Tales of The Pink Blanket (fiction story stand-alone)

Prompt: write a story about a haunted or magical artifact.

Disclaimer: Almost all of my ABDL stories are more or less humiliation BDSM with an ABDL element–basically the protagonist is forced into a humiliating situation involving wearing and using diapers and/or acting like a toddler for the pleasure of the reader. These types of stories are fairly common in the genre, from what I’ve seen, but I guess I thought I might let you know in case you were looking for something else.

Below is a fictional story based on the prompt above.

Chapter 1 No Excuses, Period.

Amanda was a high school Freshman. It was the third week, and already she was hating life. It was right after Phys Ed, and she was exhausted. Groggily, she closed her locker and shuffled down the hall, trying nervously to blend in with the other teenagers.

“Hey loser!” someone yelled.

Looking up, Amanda’s eyes got wide in realization. It was the older girl from middle school who convinced everyone she wet her pants in eighth grade! She froze, unsure of what to do. She didn’t even remember the girl’s name.

“Make sure you change your diapers before class today, okay?” the bully girl said teasingly.

It was very loud. Amanda stood stock still and blushed at the comment. She hadn’t worn diapers or peed her pants since she was a toddler, but she noticed people staring at her as she reacted nervously to the girl’s words. It didn’t help that she had unconsciously crossed her legs; it was a bad habit. She just liked standing like that.

“Ha ha! she’s gonna pee!” another random person shouted.

“I think she’s already going! Be sure to change that diaper now, okay, sweetie? Wouldn’t want you stinking up the classroom!” the bully girl shouted in a false sugar-sweet tone.

Pretty soon, Amanda felt everyone’s eyes on her as the bully continued her taunt. She tried to hide her face. Just ignore them. Just ignore them. She said to herself as she blushed redder and redder. Then, she became uncomfortably aware of a sensation in her nether region.

Not now! Amanda thought frantically. Her stomach started to cramp and she remained frozen as she felt herself leaking through her pad and soiling her pants. She reached behind herself and felt a sticky spot. When she pulled her hand back, it was streaked red. Her pad gave out, and now her pants were dirty. On top of everything that was happening that morning, she would need to make a beeline for the nurse’s office for some fresh clothes or at least something to cover up with.

How could today get more embarrassing? She thought angrily as she turned her back toward the lockers and waited for everyone who was gawking at her to pass. They probably did think she wet her pants since she now had a stain back there.

Amanda heard the bell. Everyone was passing her trying to get to class while she was squeezed against her locker trying to hide her shame. She felt herself drop another clot into her already stained underwear.

Why did her periods have to be this heavy? Wasn’t this considered some kind of medical problem? She told her mother about it already, but she refused to take her to a doctor and recommended she take a change of clothes and extra protection instead. Amanda stood there panting lightly and simpering. Not only was she going to be late for class now, but she had to figure out a way to get to the nurse’s office with some of her dignity intact.

Maybe I should have brought that change of clothes? What if I just got them dirty, too?

Amanda decided to pull her uniform shirt out of her pants and let it hang down over the stain. Maybe that would give her a little cover. She also decided to walk with her backpack draped around her waist. It was uncomfortable, but it did seem to be covering the stain. So far, no one said anything, and the hallway was now quiet since second-ugh-period was underway.

She rolled her eyes and silently pretended to gag at the word. As far as she was concerned, it was the worst word ever invented. Why can’t women just stop having periods altogether? She thought to herself. Is it really worth all of this for the chance to one day maybe bring another life into the world? Amanda’s stomach growled and she picked up her pace. The answer to that question today was obviously no, but she couldn’t do anything without her mother finding out, and she knew it.

It took about fifteen minutes of slow walking, being careful not to let the backpack slip and expose the huge stain on her backside, but she finally made it to the nurse’s office. She approached the desk and panted, not sure of what to say.

“Oh, hi Mandy, what can I do you for?” the receptionist asked, a teasing expression she perhaps was not aware of on her face.

Amanda, however, misheard. She made a face and turned red, this time with anger. She just couldn’t take it anymore. the world was picking on her today. She glared at the woman and opened her mouth, surprising herself with what came out. “No, I don’t need a diaper you dumb bitch. I don’t wear diapers because I don’t need them, and I’m sick of this stupid rumor that says I do! You should lose your job for accusing me of something like–”

“Go to the principal’s office, now!” Amanda was cut off by the nurse who came out of her office and now had her arms crossed glaring at Amanda. “You had no right to talk to my receptionist that way! Go see the principal!” The nurse’s voice was firm and her glare caused Amanda to wither a bit, slightly fearful of what this woman may do to her. “But I-” She opened her mouth to try to explain the problem but was only further rebuked by the nurse. Slowly, Amanda turned and headed to the office waiting room.

This day couldn’t get any worse! Amanda thought as she sat on her squishy pad and period-blood-covered butt. She looked at her crotch and saw a small red smear barely peeking out. She put her head in her hands and started crying. Her body had absolutely humiliated her today! After a little bit of simpering, she lifted her head, wiped away tears, and looked at the clock. The school day wasn’t even halfway over and here she was already in trouble.

A few minutes later, and she was in the principal’s office. The male principal wore a glare and demanded to know what was wrong. Amanda was so frustrated by the situation that she didn’t know what to say. Overwhelmed with negative emotions, she began crying again. The principal, however, was having none of it.

“Cut the melodrama before I put you in detention! You know what you said to the receptionist!”

The principal’s stern voice shocked her out of her mini-tantrum. She looked in his direction and tried to blink away tears. Again, she froze, not sure what to do.

“Yes…” Amanda said slowly.

“Young lady, you have no right to use that kind of language around adults! This isn’t the first complaint I’ve gotten about you, either!”

Amanda put her head down as a sign of submission. She had no idea who made those complaints or what they were about. As far as she knew, this was the only time she was mean to an adult, and she didn’t even mean that. It just came out because of how frustrated she was.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” the principal yelled.

She jerked her head up with a startle and sniffled a little bit more.

“S-sorry,” she stuttered.

“No you’re not, but you’re going to be. You just got yourself a ticket to Saturday detention!” the principal said.

“Saturday detention?!” Amanda was very angry now. Not only did she have to put up with this stupid school, the unfriendly students, the bullies, and the teachers and staff who did nothing to protect her, but she also had to come back here on the weekend? Amanda winced at the thought. She lifted her head and tried to scowl at the principal.

“Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got other students to see. Go back to class!” the principal said.

She opened her mouth to say something, “But I–”

“But what?” the principal asked.

Amanda put her head down. “But I needed to see the nurse. I-I had …an accident.”

“Whatever happened, you didn’t have the right to talk to the receptionist like that, and it’s up to the nurse if she wants to see you.”

“Could-could you call her office and ask, please?” Amanda asked, her tone softening to try to avoid further punishment.

“No. If you need to see the nurse, go to the receptionist and ask like everyone else. Maybe if you’re nice this time, she’ll let you?”

Amanda turned to go to the nurse’s office to try for a second time.

“…and young lady?”

She turned around. “Yes?”

“Don’t ever talk to any of my staff like that again or your parents may need to find a new school to send you to,” the principal warned.

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You’ve got a good grasp on grammar, punctuation, etc. I like how you put her thoughts in italics; it clearly distinguishes them from the rest of the narrative and makes them stand out. As for the behavior of some of the characters that comes off as unrealistic or over the top, I’m assuming it’s due to the influence of the as of yet undisclosed magical MacGuffin. I can see many directions this story could go, and there is potential for some fun.

Thanks for the feedback. What would you recommend I change about the characters? Maybe the MacGuffin does have a little to do with the odd behavior, but…it didn’t really come off as that odd to me, even without introducing the magical item. They hate Amanda today, and they are okay with showing that because they know they can get away with it.

The one mean bully girl at the start was believable. The action of the adults was what pulled me out of the story and broke my suspension of disbelief. Specifically the receptionist teasing her about her diapers- no professional adult would act like with a student who has a medical condition and if they did, it would not be tolerated. I would rationally expect the nurse to reprimand the receptionist, and rebuke Amanda for her language calmly, like “That behavior is not acceptable, you should know better, etc” instead of flipping out. Same with the principal. Their reactions seemed excessive given the offense- and since they were all acting like that, I assumed it was due to Amanda being cursed by the MacGuffin artifact.

ETA- If it’s not due to the MacGuffin, why do they hate her so much? She’s a child, they’re grown adults. The hate seems like it comes out of nowhere- what did she do to them? If you add the reason the world is against her, it would keep the reader’s suspension of disbelief.

Good point. I guess I need to figure out some other way for the receptionist to offend Amanda, then. Let me work on that. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, maybe her actions are a bit not that believable, but I have seen people not act in professional ways before, but I guess it is a bit too much. Let me figure out what I can have the receptionist say to tick Amanda off in a more believable way.

Is it any better now? I changed it to she just misunderstood what the receptionist said.

It’s true that adults don’t always act mature or rational, and one behaving like that could be believable depending on the reactions of the other characters- but when multiple characters act that way it makes a reader wonder what’s going on.

The receptionist is more believable now. It’s great you’re seeking to improve and are willing to listen to advice. You’ve got potential for a good story here- don’t give up on it and keep writing. The more you write, the more you learn and improve. :slightly_smiling_face:

Chapter 2 From Bad to Worse

Amanda felt her backside getting cold as she crept back to the nurse’s station and took a seat in an empty chair. She tried not to look at the receptionist’s desk and even hid her face hoping the receptionist wouldn’t recognize her. Somehow, the receptionist knew her name already, probably due to her previous visits. It seems like she could never keep enough pads for herself and always needed one or two extra before the school day was over. She frowned and tried to look at the ground.


She raised her head and turned in the direction of her name, not sure if they were referring to her or not. After all, Amanda was a pretty common name at this school.


She noticed the nurse motioning to her from the door of her office. As Amanda got up and made her way to the nurse, she noticed that the receptionist was conspicuously absent. She gave a silent sigh of relief. She didn’t want to confront that woman right now.

Amanda entered the nurse’s office and closed the door behind her. She wanted some privacy while she explained what was going on.

“What seems to be the trouble?” the nurse asked. She wore a neutral expression, not happy but not quite angry, although to Amanda she seemed a touch angry.

“I-I had an accident…” Amanda said quietly.

The nurse lowered her eyebrows into a small frown.

“One of the other students was in here; he said they saw you poop your pants this morning?” the nurse asked quietly in almost a whisper. She wore a serious expression, but Amanda just heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes.

“Everyone here is SO immature! No, I didn’t poop or pee my pants, and I don’t need diapers or anything like that. I just–I ended up messing up my pad and leaving stains on my pants. I’m on my period,” Amanda admitted sheepishly.

“Let me take a look?” the nurse asked.

Amanda carefully removed her backpack from around her waist and then pulled her shirttail out of the way. The nurse wrinkled her nose in mild disgust.

“Hmm…you may have to call your parents to send extra clothing. I’ll have to see if I have any clothes in your size, but normally, I only carry spares for our smaller elementary school children. We don’t expect big girls to have accidents,” the nurse said.

The teenager winced a bit at being compared to an elementary school student. This accident shouldn’t be compared to the kinds kids have. It was an adult problem, after all, at least that was how Amanda was thinking.

“Next time, sweetheart, wear a pad just in case,” the nurse said in a half-whisper.

Amanda rolled her eyes while looking at the floor. I did wear a pad; I wore two, not that I feel like sharing that information. It never occurred to her that perhaps sharing information about her health problem with the nurse could lead to a referral to get her treated without getting her mom involved. She honestly didn’t think that much about the so-called adults around her and often just assumed they were as clueless about the world as she was, especially the ones who worked at this school. You probably aren’t even a real nurse; that’s probably why you aren’t working in a hospital.

Of course, only Amanda was aware of the way she was thinking. To the nurse, it just looked like she was upset and overly emotional. This wasn’t actually that big of a problem, but the nurse didn’t know how to help her without her cooperation. Unfortunately, Amanda was never much of a communicator. She had a tendency to just assume things about people based on how she felt and treat them as if that was the way they were, and she hardly ever even realized she was doing it. This way of thinking often turned little problems with simple solutions into huge insurmountable issues that resurfaced again and again instead of actually being dealt with.

This pattern continued when she called her mom. “Mom, yeah, listen, I need you to pick me up. I’m sick,” Amanda said. She didn’t want to go into detail about what was actually happening, and she completely missed the nurse’s suggestion to call her parents to send more clothes, paying attention to only the “you’ll have to call your parents” part and assuming the nurse meant that she should go home.

Her mother apologized on the other end. “Sweetheart, I can’t. I have to work late and can’t take off today. In fact, I thought I would send Bob to the school to pick you up today.”

Amanda winced in disgust. “No, mom, not him, anyone but him.”

“What’s wrong with Bob? He’s a good guy, Mandy,” her mother protested.

“No, he’s not; he’s really not! I-I don’t want to be left alone in a car with him,” Amanda said.

“Aren’t you being a bit melodramatic?” she asked flatly.

“No, I’m not; he’s on the sex offender registry. I looked up his picture last night,” Amanda said.

Her mother let out a small offended gasp on the other side of the line. “Young lady, I can’t believe you’d make up those kinds of stories about Bob. Apologize to me for lying this instant!” her mother demanded.

“No, because it’s true,” Amanda said.

Her mother huffed again. “You’re just a child. You probably saw someone who looked like him! Don’t bring up baseless accusations against people!” The last sound in Amanda’s ear was a dial tone as her mother hung up on her.

The nurse was only half-listening to Amanda’s end of the conversation, and she never assumed that Amanda was talking about a possible CPS violation. The thought that Amanda could be in danger or had a bad home life never actually occurred to her, and Amanda just assumed that everyone was like her mother and didn’t believe her because she was "still a child, " so she never thought it was worth mentioning.

Amanda put the receiver back on the wall and sighed. It was going to be a long school day. She turned around and looked back at the nurse.

“Mom can’t come. What am I going to do? I can’t go back to school like this,” Amanda said.

“I think lost and found has a sweatshirt they can let you borrow. Tie it around your waist, and that should cover the stain. Next time, remember to come prepared so that you don’t have this problem,” the nurse said. She gave Amanda a small scowl. Amanda briefly returned it but didn’t say anything. Typical. The so-called adults think everything in the world is my fault and I should somehow be able to magically resolve these problems! She heaved another sigh and sat back down.

The nurse gave her some emergency pads. They were the cheap kind and different than the ones she usually wore, and she was pretty sure they weren’t going to work that well, especially since her underwear was probably wet with menstrual fluid. Hopefully, though, the sweatshirt would cover things well enough.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the sweatshirt arrived, and Amanda set to work on covering herself so that she could get through the school day. The sweatshirt around her waist did a good job of covering the stain, and she at least felt a little more secure with it there.

With another heavy sigh, she picked up her backpack, placing it on her back this time, not around her waist, took a pass from the nurse, and headed back to a class that was already in progress.

The next class was math. She hated this class because the teacher always treated her like some kind of criminal. I’ve had it with school today. Why couldn’t Mom just pick me up? Amanda quietly walked into the teacher’s room and took a seat.

“Black? Why are you coming to class so late?” the teacher asked, approaching her desk.

“I-I” Amanda stammered as she nervously searched for the pass the nurse gave her. Where did I put that pass?

“Black? You didn’t answer my question,” the teacher growled.

“I-I was in the nurse’s office,” Amanda squeaked.

“In the nurse’s office? Where’s your pass, Black?” the teacher asked.

Amanda cringed a little at hearing her last name being used to address her. She hated this teacher because it seemed like he had something personal against her for whatever reason. It seemed like he was always looking for excuses to refer her to the principal’s office or punish her in some way.

“I just had it. I don’t know,” Amanda said.

The teacher walked close to her desk and put both his hands on it. She could practically feel his breath on her neck. “Young lady, you came to my class twenty minutes late. Now unless you’re dying, there’s no excuse for that, and it better never happen again,” the teacher said in a growl.

Another student in the class raised his hand. “Yes, Billy Brody?”

“Mr. Ivory, I know what happened to Amanda,” Billy said in a sarcastic tone that the teacher didn’t quite catch.

“You do, do you? Let’s hear it,” the teacher said.

“Yep…Pfffffrrrttt!” the student made an obnoxious farting sound with his mouth and the rest of the class started giggling.

Amanda heard the teacher sigh loudly and quickly walk away from Amanda’s desk. The next sound was almost like thunder as the teacher came down hard on the desk and began rebuking the unruly student.

“Mr. Brody! Do you think this is kindergarten?” the teacher chided.

“I-no, sir,” Billy said.

No, kindergarteners are more mature than this. Amanda thought as she gave another tired sigh. She wanted to get upset and storm out of the classroom, but that wouldn’t do anything but earn her another trip to the principal’s office and possibly another detention.

“You’re going to one of the best schools in the state; all of your parents pay good money to send you here, and some of you just want to play games and act like idiots!” the teacher finally said.

The classroom went dead quiet. The students wore shocked expressions.

“Oh snap, he just cursed us all out,” a student behind Amanda whispered quietly.

The rest of the day went by without incident, surprisingly. Amanda was expecting something ridiculous to happen, like someone to come up and pull off the makeshift skirt she’d made out of the sweatshirt and expose her accident, but for the most part, no one paid a lot of attention to it. Maybe that talk Mr. Ivory gave Billy and the rest of the class about immaturity did some good? She wasn’t sure.

The last bell rang, and Amanda walked out to the carpool line to wait for her mom. She then froze in her tracks. Oh no! Bob’s picking me up! She wasn’t sure what to do. It was very stupid of her mother to entrust her with him, or any children, at all, but what was she going to do? Without much she felt like she could do, she just waited.




The last car drove through the carpool line.

Amanda felt like she’d been waiting for hours. She looked at her watch. It read 5:45. Was that even right?! School was out by 3:30. Had she really been waiting over two hours?

She was pretty sure Bob wasn’t coming. That was both a relief and a major inconvenience. Her mother had told her to wait, but instead, she started walking home. There was no reason to wait at the school until sunset for someone who probably wasn’t going to show up.

That was typical behavior for Bob; he probably picked up some prostitute or decided to go buy some drugs with the gas money. Her mother had no idea what kind of man that guy was. Plus, Mom is still married. Just because my dad’s gone on a business trip doesn’t make it okay for her to see other men! Amanda screamed internally. Her mom wasn’t making any sense, on top of everything else that was going on.If this is how mature women act, I’m not even sure I want to grow up to be one.

Amanda started walking past the wooded area to avoid traffic, but she had to cross to the sidewalk before long. Cars honked their horns and teenagers who drove shouted obscenities and catcalls like they were talking to a discount prostitute. “Ha ha! Don’t quit your day job sweetheart!” “I tell you what, I’ll pay you to get out of my way and stop showing your ugly face!” Amanda again rolled her eyes and tried to stay on the sidewalk. The amount of abuse they were allowed to get away with, and wanted to commit against her, was ridiculous. What did she even do to these people, to begin with?

“Hey, Amanda, Amanda, need a ride?” Amanda looked up, not really sure how everyone seemed to know her name. Sure, this was her second year at the school, but she didn’t have a very good memory for names, so how did they? Cautiously, she looked at the car that stopped in front of her path. It was a red convertible, and the person in it looked familiar, but for some reason, she couldn’t quite place it.

She approached the car slowly. Taking rides from older teenagers was probably dangerous, but from experience, she knew, or thought she knew, that as mean as the kids at school were, they had their limits.

“Do you need a ride?” the older teen asked her. She was a beautiful young woman with long flowing black hair. She smiled at Amanda with pearly whites. Amanda found herself staring for perhaps a bit too long.

“Well, do you?” she asked.

“Y-yes,” Amanda said.

Quickly, Amanda pulled the door handle and got into the passenger’s side of the car. She sat back feeling a little relieved. At least she wasn’t going to have to walk all the way home. She leaned back in the seat as the stranger who somehow knew her name started driving.

“So…who are you?” Amanda finally asked.

“My name’s Lorelei. I’m a junior. You know my little sister, I think.”

Amanda scratched her head. “No, can’t say that I do; what’s her name?”

The driver cocked an eyebrow. “Ginger,” she answered.

“Nope, still doesn’t ring a bell,” Amanda said.

The older girl didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“Anyway, where do you live?” she finally asked.

Amanda paused. She would have given the physical address to her house, but she didn’t really trust this situation enough. What if someone decided to drive by and egg her mom’s car or slash the tires or put toilet paper in the trees and bushes? She didn’t like that idea.

“I…um…could you just drop me off at the gas station on Greentree Road?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t know where that is. Don’t you know your own home address? I thought you learned that in kindergarten,” her voice sounded a bit less friendly this time.

Amanda carefully took her finger and started trying to enter the coordinates for the Greentree gas station on the GPS attached to the car. Suddenly, she felt someone grab her hand.

“Do not touch that!” Lorelei warned.

“Sorry, but, but all you have to do is look it up, see?” Amanda tried to explain.

“I know. I’m not a retard,” she said.

Amanda was startled by this girl’s sudden shift in tone. Something felt kind of off.

“So, are you going to tell me where you live or not?” the girl asked, this time most of the friendliness gone from her voice.

“I’d rather you drop me off at the gas station. I can walk from there,” Amanda said.

She turned the car suddenly and pulled into a nearby parking lot. She then glared at Amanda. “Look here you little brat. Tell me where you live so I can put it into my GPS, or I’ll leave you right here,” the girl threatened.

Amanda swallowed nervously. This was the parking lot of some kind of shopping center near the school. It would still be a long walk home from here, but this girl was acting weird. She didn’t like it.

“Fine,” Amanda said as she reached for the passenger door. Before she could open it, though, the car started again, and the girl went zooming down the road. The convertible’s top was pulled up, and the windows were put back up.

“Wrong answer, bitch,” the girl snarled.

Amanda was now staring out the window as the scenery passed by extremely fast.

“Hey, um, there’s the shopping mall; you could drop me off there and I could maybe catch a bus?” Amanda pleaded.

The driver acted like she didn’t hear her as she got onto the on-ramp of the interstate.

“Hey! Where are you taking me? You-you could just take me back to the school,” Amanda said.

“Yeah? But I feel like taking you here instead,” the girl said.

Amanda sat back in her seat and gulped as they sped down the highway. Where was she taking her, and would she even get home tonight? She felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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A very sudden turn of events. I’m left wondering what will become of poor LITTLE Amanda.

Amanda should have never gotten into the car.

Yes, that’s a very worrying situation.

Though I am left wondering how the prompt factors in.

I haven’t gotten to that part, yet. It will be here soon.

(Chapter deleted)

Sorry, guys. The chapter needs revision. I…think I’m going to brainstorm it a little bit more and then repost when I have something better.

For now, this story is on hiatus. I’ve come up with better ideas, and I don’t know if I will be continuing to write using this prompt or not.

I have no idea where this stories plot is going.