Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension] (UPDATED: Chapter Ten, 9/23/2018)


The television crackled as an image came on screen: WELCOME TO THE BUREAU!

“Hi there.” A man walked into frame, “And let me be the first to welcome you to The Bureau. Over the next few weeks you will embark on a fantastic new career full of adventure, joy, and excitement!” The man started to walk and the camera panned to follow him, “Now, as I am sure you know, there are many different positions in The Bureau. Perhaps you joined our legal team, who protect the brave volunteers and candidates in the court of law. Perhaps you joined enforcement, bringing those who violate the laws regarding our people to justice!” The man smiled as a fifteen foot woman entered the shot and the camera zoomed out, “Hey there Clarie!”

“Hello Charles!” The woman smiled.

“This is Claire.” Charles smiled back, “She is going to run you through some of the basics of the Amazon world and some terminology that you will hear during your time with The Bureau. Claire, take it away!”

“Thank you Charles.” The camera panned over to Claire who was standing next to a map of many islands, “I will now give you a brief overview of some of the different nations of this world. Keep in mind that there are several more nations, however, these nations generally follow the same policies as one of the big three nations. But first I need to address a bit of lingo that I will be using. When I use the term, “Little” that is referring to people of your size whether they be from your world or if they are native to my own. She turned to the map and pointed to the largest island, “This is Libertality, the first of the big three. This is where The Bureau’s primary base of operation in my world is located and this is where many of you will be based. Libertality has a decent sized population of littles with the 471 Y.A census putting the population at around 1.3 million and around seventy five percent of those littles are live independant of an Amazon. Here on Libertality, Littles enjoy significant rights and are on equal footing with the Amazons, in fact several members of the nation’s parliament are littles!” she smiled and loved to a much smaller island, “This here is Galice. The Bureau operates several consulates in Galice and the nation currently hosts the only joint Little-Amazon undercover unit! However, despite the high level of cooperation between the Galicen government and The Bureau, littles do not enjoy the same rights as Amazons. Every little in Galice must be registered to an amazon or obtain an exception from the local government. However, this pales in comparison to Tasria.” she sighed and moved to an archipelago in the shape of a circle, “In Tasria, The Bureau only operates a pair of consulates and both are under heavy guard. In Tasria, Littles have no rights, even your status as members of The Bureau may not protect you and because of this all little personal are unfortunately confined to the consulates unless in the company of several amazon bureau agents. In Tasria you may see things that shake your conviction and because of this, assignment of little agents to Tasria is decided via lottery followed by a multi part appeal process if desired.” Claire said as she walked away from the map, “Now, let me be the first amazon to officially welcome you to The Bureau.”

The video cut out and a man entered the room, “Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. My name is Daniel and I will be your travel and orientation guide.” He smiled, “Now if you just follow me, we can start your journey to the land of the Amazons.” He looked at people in the room. There were about thirteen people but a few stood out, there was a buff scared woman with noticeable tattoos. In stark contrast to her was a relatively scrawny even by little standards man with fluffy blonde hair.

“Follow me please.” Daniel started to leave the room.

The woman sighed and started to follow Daniel along with the rest of the room. As the group left the room they entered into a massive courtyard with several trucks moving containers labeled “Volunteers” and other trucks with containers labeled, “Candidates”. “Hey Daniel!” The woman yelled, “What’s in those containers?”
Daniel smiled, “I’m glad you asked.” He said as he started to walk backwards, “Volunteers are those who have chosen to enter the care of an amazon willingly and candidates are chosen by the Amazons to be entrusted to the care of an amazon. Now I know what you are thinking and let me silence those fears now. Candidates are screened by The Bureau before we acquire them and these people are those who need to be healed and rehabilitated through the love that the Amazons give to them. By the way we only send littles from our world to Libertality and Galice.” He smiled as the group neared a bus, “Alright, everybody on the bus. Your luggage has already been loaded onto the bus.” He said as people started to enter the bus.

“So, where are you going?” The muscular woman asked the blonde guy.

“Well, I am going into the legal department as a trainee attorney. What about you?” He said as he put on a nervous smile.

“Security and enforcement. Two tours with the corps and I just couldn’t handle civilian life luckily a recruiter for the Bureau found me before I reenlisted. I just hope I don’t get assigned to that Tsaria place, it would make Pyongyang look like a cake walk.”

“Shit, you were at Pyongyang?”

“Yep, I was one of the first elements in the city. It was fucking dead. The higher ups had hoarded all the food for themselves and the vast majority of the city starved.” she sighed

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. I’m Markus.” He extended his hand.

“Sandy, nice to meet you.” She smiled a bit and shook his hand as the bus started to drive into a large building.

Daniel came over the loudspeaker, “Alright everyone, listen up.” he cleared his throat, “Now you are about to see our trans-dimensional portal. The trip can be a bit jarring but don’t worried no one has died from it…yet.” He said as the bus joined a line of trucks loaded with the containers from earlier. Armed guards patrolled the line of vehicles. Within a few minutes the bus neared a massive swirling pink and blue portal, “Alright everyone, here we go.” He turned to the driver, “Driver, lets do it!”. The bus drove right through the portal and within an instant they were though. Everything seemed the same except for the guards, they were all about fifteen feet tall.
“Holy mother of God.” Sandy‘s jaw dropped.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the land of the Amazons!”

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Wow very good I realy like where this going !

Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

I like the dialogue between Markus and Sandy; it seemed realistic and aided in some preliminary character development (though it’s hard to say who the main character is, which may not be important at this juncture). The opening is a fairly clever ploy to allow the inclusion of info dumping…but it’s still info dumping. We’re expected to believe that these people have signed up to travel to a land of fifteen-foot giants where people their size have varying rights without already knowing about this stuff? Not likely. There has to be a better way to get all of this across. Besides, you’re making an eventual arrival on Tsaria way too obvious: Here’s a really nice place. Here’s another place that’s pretty nice. Now here is a pure hell. Um…doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines on that one. (Not for nothing, but why wouldn’t the first two countries use economic sanctions to make Tsaria comply with Little Rights issues?)

It’s a promising start, and I like DD stories. I just think you need to think it through more.

Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

[QUOTE=kerry;71030]I like the dialogue between Markus and Sandy; it seemed realistic and aided in some preliminary character development (though it’s hard to say who the main character is, which may not be important at this juncture). The opening is a fairly clever ploy to allow the inclusion of info dumping…but it’s still info dumping. We’re expected to believe that these people have signed up to travel to a land of fifteen-foot giants where people their size have varying rights without already knowing about this stuff? Not likely. There has to be a better way to get all of this across. Besides, you’re making an eventual arrival on Tsaria way too obvious: Here’s a really nice place. Here’s another place that’s pretty nice. Now here is a pure hell. Um…doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines on that one. (Not for nothing, but why wouldn’t the first two countries use economic sanctions to make Tsaria comply with Little Rights issues?)

It’s a promising start, and I like DD stories. I just think you need to think it through more.[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much for the critique. To be honest the whole story sprung from a dream I had about that orientation video. Kinda like those cheesy 90s work videos. Yes I will agree that it was info dumping and I also agree with the point about Tsaria. As for the knowledge of the situation I wanna make it do The Bureau only let’s parts of the truth out to the little dimension and that will be elaborated on next chapter. As for the main character, there isn’t a set one per day, more like a cast of them. Different positions , Amazon’s and littles, different nations. Next issue is also gonna have world building but not as much. Again, thanks for the critiques

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Chapter One
“Okay, this suddenly looks like a prison.” Sandy said as she watched the armed Amazon guards patrolling the convoy.

Daniel smiled, “I can see where you are getting that observation from, however, I assure you that this is not a prison. This is just the primary base of operations for us in this world.”

“But why the armed guards?”

“Excellent question. There are those who wish to gain access to the technology that is used to facilitate trans-dimensional travel and those who want to try and get at the volunteers and candidates for their own nefarious purposes.” He said as the convoy neared a very large exit, “Now, please brace yourselves the size of the buildings may trigger a sense of vertigo.” The bus exited a large hangar and suddenly everything seemed much larger.

Markus shut his eyes and steadied himself with the help of Sandy, “Oh Jesus.”

“Easy there soldier.” She said as she grabbed his shoulders, “This is pretty cool. Doesn’t really look like what they advertised but still looks nice.” The bus came to a halt next to a massive office building that was at least thirty stories tall to the people on the bus.

Daniel smiled as the driver opened the door, “Alright guys here we are.” He said as he exited the bus, “Don’t bother grabbing your bags you can collect them after you get your assignments. Now, follow me!” He started to walk towards a pair of little sized glass doors about thirty feet from an amazon sized glass doors.

Markus slowly walked behind Sandy muttering nervously, “What have I gotten myself into? This is nothing like what they pitched me!”

Sandy rolled her eyes, “Calm down Markus. While I will admit that there are significantly more amazons here than the recruiter said would be here, our bosses should still be like us, I mean it’s not like recruiters would lie to get more people to sign up, right… God damn it, it’s enlistment all over again.” The former marine sighed as they entered the building and were led into an amazon sized meeting room with plenty of little sized chairs, an amazon sized door, and a little sized door.

Daniel smiled, “Everyone take a seat please your presenter will be here shortly. Now I know you signed a lot of paperwork back home, however, none of those documents are valid here and because of this you guys get more paperwork!” The group let out a collective groan at the thought of more paper work. Soon a pair of voices could be heard coming from the amazon sized door.

“Martha, what do you have against the daycare, you used to put her in it everyday. I put Michelle in it, why can’t you put Kim in it?” A masculine voice said with a hint of agitation.
“Well, Stuart, Michelle is exactly why I stopped sending Kimberly to the daycare. Michelle is a little monster!” A feminine voice responded

“Oh! So now you are insulting my little!?”

“Not per say, you just need to discipline her better.”

“Discipline?! Oh that is rich coming from you!” He said getting more agitated, “My entire family is former military! I’m millitary, my wife is millitary, even Michelle is former military, so don’t you go telling me I need to work on my discipline, Miss spoils every single little that comes through her office!” The owner of the voice was a buff, crew cut amazon in a police officer’s uniform.

“So basicly you are accusing me of doing exactly what you do? You spoil Michelle beyond belief! I just give littles the love and attention they deserve!” The owner of the other voice was that of a woman dressed in a light brown sweater and matching dress with a dark chestnut pony tail. The woman had a girl dressed in purple short tails with a pink onesie underneath on her hip. The girl had light blonde hair styled in ringlets, she also had a clear diaper bulge and was sucking on a pacifier attached by a clip to her shortails, she had her eyes shut tight.

Daniel cleared his throat, “Director Martha, Chief Crimson, it is good to see you both again. I see you brought Kimberly. However, I must ask why are both of you here? Director Park was scheduled to give in world orientation ”

Martha nodded, “Daniel, very nice to see you again as well and yes Kimberly is helping mommy with work until some issues with the daycare are sorted out, isn’t that right sugar butt?”

The girl on Martha’s hip nodded and took her pacifier out, “Yes mama.” she quickly replaced her pacifier.

“Such a sweet little girl, if only Michelle acted like that.” Martha bounced Kim a bit.

“I’m sorry, that sounded like you just insulted my darling pumpkin pants.” He growled, “And another thing.”

“Moving on!” Daniel flashed a nervous smile as he raised his voice to stop the verbal altercation between the two amazons, “Director, you were just about to tell me why the two of you are here.”

“Oh yes.” Martha smiled, “Director Park has had a bit of a family emergency and recommended that each department pick up their own new members and give individual orientations.”

Daniel nodded, “Excellent.” he cleared his throat, “Allow me to introduce two members of our executive board. Director Martha is in charge of our legal department and our adoption department.”

Markus looked at Sandy, “Legal and adoptions? Are the departments combined?”

Sandy shrugged, “Beats me man, you should go ahead and ask her if you get a chance.”

Daniel continued, “Chief Crimson is in charge of The Bureau’s security force.”

Chief Crimson smirked, “Best paramilitary organisation of the planet.”

Daniel nodded, “Now then, those of you who have joined our security forces please go with Chief Crimson and those of you who have joined our legal and adoption department please go with Director Martha.

“Looks like this is where we part ways Markus.” Sandy extended her hand, “Wanna try and get drinks later?”

Markus smiled a bit, “Sounds like a plan.” He shook her hand before Sandy walked over to the Chief along with a few guys. “Here we go.” Markus swallowed hard and walked over to marth and Kim. There was only one other person who joined them, a woman.


Martha smiled at the two new members of her department, “Let me guess.” She extended her hand towards Markus, “Markus Altivition.”

Markus nodded, “Yes ma’am.” He shook her hand, or at least attempted to. Her hand dwarfed his own and he instantly felt like a child.

Martha smiled and did the same with the woman, “Angela Balzac?

“Yes ma’am.” The woman smiled and shook her hand.

“Excellent, please follow me.” Martha smiled and shifted Kim to her other hip.

Angelia struggled to keep up a bit with her new boss, “Um, Director, could you please slow down?” She said as she had to jog in order to keep up with her.

“Oh?” She looked down at the two littles jogging to keep up with her, “Sorry!” she giggled a bit, “I’m very sorry.” she said and slowed her pace.

“Thank you ma’am.” Markus said as he slowed down.

“Oh please, just call me Martha.” She said as Kim started to whine and squirm in Martha’s arms, “What’s wrong sweetie?” She looked at her watch, “Oh dear, you must be hungry.” Martha started to take off her sweater revealing a white T-shirt which she then adjusted she that a nursing bra was exposed, “Alright baby, drink up.” She brought Kim to her breast.

“Thank you mama!” Kim’s pacifier dropped her her mouth and swung for a bit as she started to nurse.

Markus couldn’t help but blushed, sure he had seen mothers breastfeed in public before, but never had the child been so close to his own age.

Martha seemed to notice Markus’ feelings and covered Kim up with her sweater, “Sorry dear, its past Kim’s feeding time and she gets fussy when she gets hungry.”

“Of course Direct, er, Martha.” He smiled a nervous smile, “Mind answering a question for me?” he asked as the group passed a pair of amazons.

“Quite alright Martha.” Angelia smiled

“Sure.” She said as they entered an elevator. Martha pressed the twelve key.

“Are the legal department and the adoption department combined?” He asked as her looked at Angelia.

“Yes they are dear.” She smiled, “The legal department’s workload is very light as most of the work they do is advocating on littles’ behalf during divorce proceedings we do get a case every so often that is much more serious, but those are generally the cases that either myself or Charles takes. Charles is your supervisor by the way. Since the adoption process has so much paperwork and red tape it makes sense that the legal department help out with that. It also helps because it protects The Bureau from legal repercussions. Legal is the first line of defense for the littles we adopt out because they conduct the primary interviews with prospective adopters.” She said as Kim unlatched and started to try and adjust herself, “Hold on, hold on.” She set Kim on the floor and readjusted her T-shirt before putting her sweater back on.

“Up, up!” Kim whined and reached up to be held

Markus couldn’t help but but look at Kim in her babish attire. This was a woman about as old as he was, “Why?” he murmured to himself.

Martha picked Kim back up, “What was that Markus?” she said as she set Kim on her hip.

“I just can’t understand why anyone would want to live like… a baby.” he said and suddenly realized his mistake, “No offense to you Kim!”
Kim whimpered and buried her face in Martha’s shoulder, “Meanie!”

“Hey, no need for that language.” She scolded Kim and started to pat her back, “Well Markus, Kim here was a volunteer from your world. She was a graduate student in literary studies. Her parents did not approve her education path and threatened to stop paying tuition combine that with social stress on top of the existing academic stress, it was a pretty easy choice for her to make, and she hasn’t looked back has she?”

“Never!” She smiled and kissed Martha’s cheek, “I love you mama!”

“I love you too Kimberly.” She cooed as the elevator arrived and the doors opened. Waiting for them was a little in a beige suit and blue tie, “Hello Charles.”

“Hello Martha, are these the new members?” Charles said as he shook the hands of the two new littles.

“Markus here will be under you, but Angelia will be under Keith.” Martha smiled, “How’s the Faux case coming along?”

“Almost complete ma’am.” he smiled.

“Excellent, please show Markus to his desk. I will introduce Angelia to Keith.” Martha started to walk away with Angelia in tow.

“Welcome to the pits Markus, now let me show you to your desk.” Charles smiled and motioned for Markus to follow him.


Sandy smiled a bit as the group of new recruits introduced themselves to the Chief. There was José, a former Border Patrol agent, Frederick, a former seaman with the Coast Guard, and Kenji, a former Army military police officer.

Chief Crimson smiled, “Well, I gotta say you three are one of my more promising groups.” He said as his phone started to ring, “Sorry, one second.” He looked at the caller ID and quickly answered, “Yes honey? A water main burst? I see. But I’m with new recruits. But. Yes,ma’am.” He sighed and hung up before turning to his new officers, “Never marry someone higher rank than you.

Sandy chuckled, “Your wife pulled rank?”

The Chief sighed, “Yep, she has me by one rank. Alright, so we are gonna swing by the daycare so I can get my little so my wife quickly pick her up and head home and then we will head to the armory so you can get acquainted with the rest of the team.” He smiled, “lets see how you four can up with me, double time!” He started to jog down the hall but to the littles he might as well have been in a full sprint.

Sandy smiled, “Yes sir!” She said as she ran to keep pace with the Chief. After about a minute of running they came to a two part amazon sized door decorated with butterflies and clouds.

“Not bad recruits, not bad.” He smiled and knocked on the door.

An amazon woman opened the top portion of the door, “Chief Crimson, here to visit Michelle?”

He shook his head, “Sorry Jessica but the wife got off early so I am withdrawing her early today so she can head home with mommy.”

She nodded, “Alright, let me go get her.” The woman walked away from the door.

Sandy was stretching a bit after the run, her back to the Chief, “Gotta tell you guys I am looking forward to this job.”

José nodded, “This is gonna be a whole helluva lot more comfortable than border patrol.”

Kenji nodded, “Yeah, hopefully this is as nice as the recruiters said it would be.”

Sandy rolled her eyes, “Kenji, I dunno about the army but with Marine recruiters and evidently bureau recruiters, they tend to embellish heavily.”

“Alright recruits, meet my little pumpkin pants.” Chief Crimson smiled as he carried a girl in an orange and black dress that did nothing to cover a fairly thick diaper.

“Daddy!” The girl whined, “I told you not to call me that in front of people.” She blushed.

“I can’t help it, you are just so cute.” He kissed her

Sandy’s eyes went wide and she quickly turned around to face the Chief and his little, “Corporal!?”

The girl’s eyes went wide as well and smiled nervously, “Hey there…Gunney.”


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Oh, I just love that twist, unlikely as it was. :slight_smile:

Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

Chapter Two

Chief Crimson looked at the little in his arms, “You know her, Shelly?”

Michelle blushed and nodded, “Uh huh.”

Sandy smiled, “I was her NCO.” She wiped a few tears from her eyes, “11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 1st Division, 1st Regiment, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Charlie Company, 3rd Platoon, Hades Squad.

Michelle teared up a bit, “The lords of death.”

Sandy nodded, “Yeah… To be honest when I couldn’t get in contact with you after we got back after the war, I… I thought you killed yourself, like that specialist in Neptune squad.”

Michelle squirmed a bit, “Daddy, down please.”

“Alright pumpkin pants, but make it quick. Mommy is on her way to pick you up.” He smiled and set her down and patted her head.

“Thank you.” She waddled towards Sandy and embraced her, “I tried to.”

Sandy returned the hug and was surprised by the revelation, “You did?!”

She started to tear up more, “Yeah, I tried to OD on my PTSD meds. I remember laying on my bed as my vision went black and then I woke up in this hospital bed with this amazon nurse changing my IV bag. Within a few days Mommy and Daddy adopted me and well, here I am.” She broke off the hug

Sandy couldn’t help but wipe away the tears from Michelle’s face, “Come on Corporal, you are a marine.” She started to tear up herself, “Marines don’t cry.”

“Marines also don’t waddle around in diapers thicker than a tank’s track pad.” Michelle waddled back to her daddy who picked her up.

“Yeah, don’t think I’ll be able to get that drink I owe you.”

“It’s fine gunney.” She said as Chief Crimson started to walk.

“So, you seem to know Shelly pretty well.” The Chief said as he walked towards an exit.

“Yes, sir.” She nodded as she jogged to keep up with him, “We developed a very good friendship during the war. She saved my ass when I got trapped in a nork gas trap during the fall of Pyongyang.”

“Nork?” The Chief raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a derogatory term for North Koreans.” Keji piped up, “North Korea was a brutal isolationist dictator state that regularly pursued a state policy of jailing dissidents in death camps.”

“I’m aware of North Korea, Kenji.” He said as the group neared what appeared to be a pickup circle with a single car waiting, a silver SUV, “I was not aware of the term “nork” though.” He said as they approached the SUV.

“Took you long enough Stuart.” An amazon dressed in a black pantsuit smiled as she stepped out of the car, “And how is my darling little Shelly?” she cooed as she took Michelle from Chief Crimson.

Michelle giggled and kissed the amazon, “Mommy! Mommy!”

“Well, she met an old friend.” He smiled

“And who would that be?” she said as she started to strap Michelle into an orange car seat.

“That would be me, ma’am.” Sandy stepped forward, “I was Michelle’s NCO.”

The woman turned around and walked towards Sandy before extending a hand, “Laural Crimson, Liberality Army Colonel, retired.”

Sandy smiled and shook her hand awkwardly, “Sandra Bouvardia, United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. Nice to meet you.”

Laurel smiled, “Thank you for taking care of Shelly.”

“It was nothing, ma’am.” Sandy blushed a bit.

The Chief walked over, “It appears that Sandra overe here owes Shelly a drink.” He smiled.

“Oh?” She smiled and turned to Michelle who was currently trying to get one of her feet in her mouth.

“What?” Michelle said as six pairs of eyes fell on her.

“She is totally a marine.” Kenji smirked.

“Button up boy.” Frederick said as he thumped Kenji on the back of the head.

Laurel laughed a bit and moved Michelle’s foot away from her mouth, “No baby, we don’t put our feet in our mouths. Now, does Sandra owe you a drink?”

Michelle nodded, “uh huh!”

Laurel nodded, “How about we invite her to dinner tomorrow night?”

Michelle lit up, “Please please please please please please!” She smiled widely.

“Well Sandra, what do you say?” Laurel turned around.

“I have no plans so… I accept!” Sandy smiled, “I’ll bring some drinks.”

Laurel smiled, “Just bring drinks for you and Shelly dear.”

“I get drinks?!” Shelly smiled widely

“Of course dear, after all, Sandra owes you one. Now, let’s go home, someone is overdue for a nap.” Laurel shut the passenger door and got into the driver’s seat, “Nice to meet you Sandra, see you tomorrow night.”

“See you then, ma’am.” She smiled as Michelle opened the door much to the annoyance of Laurel and The Chief, “Wait!” She turned to Sandy and saluted, “Semper Fi Gunny.”

Sandy smiled and returned the salute, “Semper Fi Corporal.”

The Chief smiled a bit and shut the door, “Alright ladies, double time to the armory.” He said and started to jog to the armory.

José sighed, “Guess we know who the boss’ favorite is.”

Kenji shook his head a bit, “José, when you are in the military, you do not want to be a favorite.” Fred nodded in agreement as they started to run to keep up with their boss. Eventually they neared a building with a fenced off perimeter complete with amazon sized barbed wire with a two part rolling gate.

“Newbies coming in!” A little in a police uniform shouted. Soon a small crowd of littles and amazons gathered at the fence and started to whoop and holler as the new recruits were lined up. All of them were wearing bureau security forces uniforms, black kevlar vest, black button up shirt and black combat pants.

“Enough!” The Chief held up a hand, “These four have been approved to join our group.” He gestured to the four littles lined up. “Their experience encapsulates the training styles of two different nations, they come from civil and military backgrounds.” He smiled, “Are they worthy to join us?!”

“YES SIR!” The crowd barked.

“Is José Garcinia, United States Customs and Border Patrol Officer worthy to join us?”


“Is Frederick Guntz, German Federal Coast Guard Seaman worthy to join us?”


“Is Kenji Goto, United States Army Military Police Officer worthy to join us?”


“Finally, is Sandra Bouvardia, United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant worthy to join us?”

“YES SIR!” The crowd roared, among the crowd there were some who appeared to be barking.

“It appears your fellow marines are excited to meet you.” The Chief smiled, “OPEN THE GATE!” A pair of officers smiled and started to open the gate. The Chief relaxed a bit as the gate was opened, “Alright everyone, as you were.” He turned to the four littles next to him, “Let me show you the armory.” He started to walk into the armory.

“Yes, sir!” The four littles barked and followed their boss. The Chief led them into a large locker room with both little and amazon lockers and showers.

“Here is where your locker is. Your locker houses a your patrol uniform, your armor, your taser, baton, pepper spray, and radio.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” Frederick interrupted, “But did you say armor?”

“Yep.” A little said walking into the locker room. His uniform had a gold star on it, “This job can be quite dangerous especially since you will often be dealing with amazons who can easily overpower you.” The little said.

“Ah, perfect timing. This is Commander Dimitri, my second in command.” He smiled, “Dimitri, mind giving them their orientation, I need to go prepare operations for tomorrow’s adoption fair.” The Chief said.

“Can do, sir.” he saluted as the Chief walked away, “Alright, follow me.” He said and started to walk, “Everyday when you arrive on base, you are to come here, get your uniform, gear, and if required that day, your armor. You will then come here to the supply office.” He said as he brought them over to a pair of windows with drawers beneath them, one for amazons one for littles, “Hey Frank.” He said to a little behind the window. Next to the windows were two doors again one sized for littles, the other for amazons, both were labeled: FIRING RANGE.

“Hey Dimitri, these the newbies?” Frank said as he looked up from a magazine.

“Yep, mind showing us the goods.” He smiled.

“Can do.” He got up and walked away from the window before coming back with a rifle and a handgun. He set the two guns in a drawer on his side of the window.

“Thank you.” Dimitri opened the drawer on his side of the window and pulled out the two guns before setting them on a table, “The handgun is made in world by Fracture and this model is known as the X-5 Spectre. It is a semi-automatic forty five caliber handgun. This baby has a double stack fourteen round magazine and comes with glow sights. It fires armor piercing rounds. Now, you may be asking. Why does it fire armor piercing rounds instead of FMJ, the reason for this being that amazon flesh is like kevlar in terms of it toughness.” He set the pistol down, “Now, on to the rifle.” He picked the rifle up, “Again, made by Fracture. It is known as TR-13 Wraith. Has a base round capacity of thirty, 7.62 rounds, which can be increased with magazine additions. It comes in semi-automatic and three round burst.” He smiled, “Detachable iron sights, comes with a modular rail system and can be customized for any tactical situation.” He picked up the handgun and set them both in the drawer, “Now, follow me to the briefing room.”

“Are we gonna get any range time? Sandy asked as they walked through the halls.

“After orientation, I will get you four set up on the range.” Dimitri said as they entered a briefing room with rows of chairs. The first three rows were for littles and the rest were for amazons. Inside the briefing room was also their luggage from the bus, “Alright, here we go.” He picked up four packets and handed one to each of the new members, “These contain your IDs, housing information, information about financial institutions in the area, information about local laws, a map of the area, information about how to set up your phones, bureau regulations and information, information about the executive board and their 2nds, general information about living in this world, and your schedule for the next few weeks. Any questions?

Sandy raised her hand, “Yes, sir.”

“Go ahead, Sandra.”

“What is the adoption fair that the Chief mentioned?”

“It is the biggest adoption event of the whole year. You guys probably came in with a bunch of trucks. Each one of the trucks had roughly six littles that are going to be adopted out tomorrow. There is also a massive bazaar and carnival that the bureau puts on and because of this all available security forces will be working security. But you four have nothing to worry about, you will each be assigned to a team so you have nothing to worry about. Now, let’s get you four some range time!”


Charles sighed a bit as he brought Markus to a cubicle, “So what brought you to The Bureau?”

Markus rubbed the back of his neck, “Well, to be honest I kinda fell for what the recruiters told me.” He turned to Charles, “Are you okay?”

Charles smiled a bit, “So did a lot of people, but they weren’t lying about the benefits and pay. Those are very real. What? Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just that our adoption festival/bazaar/carnival is tomorrow and we have a lot of work to do before then, we will get it done. You have nothing to worry about.” He turned to the cubicle which was little sized, had a filing cabinet, desk, computer, swivel chair, and printer. On the desk was an orientation packet, “Alright, here is your cubicle, feel free to decorate it as you see fit. In that packet is the bog standard orientation material plus some departmental material and instructions about your duties. If you have any questions ask myself, Keith, or Martha. Our offices are down the hall and to the left. You should have your first assignment waiting for you in your email program. Because you are new, everything you complete will be sent to me for review.” He smiled, “Welcome to Legal and Adoptions.”

“Thank you.” Markus said as he walked into his cubicle and noticed that his luggage was under his desk, “Alright let’s take a look at this directory.” He said and took a slip of paper out that listed every member of the executive board and their 2nd in command.

Liza Scapti: Director of The Bureau
Chuck Shultz: Vice Director of The Bureau

Stuart Crimson: Director of Security
Dimitri Kazamov: Security Commander

Martha Schultz: Director of Legal and Adoptions
Charles Nguyen: Vice Director of Legal
Keith Sunderland: Vice Director of Adoptions

So Park: Director of HR
Julie Red: Vice Director of HR

Dr. Julieta Garcia: Director of R&D and Marketing
Richard Young: Vice Director of R&D
Stanley Yelnats: Vice Director of Marketing

Dr. Ruby Steel: Medical Director
Dr. Kimberly Sung: Medical Vice Director

“Christ, that is a pretty big board. Eight departments with two double departments, how many of those directors are amazons?” He sighed as he pulled up his emails. Waiting for him were several emails welcoming him to The Bureau and to the Legal and Adoptions Department. Finally he got to his assignment. He was to make sure that the ID code on the adoption paperwork matched the ID code on the adoption licenses provided by both The Bureau and the national government.

After about two hours of mind numbing clerical work, Charles swung by the cubicle, “Hey Markus, I’ve checked all the forms and you are good to head home.” He smiled, “Sorry for such a dull assignment it’s just the work we need done before the festival tomorrow. Oh, and nice work catching that Tsarian. They have been trying to get a little from us for years. Luckily they got sloppy. Seriously, you probably just helped save a little from a life of horrid existence.” He sighed

“Charles, if Tsaria is so bad why don’t Libertality and Galice put sanctions on the place?” Markus said as put his orientation packet in his bag and got his luggage before turning his computer off.

“They do.” Charles sighed, “Tsaria just does not give a shit. They have a massive robotics sector, robot farming, robot factory… robot nurseries.” he shuddered a bit. The sanctions on little care items like diapers and such seem to be the most effective but that just means rougher times for the littles.” He sighed, “The only thing that helps littles there are a few guerrilla groups that try and get littles out of the country and into Libertality or Galice.” He patted Markus on the back, “But, listen, you are helping littles find good homes. You deserve a rest. Head on down to the bus circle and just get on the bus that has your housing assignment on the side of it.” He said, “Good night!”

“Good night.” Markus said as he walked for the elevator with a few other littles.

“Didja hear that the newbie caught a Tsarian?” A little in a two flowing blue dress said to another little in a suit.

“Seriously?” The suit little patted Markus on the back, “Good job newbie. Name’s Clark, Clark Kent, and no, I am not superman.”

“I’m Mary Jane.” The little in the dress smiled as they went down to the bus circle where a line of several busses were waiting for littles to get in, “Where is your housing assignment?”

“Uhhhh.” Markus scrambled to get out his housing information, “Paris Heights?”

“Really? Awesome, that is where we live!” Mary Jane said as her and Clark guided Markus to a buss that said: Paris Heights. Markus could see Sandy already sitting on the bus and waved to him.

“Markus, over here!” Sandy waved him down. She was sitting in a booth style seat.

Markus smiled as he saw sandy wand walked over to her before stowing his luggage next to her rucksack in the overhead storage. “This is Kent Clark and Mary Jane. They work in legal and adoptions with me.”

“Nice to meet you.” Sandy shook their hands.

“You too.” Clark smiled, “Where do you work?”

“Security.” Sandy said.

“Oh fun.” He said as the bus doors shut and the bus started to move, “You are going to have your hands full tomorrow.” He said as he pulled out his phone, “Oh, nice. The TRM just got the CEO of Robocorp!”

“You’re shitting me!” Mary Jane got her phone out, “That is their highest profile assassination yet!”

Sandy looked at Markus and then back to Clark and Mary, “I’m sorry, why is the CEO of Robocorp’s death a good thing?”

Clark looked up, “This fucker’s company makes the robots that help keep Tasria functioning. If his company goes down, Tsaria is that much closer to collapse.”

“Ahhh, so Tsaria is basically the North Korea of this world.” Sandy said as the bus neared a large apartment complex.

Mary shook her head, ‘Think Russian Federation.” She said as the bus came to a stop and littles started to get up, “Don’t forget your bags you two.” She said as she stood up.

Sandy nodded and grabbed her rucksack and Markus’ duffle bag, “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He said as the two of them followed Mary and Clark.

“Follow us.” Mary smiled, “Front desk is right over here.” The two of them brought Sandy and Markus to the front desk where a little was doing some paperwork.

“Hey, Danny. We got some newbies.” Clark said.

Danny looked up from his paper work, “Markus, and Sandra, correct?”

Markus and Sandy both nodded, “Yes.”

Danny got two keys out and handed one to each of them, “Sandra you are 205, Markus you are 206.”

“Looks like we are neighbors.” Markus said.

“So are we” Clark smiled, “I’m in 204 and Mary is in 207.”

“Kick ass!” Sandy smiled as they went to the elevator. Soon the two of them were at their rooms.

“You guys should have some essentials already stocked and enough to cook a decent dinner.” Clark said as he and Mary entered their apartments, “Have a good one!”

“You too!’ Sandy smiled and entered her apartment.

Markus couldn’t help but smile as he entered his new place. Inside the living room was a flat screen TV, couch, several recliners, and a nice coffee table, “hot damn.” He smiled and went to the bedroom. The bed was queen, he had two nightstands with lamps and there was also a TV on the dresser on the wall opposite of the bed, “I could get used to this.” He smiled and started to unpack.


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Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

Chapter Three
Markus groaned a bit as his alarm started to blare. He had set the alarm for 7:30 AM even though the bus to The Bureau’s compound did not leave until 9:00 AM. Markus did not want to be late for his first real day of work especially since the festival was today. Just as he was rolling out of bed his phone vibrated. He had gotten an email, “Who is sending me mail at 7:30 in the morning?” He yawned and opened the email which had the subject line ADOPTION FESTIVAL

For those of you who have just joined our family here at The Bureau, welcome to the best job you could have in either world. Now as I am sure you all know, the annual Adoption Festival/Bazaar/Fair is today and per usual all Bureau personnel have been been mobilized to ensure that our largest event of the year goes off without a hitch. Everyone, I know security can be a bit strict and they can be killjoys at times but remember that it is their job to protect us, if security is telling you to do something please do it and if you see ANY security personnel engaging in activities that may be against either Libertality law or Bureau regulations please report them to either your director or the first director you find. Also, please refrain from buying items or going on the rides unless you are on your scheduled break, I say this every year and yet there are always people that seem to think they can sneak in a funnel cake or go for a round in the bumper cars. If you are caught shopping or on any of the rides without the express permission of your supervisor or not on your break, YOU WILL BE WRITTEN UP. If you do not wish to buy food from the vendors or food trucks that will be set up, food will be provided for you in the staff area. We have decided to stick with last year’s caterer: A Taste of Galice. Now, a reminder that non-Bureau provided little shock collars are not only disallowed on Bereau property but are now illegal in Liberality as of one week ago. Personnel who are manning the front gate: the scanners at the gate should detect non-Bureau shock collars and will covertly alert you to their presence. If you are alerted please notify security. A reminder to all personnel, please pick up your panic buttons from your department director before reporting for duty at the festival grounds, these buttons are required for all little personal (especially after last year’s… incident) and optional for amazon personnel.
Thank you for your hard work and let’s make this year’s festival the best yet,

-Director Liza Scapti.

Markus sighed loudly as he grabbed an apple from the fridge, “What the hell, shock collars and littles are forced to have a panic button?” He said as he started to eat, “The recruiters said that the directors would be like me. That I would be helping people.” He kicked a trash can, “But all I’m fucking doing is helping sell people as some kind of fucked up pet!” He yelled and aggressively ate his apple as he turned the TV on. The TV was set to the national morning show where two amazons and a little were sitting around a coffee table.

“Welcome back to Good Morning Liberality!” The Little smiled and brushed a bit of brown hair out of his eyes, “I’m Chase Young, with me as always is the lovely Samantha Winters.” He gestured to a well dressed amazon woman with long white hair, “ Today we have special guest, joining us from The Bureau is Director Liza Scapti.” He said to applause as the camera focused in on the Director. The Director was tall even by amazon standards at around seventeen feet tall. She was wearing a flowing black dress with her blonde hair tied tightly in a bun with a single hair stick down the middle.

“It’s a pleasure Chase.” The Director smiled.

Samantha nodded, “Now, I thought you were going to be bringing little Tommy by today.”

The Director nodded, “I was, but the poor dear had a tough time going to sleep tonight so eventually I had to use one of The Bureau’s sedative pacifiers which work amazingly and are very affordable. All you have to do is talk to your little’s doctor and get a prescription for it.” She smiled.

Chase laughed a bit, “Director, that is shameless product placement.”

The Director laughed as well, “That it is!”

Samantha sipped her coffee, “So, Director, you are here today to talk about the Adoption Festival, correct?”

The Director nodded, “Correct. This is our fifth year holding this event and it is set to be our largest yet. We have over two hundred booths set up at our compound. That includes vendors and games. We will have a full fledged daycare center for those amazons who just need to do some Festivus shopping, we have several rides and shows set up, and we will be having twenty local food trucks in attendance.”

Chase nodded, “After last years incident, there are quite a few people that The Bureau’s security for this event is often heavy handed. How would you respond to that?”

The Director sighed a bit, “Last year’s incident was unfortunate yes. Yes, an amazon was shot and killed by our security forces after she grabbed a little adoption agent and picked them up by their throat. Our security forces attempted to de-escalate the situation, however, for the safety the adoption agent and the security forces, lethal force was applied. I will say this, the agent that took the shoot was acting within Berau regulation and was cleared by the investigation conducted by The Liberality Investigation Division.”

Samantha sighed a bit and nodded, “It was later determined she was Tsarian, correct?”

“Yes.” The Director nodded, “She was attempting to adopt a little. However, the adoption agent noticed that she was in fact Tsarian and denied the adoption request. I think that the incident as well as the influx of Tsarians attempting to get little’s through us shows that the little embargo against Tsaria is working just as intended.”

Chase smiled, “So tell us about what musical acts you have scheduled for today.”

Markus sighed and turned the TV off, “ What the fuck did I sign up for.”

Sandy had woken up several hours before Markus and had gone to the fitness center next door. Nearly everything in this part of the town was run by The Bureau for their little employees. All she had to do was scan her ID she was in. The gym was packed with littles, many of them wearing articles of clothing that either had flags or military symbols on them. She was wearing a simple black tank top and running shorts. She hopped on a treadmill and started to jog.

“Hey, newbie.” A british little in a union jack T shirt and running shorts smiled as he ran.

“Hey yourself, Limey.” She smiled.

“You picked one hell of a day to start.” He smiled and turned down his treadmill a bit, “Gavin Free, Royal Marines, 1st Assault Group.”

Sandy smiled, “No shit, Sandra Bouvardia, 11th Marine Expeditionary, but just call my Sandy. Where the hell were you guys when we were taking Namp’o?”

“Low tide hit sooner than expected.” He said, “Sorry if you lost people because of us.”

“Are you kidding? Namp’o was a cakewalk compared to Pyongyang.” She laughed a bit as she turned up her treadmill.

“So, how long have you been here?”

“I’m coming up on six months next week.”

“So, this is your first Adoption Festival too?”

“Yeah, after last year we are gonna have a lot of eyes on us.”

“What happened last year?”

“Amazon got mad that her adoption request was denied, tried to take an adoption agent. Dimitri shot her dead before anyone else could react, fucking Spetsnaz.”

“Dimitri was Spetsnaz?”

“Oh yeah. He doesn’t like to talk about it.”

“I can understand that. Especially with the shit Russia pulled during our invasion of North Korea.”

Gavin nodded and started his cool down, “So, you nervous?”

“Of course I am.” Sandy nodded, “I’m gonna be dressed in combat gear, facing down a bunch of amazons three times my size, with babified adults running around, and more than likely several of the Amazons want to take me home and stuff me in a diaper.”

“Same here.” He sighed, “Just listen to your team leader and you should be fine. If anything goes wrong just hit your panic button.” He stepped off his treadmill and went to the shower, “See you at the brief.”

Sandy nodded and continued her workout. After about an hour she showered off and went home to have breakfast. As she ate some oatmeal she read the company wide email that the director sent out, “What the hell? Shock collars?” She frowned as she finished up her breakfast and dressed in her security uniform before heading down to the bus. On the way to the elevator she ran into Markus and Mary Jane who was trying to explain something to Markus.

“So, I know that bit about the collars sound bad, but Libertality’s and Galice’s judiciary systems both have forced littlehood programs for criminal littles and The Bureau provides shock collars to those programs. We also use them for some of the candidates, mainly those who use violence against their Amazons.” She sighed as the trio entered the elevator, “The whole process is heavily regulated, besides only Bureau shock collars are legal in Libertality.”

Markus grumbled, “But still! We are not fucking pets!” He smoothed his coat and tie

Mary Jane sighed, “I never said we were, and neither are the littles we adopt out.” She said as she adjusted the strap on her yellow sundress.

“Christ MJ.” Sandy smiled, “Did you get that in the littlehood section?”

‘Why yes I did. Thank you very much.” She crossed her arms, “I thought I looked quite nice.”

“Careful, you might be mistaken for a lost little.” Sandy smiled.

Mary Jane rolled her eyes as the elevator doors opened and they walked to the bus, “If I don’t end up in a diaper by the end of the day, I will consider that a win.”

“So where is Clark?” Markus sighed as sat on the bus.

“He had to go in early to make sure all the adoptions were ready to go.” She said as the bus lurched forward.

Sandy nodded, “Yeah, so do you two know where you are stationed?”

Mary Jane smiled, “I’m working front desk. Markus is probably going to be working behind the scenes expediting the adoption process.” She said as they passed by a large group of amazon protesters who threw a few things at the bus which caused a few jeers and obscene gestures from the occupants.

“The hell is all that?” She asked as Amazon police officers grabbed the protesters that threw the rocks.

“As you can probably tell, not everyone likes The Bureau. Anti-Bureau sentiment runs deep in a few parts of the nation; nationalists don’t like us because we have so much influence over the Libertality government, certain little groups don’t like us because we promote Littlehood and of course there many more reasons why they don’t like us.” Mary Jane said as they passed a line of littles, Amazons, and Amazons with babified littles, “Geez, the line is starting early this year.” She smiled as the bus pulled into the compound. Amazon security agents were already suited up and patrolling the compound.

An Amazon stuck her head into the bus, “Everyone report to your department for assignment. Security, double time to the armoury. Crowds are larger than expected.”

“Good luck you two.” Sandy said as she jogged to front of the bus and joined the stream of little security agents to the armory. Sandy could see some arguments erupting between Amazons in line to enter the festival and those protesting it. As she neared the armory she saw the true extent of the festival. There were rows upon rows of booths and tents, there was a small ferris wheel, mini-coaster, face painting, food trucks, and tons of different vendors for all sorts of products. Eventually she made her way to the armoury and grabbed her duty belt from her locker. She noticed there was a small scabbard with a knife in it with a note attached hanging from the front of her locker. Sandy smiled at the note, “Welcome to hell Marine.” she chuckled and unsheathed the Ka-Bar before resheathing it and putting the scabbard on her duty belt.

“Double time it agents! Duty belts and side arms then report to briefing. Your armor can wait!” Dimitri yelled into the locker room prompting Sandy to rush to the armory window, “Hey Frank.”

Frank nodded and put a handgun and four magazines into the drawer, “Good luck out there. After you get your armor on, come back here, you have been assigned as your teams rifleman.” He said as Sandy got her weapon, ammo, and secured both in her belt. She then jogged quickly to the briefing room which was now standing room only even for the littles. Chief Crimson was standing at a podium with Dimitri standing on the table next to the podium.

“Good morning everyone.” Chief Crimson smiled, “Today is set to be our biggest festival to date and that means crowds will be larger. In order to promote crowd control we have assigned two rifles per squad. One designated rifleman per squad plus the squad leader’s rifle. In addition, due to the size of the crowds we will be using the tether system for squads containing little agents. This was met with groans from the front of the room.

Dimitri growled, “Button up! This isn’t pre-K, these tethers are to make sure no member of the squad gets kidnapped by an overzealous amazon.”

The Chief smiled, ‘Thank you Dimitri. Now, onto our new procedures. When the entrance teams notifies security of an illegal shock collar a team will be assigned to the collar. If you are assigned to a collar you are to make contact with the Amazon and little, gain control of the remote for the collar, detain the Amazon, bring the little to our ER, and then bring the Amazon to detention. Lethal force is our last resort people. I would prefer to not repeat last year, Dimitri.”

Dimitri shrugged, “What else could I do? She was either going to break that adoption agents neck or kidnap her.”

The Chief sighed and and started to write on the briefing board, “Here are you squad assignments. Squad leads, if you have a combined squad I want your squad to be equipped with a saddle. Make sure you get your panic button if you are required to have one. Your squad leads will be checking when you tether up. Dimitri, grab your squad and head out and prep to open the gate.”

“Da načal’nik.” Dimitri smiled, “Free, Bouvardia, Park, and Freesias. You four are with me! Bouvardia, armor up and get your rifle. Three mags live rounds.

“Yes sir!” She said as she jogged out of the room with three littles and an amazon leaving the room behind her, “Hey Frank, one rifle. Three magazines live rounds.”

Frank nodded and put the requested items in the drawer, “Remember, these things pack one hell of a kick. I’d prefer you have more range time with it. Just don’t go full auto.”

Sandy chuckled as she loaded a magazine and made sure the safety was on, “Relax, I was in the Marines. Not the Air Force.” She smirked and went to her locker and started to put her armor on. The armor consisted on a ballistic vest, knee and elbow pads, a tactical helmet, and a pair of hard knuckle fingerless gloves, “Seems a bit overkill.”

The little that responded to Park walked over. He was already in his armor and head a South Korean flag patch on his vest, “Yeah, but the vast majority of the people at the festival are at least three times our size, three times our strength, and quite a bit of them would like nothing more than to take us home and force us into diapers.” He smiled and adjusted his helmet.

Gavin chuckled, “Just relax, the Amazons think we are so cute playing soldier. They underestimate us.”

Dimitri entered the locker room. He was already geared up, “Alright, you three, let’s go! We need to meet up with Freesias, she is going to be our tether center.” Dimitri said as he shouldered his rifle and started to pass out the panic buttons. The buttons appeared to be those necklaces that senior citizens use when they have fallen and they can’t get up just black

Sandy nodded and started to jog towards the exit, “Yes sir!” The rest of the littles followed her. Outside the armory there was a female amazon with a short butch haircut. She was wearing what appeared to be a tactical baby carrier on her back, a belt with carabiners on it, and a helmet with build in headphones, ‘The fuck is that?” She started to laugh a bit.

“That, my dear Sandra is a lesbian.” Gavin laughed which earned him several thumps from the other littles.

“I should put a bullet into your skull for a joke that bad.” The Amazon rolled her eyes, and knelt down, “This is what we call a saddle.” She said as Dimitri got into the baby carrier and got himself comfortable, “It allows the squad leader to have a vantage point on par with the average Amazon.” She smiled, “All good there Dimitri?”

“Da.” He nodded, “Once we open the gates I want everyone to clip onto Freesias here.

“Call me Mellow.” She smiled and started to walk towards the gate. The group could see a large crowd waiting outside the gate. There were several lines exclusively for Amazons and little, marked with velvet ropes. There were also several lines for mixed use. Mary Jane was set up at a table with an Amazon at a mixed use line.

“Director, Guardian Squad is in position.” Dimitri said into his radio, “We are ready when you are.”

“Open it.” A reply came.

“Roger.” Dimitri smiled, “OPEN THE GATES!”

Next Time On: Tales From The Bureau: The 5th annual adoption festival is in full swing and security has their hands full when a party crasher threatens to send the festival into irreversible tailspin and Markus discovers that not everything is what it seems in the Legal and Adoptions department.

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Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

This is really an excellent tale. I can imagine it going in dozens of different directions, only some of them cliché.

Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

Chapter Four

The first few hours of the festival had been pretty calm, sure there was an argument here, a lost little there, but everything was pretty calm. Guardian squad’s rotation as gate team had finished and they had begun their patrol of the festival grounds, weaving in and out of the rows of stalls that crowed the compound grounds. The littles in the squad having to endure the remarks about how cute they were and how to Amazons would love to take them home.

“This is Dimitri.” Dimitri said from his position on Mellow’s back as he answered his radio, “Black suit, greasy hair, pencil moustache. Orange onesie, short blonde hair. Roger, Guardian squad moving to intercept. Current position is row.” Dimitri paused and looked up at the street sign esque markers near the booths, “C10.” He said as he set down his radio, “Looks like we have the honors of today’s first catch! Illegal collar just entered the compound, heading towards our position. Everyone de-hook and spread out. Target is a fourteen footer in a three piece suit, greasy black hair, and pencil moustache. Stereotypical villain look, he has with him one little approximately five and a half feet, orange onesie with booties, she has a collar and a lead.”

“Yes sir!” The littles in the squad replied and detached their links from Mellow.

“I want weapons tight. The crowd is too thick. Tasers and batons only ” He sighed as the team spread out into ambush positions behind stalls, “Mellow, we are going to initiate the intercept with the mark.”

“Roger.” She nodded, “I would recommend removing yourself from the saddle.”

Dimitri nodded, “Right.”

Mellow knelt down allowing for Dimitri to get out, “Anyone got eyes on?” She stood back up as Dimitri hind behind a stall.

“Yeah, I got the bastard.” Gavin said over the radio, “Jesus christ, I’m thinking he’s Tsarian. Tight collar, short lead, outrageously thick diaper. Heading right for Mellow.”

“Roger, Mellow do not initiate until he has passed Gavin and Park’s positions.”

“Wilco.” She nodded and cracked her knuckles as the man and little passed the hiding littles, “Excuse me sir.” She walked towards the man and little.

“Yes, can I help you officer?” The amazon said as he tugged on the lead, forcing the little to her knees.

“Surround.” Dimitri ordered and the four little agents surrounded the Amazon in the suit.

“Drop the lead and placed your hands on your head!” Mellow ordered. The scene was starting to draw attention from the other patrons of the festival. Many Amazons and several littles whipped out smartphones and started to record the confrontation.

“Stay back!” Sandy ordered the crowd as she extended her baton and watched the Amazon.

“Why, whatever is the problem officer?” He smirked and reached into his jacked.

“I SAID PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!” Mellow yelled and drew her taser, focusing the laser sight on the Amazon’s chest.

“Very well.” He sighed and withdrew his hand from his jacket and put his hands on his head.

“Drop the lead and kneel!” Mellow slowly advanced towards him.

“Yes officer.” he rolled his eyes and dropped the lead. As Mellow got within a foot of the Amazon he slightly moved his right hand towards his watch and the little collapsed into a writhing pile and screamed at the top of her lungs. Mellow was momentarily distracted by the little but that was all it took for the Amazon to spring to his feet and deliver a right hook right to Mellow’s jaw, sending her right to the asphalt.

“Mellow!” Dimitri yelled as Mellow went down, “AGENT DOWN!” He yelled into the radio as the little agents started to trigger their panic buttons.

“Son of a bitch.” Sandy growled as she pressed her panic button. There was a voice in the back of her head telling her to grab her rifle and shoot, it started out a whisper but it quickly turned into screaming. After a brief moment of temptation she silence the voice.

“Ty ubljudok.” Dimitri growled as the Amazon advanced towards him, “TAKE HIM DOWN!” Dimitri moved to hit the Amazon with his baton.

“Foolish little twerp.” He growled as Dimitri hit his leg with the baton, “Do you honestly think that will do anything?” He laughed a bit and picked Dimitri up by his neck

“No, but that is.” He choked out. As Park and Gavin simed their tasers at the Amazon’s back while Sandy was focused on his front

“Put him down and by put him down I mean gently!” Gavin yelled as he slowly advanced.

The Amazon just smirked and before anyone could react the Amazon threw Dimitri at Park and Gavin sending them to the ground.

“Oh you fuck.” Sandy growled and fired her tazer at the Amazon. The two tiny prongs barely went through his jacket. The Amazon just laughed.

“What a cute little practical joke.” He grabbed the wire and pulled Sandy towards him. The sudden pull threw Sandy off balance and sent her crashing to the ground, her rifle skitting off towards a stall and before she could could get up she could feel herself being picked up by her leg. Through the crowd she could seed the helmets of Amazon security agents pushing their way through the crowd of smartphone holding Amazons. They were making progress, but it wasn’t enough. She then found herself staring down the Amazon.

“Give it your best shot.” She smirked and spit in his face.

He growled and wiped the spit off his face, “Little shit, this is just the beginning. Soon all of your pathetic little asses will be red hot and locked into messy diapers for days!” He slapped her face and threw her.

Sandy felt like she was punched in the chest about thirty time in a row. She found herself on the ground in front of a stall. Her vision was going blurry but she could just barely make out the Amazon. He had his foot on Dimitri’s head his hands were on his watch as the little he was originally with writhed in pain and screamed in agony. The worst part about it was… the fact he was monologuing.

“Look upon this!” He shouted to the crowd, “See how weak they are! WE ARE THE DOMINANT SPECIES!”

Sandy groaned and coughed. She could see blood on the asphalt after she coughed, “Yep, that is blood.” She managed to prop herself up against the stall that she was thrown into. The voice telling her to shoot returned and this time she couldn’t silence it. She couldn’t control her movements, it felt like her body was one autopilot as she drew her side arm and aimed at the Amazon, “No, no!” The thought as she saw the gun align with the Amazon’s chest.

“Breathe.” Another voice entered her mind, this one much calmer, “Its okay, I am here for you, I love you.”

“I love you too… Michelle.” She smiled as she her body pulled the trigger back.

Markus sighed loudly, he was nearly at his scheduled break and just had to get through one more set of adoption certificates. However, he had run into a roadblock, he had come across an adoption certificate with no photo, no ID number, no identifying information other than a name: May. However, the certificate did have Martha’s signature meaning that she had approved it.

“Hey, Clark!” Markus stood up, “I got a bit of a problem here.” Normally he would flag now Charles, but he was out of the fairground dealing with adopters so the next person in charge was Clark.

“Yeah, what’s up?” He walked over to the cubicle.

“I got an adoption certificate with only a name here, but it’s got Martha’s signature.”

Clark frowned and looked at the piece of paper, “That is certainly… odd. I’ll take it and bring it up with Charles.” A look of panic briefly flashed over his face as he took the certificate and walked away, “You can take your break now!” He yelled as he walked off.

“About time.” Markus sighed as he got out of his chair and stretched a bit. It wasn’t really close to lunch but he could probably get something sweet before he got lunch in the staff area. However, he could not get that certificate out of his head.

Markus made his way to the fairgrounds, his Berau ID hanging around his neck and swaying as he weaved his way through Amazons eventually making his way to a food truck selling food from Earth that was quite popular with the Amazons, “One New York dog please.” Markus smiled as he got to the top of the walkway constructed so littles could reach the window.

“What size?” The vendor smiled.

“Let’s go with a large little please.”

“Alright, total will be $2.50” She said, “Cash or card.”

“Cash.” He said and handed the vendor a few bills. After getting his change and his hot dog he walked down the walkway and started to walk around the vendors. There were vendors of all types. Some sold local culinary ingredients, some were selling custom made diapers (he steered clear of that stall), and yet others were simple art stalls. As he was browsing some wood work he felt a very large hand on his shoulder.

“Markus Altivition?” A voice said. Markus spun around and came face to leg with a pair of Bureau security agents.

“Y-yes?” He said with a twinge of nervousness in his voice.

“Come with us.” The first agent said.

“I-I… Yes sir.” He sighed and was escorted through the fair towards the staff area. He could see Martha watching the two agents with crossed arms.

“Thank you agents. Please leave us.” Martha waved the agents off, “Follow me, Markus.” She started to walk away from the staff area and towards the area where extra supplies for the festival were stored. As Markus followed Martha he couldn’t help but feel the eyes of every single Berau employee in the area on his back. Being summoned by a director was one thing, but being summoned by a director with a security escort was a whole different thing. After a few minutes of walking he saw Charles sitting on a crate.

“About time you found him.” Charles sighed.

“I had to get security to track him down.” She sighed.

“Enough, we need to address that matter at hand.” Charles hopped off the crate.

“Indeed.” She turned to Markus, “Markus, you have stumbled upon a very…serious matter.”

“That certificate.” Markus paled.

“Correct.” Charles nodded, “Markus, This is your second day here, and yet you have stumbled upon Adoption & Legal’s dirty little secret.

Martha was about to speak when a trio of sounds echoed throughout the fairgrounds, “Gunshots.” Martha paled and covered her mouth.

Michelle was stuck in her playpen while all the other littles of the Board of Directors were playing just a few feet away from her in the open air Directors’ Lounge area. She had gotten into an argument with Dr.Steel’s twins: Mi and Li over who had the better dress, things then got dicey when Kimberly got involved. Her mommy had moved her to the playpen to try and keep the order. Michelle was the newest addition to the Board of Diapers as it was known to the rank and file members of The Bureau. The Board of Diapers consisted of Scapti’s Thomas, Michelle, Martha’s Kimberly, Director Park’s Coco, Dr. Garcia’s Louis, and the twins Mi and Li.

“Mommy I want out!” Michelle complained to Laurel who was sipping a drinking a cup of tea and chatting with Director Scapti’s husband, Daniel.

“Michelle, you were being a naughty and because of that you are stuck in your playpen. You need to learn to play fair. I understand the transition to civilian life and be hard and these circumstances probably make it worst, but you can’t just go starting arguments like you are back on base. If you keep complaining I will put your silencer in.” Laurel rolled her eyes and sipped her tea.

Michelle grumbled and crossed her arms, “Not my fault they are jealous of my dress.” Michelle was wearing an orange sun dress with black tights and massive diaper bulge, her thick puffy jacket lay next to her mommy. Even though the weather was starting to turn cold the littles of the Board were dressed comfortably for spring given that there were patio heaters set up in the Directors’ Lounge.

Laurel sighed a bit as an alarm on her smartphone went off, “Alright Michelle, time for your pills.” She set her tea down and picked up Michelle from the playpen.

“Which ones?” She whimpered. Michelle had a whole host of medications for issues relating to her time in the Marines and pre existing medical conditions.

“Let’s see.” She checked the alarm, “Doxi, and Predissi.”

“No! No! No! No! No! No!” Michelle shook her head. The Doxi she had no problem with, she took it every day with some milk. The Predissi was a weekly medication she had to take as a suppository, something she did not enjoy.

Laurel sighed loudly as she got the pills and a bottle out of Michelle’s diaper halloween themed diaper bag, “Lets do Doxi first.” She gave Michelle the bottle.

“Okay.” She mumbled as she sucked on the bottle to get a mouthful of milk before taking the Doxi from her mommy and swallowing it.

“Such a good girl.” She cooed as she laid the girl across her lap and took her tights off despite Michelle kicking, “Calm down dear.”

“I don’t like Predissi!” She whined loudly as her mother untaped her diaper.

“I know you don’t, but we don’t want you having episodes do we?” She rubbed Michelle’s back. Michelle had a tendency to have episodes in which she thought she was in combat. These episodes were easily handled by the Amazons given their size but they were emotionally taxing on the Chief and Laurel. Whenever she had an episode Michelle had to be taken to The Bureau medical center and be restrained until she came out of her episode, which could take hours.

“No.” Michelle whimpered and shook her head as her mommy got the pill out and got ready to insert it. That was when three loud bangs were heard. Michelle’s eyes went wide as the fairground descended into sounds of panic and chaos, “CONTACT!” Michelle rolled off her mommy’s lap and onto the decking of the Directors’ lounge. The little bounced to her feet and looked around as Amazon’s dove for cover and security agents moved to get the Directors and their families to safety and to locate the source of the gunshots.

Laurel sighed loudly, “Michelle sweetie, look at mommy.” She gently approached Michelle. The little was in combat mode, Laurel had to be careful, without her diaper Michelle could easily sprint away and get mixed up in the panicking crowd, “Look at mommy.” She slowly approached Michelle. Unknown to Laurel an Amazon security agent in full tactical gear was approaching her from behind.

“Holy fuck.” Michelle breathed as she saw the Amazon security agent and sprinted away from the Directors’ Lounge.

“Son of a fuck!” Laurel cursed before turning to the agent, “Come on, let’s go get her. If she somehow gets her hand on a gun it will be a nightmare.” Laurel grabbed the diaper bag and sprinted after Michelle

Michelle’s brain was in overdrive as she bobbed and weaved through panicked and confused crowd of Amazons and littles. Every Time she saw a security agent she changed course. Eventually she ran right into an Amazon’s legs as she was looking over her shoulder while running.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here.” The Chief sighed as he picked her up, “Someone is having an episode.”

“LET ME GO YOU FUCK!” She screamed and tried to bite him.

“Ah ah ah.” He shook her head and grabbed her ponytail and held it tight to keep her head still, “I will forgive you because you are having an episode.”

“FUCK YOU!” She spit at him as Laurel and the security found them.

“Laurel, silencer.” He sighed and kept his grip on the struggling Michelle, “Agent, go secure the scene.”

“Yes sir!” The agent nodded and ran off.

Laurel got the silencer pacifier out of the diaper bag and stuck it into Michelle’s mouth before pressing on the shield three times, inflating the nipple to where Michelle could not take it out, “What is going on?” She sighed as The Chief brought Michelle to his hap.

“Dimitri’s squad intercepted an illegal collar, their Amazon went down and the littles couldn’t do anything. They were forced to use lethal force.” He sighed as several security agents started to escort them to the medical center, “That was Sandra’s squad.” At the mention of Sandra’s squad, Michelle instantly focused on the Chief and started to yell, “When were you going to give her the Predissi?”

Laurel got the pill bottle out of the diaper bag as they walked, “I was just about to give it to her when the shots rang out. She rolled off my lap and bolted at the sight of an agent.” She noticed that her husband’s pants had a dark spot spreading down the leg, “Dear, she is peeing on you.”

He sighed and looked down, “Yeah, she is.” He said as they entered the medical center’s ER and were immetly met by Dr. Ruby Steel, the director of the Bureau’s medical center. She was around fourteen feet tall, had a dark red/brown complexion and a bald head. She was wearing her scrubs and lab coat.

“Chief, I see all the excitement has triggered an episode in Michelle.” She sighed, “I’ll have her put in bay seven. Your people are in bays two through six, the little that has the collar on is in bay one. Someone is already working on the collar.

“Thanks Doc.” He sighed and carried the struggling little through the ER. As he passed bay three Mellow shakily stepped out.

“Sorry boss, bastard got the drop on me.” She sighed and held a cold pack to her bandaged head.

“Its okay Mellow, just rest.” He smiled

“Agent! Get back in that bed!” Dr. Steel sighed, “I do not want you walking around!” An Amazon nurse escorted Mellow back to her bed and shut the curtains as she left.

“How bad is the squad?” He said as he handed Michelle off to a team of Amazon nurses, “Be careful with her. She will try and hurt you and do not inflate the pacifier anymore, four pumps start to hurt her jaw and if your hurt my darling pumpkin pants I WILL FIND YOU.” He stared down the nurses, “Also, please get a diaper on her and give her, her weekly Predissi please.”

Dr. Steel nodded, “Do as he said.” She sighed and grabbed a clipboard from the nurses station as Michelle was carried off still struggling against the Amazons.

“How badly hurt is the squad.” The Chief sighed loudly.

Dr.Steel murmured to herself a bit before addressing the Chief, “Mellow has a concussion and will be getting an MRI in a little bit to make sure there is no lasting damage. She should be discharged tonight when her wife shows up.” She walked over to bay two where Dimitri was laying in his bed with a bandage over most of his head.

“Hey boss, I’m gonna need a few days off.” He chuckled a bit.

“Just rest comrade.” The Chief smiled and patted Dimitri’s shoulder as he followed Dr.Steel.

“Dimitri here has a minor skull fracture, should be discharged tonight, barring complications.” She said and moved to the next bay where Gavin had his leg in a cast and sling. The british little was asleep, “Gavin has a fractured Tibia, however, we are not taking chances.” She then moved to Park’s bay who had compress on his nose and was texting on his phone.

“Sir.” Park put away his phone and sat up.

“Park, you don’t look too bad.” Crimson smiled.

“Eh, the dotard only threw Dimitri at me.” He chuckled a bit, “Dimitri’s fat ass broke my damn nose. Docs already reset it and I’m just waiting for the swelling to go down.”

“Good good.” Crimson nodded, “Looks like you are going to be the only one aside from maybe Dimitri to be cleared for active duty anytime soon.”

Park groaned, “No disrespect sir, but after today, I need a vacation.”

“Relax Park, you can take as much time off as you need.” He turned to Dr.Steel, “What about Sandra?”

Dr.Steel sighed, “Sandra is the worst off.” She brought him over to an empty bay that was littered with medical wrappers. Dr.Steel turned on an x-ray viewer, “Here are her x-rays. Five fractured ribs, three broken ones, fractured sternum, and a punctured lung along with internal bleeding, “Dr.Sung is operating on her as we speak. Her recovery chances are very good, but she will need around the clock attention, attention that this facility cannot give. I will arrange for her to be moved to Libertality General.”

“We could take her in.” Laurel walked over to Dr.Steel.

“Excuse me?!” Dr.Steel and Chief Crimson both looked at the Amazon woman.

“I said we could take her in. I mean, it’s nearly Festivus and we can’t have her spend her first one in a hospital. Besides, her and Michelle are practically family, it would do them both good.” She crossed her arms.

“I-I-Is that even legal?” Crimson turned to Dr.Steel.

“If she consents yes. She will hopefully be able to declare where she wants to go tonight.” Dr.Steel said as the ER doors were slammed open.


“Liza, please be quiet. Several of the injured personnel have sensitivities to loud noises due to their injuries.” Dr.Steel scolded the director.

“I’m sorry, but this is the second year in a row that we have had a little agent shoot an Amazon dead!” Director Scapti groaned.

“It was not me this time!” Dimitri yelled from his bed.

“Quiet Dimitri!” Dr.Steel scolded him.

“It was self defense!” Dimitri grumbled, “Has video of it hit the web yet? Practically every Amazon who was watching had their smartphones out.

“I’ve been dealing with the press, so no I have not been able to check.” The director sighed as a little ran out of the first bay with the closed curtains. The bay where the shock collar little was being examined.

“Directors, we have a problem.” The little said with a panicked look in her eyes. She was wearing a hoodie and jeans, she had pair of full rimmed glasses and her neon green hair was tied up in a messy ponytail.

“And you are?” Director Scapti looked down at her.

“Ariel Stelts, Lieutenant vice-director of IT.” She panted, “Ma’am, there is a bomb on the compound grounds.

Next Time On: Tales From The Bureau: Director Scapti and the rest of the Bureau must deal with the fallout from the shooting and try to salvage the adoption festival. Markus finally learns what he accidentally uncovered and his fate, and Sandra confronts parts of her past that she buried years ago.

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Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

Chapter 5
“What do you mean there is a bomb?!” The Chief looked at the nerdy little with a twinge of panic in his voice.

“Yes Ariel, is there a bomb?!” Liza looked down at the little as her right eye twitched a bit.

“W-well, the data I have found makes a bomb the most likely scenario.” She hastily adjusted her glasses, “Follow me and I’ll show you what I have found.” She practically ran to the first bay where the little that was with the Amazon was sleeping. She was in a hospital gown and had electrodes all over her body, a cable was plugged into her collar and was connected to a large monitor. Ariel sat down at a little sized workstation, “As you can see this is a fairly advanced collar.

“Globotech.” Liza sighed.

“Exactly.” she said as she started to type, “What was interesting about this particular one is that it has a receiver and a transmitter.”

“Transmitter?” Stuart raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, evidently this is a collar that can send all sorts of information to a designated receiver. Probably meant to be paired with cyberin and robots.” Ariel sighed. Cyberin were Amazons and littles who had committed crimes and were sentenced to be lobotomized and turned into slaves. All countries had outlawed the practice within the past fifty years with Tsaria only outlawing it only five years ago.

“What was this one transmitting?” Liza looked at the monitor.

“Nothing actually, however, it was about to.” She brought up a block of computer code that filled the screen, “When the little’s heart rate reached 210 beats per minute the collar would send out a signal, to another receiver connected to a device.” Ariel opened a second window that showed device information, “This is the receiving device. The only thing we have to go off of is a serial number, however, on a hunch I ran its sequence through our databanks and I came up with a order form that fits the pattern.” She then brought up a shipping invoice addressed to Stuart Crimson.

“Stuart.” Liza growled and looked at her head of security.

“Director, I promise you, I had nothing to do with any of this!” Stuart balled his fists.

“Ma’am, there is more. That sequence is used by Galicen explosives company for their military grade remote detonators.” Ariel looked up at the director.

“Liza, we both know that any order for weapons or ordinance goes through the Board of Director. This shipment was approved by you!” Stuart growled.

“I know. Stuart, I know you too well to ever think that you would try something like this.” She sighed.

“Why do our security forces need detonators for military grade explosives?” Ariel looked up at the two Amazons.

“Above your pay grade.” Stuart said as he got his radio out, “All agents, repeat all agents. Be advised we have a possible explosive device on the grounds, repeat possible explosive device on the grounds. Evacuate all festival attendees and secure Bureau personnel. When LCPD shows up inform them immediately, over.”

Liza sighed loudly and sat down, “How the hell am I going to salvage this?!”

Stuart patted her back, “Don’t worry Liza, I’m poker buddies with the commissioner of the LCPD. They will clear the fairgrounds and make it safe. All we need is a rousing speech and people will be eating out of the palm of our hand. Now, I need to go coordinate my agents.” He said and left the ER.

“Chief, come in, over.” A voice crackled out of his radio.

“I copy.” Stuart said as he entered the fairgrounds and saw them nearly empty.

“This is Christy of Fulcrum Squad. LCPD is on scene en masse, over.”

“Roger, I want you guys to cede temporary control of the grounds to LCPD so they can do their sweep. Any agents with EOD experience are to assist in the sweep, over.” He said as he jogged towards the entrance, “Angel Squad, I need a headcount of the directors and their littles. Dr.Steel, Director Liza, and my little are at the ER, over.”

“This is Bernard of Angel Squad, all of the Board of Diapers is accounted for. Be advised, Director Schultz has not been found. She was last spotted with talking with members of her department, over.” A voice responded.

“Dammit.” He growled, “Alright, I want Dragoon, and Gold squads looking for Director Schultz, over.”

“Wilco.” Bernard responded.

“Stuart!” An Amazon member of the local police force approached him.

“Commissioner, thank goodness you are here.” He sighed as he shook hands, “Did my agents give you the update?”

“About the explosive? Yeah, I got my EOD teams sweeping the grounds right now. Two years, two dead Amazons.” He shook his head.

“It was worse this year. Bastard took out an entire squad before being taken down. I got an agent in emergency surgery and on top of everything the gunshots triggered a PTSD episode in my little!” He groaned.

“I don’t envy you.” The commissioner nodded a bit, “How is Michelle, aside from the PTSD episode.”

“Well, before today she was doing pretty well. Her old NCO started as a security agent yesterday and it was a nice reunion. Problem is, her NCO is the agent I have in surgery. I dunno if she is going to make it.” He sighed, “What a fucking day.”

“I hear ya.” He nodded as he radio crackled to life.

“Commissioner, we have found the device.” A voice came through the radio.

“Good, what are we looking at?” He asked.

“Appears to be a shaped charge hidden in a changing booth.”

“Shaped charge?” Stuart and the Commissioner looked at each other

“Render it safe and secure it.” The Commissioner ordered.

“It makes no sense.” Stuart shook his head and got his radio out, “All agents be advised, LCPD have located the device. All squads are to return to their patrol routes, lets try and reopen the festival after LCPD have rendered the device safe, over.”

“I agree, if they wanted to cause damage why use a shaped charge?”

Stuart’s eyes widened in realization and he turned around towards the medical building, “They didn’t want to cause damage. This was a message.”

MARKUSCharles looked over at the fairgrounds as people started to panic, “Martha, we need to get to the station.”
“Right!” She nodded, “Markus, come with us!”

“And if I don’t?” He said nervously as he crossed his arms and tried to look tough.

“You don’t want to know.” Martha glared at him.

“Alright, I’ll go with you.” He cowered a bit as followed the little and Amazon.

“We need to hurry. LCPD are going to be swarming this place soon.” Charles sighed as they entered the one of the main buildings loading bays. There were these white pods with blue tinted windows.

‘What are those?” Markus asked as Martha pressed a button on a freight elevator.

“Transportation pods. They help keep the volunteers and candidates stable and calm during the trip over here.” Martha said as the elevator arrived, “In.”

“The candidates I understand but why the volunteers?” Markus asked as he entered the elevator along with Martha and Charles before the doors shut and the elevator went down.

“Think we will still be able to piggyback?” Charles sighed as he and Claire ignored Markus.

“I don’t even know if the festival will resume after this incident.” She groaned, “We need to move them, we can’t keep them in their pods for too much longer.”

“I know.” He checked his watch, “The certificates should be getting finished right now.”

“Excuse me.” Markus looked at his two bosses.

“Right, but if we can’t do the piggybacking today we have to dispose of the certificates.” Martha sighed as they continued to ignore him.

“Agreed, we can’t risk any more of those getting out.” Charles glanced over at Markus as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened revealing a bustling room filled with littles and Amazons moving transport pods around

“INSTEAD OF JUST IGNORING ME, WILL SOMEONE JUST TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!” Markus screamed causing the whole room to turn towards him.

Charles cleared his throat, “Marcus, this is the final stop on our little operation.”

“What little operation?” He growled.

“The Amazonian Underground Railroad.” Martha stepped out of the elevator, “Everyone, we have a security situation upstairs. We have shots fired, wait for Liza to contact us and see what the situation on the piggyback is. However, we need to be prepared for the eventuality that the piggyback is off.” She sighed, “Back to work!”

Marus was speechless as the littles and Amazons in the room rushed about and started to move pods around, “W-w-what?!”

“It is almost the same premise of the American Underground Railroad. We get littles out of bad situations, mainly in Galice and Tsaria, and find them safe loving homes.” Charles said.

“How long has this been going on?” Markus said as he stepped out.

“It started a few years before the trans-dimensional gate was opened. Liza and I started it. Liza was the CEO and president of a shipping company while I ran a daycare and with the help of a handful of Amazons we started to smuggle littles out of Tsaria. We used my daycare as a base and safe house.” she chuckled, “Thomas, Liza’s little was actually one we rescued, we got him from little-mill.” she sighed and shook her head as a phone on the wall rang.

“Probably the director.” Charles said as Martha went over to the phone and answered it.

“Hello? Liza, what is going on up there? An entire security team?! What about the little? You are shitting me!” she turned around and yelled, “Lock down the level! We got a bomb on the fairgrounds!” she returned to the phone call, “Should we cancel the piggyback? Alright, I will be waiting for your call.”

Charles sighed, “Follow me Markus, we have a lot of work to do.”

Liza groaned as she made her way through the fairgrounds. The whole place was deserted aside from police officers conducting their sweeps. Of course she felt relief when she found out that the bomb was found and disposed of but the festival had only been open for a few hours. She had to try and salvage this festival. As she neared the main gate she could see LCPD had formed a perimeter around the gate. People were swarming all around the barricades that the police had erected. She sighed and inhaled deeply as she composed herself. The minute people saw her they went nuts asking questions. She stayed silent as she walked towards a police cruiser, “Mind if I borrow this?” She smiled nervously at the officer as she grabbed a megaphone from his hands
And stepped onto the roof of the cruiser. She shut her eyes and inhaled deeply and exhaled in kind.

“Citizens of Libertality!” She called out to the assembled crowd, “Today we have been attacked! Today, terrorists tried to detonate a bomb during our peaceful festival of love and kindness!” She paused and let the information sink in, “Let it be known that The Bureau will not take these attacks lying down and neither should you, the people of Libertality! We do not know who perpetuated these attacks or their motives but we do know that they made a mistake when they attacked us! During the Great Tripartite War it was Libertality that protected Galice from Tsarian brutality after the fall of Constance! Our national motto is: Defendat juva pusillanimes, suscipite infirmos. Protect the helpless, help the weak. That is the motto that embodies everything that The Bureau does. An attack on The Bureau is an attack on Libertality itself!” She smiled and watched the crowd.

“LIBERTALITY! LIBERTALITY! LIBERTALITY!” The crowd started to chant.

Liza smirked a bit, she sprinkled in patriotism and the crowd was hers. She waited for the chanting to die down before she started talking again, “Now then, I am pleased to announce that once LCPD and our security force have done a security sweep of the fairgrounds we will be resuming with the festivities and anyone who was set to adopt a little from us today will be able to do so at the scheduled time.” She smiled and got off the cruiser before handing the megaphone back to the officer, “Thank you.”

Two Hours Later
Liza smiled as she went down the freight elevator to the safehouse. The Festival had resumed flawlessly even though a few of the vendors ended up pulling out. She made a mental note to refund their fees. She couldn’t help but smile more when the doors opened and she saw the pods being prepped for loading.

“Liza!” Martha smiled and walked over to her, “What is the situation like?”

“The festival has resumed and the piggyback is a go.” She said as she noticed Markus pushing a pod with a few other littles, “Who is that?” Liza made sure that she knew everyone who worked in this safehouse by name and face.

“Markus Altivition, a new member of my department. One of our certificates somehow came across his desk and I decided to let him join rather than… the other option.” she said as Amazons and littles started to load the pods into the freight elevator.

“I see, if he messes up don’t hesitate to do it.” She nodded as she watched, “By the way, Stuart needs some legal help. He will either be at the ER, the armory, or patroling. Try the ER first.”

“Why does Stuart need legal help?” Martha raised an eyebrow.

“He wants to take in one of his security agents for the holidays. Evidently she was Michelle’s NCO, whatever that means, when Michelle was in the military. She is pretty badly injured and can’t stay by herself. He just needs to know what he can do.”

Martha nodded a bit, despite how much the two of them bickered, Martha knew how much he cared for Michelle, “Alright, I will escort the first group of pods up.” she smiled as the last of the pods were loaded into the elevator.


Stuart sighed as he sat by Michelle’s bed and gently stroked the sleeping little’s hair. The nurses had to sedate her and unfortunately this was not the first time and would likely not be the last. He looked up as he saw Dr.Steel, “Well?” He stood up.

“Dr. Sung has repaired the damage to Sandra’s lungs but the healing process will take time. However, when I entered Sandra’s data into the computer I got two profiles, one agent and one candidate.”

“Candidate? Sandy was a candidate?” Stuart raised an eyebrow in interest.

“It appears so, estranged from her parents due to her decision to join the marines right out of high school. Participated in the invasion of North Korea and helped liberate several death camps. Left the marines at age 23 at which point she was diagnosed with PTSD. She went to one meeting with her doctor who prescribed pills for her and she never showed up for the follow up. Our records state that she was a drifter for about three to five months before expressing interest in a security position at this location. When she expressed interest with the recruiter she was taken off the candidate list the day before her collection was set to take place.” She sighed, “It appears we need to reevaluate our recruiting practices if they are letting candidates for adoption apply.” She sighed, “Stuart, her status as a candidate, her PTSD, and her refusal to use medications prescribed to her all disqualify her from a security position, we both know that.”

“Stuart?” Martha entered the ER, “Are you in here?”

“Over here Martha.” He sighed, ‘Whats up?”

“Liza said you needed some legal advice?”

“Not anymore.” Stuart sighed, “Martha, I wish to file a 39D for Security Agent Sandra Bouvardia.” Form 39D otherwise known as: “Adoption Request of non-Consenting Little.” The form was created along with The Bureau to deal with possible mental breakdowns by staff from Earth but it had never been used before. It was only to be used by Bureau Amazons on Bureau littles. The matter was so serious that it required two directors to sign off on the adoption.

“Typically I would not agree, however, given Sandra’s former status as a candidate and her refusal to willing participate in her medication regime leads me to believe that adoption is the only option.” She nodded, “After all, she is only a little.”

Martha sighed and nodded, “If Ruby believes that this is a good course of action I will sign off on it.”

“Thank you.” Stuart sighed, “I want this contained, if word of this gets out, some may think we are punishing Sandra.”

“Right, lets keep it nice and quiet.” Martha sighed, “And Stuart, probably best if you run this by your wife first.”

Dr.Steel nodded, “Yes, I doubt that she will be thrilled about two times the diapers to change.” she got a clipboard out, “Now, as for Sandra’s medication, we will take the same course we did with Michelle, start with low dosages and work our way up.”

Martha smiled a bit, ‘Stuart, I will go start the paperwork.”

SANDYSix Hours Later
Sandy could hear before she could see and she could only hear the beating of her own heart. She knew she was awake and yet some unknown force was compelling her to keep her eyes closed. She could feel that she was in a bed and that something fluffy was separating her legs. Her eyes slowly started to open. She was in a room, an Amazon sized room. The room was darkened aside from late afternoon light seeping in from behind a set of curtains. She felt sore all over her chest, she looked down and saw that she was tucked into the bed and was wearing a hospital gown, “The fuck.” She mumbled as she started to push the massive covers off of her revealing a thick white diaper taped around her waist. In her groggy state bits of her training kicked in and slightly distorted her memories, she was knocked out during combat with someone who advocated for the enslavement of littles, “Christ, I’ve been captured.” She started to stand up the thick diaper causing her to grab the headboard for support, “First things first.” She breathed heavily and reached down to untape the diaper. The diaper fell right onto the bed, “Okay, now to get off the bed.” She looked down over the edge of the bed, “That’s about six feet.” She felt her chest and looked under her gown. Her chest was all bandaged up and she could see flecks of blood on the bandages, “Alright, escape the room, allude captors, get comms with The Bureau. Not that hard.”

Sandy exhaled and knelt down on the side of the bed and gently eased her way off the bed. She bent her knees and landed flawlessly. However, the drop sent fresh sparks of pain through her chest, “Son of a bitch.” She groaned and held her chest. Sandy gritted her teeth and looked up, the door out of the room was nearly twenty feet tall with the door knob about teen feet off the ground, “Shit.” she sighed and looked around for something to step up. She eventually found a cardboard box about half her size next to a dresser, “Better than nothing.” She pushed the box over to the door and carefully stood on top of the box, luckily the box seemed to be full and thus did not collapse. She gritted her teeth and just barely got her hands around the door knob she started to turn the knob and kicked off from the wall, using her body weight to pull the door open. She dropped from the door and peaked out into the hallway, it was clear, “Alright, Phase One complete.” She staggered out of the room and fell to her knees as a fresh wave of pain washed over her, “Fuck that hurts.” She growled through gritted teeth as her vision started to go a bit fuzzy. Through the pain she could hear voices coming from somewhere distant.

“I’m telling you that if you that if she doesn’t see someone familiar she will go commando… in more ways than one!” A familiar voice said, but Sandy couldn’t place it.

“She isn’t supposed to wake up for another hour.” Another voice, this one much deeper responded, “Besides, dinner is about to be ready.”

Sandy tried to stand up but the pain was too great and she was forced to crawl to a T-junction where the hallway was bisected by another hallway. Down the second hallway she could see an orange door and a set of stairs leading down, “Fuck.” she groaned and started to crawl. As she crawled she noticed that the hardwood floors had a small lane just about her size that was carpeted, she quickly moved onto the lane of carpet and towards the stairs which had the same lane going down. As she peaked down the stairs she saw an Amazon woman walk by the stairs but suddenly stop and start to look up the stairs. Sandy quickly hid herself behind what appeared to be some sort of ficus.

“Dear, when did the doctor say Sandy was going to wake up?” The Amazon called out.

“Not for another hour Sweetie.” An Amazon replied from somewhere in the house.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Positive, besides we got the baby monitor on the dresser. If she was awake we would have heard her.”

“You replaced the batteries like I told you to?”

There was silence from the other Amazon before they muttered a single word, “Shit.”

Sandy could feel the vibrations of the Amazon woman climbing the stairs. Sandy gritted her teeth to try and endure the pain as she hide next to the ficus hoping that she wouldn’t be seen. Soon she saw the pants of the Amazon woman emerge from the staircase and turn towards her. Sandy balled a fist up and had the other hand holding her stomach to try and alleviate the pain. She saw the jean clad legs start to walk past her before turning around and start to move towards her.

“Looks like someone is awake.” The woman started to crouch down to try and get on eye level, “Now then…” The woman was cut off by Sandy throwing a punch to her nose causing her to fall on her rear, “Bitch!” She yelled. Sandy groaned and started to try and crawl away from the Amazon.

“Everything alright dear?” The other Amazon called out.

“She fucking punched me! God damn!” She groaned and started to stand up as she held her nose.

“Damn it, can you get her?”

“Yeah, just get a silencer.” The woman sighed and started to walk towards the crawling little.

“I told you so!” The familiar voice yelled.

“Fuck off!” Sandy coughed as she tried to crawl away from the woman. She made it as far as the door to the room she woke up in when a massive Golden Retriever like dog bounded up the stairs, ran past the woman and right at her. Sandy braced for the beast to hit her but instead was hit by a plethora of licks from the dog

“Buster down!” The woman commanded. The dog panted a bit and walked off. As Sandy caught her breath, a pacifier was stuck into her mouth and the nipple was inflated to the point where she could not move her tongue, “Contained!”

Sandy couldn’t help but scream in both anger and pain but the screams were muffled due to the pacifier, “Fuck you.” was the primary sentence of choice for her.

“She took her diaper off.” The woman sighed.

“Again, told you so!” The familiar voice yelled once again, “Can I see her?”

“Sweetie, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” The female sighed and picked up the screaming little.

“Actually, it might calm Sandra down.” Sandra could hear the source of the male voice walking up the stairs.

“SANDY!” The familiar voice screamed causing Sandra to turn and face the voice. Even in her haze Sandy could make out the face of Michelle.

Sandra just yelled something, likely Michelle’s name, and reached for her former squadmate, “Easy, easy.” The woman slowly started to walk towards the man who was holding Michelle as the dog watched.

“Sandy!” Michelle smiled widely as the two were within arms reach of each other, “SUPER POWER SLAP!” Michelle yelled as she slapped Sandy across the face much to the surprise of the two Amazons.

“Michelle… what?” The woman gasped in surprise.

Sandy groaned and held her head as she started to blink her eyes. She looked around in a mix of confusion and pain. She tried to talk but found herself unable to talk due to the silencer.

“Sandy!” Michelle smiled as she deflated the silencer by pulling on the shield with boths hands and pulled it out, “Hi!”

“Michelle, what the fuck happened?” She groaned as she held her chest, “Chief, Laurel, what am I doing here? Why does my chest hurt so much?” She looked up at Laurel, “What happened to your nose?”

Stuart sighed, “Sandy, just relax for a bit. Laurel, can you go give Sandy her pain meds.”

“Yeah, I can do that.” She smiled a bit at Sandy as she carried the girl downstairs, “Now then, I bet you could use medication to deal with that pain.”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” She groaned a bit as she was carried through a living room. The living room was rather large with a sectional couch forming a square U facing a large wall mounted television. There were a few toys scattered around about the room. In the corner there was a large dog bed with a few chew toys, “Is, is this your house?” She kept holding her chest.

“Yes it is.” She said as carried the girl into the kitchen and set her down on a marble counter.

“Cold!” The girl squeaked a bit.

Laurel smiled and giggled a bit, “Sorry, should be quick.” She said as she got two pill bottles out, one was labeled Doxi (10 MG) and another was labeled Percusetuslition (50 MG). Laurel grabbed a sippy cup from a cupboard and started to fill it up with water.

“Laurel, I don’t need a sippy cup.” Sandy blushed a bit.

“We don’t have any other cups in your…size.” She said as she screwed the top of the cup on and got the pills out of the container before handing all three to Sandy, “There you go, those should help with the pain.” Laurel couldn’t help but feel bad as she tricked Sandy, she was a sweet girl but she needed treatment. The Doxi would act as a relaxing agent while the Percusetuslition was a post-surgery painkiller.

“How often do I get these?” Sandy asked after she swallowed both pills and drank some water to chase.

“Doxi is everyday, the Percusetuslition is when needed.” She smiled.

“Is, is the Percusetuslition… habit forming?” Sandy looked up at Laurel.

“No sweetie.” She smiled and picked her up, “Why would you be worried about that?”

“Its just that… I, you know what, never mind.” she sighed, “What now?”

“Well, we need to get some proper clothes on you. I can see your butt.” She smiled, “And its a cute one at that.”

Sandy blushed deeply, “L-Laurel! That’s that’s… you are my bosses wife!” she turned away as Stuart walked over.

“Did you give her the meds?” He smiled.

“Yep, took them like a good girl.” Laurel handed Michelle off to Stuart.

“Good, can you get the pasta all ready? All you have to do is stir in the sauce.” Stuart smiled and bounced the still blushing Sandra, “Oh, and feed Buster while you are at it.”

“Sure thing.” She kissed Stuart on the cheek and walked over to the stove where a pair of pots were boiling away.

‘Sir… what is going on?” Sandy looked up at Stuart as he carried her up the stairs and through the orange door. On the other side of the door was a full nursery that had orange as the primary color. Michelle was playing with some toy cars when she saw the two enter.

“SANDY!” Michelle stood up and waddled towards her. Sandy got a good look at the girl and saw that she was wearing a black t-shirt and thick white diaper that made her waddle.

“Hey Michelle.” She kept blushing as she was put on Michelle’s changing table. Sandy could see that at either end of the table there was a pair of cuffs.

“Sir, what are you doing. I don’t need diapers.” She said as she saw Stuart getting changing supplies out and a diaper like the one Michelle was wearing, “Sir, I am one of your agents. This is highly inappropriate!”

“Not anymore.” He sighed, “Sandra, you should have never become an agent. You were not medically qualified to. The recruiters tricked the system somehow and managed to get you through. Sandra, at approximately 4:32 PM you became a member of this family and as such you will live the life of an adopted little.” He said as he started to take the gown off, revealing her bandaged chest and her tattoo covered body, “I’m sorry, but this was your fate. You were meant to be a candidate… Oh my.” He started to blush a bit.

Sandra shook her head and covered her breasts, “NO!” she shook her head, “No! I do not fit the requirements! I didn’t need to be a candidate!” She started to try and get off the table only for her hands and feet to be locked into the restraints at either end.

“Yes you did. Don’t think we don’t know your story. Military right out of High School caused you to be estranged from your parents, you got PTSD while in the service and you refused to medicate before becoming a drifter for half a year! You have clearly demonstrated that you are not fit to care for yourself and thus need a proper adult to do it for you!” He growled as he unfolded the diaper and set it under her rear, “Christ, you even have a butt cheek tattoo?”

“You actually got that?! I thought you were joking about that!” Michelle giggled a bit and tried to climb up the changing table.

“Michelle no, down.” He sighed and picked her up, “Look you can sit next to her but don’t make Daddy’s job any harder.” He said and placed her on her rear next to Sandy’s head.

“Hi!” Michelle smiled and looked down at her friends face, “How’s it going.”

“How do you think it’s going?” She growled as she tried to kick her legs. Since she was being distracted by Michelle she didn’t notice Stuart getting a pill bottle out from under the table and getting a pill out.

“Deep breath Sandra.” He said as he started to insert the pill rectally

“Why would I take a deep… Holyshittitsnuggestsomethingisgoingupmybutt!” She yelped.

“Yeah, Predissi isn’t fun to take.” Michelle said and sat at the edge of the changing table with her legs hanging off the end.

“The fuck is Predissi?” Sandra growled as Stuart powdered her crotch and butt.

“PTSD medication made over here by The Bureau for littles with PTSD.” Michelle kicked her legs a bit.

Sandra just growled and struggled against the restraints as Stuart taped the diaper up, “Sir, with all due respect, fuck you.”

Stuart rolled his eyes, “You’ll get used to it. Consider yourself lucky that you were drained after surgery.” He said and got a pair of solid pink plastic pants that had a lock on the front, “There are to make sure you keep your diaper on so we don’t find puddles in the house.” he said as he unrestrained her legs quickly before slipping the pants over Sandra’s diaper and locking it, “There we go.” He smiled and grabbed a white t-shirt from a shelf and undid Sandy’s arm restraints before putting the shirt on Sandy and picking the two littles up, “My two girls look so precious.”

Sandra was blushing and looking away from Stuart as he set the two of them down on the floor, “Sir, why did you adopt me?” She growled.

“Because you were already family.” He smiled, “Shelly, why don’t you show Sandy all your toys while daddy helps mommy finish up dinner.” He said as he left the room and shut the door behind him.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” Sandra groaned loudly and flopped onto her back, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Michelle waddled over to Sandy, “You know, they normally spank me for saying fuck.” she smiled, “They must be going easy on ya ‘casue it’s your first day.” She smiled and sat down next to her, “I missed you so much.”

“Missed you too, Mitch.” She smiled.

“You haven’t called me that in ages.” She smiled and held Sandra’s hand, “So, about our… thing.”

“Mitch… we broke it off years ago.” She sighed, “It was inappropriate. I was your NCO you were an assistant autorifleman.”

“You WERE my NCO, I WAS an assistant autorifleman. It’s not inappropriate anymore.” She blushed a bit.

“Mitch…” She started before Michelle held a finger to finger to Sandy’s mouth.

“Sandy, I never stopped loving you.” Michelle smiled and sat on Sandra’s diapered crotch, “Feels nice being on top for a change.”

Sandy couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t get so used to it.” She smiled, “Just watch the chest, I am still a bit sore.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ma’am.” She smiled as she pulled Michelle down and the two started to kiss.

“God, I missed this.” Michelle smiled.

“I did too.” Sandy blushed, “But what the hell have you been eating? Your breath smells like shit.”

“Oh you think my breath smells bad? Just wait until I need to drop a load.” She laughed and shook her diapered rear in Sandra’s face. Sandy laughed and playfully pushed Michelle’s rear. Michelle laughed as she fell to the ground. The room was soon filled with laughter coming from the two girls.

“So, how did Sandy’s diapering go?” Laurel asked as Stuart came up behind her as she stirred a meat sauce into a pot of pasta.

“Had to use the restraints. Luckily Michelle calmed her down a bit. I put her in the locking plastic pants.” Stuart said as he started to get some little sized plastic bowls out, “I see you got one of the spare highchairs out from the storage closet. Good thing my parents sent us two when we got Michelle.”

Laurel rolled her eyes as Buster trotted into the kitchen and started to eat some kibble out of his dog bowl, “I’m telling you, your parents were pressuring you through gifts to get another little and you did what they wanted.” She kissed him, “So what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?”

“Well.” Stuart started to scoop the pasta and meat sauce into the two plastic bowls, “Well, we gotta go to the mall to get Festivus gifts for Sandra, you can take Michelle and do the shopping while I take Sandy to get her hair cut and probably colored. Her face is plastered all over the internet and it would be best if she didn’t draw attention. After the mall, the rest of the day will be spent preparing for the next day’s Festivus party.

Laurel sighed a bit as she got two bottles of milk out from the fridge, “Do you think Sandy can handle it?”

“It’s only the other directors and their littles, though we may just have to her and pumpkin pants from the others right off the bat because if one starts getting picked on the other will intervene and its not going to be pretty.” he said as he got two little forks out from a drawer, “Sandy’s things should be arriving tomorrow as well.” He placed the forks in the bowls and placed the bowls on the tray tables of two high chairs there were on next to each other along the perimeter of a circular table, “Can you go get them?” Stuart asked as he took the bottles from her.

“Sure.” She smiled and walked up the stairs. She could hear the laughing coming from Michelle’s room and smiled some more, “Are you two having fun?” she poked her head into the room. Michelle and Sandy were both of their backs laughing, “Come on you two, dinner is ready.”

Michelle smiled and sat up, “Come on Sandy.” She smiled and waddled to the door.

Sandy sighed a bit as she shakily stood up, “I’m feeding myself.” She said before falling onto her diapered rear, “Bitch.”

“Language sweetie.” Laurel walked over to her and picked her up, “I’ll carry you down the stairs, okay?” She smiled and bounced her a bit, “You make a very cute baby.”

“No I don’t.” She blushed and looked away, “And I’m not using the diapers!”

Laurel sighed as she walked down the stairs with Michelle slowly following her, “I’m afraid you don’t have a choice, you are an adopted little and thus you wear and use diapers, we also don’t have a little sized toilet for you to use. If you tried to use our toilet you would likely fall in and possibly drown. She sat the girl down in a pink highchair while she helped Michelle into an orange highchair. Sandy blushed a bit, it felt like she was sitting on a big pillow, she didn’t dislike the feeling.

“This looks…good.” Sandy blushed a bit as she picked up her fork and looked it it. IIt was a pink plastic fork with rounded prongs, “Can I eat, or do Amazons have their own form of grace?” She sighed a bit.

“Thank you for asking, you can start eating in a few seconds.” Stuart smiled and walked over to the two of them. He attached bibs around their necks. Sandy looked down and saw that hers was green and head an elephant on it, “Now you may eat.” Stuart patted their heads

Sandy hesitantly started to eat, “This is good.” She smiled a bit with a mouth full of food.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full dear.” Laurel smiled as she sat down at the table with a glass of wine. Sandy eyed the wine a bit. The glass was massive compared to any wine glass she had seen before. It looked like it could fit a whole bottle of wine from Earth. Laurel could see Sandra eyeing the wine, “No, you may not have any.”

“But you said we could have drinks tonight!” Michelle whined, “You said that yesterday!”

“I know, but circumstances have changed dear.” Laurel sighed, “Maybe tomorrow night.”

Michelle whined and kicked her legs, “No fair!”

Stuart sighed, “Michelle, calm down or you will get a spanking after bath time.” Stuart sat down with his pasta and a bottle of bear and started to eat

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.” Michelle whined as Sandy simply kept eating. She was starving since she had not had anything to eat since this morning.

“Then behave and eat your dinner.” Stuart said as he took a sip of his beer.

The rest of dinner went off without a hitch. Stuart and Laurel talked about some mundane things like bills and grocery shopping and stuff. Sandy had finished her pasta when she heard something that caught her attention, “Are you sure you want to take the girls on the trip to Earth?”

“Yes, Liza said that she wants half of the directors and their littles to go with her on her visit to Earth. This is the first time an Amazon will be going further than The Bureau compound on Earth.

“Wait, we are going back to Earth?” Sandy looked at the two Amazons.

“Yes, we will. The trip will be in about a month.” Stuart said, “Sandy, you haven’t touch your milk.”

“I-I’m not thirsty.” She blushed and looked at Michelle who was sucking through her second bottle.

“Dear, you need to get fluids into you, especially after your surgery.” Laurel sighed as Sandy just pushed around the last few pieces of pasta, “All done with dinner?”

“Yeah.” She sighed and set her fork down. The meal was good no doubt about that, a real stick to your ribs meal perfect for the winter season. Sandy had made an effort to keep herself and her bib clean, something Michelle had ignored. Sandy couldn’t even comprehend how Michelle had gotten so messy.

“Looks like someone needs her bath.” Stuart smiled and picked her up revealing her yellowed diaper, “And a fresh diaper, but that can wait after bath time.” He tickled her a bit as he took the bib off.

Sandy had a slight look of surprise on her face, “Seriously Michelle? You do that while eating?” She hadn’t even noticed when Michelle had gone.

“What?” Michelle giggled a bit as she was carried off.

Sandy sighed and rested her head on the tray table, she always got a bit sleepy after a big meal, “Tired dear?” Laurel took the bowls and forks from both high chairs and set them in the sink before getting the two empty bottles from Michelle’s chair.

“A little.” She yawned, “Big meals like that make me tired.”

Laurel smiled a bit and picked her up, “Well, you can go to sleep after you have your bath with Michelle.” She said as she grabbed the bottle from Sandy’s chair, “However, you need fluids.” She walked over to the couch and cradled Sandy as she sat down.

“I said I wasn’t thirsty.” Sandy started to squirm in Laurel’s grasp.

“Dear, you need to to get some liquids in you.” She sighed and stuck the nipple into Sandy’s mouth.

Sandy tried to protest but it was futile as the nipple was already in her mouth. She slowly started to suck on the bottle, realizing that she would be sucking down milk one way or another and she might as well take the easy way. When the milk touched her tongue she realized that it was not normal cows milk, it was thicker, creamier, and sweeter. Amazonia was like Earth in many ways, Sandy read a report somewhere that the reason everything grew so big was because of high oxygen levels during the beginning stages of life on the planet, or something like that, “This milk probably came from some cow taller than truck.” she smiled a bit at the thought and kept sucking.

“Such a good girl, Sandy.” Laurel praised the girl and gently stroked her hair, “I know this can seem like a really big change, but I promise that you will like it here.” She smiled as she saw the milk level in the bottle dropping, “Someone must have been thirsty.” She chuckled, “I’ll have another bottle waiting for you after you get out of the tub.”

Sandy nodded as she finished off the bottle of milk and let out a burp, “Excuse me.” She blushed as Laurel removed the bottle and set it on the coffee table, “Alright, let’s go get you into the tub.”

“But I thought Mitchell was in the tub?” Sarah blushed as laurel stood up and carried her up the stairs. She could hear Mitchell laughing.

“You can take a bath with Mitchell. We don’t wanna waste water if we don’t have to, plus I think it will be cute.” She smiled and opened a door revealing a bathroom. Stuart was kneeling next to an Amazon sized tub that was filled with water. Michelle was digging around in a plastic bucket, buck naked.

“Hey honey.” Stuart kissed Laurel, “Pumpkin pants is picking out her toys.”

“Good, did you blow up the other pair of floaties?” Laurel said as she took Sandy’s shirt off revealing her slightly bloody dressings, “Just apply some medi-gel?”

“Yeah, unwrap the dressings and slather it all over her stitches.” he said as he felt the water, “She still clean?”

“Yeah.” She said as she started to take the bandages off revealing a line of stitches that ran almost the length of her chest.

“Fuck me.” Sandy looked at her stitches, “How bad was it?”

“Language.” Stuart looked over at her, “Several broken and fractured ribs, fractured sternum, punctured lung, and internal bleeding. Luckily you were at one of the top ERs in the world. They have some pretty advanced stuff at our medical center.” He smiled and handed Laurel a tube of gel, “Just rub it all over the stitches.”

Sandy blushed and suddenly looked down at her diaper as she realized what was about to happen, “”No no no no!” She shook her head and placed her hands over the lock on the plastic panties to try and keep the diaper on and protect wheat little modesty she had left.

Laurel rolled her eyes as she squirted the gel onto her hand and started to rub it over Sandy’s stitches, “Oh, so now you want the keep your diaper on?” She chuckled a bit as Stuart walked over to Michelle, “Pumpkin butt, have you picked a toy out yet?”

“Uh huh!” Michelle smiled and held up a few plastic boats.

“You know you can only have one at a time.” Stuart smiled.

“The other one is for Sandy!” She giggled and helf the boats up, both were made of multi colored plastic. One was modeled after a paddle boat, the other a speed boat, “Which one do you want Gunney?”

“Um, I’ll take the paddle boat.” She said as laurel finished applying the medi-gel.

“Alright, now time for the diaper to come off.” Laurel said and moved her hands down to Sandy’s plastic pants.

“Noooooooo.” She whined and shied away from Laurel.

“Sandy, stop it.” Laurel rolled her eyes and unlocked the plastic pants with her thumbprint before she tore the tapes of the diaper and pulled it away from Sandy revealing a rather… interesting tattoo. It was a dragon with its mouth about to eat Sandy’s vagina, “Oh, that is…interesting.”

“That’s a new one.” Michelle giggled and walked over to Sandy before handing her the paddle boat toy.

“Thanks.” Sandy blushed deeply. She was mortified, she had gotten that tattoo while she was drunk in San Diego and she had regretted it every single day.

Stuart smiled and started to put floaties on Michelle, “Come on Sandy, you’re next.”

Sandy blushed and tried to cover her crotch before walking towards Stuart and Michelle. Michelle was the polar opposite of Sandy in terms of body and hair. Michelle had all her body hair shaved down (likely from living as a baby), no tattoos, no blemishes, or anything like that. Sandy had body hair all over, the only things that were shaved was her face and legs, she had body art all over her body, and had pimples and blemishes all over, particularly on her lower belly, “Are the floaties really needed?”

“Yes.” Stuart said flatly as he started to put the floaties on Sandy, moving her arms when needed, “Alright, I got two cutie pies ready for the tub.” He picked them up and set them in the tub.

“Alright, say cheese!” Laurel smiled and took a few pictures of the girls with her phone.

Sandy blushed and tried to hide behind Michelle, “Where are those pictures going?!”

“To Stuart’s parents, my sister, and our Littlebook page.” Laurel smiled.

“The fuck is Littlebook?!” Sandy groaned.

“Language.” Stuart and Laurel rolled their eyes.

“It’s essentially a site where Amazons can show off their littles. Not to brag, but I got a decent following.” Michelle smiled as she started to play with her boat.

“Might have to take her to the redesigner instead of the salon tomorrow.” Stuart whispered to Laurel as he saw how much body acne Sandy had.

“Sounds good.” she said as she got colorful bottle of soap out, “Alright, let’s get you girls nice and clean. Laurel then proceeded to start and wash the girls’ bodies. Sandy pretty much let Laurel do whatever she wanted while Michelle was a bit more playful. She splashed the two Amazons a few times and Sandy once, a cold stare from Sandy insured it was the only splash. After about ten minutes the two girls were lifted out of the tub and swaddled in thick fluffy towels, Michelle in orange and Sandy in pink.

“Alright, let’s get you two in your night diapers and give you are night bottles and then its off to bed.” Stuart said as the girls were carried to the nursery. Michelle was first up, she was dried off, powdered, and diapered in a diaper so thick Sandy thought that Michelle probably couldn’t even walk in it.

“Daddy!” Michelle whined, “I don’t want a crawler!”

“You drank almost twenty bottles today and only had two changes. You will get all the diaper you need.” He said and got a black and orange nightie out from a dressed and slipped it onto Michelle, “There you go.” He smiled and clipped an orange pacifier to the nightie before picking her up and setting her on the ground.

“Alright, let’s make this nice and quick.” Laurel said as she dried Sandy off and set her on the table. Sandy was too tired to even think about resisting and even if she did she knew that she would be easily overpowered. Soon she was powdered, diapered in a thick dark blue diaper with stars on it, had her stitches redressed, and put in a pink and black striped onesie, “You look so adorable.” Laurel clipped a pink pacifier to the onesie after she set Sandy next to Michelle who was sucking away at her pacifier.

“Wait, don’t we need to brush our teeth?” She said as Laurel took more pictures.

“That’s what your night bottle is for, it’s a special formula that cleans your teeth as you drink it.” She said as Stuart came in with two bottles.

“Two night bottles for two very special little girls.” He gave the girls the bottles.

“Thanks daddy!” Michelle smiled and happily sucked on the bottle.

“Thank you sir.” Sandy sighed and started to drink the formula. This was different from her earlier bottle, it isn’t as sweet and certainly not as creamy and it tasted minty, but it wasn’t bad. After both girls had finished their bottles they were both put in the large crib that was next to the changing table. Sandy smiled a bit as she was laid next to Michelle and tucked in.

“Good night you two.” Laurel cooed and kissed them both on the head.

“Sweet dreams.” Stuart patted their heads and set a baby monitor on the dresser, “We will see you in the morning.” He smiled and turned off the lights before leaving the room. As the lights dimmed the ceiling was illuminated with stars and moons coming from a globe projector on the dresser.

“Good night Mitch.” Sandy smiled and kissed the little next to her.

“Good night Sandy.” Micelle returned the kiss and shut her eyes.

4 Hours later
Sandy was awoken from her peaceful slumber by an uncomfortable pressure in her lower abdomen, “Michelle, Michelle.” She gently shook the girl.

“Huh, what?” Michelle yawned and looked around, “it’s still night, what’s wrong?”

“I have to pee.”

Next Time on: Tales From The Bureau: Sandy’s first full day as an adopted little is ahead of her, how will this experience affect her, and Markus is entrusted with a special mission for the Underground Railroad, one that could mean life and death for innocent littles.

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Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

This chapter was really well written with a great premise that fits in a lot with what BabyKimmy had going on this summer. The trip back to Earth will be interesting to see to me… which I guess means you’re looking at this dimension as a different world? My thought has been you’re on an alternate Earth based on the original. The way the whole universe is setup though the nice thing is you can pretty much do whatever you want and it fits with the concept! Can’t wait to see where you take this next! (Somehow I think her tattoos and body hair are not going to be with her much longer…)

BTW you should post this on DailyDiapers Story Forum too - you might get some more feedback over there.

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I’m pretty happy to see another diaper dimension story up on here. This story is pretty interesting. You’ve built a unique setting I don’t think I’ve read about yet. Having it based on characters associated with their government is new to me. I’m loving the characters so far. You dove into conflict fairly quickly but it was still brought on smoothly. There are alot of characters in this story to try to remember so I kinda get lost in who each one is. However my memory is pretty terrible hehe

Thank you for putting your time and creativity to work on making this lil gem :slight_smile:

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[QUOTE=BabySofia;71601]This chapter was really well written with a great premise that fits in a lot with what BabyKimmy had going on this summer. The trip back to Earth will be interesting to see to me… which I guess means you’re looking at this dimension as a different world? My thought has been you’re on an alternate Earth based on the original. The way the whole universe is setup though the nice thing is you can pretty much do whatever you want and it fits with the concept! Can’t wait to see where you take this next! (Somehow I think her tattoos and body hair are not going to be with her much longer…)

BTW you should post this on DailyDiapers Story Forum too - you might get some more feedback over there.[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much. To be perfectly honest BabyKimmy was my primary inspiration to write a DD story (that paired with a dream about the orientation video with that super cheesy 80s theme to it.) I already have tons of ideas for different stories in this universe. Across all the different countries including the minor ones. Trust me when I say the trip to Earth will be a roller-coaster to say the least.

I’m pretty happy to see another diaper dimension story up on here. This story is pretty interesting. You’ve built a unique setting I don’t think I’ve read about yet. Having it based on characters associated with their government is new to me. I’m loving the characters so far. You dove into conflict fairly quickly but it was still brought on smoothly. There are alot of characters in this story to try to remember so I kinda get lost in who each one is. However my memory is pretty terrible hehe

Thank you for putting your time and creativity to work on making this lil gem :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. The Bureau isn’t really government, more like interdemensional NGO with their hands in everything. As for the large amounts of characters there are only a handful that will have any major plot power. The rest will come and go as needed.

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Hey, this is a bit unrelated, but what is this BabyKimmy story you were taking about. I am curious and hoped you could please fill me in

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bbykimmy was very active last year until the summer. I haven’t seen anything from her since about July, so not sure what happened to her. She was posting on here and DailyDiapers - this is the only location you can find her work though since the crash happened. The ones that I know of:






She’s come up with some interesting ideas in the DiaperDimension and we’ve tossed a couple things back and forth. Like I said though I don’t remember anything since about July. Hopefully she’s okay!

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Thank you for the info BabySophia. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Chapter Six
“I have to pee.” Sandy blushed as Michelle rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

Michelle groaned, “That’s it? You have to pee?” She flopped back down onto her back, “Just pee!”

“Come on Mitch, help me get to the toilet.” Sandy squirmed a bit as she tried to climb out of the crib.

“You can’t go to the toilet.” Michelle sighed, “Here is why: A. You can’t climb out of the crib, B. You can’t get out of the room, C. If you wake Buster up he will bark like a motherfucker, D. You can’t open the bathroom, E. The toilet is too big for you, and F. Mommy and Daddy can hear us right now.”

“Goodnight girls.” Stuart’s voice came out of the baby monitor on the dresser.

“But I have to pee!” Sandy protestsed.

“You will get a change in the morning.” Stuart sighed.

“Dear, I got this.” Laurel’s rather sleepy voice could be heard on the monitor. Within a few minutes the door to the nursery opened and the lights slowly brightened.

“Mommy!” Michelle groaned and covered her head with a blanket.

“Hush.” Laurel looked over at Sandy as she squirmed around. Her arms gripping the bars of the crib, “It’s okay sweetie.” she said as she started to pick Sandy up.

“Take me to the toilet!” She whimpered. The girl squirmed around in laurel’s grasp.

“Sandy, this is something you need to get used to.” She rubbed the girls back and sat down in a rocking chair, “Just relax and let it go, all diapers get changed.”

“No! No! No!” Sandy shook her head as she struggled to hold back her bladder. It felt like the pressure had increased drastically from when she first woke up, “Did you fucking drug me?!” She groaned and held her gut.

“Not at all dear.” Laurel sighed and grabbed a pacifier from inside a cupholder on the side of the highchair, “Amazon breast milk just helps to clean out littles’ systems.”

“You gave me boob milk!?” Sandy yelled as she blushed even deeper that she was already.

“Yes, all your bottles are my breast milk.” Laurel kept rubbing Sandy’s back, “Do you not like it?”

Sandy bit her lower lip a bit. She didn’t hate the milk, she actually quite liked it, “No.” Sandy whimpered as she felt the gates about to burst.

“Just let go Sandra, I will change you.” She reassured the little.

Sandra felt her body screaming to let go while her mind and over twenty years of using the toilet was screaming at her to keep it in. In the end her body won. Sandy felt a few tears well up as she wet herself for the first time in nearly twenty years. She could feel a puddle forming right under her rear only for it to quickly disappear and be replaced by another puddle only for that puddle to be absorbed by the diaper. The cycle continued until her diaper felt squishy and warm, “D-done.” Sandy managed to mutter.

“That’s such a good girl, going pee pee in her didee like a good baby.” Laurel smiled and sat the girl on her knee.

Sandra squeaked as the wet diaper was pressed against her crotch and a wave of pleasure started to make its way through her body, “L-laurel!” She blushed and bit her lower lip as the pleasure started to subside.

Laurel smirked, she knew exactly what she was doing, “I think someone likes their didees a bit more than they are letting on.”

Sandy shook her head, “D-do not!”

“Come on sweetie.” Laurel smiled and carried her over to the changing table, “Lets get you nice and clean.” She let out a yawn as she got all the supplies and started to clean Sandy up, “After this it’s right back to bed, we have a busy busy day.”

Sandy nodded a bit as Laurel wiped her down, “Cold!” She squirmed around.

“You get used to it!” Michelle called out from the crib.

Laurel nodded in agreement as she sprinkled some baby powder on the girls crotch and taped up a new night diaper, “There we go, all fresh and clean.” She smiled and set Sandy back in the crib, “Goodnight, again.” She said before turning off the lights and shutting the door behind her.

“You are such a fucking pervert.” Michelle giggled and playfully punched Sandy in the arm.

“Oh fuck you.” She blushed and punched back, “You probably hump your stuffed animals!”

Michelle blushed, “I…”

“Oh my god you do!” Sandy smirked, “And you call me a perv.” She laughed and hugged Michelle.

“I said goodnight!” Laurel’s stern voice came through, “I don’t want to hear a peep out of either of you until tomorrow!”

“Yes, ma’am.” The two littles grumbled.

“Good, now sleep.”

Michelle smiled and embraced Sandy as the two tried to fall back asleep. It took Sandy a bit to calm down from the teasing that Laurel had done. Sandy’s mind was full of thoughts, “Do I actually like diapers? Is this because of Mommy’s milk? Did I just call Laurel Mommy?” She sighed a bit, eventually her thoughts started to blur and the girl fell asleep in the arms of her crib mate.

Six Hours Later

Sandy groaned as a foul smell entered her nostrils, “What’s that smell? Did Rick burn the damn MREs again?” she yawned and started to stretch and noticed that Michelle was squatting down on the other end of the crib. She was hanging onto the side and her face was all scrunched up, “Mitch, are you shitting yourself?” Sandy stared in disbelief as Michelle’s already super thick diaper expanded a bit more.

“What? I poop every morning!” She stuck her tongue out and started to stand upright. The diaper causing a large gap between her legs.

Sandy held her nose, “I can smell you over here. Fuck me, when that opens.” she groaned and covered her head with the blanket, “Just get fucking changed!”

“I will…when Mommy or Daddy come in.” She said as she started to crawl over to Sandy.

“You mean they don’t change you when you want?” Sandy poked her head out of the blanket with a slightly scared look on her face.

“When I first came here yeah, but after a few days they said I had to get used to staying in a used diaper for a bit until they check.” She said as she promptly sat down.

“Fuck Mitch, that is disgusting.”

“Says the girl that got horny with her huggies last night.” She stuck her tongue out as Stuart entered the room and immediately stepped back a bit.

“Woah, someone really needs a diaper change.” Stuart held his nose and walked over to the crib, “Alright, which one of you is it?”

Sandy blushed and pointed to Michelle, “Not me.”

Michelle giggled and pointed to Sandy, “It was her.”

Sandy shook her head and kept blushing, “No it wasn’t!”

Stuart sighed and picked Sandy up, “I’ll just check you first.” Stuart set her on the table and undid the crotch snaps on the girl’s onesie before feeling the diaper, “Nope, you’re clean. So then Michelle must be the stink bug.” He said and set Sarah back in the crib before picking Michelle up, “Yep, you really stink.”

Michelle giggled a bit and kicked her legs, “I’m not stinky.”

“Yes you are.” He laid her down on the changing table, “Good thing we put you in a waddler.” Stuart removed the girl’s nightie, “Alright, this is going to be fun.” He sighed and slowly began to untape Michelle’s diaper.

Sandy gagged as the smell from Michelle’s diaper was amplified. She held her nose and groaned, “Mitch, you fucking stink!”

“Sandy, this is your last warning. If you keep using that language you will get a silencer put in your mouth and if you keep using naughty language its a spanking.” Stuart said as he started to wipe Michelle’s rear.

“Yes sir.” She grumbled as she held her nose shut to try and block out Michelle’s fumes, “I’m not doing that.”

“Yes you will.” Stuart sighed as he kept wiping her, “I think we need to get you those scent blocking diapers.”

Michelle shook her head, “I’m not that stinky!”

“Yes you are.” Stuart smiled as he finally finished wiping, “There we go.” He said as he started to powder Michelle’s rear.

“I want a princess diapee!” Michelle smiled, “Please?”

“Since you said please.” He smiled and got a thick pink diaper that appeared to have ruffles on the butt, out from the shelves in the changing table.

“Um, when can I get out of this diaper? It’s a bit thick.” Sandy stood up, gripping the bars of the crib for support.

“You get a new diaper when you get changed.” Stuart said as he slid the princess diaper under Michelle’s rear and taped it up. The diaper wasn’t as thick as the one Sandy was wearing, “We don’t like wasting diapers here.” He said as he placed Michelle’s old diaper in a plastic bag and dropped into into a nearby diaper pail.

“W-what?!” Sandy looked down at the diaper bulge in her onesie, “That’s not fair!”

“Dear, its simple. If you need a new diaper, you get a new diaper.” He rolled his eyes and took Michelle’s nightie off, “Alright, let’s get you into a nice pretty dress.” He walked over to the closet and looked through some clothes, “Hmmmm, ah here we go.” Stuart got out a ruffled blue dress, “You haven’t worn this in ages.” Stuart smiled.

Michelle pouted, “I don’t like that dress.”

“What don’t you like about it? Grandma and Grandpa got it for you in Galice.”

“I don’t like it!” Michelle pouted more.

“Well, you are wearing it.” Stuart rolled his eyes and started to dress Michelle.

“No no no!” Michelle raised her voice and kicked at Stuart a bit.

“Hey, that is very bad.” He scolded Michelle, “You know better than that.”

Michelle stuck her tongue out, “I want my princess dress!”

“Its too cold out for that.” He sighed as he reached under the changing table and pulled out a hairbrush, “You know better than to kick Daddy and raise your voice.”

Michelle went pale, “No no no no!” She whimpered and tried to back up.

“Michelle!” Stuart raised his voice, “Bad girls need to be punished.” He said as he started to untape Michelle’s diaper. Sandy watched on in horror as she saw the Amazon grab Michelle’s feet and lifted them up so that Michelle’s pale rear was exposed, “This hurts me as much as it hurts you.” He said and in two swift motions he brought the flat of the hairbrush against Michelle’s rear and raised it back up before delivering another strike. By the fifth strike Michelle was bawling her eyes out. By the tenth she had snot running down her face.

“Now then.” Stuart said as he put away the hairbrush and retaped Michelle’s diaper before picking her up and holding her close, “Daddy is sorry he had to do that.” He patted Michelle’s back and started to bounce up and down, “Shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhh.”

“Honey, everything okay in here?” Laurel said as she came through the door.

“Yes dear, Michelle decided it was a good time to kick me and yell because she didn’t want to wear the dress my parents got her.” Stuart said as he gave Michelle a pacifer.

“Bare hand or hairbrush?” She sighed and picked up Sandy who whimpered, “Shhhhhh, shhhhhh, its okay sweetheart. If you are a good girl you don’t get spankies.”

“Hairbrush, she knows better than to kick at me.” Stuart said as he started to dress Michelle in the blue dress.

“Dear…” She sighed, “Open hand would have been fine.” She rolled her eyes and picked up Sandy, who buried her face in Laurel’s shoulder, “Look at what you did, you scared Sandy.” She sighed and rubbed the girl’s back, “Its okay honey, if you’re a good girl that won’t happen to you.”

Sandy whimpered, “I’m a good girl.”

“That’s right.” Laurel smiled, “Now, let’s get you into a nice outfit.” She carried Sandy over to the wardrobe.

“I’m hungry.” She whimpered.

“Don’t worry. You and Michelle will get a bottle of formula during the car ride to the mall.” Laurel said as she started to look through the clothes, “What about this pretty dress?” Laurel smiled as she got out a pink dress that stopped just above the knees.

“It’s cold out.” Sandy murmured through Laurels cardigan sweater.

“That’s why you have pants silly.” She said as she set the dress’ coat hanger on the changing table’s railing, “Lets see, maybe some jeans?”

“I like jeans.” Sandy sniffled.

“Jeans it is.” She smiled and grabbed a pair of light blue jeans from a dresser and brought them to the changing table before laying Sandra down on the table.

“Can I get a new diaper please?” Sandy looked up at Laurel.

“Are you wet?” Laurel asked as she squeezed the front of the diaper, “No, and you aren’t messy.” She shook her head, “Afraid not, we don’t waste diapers here.”

“But it’s too thick!” Sandy groaned.

Laurel rolled her eyes, “You haven’t pooped yet so you need a thick diaper.” Laurel said as she started to dress Sandy.

“I’m not pooping my pants.” Sandy mumbled.

“Correct, you aren’t pooping your pants. You are pooping your diaper.” She smirked a bit as she helped Sandy into the dress. The jeans were a bit small on Sandy given that they were likely Michelle’s. The jeans did nothing to hide Sandy’s big diaper bulge.

Sandy grumbled, “Well, it’s not that bad.” She shrugged as Laurel picked her up so Stuart could finished dressing Michelle who had started to calm down.

“I-I want eggs.” Michelle sniffled and wiped her nose on Stuarts turtleneck.

“Thank you for that Michelle.” He smiled a bit, “You can have strawberry formula on the car ride to the mall, okay?”

“Okay.” She mumbled as Stuart put her in the blue dress from earlier, “You fed Buster and let him out?”

“Yep.” Laurel smiled as she bounced Sandy a bit, “He came in right before I came up.”

“Good. That seems like everything.” He smiled as he helped Michelle into some socks and orange sneakers.

“Where did you put Sandy’s shoes?” Laurel asked.

“All she had was combat boots. They are in the garage with Michelle’s rain boots.” Stuart said as he started to put diapers into a diaper bag.

“Alright alright, lets go get your shoes on.” She said as she grabbed a pair of socks from a drawer and carried Michelle down the stairs.

“Where are we going?” She clung to Laurel as she walked through the living room, attracting the attention of the Golden Retriever, Buster, who upon seeing the new little rushed over to Laurel and tried to sniff the new member of the family.

“Buster down!” Laurel commanded, to which Buster obliged. Laurel smiled at Sandy’s question, “It’s a surprise.”

“He’s very nice.” Sandy said as she looked at the dog while frowning to show her dislike of not being told where they were going.

“Do you wanna pet him?” She smiled and rubbed Buster’s head a bit.

“Yes please.” She blushed a tad bit.

“Its okay dear, he doesn’t bite.” She said as she knelt down so that Sandy could pet Buster.

“Hey Buster, I’m Sandy.” She hesitantly started to pet him. Buster panted a bit and licked Sandy’s hand which elicited giggles from the little, “He’s nice” She smiled.

“Yes he is.” She smiled, “Buster, go lay down.” Buster obeyed Laurel’s command and went off to his dog bed. Laurel carried Sandy through the kitchen and into a two car garage occupied by a silver SUV and a red sports sedan. The garage had shelving units on one side. Sandy could see a large container labeled, “BUSTER’S FOOD” along with several cases of water bottles, several folding chairs, and boxes upon boxes of diapers. In the corner of the garage between the shelving and the wall were several different strollers, all twin strollers. There was a black folding twin stroller, there was a grey twin running stroller, and there was a bright orange twin stroller that had skies on the back.

“Why are all the strollers for two?” She looked up at Laurel, “Did you fucking plan this?!” Sandy started to raise her voice which earned her a smack on the leg.

“Language, and no we did not. We got them when we first got Michelle. Stuart’s parents own a very successful restaurant on the northern side of town. They gave us most of Michelle’s nursery furniture and these strollers. Stuart thought they got us the twin sets because his parents wanted us to get a bigger tax break, but I know that they were secretly applying pressure for us to get a second little.” She said as she sat Sandy on a low shelf next to a box of diapers with a smiling little on the front, “Here we go.” She said as she picked up a pair of heavily worn combat boots, “Oh sweetie, we need to get you new shoes.” She said as she put the socks on Sandy’s feet.

“I can do it myself!” She yelled as she tried to take over from Laurel.

“Alright, alright, no need to yell.” She said as she put the boots next to Sandy.

“Thank you.” She sighed as she slipped the boots onto her feet and tied them. Sandy looked down and noticed the drop, six feet onto concrete, “Um… Can you help me please?” Sandy looked up at Laurel.

“Oh, so now you want help?” She chuckled and picked her up as Stuart entered the garage with Michelle on his hip and a diaper bag slung over his shoulder.

“All ready?” He said as he got a bottle full of light pink liquid and handed it to Michelle who happily started to suck on it, “You okay with vanilla Sandy?”

“Y-yeah, I’m okay with vanilla… It isn’t more boob milk is it!?” She said as she looked at Laurel and then at Stuart.

“No dear, as you can see, I’m not pink so I couldn’t make the milk that Michelle is drinking.” She cooed.

Sandy caught herself nodding in agreement, “Right.” She thought, “Pink milk comes from the pink cows… Wait, what? No, no, no. That isn’t right.” She started to shake her head as she was picked up and strapped into a pink car seat with a six point harness.

“There we go, nice and safe. Not too tight?” Laurel smiled at Sandy.

“No.” Sandy said as she tried to get comfortable. When she finally managed to get comfortable with the bean bag chair of a diaper beneath her she took note of the car’s interior. There were a few small toys like the ones from kids meals scattered about in the car, along with the crumbs of snacks long since eaten. On the back of the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seats were small television screens like the ones used to entertain kids on long car rides. Sandy was spending so much time looking around the car she didn’t even notice Michelle being strapped in to an orange car seat next to her.

“I wanna watch Yunno!” Michelle smiled as she was strapped into her carseat, seemingly forgetting her spanking from earlier. Her half empty bottle now resting in a cup holder on the seat

“Honey, why don’t you ask Sandy if she wants to watch anything?” Laurel smiled as she got into the front passenger seat with the diaper bag as Stuart loaded the black folding stroller into the trunk, “Almost forgot.” Laurel smiled as she got out a bottle of yellowish white liquid and handed it to Sandy, “Drink up dear.”

“What is it?” Sandy said as she gently shook the bottle.

“Breakfast formula, essentially a breakfast shake.” She smiled.

Michelle smiled and looked over at Sandy, “Do you want to watch anything?”

“Um, the only TV I’ve watched in this world was some documentary on the ocean the night before the festival.” Sandy shrugged as she kept looking over the bottle.

“Mommy! Turn on Yunno!” She giggled and kicked her legs before turning to Sandy, “You’re gonna like Yunno!”

“What’s the magic word?” Laurel looked back at Michelle.


“Good girl.” She smiled as Stuart got in the car and opened the garage door before getting into the car.

“Everyone all set?” He said as he started the engine with the press of a button and started to back out of the garage.

“Put Yunno on!” Michelle whined and kicked the air.

“In a second dear, let daddy pull out of the driveway.” Laurel patted Michelle’s head, “Sandy, is something wrong with the bottle?”

“No… I’m just not used to drinking from a bottle. Can I have one of those sippy cups?” She sighed a bit as Stuart reversed out of the driveway. Sandy looked out the window and saw the neighborhood she now lived in was a gated community complete with roving security patrols and a gate house.

“Those are for the table and only the table, sorry dear.” She smiled sympathetically at the girl as the SUV passed through the gatehouse, “Now, you wanted to watch Yunno right sweetie?”

“Yeah!” Michelle smiled widely.

“Alright.” She smiled as she taped a bit a touch screen just below the radio.

Sandy sighed and started to such on the bottle. The formula wasn’t as good as Laurel’s milk and it had an artificial taste to it, however, the vanilla flavour of the formula was quite good and Sandy started to suck it down.

Sandy watched the screen in front of her as a female little in a pink t-shirt and diaper waddled onto screen, “Hi everybody!” The little giggled, her blonde hair was braided into pigtails. Sandy tried to lean in closer, she could have sworn that she had seen that little before

“Hi Yunno!” Michelle smiled before taking a few sucks from her bottle.

“How is everyone doing today?” The little smiled as she twirled around.

“Good!” Michelle smiled and clapped.

Sandy’s eyes went wide, “Scarlet McCreary! Thats fucking Scarlet McCreary!” Sandy yelled.

Laurel frown and pinched Sandy’s cheek, “Language, and who is Scarlet McCreary? That’s Yunno.”

“McCreary was and up and coming singer songwriter actress triple threat during the invasion. She was supposed to be doing a USO show for us at the DMZ but we got word she was found dead in Honolulu.” Sandy said as she looked over at Michelle who had pursed her lips.

“Now that you mention it… yeah, she kinda does look like Scarlet. But that doesn’t make sense. This was almost a year before first contact with Amazonia, besides, they found a body that matched her DNA. No way that can be her.” She smiled, “Must be your imagination. Now watch Yunno, you are going to love it!” Michelle giggled before focusing her attention back on the screen in front of her.

“Alright, does everybody have their clean diapers on?” Yunno smiled and shook her rear for the camera, “All clean here.”

“I’m clean Yunno!” Michelle cheered before looking expectedly at Sandy, “Sandy, tell Yunno that you’re clean!”

“Do I have to?” Sandy groaned. Sandy was oblivious to Laurel recording the two littles with her smartphone.

“Yes!” Michelle pouted.

“Fine.” She grumbled and looked at the screen, “I-I’m clean Yunno.”

“Alright!” Yunno bounced about the screen, “Are you ready for an adventure!?”

“Yeah!” Michelle cheered and kicked her legs.

“Yeah.” Sandy blushed a bit. For some reason she found herself being drawn to the show as Yunno went on an adventure to find a pacifier that was supposed to taste like apples. Along the way Yunno met an Amazon she hadn’t met before who promised to help her find the pacifier, however, the Amazon was evil and tried to kidnap Yunno to be his little. As the program went on Sandy drank more and more from her bottle.

“NO! Look out Yunno!” Michelle and Sandy both exclaimed as Yunno ran away from the Amazon. Thankfully Yunno’s mommy, Monika, intervened and saved Yunno from the stranger.

Monika looked at the screen, “Remember, if you are lost and an Amazon you don’t know says they want to help you, yell NO and run away while yelled, stranger danger, stranger danger. Everyone say it with us now!”

“Stranger danger! Stranger danger!” Michelle and Sandy yelled out.

“Great job!” Monika smiled, “Now, when you are lost you can look for helpers and they will help you find your mommy or daddy!” Monika gestured and several Amazons stepped into screen. There was a police officer, a firefighter, and a store employee, “If you see any of these helpers you can go up to them and tell them that you are lost. They will help you find your mommy or daddy!” Monika smiled, “What do we say Yunno?”

“Bye bye!” The little giggled and waved as the credits started to roll.

“Here we are.” Stuart smiled as he pulled into a parking spot.

“Such good girls.” Laurel smiled and turned off the screens.

“What?!” Sandy looked around, “Where are we?”

Laurel unbuckled herself and stepped out of the car before opening Sandy’s door, “We are at the mall silly. You must’ve really liked Yunno.” She smiled and started to unbuckled the girl as Stuart got the stroller out from the trunk and unfolded it, “Thank you dear.” She smiled and set Sandy in one of the seats and buckled her in, “There we go, comfy?” She patted Sandy’s head.

“Yeah, I guess.” She sighed as Michelle was strapped in next to her, “Mitch, does… does Yunno always make car rides that quick?”

“Uh huh!” Michelle smiled as Stuart started to push the stroller towards the mall entrance. Sandy could see several other strollers being pushed towards the entrench along with a few littles on leashes.

“So I’m thinking that I’ll take Sandy to Sydney’s place and get her looked at while you and Michelle and shop for Festivus presents.” Stuart smiled as they entered the mall. Festive music played over the loudspeakers occasionally punctuated by the cry of a little.

“Do you wanna take the stroller?” Laurel said as she stopped in front of a directory. Sandy could just make out a few store names such as, Little Land, Diapers Plus, Bottle Barn, and Dave.”

“What’s Dave?” Sandy asked as she looked up at Laurel.

“A place where you can buy stuff purely because it looks cool and or fun.” Laurel chuckled. Dave was always Michelle’s favorite store to go to.

“I wanna go to Dave. I wanna go to Dave!” Michelle smiled widely.

“Alright, Laurel, you can take Michelle and the stroller and head down to Dave. I’ll take Sandy over to Sydney’s.” Stuart said as he unbuckled Sandy from the stroller and picked her up, “Ready to meet Sydney?” He smiled.

“Who is Sydney?” Sandy blushed a bit as she was picked up and set on Stuart’s hip.

“She is Michelle’s stylist. You will like her.” He smiled and carried her through the mall. As Stuart walked Michelle saw Laurel and the stroller disappear into the crowd of Amazons. After about a minute of walking Stuart walked up to a storefront that had the sign: Salon Petite Avec Sydney. Sandy could see that the whole salon was bustling with Amazons tending to littles in barber chairs, several were strapped down with silencers in their mouths and their Amazons trying to calm them down. Stuart smiled as he walked towards the front desk.

“Welcome to Salon Petite Avec Sydney, do you have an appointment.” The Amazon teen working the front desk sighed.

“No I do not.” Stuart said as he readjusted Sandy.

“Then I am afraid we cannot serve you today. If you want I can get you an appointment in about…” The Amazon tapped on a keyboard, “About three months.”

“Can I speak with Sydney please?” Stuart smiled knowingly.

“Sir, Sydney is very busy today so I will have to ask you to leave.” The teen sighed.

“Director Crimson! What is The Bureau’s guard dog doing at my humble establishment.” A female fifteen footer with fiery red hair in a pixie cut walked through the salon towards the front. The mention of a Director from The Bureau sent every single Amazon’s gaze right towards Stuart and Sandy. Sandy buried her face in Stuarts shoulder.

“Just got Michelle a sister Sydney. Want her to look nice and pretty for the Festivus party.” Stuart bounced Sandy a bit, “Sandra, say hi to Ms.Sydney.”

“Sandra, that is such a pretty name.” Sydney smiled and felt Sandy’s hair, “Oh my, where did you get her?”

“Candidate, it was a rather… spur of the moment decision.” He patted her back, “Mind if we get a private session?”

“Not at all, follow me.” Sydney smiled as she walked towards a door labeled, “PRIVATE” and held the door open for Stuart.

“Thank you very much Sydney.” He walked through the door as the salon went back to normal. Once they were through the door Sandy took her face out of Stuart shoulder and saw something that terrified her: a solid black tube.

“W-w-whats that?” She pointed to the tube.

“That’s the redesigner sweetie.” Sydney smiled, “It can change your features right now to the microscopic level, of course it’s not plastic surgery, but it’s pretty close. So, what do we wanna do today, sir?” She smiled as Sandy started to squirm a bit.

“No, no!” She teared up out of fear, “I like how I am right now!” she said as she tried to get away.

“Shhhhh, shhhhhhhh. Sandy, look at Daddy.” Stuart held her close, “Im not changing how you look, I’m just gonna have Sydney make your skin nice and smooth and maybe change your hair color, okay?” Stuart rubbed her back.

“B-but I like being blonde.” She sniffled.

“I know, I know, but your face is plastered all over the internet after what happened at the festival. It’s safer for the family if we do this, okay?”

“Oh shit, I thought I saw her somewhere.” Sydney’s eyes went wide, “Wait, you made one of your agents enter littlehood?”

“It’s more complicated than that Sydney, just get her prepped and into the redesigner please.” He handed the girl off to Sydney.

“Alright alright.” She smiled at Sandy, “Don’t worry Sandy, I’m not going to hurt you.” She turned to stuart, “Any changes today?”

“Nope.” He shook his head.

“Plugs it is.” She sighed and carried Sandy over to a changing table, “Just relax sweetie.”

“Plugs.” Sandy squirmed a bit.

“It’s just to make sure you don’t make a mess in the redesigner.” She laid the girl down and started to undress her until she was just in a diaper, “Oh my, you have quite a bit of ink… everywhere.” Sydney then got out two plugs, one small, long, and white and one big, black, and with a flared end. Sydney proceed to untape Sandy’s diaper, “Stuart, why is she in a night diaper?”

“She woke up dry, you know I don’t waste diapers!” Stuart rolled his eyes, “Put her back in that one when your done?”

“You are such a cheapskate!” She yelled as she put some lube on the big black plug.

“Only when it comes to diapers.” Stuart retorted.

“Will it hurt?” Sandy whimpered.

“No sweetie, now deep breath.” She said before inserting the black plug into Sandy’s rear which elicited a yelp from the little, “Now for the other one.” She cooed as she started to insert the small thin plug into Sandy’s urethra.

“Is that it?” She whimpered.

“Yes, you were very brave.” She smiled and carried the girl towards the tube and slid the top half off revealing a pair of restraints at both ends with a few cushioned cloth straps running along the inside of the tube.

“Nope, nope nope!” Sandy shook her head as she was put into the restraints, “This is not happening!”

“Just calm down sweetums, I will put on Yunno for you, does that sound good?” Sydney cooed as she made sure the restraints were tight but not too tight.

“Yunno?” Sandy smiled a bit, “Wait, why am I so happy about Yunno?” She thought to herself.

“Yes, Yunno. Now, be a good girl.” She smiled and slide the top of the tube back on. Within a few minutes Yunno appeared on a screen in front of Sandy’s face.

Stuart sighed a bit as Sydney walked over to the controls, “Surprised she didn’t give you too much trouble.”

Sydney smirked a bit, “Its my perfume, scientifically proven to calm littles.” She started to press buttons, “Sealing designer.” She said as the two parts of the tube sealed together, “Scanning.” A purple light was seen through the small crack between the parts. Sandy didn’t care, she was focused on Yunno’s adventure at the beach. Soon a 3-D image of Sandy was projected next to the controls, “Lots of ink, all gone?”

Stuart sighed and looked over the projection, “All but those memorial tattoos on her arm, I can’t do that to a fellow soldier.”

Sydney nodded, “I can respect that. Mind if I save these designs? There is quite a bit of good art here.”

“Go ahead.” He nodded.

“Alrighty.” She smiled and tapped some buttons. Soon a red light appeared in the crack and moved back and forth. One by one the tattoos on the projection disappeared except for a small cluster on Sandy’s right shoulder, “I assume you want me to rework her skin?”

“Yep, no acne, no body hair, and smooth as a little’s bottom.” He said as he watched the projection.

“Yes sir.” She said and continued to tap away on the console causing a yellow light to moved through the crack, “And what about hair?”

“Lets do… long and black. I will let you style it afterwards.”

“Perfection.” She smiled and tapped on a screen before a blue light moved through the crack, “All that’s left is to let her sit for a bit while the machine does the fine tuning. So, care to explain why the festival’s shooter is diapered?”

Markus groaned as his cell phone awoke him from his deeply slumber. He had planned on sleeping in and going to the grocery store to stock up on food. Unfortunately, it seems that someone else had a differant plan.

“Hello?” Markus yawned as he answered.

“Markus, it’s Charles. Listen, the railroad has an assignment for you. Get up and meet me at the corner of 5th and Elm in thirty minutes.” The voice on the other side said before hanging up.

Markus groaned and rolled out of bed, “Crap.” He stretched and went take a quick shower. After his shower, Markus grabbed a bowl of Oatmeal and threw on some clean clothes. Soon he was out the door and walked towards the spot where Charles wanted him.

“About time you got here.” Charles said as he looked at his watch. Charles had a messenger bag which he threw to Markus, “Here.”

Markus fumbled to catch the bag, “What is this?”

“Documents needed for the next batch. It is vital that these get to the the bakery at The Square of Memories, Bread by the Dozen.” Charles smiled, “Do not let ANYONE stop you or take the bag from you. Those documents mean life and death for littles we are smuggling in. If you are compromised… I don’t know you.” He said as he started to walk away and soon disappeared into a crowd.

“Wait! Charles!” He yelled, but it was futile as Charles had merged with the crowd, “Fuck!” He groaned and shouldered the bag before setting off towards the center of town which was a good mile and a half away, “Why me, why me? Why entrust a newbie with this kinda stuff?” He grumbled as he walked. Soon Markus neared the bakery and was only a half block away, that was until he heard something that made his skin crawl.

“Help me, help me.” Markus heard a voice croak out from an alleyway.

“H-hello?” Markus asked as he peered into the alley. What he say startled him, an Amazon sitting against the wall of the alley with blood all over their face, “oh my god!” Markus gasped as he rushed over to the Amazon, “What happened to you?”

“I got jumped.” The Amazon coughed.

“O-okay! Let me call the police and they will send help.” Markus said as he fumbled with phone.

“No need for the police.” The Amazon said as he batted the phone out of Markus and grabbed his hand as a little emerged from the shadows behind Markus and covered his mouth.

“Well, well well. What do we have here?’ The little smirked as he reached for Markus’ bag.

Markus’ eyes went wide and he struggled against the little, “NO!” He yelled out and bit the hand of the little as he struggled against the Amazon.

“Bastard.” The little growled, “Just give us the bag and you can go on your way.”

“Bastards.” He growled and headbutted the Amazon.

“Bitch!” The Amazon yelled in pain and held his nose allowing for Markus to sprint out of the alley and down the street.

Markus didn’t stop running until he reached the Bakery. The minute he stepped in his exhaustion turned to anger, and his face twisted into a frown all because of who he saw sitting at a table snacking on a sandwich, Charles.

“Ah, Markus. Good job.” Charles smiled and stood up.

“Charles, the fuck?!” He yelled as he pushed the messenger bag into his hands, “What was all of that?!”

“A test.” He smirked, “To see if you can be trusted and it seems you passed with flying colors.”

“So, those muggers where…”

“Members of the railroad.” He smiled and shouldered the bag.

“Shit.” Markus bit his lip.

“What did you do?” Charles asked.

“I may have broken one of their noses.” he sighed as he sat down.

Sandy was smiling widely as the redesigner slid open. Yunno’s beach adventure was so fun to watch, she even learned about water safety, but something inside of her was yelling, “You already know that Marine!”

“She looks amazing Sydney.” Stuart smiled as Sydney helped Sandy out of the restraints

“Yunno should still be in her system for a few minutes. Want me to put her in one of the dresses so you can take some pictures to send to Laurel? I’ll take the plugs out and rediaper her afterwards.” She smiled and picked the girl up, gently brushing away some of the newly black hair away from Sandy’s eyes.

“Sure.” He smiled as he watched Sydney dress the girl in a seafoam dress with white lace trimming in front of a large light up mirror, “She looks beautiful.” He walked towards her, “Hey Sandy.”

“Daddy?” She smiled and turned around to face Stuart. Her new black hair glistened in the light, her skin soft and pale like a newborn baby’s without a blemish in sight.

“Hey there princess, how are you doing?” He smiled, “I like your new hair.”

She giggled a bit, “Thank you daddy.”

Sydney smiled and took a few pictures, “Gotta love Yunno Goes to the Beach. Puts them in just the right mental state.” She smiled.

“Best investment The Bureau has ever made right there.” He smiled as Sandy started to rub her eyes.

“She shouldn’t be coming out of it that quickly.” Sydney said with a slight panic in her voice.

“She served in the military, she must have had some mental training.” Stuart sighed

“W-where am I?” Sandy yawned as she rubbed her eyes.

“Hey Sandy, did you enjoy Yunno.” Stuart smiled and rubbed her back.

“Yeah, it was nice.” She said as she opened her eyes and saw her reflection, “Wha-wha-what, who is that?” She started to tremble.

“Sandy, just calm down.” He sighed as Sandy started to touch her face.

“Is this me, IS THIS FUCKING ME!?” Sandy started to hyperventilate.

“Sandy, listen to me sweetheart just calm down.” Stuart said as he got a bit nervous.

“No, no, no, no.” Sandy started shake her head, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?” She screamed as tears ran down her face.

“Sweetie, just calm down.” Stuart said as Sydney moved to give him a silencer pacifier.

“No.” She looked up at him and with tears streaming down her face delivered a right hook directly to Stuart’s cheek. The punch wasn’t that powerful by Amazon standards but it still knocked him off balance long enough for Sandy to make a break for it.

“Alright, stop right there!” Sydney said as she got a pole with a leather U at the end off a hook on the wall.

“Why the fuck do you have that?!” Sandy yelled as she made for the door.

“For situations like this.” She said as she tried to pin Sandy but the little kept evading the pole.

“SANDRA BOUVARDIA CRIMSON!” Stuart roared as he got back onto his feet, “GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!”

“FUCK YOU!” Sandra screamed as she started to push the door open.

“Gotcha.” Sydney smirked a bit as she thrust the pole at Sandy, pinning her by the neck to the door, “Got her Stuart.”

Sandra growled and screamed as she was pinned, however, The extra force from the thrust had opened the door to the point that Sandra fell backwards and rolled away before hopping to her feet. However, when she looked around she saw that every single Amazon in the salon was staring right at her, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” She screamed and bolted for the exit.

“Get her!” Sydney yelled as she barreled out of the private room with Stuart right behind her. All of the Amazons in the room started to form a wall between Sandra and the door.

“FUCK YOU!” Sandra yelled as she ran right towards the exit, ducking and rolling in between Amazon legs and the barber chairs containing either crying or shocked littles. Sandy managed to get to the front desk and the only person blocking her was the teen working the front desk.

“Alright you little shit, this ends now.” She smirked and dove for Sandy who sidestepped and ran into the mall proper.

“SANDRA! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!” Stuart roared in anger load enough for the Amazons outside the store entrance and beyond to hear.

“Where the fuck did we come from?” She thought as the tears streamed down her face, “Fuck!” She screamed as she started to run in a random direction. She had to dodge in between Amazons and leashed littles as she sprinted through the mall. Amazon security guards soon joined the chase, several of them had those poles with the leather Us on them and one had a baton, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She yelled as Amazons started to block paths. The crowd was becoming too dense. She saw a path no one was blocking, a service corridor! She ran down the corridor only to be met with a door locked with a key card scanner.

“SANDRA!” Stuart yelled as he walked towards her with the security guards behind him. Stuarts face was red with anger with sweat beads on his forehead.

“BRING IT!” Sandra yelled back and got into a fighting stance with fists raised. In the grand scheme of things challenging people over twice her size to a fight, especially since some of them were armed was not the smartest choice, but it was either that or go quietly, and Sandra did not want to go quietly.

The fight (if you can call it that) was rather one sided with Stuart grabbed her now long hair and subduing her. By pinning her to the floor with his hand. The security guards handed Stuart three things: A silencer pacifier which was promptly shoved into Sandra’s mouth and inflated, a pink straight jacket that Stuart set aside, and an incredibly large bright orange diaper that was thicker than Michelle’s waddler diaper. Stuart flipped Sandy onto her back and took out the two plugs, which he handed to Sydney. Stuart quickly diapered her and then put her into the straight jacket, all while Sandy was screaming and thrashing about. Stuart easily overpowered Sandy and strapped her into the straight jacket. The thick diaper around the girl’s waist was more like a beanbag chair than a diaper.

“Excuse me sir, you and your little need to come with us. We need to fill out an incident report.” A security guard told Stuart.

“Yes, yes of course.” Stuart sighed loudly as he picked up Michelle, “You are in so much trouble when we get home!” Stuart followed the police officers to the security office, as they walked he could hear other Amazons whispering to each other, some were even taking pictures of him holding his heavily restrained yet still thrashing little.

“You can put her in here.” The security guard gestured to playpen with a lid.

“Thank you.” He sighed and set Sandy into the playpen before shutting the lid, “I am so sorry.” He sat down in front of the security guard’s desk, “She has never acted like this before.”

“Director Crimson, a little running amok and being a menace is a serious issue.” The guard said as he started to fill out paperwork.

‘“Yes sir. I know.” He looked down at the floor as Laurel arrived, pushing Michelle in the stroller with many shopping bags hanging on the handles.

“Stuart, what happened? I saw you being escorted over here and…” She said before gasping at the sight of the thrashing about Sandy, “Oh my god!”

“Sandra here decided to go absolutely ballistic at Sydney’s and punched me before making a run for it.” He sighed as he started to sign a few documents.

“This just says that you accept responsibility for the little and that if she returns and causes another disturbance then more severe measures will be taken. Normally this would result in at least a thirty day ban from the mall, but since you are a director with The Bureau, we can make an exception. You can keep the straight jacket.” The guard said as he filed a few papers away.

“SANDRA!” Laurel glared at the little who was groaning. Sandra had stopped thrashing about because she could feel a pressure inside of her gut and it kept growing no matter how hard she tried to hold it in.

“Sandy?” Michelle peered over at the play pen, not recognizing her friend due to the new hair.

“Michelle, Sandy was very very naughty, okay?” Laurel sighed loudly, “Just be quiet.” Laurel rubbed her temples.

“Alright, you are free to go.” The guard said as he handed Stuart a few copies of the forms.

“Thank you, and again, I am very sorry.” He sighed and got Sandy out of the playpen, “You are in so much trouble when we get home.” Stuart growled as he strapped her into the stroller and lowered one of the sunshades all the way so that it totally covered Sandy, “Lets go.”

Laurel sighed, “I can’t imagine Sydney was too happy about all of this.” She patted Stuart’s back a bit.

“No, and I still need to pay her.” He rubbed his temples as they walked back to the salon.

“Well, good to see all the excitement is over.” Sydney smiled at Stuart as he walked to the front desk.

“Sorry about all of this, how much?” Stuart sighed and got his wallet out.

“Stuart, you know my usual for a redesign is $100. I’m not charging you extra.” She smiled as Stuart swiped his credit card, “She came out of Yunno way to quickly, you couldn’t have predicted that.” She hugged him, “You aren’t a bad parent.”

“Thanks Sydney.” He smiled a bit.

“Anytime, give Sandy a few extra swats for me.” She waved before going back to work.

“Oh I will.” He chuckled as Laurel pushed the stroller out of the mall and towards the car.

Sandy groaned as she struggled to keep herself from releasing her bowels. She hadn’t gone number two since before the festival and she was nearing her breaking point. She was devoting all of her focus to trying to keep her diaper clean.

“Up we go!” Laurel smiled as she picked Michelle up from the stroller and strapped her into her carseat.

“I wanna watch Yunno again mama!” Michelle giggled.

“Alright dear. Let me get your naughty sister into her car seat and I’ll start Yunno.” Laurel kissed Michelle’s forehead before shutting the door and raising the sunshade on Sandy’s part of the stroller, “You have no idea what you have don’t, do you?” She sighed as she unstrapped the girl from the stroller and sat her into her car seat. Laurel shut Sandy’s door and got into the front passenger seat as Stuart folded up the stroller and put it in the trunk.

“Yunno! Yunno!” Michelle clapped her hands.

“No, no, no!” Sandy’s mind cried as she shook her head trying to keep the dam from bursting but it was no use. Sandy’s body gave out and with a rather loud sound of flatulence hot mess started to fill the girl’s diaper. Sandy choked back tears as she felt the hot muddy mess spread all around her butt and crotch and to top it all off she started to wet herself as well.

“Mommy!” Michelle covered her nose, “Sandy is making stinkies!”

“Well then she will have to wait until we get home and she will be lucky she gets a change then.” Laurel said as she put Yunno on Michelle’s screen.

Stuart sighed as he got into the driver’s seat, “Can you set up the tree with Michelle when we get home? I gotta get something from the office.” He said as he started the car and started the drive back to the house.

“Sure dear, where should I put Sandy?” Laurel said as she shut her eyes and relaxed a bit.

“Just put her in the playpen and top it.”

The drive back to the house was miserable for Sandy. The straight jacket was making her arms sore, the pacifier was starting to hurt her jaw, and the diaper was starting to get cold and clammy. Eventually they soon passed back through the gatehouse and arrived back at the house. Stuart helped Michelle out of her seat, and set her on the ground.

“Daddy! I need a new diaper!” Michelle said as she pushed on her diaper with a squish.

“Did you make poopies as well?” Stuart smiled a bit.

“Uh huh!” Michelle nodded.

“Well, Mommy will have to change you because Daddy has go to the office real quick, okay?”

“Okay daddy.” She smiled watched as he got into his sedan and pull out of the garage and drive down the road.

“Alright, looks like I have two stinky girls, yet only one of them deserves a change right now.” Laurel said as she picked up Sandy from her seat before opening the door, “Can you follow mommy sweetie?”

“Uh huh!” Michelle smiled as she crawled after Laurel and Sandy. Laurel brought Sandy over to the living room where Buster was sleeping next to the fire place. She set Sandy down on a couch before going to a small closet and pulling out a small mesh square. She started to unfold the square revealing a playpen with a lid.

“This is where you will be for a little while.” She said as she set the playpen on the ground and unzipped a small hole in it before setting Sandy into the playpen and zipping it up, “Come on Michelle, lets go get your stinky butt changed.” She smiled and picked Michelle up.

“Otay, mama.” She giggled before looking sympathetically at Sandy as she was carried upstairs.

The next few minutes were agony for Sandy since her diaper was getting colder and colder by the minute. Soon Laurel and Michelle returned from the nursery. Michelle was naked except for a pink diaper with a ruffled butt. “Now, Michelle. Can you keep Sandy company while mommy goes and gets the Festivus tree?”

“Uh huh!” She smiled.

“Good girl.” Laurel kissed her and went to the garage. The minute Laurel left Michelle sighed and sat down on her diapered rear next to the playpen.

“You messed up Gunney. Like you fucked up big time.” She sighed and shook her head.

Sandy sobbed as looked at Michelle.

“I know, it’s all cold and clammy. They are probably going to let you get a small rash just to teach you a lesson.” she laid down on the carpet, “Sorry Gunney, you are on your own for this one. I can’t help you. Just try to relax and behave, maybe Mommy will take you upstairs and change you.” She sighed as she saw Laurel come back in carrying a large box on her shoulder, “Is that da tree!?” Michelle giggled.

“Why yes it is. Wanna help mommy set it up?” Laurel smiled as she started to open the well worn box.

“Yeah!” She smiled and toddled over the box and peered inside. Over the next twenty minutes Laurel and Michelle set up an artificial pine tree with lights strung up all over. Sandy could feel her rear starting to burn from a rash that had formed suspiciously quickly. Her attention was soon turned towards the door due to Stuart returning with a small box in his hand.

“So, what did you have to get from the office?” Laurel smiled as she swept up a few plastic pine needles.

“This.” Stuart opened the box and pulled out a metallic ring a little larger than Sandy’s neck.

“Stuart! A shock collar really?” Laurel shook her head.

“Laurel, this is the only way we can break her.”


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Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

Why did I tell you about Kimmy’s stories…? <shudders about collars> Please let Laurel keep that one off of her!

(Severe phobia about things around my neck)

That being said I would have expected no less from Sandy on trying to get away!

Re: Tales from the Bureau [Diaper Dimension]

[QUOTE=BabySofia;71850]Why did I tell you about Kimmy’s stories…? <shudders about collars> Please let Laurel keep that one off of her!

(Severe phobia about things around my neck)

That being said I would have expected no less from Sandy on trying to get away![/QUOTE]

To be fair, Babykimmy was what inspired me to write this. I knew about her for ages