Tayuya's Discovery (A Naruto Short Story)

Tayuya’s Discovery


Tayuya grumbled as she walked through the streets of the Sound Village. Orochimaru-sama had ordered her to check up on the statue of the three genin participating in the chunin exams, something a chunnin could do. It wasn’t something that required someone of her abilities to do, this was a huge waste of her time, time that could be better spent training.

Many people, be they civilian or shinobi alike, moved out of her way as she stomped down the road. Her reputation was well known in the Sound, everyone tried to avoid her, even Orochimaru’s right hand man, Kabuto, avoided her around that certain time of month.

Tayuya finally reached the apartment of the final member of the genin squad, Kin Tsuchi. She wasn’t anything close to a fan girl type kunoichi, nor one of those sluts that ran around sleeping with anyone they could get in bed with, so that was a mild plus in Tayuya’s book. Tayuya knocked on the door several times before it creaked open.

Tayuya raised an eyebrow before entering. “Oi, Tsuchi! Orochimaru sent me to check up on you status!” she yelled, closing the door behind her. There was no response, so Tayuya began looking around.

The apartment had little more then the bare necessities, a couch, a dinning and coffee table, a refrigerator, a bookshelf full of scrolls and books, and a sink for cleaning dishes. There was also a guitar leaning against the wall, along with a stand full of half written music notes. Tayuya also took note to the doors in the room, one connecting to a bathroom was open, the other was closed, which Tayuya suspected was the bedroom.

Tayuya knocked once before entering the room. No one was in the room, so Tayuya had a look around. A bed, a desk and chair, an extinguished candle, a bookshelf, a closet and dresser, a suitcase…

Suitcase?’ Tayuya thought. She walked over to the suitcase, grabbed it, and placed it on the bed. She opened the suitcase, and blinked. ‘What…the…

Inside were several folded plastic diapers, a few bottles of baby powder, some cases of wet wipes, a small purple colored shirt, several pacifiers, some baby bottles, and several things Tayuya didn’t recognize. Tayuya just stood over the suitcase, stunned at what she found. She didn’t know how long she stood there, when suddenly a sharp ringing rang through the room.

Tayuya’s hands flew to her ears, but it did her little good. Tayuya fell forward, her face landing on one of the diapers as she found herself unable to move. The bells continued to ring for several minutes before they stopped, but Tayuya found she was still paralyzed. Tayuya lay where she fell for what felt like a half-hour before she heard the apartment door open and close.

Kin entered the room, a kunai in hand. “Okay, who’s the wise guy here on a panty raid?” She demanded, quickly spotting a figure on her bed.

“P-panties my ass!” Tayuya managed to say. Kin examined the intruder, then gasped as she recognized the purple rope around the intruder’s waist. It was a sign of Orochimaru’s bodyguards, the sound five.

Kin dropped her kunai and rushed over to Tayuya, and pulled her out of the suitcase and laid her on the bed. Kin then blinked, and looked at where she pulled Tayuya from, and blushed upon realizing it was her baby suitcase.

“What the hell kind of kunoichi goes around dressing like a baby and shitting her pants?” Tayuya demanded. She was pissed that she was unable to move and was probably going to get reamed for taking so long to report in, all because of some girl with a baby fetish.

“I find it very therapeutic actually.” Kin said. “It helps alleviate the stress from the harshness of the shinobi lifestyle. I agreed to serve the Sound Village, but what I do in my own time is my business, and unless I’m mistaken, running around in a diaper isn’t a crime. Besides, I need them at night anyways, so it’s just a little more money out of my own pocket.”

“And people say I’m a freak, at least I don’t walk around with shit between my legs.” Tayuya growled. Kin growled as well.

“We’ll see about that.” Kin moved over to Tayuya and yanked her shorts off, causing the girl to yelp in surprise.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”

“Simple, I’m giving you a taste of my lifestyle. Besides, now that you’ve seen my secret stash, what would stop you from telling everyone my secret?” Kin replied, now pulling off Tayuya’s panties. She then continued until Tayuya laid naked on her bed, save for her cap on her head. “I’ll tell you what, pictures of you doing exactly what I do.”

Kin grabbed the bottle of baby powder and proceeded to powder Tayuya’s privates. She then massaged it in, causing the bodyguard to moan slightly. Kin then grabbed a diaper and opened it up fully. At this point Tayuya began cursing loudly at Kin, so in response, Kin grabbed a pacifier and a strap, and tied it to her mouth, silencing the girl. She then grabbed another pacifier and popped it in her own mouth before continuing her work.

Pushing Tayuya’s legs up so that her knees were by her chin, Kin lifted Tayuya up enough to slide the diaper under her. Pulling her legs back down, Kin then pulled the front of the diaper up between Tayuya’s legs, and pressed it tight over her front. Ripping the tapes from the back, Kin pulled the pink tapes across the front of the diaper, and secured them.

Kin pulled her pacifier out. “There we go, don’t you look adorable!” She fake gushed, pinching Tayuya’s cheeks, infuriating the bodyguard even more. Kin then grabbed a baby bottle and some of the items Tayuya didn’t recognize, and left the room. A few minutes later, Kin returned with a full baby bottle and a camera.

Tayuya’s eyes widened at the sight of the camera. She tried to shake her head, but her paralysis had yet to fade. He vision was suddenly invaded with white flashes as Kin took picture after picture of the poor girl. After a minute or so, the flashes stopped, and Tayuya felt herself being lifted up. Her vision cleared, and Tayuya found herself being laid on top of Kin’s lap. Her pacifier was removed from her mouth.

“GET THIS FUC-” Tayuya was cut off as the bottle’s nipple was shoved into her mouth.

“Now, now, that’s no way a baby should be speaking.” Kin taunted as she squeezed the bottle, causing the liquid inside to spurt into Tayuya’s mouth. The bodyguard’s eyes widened as she coughed, and was forced to swallow what was in her mouth. Growling, Tayuya activated her curse seal, trying to overpower whatever it was keeping her paralyzed, but to her shock, found it did nothing to aid her at all.

“My jutsu causes paralysis, meaning you could be the strongest person on the planet, and it wouldn’t do you jack squat. And don’t think you can rat me out either, Orochimaru-sama wouldn’t be pleased to hear that one of his bodyguards fell for a trap and was paralyzed all by one genin. And lets not forget the pictures I have of you either. So you can deactivate your seal, and drink!”

Tayuya glared at Kin, but then sputtered as Kin squeezed the bottle again. Whimpering to herself, Tayuya deactivated her seal and swallowed what was in her mouth before she started sucking on the nipple of the bottle, tasting the surprisingly good drink for the first time.

Apple juice?’ Tayuya thought to herself. ‘No, there’s something off about the taste. What is this?’ There were several more flashes of light, and Tayuya knew Kin was taking more picture. As much as it angered her, she knew there was nothing she could do in her position, but go along with it.

After several minutes, Tayuya had finished her bottle. Kin then pulled her superior up, leaned her against her shoulder, and patted her back. To Tayuya’s embarrassment, she let out a loud burp. Tayuya tried to push herself away, and found that she could move now, if only a little. Kin laid her against the headboard of her bed, before grabbing a diaper, and began to strip herself.

“I hate you.” Tayuya growled. Kin had just finished pulling her panties off when she heard Tayuya, and turned to her.

“No, what you hate is the fact that you’re helpless to do anything right now.” Kin said as she pulled her vest off, followed by her shirt. “But what you really hate is not being able to let go.”

“Let go? What the fuck are you talking about?!” Tayuya demanded. Kin just finished powdering herself, and opened the fresh diaper up.

“The whole reason I do this stuff is because it allows me to let go of everything I don’t like in this world, and even everything I don’t like about myself.” Kin explained as she pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it up. After checking for leak holes and finding none, she pulled on her small purple shirt, which only reached to her belly button, before continuing.

"Infantilism is a state of true innocence, where nothing seems wrong in the world, where everything is alright. True, it has more effect if you have someone to take care of you, but regardless, it’s still a state where you don’t have to worry about anything outside the here and now. Even the simplest things like going to the bathroom, and worrying about spilling a drink or something, are all taken care of.

“I know I’m a kunoichi, but everyone has a breaking point. Mine was when I had to kill a little girl who witnessed me and my team kill off a target. No witnesses were allowed. Diapers and infantilism is my stress release, my escape from the harshness of reality, and I have to say, it’s been a great help so far. It’s even inspired me to create my paralysis siren jutsu, which you are currently under, to reduce the target into a state of helplessness and need to depend on others for even the most basic of things.” Kin explained. She took a deep breath over the long winded explanation, and was now sitting next to Tayuya. “Besides, the diaper feels nice between our legs, don’t you think?”

At this point Kin placed her hand on Tayuya’s diapered crotch and rubbed it. Tayuya moaned, she couldn’t help it. The softness of the pad rubbing against her most tender area…words escaped her of how good it felt. Kin grinned at Tayuya’s reaction, and leaned towards her head, all the while still rubbing Tayuya.

“You think this is good, just wait till you feel the warmth of your diaper after you wet it.” Kin whispered in Tayuya’s ear. “You may find it to be a turn on like I do.”

“W-wha make you think I-I’ll use t-this?” Tayuya managed to ask, as Kin was now using her other hand to massage Tayuya’s breast.

“That bottle I gave you had apple juice in it, but that wasn’t all. It also had a few other things in it, like a laxative for instant. Another thing I mixed in there caused temporary diarrhea, it can last between an hour to twelve hours, so I use that one only when I’m sure I won’t be disturbed.” Kin explained, causing Tayuya’s eyes to widen.

“You mean I’ll!!!” Tayuya couldn’t finish as Kin pinched her nipple, causing her to groan.

“Yup, and lucky you, I just got another batch of supplies from the store, so I’ve got enough to spare you a bag till you regain full control.” Kin explained. She then stopped her teasing and moved away from Tayuya, causing the girl to growl at her. “Here’s a tip, being in a state of arousal can prevent you from taking a dump, so if you need to report in or something, make sure you’re horny or else you may find yourself filling your diaper in front of your superior. It’s not a fun experience, I found that out the hard way when I was still experimenting with my stuff, filled my panties. I only got a slap on the wrist for leaving in the middle of a mission report, not that I was needed anyways.”

Tayuya groaned. “Why did you do this?”

“I don’t like people going through my things without my permission.” Kin answered. She then let out a sigh, and Tayuya heard a distinct ‘hiss’ sound. Raising her head, she saw the front of Kin’s diaper begin to discolor, and the diaper itself begin to sag. Tayuya just blinked as she watched Kin wet herself in front of her. Kin blushed, this being the first time she ever wet herself in front of someone so openly.

“Um, you should be able to fully move again in a few minutes.” Kin told her, before turning around and moving over to her suitcase. She got out a couple diapers, a bottle of powder, and a case of wet wipes. Kin then went into the hallway, only to come back a minute later with several bags of supplies. Removing some of her baby supplies from the bag, she then placed the items she pulled from her suitcase into the empty bag, and put it next to Tayuya.

“How can you walk around with piss between your legs like it’s nothing?” Tayuya asked, both disgusted and a bit curious. Kin opened her mouth to respond, then blinked, then smirked.

“You tell me.” Kin said, pointing at her. Tayuya blinked, and looked where Kin was pointing. She gasped, as she saw the front of her diaper begin to discolor, only just recognizing a warmth flowing over her front. She was wetting herself without even realizing it herself! Tayuya tried to stop the flow, but found she could do nothing to even hinder it. Whimpering, Tayuya was forced to wait until she was done helplessly wetting herself.

Tayuya then blinked as she felt Kin hug her. “There, there, even big girls have accidents. Especially when you got chemicals and laxatives flowing through your body.” Kin then lowered her hand, and rubbed the front of Tayuya’s diaper, causing the girl to gasp.

Tayuya wasn’t sure how to describe what she was feeling. The warmth of the pee, the wetness of the pad between her legs, the pad rubbing against her privates, Tayuya was at a lost for words. She was disgusted with the knowledge of what was rubbing against her skin, but at the same time it felt soo good. And the feelings she experienced before, when she was being feed her bottle, being taken care of when she was helpless, Tayuya was beginning to understand what Kin was talking about with the whole ‘Infantile’ thing.

Shaking her head, Tayuya put it to the back of her mind. She still had to check up Kin’s training status. Tayuya slowly removed Kin from her embrace, and her hand from her crotch.

“Kin, I came here because Orochimaru asked me to check up on you and your teammate’s training status. You three will be representing the Sound Village at the chunnin exam, and if he doesn’t like how you’ve progressed, he’ll replace you with someone else.” Tayuya told her. Kin gasped, she hadn’t known it was that serious.

“W-well, I’ve been working on modifying my Illusion Bells jutsu so that the effects can work faster and last longer, which you yourself have experienced. I’m still working on adding seals to my bells so I can activate the jutsu without physical contact, and I’ve been working on my chakra reserves and control, doing tree climbing and water walking constantly. I can also use the substitution, clone, and transformation jutsus with only one hand sign in just three seconds.” Kin explained.

Tayuya nodded her head. “Sounds like you’re doing everything you can to improve before the exams…are you going to bring your diapers there?”

Kin blushed, but nodded. “Yes, I have to. I wasn’t kidding when I said I need them at night. I’d rather seal away a dirty diaper then have to explain to the hotel manager why my sheets need cleaning every night.”

Tayuya nodded her head again. “I understand, I’ll keep that detail to myself…um, Kin?”


“Could you, um…” Tayuya blushed deeply, “Could you change…my diaper?” Kin smiled at Tayuya, and pulled out the supplies she’d need.


This was it, the last chance she had to get her supplies before she headed off to the Leaf Village for the exams. She was running low on diapers, so Kin was on her way to a small store near her apartment to pick up some more.

Upon entering, Kin immediately went to the back of the store, then went to the isle containing the baby supplies. Going down to the end with the larger sized diapers, Kin reached out for a bag of her brand and size diaper, when a second hand reached out at the same time for the same bag. Kin blinked, and turned to see Tayuya standing there, blushing lightly.

Kin smiled at the blushing girl. “The bottle should have worn off by now Tayuya.” Tayuya shook her head, then shrugged her shoulder.

“I took your advice, and I understand what you meant. When I can’t play my flute, I use your stress reliever now.” Tayuya told her. Kin nodded her head in understand, and was about to comment on it, when she suddenly gasped and blushed. Tayuya heard a ‘hiss’ sound coming from Kin, but didn’t see any wet spot forming on the girl’s pants. “Looks like someone is being brave today. Let’s head to the bathroom in the back, don’t want you going to the exams with a rash after all.”

Kin blushed, but nodded as Tayuya took her hand and lead her to a bathroom in the back. Once she was sure no one was in there, she sealed the door shut, and tore Kin’s pants off, revealing her soaked diaper. Tayuya forced Kin to lay down on the floor as she pulled out a scroll. Once Kin was on her back Tayuya unsealed a diaper, a bottle of powder, and a case of wipes.

Tayuya tore the tapes off Kin’s diaper and pulled it off the now furiously blushing girl. Tayuya took some wipes and cleaned Kin’s privates, then threw the wipes into the used diaper. Tayuya then proceeded to powder Kin’s diaper areas, and then opened the fresh diaper up. Lifting Kin’s legs up, Tayuya slid the diaper under Kin, then laid her legs back down. She then pulled the diaper up between Kin’s legs, and pressed it tightly over her front. Ripping the tapes from the back, Tayuya fastened each tape tightly to the front of Kin’s diaper. After checking for leaks and finding none, she patted Kin’s diapered front and proceeded to clean up.

Kin stood up and pulled her pants back up, making sure her diaper was hidden. “Um, thanks Tayuya.” Tayuya shrugged as she finished sealing the supplies away.

“Just make certain to kick some ass in the exams and we’ll call it even, alright.” Kin grinned at this.

“Count on it!” Tayuya grinned back. The two then proceeded to wash their hands, then head back into the store and buy their bags of diapers before going their separate ways.


Two months had passed. Tayuya entered the apartment of the now dead Kin Tsuchi. It looked the same as the first time she entered, however it felt empty now. Tayuya walked over to the music stand, and saw that the music sheets upon them were complete. She looked at the title and smiled at it, “My child’s lullaby.”

Tayuya sealed away the music and the guitar before moving onto Kin’s room. Seeing the same suitcase from before, Tayuya pulled out her flute. Immediately after opening the suitcase, Tayuya played her flute, and continued playing until the bells defense stopped ringing, thus leaving her immune to the effects.

Tayuya grabbed the supplies in the suitcase, but paused when she saw the pacifier Kin had sucked on when they first met. Pausing for a brief minute, Tayuya then grabbed the paci and popped it in her mouth. Tayuya then spent the next hour sealing away everything in Kin’s apartment. Just as she was about to leave, Tayuya stopped and let out a loud fart. About a minute later, Tayuya sighed as she pulled down her shorts, revealing her heavily used diaper.

Kin, I wish you were still here…I miss you…and wouldn’t mind a hand with this change.’ Tayuya sighed as she walked into the bathroom, and proceeded to change her diaper.


“Sir! I’ve found another one!” A hawk masked Anbu announced. The squad leader, a cat masked Anbu, used the shunshin jutsu to appear next to Hawk.

“Lets get this one out of here.” Cat said, as she and Hawk proceeded to remove the trees on top of the Sound nin’s body. Once they cleared away the trees, they just stared at the sight before them.

Tayuya’s lower body was crushed by the trees, most of her clothes shredded. Her diaper was ripped on the back, allowing some pee to trickle out, though a big brown spot near the hole seemed to prevent to much from leaking out. A scroll was unraveled near her, and several sheets of music were scattered around. Tayuya’s arms hugged her body while a pacifier was resting in her mouth.

The two Anbu were quiet for a minute. Finally, Cat spoke up. “She’s the second one like this.”

“Ma’am?” Hawk asked.

“After the invasion, I got a call from autopsy, said they had some info on the genin sacrificed for Orochimaru’s jutsu. We got some data on the jutsu, however, when we checked the girl, she was also diapered, and in a rather full one at that.” Cat explained.

“What does this mean?” Hawk asked. Cat clenched her fist.

“It means we have to kill that snake sooner then later. Manipulating these girls despite their disabilities, this is unforgivable.” Cat knelt down and gathered up the music sheets. “These girls could have had something, despite their handicaps, but he used and manipulated them till they died. The sooner we kill Orochimaru, the sooner these girls can rest in peace, and have fewer people like them cross over.”

Cat and Hawk proceeded to gather up Tayuya’s body and supplies before they started their way back to the Leaf Village. Unknown to them, two spirits had witnessed the scene.

“You waited for me?” Tayuya asked. Tayuya was wearing grey shirt, a white diaper, had a pacifier around her neck, and was staring at the girl in front of her.

“Naturally, after all, that’s what friends do.” Kin replied. Kin was in her purple shirt, a matching pacifier around her neck, and a white diaper around her waist.

“So this is it, huh?” Tayuya asked. Kin nodded her head.

“Yeah, it’s time to let go.” Kin held out her hand. Tayuya smiled.

“Let go, huh…sounds good.”

Tayuya clasped Kin’s hand and pulled her into a hug. Kin hugged back, and the two slowly faded away, their souls finally together, finally able to cross over to the next realm.


I really liked writing this story. It’s meant as a short story, so I wrote this as a cannon type ‘what-if’ story. Personally, I hated seeing those two die, they were the only two real kunoichi in the series near the rookie genin’s age range, save Temari. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed it, and happy birthday my friend, you know who you are.

Tayuya’s Discovery (A Naruto Short Story)

I too have problems understanding the meaning of most of the Japanese words and pretty much ignore them which unfortunately take away how good this story is.

It is well written but to be more accepting to the wider community it needs to be understood by them. Saying that a “Key” or more explaination of words that need explaining would be a good idea.

I like your story alot and will look forward to the next chapters.

:smiley: :smiley: