Tales Of Panolina: Madame Mommy (One-Shot)

One day the book of diaper stories floated into the air and started to shine attracting the attention of Venus and Good Kid.

Good Kid: Aye Venus, Why is the book shining ?

Venus: A story is being added! Venus walked over to the book and grabbed it Lets see whats new. Venus then found the new story Tales of Pannolina: Madame Mommy. Venus gasped

Good Kid: Whats wrong?

Venus: Nothing, Let go back to reading Witches of New Orleans

Good Kid: But i think that title was interesting. Read it.

Venus: But the current story

Good Kid: Just read it already, This is just a quick break Venus.

Venus: Well…Okay

We start this tale in in a kitchen, It’s a old fashion looking kitchen. The sand colored walls, Wooden cabinets, Stove top oven, A fridge with a report card on it with I’m on the honor roll in read, freshly clean fan light in the ceiling, A freshly swept floor with a mop and bucket on the side with a old baseball floating in it. There is glass shards scattered across the floor. The broken glass disturbed the scene set for this fetching kitchen but what really ruins it is the noise. To figures arguing, Mother and son.

“Why the hell would you go and do that Franklin!” His mother pointed at the kitchen door with the broken window, She was trying to reprehend her hard headed son but he was once again putting up a fight, But maybe he was right in this heated argument.

“It was a accident Mom, We were playing baseball and Jacob hit it to hard and…” Franklin was cut off by his mother, She didn’t want to hear any of his bullshit today.

“Franklin!” She yell in a annoyed tone. Her slightly wrinkled face curling up with anger. “You are lying through your damn teeth boy! I was in this kitchen when it happen. I even had proof so don’t try to wheedle your ass out of this. You had the bat in your hands when i looked outside, I saw that incriminating look on your face mouthing oh shit!’”

“Mom, It wasn’t me! Just because i had the bat in my hand doesn’t mean i did it. Did you know proof does not mean true, Even you can…” Franklin mother cut him off once more.

“Ask one of your friends.” She said mockingly. “You kids are always covering for each other. Do you want me to go and ask Ms.Copper, He’ll crack once his grandma starts questioning him about it. Do you think she wants too pay for that.” His mother voice was lowering but she was still just a furious with him.

Franklin signed, He just wanted to get this over with. “Okay Mom, I broke it, When Jacob pitched the god damn…” again he was cut of by his mother.

“Franklin Machiavelli don’t ever use the lord’s name in vain or curse in front of me!” She said raise her voice at him again.

Franklin grunted “I hit it and it flew into the window Okay.”

“So you were lying to me then! Just be honest with me Franklin.” His mom said finally lowering he voice fully and dispelling her anger. She walked to her purse and pulled out a carton of cigarettes, She took one out and placed the carton back in her purse. She looked at her son, He was becoming a strong hansom young man but just wouldn’t stop fucking up. Even when he started doing good in school he just kept finding away to get in trouble. “Franklin, I’m going out to have a smoke. I counted my cigarettes, I have 8.”

Franklin rolled his eyes “Mom i don’t like cigarettes, That cancer taste is really off putting if you know what i mean.” he told her feel more relaxed and able to joke.

“I hope so, Don’t ever get addicted to these things.” She stepped over the glass and went into the hallway. She grabbed her coat and put it on. “I want you too clean that glass up and mop this floor Franklin. I going to tell your father Franklin, Maybe he will be less angry if you told him yourself.” She walked over the glass and out the front door. “Get some bags and cover the window with some bags, Don’t want it to get cold in here.” She softly closed the door to avoid more chipped and cracked glass from falling and breaking on the floor.

Franklin put his arms around his head and stretched, His back cracked. “Damn, got to clean this up quick, Don’ t want her to snapped on me again. Wonder how pop is going to take it, 3 weeks imprisonment maybe.” Franklin grabbed the ball from the bucket and took it to the sink, “Got to clean this off too, Don’t want Bruce to get poisoned, Even if it would be slight.” He washed off the ball and he went through the hallway upstairs. He went into his straightened up room, Done by his mother. Franklin found Bruce laying on his bed. He placed his baseball on the dresser and went to his bed. “Bruce! Off!” Franklin command his dog, Half German Shepperd and Beagle mix. He was a very anxious but lazy.

Bruce looked up at him, Wagged his tail then moved over thinking Franklin was going to lay with him.

“No! Off Bruce.” Franklin enjoined again.

Bruce looked up again and then turned its head. Bruce was being Bruce.

“I don’t care, I got work to do.” He too off his jacket and tossed it one the ground. He looked around his room. Gray carpet, Queen sized bed with with tan covers and white pillows. His TV set was a old model but i was able to play his Ps3 and the game looked decent enough for him. The room was painted tannish brown, On the top edges of the room there was old and yellowed paper strips of zoo animals. He use to hate them being there but now he was indifferent about the subject. He bent down and grabbed his coat and choose to hang it up. “Don’t want to mess it up already, She did it for me this time.”

Franklin petted Bruce and left the room. He returned to the kitchen with the broom he got from the closet. Franklin swept up the broken glass and through it in the trash. After that was done, He started to mop up the kitchen, Making sure to get every little dirt stain. He was feeling more guilt about what he did. Once he was finish mopping, He dumped out the water in the toilet and cleaned out the bucket. He placed it in the conner of the bathroom and then went and got some duck tape and plastic bags to cover up the window. He then went up stairs to return to his room. He went with same routine with his dog from last time. He gave up and joined his dog on the bed. He then reached over to his small speaker set and placed his phone in it. He didn’t care what song he listen too, Rap, Jazz or Rock, He was going to go to sleep anyway even if his dad was going to busted in yelling at him. He was wondering if this will effect his parents trip. They might just canceled it just to punish him. He rolled over and his dog moved up closer. They then drifted off to sleep.

Franklin woke up too a knocking at his door. This noise was getting pass the current song, Lost Ones by J.Cole, A favorite of his. “Coming!” He spoked as he woke up from his dream, His voice was groggy, He was dreaming that he was in a hot tube with Bianca Beauchamp , Nina Davuluri, Denise Milani John Stamos. John somehow stole all 3 of them from him. He got out of his bed and open up the door. Guess who it was…Well it was his mom and not his dad. He was surprised “I thought you were pop, He home yet?”

“Yeah, Come on dinner time. We went and got Popeyes.” His mom said leading him down stairs.

“Poppies? Why didn’t you get KFC, They bisect be the best.”

“Franklin be quite, I didn’t forget.” His mom told him.

They went into the kitchen and seated there selves at the table. His dad started there prayer and they began to eat. His pop talked to him normally until dinner was over and he was relaxing on the living room couch. The living room was finly decorated. His mom and her friend William put up so beautiful art and sculptors. The living room grand center piece was the 65 inch HD TV. Focusing on the TV for a sec. Franklin tries to explained to his dad that it’s stolen because he got it from his friend Bajwa for 600$. Franklin also believes that Bajwa is war criminal wanted for massacres so people don’t believe him on either.

“Franklin! We need to talk.” his dad yelled calmly.

Franklin slowly walked into the room, He dreaded what was about to happen. “I’m sorry about the door dad. I…” his father cut him off like his mother did earlier. His parent do that a lot.

“I know the story and her is whats going to happen. Starting tomorrow your grounded.” His dad told him flipping to the fishing channel with the TV Remote.

“2 weeks?” Franklin asked.

“3.” his dad said.

“Ding.” Franklin said turning around.

“You do know I’m going to still yell at you. Not today, But when we get back from Atlantic city. I going to let you have it.”

“Why just not do it know?” Franklin asked.

“Because, I want to be happy, Once the vacation Mom and me take is over, I will come down on you like a thunderbolt.” His dad said. “Don’t leave this house when were gone, We will know.”

“Okay, i will stay home bored then.” Franklin said.

“Good.” His dad replied.

Franklin went back upstairs and into his room. This time his dog was in his dog bed chewing on the baseball. Franklin looked at it and didn’t care, That ball made him suffer. Franklin turned on his TV and popped a movie in and enjoined the slaughter of stupid idiot getting what they kind of deserved. He fell asleep during the movie.

Franklin woke up to the licking of his dog on his cheek, It seem his dog need to pee. he checked the time and it was 9:23. “Come on Bruce, I got to pee too.” Franklin and Bruce came down stairs and walked out to there backyard through the basement. Bruce took his corner of the yard and Franklin took his. They went back inside and into the kitchen. He pored Bruce a bowl of dog food and himself some cinnamon toast crunch. He looked on the table and found a envelope. There was a not on it saying they left early and that there was money in it. It also said to not spend the money on anything stupid. He ripped it open with his teeth and went through it, There was 100$ in it. “Cool, Well time to start my day Bruce.”

Franklin went around the house killing time, He watched YouTube videos making fun of stupid things on Internet like how so guy got body slammed or how some failed rapper try to make thug sound like a good word. He also found a video of people in diapers, Wired. After that he mess with Bruce until Bruce gave him the I will rip your throat out look if you don’t give me that bacon strip look. He checked the time and found it was only 11:12.

" I need something to do."he said slowly, mimicking his border.

He pulled out his phone and just started text a girl he was talking too, She answered but with in a hour he found out it was her dad and he was told that he will hunt him down if he doesn’t stop talking to his daughter. He then decide too take a bath, He wanted to relax and have a bubble bath. He use his Moms soup, She will be upset if she finds out he use her special soap. He turn on some smooth jazz, relaxing music and fell asleep in the warm soapy water. When he woke up he was under the water drowning.

“Ahh.” he yelled. He raise his head and blew the water out of his nose. “Can’t even take a damn bath.”

He got out of the tub and dried off. He got into some shorts and T shirt, No boxers. He checked the time and i was 2:44. “Wow, i was gone for awhile.” He then heard a knock on the front door. He went to the door and answered it. It was friends Jacob, Lin, Eddy and Lamar. Lin was was holding a basketball in her hands. “Frank, You trying to come play ball? Were going up to Kennedy park to get a game.”

Jacob mouthed the words no to him, They said that there parents wanted them to get him to come outside. He was going to be set up.

“Sorry, Grounded.” Franklin told Lin.

She smiled “To bad but we don’t need ass players anyway.”

“Damn Lin, Always hating.” Lamar told her snatching the ball from her.

“Eat me Lamar.” she told along with her middle finger. “Oh wait you did.” gasping like she was surprised.

Lamar open his mouth.

“Now, Now, Now lets save the trash talking for the people in the park.” Eddy told them.

“Alright man, We leaving. Good luck with prison. I’ll bring you a rope if you need it.” Jacob told him with a evil smile. They left his front porch and walked up the street.

Franklin closed the door and went up to his room. His dog was on his bed.

“Why did I leave the door open.” He said to his self. He sat on his bed and turned on his gaming consul with his ps3 controller. “GTA 5 time!” he yelled excitement. He waited for it to load and he pick Trevor. He entered cheat codes and went on his 5 minute rampage until he got shot in with a shotgun. He then replayed a few mission and went online. He was enjoying himself, Stabbing his online friends in the neck when they were robbing stores or buying ammo. GTA online makes him believe in karma for when he left the store a truck came out of nowhere and ran him up the wall. Then came the tank that was controlled by a annoying childed with a mic acting tough. He could kill this guy.

He was so engrossed into the game until Bruce bothered him. He already new what it was, He didn’t have to know it was 5:00. “Okay Bruce, Rinse and repeat.” They went down stairs and out the the back yard. Bruce use the toilet and Franklin waited by the door. “Come on buddy, I got to get dinner.” Bruce finish and ran back inside. “Man i hate standing in the cold, you take to long to crap brace.” He told him running by. Franklin followed him and locked the door. He went to the kitchen and grabbed the phone. “Okay, What for dinner Pizza from Domino or Top China?” He asked Bruce.

Bruce gave him a blank look.

“Okay, Pizza.” He called up Domino and ordered 2 pizzas, One cheese and ham Pizza and One mushroom, sausage and pepperoni pizza.

“Hey, you going to eat some right?” He asked his dog sarcastically.

Bruce looked at him, He shook his head.

“You understand me!” Franklin said in shock.

Bruce looked at him, This time the dog walked away.

“Okay maybe not.” He said. He laughing to his self.

Franklin went into the living room and waited until the his pizza arrived. He watch some strange show about ghost and phantoms. It creeped him out slightly when one ghost knocked on one guys door and told him he was going to die. Franklin heard a knock on the door. He thought about the ghost, Then he remembered the pizza. He got up and went to the door.

“Hello?” Franklin said to see if they were there.

“What’s good dude, Got your Pizza, that will be 18.39$” the pizza guy said.

“Here your 20$ Man, keep the change.” He took the pizza the pizza guy.

“Her you go, Enjoy” The pizza guy said. He then walked off to his car.

Franklin closed the door and took it into the living room. He found Bruce waiting "We’ll you seem starved. Franklin open up the box of Ham pizza and tossed him 2 slices. Bruce caught the with ease and scurried off. Franklin sat down and started to eat, He enjoyed the food. Domino had the best pizza to him, He even loved them before they changed the recipe. He would alway defend them against people saying there found taste like cardboard. He finish and save what ever he had left in the oven.

“Well that’s going to be breakfast lunch and dinner tomorrow.” He looked at the clock, It was 6:30. “Well, We do have a day off tomorrow so i don’t have to do my homework. Maybe i should start reading Frankenstein.” he told his self heading up stairs.

A hour in, Franklin is in his room, Not reading but gaming. He had a angry look on his face. He was swearing to himself. He was getting beaten in a fighting game by the CPU. “What the fuck man, Stop spamming that grab move you green bastard, I can’t even get up.” He rubbed his head in frustration. He got up and took the game out and placed it back in the case. “Maybe some 2K would be fun to play.” He then heard the door bail rang. Franklin raised his head "Who could that be, It’s 7:30."Franklin left his room and went down stairs to answer the door. As he walked to it he saw a face staring into the house.

The face looking in belong to a woman, She looked pretty tall. He open the door and got the full view of her. She was in fact tall, Very tall, She was 6’0. Her hair was long and wavy, It rested on her shoulders. It was raven black, Pitch black and the moonlight shinned on her hair. Her skin was slight pale, Cold looking, She must be limiting her sunlight. Her eyes were ominous, seductive, warm and the color of violet. Her lips were ruby red lips smiled, It was so inviting, Any man would love to kiss them they lad there eyes on them. Her body, It was slender and filled out in all the right places, This woman was on of those fantasy girls you see in your dream, Her face looked like she used make up but there was something natural all about her. Sure not everyone dreams they would be so tall. Her clothing, Her one strap open leg dress sparkled like white stars in the dark sky, The dress was the only thing holding up her breast unless she had a invisible bra on . She wore black hills, They shinned like her dress. You wonder why she would were that in this weather. She was also carrying a bag, Double bag or something like that he assumed.

“Ummm, Hey ma’am. Do you need to come inside?” He asked slightly worried. She was standing out there in the cold dress in such a grandiose outfit like she was going to some upscaled party.

She spoke with a English accent or something, Didn’t sound normal. “Yes.” She answered calmly. Her voice was soft, Reminded him how a mother would talk to a toddler. “I am the babysitter.” She moved to go inside but was stopped by franklin’s hand.

“Sitter, For who? I think you got the wrong house. The Bundy’s got some little kids, They always looking for a sitter.” Franklin told her trying to help her out.

She looked at Franklin’s hand that blocked her, She gave a slight smile like she was expecting that. “No, I’m sure this is the correct house.” She closed her eyes for a few seconds then open them. "Yes, Franklin Machiavelli is who i am here to deal with.

“What do you mean, Did my parents hire you.” He reached in his pocket and unlock the screen. He searched for his Mom’s number.

She gave him a look “Yes, They did.” She told him convening look…

He hit the call button near her number and put it near his ear. It ringed and ringed but she never answered. He then did the same for his father and the same thing happened. He called them both again too make sure. “Well there not picking up so.” He sized her up, She was pretty hot but he felt like this woman was bad news. “Sorry, I don’t believe you Miss and i don’t want to take any chances. You know how sick people are these days.” Franklin close the door in front of the woman. She didn’t try to spot him, She only gave him a sincere smile.

He left the kitchen and made his way back upstairs but was stopped by the bell. He rolled his eyes and went back to the door. It was the same woman he expected. He open the door and asked “Yes?”

“Are you sure, Just let me in Franklin.” She ordered him but keep the same level of voice.

“No! I can’t let you in.” He tried to closed the door but was stop by her foot.

She was now looking at him through the window on the door that was not broken. “Let me give you proof, The broken window was caused by a baseball you hit when your friend Jacob pitched it.”

Franklin gave her a bemused look, How could she have know about that unless she was told. Maybe his parents did hire her. “Okay, Why would they hire you?” he asked opening up the door.

“Because they don’t trust you, Because you are very naughty little boy.” She told him looking down at him, She was now exercising her height over him.

“Little Boy, I am teenager. Last time i check there is a different.” he told her getting a little upset.

She laughed “From what i seen in my life time, There never been much of a difference. Now Franklin, Why don’t you let me inside, Invite me in.” She put her hand around her body and started to shack, All of a sudden she was acting like she was freezing. “It so cold out here.”

He glinted at her, He was going to let her into but know he though he could get away with keeping her out, There was no definite proof she was hired by his parents. He then decide to tease her as well. “Okay you can come in but you need to gets pass the door!” He told her laughing in her face but she kept smiling, She even join him in the laughter.

“Thank you Franklin, I happy i can now take care of you.” She told him through the door.

Franklin turned around slowly, He was really disturbed by that comment. He has meet crazy woman before but this woman took the cake, All 3 trophies and just got added in the history books. He went up stairs and back to his room and locked the door. He didn’t want to alert the authorities because he would look like a punk, He thought (Help come officer there is a super hot woman outside wanting to come inside and be alone with a teenage boy, No I’m not gay!) He sat down on his bed and call Bruce to come over to him. He then continued to play the game, He was still a little on edge.

The woman stood there, She wasn’t showing she was cold, She never was. She looked around her self and made sure nobody was looking at her. Her body then start to sparkle like her beautiful dress. She then turned into a sparking black mist and went through the door. She went through every crack and then came back together inside the house. She gave a silent giggle then made her way up stairs, Her very step were mute. The steps didn’t ever creek when she step on them. She made her way to Franklin door and softly knocked on it.

As Franklin was playing his game, Trying to relax. Then he heard a dreaded soft knock on the door. He dropped his controller as his heart raced. He stood at the door and looked at it. It held a ominous feeling of…Love, A terrifying unnatural love. He knew he should just not answer or leave but he felt a strong calling, A call of interest or Maybe a call of courage, What ever it was he choose to stand his ground and open the door. He then met with the sames eyes, They were inviting and mad you melt if you looked into them for two long.

“Okay how did you get into my house? You better get the hell out and run before I have to hurt you.” He told her, He moved deep into her space, His arms were stiff and his hand balled up.

The woman smiled and gave Franklin a kiss on the temple, His body then lost most of it strength. He dropped into her hands and was lifted up to her shoulder. She carried Franklin to his bed and was met with a angry and barking adversary. Bruce was going to attack. The woman threw franklin on the bed were he landed safely. She grabbed Bruce and took him outside the room, She seemed to not feel the teeth and claws assaulting her skin. A minute later the noise vanish and back in carrying a diaper that she might have got from her bag.

“Hello Franklin, I am here to take care of you.” She started to remove his shirt and laid the diaper on his chest. He smelled the sweet scent it carried. It mad him smile, It was very uplifting. “It is true, Your parent never hired me, I don’t need them to hire me really.” She then removed his shorts and dropped her bag on the floor, Baby bag appeared on it in white with white designs appearing on it. She got a box of wipes from the bag. “Now lets clean you up, Encase if you didn’t get everywhere in the bath.” She slowly wiped him down, She was be very careful to not miss a spot. Franklin was disturbed by this, He was not able to stop this nameless woman from doing this to him. “Let me tell you something, I not ever a babysitter, Sorry i lied.” She grabbed the diaper from his chest and unfolded the dog foot printed diaper made for Franklin body size. She raised his legs and slide it under.

“Stop, Don’t do this to me Miss, I’m not a baby.” He told Her, His voice was cracking.

“No more need to call me miss, Now call me Madame Mommy my itty bitty baby boy.” This made him cringe. Her voice was for boating, It was seductive. She bite her lips and her legs shifted her legs little. She was not just enjoying it, She was getting off on it. Madame Mommy, The name of thus dark figure unfasten the 4 blue tapes and tapped him in. “No leaks.” She then patted it and smiled. You could see this was enjoyable for her.

Franklin was freaking out, He was about to cry. He was dressed like a baby, In a diaper that caused a buck and was so confronting on his skin. He didn’t want to admit it but it was nice to wear. The more he think about it the more he wanted to feel the soft plastic. He slowly regained his thought then began too speak. “You, Madame…Mommy, Why are you doing this?” He asked, His strength was slowly coming back.

“I did it because your parent don’t love you.” she told him coldly. She went into her bag and got out a baby blue onesie with each letter of it in different colors. The things she had in her bag were very vibrant but her dressing style was so starkly grim.

“Don’t love me, You idiot, Were would you get that from?” Franklin asked angered.

“They left you, They want to have fun with out you. On top of that your old mom made you clean the kitchen for her and then your dad grounded you. They are so horrible, So mean. They can’t even handle a naughty boy like you, Love a naughty boy like you but i can. You might be a good boy with me.” She said. She sat him up and then slide the onesie over his head and snapped him in.

“You sick bitch, Of course they would do that, I broke the window and I’m never gong to be with you!” He told her owning up to his mistake. His body was know close to his original strength.

She gave him a dissatisfied look, She then covered it up with smile. “Babies are so fullish, There is no need to own up to it, You will never be punish for it. You are just a naughty baby boy and you can’t be helped by there methods.” She crawled onto the bed and laid over him. Her breast hung in his face.

“What are you doing?” He blushed, She smelt of vanilla.

She then stood up on her knees. She unstrapped her shoulder and her dress fell down iin the top and let her breast drop. Before his eyes, The nipple of her breast grew. She grabbed Franklin by his head and lead his lips to her nipple. “Come on baby, Madame Mommy needs you to drink her milk, It is so painful keeping it all in, Just one little taste of my milk.” She told him trying to get him to drink. He tried to push her away, His body has return to normal but her strength was indomitable.

“No…” The tit was shoved into his mouth, He tried to remove it but when he tasted the sweet sugar tasting milk, It warmed his body and made him tangle all over. He bit down on her to try to cause her pain but only cause the milk to flow out better. He stop resiting and relish in the liquid he drank. The suckling sound and felling of him sucking her lactating breast please Madame Mommy, Her hand ever started to drifted down to her pussy. Her rubbed on it, She found it hard to contain her self.

Good Kid: This one is different, You Know Her Venus?
Venus: Venus stayed silent.
Good Kid: Grunts “Keep Read.”

“Your lucky Franklin, You tried to send me away but i knew i would get in.” She moved his head to her other breast. “Have some more, This is my gift to you. With this inside your tummy, You won’t be able to escape, Leave me alone.”

Franklin heard her speak these strange words, To him she was talking babble. He was catching every other word. He heard her say something about ‘my gift, tummy, Alone.’ Franklin was focus on the milk, He was getting more lost, More tired of thinking. His mouth was pulled of the tit, His saliva slightly stringed along. His head was gently placed down on his pillow. Franklin mind was lost, Fuzzy, He need something to suck on again. He pulled his hands into his mouth, he then start to suck on his fingers.

Madame Mommy smiled and then fixed her sparkling dress, She then got off the bed and went back in her bag. She pulled out another diaper. It was decorated different from the other one, It had red cars on it with black wheels. “Need to double diaper you baby, Your going to mess on the way home.” She then open the onesie and the diaper in her hand and placed it under Franklin already diapered butt. She then placed her hand in the center of Franklins current diaper for a few seconds then removed it. There was a slice inside of it, She then brought the diaper over the current one and tapped it on. This made Franklin legs spread out even more then the first diaper.

Franklin only thought about sucking on Madame Mommy’s breast for her milk. He was captivated by the milks amazing taste. He liked what i did to him, He was able to relax, Able to think about nothing. The warm feeling that it gave him was still with him. He didn’t care about what was being done under him. He actually thought the thickness on his butt felt good. He look up at Madame Mommy and giggled.

“Is my baby happy?” She cooed. She started to tickle him through his onesie. “Yes he is, Yes he is!” She enjoyed making Franklin laugh, It delighted her almost as much as breast feeding did. She grabbed her diaper bag and placed it on her left shoulder. She then pick Franklin up like he was a real baby and carried him on her right shoulder. “Okay, Time to leave say goodbye. I even help you do it.” She walked to the door and said “Goodbye room.” She then moved down the stairs and pass the rooms. “Goodbye Living room, Good Kitchen.” When she reached the kitchen door her and Franklin became the black twinkling mist and moved through the door cracks. “Goodbye old home.” They were now out in the cold, Outside off his house. There was still snow on the ground from the snowfall last week. The sky was beautiful, The moon shined on them like it approved of this.

Franklin lesson to her say these thing, He barley understood but her knew he was leaving, He was leaving everything. He start to even cry, He removed his figures from his mouth and screamed. His poignant emotions, His regret, Fear, sadness were defeating the feeling in his body that made him carefree. “No, No! I said…No!” He told the woman beating on her back and kicking his feet.

“Hush baby, Lets say goodbye. Say goodbye to your friends, Say goodbye to this town, Goodbye to mean Mommy and Daddy, Say farewell to this world.” She said keeping her smile on her face. She looked as if she didn’t notice him shuffling round.

“No, No goodbye, I’m going to called for help” He told her still bashing around. “Help, Anyone help. Bruce, Come on boy, Take her head off!”

Madame Mommy could only laugh, She thought it was funny trying to get the dog to come when it was already with him. She then patted the diaper.

“Help! Someone I’m being kidnapped!” Franklin scream this as they walked down the dark street, No one ever came, No one ever heard his screams of terror. Franklin was just carried down to the woods, This took about a hour. He should have been freezing but her body kept him warm.

“Finally, We are here.” Madame Mommy said delighted. She closed her eyes and focus. The tree then rustled, The wind blew and the very fabric of space twisted. Strange colorful lights started to protruded from the space and a hole opened up.

“Were are you taking me you bitch!” Franklin asked, He tired long before they reached these part of the woods.

Madame Mommy paused, “I’m taking you home baby, To were i live along with the other Nymphs.” She then walked into the light was engulfed into it.

As soon as they entered Franklin started to shack, His stomach was hurting so bad. He then release all that pain but it was release as his own filth inside the diaper. He even started to pee when it happen. He was lucky he had two diapers on. Franklin then started to get light headed, He was going to black out soon. He closed his eyes thinking it was the colors effecting him but he was wrong it was the trip through this portal. “Must stay awake, Must not black out!” He told him self. He was starting to give in to the light headed feeling.

“Just give in baby, I well wake you when we arrive, Then I’ll change your icky diaper for you and feed you some more milk.” She told him rubbing his back.

Franklin put up his fight but was overcome by his light headiness. He slowly fazed out until he was completely unconscious. He release some more poop into his diaper until it browned.

Madame Mommy felt the poop filled diaper build up, She even mushed it up with her hand as they traveled through the light. She smiled, She now had her very own baby to play with. They then reached the end of the tunnel of lights.

When Madame Mommy stepped out with Franklin. The place they landed was a throne gray stoned room with black and white carpet. The ceiling had many golden shandeler. There were painting of her and other ‘babies’ on the wall. The place they were in was a throne room. She was then greeted by 12 other woman. They were almost as beautiful as her but dressed in black maids outfits. They said synchronized "Welcome back Madame, I hope you enjoyed your trip.

“I did, I have found my baby too, His name is Franklin. Treat his well.” She order.

“We would with out you having to tell us Madame.” One maid said.

“We love babies too.” another said.

“He seems to have a messy diaper madame, May i change it?” Another made asked.

Madame Mommy smiled, She look at the portal and waved it shut. “Sorry Arachne, I’m want to be the first to change my baby’s dirty diaper, What mother forces everyone else to do her work every chance they get.” Madame Mommy walked past them and turn to the left. She walked out the throne room through one of the doors.

“Well doesn’t are Queen no how to pick the babies.” Arachne said. “He looked so cute sleeping, I need to get my own one day.”

One maid the replied. "You know theres away to go to earth like the Madame

“I know already, When our world leaks we can move into the human world?”

“No…You just need to find a artifact like our Madame, Her dress is quite amazing allowing her to do things she does.”

“That sound like a lot of work Kazzy, Arachne should just meander the meadows. I heard that some other Nymphs found 2 guys out there a few weeks ago. Pannolina pre diapered them too or maybe some one did it to them.” One maid interrupted.

“What happen to them?” Arachne asked.

“They ran, One guy was already trying to flirt with one of them but his partner pull him away. They ran away in used diapers i may add, good thing they were caught and changed before hey found a diapered village.”

“I hate those places, There are babies in there but we can’t even locate all them.” Arachne said upset. “Damn the White Nanny. She trying to keep the babies away from us like bitch, She doesn’t even take care of them”

“Ladies! I need you to come introduce your self to baby Franklin, My new baby boy! Were in the nursery.” Madame mommy yelled.

“Yes Madame we are on our way!” The woman then ran to the nursery with big smiles excited to meet him.

Good Kid: You look tense Venus.

Venus: I think i know that place.

Good Kid: You do!

Venus: Maybe, I just need to think. Excused me. The fairy flew off into her own area

Good Kid: Good Kid grabbed the book Pannolina…Seems to be a land made for babies. Good Kid then tossed the book to the floor Interesting.

Re: Tales Of Panolina: Madame Mommy (One-Shot)

There are a few grammatical errors, but I really like it so far! Please continue!

Re: Tales Of Panolina: Madame Mommy (One-Shot)

Ahhh…saw that this was a one shot…too bad.

Saw this on another site and am reposting it here to make sure the author sees it.

Where to begin? I know numbered comments, yay!

  1. I haven’t read witches of New Orleans. Does this world happen in your other stories? If so, I will read them.

  2. Very well thought out and lots of good descriptive words. I hope there’s more to this story, because it really feels like the beginning more than the end. I could do a whole different thread on the possibilities you’ve set up for yourself here.

  3. Have you ever played Changeling: The Lost tabletop rpg? If not, based on your story have I got a game for you!

  4. The one thing that could use the improvement is the spelling. It’s not terrible, but there are constant typos that throw me off when reading this. And it’s always a letter or two off that usually changes the meaning of the words. So I’m guessing there’s an auto-correct feature on whatever you’re using to type this out with. Get rid of those typos, or convince someone to help you edit for grammar (not for content, the content is very solid), and I will personally sign up as a member of the Good Kid fan club. (Yeah…like that means anything. You’ve still got Zoidberg. Zoiiiiidberrrrrg….yeah?) Seriously though, I’m kind of geeking out over this.

  5. I didn’t think I’d like the fourth wall breaking with Venus and Good Kid. I was wrong. It was actually very clever. The beginning even sounds set up like an old school fairy tale type thing and the breaks showing the two characters outside gives it a very interesting MST3K feel without the snark.