life before he had become dependent, diapered and sometimes almost infantile. He was now unable to drive or go out by himself, and relied on Tess as a child might on its mother to ensure his continuing security and well-being. He recognised photographs of himself before the accident, but, Tess said, he seemed to consider the man in the photos a different him, in some different place. Seeing such photos occasionally brought on tears and sulks, even tantrums, but generally, he seemed simply to accept the sad facts.

Dave had just wandered back towards the living room, propelled by Penny’s gentle swat to his padded behind. Penny knew that it wasn’t quite kosher to do that, certainly not up at the rehab centre, but both she and Tess did it often, and Dave never objected.

The phone rang as Dave was passing the kitchen. Usually, he let Tess answer phone calls, but this time he picked up the receiver just inside the kitchen.

‘Hullo?’ he said.

‘Hiya, Dave, this is Phil Smithson. Long time no see!’

Dave didn’t answer. The name Phil Smithson sounded vaguely familiar.

‘Phil Smithson, Dave. KPMG. Golf,’ said the voice. ‘Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten those glorious days?’

‘I’ll get Penny,’ Dave said, and put the receiver on the bench. ‘Penny!’ he called. ‘There’s a man on the phone!’

Penny picked up the phone by the bed.

‘Penny Brookes here. Who am I speaking to?’

‘Phil Smithson. Mate of Dave’s from a few years ago. Who are you? Is Dave OK?’ Phil asked with concern.

‘Look, Phil, I’m sorry. I’m Tess’s niece. I’m just helping out. Erm, Dave was in an accident a while ago. You can speak to Tess, she’ll explain. You could call back this evening, or I could get her to call you.’

‘I’ll give you my number but I’ll call back too. Is Dave OK, though? I mean, was that him on the phone just then? He sounded funny,’ said Phil.

‘He’s OK, he’s recovering,’ said Penny. ‘You’ll have to talk to Tess, really.’

‘Well, OK,’ Phil replied dubiously. ‘I will. Can you say… Erm… Yeah, I’ll talk to Tess. Nice to speak to you, Penny.’

Penny wondered she should say anything to Dave. She decided not to unless he asked.

Dave was back at work on his jigsaw. He looked up as Penny came in, and averted his eyes. Penny knew his little tricks well enough by now.

‘How are you getting on with that Dave?’ she asked.

‘OK,’ Dave mumbled, staring intently at the jumble of pieces in front of him.

‘And how’s that diaper? Do you need a change?’ Penny said.

Dave didn’t answer.

‘Come on, Dave. Are you wet?’ Penny persisted.

Dave nodded.

‘Off we go then,’ said Penny, stepping forward and taking Dave by the hand.

‘Jigsaw!’ protested Dave.

‘You can finish that later. Come on,’ said Penny, cupping her other hand under Dave’s bottom as he waddled along.

‘Oh, Dave!’ she said. ‘You’re soaked! You’ve just been sitting on the potty! What happened?’

‘I was doing a poo,’ said Dave.

Penny rolled her eyes.

‘You’re allowed to do a wee as well,’ she said. ‘You are silly sometimes! And if you’re wet, please tell me, OK.’

‘I thought you’d be cross,’ Dave said defensively.

‘Cross?’ Penny said. ‘No Dave, I only get cross with you when you are naughty, or when you complain all the time.’

They were walking past the front hall, and the corner by the door where Dave did his penance when required.

‘Corner time,’ he said, looking away and pulling on Penny’s hand.

‘That’s right. You want to stay out of there,’ said Penny, a little surprised at the fear in Dave’s voice when he mentioned it.

‘Tess smacked me,’ he said.

Penny thought for a moment.

‘I know she did, honey. She told me. But that was because you were very, very naughty, weren’t you?’ Penny said.

She was ashamed that she was actually enjoying this conversation, and wanted to prolong it.

‘I cut myself,’ Dave said. ‘And left the thing on in the kitchen.’

‘Yes, you burnt one of mummy’s, Tess’s pots,’ said Penny, correcting herself quickly. ‘And you’re not allowed to touch those sharp knives, are you? That really was naughty, wasn’t it?’

Penny clenched her thighs together as they reached the bedroom. Maybe I’m a closet dominatrix, she thought.

‘It hurt,’ said Dave.

‘What did, cutting yourself?’ asked Penny.

‘No, smacks,’ Dave said, squeezing Penny’s hand as they entered the bedroom.

Oh Dave, thought Penny. Stop it!

‘Well, I hope you learned your lesson, Dave,’ said Penny.

She wondered if she could duck off and masturbate after she had changed Dave.

She soon had Dave in position, lying back on the bed. She took his limp penis in her fingers as she sprinkled baby powder over his crotch. If only this worked, she thought, and of course if only he weren’t married to her aunt.

Penny pinned Dave’s dry diaper up tight around his hips. She looked at him. He seemed to be staring at the ceiling, but his gaze looked farther away than that.

‘Heather never smacked us,’ he said dreamily.

Penny remembered who Heather was. She was one of his favourite teachers in Unit 1.

‘Didn’t she honey? Did you like it in the unit?’ Penny asked, although she wanted to hear about him crying after a smacking from Tess.

What’s wrong with me, she thought clenching her thighs again. This time, she could feel the slight slipperiness down there.

‘It was good,’ said Dave. ‘I want to go back there.’

This was new, thought Penny. What’s brought this on?

She looked down at Dave, and was shocked to see him sucking his thumb. Christ, she thought. I’ve regressed him somehow. What if he won’t snap out of it?

‘Honey, don’t suck your thumb, darling. Only babies suck their thumbs,’ Penny said.

‘Mummy gave me a baba,’ Dave said, leaving his thumb in place.

‘Who? A what?’ asked Penny.

She wondered what Dave was talking about.

‘Baba,’ repeated Dave, talking around his wet thumb. ‘By the bed.’

Penny looked around. Where by the bed? She looked enquiringly at Dave.

‘Mummy’s drawer,’ said Dave.

Amazed, Penny followed Dave’s gaze to the bedside table on one side of the bed. On it was one of the novels Tess liked, a clock radio and a small vase of flowers. Tess glanced at Dave, who was lying on his back, his eyes closed, peacefully sucking his thumb. Tess crept around the bed to the little bedside table, and carefully opened the drawer under its top.

Why am I sneaking, she asked herself, and stood up. In the drawer was a bank statement. Tess tried not to look at it as she picked it up, but she noticed a very long figure on the front.

Under the bank statement were two large baby pacifiers, obviously made for adult mouths. Intrigued and appalled, Penny picked one up. It was attached to a long, double pink ribbon. The other pacifier look quite new. Penny picked that one up, looking back at Dave. The ribbons on this one were threaded through a card covered in infantile cartoons. The card read, ‘To my favouritest, dearest little baby D, with all my love from Mummy.’ There was no mistaking Tess’s neat handwriting.

Penney dropped the card and the pacifier back in the drawer, and her hand went involuntarily up to cover her open mouth. She realised she was still holding the other pacifier, and carefully paced ipthat back in the drawer, then picked up the bank statement from the bed, placed it over the pacifiers and silently closed the door. At the same time, she felt the crescendo of an orgasm building deep in her belly.

‘Oh God,’ she moaned.

Dave opened his eyes.

‘Baba?’ he said.

Penny bit her lip, and went to the dresser, where she stood pressing her clitoris hard against the corner of the dresser top.

‘No baba,’ she managed. ‘I don’t know anything about your baba.’

Penny pushed harder against the dresser top. She lowered her head and shook it. She tried to look away from the collection of makeup bottles, potential dildoes, that she saw glittering in front of her.

‘When’s your birthday, baby?’ she asked after a moment, her whole body stiffening as she rubbed herself, quite brazenly now, on the dresser.

‘Tomorrow,’ said Dave. ‘One more sleep, mummy said.’

Penny soared straight over the top. She gripped the dresser for a long moment,mand stood stiff and motionless before relaxing with a long sigh. She could feel her panties, soaked and sliding over her vulva.

Dave had his eyes closed again, and was still sucking his thumb contendedly.

‘Oh God,’ said Penny aloud.

She gathered her thoughts.

‘You know, Dave,’ she said. ‘Its warming up a bit. I think I’ll take off your pants and that thick top, and just put you in a t-shirt and diaper. Is that OK?’

Dave stirred again.

‘Mummy says I have to wear pants when people are here,’ he said solemnly.

Penny walked to the bed. She definitely needed a change of underwear, if not pants as well.

‘Well, baby,’ said Penny, smiling at Dave as she pulled his denim pants off, ‘I think we’ll give her a surprise. OK?’

To be continued.

Re: Tess and Dave Chapter 1

Tess and Dave

Chapter 3

Once Penny had Dave settled on the big Persian carpet in the living room, she sat back on the sofa to admire her handiwork.

Dave seemed very content in his diaper and t-shirt. It really was quite warm in the house, and Penny smiled as he played with the simple blocks he had more or less demanded she find for him. He knew where they were - in the bottom of the wardrobe in the main bedroom. It seemed an odd place to keep them, but Penny was glad she had found them as she watched Dave stacking and restacking them.

Rummaging around for a t-shirt, she had also found a pair of stretch pants, tucked away at the bottom of Dave’s diaper drawer. Penny wondered why Tess had them. They were pale blue, with elastic acted legs. There were even snaps across the crotch, although she hadn’t used them when she dressed Dave in the pants. They were really just very large baby pants. Penny thought they may have been left over from Dave’s days in Unit 1, where perhaps he had been dressed like the very young child Tess had said he had been heading towards.

Penny watched Dave as he shifted his position on the carpet. Other than walking around the house, he was probably not getting much exercise, she thought, which accounted for his pale, chubby legs whose condition was less noticeable when he was dressed in long pants as he usually was - at least when he and Tess were not alone, she thought with a wry smile. Even Dave’s torso seemed wrapped in layer of what could only be called puppy fat, with the rolls of his tummy clearly visible thanks to his tight t-shirt.

Penny wondered what his friend Phil would make of his former golfing mate - now a plump little fellow sitting in his diaper playing with blocks that even a six year old would soon tire of.

The change in Dave was remarkable, Penny decided as he began banging one block on another. Then she saw something dark on his pale t-shirt, and got up to investigate. Dave was drooling, she discovered. He paid no attention to her as she used a baby wipe that she generally carried to wipe up bits of food Dave had dropped or got on his face. His coordination was pretty good now, but he still had trouble staying tidy when eating. Penny had once suggested he wear a bib, or at least tuck a napkin into his collar, and had been met with a torrent of protest from Dave. He was an adult, etc etc. Now, he didn’t mind her wiping drool from his chin. He wasn’t talking much at the moment, either, Penny noticed. She decided to ask Tess about his strange behaviour when she came back.

Suddenly, Dave said something unintelligible and launched a block across the room. The blocks were plastic, and quite light, but Dave threw the toy with such force that it was able to knock off a shelf on the wall a valuable glass ornament which Penny had given the couple on their wedding day. She watched in horror as the ornament tumbled off the shelf and smashed on the parquetry floor.

‘David, that’s enough!’ Penny said, standing up as Dave seemed about to hurl another block in the same direction.

Dave had been in serious trouble for throwing a wooden clown at Penny some weeks ago. Penny had sent him to his corner for 15 minutes, and Tess told her that later that night she had made sure he wouldn’t dare do it again.

Penny had an idea what Tess might have done, and was so annoyed that before she had really thought about it, she had dragged Dave to his feet and had him, diaper around his knees, over her own knees. Dave was bawling his eyes out after the third, very hard smack.

Penny took pity on him after only five more, accompanied by her telling him that he was very, very naughty, and pulled his diaper back up. Eventually his bawling became sobbing, then occasional heaves of his pudgy shoulders. He looked quite frightened of Penny when she approached him to wipe his face again, but had nothing to say.

Penny was used to babysitting infants, and if that’s they way Dave wanted to act at the moment, then an infant he would be, as far as Penny was concerned. She was sure that he was play-acting in order to aggravate her, and felt quite angry herself.

More than angry, Penny began to feel a little odd. She was naturally maternal, and it was clear that Dave’s baby act was good enough to trigger her motherly instincts. She felt a strange mix of emotions as she left Dave to his chastened playing and went to the kitchen. Dave’s tantrum had interrupted her intention to prepare lunch, and she now did the job, alternately feeling warm and motherly, extremely cross, and another emotion about which she was confused and ashamed. She was feeling quite incredibly aroused, to the extent that she stopped in the middle of the kitchen, and after a quick glance out of the window, thrust her hand under the waistband of her slacks and slipped two fingers into her wet vagina. Her second masturbatory orgasm of the day was just as powerful as the first. It took her a few minutes to recover, then she went on fixing lunch, enjoying the warm afterglow and the slippery feeling between her legs as she walked around the kitchen.

What is happening to me, she wondered briefly, then smiled at her own question. She knew that she didn’t really care.

Penny managed to get Dave sitting up at the table. He wasn’t helping her at all, and she even had to feed him. He spilled the first drink she gave him, but at least he started to talk again.

‘Sippy, sippy,’ he was saying, pointing with his sticky fingers to a cupboard behind a toaster and a blender.

Penny moved the appliances and opened the cupboard. Not for the first time that day, she was stuck for words. In the small cupboard were three baby bottles, a saucer with three extra large teats for the bottles, and a couple of Sippy cups, labelled ‘Baby D’. Penny thought of the pacifier on its ribbon, then she thought of Tess. Did Tess indulge this baby game of Dave’s? It seemed a peculiar thing to do, given she had taken him out of care because she was worried about him regressing.

Penny picked up one of the sippy cups and filled it with juice and water. Dave took it from her with both hands, and sat quietly drinking the contents. With his hands clasped around the cup, he looked to Penny exactly like a large infant.

Dave wanted another cup after the first, signalled in his baby game by banging the cup on the table and saying ‘Duice, duice!’ until Penny had refilled the cup.

It took her some time to clean up the kitchen, including the floor, after Dave’s messy meal. She changed his t-shirt, and led him back to the living room. He was about to sit down, when he stopped moving, and announced ‘Potty!’

‘Oh, Dave,’ said Penny. ‘Why didn’t you say so in the kitchen? Come on then.’

As she turned him around, Dave began crying. Not play acting bawling, as she suspected he had been doing after she spanked him, but real crying. Penny could see that he really was miserable. It didn’t take her long to realise why. His diaper was very wet, and very messy.

It had been some months since Penny had had to deal with one of his messy diapers, and then his main reaction had been total embarrassment. He and Penny had walked to the nearby post box, and Dave had told her on the way back that he needed the bathroom. He had messed just as they got to their front gate, and spent the next hour telling Penny it was ‘only an accident’, a mantra which he had repeated when Tess had arrived home. But now, he was simply a child with a messy diaper. More like a toddler with one, Penny thought as she cleaned him up. He sucked his thumb throughout the process, but Penny had given up trying to remove it from his mouth. If he wanted to suck his thumb, so be it, she thought. It was hardly her fault, and Tess could deal with it. She seemed to be involved enough as it was with Dave’s little game.

After Dave had been back on the carpet for about an hour, and Penny had leafed through most of the magazines in Tess’s magazine rack, including one she found at the back on mothercraft, Penny heard Tess’s car drive in.

‘At last,’ she thought.

To be continued.

Re: Tess and Dave Chapters 1-3

Thanks so much for another amazing story SallyKat

Re: Tess and Dave Chapters 1-3

Tess stood, looking into the living area.

Penny was on the sofa, flipping through a magazine, and Dave was in his diaper, t-shirt and his snap crotch shorts, surrounded by his coloured blocks.

Tess quickly considered several scenarios that might have led to this, all of them bad.

‘Oh my God,’ she said.

Penny looked at her with a questioning expression.

‘Did you spank him, Penny?’ Tess asked.

‘Yes, I did,’ said Penny. ‘He’s acting very strangely. I want to ask you about some things too.’

‘Penny,’ replied Tess, walking onto the carpet and squatting next to Dave, who looked at her and giggled happily. ‘You shouldn’t have spanked him. I’ll tell you about it. I see that you’ve found some of his baby things, too.’

‘I don’t understand what’s happened to him,’ said Penny.

‘It’s complicated,’ said Tess.

(Shortest chapter ever -sorry. More later.)

Re: Tess and Dave Chapters 1-3

I suspect that spanking may be a trigger of some sort?

This is a very nice story Miss Sally… I am enjoying that you are writing another scenario that is not too very far flung. Which lends it’s self to a sense of realism and believability. I am also enjoying that you are once again highlighting, how the maternally dominant women in this story derive their own pleasures from interacting with a regressed boy. I really think that there needs to be more stories and information made available for women who may enjoy these types of dichotomy’s and interactions. I think that in ageplay, there is already enough emphasis on the regressed child’s experiences, needs and desires… you are doing the entire community a grand service, in illuminating the experiences, needs and desires of the dominant surrogate parents and child care providers.

Looking at all of the characters that you have introduced so far… I can see the potential for an awesome little family.

Thank you again Miss Sally for writing yet another great story to share with all of us, and the potential readers who may find this story in the future.

Re: Tess and Dave Chapters 1-3

I’m glad you like this one, ababy, and thanks for the comments. I agree that the dominant woman in certain relationships is a little taken for granted, when in my opinion she is satisfying some needs too.

I’m a bit stuck with this story. I’ll have to let it simmer for a time, to see if I can progress it in an interesting way.

I know I have some other stories to finish here, and I will, but when I have an idea bubbling away, I like to give it a voice, especially if I have the story more or less complete in my little head, as I did with the strange tale of poor, happy little Chris.

Once again a good start to a fantastic story. And again another unfinished story. Sally I am a big fan, please keep writing and I will keep reading.
an old fan BBP

That’s my Sally kat. That I expected.

Pretty good story. I am hoping this one will be
please keep writing, I do love reading stories about regression.
your old fan, BBP

She was locked out of her account years ago and refused to follow instructions on how to get back into it. There is a 100% chance you’ll never see an update to any SallyKat story.

Thank you for the update. I had no idea.

Actually she has posted multiple stories at dailydiapers in the last few years since leaving here